Hot Legs (Short Gay Film)

Short Film produced by Underdog Productions (Pty) Ltd in 1995.

Note: This film contains some male nudity, contains material of a gay nature, and may be disturbing to younger viewers. It also contains some fast flash shots.

Written & Directed by Luiz DeBarossProduced by: Marc Schwinges

Starring:Tim: David DucasDave: Gerrie BarnardTim Jnr: Glen FineDave Jnr: Leon WeedKid One: Miguel BarrosKid Tow: Marcus MuddPoliceman One: Carlo GoertzPoliceman Two: Criag KellyMother: Mariana CarrilloSon: Sipho Khuzwago Moyo

Director of Photography: Peter PohorskyProduction Manager: Brendan RiceProduction Assistant: David HeckerFocus Puller: Greg PoissonGrip: Tony Slater

Sound: Jeremy HattinghSound: Ian MillerBoom Operator: Sean Kelly

Senior Make-up Artist: Adrienne CohenMake-Up Artist: Ionka Nel

Runners: Wayne Fick, Paul Hanrahan, Hal Couzens, Bronwyn Vermeulen, Oliver Galloway.

Post Production Advisor: Hal CouzensNon-Liner Editor: Llewelyn Roderick

Executive Producers: Marc Schwinges, Catherine Bester & Charlotte Bauer

The Meeting – Gay themed short film

A sexual encounter raises doubts and questions from both sides involved. Cast: Baruch Porras, Jean Franco, Elise Garza, Santiago Dunbar* Crew: Writer/Director/Editor – Sanjay Sooknanan Producers – Lee Stokes, Sanjay Sooknanan Photography – Devindra Sooknanan Gaffers – Elisa Sterpone, James Suter Sound – Vitor Coral A.D – Joslyn Johns

Shot over 4 days in Alameda and San Francisco on a budget of $500

The Meeting - Gay themed short film

The difficulties of being gay in Iran

According to a new UN report, gays who come out in Iran do so at their own peril. Their only recourse is often political asylum.

Attitudes toward the LGBT community in the Islamic Republic could be described as extremely hostile

Police in Iran enter a young man’s apartment looking for signs of „misconduct.“ They rummage through his laundry and check his computer. The young man, who goes by the name of Sahand, stands accused of violating the laws of the Islamic Republic — a relative reported him to police after finding him in bed with another man.

„It was terrible,“ Sahand told DW. „Right after they found us my father was there screaming at me and telling me I ruined his life. He wanted nothing more to do with me and never wanted to see me again. The police came a while later. My mom then called my sister, who I had earlier confided in.“

Sahand later found out from his sister that it was a relative who had betrayed him. After his apartment and his life were turned upside down, it became perfectly clear to him that he had to flee Iran. While studying abroad, he had the opportunity to travel to Europe, where he applied for asylum. He has been living in Germany for a year now and hopes his asylum application will be approved.

The difficulties of being gay in Iran

12 of the Best Gay Films You Missed in 2017

Gay filmmaking no longer has to “go mainstream” because, for the past few years, the best new movies have been gay movies. It’s a privilege to chronicle this advance of queer cinema that now dominates movie culture for the first time in film history.

But these twelve pioneering films are not the ones that got the most media attention. Anyone interested in gay experience or gay films already knows to distrust mainstream media’s efforts to exploit and categorize queerness by promoting gay movies as different, and each so-called advance as a breakthrough simply because it finally breaks into the media’s usual indifference.

As the Hollywood film industry goes through its biggest sexual panic since the 1920s, reflecting a breakdown in heterosexual relations, gay filmmakers who previously were swept to the margins by cowardly homophobic critics and gatekeepers, have steadily made the only movies concerned with what it means to be human among humans.

Each of these twelve superb films transcend Hollywood’s condescending approach to gay self-pity disguised as romance. Instead, they share a common idea that goes beyond social-climbing and narcissistic self-flattery: Know Thyself To Know Each Other.

12 of the Best Gay Films You Missed in 2017

1. A Quiet Passion

1. A Quiet Passion is Terence Davies’ biography of poet Emily Dickinson starring Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle and Keith Carradine. It is sexually discreet but also stylistically bold enough so that Davies confesses the sensuality and spirituality of his own gay person’s creativity and experience.

1. A Quiet Passion

5. My Life as a Zucchini

5. My Life as a Zucchini is the year’s best animated film. Director Claude Barras and screenwriter Celine Sciamma (Girlhood) apply childlike purity to gay innocence and self-awareness — what you’ll never get from Pixar.

9. Tom of Finland

9. Tom of Finland is Dome Karukoski’s instant-classic bio-pic about the icon of gay erotica (played by Pekka Strang) who made graphic reality of his sexual desire and permanently imprinted the imagination of gay men everywhere.

Beispiele aus dem Internet (nicht von der PONS Redaktion geprüft)

Gay and lesbian sex is legal in Portugal and the age of consent is 16.

As a modern area, the Algarve has learned to respect gay and lesbian travellers, although some people may still react in a bad way to it, as in all cities throughout the world.

Before coming to the Algarve, you might want to write to the ‚Opus Gay Association‘ (Rua da Ilha Terceira 34- 2º 1000-173 Lisboa) or contact them by phone (+ 351 21 315 13 96).

Homosexueller Geschlechtsverkehr ist legal in Portugal und ab 16 Jahre erlaubt.

An der Algarve hat man in der Zwischenzeit gelernt, homosexuelle Touristen zu respektieren, obwohl einige Leute immer noch unangenehm darauf reagieren mögen, wie das so überall in der Welt geschieht.

Bevor Sie sich auf Ihre Reise an die Algarve machen, können Sie die ,Opus Gay Association‘ (Rua da Ilha Terceira 34-2° 1000-173 Lisboa) anschreiben oder per Telefon kontaktieren (+351 21 315 13 96).

OutPersonals is a gay site focused online dating for gay singles, couples and bi sexual men looking for friendships, gay hookups, fuck buddy, BFF, LTR or more.

Whether you are single looking for gay love, in a gay relationship and looking for other gay swingers or just looking to meet gay friends, we have the hottest gay personals to help you find fun guys to fill your needs.

OutPeronals ist ein online Dating Portal für Homosexuelle und bisexuelle Männer, die auf der suche nach Freunden, BFF, LTR oder mehr sind.

Ob Sie nun Single oder in einer homosexuellen Beziehung sind, wir haben die heißesten Gay Kontaktanzeigen damit Sie die heißesten Jungs finden können, die Ihren Wünschen entsprechen.

Although I would of course, the Wikipedia is by no means omniscient …

For this reason I post the petition here, but daresay, that it has little chance, to grant asylum for every people, pretends to be gay or bi, would mean, grant asylum to everyone, who wish to enter Germany. there is just no tests, determine the sexual identity.

I think, the petition would have to be written differently.

Wobei ich natürlich weiss, das Wikipedia mitnichten allwissend ist …

Aus diesem Grund poste ich die Petition hier, wage aber zu behaupten, dass sie chancenlos ist, denn jedem Menschen asyl zu gewähren, der vorgibt homosexuell oder bi zu sein, hiesse, jedem Menschen Asyl zu gewähren, der nach Deutschland einreisen möchte. es gibt eben keine Tests, die sexuelle Identität feststellen.

Ich denke, die Petition müsste anders geschrieben werden.

The representatives of religious or ethnic minorities, as well as persons with disabilities, in most cases become the victims of discrimination.

Aggressive homophobia in the name of nationalism ( “ A Georgian and an orthodox cannot be gay ” ) is the manifestation of radical attitude of the society.

That is why it is important for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to make efforts, have patience and be highly active in order that the society becomes more open and receptive turning from negative prejudices and hateful attitude to tolerant approaches.

Vertreter von religiösen oder ethnischen Minderheiten und auch Behinderte werden in den meisten Fällen diskriminiert.

Die mit einer nationalistischen Färbung ( „ ein Georgier und Orthodoxer kann nicht homosexuell sein “ ) gekennzeichnete aggressive Homophobie ist eine radikale Erscheinung der gesellschaftlichen Stimmung.

It is wrong to believe that an “evil man” or an “evil woman” makes the son or the daughter gay.

In some countries, homosexuality is rejected as western decadence.

Sicher ist, dass niemand zur Homosexualität verführt wird.

Es ist falsch zu glauben, dass ein „böser Mann“ oder eine „böse Frau“ den Sohn oder die Tochter homosexuell gemacht hat.

In manchen Ländern wird Homosexualität als westliche Dekadenz verteufelt.

Jealousy turns to friendship and Yagate, understanding women as he does, vows to help Yoshitaka.

Although what he really hopes is that Yoshikata will fall in love with him for he is gay.

Luxus (2007) on the other hand is about fashion-mad Scarlette, who is young, very beautiful and very rich.

Aus Neid wird Freundschaft und so versucht der Frauenversteher Yagate Yoshitaka zu helfen.

Doch eigentlich hofft er, dass sich Yoshitaka in ihn verliebt, denn er ist homosexuell.

Luxus (2007) handelt dagegen von der modeverrückten Scarlette, die jung, wunderschön und steinreich ist.

(Yeah) Is it gay to play Putt-Putt golf with a friend (Yeah) And watch his butt-butt when he tees off?

(Yeah) ist es homosexuell, Golf Putt-Putt mit einem Freund zu spielen (Yeah) und sein aufzupassen stossen-stößt, wenn er weg abzweigt?

ECMC is the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs and counts over 40 member clubs across Europe specialising in Bike Runs and other social activities aimed primarily at gay men with interests in motorcycles and fetishes for leather, rubber & uniform clothing.

ECMC ist die European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs und zählt über 40 Mitgliedsvereine in ganz Europa die sich spezialisiert haben auf den Bike Run sowie andere soziale Aktivitäten. In erster Linie sind diese für homosexuelle Männer mit Interesse an Motorrädern und Fetischen, wie Leder, Gummi und Uniform.

It runs adjacent to the beach linking Playa de las Burras in the east to the beginning of the Maspalomas sand dunes.

There is a nudist area close to the dunes and a section that is popular with the gay community near Bar 7.

For a meal or refreshing drink head to Paseo Marítimo, which is a 2 kilometre promenade packed with restaurants, snack bars, fast food outlets, amusement arcades, Irish pubs, German beer houses, internet cafés and souvenir outlets.

Sie verläuft am Strand entlang und verbindet den Playa de las Burras im Osten mit den Sanddünen von Maspalomas.

In der Nähe der Dünen gibt es einen FKK-Bereich und in der Nähe von Bar 7 einen Abschnitt, der bei der homosexuellen Szene sehr beliebt ist.

Um etwas essen oder trinken zu gehen, können Sie auf den Paseo Marítimo gehen, eine 2 Kilometer lange Promenade voller Restaurants, Snackbars, Fast-Food-Läden, Spielsalons, irischen Pubs, deutschen Bierhäusern, Internetcafés und Souvenirgeschäften.

Anyone who differs from the traditional beliefs must deal with social ostracism and violence.

The gay singer Armine Oganezova, also known as Tsomak, fled from Armenia this summer, because she had to be afraid for her life.

Wer von den traditionellen Vorstellungen abweicht, muss mit gesellschaftlicher Ächtung und mit Gewalt rechnen.

Die homosexuelle Sängerin Armine Oganezova, auch unter dem Namen Tsomak bekannt, musste in diesem Sommer aus Armenien fliehen, weil sie sich ihres Lebens nicht mehr sicher sein konnte.

In contrast, almost as many ( 42 per cent ) believe that there is no discrimination of this kind.

When asking for the particular discrimination of gay, lesbian or bisexual people, a similar result can be seen.

46 per cent said to believe that these people are exposed to discrimination, while another 46 per cent believe they are not discriminated at all or only very little.

Fast genauso viele ( 42 % ) denken allerdings, dass hier keine Diskriminierung vorliegt.

Ein ähnliches Bild zeigt sich bei der Befragung zur Diskriminierung von schwulen, lesbischen und bisexuellen Menschen.

46 Prozent glauben, dass diese Personen Diskriminierung ausgesetzt sind, während ebenfalls 46 Prozent wenig bis gar keine Benachteiligung sehen.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Men behave hegemonically if they exclude or subordinate women and “ lowerranking ” men, and ensure their own dominance by possession of weapons and the use of violence.

In many places gay men are marginalized; they are subjected to discrimination and subordination in a predominantly heterosexual society, as do blacks in a “ white ” system and proletarians in a bourgeois society.

Connell ’ s basic idea is that all men, even those who live with subordinate or complicit masculinity, profit from the so-called “ patriarchal dividend. ”

Hegemonial verhalten sich Männer, wenn sie Frauen und andere „ niedrigere “ Männer ausschließen oder unterordnen und ihre Dominanz durch Waffenbesitz und Gewaltausübung absichern.

Marginalisiert werden vielerorts die schwulen Männer, die in einer überwiegend heterosexuell ausgerichteten Gesellschaft Diskriminierung und Unterordnung erfahren, oder auch Schwarze in einem „ weißen “ System und Proletarier in einem bürgerlichen.

Connells Grundgedanke ist, dass alle Männer, auch diejenigen, die untergeordnete oder komplizenhafte Männlichkeiten leben, von der so genannten „ patriarchalen Dividende “ profitieren.

which explored how Majnun Layla, an archetypal love story from the seventh century, had been re-imagined in contemporary works of art, theater and literature, from the sub genre of civil war novels ( Hoda Barakat ’s The Stone of Laughter, Hanan al-Shaykh ’s The Story of Zahra ) to the popularity of Turkish soap operas.

The protagonist of the original story, a poet who is consumed by desire and loses his mind when he is separated from his lover, was reconfigured as a maverick gay man in a milieu where homosexuality functioned as an irruptive form of rebellion, and war as an experience of brutal violence and sexual exhilaration alike.

Woven into Ariss’s talk was a subtle re-assessment of cultural production and sexual politics in Beirut in the 1980s.

( Majnun schlägt zurück ), in dem er untersuchte, wie Majnun Layla, eine archetypische Liebesgeschichte aus dem 7. Jahrhundert, in zeitgenössischen Werken der Kunst, des Theaters und der Literatur nachgezeichnet ist, vom Sub-Genre der Bürgerkriegsromane ( The Stone of Laughter von Hoda Barakat, The Story of Zahra von Hanan al-Shaykh ) bis zu den populären türkischen Seifenopern.

Der Protagonist der ursprünglichen Geschichte, ein Dichter, der vor Sehnsucht vergeht und durch die Trennung von seinem Geliebten den Verstand verliert, wurde als ein unkonventioneller schwuler Mann in einem Milieu rekonfiguriert, in dem Homosexualität als eine eruptive Form der Rebellion funktionierte und Krieg als eine Erfahrung brutaler Gewalt und zugleich sexuellen Rausches.

In die Ausführungen von Ariss war eine subtile Neubewertung von kultureller Produktion und Geschlechterpolitik in Beirut in den 1980er Jahren eingewoben.

My colleague, that the last week has taken an extra totally free for the Berlinale to migrate to from cinema to cinema, was slightly surprised when reading the program, that ran there so many gay movies.

Meine Kollegin, die sich die letzte Woche extra vollkommen für die Berlinale freigenommen hat um von Kino zu Kino zu wandern, war beim Lesen des Programms leicht verwundert, dass dort so viele schwule Filme liefen.

The new legislation in England and Wales is an encouraging signal for equality and against discrimination.

In the 21st century, it must no longer make any difference whether a person is gay, lesbian or heterosexual. We all have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of our sexual orientation.

Our society is as colourful as the rainbow, and I think that ’ s a good thing.

Die Neuregelung in England und Wales ist ein ermutigendes Zeichen für Gleichstellung und gegen Diskriminierung.

Es darf im 21. Jahrhundert keinen Unterschied mehr machen, ob man schwul, lesbisch oder hetero ist; wir alle haben die gleichen Rechte und Freiheiten, unabhängig von unserer sexuellen Orientierung.

Unsere Gesellschaft ist so bunt wie ein Regenbogen, und das finde ich gut.

, which had recently celebrated its premiere in Frankfurt with dazzling success.

The choir is traditionally focused on diverse themes such as the search for the prince in shining armour, the Mainsirenen in the Wild West or everyday gay life.

In 1997, the Mainsirenen was awarded the Choir Prize of the Frankfurt Sparkasse 1822 for their innovative choral presentation „Living with AIDS“.

Mit viel Witz und Selbstironie begeistern sie ihr Publikum, bringen es zum Lachen und Grübeln.

Traditionell setzt sich der Chor mit verschiedenen Themen wie der Suche nach dem Traumprinzen, den Mainsirenen im Wilden Westen oder dem schwulen Arbeitsalltag auseinander.

1997 erhielten die Mainsirenen den Chorpreis der Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 für die innovative Chorpräsentation „Leben mit AIDS“.

In November ende 2008 of Germany’s first gay channel launched with much advance praise and even more expectations, the men there probably would not change the television landscape in Germany…

Als ende November 2008 der erste schwule Sender Deutschlands mit viel Vorschusslorbeeren und noch mehr Erwartungen gestartet ist, wollten die Herren dort vermutlich noch die Fernsehlandschaft Deutschlands verändern… – European Gay and Lesbian Managers Association

The umbrella organisation EGMA, the foundation charter of which was signed in Vienna in 2005, currently unites seven gay and lesbian professionals associations comprising more than 2,000 members in Europe. – International Gay and Lesbian Association ( ILGA ) – European Gay and Lesbian Managers Association

Unter dem Dachverband EGMA, dessen Gründung 2005 in Wien unterzeichnet wurde, vereinen sich schwule und lesbische Managervereine mit mehr als 2.000 Mitgliedern in Europa. – International Gay and Lesbian Association ( ILGA )

The whole travesty community and the whole of Germany looks captured on the boob tube and asks for at least one day if the F-Celebrity Jay from the jungle camp may well now be gay or straight.

Die ganze Travestiegemeinde und ganz Deutschland schaut gebannt auf die Flimmerkiste und fragt sich seit mindestens einem Tag ob der F-Promi Jay aus dem Dschungelcamp wohl nun schwul oder hetero sein mag.

On the internet you will find a few Portuguese gay and lesbian sites.

Im Internet finden Sie einige portugiesische und lesbische Sites.

Not too many European cities have such a rich gay history as the Austrian capital.

Gay emperors, generals or composers of days gone by and all the gays and lesbians of today convert Vienna into a unique travel destination.

Die Hauptstadt Österreichs atmet schwul lesbische Geschichte wie kaum eine andere europäische Metropole.

Schwule Kaiser, Kriegsherren und Komponisten von gestern ebenso wie schwule und lesbische Wiener / innen von heute machen die Stadt zu einer spannenden Urlaubsdestination.

The gay-friendly hotel in Vienna offers special packages for gay guests in Vienna.

Das Gay-friendly Hotel Stadthalle bietet spezielle Angebote für schwule & lesbische Gäste in Wien an.

Delightfully Queer Not too many European cities have such a rich gay history as the Austrian capital.

Regenbogen Wien für schwule & lesbische Gäste Die Hauptstadt Österreichs atmet schwul lesbische Geschichte wie kaum eine andere europäisch …

Gay pride celebrated in Nepal | euronews, world news

world news – Around 1000 people have been celebrating gay pride in Nepal.

Members of the country ’ s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their supporters marched through the …

welt – Für die Rechte der Homosexuellen haben rund 1.000 Mitglieder der schwulen und lesbischen Gemeinde in der nepalesischen Hauptstadt Kathmandu protestiert.

Within easy walking distance of the Kurfürstendamm ( Ku ’ damm ) boulevard and famous KaDeWe department store, this new hotel is located in the heart of the gay scene in Berlin ’ s Schöneberg district.As a guest at the Axel Hotel Berlin, you will benefit from

Nur wenige Minuten vom Kurfürstendamm und dem berühmten Kaufhaus KaDeWe entfernt liegt dieses Hotel im Berliner Stadtteil Schöneberg, im Herzen der Schwulenszene Berlins. Freuen Sie sich auf geschmackvoll eingerichtete Zimmer mit modernen Annehmlichkeite

Hmm, probably as always three stages, the assembled gay scene presents itself, drink a few visits and eat (lt. Gastronomy always too few) and the toilets look like hell.

Hmm, wahrscheinlich wie immer drei Bühnen, die versammelte Schwulenszene präsentiert sich, ein paar wenige Besucher trinken und essen (lt. Gastronomie immer viel zu wenige) und die Toiletten sehen aus wie Sau.

His preference for the male sex, he noticed at age 18.

Rather accidentally, he stumbled into the gay scene:

„I had to go to the bathroom and went to a public toilet.

Seine Vorliebe fürs männliche Geschlecht bemerkte er mit 18 Jahren.

„Ich musste aufs Klo und ging auf eine öffentliche Toilette.

The city of Salzburg is impressive Gay holidays in Salzburg and romantic at the same time – in each season !

Loving couples should not miss a romantic walk over the Salzburg’s city mountains – you can enjoy a great view over the centre of Salzburg, which is also the hotspot for the gay scene, from the panoramic viewpoints along the way.

Urlaub für Gays in Salzburg und das zu jeder Jahreszeit.

Frischverliebte dürfen einen romantischen Spaziergang über die Salzburger Stadtberge nicht versäumen – von den Aussichtsplattformen hat man einen besonders schönen Ausblick auf das Stadtzentrum, in dem sich auch die Schwulenszene Salzburg befindet.

In their nudity and innocence, they continue the dream of boundless freedom.

It all began in the 1990s with biographic Polaroid documentaries of Manhattan’s skater, graffiti and gay scenes.

Nackt und unschuldig schreibt er hier den Traum einer grenzenlosen Freiheit fort.

Ryan McGinleys fotografische Arbeit begann in den 1990er Jahren mit biografisch-dokumentarischen Polaroidaufnahmen der Skater-, Graffiti-, und Schwulenszene von Manhattan.

Schwulsein ist nichts, was du vor deiner Familie und deinen Freunden zur Schau stellst, denn die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass sie kein Verständnis haben, ist groß.

Their bodies are place in a part of town that hosts the local gay scene.

Vier junge Männer sind auf brutale Weise ermordet worden.

Ihre Leichen wurden in einem Viertel deponiert, in dem die örtliche Schwulenszene angesiedelt ist.

Some people in Lagos can tell you where LGBT people gather to socialise on a weekend ; some can even name the gay-friendly bars around town.

Simply put, the gay scene in Lagos was relatively free and peaceful.

Einige Leute in Lagos können dir sagen, wo sich LGBT-Leute am Wochenende treffen ; einige können dir sogar schwulenfreundliche Bars in der Umgebung nennen.

Kurz gesagt war die Schwulenszene in Lagos relativ frei und friedlich.

The gay scene went from being overtly closed to being somewhat open in the past decade.

But with the passage of the bill into law, the scene will become hidden.

Die Schwulenszene hat sich entwickelt, früher war sie abgeschottet, aber in den letzten zehn Jahren hat sie sich ein bisschen geöffnet.

Doch jetzt, wo das Gesetz verabschiedet wurde, wird die Szene wieder abtauchen.

Möchten Sie ein Wort, eine Phrase oder eine Übersetzung hinzufügen?

UN report on persecution of sexual minorities

According to the latest report by Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, there is great reason for concern. Iran’s gay, lesbian, bi- and transgender communities face both widespread discrimination and ongoing human rights violations, the report said. „High-ranking officials“ said Shaheed, „use hateful rhetoric when talking about gays, referring to them as sub-human or just plain sick.“

Under certain circumstances, those convicted of having gay sex can face the death penalty, while others caught kissing, holding hands, or just caressing, can receive public lashings. The UN official said that by criminalizing consensual sex, the authorities in the Islamic Republic have legitimized violence against gays by both public officials and private citizens. He said such violence includes „torture, blows to the body, and even rape carried out by law enforcement agencies and vigilante groups.“

Gays, lesbians, and bi-sexual Iranians are the victims of arbitrary justice in Iran and don’t expect fair trials for those accused of wrongdoing, says the UN official.

Iran’s gays seek refuge in Germany

Tehran’s repressive policies against LGBT groups are no big secret internationally says Patrick Dörr, a coordinator with the Queer Refugees Project in Germany. „Many queers who’ve fled Iran talk about threats of violence they’ve had to endure and not just by members of their own families but also by the Iranian police.“

He said there have often been cases of lesbian woman and gay men being forced to have gender reassignment surgery. Gay men have also suffered though procedures tantamount to gender mutilation under the mistaken assumption that they were actually women. As one can imagine, the psychological consequences of these interventions are devastating for those affected,“ says Dörr.

What bothered him the most was the feeling of shame, says Ali, whose name has been changed. While speaking with DW, he says he, too, fears reprisals and has applied for asylum in Germany. Like Sahand, he lives in a facility set up to assist LGBT-refugees in Germany.

Shame and invisible wounds

„When I was a kid, my cousin and I were playing and we pretended to get married with me as the bride. When my father saw me he was so mad that he took a knife, heated it over the stove and burned a mark into my forearm.“ To this day, the long scar on Ali’s arm is still present.

„I was never allowed to play the bride again, because I was a boy had to behave like a boy. My father is actually very well-educated and not even religious but still wants a masculine son. He’d rather see me dead than gay.“

Ali hid his homosexuality for years. „I was ashamed and asked myself why I wasn’t like the others. I’ve been stressed out my whole life. When I was young I went to a therapist but just before our therapy sessions were supposed to begin I was in a bad accident and almost died. That’s when things changed. That’s when I told myself I had been given a second chance. I wanted to live the way I wanted to live. I stopped therapy and accepted the fact that I was gay.“

Of course it was difficult: „All minorities in Iran have problems. But people like us aren’t just sentenced to death by the state, their souls also die a thousand deaths each day for having to pretend they are someone they’re not. They are judged each and every day yet their wounds are invisible.“

Sahand agrees and says the level of social ostracism gays face in Iran is enormous. „I too went into therapy after a sister gave me the name of a female therapist. And I was lucky. After three, four appointments she told me that I had homosexual tendencies and that I would only be happy if I accepted that I’m gay. And that’s what I did. But it’s difficult. I haven’t spoken with my father since our fight. I’m still in contact with both of my sisters and through them I have loose contact with my mom.“

How do you prove you’re gay?

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Example sentences from the Web for gay

“I do not support gay marriages being recognized in Florida,” he wrote Andrew Walther of Sanford.

That man was Xavier Cortada, a gay man who wrote of his frustration that he and his partner of eight years were unable to marry.

Some gay apps, like the newer Mister, have not subscribed to the community/tribe model.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Bush was flooded with questions about whether gay marriage could possibly come to the Sunshine State.

In the 70s, this myth kept openly gay people out of teaching positions.

Am I not in France—gay, delightful France—partaking of the kindness and civility of the country?

After a moment’s silence, the cavaliers both burst into a gay laugh.

Never had Tom seen his gay and careless cousin in such guise: he was restless, silent, intense and inarticulate.

If it had not been for the presence of Mademoiselle Stéphanie, it would not have been gay for Aristide.

The box of the diplomatic corps was just opposite us, and our gay little Mrs. F. sat in it dressed in white satin.

Cultural definitions for gay

The Most Surprisingly Serendipitous Words Of The Day

Gay Berlin

Every summer the Pride Weeks are celebrated with the lesbian/gay city festival, CSD on the Spree and many other events. The highlight is without a doubt the annual CSD Berlin, where the streets of Berlin play host to demonstrations for equal rights but also to celebrations. This year the CSD takes place digitally.

Tips for gay Berlin

How the gay and lesbian scene in Berlin emerged

Back in the 1920s, Berlin had already become a haven and refuge for gays and lesbians from all over the world. There are 170 clubs, bars and pubs for gays and lesbians, and well as riotous nightlife and a gay neighbourhood. But parties aren’t the only thing being organised – several political associations are founded in Berlin to fight for equal rights. However, the Nazis‘ rise to power spells the death knell for this diversity, and it would take several decades for Berlin to return to its status as a global centre for the LGBTQ scene. Learn about how Berlin became a hotspot for gays and lesbians over the course of the 20th century, and how its scene attracted people from all over the world – and continues to do so today.

Schwules Museum* (Gay Museum*)

In Berlin’s Gay Museum you will take a journey through the eventful history of the gay, lesbian and transgender scene. The Schwules Museum*

Good to know for LGBTI*

Berlin has a long and proud history of inclusion. Practical information for LGBTI * visitors is available from dedicated organisations here


Founding of the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee – the very first gay and lesbian organisation in the world – was founded in Berlin. Its founder is the Jewish doctor Magnus Hirschfeld. His guiding principle: “Justice through science”. His goals: freedom from persecution by the state and religious oppression, the fight for emancipation and social recognition. The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, remains the most politically influential association with its lobbying activities, its alliances and awareness campaigns, right up until the early 1930s.A column erected opposite Charlottenburg Town Hall serves as a memorial to its historical birthplace.


One of the first gay venues in Berlin, notorious for frequent raids by the police, had already been open in Jägerstrasse since 1885. In 1900, Magnus Hirschfeld is aware of six pubs known to be venues for gays and lesbians. By 1910 there are twice as parks such as Tiergarten, public baths and a range of railway stations traditionally provided places for many homosexual men to meet. These also included public urinals, facetiously known as “Café Octagon” in Berlin due to their shape.


Starting in 1901, the literary and artistic bohème gather in the Dalbelli trattoria on Schöneberger Ufer, where they hold evening lectures and cabarets. Among others, Peter Hille and Else Lasker-Schüler, Erich Mühsam and John Henri Mackay recite poetry there. This is also where Else Lasker-Schüler makes friends with Magnus Hirschfeld. Mühsam and Mackay start contributing to the “unique” from this point on.

The co-owner of the restaurant, Alma Dalbelli, continues running the business as the Como from 1905 on: it was Berlin’s very first gay wine bar.


Lesbians generally became involved in bourgeois feminism as a way to assert their interests and to fight for the right to their own careers and independence, as well as the right to political activity and the right to vote. Their ranks include feminists and suffragettes famous across Germany, such as the Berlin-based Helene Lange and Gertrud Bäumer, who live together as a couple.A number of lesbian women, including Johanna Elberskirchen and Toni Schwabe, take a pro-active stance and fight to become actively involved in the gay movement, arguing in favour of having their say in Magnus Hirschfeld’s Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. Their persistence pays off when Toni Schwalbe is elected to the Chairmen’s College, the governing body of the committee, in 1910 and Johanna Elberskirchen in 1914.


The Scorpion, the first lesbian novel, is penned by the Berlin author Elisabeth Weihrauch in 1919. Furthermore, the first gay film, entitled Different from the Others (directed by Richard Oswald), is shown in Institute for Sexology, headed by Magnus Hirschfeld, opens in Berlin’s Tiergarten. It is a doctors‘ clinic and, at the same time, a centre for the gay and lesbian emancipation movement. Congresses and campaigns focussed on sexual reform make it internationally renowned. It proves to be a crowd-puller with its functions to increase public awareness and its museum on the history of institute stood at the site where the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of the Cultures of the World) now stands in Tiergarten. There is a column not far away to commemorate it.


The gay and lesbian movement rapidly gains pace with the Friendship Associations and their local branches all over Germany, which are founded from 1919 on. In 1923, the associations are united under the leadership of the publisher Friedrich Radszuweit in the Association for Human Rights. The same year, he opens the first bookshop for gays and Berlin, around 40 venues open as meeting places for men – and increasingly for women as well. In 1921, there is an International Travel Guide to promote them – the very first gay and lesbian guide. A number of barkeepers join forces to support the movement.Magazines for gays and lesbians are available at public kiosks and in the venues: they include Die Freundschaft (Friendship), the Blätter für Menschenrecht (Magazine for Human Rights), Die Freundin (The Girlfriends), Frauenliebe (Women’s Love), and Das dritte Geschlecht (The Third Sex) for transvestites and transsexuals.


The competing gay and lesbian associations are united in their fight against Paragraph 175 (which criminalises homosexual acts). The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee had been filing petitions since 1897 calling on the Reichstag to abolish the special law against homosexual men. More than six thousand prominent personalities from the German Empire and, later, the Weimar Republic have signed the 1922, the gay and lesbian‘ associations briefly unite to form an action group to ensure their voices are heard during an upcoming criminal justice reform. The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee drafts an alternative concept that gained much attention, and in 1928, the criminal justice commission responsible decides to reform Paragraph 175. However, the hopes of newly-found freedom are soon dashed by a conservative government that is elected to means that the Berlin Police Headquarters at Alexanderplatz remains a credible threat of force despite its policy of tolerance towards the gay and lesbian scene. This site is now occupied by the Alexa shopping centre, with its size and colour serving as a reminder of the former red behemoth.


There are now around 80 venues for gays and lesbians in Berlin: beer-soaked dives and distilleries, bourgeois restaurants, wine bars and clubhouses, dance halls and dance palaces, ballrooms and cosmopolitan night-time bars. From 1925 on, large-scale events are held in the ballrooms in Alte Jacobstrasse and Kommandantenstrasse, or in the Nationalhof in Bü the manager of the Violetta Ladies‘ Club, Lotte Halm, along with several hundred of her fellow female members, helps shape major sections of the lesbian movement and entertainment scene from 1926 on. She unites her association with the Monbijou Women’s Club in 1928, which also includes transvestites and transsexuals, cooperating with the Association for Human Rights and constantly finding new venues for events.Numerous hotels and guest houses, beauty and hairdressing salons, tailors and photo studios, doctors and lawyers in private practice, libraries, cigarette and shoe shops, and even a car rental company, a travel agency and a distributor for potency pills advertise in gay and lesbian magazines.


A travel guide for lesbians is published in 1928: Berlin’s Lesbian Women. The author Ruth-Margarete Roellig describes 12 venues in it, all of which are located in the lesbian hotspot of Schöneberg. This includes the popular café and bar for dancing and entertainment, Dorian Dorian Gray opened at Bülowstrasse 57 in 1921. Every evening, there is a stage programme or live music to dance to, along with carnival costume balls and literary readings. The highlight of the weekend is the variety shows and performances by famous stars of the scene, including the dancer Ilonka Stoyka. Her portrait was even printed on the cover of the lesbian magazine Liebende Frauen (Loving Women) the end of the 1920s, the British author Christopher Isherwood arrives in Berlin to sample the pleasures of its liberal gay nightlife. His Berlin Stories were written during his time in Berlin, and would later provide the inspiration for the musical Cabaret. Another icon of queer life in Berlin in the 1920s is the singer Claire Waldoff, who also lived in Berlin with her female partner.


Following the seizure of power by the National Socialists and conservatives, a campaign is launched against alleged “public immorality” under a new policy of “national moral renewal”. In May 1933, Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexology is closed and plundered. The new police director in Berlin had already had 14 of the most famous gay and lesbian venues closed in March. Local police departments pass further prohibitions in the city’s urban districts. The gay and lesbian associations also feel coerced into abandoning their efforts.

The owners of the all-night bar for lesbians, Mai & Igel, are also affected by the forced closures, while the carnival costume balls for gays and lesbians held at the In den Zelten amusement strip in Berlin’s Tiergarten, which were also hugely popular among heterosexuals, are banned with immediate effect. The artists‘ bar Chez Eugen, known as Moses, feels the full force of the ban: thugs from the SA raid the bar and drive its Jewish owner into exile.


A period of disguise and retreat into private groups of like-minded people begins for gays and lesbians. There are still a number of bars, camouflaged as artists‘ bars, to visit, and despite police surveillance, raids and bans, new bars still open up, allowing brief moments of freedom to be enjoyed.Homosexual men are particularly affected by persecution. Following raids by the Gestapo, the first prisoners are sent to concentration camps from 1934 on. With the tightening of the anti-homosexual laws in 1935, the number of convictions has tripled by 1939. They result in the loss of friends, freedom, wealth and profession, and lead to marginalisation and social ostracism, ultimately making intimate life a source of trauma. Only a small number of those persecuted survive the increasingly frequent deportations to concentration camps occurring during the war. So far, the names of around 400 Berlin men who fell victim to the terror against homosexuals have been identified.


Rising from the ashes and defying the post-war austerity, gays and lesbians re-emerge, holding their first balls again in the midst of the rubble of the destroyed city from 1946 onwards. The organisers are flamboyant female impersonators with names like Mamita, Ramona and Cherie Hell. In 1949, there are more than 20 bars open again to cater to men and 15 for women. They offer a sanctuary and a place to socialise, and they encourage their customers to dream of a better life and fight for new freedoms. Many still have compelling memories of Berlin in the 1920s, yet are also traumatised by their experiences of persecution during the Nazi too is a legend reborn in 1947, with the transvestite bar Eldorado reopening and remaining open until the end of the 1960s.


A Berlin-based group from the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee was founded in 1949 to resume the efforts made by the first gay and lesbian movement. In 1950, the association was registered under its new name as the Berlin Society for the Reform of Sexual Law. It is part of a homophile movement becoming established across Germany. In Berlin, an Association of Friends was founded in 1952, and a new Association for Human Rights was established in 1958, in which Lotte Hahm – the Berlin woman who fronted the lesbian emancipation movement during the Weimar Republic – was also an active women are involved in establishing homophile associations, they are also a minority. They meet privately and in women’s bars, such as Ida Fürstenau in Kreuzberg, or in Gerda Kelch’s Cabaret in Schöneberg, with a venue called Bei Kathi und Eva opening in a laundrette in Schöneberg in 1958.


Venues for gays and lesbians are once again threatened by police raids from the mid-1950s on. Many men once again become the victim of state prosecution under the law against homosexuals, a Nazi law that remains on the books and has since been tightened. When the Berlin Wall is built in 1961, the divided city of Berlin loses its leading role, and its appeal, as the city of freedom for gays and lesbians for a decade to the gay and lesbian associations disband, the bar scene in West Berlin stands its ground. The number of bars increases, and by 1966 there are 28 different venues. Men continue to meet in Elli’s Bier-Bar, or go dancing in Kleist Casino or Trocadero. Chez Nous becomes an attraction in Berlin with its travesty shows. In 1963, Christel Rieseberg opens Club 10 together with her girlfriend in Schöneberg, which acquired prominence as Club de la femme and Dinelo. An intimate club and bar called Inconnu opens in Charlottenburg in 1966.


A new generation with a new urge for freedom loudly demands to be heard. As so-called Rosa Radikale (pink radicals), they reinvent homosexuality, understanding it as a political and anti-capitalistic promise of liberation. Rosa von Praunheim’s film, It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives (1971) inspires the gay scene to establish new associations. This is the launching pad of the gay and lesbian movement.Homosexuelle Aktion Westberlin is founded in Berlin in 1971, from which the feminist awakening emerges in 1975 with the founding of the Lesbian Aktionszentrum – along with the lesbian archive Spinnboden as an initiative for the discovery, and preservation, of female love. The gay bookshop Prinz Eisenherz opens in 1978. The first Gay Pride Parade/CSD is held in 1979.A new awakening is being ventured in East Berlin as well: the Homosexuals‘ Interest Group is founded in 1973. One year later, the transvestite Charlotte von Mahlsdorf opens a venue for gays and lesbians that will later become legendary in her museum dedicated to artefacts from the late 19th century.


The Schwule Museum (Gay Museum) opens in 1985, followed by Begine, a women’s bar and alternative project. Both remain self-administered venues today. While autonomous and free spaces are coming into being, other initiatives are promoting integration. They are active in trade unions, political parties and churches. Choirs, sports associations and hiking groups add diversity and vibrancy to the scene in Aids-Hilfe is formed in 1985, and benefits from widespread support and becomes a new actor in the gay movement. In 1993, an opera gala at the Deutsche Oper marks the beginning of one of the most successful fund-raising events for Aids-Hilfe.

In East Berlin, gays and lesbians are able to emancipate themselves from 1983 on with the protection of the Protestant Church. In 1986, away from the church, the Sonntagsclub (Sunday Club) opens as a cultural space. It still exists today. 


On the same evening as East Germany’s first gay-themed feature film Coming Out celebrates its première, the Berlin Wall falls: it’s 9 November CSD parades become more and more colourful and diverse, and much larger, in the reunited capital, and a high-spirited party accompanies the list of political demands being called for. The Transgeniale CSD is held from 1997 to 2016, an alternative event typical to Berlin at which a focus is directed at the political 1997, Berlin celebrates 100 years of the gay movement with an exhibition in the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts). Although the lesbian movement is largely neglected by this exhibition, no public protests occur (yet). A gay-lesbian reunification occurs in 1999: the gay and lesbian association is formed and tries out a new era of cooperation


The controversial discussion around same-sex marriage, which first started in 1992, becomes the topic of public debate in 1999. In 2001, it results in a registered partnership, before the right to marry is finally extended to same-sex couples in 2017. A run on Berlin’s registry offices adopting the colours of the rainbow and the word queer, new homopolitical alliances are being formed. Queer becomes a political agenda, and a new label for the LGBTIQ+ movement. Rainbow flags are part of the urban landscape, fluttering in front of the community’s businesses and venues, and flying proudly from the town halls in Berlin on the occasion of the annual CSD initiative “Berlin supports self-determination and acceptance of sexual diversity” is launched in 2009, showing the Berlin state government’s support for diversity and equality of Germany’s largest LGBTIQ community.


There are now 150 venues where events are held for the LGBTIQ community: cafés, restaurants, bars and a club scene that is unique in Germany. The range of services, shops, associations and entertainment fills a business directory of its own, which includes more than 1,000 30 June, Federal Parliament enacts a draft law by the Federal Council that allows same-sex couples to September 2017, a monument to the world’s first gay and lesbian emancipation movement, which was initiated by the gay and lesbian association, is unveiled on Magnus-Hirschfeld-Ufer, behind the Federal Chancellery. It is formed by six towering, colourful calla lilies – a plant that features both female and male flowers. It is a symbol of the diversity of sexuality and gender, and a metaphor for a confident, flourishing scene – a landscape that was first conceived of, put to the test, and made possible in the 1920s – when Berlin was a role model for an international gay and lesbian capital in which all queer people could find a haven and 1 October 2017 – a Sunday – the first gay and lesbian couples marry in Germany, including Volker Beck, a politician for the Green party, who marries his spouse in Berlin-Kreuzberg after a long fight to be able to say “I do”.

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A design for a card I made for my boyfriend out of various J.C. Leyendecker images. The font was a bit of a bastard to do, but it worked in the end.

I did this as I was not happy with the ones you could get in the shops, and decided to make one myself. Shame I did not make it a month or two ago or I could have sold it to some card company and made a fortune.

A design for a card I made for my boyfriend out of various J.C. Leyendecker images. The font was a bit of a bastard to do, but it worked in the end.

I did this as I was not happy with the ones you could get in the shops, and decided to make one myself. Shame I did not make it a month or two ago or I could have sold it to some card company and made a fortune.

Photographed at the Local Studies Collection at Richmond Upon Thames‘ Old Town Hall

Photographed at the Local Studies Collection at Richmond Upon Thames‘ Old Town Hall

© yonathansantana – 2009 Todos los derechos reservados All rights reserved Please don’t use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

© yonathansantana – 2009 Todos los derechos reservados All rights reserved Please don’t use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.

not surprised I found this license plate near guy is certainly proud and out there!

…sporting the latest gay fashions for your securitas artista…

My interpretation for a new gay flag rests on the idea of a new icon. This new symbol emerges from the colorful rainbow pattern that his been the base of gay pride for decades. The two main themes present in this new symbol are a) a playful deconstruction and mashup of classic gender symbols and b) the use of ‚XOXO‘, an abbreviation for ‚hugs and kisses‘. The gay flag or pride flag, should convey a message of diversity, unity, and just plain fun!

Eberle St during Liverpool (gay) Pride celebrations

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It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .

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It was bigger than the first, Click here to read the full story at .