Michael Lucas’ dedication to social activism is the cornerstone of his documentary filmmaking.

In “Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land,” Michael explores a side of Israel that is too often overlooked: its thriving gay community. Featured are interviews with a diverse range of local men, including a gay member of Israel’s parliament and a trainer who served openly in the army.

“Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda” examines Russia’s growing anti-gay establishment as Michael returns to his native country to shine a light on the truth of LGBT men and women in Russia and their ever-increasing persecution.

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Which mainstream actors could be porn stars?

They’ve got the body, and you can just tell they can fuuuck!

Josh Hutcherson could so be a Sean Cody bareback bottom.

Michael Fassbender ? Brad Pitt ? Mario Lopez ? Eddie Cibrian ? Chris Hemsworth ? Chris Evans ? Chris Pratt ? Tom Welling ? Shemar Moore

Cam Gigandet, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Kelley, Zac Efron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Alexander Ludwig, and Nick Robinson.

I’m surprised you missed AAron Eckhart. He should do hard core with his crusade against movie nudity. I think he submits all his scenes to the Mormon Church.

Kevin Costner — sex addict, exhibitionist, big cock.

I agree with the following: Michael Fassbender, Jon Hamm, Chris Hemsworth, Alexander Ludwig, Ryan Kwaanten.

Ewan McGregor is not conventionally handsome but apparently has a great cock. Great singer, too.

I know lots will disagree with me on, but when i watched Josh Hartnett on Penny Dreadful i developed a bit of a crush. He seems like he would be amazing in bed.

Jon Hamm is even better looking in those tax refund commercials than he was on Mad Men.

Hamm is really cleaning up with commercial work. AMC is not known for paying well.

Fassbender’s ugly. A ginger with orange teeth. Plus he looks like he’s 50 already. Typical crappy Irish aging. Big cock or not, no thanks. His breath probably stinks too.

R15 are you 15 and seen nothing that came out before 2008?

R9 awful list, not even together do they make one dick. They should all make that ken list of sans genitals thread. Dylan O’brien is a fkin lesbian girl.

You got the point of the thread wrong, go for those who can grow a decent pornstache.

Some of these guys have the looks but they’re acting would be terrible.

[quote]R15 are you 15 and seen nothing that came out before 2008?

I feel like Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’brien, Topher Grace and Chris Pratt would be awkward as fuck.

[quote]Hamm is really cleaning up with commercial work. AMC is not known for paying well.

Definitely Chris Evans. Maybe Chris Hemsworth. Jon Hamm.

I thought Mad Men would supply Jon Hamm with a springboard to films.

I can’t believe that in 67 posts no one has yet mentioned the one who, according to an actual porn star, could make a career in porn: Jared Leto.

Apparently he’s hung like a horse, and after he split from one of his (female) lovers, who was an actual porn starlet, she gave an interview saying something to the effect that, if mainstream acting didn’t work out for him, he definitely had porn as a career option.

Don’t know about his endowment, but Charlie Hunnam certainly knows how to fuck onscreen. And so does Colin Farrell (anyone remember his sex tape?).

Yes, i find Mark Ruffalo very fuck-worthy and would love to watch that ass thrust.

Chris Evans (straight porn), Tyler Hoechlin (straight porn), Josh Hartnett (straight porn), Colin Farrell (straight porn and/or gay for pay), Matthew Daddario (straight porn and/or gay for pay), Jensen Ackles (gay porn), Chace Crawford (gay porn), Douglas Booth (gay porn).

Matt Dillon for the very reasons r29 mentioned and Viggo Mortensen

R77 my daughter knows Viggo Mortenson. that’s my claim to fame at this point in my life lol

r62 Whoa, that was hot! Love Eva Green’s response. Is the film good?

Keanu Reeves is extremely sexy and the fact that Van Sant did not give him and River a sex scene together shows Gus to be a complete and total fool.

The Rock has huge muscles and probably a tiny Dick. Big muscles look weird.

The Rock’s got that nice big butt though. Click through to see the full gif.

Kirk Douglas . . . Just to see what a 100 year old man looks like naked.

Another vote for Garrett Clayton. Sex on a sex stick dripping sex onto a sex-slicked puddle of sex. LORD!

Another vote for Jeremy Piven, whose face and voice remind me of gay pornstar Trevor Knight.

Rodrigo Santoro, especially circa Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

R110 Yes to Dominic Cooper, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Michiel Huisman!

Is Gale Harold still hot? Don’t know who’d be a good bottom for him.

PS His girlfriends are few abd very far between. Has he come out? Even as bi??

You know this guy from marvel movies – Sebastian Stan? He looks like he is a lot of fun. Can imagine him being very responsive bottom.

[Quote] Chris Evans (straight porn), Tyler Hoechlin (straight porn), Josh Hartnett (straight porn), Colin Farrell (straight porn and/or gay for pay), Matthew Daddario (straight porn and/or gay for pay), Jensen Ackles (gay porn), Chace Crawford (gay porn), Douglas Booth (gay porn).

Fuck straight porn. It has no reason to be in this thread. Fuck whoever typed the quoted section in R120.

R111 – that set would smell like pot, microwavable burriots and sweat masked with Axe Body Spray.

Jon Hamm doesn’t have a good enough body for porn–sorry.

As if a moron who can’t even spell BURRITO would be invited to a gathering of gods R122.

[quote] As if a moron who can’t even spell BURRITO would be invited to a gathering of gods [R122].

Toby Hemingway – whose career has really stalled so might need to do it anyway Philip Winchester Chad James Buchanan – currently on Star Spencer Neville

[quote]Ewan McGregor is not conventionally handsome…

Damn, you really embarrassed yourself with that one. Good thing for you these posts are anonymous.

iI’s not attacking him that makes you a Mary!, r124/r128, it’s „a gathering of gods.“ Mary!

How about Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin in an X-rated version of „Hawaii Five-O“ (you could call it „Hawaii Five-Hole“) where they fuck on the beach?

With Scott Caan, you could call it „Hawaii-Five-Inch“

Aren’t most of the porn stars as short as Scott Caan? He could be called Scott Cash.

Let a gay guy do his thing. You’re fucking with my flourishing, flamboyant flow, ho.

Who or what is iL’s? R131. You be illing, trying to throw shade. LMAO lush.

[R119] Rumour had it that Sebastian Stan is very good at giving head!

Love Jamie Dornan. He and Aaron Tveit together would be almost too much goodness. I would pass out from the sheer joy of watching them wrestle each other , would it be top or bottom?

R10, where have you been? Simon Rex is a porn star.

It would have been better if he hadn’t just jerked off, R146. Pornier, even.

No, make it not so simple for Simon. Hot flip anal action. LOL.

Stellan Skarsgard! Yes he doesn’t have the right look for gay porn, but I could definitly see him in some straight daddy-porn-scenario or a threesome, he just gives me the vibe that he likes to fuck.

Mmmmmm yes on Miguel. And yes to Jamie Dornan as well.

R155 Good one! He would be perfect lover… for me!

To the two odd birds above: It’s fine to say that you don’t find any particular person handsome, but that’s not the same as saying they’re „not conventionally handsome.“ Here is a photo of, according to your weird taste, the „not conventionally handsome“ Ewan McGregor.

He almost never looks like that, though, R162. That person is handsome.

Garrett Clayton does nothing for me, especially after seeing him in King Cobra.

Sam Elliott and Clint Eastwood when they were younger, Timothy Oliphant, Ed Harris and Colin Firth.

Please elaborate on rumours about Sebastian Stan being good at oral.

R163, there are a great many photos in which Ewan McGregor looks as handsome as in the pic I posted, which you would have discovered had you taken the time to type his name into the „Google images“ search box and hit „Enter.“

I have never found him interesting-looking enough to type his name anywhere, R175.

Seann William Scott gives off a sleazy, porn-y vibe

This has been one of the most fun threads on Dadalounge in a LONG time. Please do not ruin it with a silly even trollish Ewan McGregor debate. TIA.

Rodrigo Santoro totally looked like a gay porn star in Westworld.

What on earth makes guys on your list eligible for straight porn, but not gay porn, r76?

Dave Franco’s new sex comedy „Little Hours“ is basically his soft porn debut, r94.

Nothing makes me sadder than his head getting in the way of his flexed bicep.

Sebastian Stan between Chace Crawford and Chris Evans.

It’s just naming attractive actors, which is most of them, which was already obvious we wish they’d do porn.

If that were true R208 I would have mentioned 2 of my favorite actors who don’t rock the best gym toned bodies…

[R200] I’m sorry to report that overall it was a rather disappointing experience. he was incredibly sweaty, had bad breath and smelled terrible (combination of smoke and BO) which was a big turn off, I don’t know if it was just bad personal hygiene or a result of the coke he’d been snorting all night. Average cock, nothing to write home about. He did give amazing head though. (copied from another thread).

Pedro Pascal sliding off those tight blue jeans from Narcos

Thanks! Damn, who wrote it? Sebastian just walks around and gives amazing heads to random strangers?

It’s from the thread below. Don’t know who wrote it however there were many bi/gay-rumours about Sebastian floating around, including someone from ONTD say that Sebastian used to have a bf in private, the totally not staged looking paparrazi pictures with his girlfriend, the getting photographed clothes sharing with another actor and then there was also that incident when some magazine accidentally outed him as bi on twitter and removed said tweet shortly afterwards.

He looks like he’s just standing around waiting for a guy to shove a dick up his ass

Josh Kelly who plays the cameraman in Unreal. He’s a veteran so… Active Duty maybe?

Hm, it seems like most of this clothes just looks similar. I didn’t expect it to be Chris Evans. I don’t they are fucking, to be honest. I don’t they even like each other. But still, great info on Stan.

Which mainstream actors could be porn stars?

The Brown Bunny (2003)

This movie was filmed on handheld 16 mm cameras in various locations throughout the United States, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, Utah, Nevada, and California. The movie is about a professional motorcycle racer Bud Clay who headed from New Hampshire to California to race again. Along the way he meets various needy women who provided him with the cure to his own loneliness, but only a certain woman from his past will truly satisfy him. The movie featured a particular scene where Chloë Sevigny performed oral on Vincent Gallo. Probably not for the money, but because they were dating in real-life.

The Brown Bunny (2003)

Romance X (1999)

Romance X is a movie that offers several scenes of love-making. Featuring Caroline Ducey, the movie was tripple X rated by TV movie database in Canada, it’s about Marie, a young woman living with her boyfriend Paul. She is frustrated by her boyfriend’s stance not to get intimate with her, as a result, she embarked on a journey that proves to be both fulfilling and empowering, her frustration drove her to a series of relationships, until she found herself engaging in a series of completely unsimulated interactions with an older man.

Romance X (1999)

O Fantasma (2000)

By the title, you could think the story would revolve around ghost since it’s the direct translation. But it tells a story of a homosexual garbage collector (Ricardo Meneses), who has quite an active sexual life. Of course, the scenes representing his life are non-fictional. The movie was awarded the best feature film at the New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, as well as in the Entrevues Film Festival. Ricardo Meneses was nominated for the 2001 Portuguese Golden Globe award for best leading actor.

O Fantasma (2000)

Cruising (1980)

This movie is about a police detective that goes undercover in the underground S&M gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is preying on gay men. Starring Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino and Karen Allen, this film was widely dismissed for its open-ended finale and production issues. The title is a play on words with a dual meaning, as “cruising” can describe police officers on patrol and also cruising for s3x.

Anatomy of Hell (2004)

This is a movie about a woman that hires a gay man to spend four nights at her house in order to watch her when she’s “unwatchable” after attempting suicide in the bathroom of a gay disco.

It is a 2004 French erotic drama film directed by Catherine Breillat and written by Breillat based on her 2001 novel Pornocratie. According to Breillat, Anatomy of Hell is a “sequel” to Romance, another movie we’ve mentioned here.

The movie features some images that could be disturbing to many people. A BBC film critic Jamie Russell described it as “one of the most groundbreaking films in recent memory in terms of both the explicitness of its sexuality and its commitment to such an austere intellectual discourse”. Of course, just like the other ones mentioned above, the movie is not devoid of unsimulated scenes of intimacy

Love Actually…Sucks! (2011)

This is a 2011 Hong Kong movie, directed by Hong Kong Chinese film producer Scud. It was inspired by real-life events, it’s about a married painter who falls in love with his young male life model, a dance school teacher who is besotted with his senior student, a brother and sister in an illicit relationship, it also tells a story about a lesbian couple, one of whom has role-play paranoia, and is caught in a complex love triangle. The film celebrates the belief that life is love. The movie was released at the 47th Chicago International Film Festival, in October 2011

Wild Orchid (1990)

This movie is about a young woman lawyer Emily Reed (Otis) who travels to New York City for an interview with an international law firm, the firm offers her a job on the condition that she can fly to Rio de Janeiro the following morning.

She then became mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters. The movie stars Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis. The two actors were actually dating in real-life at the time of making this movie.

4. Cruising (1980)

Directed by: William FriedkinWritten by: William Friedkin

The vastly misunderstood Cruising was protested for being homophobic, but this thriller, in which Al Pacino plays a cop going undercover in leather bars to find a killer, is far more complicated than that. The murder scenes are cut with actual footage of gay sex, which definitely invites analysis — but not dismissal.

6. Romance (1999)

Directed by: Catherine BreillatWritten by: Catherine Breillat

Over two decades after A Real Young Girl, Catherine Breillat showed her continued willingness to frankly explore sexuality. Romance, which follows Marie (Caroline Ducey) as she searches for sexual fulfillment outside of her boyfriend, is often credited with paving the way for more unsimulated sex in arthouse films.

15. The Raspberry Reich (2004)

Directed by: Bruce LaBruceWritten by: Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce movies are an acquired taste. And if you have acquired the taste for them, they are fucking delicious. The Raspberry Reich is a hilarious satire of what LaBruce calls “terrorist chic” that looks at the idea of homosexuality as a radical act. There’s also a ton of unsimulated sex — and a porn version that includes even more.

21. Stranger by the Lake (2013)

Directed by: Alain GuiraudieWritten by: Alain Guiraudie

The link between gay sex and violence is nothing new — see Cruising, but also Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope and countless others. Stranger by the Lake, however, is a more modern take on the concept with a murder occurring at a nude gay lake and popular cruising spot. The nude male form is on constant display.

Tras más de 20 años de carrera en la industria del entretenimiento para adultos, el director y activista estadounidense anuncia su retirada en 2020

Su nombre no es conocido para todos. Sonará mucho a aquellos consumidores de porno, concretamente de porno gay, especialmente en Estados Unidos. Pero desde hace unos años Michael Lucas también se ha hecho famoso por dedicar su fortuna y su nombre a promover sus causas políticas, principalmente basadas en la defensa de la comunidad LGTBI. Ahora este magnate de los negocios, actor, director, productor y activista estadounidense anuncia que su retirada llegará en 2020, cuando cumpla 48 años.

Hijo de un ingeniero y una lingüista, Lucas nació en Moscú en 1972. Él mismo ha contado que de niño fue acosado en la escuela y que encontró en su abuela –babulia, como se dice cariñosamente en ruso– su gran apoyo. “Ella me defendió y me protegió. Nuestra casa de campo era mi lugar seguro y también estar con Babulia”, contaba en septiembre de 2017 en un artículo en The Huffington Post. “Cuando tenía 17 años y llevaba algún tiempo saliendo con una chica, me senté con mi abuela y le revelé que aunque amaba a la joven, realmente no me gustaba salir con chicas. Ella se lo tomó muy bien y fue quien se lo contó a mis padres”, explicaba en aquel artículo en el que se despedía de su Babulya al fallecimiento de esta a los 97 años.

Tras 22 años intentando superar los desafíos que suponía crecer como gay y judío en medio de la cultura de la Rusia comunista, se graduó en la Academia de Derecho de Moscú y emigró a Alemania, donde se adentró en la industria del entretenimiento para adultos, tanto gay como heterosexual.

Una publicación compartida de Michael Lucas ???? (@michaellucasnyc) el 25 Ene, 2018 a las 10:12 PST

Tres años más tarde se mudó a Nueva York, cambió su verdadero nombre, Andrei Treivas, por el artístico –y más americanizado– de Michael Lucas y fundó su propia productora, Lucas Entertainment, de la que sigue siendo su principal ejecutivo. Rápidamente se convirtió en una de las mayores empresas de porno gay de la Gran Manzana y una de las más respetadas del mundo, con docenas de premios de la industria y más de 300 películas, entre la que destaca la más famosa, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita (2007), considerada la cinta de porno gay más cara de la historia –con un presupuesto de 250.000 dólares– y muchos cameos de las celebridades más conocidas del sector.

Con esta notoriedad, el productor de cine porno ha utilizado su plataforma para defender algunas de las causas en las que más se involucra, como las libertades civiles, los derechos LGTBI y la salud sexual. En 2004 obtuvo la nacionalidad de Estados Unidos, en 2009 se convirtió en un ciudadano dual de EE UU e Israel y, un año después, renunció a su ciudadanía rusa como protesta por las políticas represivas de su país natal hacia la comunidad homosexual.

Es un claro defensor del Estado de Israel, al que ha elogiado en numerosos artículos que ha escrito para Advocate, la revista de referencia para homosexuales, y a cuenta de su feroz apoyo al sionismo ha protagonizado diversa controversias con otros columnistas. En 2013 produjo y dirigió Desnudando a Israel: Hombre gay en la tierra prometida, un documental en el que muestra la visibilidad del colectivo en el país y, un año después, trató la homofobia presente en Rusia en su siguiente cinta, Campaña de odio: Rusia y propaganda gay.

Además de estos dos documentales y sus cintas pornográficas, Lucas colabora con artículos de opinión y columnas en numerosas publicaciones, como la revista New York, The New Republic, Vice, Huffington Post o The Advocate, y ha ofrecido charlas en varias universidades, entre las que se incluyen Stanford, Yale y Oxford. Partidario de la educación y la prevención del VIH desde sus inicios en el porno, el productor y director fue una de las primeras figuras públicas del sector en promover abiertamente el uso de la profilaxis.

Con unos 200.000 seguidores entre Twitter e Instagram, Michael Lucas enseña en sus redes sociales su trabajo como modelo y su lado más familiar. En enero del año pasado fue portada de G Magazine, una revista dedicada a la moda, belleza y estilo del hombre gay.

Recibe la mejor información en tu bandeja de entrada

Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe play his parents in new movie Boy Erased.

– EN Showbiz – Actor Lucas Hedges’ upcoming conversion-therapy movie Boy Erased has prompted the 21 year old to open up about his teenage struggles with young star tells Vulture magazine he owes it to his latest role as the gay son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town to “speak as honestly as possible”, revealing he grew up having feelings for girls and boys.“In the early stages of my life, some of the people I was most infatuated with were my closest male friends,” he tells the publication. “That was the case through high school, and I think I was always aware that while, for the most part, I was attracted to women, I existed on a spectrum.“I felt ashamed that I wasn’t 100 per cent, because it was clear that one side of sexuality presents issues, and the other doesn’t as much. I recognise myself as existing on that spectrum – not totally straight, but also not gay and not necessarily bisexual.”Hedges admits he’s still confused about his sexuality, adding, “People expect you, as an actor, to have a voice that’s set in some way, and that’s really not what I am. I’m very much within the conflict and confusion of my own life, still, and I definitely feel a pressure to step up in a way. I prefer to step up in my art, and I don’t entirely know how to in my life.”In his new film, he plays the son of Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe’s characters, who try to force him to attend a conversion therapy programme after realising their son is gay.

Michael Lucas: The Hideous Hypocrisy Of BDS And Allegations Of ‘Pinkwashing’June 5, 2017

“The hideous hypocrisy of those who hate Israel knows no bounds.” That indictment of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, along with its supporters in the “Pinkwashing Israel” group, came this week from Evan Cohen, who heads an LGBT organization called “Likud Pride” within the ruling Israeli political party. […] » Read Article

Michael Lucas: Gay Crisis In ChechnyaApril 10, 2017

It’s well known that for years, the Islamist barbarians of ISIS have been tossing gay men off the roofs of buildings, then pelting them with heavy rocks on the ground if they were unfortunate enough to survive the plunge. They proudly post videos and photos of their despicable deeds on social media. […] » Read Article

Michael Lucas: Gay Thought Police’ Like Soviet-Era BulliesOctober 28, 2016

One of the core beliefs of the movement for LGBT equality has always been that anti-gay bullying, especially of young people, must end. And yet, in recent days, thousands of online comments and threats from LGBT people have been directed against two young gay men who expressed their opinions about the current presidential race. […] » Read Article

1.3K 7/5/2020 12:30 AM PT

Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan in „High School Musical,“ says he would steer clear from the gay character role nowadays … so as not to take a job away from a gay actor.

Lucas tells TMZ … the last thing he would want to do is take an opportunity away from another actor, and as a straight, white man he feels he’s already taken plenty of opportunities away from others without even trying. Guy owns his white privilege.

As you know … the director behind ‚HSM‘ recently revealed Ryan was gay all along, but he says Ryan wasn’t openly gay in the movies, because back in 2006 he didn’t think Disney was ready for such a character.

Lots have changed since Lucas played Ryan in the Disney Channel Movie 14 years ago … and he thinks a gay actor would be cast for the role if the movie was being made today, and he hopes the character would not have to hide his identity.

Lucas‘ thinking is similar to that of Mike Henry, the white actor who voiced Cleveland on „Family Guy“ for 20 years. Mike recently stepped down from the role, saying the black character should be voiced by a black actor.

As for gay characters like Ryan, Lucas says it’s finally time for Disney and others in the industry to start educating children about gay people at the youngest age possible.