Fitness Model Tim Gabel

Can’t find a single pic of him with a girl, but plenty with this dude. I think it’s his boyfriend.

I’m sure the usual suspects will be here complaining he’s too muscular but at least he doesn’t have any tats. Right DL?

Those are called guns. He’s clearly a fan of the American 2nd Amendment.

He’s going to be too rugged in the face for you muscletwink lovers in about 3 years. The testosterone will make his nose and brow bigger.

He’s German and there is nothing twinkish about him.

Not necessarily his boyfriend. If you pay attention to male aesthetics culture, it’s very common for fitness bros to not have pics of their girlfriends or wives on social media and to be Very close to other muscle bros. it’s a lifestyle unto itself

These guys are alone together like.. all the time tho.

I marvel at all the fitness bros today flexing near naked for selfies with other ripped half naked dudes, often in buying microunderwear.

But would they still do the towel dance in the locker room?

A lot of time they are there just to take physique pics in the Mirrors. They mostly do that at home, but gym mirror are good for selfies

Germans are twisted. Guaranteed he’s into giving or receiving pain and there’s a 75% chance he’s into piss and shit play.

Working themselves up for a rally and cross burning.

One of the most attractive guys on IG. But a half huge closet case. He disparages gays often on YouTube but is obviously gay.

For years his big this was shitting on that roid troll Jeff Said. He would take every opportunity to call him out and say he looks better than Jeff. When they finally met he was CLEARLY moist for Jeff.

Can we mock him for his pathetically small balls from all the steroid usage?

Can we mock him when he dies prematurely because of steroid abuse?

He has a gay face I bet when he speaks purses fall out of his mouth.

They do seem to have an awful lot of pictures of just the two of them — on both of their IG accounts. And, the boyfriend has 1.2 million IG followers, so he must be a „star“!!

Oh, so it wasn’t just once that he spoke agaist gay guys?

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, OP, but straight men are sometimes friends with other straight men. Sometimes they even stand next to each other.

Wow he has really bulked up since wining the Bronze Medal for figure skating in 2002

Exactly. There is a distorted notion here that men being affectionate or close with each other is equivalent to erotic interest. It’s erroneous and makes gay men look twisted.

I would propose the thought that homoerotically-charged activities naturally attract homoerotically inclined men. That is not to say all men in the muscle world are gay or bi but a big fraction certainly is. Some are open about their attrctions while others sublimate.

And not the first time homopobes turn out to be atttracted to men to any degree too.

Perhaps many fitness and male aesthetics dudes are Bi maybe or fluid. Very few are openly gay

And he also appeared in a gay magazine but then speaks against gay men. Just bear in mind that it’s not women who buy your mags or pay their ticket to look at you almost naked flexing suggestively. It’s gay men who let you live your dream.

R50 Being disgusted by old men offering you money for sex isn’t speaking against gay men.

Do you really believe bodybuilders build their bodies for de-sexualised appreciation? Do you really think bodybuilders compete in bodybuilding shows and strive to be photographed in bodybuilding mags for you to analyse their bodies technically and emotionlessly as if you were analysing a car?

A lot of these dudes like appreciation of their bodies from a comfortable and appropriate distance though modeling and Instagram, but not through personally imposing sexual harassment or overtures.

When a bodybuilder competes or when they pose for a mag what they are trying to do is inspiring thoughts of the alpha male, he is expecting either explicitly or implicitly to be acknowldged as having an attractive body above the average. That’s the basic idea behind bodybuilding: looking attractive and be acknowldged for it.

They aren’t necessarily expecting people to approach them to tell them how sexy they are; it’s more about being able to cause people to feel „things“ when they exhbit their bodies for them and seeing their reactions and expressions.

The only reason or instance when sex appeal as the goal in bodybuilding is denied is when the idea of homosexuality is involved in some way. In other instances, when the threatening idea of homosexuality doesn’t seem to be present then there is no fear to use the muscular body as an object for sexual desire and sexual gazing.

Now, if you dedicate your life to such activity it is expected that some people may even offer money for sex to you. If you don’t like that then kindly turn down the offer, but just be aware you are doing everyting to inspire sex thoughts. A bodybuilder would have to have really low IQ not to be aware of the nature of what he does.

If only DL had more threads about these „fitness models“ or Instagram flavors of the hour!

[quote]I’m sure the usual suspects will be here complaining he’s too muscular

Well, he is. For the life of me, I don’t know why you and your buddies get your Depends in a twist whenever it’s brought up.

ANYWAY…’s German. He’s probably a cannibal or something.

[quote] If only DL had more threads about these „fitness models“ or Instagram flavors of the hour!

A friend of mine who is a straight buff male aesthetics types says he doesn’t mind gay guys complimenting him modestly but some gay guys serve overtly lascivious and harassing toward him, which makes him have to avoid them. He noted that regular guys compliment his physique all the time, but in a flattering aesthetics manner that does not inject sexual overtures into the interaction. He says guys call him “Beast” and “swole” more than women, which is very flatterung. He also says some gay guys tend to lack a sense of being discreet about their suggestive comments and will embarrass bodybuilders in front of their bros or other Gym heads, which is begging for a backlash.

Yet bodybuilders are not embarrassed when women are explicit in how they compliment them, it reiforces the idea of heterosexuality so it’s OK to be all lascivious as long as it is a womna giving the compliment. Double standards R59

Just look at the racy pics the majority of them take of themsleves for IG. Blaming the target instead of the source when the pics literally scream out „look at this“.

I finding stigmatising to imply that al gay men go to an extreme when they compliment a bodybuilder.

WOMEN rarely overtly come onto strangers in a lascivious or overtly sexual manner. Moreover, people have a right to be selective about who they want coming onto them. You don’t go from zero to 90 with a stranger Or mere acquaintance whose interest in you is unknown anyway. You make small talk with them and see if there is any mutual interest and then gradually escalate the dynamic as they favorably respond. Some gay men have this twisted notion that just because a guy is a fitness model or has suggestive pics online, they welcome people being sexual toward them in real life. That’s bogus. A Woman who posed nude for Playboy or Hustler is not inviting every man to step to them in a lewd or creepy manner. Modeling or Instagram pics do not invite people to be creepy in real life. Know boundaries and respect.

Tim Gabel is adorable and has a good sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he seems like a great guy to me.

Gay men trying to defend brazen homophobia just because it comes from a hot guy is gross. Do people who are straight or female piss me the fuck off sometimes? Hell yes. In many ways. I don’t make YouTube videos slamming straight people or women. I don’t use slurs towards them.

Yeah, gay bodybuilders obviously become the target of sexual advances from women too but you never see them complain or telling women how disgusted they feel for receiving compliments of sex offers from them. An openly gay bodybuilder has nothing to fear.

I don’t have time to review a couple hours of video but here’s the link to an example of what you’re looking for. There are like a dozen or more videos of Tim and this guy Karl Was from years ago here. They speak in German the whole time. Many people in the comments are German speakers translating what they are saying and say he’s ripping on gay’s and Jeff Seid and talking about working out the whole time. I have once in one of these personally heard him use the English slur fag. If you really want to find it. Go through all of these. Don’t think it will take long before you find one.

R59 I used to follow two straight fitness brothers on youtube and they were doing a vlog from their car, talking about comments they received and the subject got onto gay comments. One of them was saying he didn’t like some of the comments he got. I’m paraphrasing, but it was things like „I want to shoot on your pecs“ etc. The younger brother said he didn’t realise gay men were like that.

At this point, the older brother pointed out it wasn’t gay men, but men generally, and asked the other one if he had ever said anything crude to a woman on the internet, which of course he had. Older brother then pointed out that the woman probably felt the same way, and probably got a lot more comments of that nature than they did.

Younger brother then said he’d never thought of it like that before and for a brief moment looked like he was having an actual epiphany. It was really quite spectacular – and sadly very very rare – to see a straight man realise that women don’t see men telling them how much they’d like to fuck them as a compliment.

OMG R69 that made my day haha. Thanks for that. Was it the Harrison twins?

Lots of great old videos of this guy. That boyfriend of his is lucky

I think that regardless of sexual orientation every man sees the same thing about bodybuilders and that is the main attraction to spend money on them be it privately or on a bodybuilding show.

It is the sexual connotations that their bodies convey that fascinate all of them. You know, the idea of the alpha male, the idea of strong sex drive that the muscles convey. Then the illusion of superior physical strength. Display of physical strength is also an erotic factor about males. Gay, bi or hetero, we all see sex about bodybuilders.

Those are the thoughts and fantasies that cross their minds and the things they admire and fantasise with when they see bodybuilders. A fraction of those men dream of being one of the muscle men on stage, they project themselves on them. Others wants to be in bed with them. But ultimatey, whether you want to be one of them or you want to give yourself to them in bed both fantasies are equally homoerotic desires and homoerotic fascinations.

Obviously, in the privacy of a bodybuilder’s mind where no one can enter he enjoys seeing how his muscles make the hearts of the men in the audience pound harder than normal and all the flattering and ego-reaffirming reactions they get.

[quote]Yet bodybuilders are not embarrassed when women are explicit in how they compliment them, it reiforces the idea of heterosexuality so it’s OK to be all lascivious as long as it is a womna giving the compliment. Double standards [R59].

So? It’s his double standard to have. Why are you offended that a straight man is uncomfortable with gay men leering at him? Why do you even care?

Man, this obsession with straight men is FUCKING embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you.

R76 Be uncomfortable all you want. I don’t like when white people feel my hair. I don’t slur them or go around saying white people are trash. I’m more embarrassed for gay’s who think homophobia is fine because we have it coming or w.e.

Male or female, post videos of yourself in nothing but underwear everywhere online and you will get lewd messages. I follows hundreds of straight guys on IG who have never called their fans fags.

And I think all his gay bashing is just self hate. I think he probably is dating that kid he is in all the pics with. His obsession with Jeff Seid was not normal, and I have followed all these Zyzz wannabes for years.

And I think Karl Ess from those YouTube videos was fucking him. A lot of those videos is Karl telling him to strip off his shirt than pants and telling him how to pose. And he followed pretty obediently. And a bunch were shot with Tim already in underwear in Karls basement. You wanna tell me Karl wasn’t telling him to strip when cameras were off?

The bodybuiding world, as an ex female bodybuilder wrote on her blogspot, is over sexual, but bodybuilders like Tim are only scandalised when their heterosexuality seems threatened by the advances of a gay man.

Gay bodybuilders never make a fuss when women offer payed sex to them.

The hypocrisy of pretending there isn’t anything sexual about appearing almost naked on social media posing provocatively is upsetting.

Bodybuilders should allow us to have sex with them.

You would want to sleep with a guy who doesn’t like you? R82

For some reason when I look at his picture I think“Duck,Duck,Goose!“

R83, who doesn’t like getting blowjobs? He’ll start love you as soon as he slides over your tongue.

Would you like to be forced to please a woman sexually even though you are not attracted to them? R85

It seems like there aren’t gay bodybuilders, but perhaps if you dig deep enough you may find a gay one who could please you out of mutual attraction.

R86 I have a feeling R85 would need to find a necrophiliac.

Don’t even dare suggest there is something homoerotic about grabbing his own junk when surrounded by other men, he might collapse R91

Is schwule an offensive term to men gay? He used it in his homophobic rant.

The ironies of exploiting yourself sexually in front of men yet being afraid of their looks on you.

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All diese Muskelprotzen werden mit der Zeit wegen ihrer Selbstbespiegelung und Selbstverliebtheit total verrückt und merken schon keinen mehr. Herr Gabel geht grade diesen Weg.

Was soll ein Bodybuilder sonst machen, er MUSS oft in den Spiegel schauen um zu sehen ob sein Training erfolgreich war und warum soll man davon keine Bilder machen dürfen? Das ist typisch deutscher Neid, man selbst ist zu faul ins Gym zu gehen aber wenn jemand anderes seinen Erfolg zeigt ist er selbstverliebt. Einfach nur traurig.

My name is Richard, single and gay. I would love to be Tim Gabel’s boyfriend and long-term lover

I’m inspired by Tim to keep training. I may never achieve that physique but I enjoy working on it