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           From karaoke lessons to Little Big Shots on NBC to Ellen DeGeneres‘ appearance in Reuben De Maid, she has captured internatio…

From karaoke lessons to Little Big Shots on NBC to Ellen DeGeneres‘ appearance in Reuben De Maid, she has captured international attention. She also posts videos about herself on her YouTube channel, her makeup and beauty. Read more about it.

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Reuben explained he didn’t understand why people had decided to be mean to him, and recalled that people created social media accounts just to insult him. 

Now though, he’s having the last laugh, having joined forces with other stars including Danny De Freitas, Salih’s World, Toby Salvietto, Jamie Kyle, Harley Jeal, Whatstheteakeekee, Dontmesswithdenise, Mark Zapanta and Way of Yaw.

Jamie Morgan, known as Jamie Kyle, aged 16, also features in the colourful W7 campaign

Making it rain: Influencer Mark Zapanta showcases his impressive beauty skills in the eye-catching photoshoot 

Jamie Kyle looking pretty with a glowy makeup and pixie haircut. The young star was just 14 when he started out on social media and has now amassed a following of 10,000 on Instagram 

Combined, the group of influencers can count 1.5 million followers on social media. All have used their platform to challenge gender norms and didn’t hold back when it came to showing off their best looks for the campaign. 

Zalih’s World, who counts 480,000 followers on Instagram, has previously discussed the difficulties of coming out as gay to his Muslim family on his Youtube channel.

Personal makeup artist Toby Salvietto showed off his perfectly shaped brows and blended foundation

Energetic Reuben has multiple outfit changes during the ad; the 14-year-old has 226,000 followers on Youtube 

Tracksuit and eyeliner: Don’t mess with Denise has 63.6k followers on Instagram and features in the fairground extravaganza 

Danny de Freitas, from London, who has a following of 286 thousands, started as a wig assistant on the Mamma Mia musical in 2013. He now works with , Samsung and M&S. 

Makeup artist Toby Salvietto, also from London befriended celebrities such as Katie Piper. 

Marc Zapanta, a British-Filipino makeup artist and drag performer also known as ‚The Prince of Vanity‘ boasts more than 95,000 followers on Youtube where he turns himself into Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

Toby Salvietto has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram, where he dispenses make-up advice

And Harley Jeal shares tutorials and reviews with his 11,760 followers 

Make-up artist Danny de Freitas also took part in the campaign. With a following of 286,000 on Instagram, he is the influencer with the second biggest social media presence of the shoot, behind co-star Salih’s World

Don’t Mess with Denise and Whatstheteakeekee are two UK make-up influencers and friends with 63,000 and 132,000 followers respectively.

Way of Yaw, from Upper Holloway, London, experiments with both hair and make-up on his Youtube channel. Harley Jeal, from Croydon, used to be a child actor but now focuses on beauty and does tutorials on his Instagram page.

Way of Yaw is a hair and makeup artist and influencer with a large following on several social media platforms 

Just going to the grocery store: Whatstheteakeekee donned heels, a skin-tight jumpsuit and fierce make-up for the all male shoot

Danny de Freitas sported an ‚Equality‘ jumper for the colourful photoshoot, which took place at a fun fair

Jamie Kyle is also a teenage makeup prodigy just like Reuben, and at 16 years old, he already gathered 10.1 thousand followers.

‚W7 have always been advocates for setting trends and providing quality cosmetics for anyone to express themselves creatively,‘ said Sam Bazani, the owner of W7 Cosmetics.

‚And so we are incredibly excited to be working with these inspiring young men who are breaking boundaries in the beauty industry.

Salih’s World has talked about the struggle of coming out as a gay Muslim on his Youtube channel 

Way of Yaw enjoys ticker tape and balloons as the W7 party gets underway

Salih’s World and Danny de Freitas posing together for the W7 campaign. Combined, the two influencers have 726 thousands followers on Instagram 

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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Being Reuben is a reality TV series about Reuben de Maid, the 14-year-old Welsh boy who has become one of the youngest and most popular male makeup artists on social media. Though male makeup users are becoming more common, de Maid’s nontraditional gender presentation (he wears makeup along with male clothing and a short hairstyle) is somewhat controversial, both in his real life (where he’s been bullied at school) as well as online (where commenters make slurs about de Maid’s appearance and sexuality). De Maid is candid about his experiences, and how they’ve made him feel, and exhibits significant courage and integrity by continuing to dress and style himself in ways that he prefers and present himself honestly on social media. His family members are touchingly supportive, particularly his kind-hearted mother, Vicky, and thoughtful and playful grandfather, Bampa, who has extremely positive things to say about his grandson and why he’s proud of him. Violence is infrequent, confined to descriptions of verbal bullying and mild scuffles between de Maid and his younger siblings. A few participants talk briefly about boyfriends and girlfriends.

What parents need to know

The parents‘ guide to what’s in this TV show.

Show treats all of its subjects with respect, champions diversity in a non-exploitative fashion. Themes of courage and integrity arise as participants explain how hard it can be to be yourself openly, but how important it is to do so. 

Reuben says, „I am not the norm, let’s face it. I’m a 14-year-old boy who wears makeup.“ But he feels comfortable as he is and is accepted by his loved ones. Most importantly, he accepts himself. His grandfather, Bampa, is particularly supportive despite coming from, as he says, „a totally different generation.“ „I see him in makeup now, and it’s Reuben. Without it, he wouldn’t be Reuben,“ says Bampa. Family relationships are sweetly close and relatable in the de Maid household. Mom Vicky both supports Reuben’s outsized lifestyle and takes care to spend extra time with her other children. 

Reuben and brother scuffle over a phone; they tumble and push each other but don’t hit. Reuben has been bullied for his appearance; he talks about bullying at school and we see mean social media messages like „We get it your gay.“ 

Some participants talk about boyfriends and girlfriends. 

The parents' guide to what's in this TV show.