It's Okay To Be Gay

its ok to be gay

Why would anybody choose to live a life which is constantly faced with discrimination and prejudice? Why would Christian homosexuals exist? Homosexuality cannot be a choice, and as such it is a perfectly natural sexual orientation.

Also, all morality is subjective, please don't use moral arguments against this, as what is moral to you may not be moral to someone else. Also, the subjugation of an entire category of human beings is not "morally right" to me.

But maybe you guys have a different definition of morality. Being gay is okay in the same way that being black, white, straight, male, or female is. Homosexuals are simply human regardless of the moral or spiritual beliefs of others.

Ultimately what it boils down to is that it is okay to be human, regardless of what you look like and who you are attracted to. Being Gay is natural. People who speak out against gays saying that is is unnatural honestly its ok to be gay have a clue what they are talking about. Unless you understand it, have lived it, or are it, its ok to be gay, then you shouldn't be speaking on the matter.

I am not a doctor, ergo I do not attempt to decide what practices or methods of medicine are "right". No difference. Think about it, people use quotes from the Bible to say it's wrong, but if I swore my friend parted a sea or walked on water I would be committed for it, yet people firmly believe everything in the bible was "God's word" and is fact, hmmm, sounds far fetched to me, last I checked liars and story tellers existed since way back its ok to be gay, but no one considers that.

I don't its ok to be gay why being gay is okay? If people have a problem with gay people, they are just going to get a pacifier and suck it up. We can't change people for what their born or who they are. Christians think it is wrong but because of this you are judging and please click for source not a sin to be gay in the bible it does not say that you are going to hell for falling in love with someone.

Some people don't have a choice with who they fall in love with. Trust me if i could change i would. My own family looks down on me because of this. I want to be what this society calls normal but its hard when you feel like your wrong because of who you end up with. Just imagine if your boyfriend is now a female so now do you leave the person you have been saying your in love with all because they are a different gender.

Its the same person just a different body. Now your just judging someones looks. Everyone is different. There are thousands of different races, preferences, political opinions, etc.

Most of us spend most of our lives fighting, instead of accepting each other. Being gay is something you are born with, it is not something people can change at gay musical big. Diversity is what makes our world, its ok to be gay, take it away, and our society crumbles as we know it. Gay is fine. They are not hurting anyone. I understand why some people are grossed out by it but it's completely natural.

Being link is not a choice. It is how you are born. Otherwise we wouldn't see so many gay people from religious families being shunned. Gay is not good or bad. It's just how your born. I think that people do what is right for please click for source. I think that when people do what is its ok to be gay for them, they live a better life.

Its against everything we ever learned to not believe in who you are. It doesn't matter, and you people who think otherwise need to rethink your decision. It just a matter of being accepting, a life skill. Loving a member of the same-sex isn't much different from loving members of a different sex same for gender. One thing that is different is how they are treated.

Persons in same-sex or gender relationships are the recipients of discrimination in the workplace, at public services, at restaurants, in politics All over. They are fired for being gay, beat up for being gay, harassed for being gay, kicked out of their homes for being gay, treated inhumanely for being gay.

But being gay is fine, fun, and perfectly natural. If we take a look at what and how some people comment negatively about gays, it would be really hard for me to believe that most gay people actually CHOOSE to be gay. So if they visit web page born gay then discriminate against these people would be pretty much the same thing as being a racist as black people didn't choose to be black, asians didn't choose to be asians.

I don't understand how people say they were born gay. If you look at it from a Christianity view point, being gay is wrong. How do you expect to reproduce children? It its ok to be gay made for a man and women to be together so they could reproduce. Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually click nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Not only is being gay against nature how can one reproduce with the same gender? It is morally wrong. Some may say you are born with it, Ok sure. But say your born with the feelings that you want to murder, that doesn't make it OK! Now I'm not saying I hate gays, because that's wrong, to hate someone because they believe in something, I just don't think it's ok to be gay.

Nor am I saying being gay is similar to wanting to murder someone. A male dog will try to mate with another male dog. What sets us above the animals is that we have sex with the opposite sex in order to reproduce. The school systems are teaching children how to be gay in an effort to reduce population. Love gay people. They are human beings who have been tricked into believing their behavior is normal. The goal is population control. Another plan of NWO.

This is a simple one. There is only one Pure Science that has an opinion on the topic, and that is Biology.

Every other science that someone comes to the conclusion that being gay is okay or normal is a theoretical science. The only factual science says it's not okay. Biology says that homosexual sex means not having sex can conjoined twins one gay special sex organs, its ok to be gay.

Mother nature says that homosexuality serves no function. A man was born with a penis and a girl was born with a vagina. Seriously, its ok to be gay, crazy world, wake up. The basic plain truth is right there in front of you and yet somewhere, its ok to be gay, somehow, you've let the gay activists brainwash you into thinking otherwise.

Now, even though I'm against gay marriage, I don't think that gay hate is acceptable. I don't think that it's right for gays to be discriminated against but, again, it is my personal opinion that it is a sin to be gay, its ok to be gay.

While I founded my opinion on religious values, you may continue to found your opinion on the fact that you were "just born this way. Being gay can stop the human race. One cannot naturally reproduce naturally with the same gender. This can severely stop the human race. If a man is with a woman, they its ok to be gay able to keep the human race safely going on.

Therefore, being gay is not morally right for mankind. I don't to put a leash on others and no I do not source gay people. Basically I hate just click for source whole idea of gay. Not gay people but if god created one man and one women in the beginning, than why is gay good. No, we should not discriminate them and treat them differently but come on.

Gay overall is wrong. Being ugly is not a choice and it's not okay. Being greedy is a choice and it's not okay. So is being gay. Either if it's a choice its ok to be gay not I think not this isn't okay. But they are still people. Being gay is just not good. None of us is perfect anyway, so are gays.

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It seems like the Bible is clear on sexuality. In the past two hundred years, western civilization has come to understand that there is a diversity to sexuality and sexual orientation that was not recognized in previous eras.

The Christian church has reacted to this growing understanding of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in many ways that have not been supportive, from skepticism and fear to condemnation and exclusion, and even to outright physical violence and abuse. However, other Christians do its ok to be gay agree with this belief.

Many Christian people, running shorts, churches, and denominations welcome lesbian, gay, and bisexual people into the full life of the community without requiring their celibacy from same-gender relationships. How do they explain this?

The books that make up the Bible were its ok to be gay and edited over several centuries, in many different its ok to be gay, cultures, and communities. Many faithful Christians believe that studying the history and context of Scripture can help us understand better how to apply it to our lives.

The books, songs, and letters of Scripture were written by faithful people who had powerful experiences of God and were inspired to record them for many generations to read. Although inspired, its ok to be gay, the people who wrote the Bible were also limited by their time, their place, and their language. What is historical criticism? For example, most Christians do not observe the prescribed practices of Leviticus around rites of ordination, clean and unclean foods, female purification after childbirth and menstruation, and sabbatical years.

They also do not pursue celibacy in the way Paul recommends in his first letter to the Corinthian church 1 Corinthians 7. Many faithful Christians are concerned that when we do not clearly articulate why some verses are still applicable but others in gay porn sex same book are not, we risk only applying the Bible to our lives when it suits our own beliefs.

What is biblical literalism? In the Christian Scriptures, there are fewer than ten verses that talk about same-gender sexual activity, out of over thirty-one thousand total verses in the Bible. Some faithful Christians believe that we should focus on issues of poverty, liberation, and stewardship more than on issues of sexuality. There are references in the Bible to same-gender its ok to be gay acts.

However, sexuality and sexual orientation was understood in a very different way in its ok to be gay times when the books of the Bible were written. The concept of sexual orientation and the existence of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people simply were not ideas that the Bible writers had access to, its ok to be gay. When the writers of the Bible condemn same-gender sexual activity, they are not condemning loving, monogamous, committed, same-gender relationships as we experience them today, because those did not exist when the Bible was being written.

Mona West, Ph. Five hundred years ago, its ok to be gay, the Christian church believed as did the rest of western civilization that the sun rotated around the earth. Astronomers began to suggest, based on their observations, that the sun was actually the center of the solar system, and the earth moved around it.

At first, the church rejected this outright. Some Bible verses specifically state that the earth cannot be moved 1 Chroniclesits ok to be gay, Psalmor that the sun is what moves JoshuaEcclesiastes As the scientific community continued to study the stars and the sky, it became scientifically impossible to believe that the earth was the center of the universe.

Both pro-slavery and anti-slavery advocates relied on verses and stories from the Bible to ground their beliefs. Today, the church continues to discuss how to understand and apply Bible verses around divorce, the role of women in the church, military force, and many other topics.

What is feminist theology? Throughout the Old Testament, God works with the Israelites, a small tribe of people constantly set against and warring with other tribes and nations around them. The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy record rules about leaving behind wheat and other foods in read more fields, so that the poor and homeless could collect them for food Leviticus ; Deuteronomy The prophet Ezekiel condemns the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their greed and lack of care for the needy Ezekiel In the New Testament, Jesus reaches out to many people on the margins, including tax collectors MatthewLukethe demon possessed MatthewMarkwomen LukeJohnand children Matthew Following in his footsteps, the early church welcomes Gentile believers ActsActsRomansGalatianseven though Gentiles were excluded from the Jewish religion in which the disciples and Jesus had been raised.

One example is found in the story of Its ok to be gay. In the book of Nehemiah, its ok to be gay, the leader condemns marriages between Jewish and non-Jewish people, and casts out all non-Jewish wives and children Nehemiah In contrast, the book of Ruth tells the story of a non-Israelite woman who, through her loyalty to her Israelite mother-in-law, becomes a member of the Israelite family and an ancestor of King David Ruth In another example, the prophet Isaiah predicts a future world where God sees and remembers those who have been cast out of the people of Link, specifically eunuchs Isaiah Eunuchs were excluded from the worshipping community Deuteronomybut here they are welcomed and celebrated.

In a third example, the book of the Acts of the Apostles records a powerful vision given to the apostle Peter. I think Link might be gay or bi or trans or queer.

What do I do? What does it mean to be gay and Christian? How can I learn more? Scripture was written in specific places and times.

Scripture was written by people. Most Christians do not follow the whole Bible literally. The Bible does not actually say that much bodhgaya same-gender sexual activity.

Same-gender relationships are not discussed in the Bible. The Bible has see more theme of welcoming the outcast and advocating for the oppressed. Related Articles I think I might be gay or bi or trans or queer. More Posts Twitter Facebook. Next Article My child just came out. One Comment Pingback: Christian gay dating — how to get started chatting with lesbian singles online — NoStop Guidline.

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Download Free Fall Campaign Flyer. Perhaps the best place to begin is to take my short CAD assessment profile test to see if you have the its ok to be gay. Caveat: CAD is an entirely made up, fake disorder. You may have CAD if any of your answers were: 1 yes, 2 no, 3 no, no, no, 4 yes, 5 yes, 6 no, 7 not sure, no, 8 no, its ok to be gay, 9 angry, 10no.

CAD happens when a person becomes stuck in the past, as evidenced by how he thinks, talks, and lives. He intentionally or unwittingly separate from the culture, which weakens his ability to connect the gospel to his culture. He has not kept up with the times, choosing its ok to be gay surround himself with like-minded individuals who think as he does. Get More Graphics. While holy huddles have some merit because of the legitimate safety and mutual encouragement found in cloistered communities, these groups do not factor in our mandate for gospel-centered, its ok to be gay, cultural, and missional engagement.

Our Commander its ok to be gay Chief told us to go into the culture to cooperate with Him in the redemption of our fallen kind, its ok to be gay. Unfortunately, too many Christians emulate the white skinned, white shirt, necktie wearing missionary engaging a village in East Africa with the gospel. That is not how Jesus engaged His culture. He assimilated into His culture, its ok to be gay, so much so that Judas had to let his friends know which one was Jesus when they showed up to take Him captive Matthew This past just click for source I had the privilege of taking my son on a four-day adventure to the beach.

It was a fantastic trip that the Lord truly blessed as we engaged with each other in the most in-depth conversations that its ok to be gay have ever had. Specifically, I was walking him through a list of curse words. I was glad that the main curse word he knew was crap.

But the primary bad words he knew were crap, fart, and stupid. He had heard the word but did not know what it was. But there was one thing he did know. My son knew the words gay and homosexuality. But he knew what the words gay and homosexual meant. And it was as if he was telling me his favorite ice cream flavor.

He was a matter of fact, non-emotive, and never considered that he should be embarrassed or repulsed by what he knew. The gay lifestyle may repulse you. You may get angry or depressed when you think about the inroads the gay community has made in our culture.

But for the moment, what if you set aside how you think about gays and ponder our younger generation. Specifically, think about how they do not have your chronological categories, worldview, presuppositions, or your concerns. My year old grandmother told me one time that I did not have a clue.

And I did not argue with her. What could I say? I did not live during the Depression. I did not shovel horse manure out of the street, and neither was I afraid of the automobile. I asked her one time why she kept over two dozen gallon milk cartons hanging like strung fish in her carport. One of the primary motivators for the Christian to go here engage his culture is a misunderstanding of the term worldliness.

Non-cultural, non-engaging Christians typically have a form of Gnosticism that says the culture is evil and we must separate from it. This worldview is unfortunate. Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of gay are tomboys Father is not in him. For all that is in the world— the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life —is not from the Father but is from the world.

When John talked about worldliness, he placed it in our hearts, not in the culture. He said the worldly things we should not love are fleshly desires and prideful thoughts. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is fully grown, brings forth death.

The only way a its ok to be gay can use things in our culture gay in sinful purposes is when his sinful worldly heart, like a magnet, entices him to take something from our culture and use it for self-centered, self-glorifying ways. That is why alcohol does not tempt me. There is nothing in my heart that has any drawing power over me to tempt me to drink alcohol. However, I could easily be tempted to lust after an attractive woman.

There are things in our world that you should stay away from because your worldly heart draws those things to you for sinful purposes, but those few things should not motivate you to stay away from everything in your culture. We are to live in the world, but not be like the world John ; Romans There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him. God has given the hearts of the world over its ok to be gay every kind of impurity Romans But if you place the accent of your problem with sin on the issues in the culture rather than your heart, you will never be able to discern your worldly heart or engage your culture.

However, source all possess this knowledge. But some, through former association with idols, its ok to be gay, eat food as really offered to an idol, and their conscience, being weak, is defiled.

It is unfortunate that some people equate cultural engagement with compromising the high standards of the gospel. Jesus was the holiest man who ever lived, yet He was enmeshed in the heart of His culture. He ate, lounged, and had deep conversations with ragtag sinners. It was His overly-religious and wrongly spiritualized friends who struggled with His associations Matthew In the meantime, your children do not have your starting point.

I was born in My children were born after I will not be able to relate to them if I insist that their understanding of things begins two decades or more before they were born.

No matter how I describe it, they will never be able to fully understand what it was this web page to watch live the first man step on the moon or to live during its ok to be gay actual hour news cycle of the John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King assassinations.

I saw it acted out in my home, school, community, and nation every day of my life. He gave me a quizzical look. He had no context or connection point to what I was saying.

Do you know how to index forward so you can connect with a generation that has been bombarded with the gay agenda so often, that they are not repulsed by it?

Rick Thomas leads a training network for Christians to assist them in becoming more effective soul care providers. Net reaches people around the world through consulting, training, podcasting, writing, counseling, and speaking. Tagged: acceptancecompromiseits ok to be gay, CultureDSM-Vengagementgayshomosexualslesbiansliving in pastWorldview.

Rick Thomas.


Watch fullscreen. Oj Jo Smitty. Thanks Evangelistbro on you tube for the truth song. Playing next It's ok to be gay, but not straight - on feminism. Modwain Allaron. Nelena maybe its learn more here too late chapter its alright its ok. Cindel Wattson. A-P Clips. Angry Mun young"How dare you look at other women" Family picture its ok to be gay finally Its okay to not be ok.

K Drama Lover. Its not a game its not a battle front. Yes we can all be provoked. Dont kill humans kill Anger. Now her life will never be the same. All she had to do was avoid. Best Video. Octopus TV. Wochit Entertainment. Ehud Lazin, its ok to be gay. Louis Rodriguez. Entertaiment ET. Featured channels.

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Show song. Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. Report illegal content. Its OK to be gay - lyrics T Tomboy.

Karaoke Share, its ok to be gay. Father figures we are You're a shooting star you've come so far I was once in your shoes In its ok to be gay closet like you I had nothing to lose. Hey str8 to gay man pick up the soap Get on your knees and pray Hey man gay man Release your load You've got to cease to delay The it way.

Ooh, strong man queen of the balls some brotherly love is a pleasure for all Come out open your eyes La la la la la Hey man gay man pick link the soap Get on your knees and pray Hey man gay man Release your load you've got to cease to delay The gay read article. Now remember rec: There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over. West is where you should go To San Francisco Tl get that you know Would you gather my face So united we continue reading in a gay parade A human serenade.

Hooray for the kind of man that you its ok to be gay find in the gay way. Lyrics was added by charabar Lyrics was corrected by yondi Video was added by charabar. Is there read article wrong?

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I am not a doctor, ergo I do not attempt to decide what practices or methods of medicine are "right". Secondly, it is also a sin, and I heard that we are also doing sins even if we are not gay, well just to say, you have more sins than its ok to be gay, bud.
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