Bayern Munich ace Manuel Neuer, 34, ‘dating stunning 19-year-old handball star’ who looks like his ex-wife

MANUEL NEUER has set tongues WAG-ging in Germany… by reportedly bagging himself a new teenage girlfriend.

The Bayern Munich star, 34, split from wife Nina just four months ago.

But it is now believed that German skipper Neuer has shacked up with 19-year-old Anika Bissel.

The blonde studies fashion management in Munich, and also plays for a handball team named the Kuties.

Neuer only wed Nina, 27, in 2017, but she has since left the couple’s Munich home to return to Berlin.

Top-selling people magazine Bunte report that Anika has a flat of her own, but spends every possible moment at the footballer’s luxurious property.

And Neuer is said to be so besotted by his new partner that he has introduced her to his mum Marita.

Like Anika, her brother Christopher also plays handball, representing HC Erlangen in Germany’s top league, with both siblings operating on the left wing.

Is He Gay?

While there are many athletes whose sexual orientation has been misunderstood, Manuel Neuer has also being a target of several rumours and controversies about his sexuality. Following his remarks urging homosexual football players to stop hiding in the closet, a South American publication concluded that the superstar is gay and since then he has been regarded as a gay player by many of his fans. While homosexuality has not been accepted in the world of soccer, Germany is among the few countries that have acknowledged what the goalkeeper had said. Neuer’s gay rumours have continued to dominate the sports media for a long time and during the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia, Mexican fans were penalized following their homophobic chants. Bottom line is that the Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has a straight sexual orientation and is not gay. He recently got hitched with his long-term girlfriend Weiss Nina and that is the ultimate proof you might need to be totally convinced about his sexuality.

Is He Gay?

Schwul? Er sucht seine neue Liebe auf einer Gay-Platform!

Es ist nur ein kurzer Satz, doch er schlägt ein wie eine Bombe! Eminem gab dem amerikanischen Magazin „Vulture“ ein Interview – und outet sich ganz nebenbei irgendwie auch als homosexuell!

 Schwul? Er sucht seine neue Liebe auf einer Gay-Platform!

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„ABC Color“ aus Paraguay will wissen: „Der Gay-Torwart bittet seine Kollegen, sich zu befreien.“

Nationaltorwart Neuer hält sein Privatleben konsequent aus der Öffentlichkeit fern.

Lange Zeit machte er aus der Beziehung zu Freundin Kathrin ein Geheimnis. Beide haben sich nach der EM 2008 auf einem Urlaubs-Flug nach Griechenland kennen gelernt. Zwei Wochen später waren sie ein Paar.

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