‚Naruto‘ Fans Weigh in on That Big LGBTQ Orochimaru Reveal

Naruto knows how to make a fuss, and the franchise has passed that onto its latest project, Boruto. It may be less than two years old at this point, but the anime has dropped some big bombshells. Few of them, however, have caught the kind of attention Orochimaru’s did recently.

For those unaware, the well-known villain stunned fans when he appeared in Boruto to train his son. Mitsuki had to ask Orochimaru if he should refer to his parent as mom or dad, so the older ninja decided it was time to drop some woke words.

“Are you my father or mother? What should I put down,” Mitsuki asked.

“That’s a silly question,” Orochimaru answered. “There have been times when I was a man and times a woman. Outside appearances don’t matter. The will to uncover all truth, that is the core of my being.”

Yes, that’s right. It seems like Orochimaru has little interest subscribing to the gender binary. The villain is fine living a non-binary life, and the big reveal had fans worldwide giving the guy a standing ovation… even if he is responsible for killing the Third Hokage.

As you can see below, the recent episode stirred up lots of conversation, and fans are revisiting Naruto to detail Orochimaru’s past. Of course, audiences can see why the character might not view himself as either a male or female; he’s taken on both genders physically through his Living Corpse Reincarnation technique. In the past, Orochimaru has stolen various male corpses to prolong his own life, but he’s also used female bodies. And, after all these years, Orochimaru has found he cares very little about the social binary that separates the two genders.

For those unfamiliar with Naruto, it has quite a storied history. Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, the series ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. The story follows Naruto, a young ninja with a sealed demon within him that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The sequel, Naruto Next Generations, is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and featuring the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.

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Naruto Light Novel Reignites Debate That Sasuke Should Be Gay

The Naruto novel, Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher’s Star Pupil, reignites questions over Sasuke’s sexuality.

In the series, one of the things many fans often wondered was whether Sasuke was gay. And it runs deeper than shipping or fan fiction because the story featured him rebuffing a lot of women, especially as he got older. But because there wasn’t any content per se that alluded to a preference for men, many felt he was just too dedicated to the mission to have time for romance. Still, while it may have been that creator Masashi Kishimoto dared not tread water with such a popular anime character at a time, there was enough subtext for the speculation to exist.

While it might have caused too much controversy in 1999 and even the 2000s, the question has been struck up once more in the Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher’s Star Pupil novel, leading us to wonder once more whether the last of the Uchiha clan should have come out as gay moving into the era.

The inference arises in the prologue to the book when Konohamaru repeatedly addresses Sasuke’s handsomeness while the two are on the Thunder Train. As they head into Konoha and Sasuke sleeps, Konohamaru touches on how Sasuke looks and that even men found him pretty. Now, while an argument could be made for Konohamaru being gayat all in the Naruto era that has us pondering how the character developed.

Sakura kept throwing herself at him, as well as other girls in Konoha, but Sasuke just wasn’t interested. Even as he got older and met Karin, Sasuke didn’t care for romance, and Konohamaru expresses a bit of surprise over how Sasuke ended up with Sakura. In fact, many people were shocked by their union because with no romantic history — not even a peck on the cheek — there wasn’t any foundation for this. And factoring in Konohamaru’s thoughts, it does seem like Sasuke being straight was forced, with he and Sakura being an afterthought that was tacked on — all so he could have Sarada and carry on the Uchiha bloodline in the sequel series.

Seeing as Sasuke didn’t have chemistry with any woman and Orochimaru did have an obsession with the Uchiha men, these plot points could have been turned into so much more. Had Sasuke been gay all along, it’d also have helped to break barriers in manga and anime properties aimed at a certain demographic that constantly shy away from leads being LGBTQ. No one’s asking for Sasuke to be hooking up with guys every episode or arc, but him being at least confirmed to be of a different orientation to the rest of the cast would have added an air of progressiveness and inclusion to a series that quite frankly sorely lacked diversity. Apart from Killer B and the Raikage’s people being Black, there’s nothing much for people of color to relate to, for example, and given that B was a stigma-filled rapper, the series really lacked depth on that front.

If Sasuke were gay, the show could have still had ‚Old Man Sasuke‘ as a Ranger atoning for his sins, as well as still had him become a father. After all, futuristic science is a huge aspect of the Boruto franchise so cloning and genetic manipulation could have still given him kids biologically, which ties into Orochimaru’s work with Mitsuki.

Uchiha clan members were always a metaphor for „the other,“ and playing up Sasuke’s incidental coding into something concrete could have helped diversify the franchise’s male-driven perspective — especially when not many women are given prominent roles. Plus, a gay Sasuke who’s one of the most powerful characters ever would be totally inspiring for the LGBTQ community, not to mention in-universe, too: teaching a valuable lesson for future shinobi about accepting people from all walks of life to paint Konoha as a more relatable and cosmopolitan society.

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Naruto Light Novel Reignites Debate That Sasuke Should Be Gay

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Naruto isn’t homosexual as in preferring the same sex since at the end of the series, Naruto marries Hinata and has 2 children, Boruto and Himawari. Sasuke too gets married to Sakura and has a child named Sarada.

However, like any fandom, there is also those who like/love same-sex shipping. Naruto did, however, help fans along that in the third episode of the anime „Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?“ (which adapts the third chapter of the manga), in which Naruto and Sasuke kiss.

Naruto and Sasuke argue, and then continue to glare at each other until a boy sitting in front of them accidentally bumps into Naruto causing him to fall forward and accidentally kiss Sasuke, much to everyone’s disgust.

This results in Sakura getting pissed off, commenting on how Naruto just stole Sasuke’s first kiss which she wanted.

You’re right when it comes to him being passionate about Sasuke, but that is only because Naruto thinks of Sasuke as his older brother, since he himself has no family and loses someone he could call his family later in the anime. He is passionate about Sasuke because of the bond that he created with him and won’t let that bond go no matter what.

Naruto considers Sasuke both his best friend and his rival. It is a difficult relationship and he’s been known to obsess over Sasuke during the whole anime.

A very good example of such obsession occurs when Sasuke leaves. Naruto literally abandons everything else (including his love for Sakura) for the next few years to train in order to get him back. The fact that whenever he sees a glimpse of him he shouts his name like a maniac doesn’t make his obsession less obvious. Even Sakura (deeply in love with Sasuke) gives up on him before Naruto does.

But that has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It’s just obsessing over someone, something that is most certainly not unheard-of in anime, where many things are blown out of proportion. Naruto is straight.

People claim that he isn’t gay, but they stick their fingers up each other’s butts when they do the „One Thousand Years of Death“ and he does his „Sexy Jutsu“!

He isn’t openly gay, but there are gay sexual moments!

Naruto married and having two children doesn’t mean he is not gay.

In a real life, closed people getting married to protect their sexual identity or some of them thought their sexual can changed to heterosexual way. There is no preference sexual because heterosexual is not a choice just the same as homosexual is not a choice either.

 5 Answers 5