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Warning: The following page contains mature content and probably a lot of feet. If kid danger gay are uncomfortable or offended by such material, please don't read further. Although Henry Danger airs on Nickelodeon, kid danger gay, a network aimed mainly at children, it sometimes contains humor that is aimed at older audiences. There are many examples of teenage humor: lines that can be misinterpreted or be outright sexual or violent innuendo.

Some of the innuendos may be ambiguous. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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Cat Valentine sister Nona grandmother Unnamed mother Unnamed father. Live and Dangerous, Part 1. Henry Danger: The Musical. Frankini the Grand is a major character on Henry Dangera social media maniac who almost revealed the heroes' identities to all of Swellview, kid danger gay.

He was also able to entrance its citizens into dancing through his musical machine. Frankini has brown eyes, some stubble on his face, and blonde hair which becomes almost white in Henry Danger: The Musical. He wears funky clothing featuring various colors such as purple and pink.

He also seeks to figure out the secret identities of Captain Man and Kid Danger. Frankini kid danger gay a dancer and singer and is believed to have millions of followers on his social media website s. He kid danger gay also a wacky person and even pulls some tricks on his show whenever he has guests.

Frankini first appeared on the episode Live and Dangerous, Part 1click here he sends an invitation to Captain Man and Kid Danger to come on his show.

He eventually reveals his true motivations to the heroes when he turns on his battery powered pants and they fall under their control, unable to move their legs. In Captain Man-kinikid danger gay, Frankini and Goomer are briefly released from Swellview Prison to aid the heroes in stopping a villain named Go-Browhom Captain Man has said has "gone too far" with his videos.

The Captain then tells Frankini the only way to stop him is to switch bodies. However Frankini refuses to comply, and he is instead zapped unconscious by Captain Man in order for the plan to work. After Go-Bro's defeat, it can be assumed Frankini and Goomer are sent back to prison since they are no longer needed. But it would only be a matter of time before Visit web page would be free again and with a plot to rule Swellview through the sound of music.

In Henry Danger: The MusicalFrankini kostenlos gayfilme an engineer to build him a music machine that can play a variety of genres, including musicals. When the engineer was done, Frankini attempted to start the machine, but it didn't work. Something or someone was inside it. Goomer appeared from the more info of the machine mechanics and fell to the ground, where it was revealed he was trapped for 6 days, frustrating Frankini.

Finally, he could begin to put his musical curse over Swellview shortly after tasing kid danger gay engineer and getting ready for the next day. The destruction of his machine was too much for Frankini to bear, and he passed out after Goomer told him he was a star. In Magical Beefery TourFrankini poses as a factory tour guide dressed kid danger gay a fancy suit with a top hat. Sometime after that show's conclusion, he moves to Swellview and meets Frankini, becoming his right hand man.

Goomer presumably reforms at the end of Henry Danger: The Musical when he joins the heroes for the musical's finale. This wiki, kid danger gay. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Goomer assistant Go-Bro betrayed, kid danger gay. Frankie Grande. To view the Frankini gallery, click here.

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Michael Foust ChristianHeadlines. The two married men were the parents of ,id McBride, who was being dropped off at the Loud house. Inone of the Loud children, Luna Loud, sent a romantic letter to a girl, apparently revealing herself to be lesbian or bisexual. The episode showed Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty kid danger gay the lesbian couple — as caretakers for the pony Scootaloo.

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland revealed their love for one another during this web page final show in the animated series in The series ran from to When a specific song played, couples throughout the audience were seen kissing.

Kid danger gay them was a male couple and then other same-sex couples. The series ran from This popular live-action tween-centric series in showcased a primary character, kid danger gay, year-old Cyrus Goodman, revealing he is gay.

This live-action Disney gayy series debuted in and features a main character, Josh, who said during a episode that he likes boys, not girls. It aired from This animated series featured a same-sex proposal and wedding in between Ruby and Sapphire.

GLAAD is a prominent gay rights media watchdog. The animated series follows the adventures of D. It was created by a transgender writer-producer, kid danger gay, Shadi Petosky. Characters have included transgender children and big black gay dating parents. Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Lewis Addressed National Division. Denison Forum.

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The most notable villains of Henry Danger, seen here kid danger gay Captain Man, kid danger gay. This is a list of villains who appear in Henry Danger and its spinoffs.

Some of them have recurring appearances, others made only one appearance. They are listed in kid danger gay by episode they first appear, gah incarnation of the franchise. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Gwy :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems. Tears of the Jolly Beetle. Derek and Https:// Richards. Let's Make a Steal. Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1. The Trouble With Frittles. Live and Dangerous. Swellview's Got Talent. Diamonds Are For Heather. Broken Armed and Dangerous. Popcorn Monster.

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Captain Man
Michael Foust is a freelance writer. He also seeks to figure out the secret identities of Captain Man and Kid Danger.
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