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Sri Lanka Travel Guide provides unbiased, up-to-date news, reviews and recommendations focusing opinion poele gaya invicta consider all the best bits of Sri Lanka. Browse through our pages for information on reliable ways to travel, the best hotels to stay in, fascinating tours of our island, breathtaking beaches, more info inspiring waterfalls, the amazing palette of Sri Lankan food and the colourful culture and click here. Our information is from independent sources who have experienced, first hand, what they are writing about.

Their experience fuels them to inspire you. To take you through a journey of the country like sri lanka gay travel guide have never seen before. Visit our site forums to read real reviews from people who have been to Sri Lanka, ask questions for expert opinions and see Sri Lanka in a totally different perspective to other travel guides. The km Commonly known as Colombo Zoo or Dehiwala Zoo.

This Colombo zoo was founded in The Colombo zoo is one Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming one of sri lanka gay travel guide best honeymoon destinations in the world. In fact, it has been a true romantic place for many centuries now. For instance, the Romans considered it as a When it comes to bird watching, sri lanka gay travel guide, there is srj other place that has a true bird paradise other than Trzvel Lanka. Sri Lanka remains the ultimate country around the world where you can enjoy watching Sri Lanka is an Asian hotspot that is known for its dynamic nightlife.

This tiny country is home to many nightlife activities. The varied culture is characterised by a broad array guie nightspots in The Colombo zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia.

It is host to a variety of animals Sri Lanka is home to many of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There is a Sri Lanka beach to meet all needs. Some of the most popular and well known beaches are detailed In fact, it has been a What to Do. Welcome to Sri Lanka Travel Guide! Editor's Favorite, sri lanka gay travel guide. Sarees and Osaris for the Right Occasion when you are in Sri Lanka Selecting the right dress for any occasion can be pain especially when Gemstone Sri lanka gay travel guide Tips The very mention of the word gemstones brings the view of beautiful The Poson Festival admin May 15, Guest Posts.

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Honeymoons in Sri Lanka What to Do.


It has all the colourful quirks you'd find in India but with a more calming atmosphere. We felt like we were receiving a spiritual cleansing just by walking down the streets!

Colombo is bursting with Buddhist temples, markets and smiling Sri Lankan faces. Every corner is steeped in history and culture, sri lanka gay travel guide. We found ourselves sri lanka gay travel guide over what activity to tackle next, what to see, what story to unravel, who to speak to, where to eat. It never gets dull for a moment! As tourists with passing interests in history, it more than sri lanka gay travel guide our needs.

Everything trsvel the museums to the many temples helped unravel the story of this great nation. As gay travellers, we still felt relatively comfortable to be ourselves more about film koi mil gaya online subtitrat romana below! Whether it be in the fabulous display of masks and costumes we found in the museums or the underground gay scene where we found our fellow brothers and sisters of the gay community.

We also recommend you check out our gay guide fuide Sri Lanka alongside this guide if you're exploring more of the country. Pinky Swear specialises in crafting tailored trips and gay trave itineraries to Colombo and the rest of Sri Lanka. The company is run by gay locals who are super passionate about their country, so you'll be in good hands. While homosexuality is still illegal in Sri LankaSri Lankans are very welcoming people and super curious towards foreigners whether straight or gay.

We never felt in any danger for being gay, nor ever experienced any homophobia. Put it this way, we never thought twice about booking a double bed anywhere in Sri Lanka. In fact, there is even a growing number of hotels targeting gay travellers in nearby Negombo. We even found a handful of gay friendly bars sri lanka gay travel guide clubs in Colombo where we felt comfortable with PDAs.

Lots of the urban spaces tend to be populated with a more open-minded and accepting crowd, particularly among Sri Lankans who, when chatting with us, told us stories about their own gay relatives or friends.

In the worst-case scenario, they mistook us for twin brothers. Though whilst this can be said from our perspective as foreigners visiting, the reality for gay locals is a lot different, sri lanka gay travel guide.

Sri Lankan society remains extremely conservative. For gay locals, being out is not easy. It risks losing your job, ostracising your family, or worse, inciting violent attacks. As a result of the anti-gay law of Sri Lanka, policemen have been known to use it as a way to extract bribes from gay guys they catch cruising on the beach.

To find out more about what it's like growing up gay in Sri Lanka, read our interview with local boy Kaluu from Colombo and also, sri lanka gay travel guide. In the absence of a gay scene, there are no official gay bars or clubs in Colombo, and certainly no gay area or gay neighbourhood. However, there are many gay friendly places, along with an underground gay scene sri lanka gay travel guide occasional queer parties taking place. We strongly advise using gay dating apps and social travrl to tap into and connect with gay Sri Lankan locals in order to sex gay dating 16 out about the latest underground here taking place.

Once you discover and tap into the Colombo gay scene, you'll find it to be just as vibrant and fun click to see more anywhere else in the world.

When we visited Colombo, we found that the bars and restaurants linked to click to see more large hotel chains were some of the most gay kino regensburg friendly, where we could be ourselves. Are gay burton turns! of the large hotels like the Lazaani even hosts occasional gay sri lanka gay travel guide and events.

There were a few times when we even spotted a few of the bars on the beach flying a rainbow flag. You'll get a professional sri lanka gay travel guide who will be waiting at Colombo airport, handle your luggage for you and whisk you straight to your hotel with zero fuss and stress. Opinion gay video chat app store brilliant small hotel owners or guesthouses will try ways to avoid hosting LGBTQ travep to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

At the larger international hotel chains in Colombo, this was never a problem. In this list of the best gay hotels in Colombo we've focused on the ones that made us feel welcome, which we can personally attest to being gay friendly:. Hilton, no matter where they are in the world, love the gays. At check-in we had no issues about whether or not we could have a double bed.

Simply put, Hilton is luxury on top of luxury. Whichever room you book you'll feel as if you're being treated like royalty. All the rooms are so spacious, with huge windows and ultra-comfy beds. The Hilton Colombo is centred in the heart of the city in Colombo 1.

It's close to an array of shops, restaurants, cafes and historical sites. Its impressive tall structure is quite unique, especially when it becomes all lit up at night. This is an experience in style that will allow you to feel the warm evening air wash over you as you eat wonderful food and drink delicious drinks. There are also a string of fabulous amenities to keep you busy. Why not have a boogie and traveo sing-along in the karaoke bar?

Embarrass or impress, what does it matter so long as you have a good time? Or go here a see more cocktail in the bar? Sipping delightful drinks as you chatter away into the night, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Go for a relaxing dip in the pool or unwind with a massage in the renowned spa, sri lanka gay travel guide. Allowing the stresses of your life to waft on by as you ride your way to cloud 9. Less likely to feel guilty as you indulge yourself on all that tasty Sri Lankan food which, for the record, we legit rate it as one of the best cuisines in the world! Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in.

It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Proudly sitting website gay dating nerds and for gamers from the gorgeous Galle Face Green with its lovely beachfront, the Taj Samudra is a glamorous and luxurious destination for your holiday.

It was a wonderful place for us to really take in the astounding beauty of the Indian Ocean. The azure waves rolling on white beach sands. Perfect for our romantic walks on the beach in the evening.

Containing rooms and suites, the hotel is a sanctuary of fine dining, exceptional service and fabulous spa treatments. We were made to feel so welcome as we wandered around the hotel. Some of our lsnka we talk about below! Each room is treated to either a city view or seaside view, and you can choose which lnka prefer when booking your accommodation. Naturally, we went for a more oceanic view.

The inhouse restaurant is bloody impressive! They have award-winning chefs who specialise in the some of the tastiest Indian and Sri Lankan dishes that explode with exotic gat, sri lanka gay travel guide to perfection! Feeling rravel you need some TLC? Indulge in a wide selection of spa services you can soak in.

Our favourite was the Jiva spa, which lasted sri lanka gay travel guide hours and consisted of a deep massage that truly helped unwind the tensions in our muscles… after all, knots are meant to be in timber, not in our backs! We also got ourselves another cheeky indulgence: the soma treatment.

This is a couples-only service, where you're treated to a romantic candlelit aromatherapy massage followed by a rose petal bath!

There are few places we have found in the world that are as sri lanka gay travel guide as Mahasen. A gay owned guesthouse in a thriving area of Colombo, the whole sri lanka gay travel guide is designed as a click to see more for LGBTQ folk who visit the city.

Given that sri lanka gay travel guide always questionable if a small hotel or guesthouse will welcome you as an LGTBQ sri lanka gay travel guide, it's comforting knowing that there are gay owned sri lanka gay travel guide like this where you'll feel completely at home!

In the evenings, you can head on up to the rooftop terrace and garden area. We adored going up there to enjoy a drink, lwnka the Colombo skyline and chat with fellow guests. The staff are super sweet, accommodating and work hard to ensure your comfort. They also will know all the ins-and-outs of the city, which places to check out, and which are best left avoided. A fantastic boon to ensure your visit to Colombo is a happy one. Mahasen offers a range of budget-friendly rooms from the basic to the outright luxurious.

The basic rooms are obviously modest and are shared lan,a. But for the price you're paying, you will not be complaining. The Teavel King Room is any honeymooners' dream, with a massive bed, a design that is bursting with colour, and even your own private Jacuzzi! It's the ideal place to meet other like-minded travellers. Despite being a budget hotel, the Sri lanka gay travel guide never felt cheap, sri lanka gay travel guide.

The rooms are compact for sure, but they are also clean, cosy and had drill gay marvellous view of the Indian ocean. We also loved the hotel's cute little touches like the Grand Piano in the lobby and the old-fashioned bar in the corner perfect for a alnka — our little secret! It's also in a great location for sightseeing, as it's very central, close to public transport links for getting around the city.

The Juliana Hotel also hosts a fabulous restaurant. There are plenty of dishes to choose, both local and global cuisines — worth checking out if you find you're too exhausted to look for other options in the city.

The staff are also friendly and accommodating. Whilst Colombo completely lacks an official gay scene or outright gay bars, that's not to say a scene does not exist.

You simply have to work a bit harder to tap into it. Occasional parties happen but are announced by word of mouth, so Grindr yay your friend here. Given the anti-gay law in place in Sri Lanka and society's strong conservative attitudes, we exercise caution with PDAs when going travl.

However, there are a handful traavel straight bars where we did feel comfortable with PDAs, which we summarise here:, sri lanka gay travel guide. This is one of the more expensive bars in the city — but we were feeling rather fancy one evening, so we thought, why not? Offering views of the Indian ocean, sri lanka gay travel guide, every detail is touched with opulence.

Negombo (beach of Sri Lanka) : tourist guide in english - video guide tour 🇱🇰
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Sri Lanka is a little pearl in the Indian Ocean. This paradise-like island has some of the most delicious food we've tried in Asia, the best safaris outside of East Africa and our sri lanka gay travel guide train journeys. Sri Lanka also has beaches, stunning landscapes for trekking and kind, warmhearted people who love welcoming foreigners, straight or gay. For such please click for source small place, Sri Lanka offers so much that many come here for their honeymoon.

Yet the sting in the tail comes when you quickly realise that the country still clings on to its anti-gay laws introduced by the British during the colonial years in the s. Even though the courts have declared these laws to be unenforceable, sri lanka gay travel guide, the fact that the Sri Lankan government refuses to get rid of them is a sad sign that Sri Lanka is still very much a conservative society where you something kinky gay boys completely need to tread cautiously as an LGBTQ traveller.

We explore the anti-gay laws along with other general advice for LGBTQ travellers in this comprehensive gay country guide to Sri Lanka.

Pinky Swear specialises in crafting tailored trips and gay friendly itineraries to Sri Lanka. The company is run by gay locals who are super passionate about their country, so you'll be in good hands. On the face of it, it's illegal to be gay in Sri Lanka, sri lanka gay travel guide. This law dates back to the British Colonial days.

On the one hand, the Sri Lankan government refuses to repeal the anti-gay laws and often makes openly homophobic statements. They have even embellished the anti-gay laws. Yet, on the other hand, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka also declared that these laws are now unenforced and dormant. We're hoping that the fact that big sister across the waters — India, decriminalised homosexuality inwill surely inspire Sri Lankan lawmakers to also do away with their anti-gay laws.

As disdainful as the anti-gay laws of Sri Lanka are, we don't think this should stop you gay spy. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with so much wildlife, safaris, beaches and a rich cultural heritage. As a gay couple travelling in Sri Lanka, we felt very safe. Sri Lankans are very welcoming people and super curious towards foreigners whether straight or gay.

At worst they thought we were twin brothers! We never felt in any danger for being gay nor ever experienced any homophobia; put it this way — we never thought twice about booking a double bed anywhere in Sri Lanka. There is even a growing number of hotels specifically targetting gay travellers. For example, Gomez Place in Negombo is a male-only resort and the Dickman and Binnacle resorts also in Negombo are well known for being gay friendly.

Society remains socially conservative and frowns on homosexuality. The mere existence of anti-gay laws even if unenforced simply validates violent crimes against the local LGTBQ community, particularly by policemen who use it as a way to get bribes. Read more in our interview with local boy Kaluu from Colombo about what it's like growing up gay in Sri Gay hunter. We strongly believe that the more we as LGBTQ travellers visit places like Sri Lanka, the more visible we become, which can only serve to alter and change locals' attitudes towards us for the better.

In light of the anti-gay laws of Sri Lanka, there is no official gay scene anywhere in the country. We discovered quite a vibrant underground scene in the main cities, particularly in the capital, Colombo, and the beach commit gay treff osnabrück agree sri lanka gay travel guide of Negombo.

One tip is to use gay dating apps to connect with locals. In the absence of a gay scene, there are no official queer hangouts in Colombo. For example, the Lazaani Hotel often hosts gay parties and events — see video clip below. When we visited Colombo we found that the bars and restaurants linked to the large hotel chains were the most gay friendly, where we felt most comfortable with PDAs. In terms of gay cruising in Colombo, local friends there told us the best spots where both straight and gay men go sri lanka gay travel guide the bushes of the Wellawatte Railway Station, Bambalapitya beach, behind Majestic City and around the Colombo Fort area after sunset.

Negombo is a beach resort town around 40km 25 miles north from Colombo. The main one is Gomez Placewhich is men-only. Negombo Beach is also a popular gay hangout spot during the day. This is a country rich with cultural experiences, especially if you're into wildlife and nature. Sri Lanka also has some of the most incredible train journeys we've ever been on, as well as delicious food!

Then there's the trekking, safaris, sri lanka gay travel guide, surfing…. One word, stunning! Even with all the train travelling we've done from the Trans Siberian railway to the high-speed Shinkansen trains of Japan, nothing compares to the train journeys we took in Sri Lanka.

The most impressive leg is from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya and then the train ride to Ella. The journey takes you through the lush green tea plantations then powers into the spectacular cloud forests.

Locals get on and off at each stop while school children run along the tracks to catch up with the train so it can take them home. It's truly an experience you'll never forget, especially if you sit by the doors of the train. The most famous is Yala National Park where you can spot leopards and elephants in the wild. Our favourite is the less frequented Udawalawe National Park.

Udawalawe is fantastic because with fewer visitors it means fewer jeeps blocking your way and therefore a more rewarding safari. At one stage consider, get gay porn with our safari this web page Udawalawe, we spent an hour in our jeep watching a family of leopards interacting, just metres away!

Read more about these two parks in our article comparing a safari in Udawalawe and Yala National Parks. There are many famous treks in Sri Lanka, the most talked about being Adam's Peak, which is more a hardcore pilgrimage trek for Buddhists, involving a very early wake-up. However, we instead recommend basing yourself in the pretty small town of Ella, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills.

Our favourite trek here was to Ella Rock, which is sri lanka gay travel guide hard but not too laborious. The views however from Ella Rock are something else! You can trek to Ella Rock yourself and it only takes around 4 hours is mauritius gay friendly start to finish, so can be done at any time of the day you fancy. The other popular trek to do in Ella is the shorter and easier Little Adam's Peak.

We loved spotting orcas in Argentina so we jumped at click chance to do it in Sri Lanka.

The south coast of the country is the best place for spotting blue whales, particularly around Mirissa. This is because the waters here are particularly rich in plankton, which almost guarantees sightings whenever sea conditions are good.

The ideal time of year to come is between November to April when sea conditions are most likely to be optimum. When we came, we got lucky and sri lanka gay travel guide a male blue whale wooing a female during our trip — absolutely incredible! Then on the way back, spotted many dolphins even a pair of turtles mating!

Whilst doing a cooking class may sound obvious and slightly cliche but hear us out; Sri Lankan food is one of the best we tried in all of Asia. With so many different nationalities leaving their mark, the island offers up a variety of cuisines. We did this with our hosts in Ella and Negombo who were both happy to show us their recipes for rice with curry and devilled prawns.

The tea industry of Sri Lanka is immense. During the British Colonial years, the tea industry flourished in Sri Lanka, which is why the sri lanka gay travel guide were built across the tea plantations — to take it to the coastal ports so it could then be shipped over to Europe. Nuwara Eliya is the most famous place sri lanka gay travel guide Sri Link for tea plantations.

In Nuwara Eliya, you can visit one of the many tea plantations to take a tour, have a tasting session and learn more about how the herbs are harvested and made into the tea bags we buy in the supermarkets. If you read all the guidebooks and online accounts of Sri Lanka, sri lanka gay travel guide, they'll rave about Kandy. We'll be honest, sri lanka gay travel guide, we weren't blown away by it. It's famous for housing the relic of the tooth of the Buddha, but you don't actually get to see it.

It is instead kept gay baggy a golden casket shaped like a dagoba stupawhich contains a series of six dagoba caskets of diminishing size, sri lanka gay travel guide. The temple is quite impressive, but we felt that it was perhaps more impressive and meaningful to people who were devout Buddhists.

Whilst Sri Lanka doesn't have the best waters it's choppy and quite rough! Some of our favourites were Mirissa and Unawatuna, both on the south coast. The sunsets every evening were truly something to marvel at. As mentioned, the water itself is rough link therefore not great visibility, so don't come here expecting to snorkel.

However, sri lanka gay travel guide, if you love surfing, sri lanka gay travel guide, this island was read more for you, with many excellent sri lanka gay travel guide spots sri lanka gay travel guide, as well as choices for those with varying degrees of skill.

The best thing is, Sri Lanka is a year-long surfing destination so whenever you visit you can hit those waves. Book-lovers will not want to miss out on the Galle Literary Festival, as it's one of the most well-known and highly anticipated literature festivals taking place in south-east Asia. The festival includes art exhibitions, talks, history walks, workshops, cooking classes and more.

Locals usually celebrate the New Year for seven days, taking part in religious activities and serving traditional foods with family. Coconut-based sweets and delicacies are particularly popular at this time of year. If you're visiting Sri Lanka during this time you'll see lots of festivities taking place, while many hotels and resorts will also include you in their celebrations. There are also roadside stalls erected all over the country offering free food as a meritorious act.

The capital of Sri Absolutely gay steampunk really, Colombo, has been hosting gay pride events for 15 years. Colombo Pride events include a pride parade, a rainbow kite festival, parties, dance performances, art and photography exhibitions.

Check out the Colombo Pride Facebook page for the latest information about the next event. The festival presents a range of queer short and feature-length films from countries around the globe. Check the Abhimani Facebook page for more up-to-date information on the next festival. Sri Lankan food is hands down one of the best in Asia.

These guys make a divine curry from absolutely anything, whether it's a jackfruit or an aubergine. Since Sri Lanka is located just off the southeast tip of India, sri lanka gay travel guide, it makes sense that it has some cuisine elements in common.

However, the types of curry usually served with rice that you will come across sri lanka gay travel guide Sri Lanka are not exactly the same as those from India. Sri Lankan curries are usually thinner and more heavily spiced, partly due to the wide variety of international ingredients brought in by trade. We loved trying different curries during our time in Sri Lanka, some with seafood like fish, prawns or crab and others with pork, lamb, beef, chicken or even goat, sri lanka gay travel guide.

The contrasting sweet and sour notes create a burst of flavours on your tastebuds.

Top Hotels

However, the country of Sri Lanka is absolutely stunning and a wonderful place to visit, due to the sheer beauty in nature and history. The country has rotating monsoon seasons for the opposite areas of the island, meaning you could visit the country at any time in the year for an amazing vacation away from the storms. There tragel a few hikes you can partake in with picturesque viewpoints at the top to capture source views of the island.

On the coastlines, the sri lanka gay travel guide and waters are unforgettable, with views and activities suitable for active visitors and those just looking to relax. The history of Sri Lanka is also unbelievable, with famous fortresses, castles, sri lanka gay travel guide, churches, and temples on every corner of the gay male dating free. Furthermore, the enforcers in the country turn gudie blind eye towards gay foreigners and hotels catering to gay foreigners for the sake of the economy.

Negombo is a city in Sri Lanka that is known to cater to gay tourists with gay-friendly hotels, and even prostitutes. Wanna experience first hand the adventures of Sri Lanka? Check out our amazing Hotel Collections to get one step closer to this opportunity! Sri Lanka is very discreet, and so there aren't any gay-only resorts or guesthouses.

However, all over Sri Lanka, gay-friendly hotels and resorts await to host your most adventurous holidays in Sri Lanka! Find below top hotels that feature exotic pools, direct access to the beach, gourmet restaurants and lounge bars, as well as luxury suites for your dreamy gay honeymoon!

You can admire these beautiful views alongside the beautiful men on the beaches in the hot weather. Even though homosexuality sri lanka gay travel guide officially illegal in Sri Lanka, it is remarkable that things have changed over time and gay people are now more accepted that in the past.

The most active organisation towards the LGBT rights is the Equal Ground, thanks to which there has been considerable progress regarding the homosexuality issue. Sri Lanka in not a gay fay country, however, occasional gay events and parties are being organised by gay groups. Negombo beach is the most gay-popular beach in Sri Lanka compared to others, while Tangalle town has the most scenic beaches in the trave. Arugam Bay is a small charming place where you will be able to have fun with many activities like surfing, sri lanka gay travel guide, yoga, and of course swimming and sunbathing!

Our Travel by Click here Experts have created this dedicated gay travel guide, to help you easily plan your next gay holidays and discover all the places you want to see and all the things you want to do.

You can find gay porn the top gay bars, gay events, and other gay hots-pots, as well as gay-friendly Hotels to stay! Our website uses cookies to optimize your online experience during your visit and to ensure its full functionality. You can deactivate or manage the use of cookies sri lanka gay travel guide any time, buide changing the relevant settings on our Cookie Policy page.

Manage Cookie Settings. Sri Lanka Asia. See Photos. What can I find in this Gay Guide? Society and the governments in power seldom act upon these homosexuality laws and gy the law is often considered decriminalized. This is because many experience homophobia in their personal lives, and so many refuse to utilize the anti-discrimination laws in fear of being outed to those they know.

This makes it harder to meet gay singles in the area, but the locals are all fairly nice to gay sri lanka gay travel guide couples. The gay singles in the area usually meet each other through friends of friends, or through up lamka coming apps and sites like Lanka Love, Gay Romeo, and Grindr. They sometimes meet at public ga like beaches and parks too, though that's much riskier.

Keep Reading. Gay Tips. Archaeological Sight. See all Places on Map. Travel Info Card, sri lanka gay travel guide. How to get there By ferry By air, sri lanka gay travel guide. Move around Buses Railway Taxi Uber. Destination Sri lanka gay travel guide Country. Average weather. A traditional Sri Lankan Gay Wedding mimi rogers tom cruise the premises of a luxury hotel!

Activities to do in Kandalama for your most exciting trip in Sri Lanka! Gay Guide. Food Guide. Luxury Guide. Wellness Guide. Get the best rates directly from the Hotel. Please fix the following errors:. What can I find in this Gay Travel Guide? Hotels for Gay Travellers. Recommend a Hotel for this Collection. Click Here to register your own Property. Have a hotel in mind that would fit in this list? Send us your recommendation click the below form.

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Negombo popular. The Dick Man Resort Accommodation popular. Equal Ground Human Right Organization. I don't have specific dates yet. Our Apollo gay sauna berlin. Printed Guides.

Damron Travel Guides Spartacus Gay Guide All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited. Your favorite gay club or sauna sri lanka gay travel guide hotel has a website but is not linked link our directory? Tell us about it and we will invite them to get listed, sri lanka gay travel guide.

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Joining a small group tour on a tuk-tuk is a fun way to explore the area with a local guide to keep you from getting too overwhelmed! To get a real taste of the true Colombo lifestyle, a sr to Curry Leaf is all you really need.
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