The truth about Karl Jacobs’ sexuality

Karl Jacobs (formerly GamerBoyKarl) is an American YouTuber known for participating in MrBeast’s challenge videos. Jacobs was offered a job with MrBeast 5 weeks before his scheduled graduation from college. He dropped out of college to join the crew as a cameraman. Jacobs’ opportunity to participate in the challenges came after The Viking left the on-screen crew.

Jacobs’ rising popularity prompted an invite from DreamSMP. He joined DreamSMP in August 2020 and created his YouTube gaming channel in September 2020. Jacobs, a specialist in Minecraft, has attracted 1.42 million subscribers in just under six months.

This piece will look at Karl Jacobs’ dating life. Karl Jacobs is not gay.

Nate Jacobs‘ Repressed Sexuality Gets the Best of Him

HBO’s Euphoria might have come out over a year ago, but many fans are using the HBO series‘ six Emmy nominations as a chance to rewatch Season 1, or take the plunge into the super-stylized Sam Levinson high school drama for the first time.

While the series‘ protagonists are undoubtedly Rue and Jules, through whom we see the day-to-day lives of the town’s adolescents, Euphoria’s antagonist, Nate Jacobs, has fascinated fans with his complexity.

Many are eager to understand: Is Nate Jacobs gay or queer, and is this where his repression stems from? Plus, what is actor Jacob Elordi’s sexuality and who is he dating? Keep reading.

Nate Jacobs' Repressed Sexuality Gets the Best of Him

„Jetzt daraus einen ‚Skandal‘ zu machen, ist für mich der eigentliche Skandal!“ 

Dass bei der Teilnahme an einer Datingshow gerne mal Dinge aus der eigenen Vergangenheit wieder Thema werden, wissen die Kandidaten. So waren auch Florian und Jakob nicht weiter überrascht als ihre Porno-Vergangenheit plötzlich in den Medien thematisiert wird. Überrascht hat sie allerdings die Art und Weise: „Riesen-Skandal um neue ‚Prince Charming‘-Kandidaten!“ Denn für beide Kandidaten ist die Schlagzeile der eigentliche Skandal.

Florian, die liebevolle Hobby-„Mutti“ mit Macho-Look, erklärt in einem Statement zu RTL:“Ehrlich gesagt finde ich es albern, dass irgendwer diese zehn Jahre alten Videos wieder aus der Mottenkiste gekramt hat! Dabei ist das alles gar kein Geheimnis und ich habe überhaupt kein Problem damit, über die Filme zu reden. Das Ganze ist viele Jahre her und gehört zu meinem Leben dazu, Nacktheit und Sex ist für mich etwas Natürliches und Schönes. Jetzt daraus einen ‚Skandal‘ zu machen, ist für mich der eigentliche Skandal!“

Der „Prince Charming“-Kandidat kritisiert dabei vor allem, wie mit Sexarbeitern umgegangen wird: „Wann hören wir endlich auf, Sexarbeiter so herablassend zu behandeln und sie ständig für ihre Arbeit zu verurteilen? Es gibt so viele Menschen, auch in meinem Freundeskreis, die als Pornodarsteller, Escort, Gogo-Tänzer oder Domina arbeiten. Und denen macht das Freude und es ist deren Beruf. Die meisten von uns konsumieren Pornos, aber keiner darf sie machen! Ich stehe zu meiner Vergangenheit, sie macht mich zu dem, was ich heute bin. #sexpositiv #prosexarbeit #prolove“

Prince Charming flirtet ab dem 12. Oktober auf TVNOW

Wie Alex auf die beiden Jungs und ihre Konkurrenten reagiert? Das sehen Sie ab dem 12. Oktober 2020 auf TVNOW – dann geht das Dating-Spektakel „Prince Charming“ endlich in die nächste Runde. Immer montags steht eine neue Episode bereit.

Ab dem 26. Oktober gibt es Alex‘ spannende Reise auch bei VOX zu sehen!

Prince Charming flirtet ab dem 12. Oktober auf TVNOW

Is Nate Jacobs gay?

Jacob Elordi’s Nate Jacob is a masterful villain on Euphoria. Pretty early on in Season 1, we learn that he has a very tumultuous relationship with his demanding father Cal, who from the outside seems to be the perfect suburban dad to this popular high school jock.

One really telling flashback scene takes us back to Nate at age 11, when the boy finds a stash of his father’s DVDs that show him having violent sex with various men, which he’s spent the years until present-day actively repressing.

The bottling-up and denial of queer desire builds up throughout the season within the Jacobs men, with Cal continuing his closeted exploits with the underage Jules, and Nate trying to figure out his own sexual preferences. 

Things build up throughout the season with Nate’s girlfriend Maddy discovering explicit photos on Nate’s phone, and things escalate to violence when Nate, emulating his father’s aggressive masculinity, ends up wringing Maddy’s neck when she wonders if he might be attracted to men. There’s also the fact that our villain seems genuinely fascinated by Jules, who he initially blackmails after learning that she’s been with his father.

For you all, This is a series of photos, randomly compiled that I shot over the course of shooting our show Euphoria. I shot a mixture of film and digital with a range of cameras. Spread throughout are pages from a Journal that I kept as Nate, it shows a little of my process and thoughts toward the character and the world he lives in. This show and these people consumed my life and became everything to me. I will treasure all of this forever. It is my hope that you can live a little of what I lived and maybe take some of it with you. Be kind, My love always, @jacobelordi Aka Nate Jacobs // taken from euphoria in pictures: shot by jacob elordi. see the full zine only in print. LE. 500

A post shared by euphoria (@euphoria) on Dec 6, 2019 at 10:23am PST

Of course, Nate doesn’t want to be gay, and his disgust toward the appearances his father has put on to maintain a happy suburban life manifests itself throughout the season as straight-up homophobia. This all comes to a head in the finale when he and his father get into a heated physical fight that leads to a total meltdown, and might be a turning point for Nate’s character when Euphoria returns for Season 2.

At the very least, we hope it allows him to explore his desires more freely.

Is Nate Jacobs gay?

Is Jacob Elordi gay?

As for Jacob Elordi, who is set to star in 2021’s The Kissing Booth 3 and was famously in a relationship with co-star Joey King through 2018, the 23-year-old is rumored to be dating co-star Zendaya.

Neither Euphoria star has confirmed the relationship, but the two have been photographed being affectionate, attending parties together, and traveling the world since early 2019. Recently, Jacob shared his two cents about long-distance relationships, which convinced fans that the stunners were definitely keeping their love alive during quarantine.

In November, Jacob is set to appear alongside Ben Affleck, Rachel Blanchard, and Ana de Armas in Deep Water.

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Dating? Or Married?

Curious if he has walked down the aisle yet? Well, his fans and followers can rest in peace for they have not missed the moment of their favorite star exchanging the “I dos.”

From what it looks from afar, he is instead married to his job and is still seeking to create that one project which would silence everyone with its beauty and incredibility. It surely must not have been all about paying bills and summoning a grand net worth, for he already might-be an heir to his father’s property.

Meanwhile, there is not much that can be said about his dating life so far. For now, it is only apparent that he has this immense love towards his pets, dogs especially. Be it celebrating national dog day or his pet’s birthday his “canine-baby” makes it to his social media posts anyway.

And, more to his social media activities, is one of his tweet which can never go a miss. The one where he accepted to being gay and taking no offense on being one.

But then, that was it- and he never said anything else in support of the statement he made.

Personal Life

On December 21, 2018, Jacob announced via Twitter that he and Drawfee co-host Julia Lepetit were dating. The Tweet in question featured a selfie with the two of them leaning against one another, the caption reading, „Happy Holidays, we’re dating.“

In late 2019, Jacob and Julia rented an apartment together and, on December 13, 2019, announced the adoption of their two cats, Joy and Olive (whom fans have affectionately dubbed „The Producers“ in lieu of any actual management).

Jacob is one of the writers credited on the Ladies Book Club comics on .

Jacob is colorblind and has memorized where the colors are on the Photoshop palette.

Quick Facts About Jacob Busch

. Jacob himself is a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur. 

Busch made headlines in September 2020 as he was introduced as the boyfriend of comedian-actress, Rebel Wilson.

He has over 10.5k followers on his Instagram @jacobpusch.

Jacob Busch Girlfriend

Jacob Busch is unmarried but not single. He is currently dating comedian-actress, Rebel Wilson. The two met and eventually started dating in 2019. The rumors about their affair had already surfaced. Their affair got official in September 2020 when she shared their picture on her Instagram. They made a public appearance together for the first time at the Monte-Caro Gala for Planetary Health, hosted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Global Foundation. Wilson is around 12 years younger than Busch. He previously dated Adrienne Maloof who was 28 older than him.  

Busch is also known for his philanthropic works. He is the West Coast Ambassador of the Peter W. Busch Foundation. The foundation support initiatives that improve the quality of health, education, and family including donations to The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Boys & Girls Club. He also works with „Mission Save Her“, which works to fight sexual assault and human trafficking.