Sword Art Online 2 Kazuto Kirigaya Kirito Costume Cosplay

Item details : Handmade item . Made to order including : Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Gun Harness, Breastplate, Belt and Gloves (All costumes)Materials : Uniform Cloth . Artificial Leather . PU is a fully handmade, professionally made cosplay costume sewed by your own MADEWe can custom other style dress according to a picture . The size and color are free !If you have a requirements , please send pictures of the costume to us. we will give you a reasonable price !SIZE CHARTS : (Unit: cm, 1 inch = 2.54 cm)Women size—Size—Height—Chest —-Waist——-Hips(US Size 2,4)—–XS—155—–82 ~85—-61 ~ 64 —-87 ~ 90(US Size 6,8)——S—-160—-87 ~90—-66 ~ 69—-93 ~ 95(US Size 10,12)—-M—165—-92 ~97—-71 ~ 75—–98 ~ 102(US Size 14,16)—-L—-170—100 ~105—79 ~ 83—-105 ~109(US Size 18,20)—XL—175—109 ~114—87 ~ 93—-114 ~ 119(US Size 20,22)–XXL–180—117 ~122—-96 ~ 99—-125 ~ 129Men size -Size–Height–Chest —-Waist——-HipsX-Small —-XS—-165—-84 ~86——68 ~ 71 —84 ~86Small ——-S—–170—-89 ~94—– -73 ~ 79—-89 ~ 94Medium —M—–175—-96 ~102—–81 ~ 86—-96 ~102Large ——-L—–180—-107 ~112– –91 ~ 97—-107 ~112X-Large —XL—-185—-116 ~122—-101 ~107—-116 ~ 122XX-Large –XXL–190—-127 ~132—–111~117—-127 ~ 132How to Measure for a Costume:1 Height Measure from the top of your head to the floor2 Chest Measure around your chest under your arms3 Waist Measure around the smallest part of the waist4 Hips Measure around your hips at the widest point of your bum5 Bicep Measure around your bicep at the same level as your nipples6 Thigh Measure your thigh just blow your crotch7 Shoulder width Measure from the point at the top edge of each shoulder to the other side point, over the natural curve of your back8 Sleeve length Measure from the point at the top edge of your shoulder, to your wrist bone when the arm is bend slightly

Sword Art Online Alicization Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito Cosplay Kostüm

Traumhaft schönes Kirigaya Kazuto Cosplay Kostüm für Sword Art Online Fans. Das Kostüm besteht aus eleganter schwarzer Jacke, passender Hose und Zubehör. Ideal für Cosplay, Halloween, etc.

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Sword Art Online Alicization Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito Cosplay Kostüm

Suguha Kirigaya Swimsuit Version

Suguha Kirigaya Swimsuit Version

Kirigaya Suguha Sword Art Online Images

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Kirigaya Suguha Sword Art Online Images

10 Kazuto Kirigaya / Kirito (14 – 17)

Kirigaya Kazuto, also known as Narusaka Kazuto and „Kirito,“ is the overall protagonist of the main series of Sword Art Online. Orphaned at a young age, adopted by his aunt, Kazuto grew up to become a prominent hacker and a skilled gamer.

In the virtual reality of Sword Art Online, he’d develop many names, from the Black Swordsman to the Star King. Kazuto is 14 at the start of the Aincrad Arc, 16 towards its end, and 17 throughout the Phantom Bullet Arc and Alicization Arc.

10 Kazuto Kirigaya / Kirito (14 - 17)

8 Suguha Kirigaya / Leafa (15 – 17)

Kirigaya Suguha, also known by the aliases „Leafa“ and „Terraria,“ is a recurring character throughout the series, taking a prominent role in various arcs and spin-offs. She’s Kazuto’s cousin and surrogate sibling and became a kendo practitioner to appease their grandfather when Kazuto decided to leave the field. She eventually became involved in the virtual reality of Sword Art Online when Kazuto was trapped inside the game.

She is 15 at the start of the Fairy Dance Arc, 16 at the Phantom Bullet Arc, and 17 during the Alicization Arc and Unital Ring Arc.

[Suche] Arktos [Biete] Genesect-Code

Wie oben schon steht, sofern er mir 4 davon geben kann brauche ich keine mehr. Sofern da aber was nicht klappt melde ich mich :).

Hallo @KirigayaIch bräuchte wirklich dringend einen Genesect code, weil ich bis jetzt noch gar keinen ergattern würde mich für eines der nächsten Legenden anmelden die du suchst. Ich hoffe ich kann dir noch was geben, was dir fehlt? Kann auch was anderes für den Living Dex sein wenn du was anderes brauchst. 🙂 Lg

November, 2024

During the second week of their honeymoon on November 6, 2024, Kirito and Asuna received a call: the boss room of the 75 th Floor had been found. They returned to the front lines the next day on November 7 and participated in the battle. During the battle, Kirito, Asuna, and Heathcliff managed to hold back the incredibly powerful boss while the rest of the players attacked it. Afterwards, Kirito had an intuitive realization; he first attacked Heathcliff, revealed his „Immortal Object“ status, and concluded that Heathcliff was none other than Kayaba Akihiko himself. Kayaba lauded Kirito and announced that he would be waiting on the 100th Floor as the final boss. A KoB member attacked Heathcliff, prompting him to paralyze everyone in the room. After that, Heathcliff offered Kirito a chance at a one-versus-one duel, declaring that defeating him would clear the game, and the surviving players would be logged out of SAO.

Kirito agreed despite Asuna’s pleads to fall back. After a few minutes of fighting, Kirito became enraged and used a Sword Skill, and Kayaba, knowing the system all too well, took advantage of the post-motion delay to finish him off. However, Asuna intercepted the blow, despite her paralysis, and died from the attack. Kirito, filled with despair, attacked Kayaba thoughtlessly and was quickly struck down.

Through a final push of his will, before his body was deleted by the system, Kirito stabbed Heathcliff in the chest with Asuna’s Lambent Light. Heathcliff and Kirito both vanished and were transported up to an area located above Aincrad, along with Asuna. Akihiko explained his reasons as for why he created SAO before vanishing along with his castle. During these final moments, Asuna and Kirito revealed their names: Yuuki Asuna and Kirigaya Kazuto, to each other. Shortly after, Kazuto woke up in a hospital bed, his body frail and weak. He rose from the bed, vowing to find Asuna.

After SAO was cleared and Kazuto woke up in a Tokyo hospital, he wandered off to find Asuna, but failed. Soon after, he was visited by Kikuoka Seijirou, a representative of the «SAO Case Victims Rescue Force». Kazuto inquired about Asuna’s whereabouts in exchange for sharing information about the SAO incident with him. After knowing Asuna’s condition, he later attempted to return to the world of SAO via his NerveGear to find her, but the SAO servers had shut down. [19]


Kirito ist einer der Protagonisten der Sword Art Online Animeserie. Kirito ist sein Spitzname denn der eigentliche Name ist Kirigaya Kazuto.

Zu Beginn des Spiels und während der Beta-Testphase hatte Kiritos Avatar das Aussehen eine Protagonisten aus einem Fantasyfilm und sah älter aus, als er tatsächlich war. In der Vollversion des Spiels bekam er dann ein etwas anderes Äußeres, welches vor allem durch etwas langes, aber ordentliches schwarzes Haar und schwarze Augen. Die Gesichtszüge sahen weniger männlich und eher kindlich aus und durch die Zartheit konnte er eventuell sogar mit einem Mädchen verwechselt werden.

In Sword Art Online (SAO) ist Kirito auch als Black Swordsman bekannt (Kuro no Kenshi). Dies kommt von seiner Vorliebe für schwarze Kleidung. Denn sein typisches Kostüm besteht aus einer schwarzen Hose und einer passenden langen schwarzen Jacke. Vervollständigt wurden diese durch einen schwarzen Gürtel mit silberner Schnalle, einem schwarzen Shirt, schwarzen Stiefeln mit silbernen Platten zum Schutz der Schienbeine. Mantel und Hose sind mit zahlreichen silberfarbenen Details verziertAuch in der realen Welt tendiert Kirito dazu, dunkle Kleidung zu tragen.

Das attraktive Sword Art Online Alicization Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito Cosplay Kostüm aus unserem Shop wird mit Oberbekleidung, Hose und Gürtel geliefert. Die Verzierung und die Detailarbeit ist aufwändig und das Kostüm ist auffallend schö Kostüm besteht aus Uniformstoff, PU-Leder, Futterstoff.

Hervorragend geeignet, um bei Cosplay, Fasching und an Halloween einen bleibenden Eindruck zu hinterlassen.


Kirigaya „Kirito“ Kazuto had every intention of playing Sword Art Online as a solo player. When he unexpectedly makes friends on launch day, the resulting bonds and friendships will forever change the fate of Aincrad as the lone wolf becomes a pack leader. To survive and escape the Death Game, Kirito and his friends will need to be unbreakable. Steadfast. Unyielding.


Seeing one another for who they are has always been crystal clear- and Kazuto and Asuna are okay with it. They’re transgender, and it’s not that complicated. They’re very opaque about it when it comes to their friends. Why come out if there’s no need to? They’re loved for who they are, not what’s in their pants. But when something comes up that will force them out to the group, how do they deal with being so suddenly…transparent?


After watching Kirito participate in Battle of Bullets, Asuna can’t help but be intrigued by the dark and gritty world of Gun Gale Online. It was the complete opposite of how she was taught and raised, not to mention vastly different to her usual game Alfhiem Online. One day she decided to transfer over to GGO and with the help of her boyfriend, learn how to shot a gun.

Or in other words, my take on Asuna’s first time in GGO.


On November 6th 2022, there has been a release of a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Game or „VRMMORPG“ world called Sword Art Online in Japan has been released to the public and Sword Art Online is very popular mostly in the teens category.

However it’s not only just Narusaka Reiko Kirigaya, who dives into the world 10,000 people chooses to dive in as well, but when the players tries to log out a shocking discovery made them realize that no one can leave. Players began to question why is Kayaba Akihiko doing this? With no choice but to fight to freedom with the other players Reiko chooses to do just that even if she is sacrificing her own life?

Under the system name Rozari and without her starter avatar to hide her appearance, Reiko meets several players, and joins forces to fight floor bosses who later she become friends with. She learns that in the world of Aincrad she has to have no regrets and she has to risk her life to protect them.

This book is tied with Spiritual_AK’s story on wattpad, Clashing Swords!


„What? Going into a dungeon? Fighting monsters? And getting dirty?“ The merchant in expensive silks laughed. „Why do that when you can hire mercenaries to do the job. Anyway, I heard you wanted a loan for that magic sword?“

Kazuto Kirigaya doesn’t like fighting. He likes trading and haggling and making money. Much safer than swinging a sword at monsters, yuck! Besides, that was what his fearless Asuna was for anyway. KiriSuna, Kiri/Multi (maybe)