The Brown Bunny (2003)

This movie was filmed on handheld 16 mm cameras in various locations throughout the United States, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, Utah, Nevada, and California. The movie is about a professional motorcycle racer Bud Clay who headed from New Hampshire to California to race again. Along the way he meets various needy women who provided him with the cure to his own loneliness, but only a certain woman from his past will truly satisfy him. The movie featured a particular scene where Chloë Sevigny performed oral on Vincent Gallo. Probably not for the money, but because they were dating in real-life.

Romance X (1999)

Romance X is a movie that offers several scenes of love-making. Featuring Caroline Ducey, the movie was tripple X rated by TV movie database in Canada, it’s about Marie, a young woman living with her boyfriend Paul. She is frustrated by her boyfriend’s stance not to get intimate with her, as a result, she embarked on a journey that proves to be both fulfilling and empowering, her frustration drove her to a series of relationships, until she found herself engaging in a series of completely unsimulated interactions with an older man.

Romance X (1999)

O Fantasma (2000)

By the title, you could think the story would revolve around ghost since it’s the direct translation. But it tells a story of a homosexual garbage collector (Ricardo Meneses), who has quite an active sexual life. Of course, the scenes representing his life are non-fictional. The movie was awarded the best feature film at the New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, as well as in the Entrevues Film Festival. Ricardo Meneses was nominated for the 2001 Portuguese Golden Globe award for best leading actor.

O Fantasma (2000)

Cruising (1980)

This movie is about a police detective that goes undercover in the underground S&M gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is preying on gay men. Starring Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino and Karen Allen, this film was widely dismissed for its open-ended finale and production issues. The title is a play on words with a dual meaning, as “cruising” can describe police officers on patrol and also cruising for s3x.

Cruising (1980)

Anatomy of Hell (2004)

This is a movie about a woman that hires a gay man to spend four nights at her house in order to watch her when she’s “unwatchable” after attempting suicide in the bathroom of a gay disco.

It is a 2004 French erotic drama film directed by Catherine Breillat and written by Breillat based on her 2001 novel Pornocratie. According to Breillat, Anatomy of Hell is a “sequel” to Romance, another movie we’ve mentioned here.

The movie features some images that could be disturbing to many people. A BBC film critic Jamie Russell described it as “one of the most groundbreaking films in recent memory in terms of both the explicitness of its sexuality and its commitment to such an austere intellectual discourse”. Of course, just like the other ones mentioned above, the movie is not devoid of unsimulated scenes of intimacy

Anatomy of Hell (2004)

Love Actually…Sucks! (2011)

This is a 2011 Hong Kong movie, directed by Hong Kong Chinese film producer Scud. It was inspired by real-life events, it’s about a married painter who falls in love with his young male life model, a dance school teacher who is besotted with his senior student, a brother and sister in an illicit relationship, it also tells a story about a lesbian couple, one of whom has role-play paranoia, and is caught in a complex love triangle. The film celebrates the belief that life is love. The movie was released at the 47th Chicago International Film Festival, in October 2011

Wild Orchid (1990)

This movie is about a young woman lawyer Emily Reed (Otis) who travels to New York City for an interview with an international law firm, the firm offers her a job on the condition that she can fly to Rio de Janeiro the following morning.

She then became mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters. The movie stars Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis. The two actors were actually dating in real-life at the time of making this movie.

12. The Lie(1985)

This is a story of love and lust shaded with overtones of incest and lesbianism. Livia is a woman trying to regain the affections of her husband Alberto, whose journalism career takes him … See full summary »

Director:Giovanni Soldati | Stars:Stefania Sandrelli, Ben Cross, Amanda Sandrelli, Claudia Cavalcanti

52. Delta(2008)

A man comes home to meet his mother and sister after many years away. He finds his mother living with a new boyfriend, and his sister to be grown-up. He begins to settle down in this new … See full summary »

Director:Kornél Mundruczó | Stars:Félix Lajkó, Orsolya Tóth, Lili Monori, Sándor Gáspár

66. (1970)

A young Danish girl (Helli Louise) seduces everything in sight after daddy (Ole Wisborg) refuses her naughty come-ons. She’ll have a lesbian affair with her teacher, pretend that her … See full summary »

Director:Joseph W. Sarno | Stars:Helli Louise, Gio Petré, Ole Wisborg, Lise Henningsen