Sharon Stone’s 11-Year-Old Son Gave Her a Lesson in Coming Out

The Mosaic actress told Debra Messing a personal story illustrating how Will & Grace has increased LGBT acceptance.

Sharon Stone’s 11-year-old son Quinn gave her a lesson in how far the LGBT movement has come in recent years.

The Mosaic actress told the story to Debra Messing in an episode of Actors on Actors — a series produced by Variety Studio in which figures in the entertainment industry have conversations with one another — to demonstrate the impact Will & Grace has had on the culture.

„I have a son who’s just about to be 12,“ Stone told Messing. „And we were on vacation, and he said, ‚I want to get a mani-pedi.‘ I’m like, ‚Oh! Fun! OK.‘ And he said, ‚I want to get pink nails and toenails.'“

„And I said, of course, ‚Are you coming out? If you’re coming out, you should tell me first. You should talk to me first,'“ Stone continued. „And he said, ‚Mom. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. And anyway, that’s a war that’s already been fought.'“

Messing looked amazed by Stone’s account. „Mic drop, boom!“ she exclaimed. „That’s your son. He’s learned that from you.“

„And you,“ Stone replied. „I have to say, I appreciate the kind of work that you’re doing. It’s valuable.“

When it was first broadcast in 1998, Will & Grace — as a network show centered on two gay men, a bisexual woman, and an ally — made history in LGBT representation.

The NBC sitcom has been credited with turning the tide in public acceptance by none less than former vice president Joe Biden. While announcing his support for marriage equality on NBC’s Meet the Press in 2012, Biden said, “I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public [on LGBT issues] than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.“

Will & Grace was rebooted in 2017, in part because of the 2016 presidential election. During the campaign season, the show had a special reunion episode endorsing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and then was confirmed to come back for a full season shortly after her loss. “Because of what was happening in our country and what has happened since the election, it felt necessary and urgent to me,” Messing The Advocate in its September 2017 cover story.

Sharon Stone says she’s ‚had it‘ with dating

London (CNN)Sharon Stone has revealed that she’s „done“ with dating, and is instead focusing on spending more time with her friends and family.

Sharon Stone says she's 'had it' with dating

Why did Sharon Stone’s career go straight down the shitter?

It wasn’t from a lack of sexy leading lady roles or exposing herself for the entire world to see.

Sorry, but she’s not a great actress. I always found her and her beaver to be very bland.

Really, r3? You don’t find Sharon’s lady ham enticing here?

Limited acting skills, plus she made it big when she was already in her mid-30s (which is like 65 in Hollywood years). But she can still claim to have an Oscar nomination (a well deserved one, if I may add) and a lead role in one of the most iconic films ever made.

She took on terrible roles after 1996. The last thing I liked her in was [italic] If These Walls Could Talk 2 [/italic].

A little too superficial hence the lack of staying power.

She was a total bitch at the LA Zoo once. Her husband getting bit by a komodo dragon was her just desserts.

She was already relatively long in the tooth when she broke through. I always thought they could have thrown her a Supporting Actress nod for “Bobby.” She’s great in that.

Joe Eszterhas painted a very poor picture of her in his memoir. Not that she wasn’t fun to be around — constantly had joints on her and would slug from champagne bottles — but she was a whorish sloppy overly aggressive stop-at-nothing to get a role woman.

Aside from that he said when he finally got a chance to fuck her — she was rewarding him with pussy after basically inventing her — he said it was a spectacular letdown and her body was soft and doughy from „too many peanut butter on white sandwiches …“

I’m convinced “Catwoman” cursed her career, as well as Halle Berry’s.

didn’t she have a boyfriend or husband who was very obnoxious and too involved in her career?

she shoved her hairy clam everybody’s face, what did she expect!

Limited actress + faded looks = recipe for irrelevance

America just didn’t appreciate her. She was too striking for American audiences and if she had been French she would’ve been one of the great stars of European cinema.

A reported 144 IQ. She doesn’t have the time, nor the desire, for all the Bullshit.

Sharon Stone is known to have slept her way to a career, and that’s fine if a) you have acting talent to sustain a career long after your sexual power has waned, and b) you are humble and grateful for having been given the opportunities. But, Miss Stone is only modestly talented and she behaved like an uppity bitch during her brief reign at the top. You don’t earn industry respect that way.

She was excellent in that movie with Justin Timberlake about the kids who kidnap and kill a kid in the valley.

She was merely playing herself, R30. Common white trash living in a shitty McMansion, with druggy, tatted offspring.

She got old and no one wanted to fuck her anymore in exchange for roles.

If she was truly talented like her peer Kathleen Turner, she would have transitioned into a career in theater and reinvent herself. But she was never in Turner’s league as actress, so that’s why her career has suffered. Just like Julia Roberts, she’s simply a movie star, not an actress.

However, I agree with Charlie: She was phenomenal in Casino. In fact, she stole the movie from all the heavy-hitters involved in that film.

She was sick for a long time. It takes a lot of rehab to come back from a major stroke. The stroke left her with a seizure disorder. And along the way, she aged.

She may be difficult to insure. But she has used AmFar and other charitable work to keep her name in the papers. All it takes is one great role in one great film. If she gets that, she’s back on top.

No, she’s never going to be back on top. At best she gets to be Mickey Roarke. She’ll be given one more good role, they’ll milk it for one Oscar nomination and then she’s done. Thank god.

Let’s hope they remember not to loan her any jewelry.

I always thought that Sharon Stone was cut from the same cloth as the 1950s/1960s ice blonde queen–not necessarily a great actress but just perfect playing the glamorous but aloof blonde sexpot in the vein of Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, maybe Julie Christie.

If Hollywood was run at all like it was back in the day, I think she would’ve had a solid career starring in glamorous capers opposite someone like George Clooney (another throwback to the early days of 1960s sophistication). But it was the 1990s, and the best a „hot“ blonde could do was expose her snatch in sleazy soft core masquerading as „film noir“. I know she had some moderate success after Basic Instinct but like Clooney, her career kind of fizzled because there just wasn’t a market for actors and actresses with their particular look.

What is there to do once we’ve seen it all anyway? Viewers could give her gynaecologist some lessons.

She also has an odd speaking voice. She sounds like she’s being strangled and it’s somehow monotone. But she’s so beautiful and I love looking at her.

Stone is not NEARLY as talented, or as interesting as she thinks. A couple decent performances have been hyped into the stratosphere, and she’s never really been a fan favorite, just a tabloid type of stardom. Plus, at least at her peak, she was a massive pain in the ass. People hate that.

Her role in Casino was type-casting. Marty’s no fool.

I watched „Sliver“ again for the time in 25 years and you see how dull she is as an actress (eve in a thriller.) Painful to watch.

R45, I never got the appeal of this look. Her short hair looked pretty bad, too.

R46, we were thinking of this look from 1996. But your photo shows her brand loyalty which we hope we can be part of for her future Oscar-worthy roles.

[quote]Umm it’s Elisabth Shue who was robbed. —Sue Sarandon

Did we just have a Sharon Stone thread? She was really good in Mosaic

She has very thin hair. Short and tousled is the best look for her.

Hairy clam r15? It looks shaved in R3! Is that photoshopped? Ive never seen the film. Which is it?

Basic Instinct, R53, which propelled her into the A List.

Bush-shaving wasn’t a popular thing yet back in the early 90s.

Because she’s a Republican. Although she’s pro-gay.

She was great on The Practice when she played a crazy lawyer.

Sharon grew up in Meadville, PA… which is a deplorable, Trump-loving area of the Rustbelt. So not surprised if she’s really a Republican, R58.

Her performance in Casino really is one of the best of all time, seriously.

1995 was a great year for actresses. Kidman did give the best performance that year, but out of the nominated actresses, I think that Elisabeth Shue gave the strongest performance.

Most name actors have about 10 to 15 years of real stardom (at best) where they can get good roles and the bucks. And, for women, it’s usually less than hit a wall at 40 or so and then an even bigger one at 50.

A tiny handful of actors make it to the A+ level of stardom and go on and on.

Sharon Stone’s vagina at R3 is the stuff gay men’s nightmares are made from

I don’t normally care R66, but Sharon’s looks hungry there. Like it’s asking for food.

She’s done a lot for AIDS research and is the furthest thing from a Republican. I think she can retire with grace. Not many actors have one iconic role, let alone two. She has two – Casino and Basic Instinct. And she was in the iconic sci-fi movie, Total Recall. She seems to be sober now and more clear-headed so maybe she’ll have a comeback.

I remember her complaining in some interview about how embarassing her stint on L&O SVU was for her, said she had to wear Leggs pantyhose, lol.

There were these weird YouTube videos she made of herself wandering though a park giving a spiel to auction off the Dalai Lama’s SUV. In one of them, she gets on this really creaky, squeaky swing and drifts back and forth making this horrific noise that blocks out most of her pitch. I think she’s one of those lunatics who is fun at a distance, but probably a total nightmare up close.

She had a health crisis which took a very long time to recover from. Who knows if she fully recovered, enough to take on big projects. And yes, her in Casino is one of the best ever.

Here’s the browser version of Mosaic, if you haven’t played/watched it yet:

She likely has some residual brain damage from her stroke.

R71 Faye dunaway would be another one if those types. I think the two women are quite a bit alike. Stone has always had a certain hardness to her that limits her range, I don’t think she could ever play „gentle “ . This is going to sound crazy, but I think she could play Hilary Clinton in a biopic, there is something about her that I think she could really inhabit the role.

She looks like she’s having a stroke and brain damage at OP, R74.

Joe includes his stories about SS during the filming of BI in his book, „American Rhapsody.“

R79, Sharon would be one to suggest showing her snatch to gain attention for herself.

Was she ever in contention for the role of Aileen Wuornos in “Monster?”

She could have easily played the last few things I’ve seen Michelle Pfeifer do: the mysterious blond on the train in „Murder on the Orient Express,“ or the original Wasp in „Ant Man and the Wasp.“ OR the evil queen in the upcoming Maleficient sequel.

Please don’t compare this cheap slut to me. I was a sweet down home girl America loved. And the world loved and still loves. She tried to steal my crown but couldn’t. I’m as pure and loveable as a girl could possibly be. She could never compete with me and that’s why I am so beloved.

Starlets (pretty model types who never do theater and don’t properly train as actors) age badly in the industry.

She was already “over the hill” when she became famous. Then factor in the crazy.

To say that she is an OK actress in the right part means little, because you’re describing about 70% of actors in Hollywood.

She can be good when paired with a great director who focuses on actors, like Scorsese.

Soderberg’s show was very loose. I believe he was the cameraman and the editor on the show, on top of directing it. He has his thing going on with doing everything himself & I’m not sure if he’s all that invested in actors.

Soderberg does all his own DP work most of the the time. He was not a fan of Stone. His muse was Julia.

He cast her as a lead in Mosaic. So he must like her.

She went from a [italic]Silver Spoons[/italic] guest appearance to [italic]Sliver[/italic] to … well, I guess next time they reboot [italic]Hollywood Squares[/italic] maybe they’ll give her a call. But then no one will see what she’s most famous for.

Why did Sharon Stone's career go straight down the shitter?

Sharon Stone Gay Rumors?Online poll shows 85 percent don’t believe she’s gay

It seems like every celebrity has been called gay at some point or another. Many of the gay rumors surrounding CasinoBasic Instinct) seem to be tied to her obsessive attention to her body, like most actresses.

However the poll suggests that a big majority – 85% – of respondents don’t believe that she’s gay.

Sharon Stone Gay Rumors?Online poll shows 85 percent don’t believe she’s gay

Who is Angelo Boffa? Sharon Stone’s boyfriend and Italian estate agent

It’s rumoured that the Hunky toyboy is engaged to the Basic Instinct star following pictures of the actress wearing a diamond ring

HOLLYWOOD actress Sharon Stone was recently snapped on a beach in Miami flaunting her figure – and her man.

Here’s everything you need to know about her Italian toyboy…

Who is Angelo Boffa? Sharon Stone’s boyfriend and Italian estate agent

Hollywood Hookers. (I don’t believe half the list)

Marilyn Monroe Need I say more ?! She earned $500 per day offering herself to producers and directors. Like several of the stars in her time ( Joan Crawford especially ) she did porn films as well as house calls. One of the porn films still exists and pops up on the Net for high priced copy sales…

Kim Novak My great-uncle, an ex-FBI agent, told me that he arrested the actress Kim Novak for prostitution in the 60’s in Chicago.

Barbara Eden &Tina Louise Rumored to be currently shopping their somewhat tired wares internationally.

Veronica Lake Winded up as a hooker in NYC in the 50’s after her run as a movie star.

Sophia Loren O-o-old news !.. Rome is not known for a shortage of scantily clad prostitutes. Most of the girls are all remarkably handsome, but one slinky, dark-eyed ragazza in garters and black hose was a real ‚bambola‘ ( doll ). That prossy was well known at the clients as „La Simpatica“, and her real name was Sofia Villani Scicolone, a.k.a. Miss Sophia Loren…

Raquel Welch One Million Years B.C., when she was Raquel Tejada (sp), Miss Welch was very well known in Tijuana, Mexico. So says her family. Allegedly she also did a lot of porno films, most of which were collected up and destroyed by the studio.

Joan Collins Ten years ago was offered 400 million dollars for her services as a Madam from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. She was almost sold to him almost thirty years ago by her third husband. Starting out her career as a high class prostitute in Hollywood at the age of 17 Joan learned the business from the ground floor up. She started the Heidi Fliess Hollywood Hooker ring.

Sharon Stone Sharon Stone; Another high-class prostitute. Her icy beauty commanded $1000 per hour. She was discovered by Michael Douglas when she came to call on him for a professional service. The set of Basic Instinct was turned into a brothel for a day. Mike decided that the non orgasmic Sharon needed to learn the ropes. The infamous sex scene between them was entirely real. Afterwards Mike invited the director and one producer to join the fun. Sharon hugely enjoyed the bondage scene that followed. Held down by two men, Mike screwed her for thirty full minutes. Sharon reported: „I have never had sex like that in my life. Now I can’t get enough of it.“ She reported six orgasms on that particular day. Sharon was paid an extra $10,000 for this romp.

Michelle Pfeiffer Prostitute & during her first years in L.A. Began as a studio call-girl & got some of her early roles „the old-fashioned way“. Was a „professional girlfriend“. the kind with exclusive clientele or just one big customer, who set her up to go on to her acting career.

Rene Russo Rene Russo. This high class call girl was Pierce Brosnan’s sexual soulmate in „The Thomas Crown Affair“ No stranger to pleasuring women for money, the studly Bros, engaged in real sexual acts with the voluptuous actress/prostitute on camera and spent the day inviting up to eight men on the set to sample her wares. Rene only bagged $7,500 for this little cuddle fest. She loved every minute of it she reported. She and Bros have not problem to this very day talking about it.

Europeans are paying top dollar to sample Barbara Eden and Tina Louise’s 80 year old beef curtains?

Where did you find this? It’s ancient. This list has been floating around since the 1970’s, because I remember reading about Barbara Eden & Tina Louise way back then, except then they were turning tricks in a condo in the Hancock Building in Chicago.

It’s a scandalous read, like Hollywood Babylon. Just like Hollywood Babylon, it’s all fiction too.

Renne Russo was a SUPERMODEL way before she was an actress and commanded big bucks from a young age. That is absolute BS.

My dad, of all people, told me about Renee Russo. He had left my mother for some chippy who eventually left him. I went to live with him for a while to mend fences back in the 70s when I was in my teens.

At the time his work required travel and he confessed to me that he had indulged in prostitutes before leaving Mom for that younger thing. It prompted me to tell him I was gay. He hugged me and said it was okay. He knew.

But we were watching TV during this and on came a commercial for the Chanel No. 19 fragrance. Renee Russo was the model and the conversation stopped.

Then Dad told me he’d fucked her and she was a lousy lay but a very nice woman. Dad said the scrambled eggs and ham she cooked for him were the best part. She watched soaps the whole time.

I realize now this is how I came out to my father and he handled it well.

He’s dead now but he was a total sex addict. On his deathbed he made me promise to not get involved with married men.

Joan Collins being sold for $400 million? More like $400.

More about „swallowing her way to the top“, please.

The credibility of this list is stablished by the implication that Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford were contemporaries.

Not to mention the fact that when One Million BC came out, only about 200,000,000 million Americans thought Raquel Welch’s name was „Raquel Welch.“

Add to this the idea that someone would pay $400 dollars for sexual services from Joan Collins in the 20th century (other than Anthony Newley, if bearding counts as sexual services) let alone $400m in the 21st.

I agree with r8. She was a real supermodel and I’m sure she made tons of money doing that. I don’t believe she was a hooker.

[quote]Kim Novak My great-uncle, an ex-FBI agent, told me that he arrested the actress Kim Novak for prostitution in the 60’s in Chicago.

FBI agents generally do not arrest anyone for prostitution as it is not a federal crime.

I once saw Tina Louise on the arm of some old guy at a WrestleMania event on TV. Could not believe she was there, but now it makes sense if she was whoring herself out.

r19, It is if it’s part of gang-related activity isn’t it.

I seem to recall the FBI doing hooker sweeps as part of „vice raids“ usually targeting the mob.

What a stupid silly list – go back go taking your medication honey – or typing in your mother’s basement. Its not even worth commenting on.

I remember hearing that Barbara Eden was peddling her ass to old Japanese businessmen but that was at least 30 years ago.

I have a hard time believing Catherine Zeta Jones. She was a child actor with a successful TV series. On the other hand, Julie Andrews apparently was a prostitute for a while after WWII, and she was a successful child radio star. Of course the economic conditions of post war England are not the same as England in the 1980s

kim novak already worked with hitchcock and preminger in the 50’s, so it’s not like she needed the money.

Ron Kass may have tried to sell Joan Collins to a sheik, but more out of a desire to be rid of her. Furthermore, this whole „Hollywood at the age of 17“ thing is incorrect, as she didn’t move until her early 20s.

Nooo! i don’t believe the julie andrews rumours? where have you heard that R(26)

Julie Andrews was born in 1935, so that means she was arund 10 years old at the end of WWII. Did she get an early start, r26?

Who’s spreading those rumors about Julie? I bet it’s that little bitch Petula Clark

„It’s a scandalous read, like Hollywood Babylon. Just like Hollywood Babylon, it’s all fiction too.“

Actually „Hollywood Babylon“ was a mixture of fact, fiction and speculation. It’s one of the most entertaining, deliciously sleazy books I’ve ever read. But you’d have to be pretty naive to think it’s meant to be a textbook. There’s some website where some obsessed person takes great pains to refute a lot of things in HB; in particular this person takes up Fatty Arbuckle’s cause and rakes Virginia Rappe over the coals for destroying poor innocent Fatty’s career. Apparently that idiot doesn’t have brains to realize that nobody with any common sense takes „Hollywood Babylon“ that seriously.

Rene Russo was scouted as a teenager and became a top model immediately. She made tons of money from that point on.

Kim Novak was still a big star through the mid-Sixties. She made Moll Flanders then, and starred in „Of Human Bondage“ with Laurence Harvey. Your uncle was telling porkies.

So this is implying that Stone and Russo were both prostitutes AFTER they were established actresses for several years ( and in Russo’s case, very much so)? Russo was doing gang-bangs on the set of a movie and charged a fraction of what she was making in a day on-set?

400 million dollars for Miss Joan Collins to host a nightly ho-down…? Meanwhile, back in reality…

Didn’t someone here a while back say that Sharon Stone was a hooker and used to go to a certain club (don’t remember the city and club name, unfortunately)?

It must have been in one of the celeb gossip threads.

Joan Collins in her autobiography tells the story of her FIRST husband trying to pimp her out to a wealthy Arab. In her second autobiography (Second Act) she writes of the notorious Madame Claude telling Joan and a friend of Joan’s that they could make quite a good living as call girls for those men who prefer more mature women.

For those who don’t know Madame Claude was an infamous, wildy successful madam who provided very high class call girls to the rich, famous and wealthy. Dominick Dunne mentioned in a Vanity Fair article about a couple of her „girls“ who carried their whips in made to order Louis Vuitton cases.

wow. Two hundred million million is many billions R14. I don’t think there are that many Americans.

Let’s face it, Lindsey has been fucking those Arab Princes for years about it.

That’s one thing about Dataloung, no one wants to give names.

I had read that Tara Reid gave Leo head (years ago) on his she not know he was gay?

Hooker turned Madam turned Hollywood wife – Candy Spelling.

Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Denise Richards, Paris/Nicole/Kim and so many others – were call girls.

Hayden Panattiere (sp?) – in a class all her own for underage hooking and freakdom, thanks to her mother. Still plays with kinky customers.

It’s sex not international terrorism and more sad than anything else.

I forgot to mention that Paris acted as Madam for her friends when they were all young tramps for hire.

Honey, we all whore ourselves out at one time or another. You’re just jealous they can and you can’t.

Supermodels didn’t make any serious money till the mid 80s and even then it wasn’t much. Look at Cheryl Tiegs, still the biggest name ever in modeling.

Fame was there but not thing money. Even at her peak Rita Hayworth only got $700,00 for three films. And most of that she blew because the studio fined her because she was always late and holding up productions with her antics.

These actresses were definitely hooking but they weren’t streetwalkers or whores. They were more like arranged meetings with „presents“ taking one form or another.

Joan Collins has been described by charity after charity as being greedy and expecting gifts (diamonds, rings, expensive clothes) to lend her name to a charity event.

You must mean the former Playboy Building, which was right behind the John Hancock.

The FBI/Justice Dept aren’t interested in going after individuals who commit federal crimes involving prostitution for themselves, e.g. Eliot Spitzer who could have been charged with transferring money across state lines for criminal purposes or whatever the jargon is.

Where the FBI will come in is to break up the trafficking in human beings, see link.

I suspect this defendant came to their attention as the result of a wider investigation into child prostitution, drugs, or whatever.

The FBI isn’t going out patrolling the streets to run in local prostitutes, that’s a fund-raising operation for the local police. The cops arrest the people, confiscate their drugs and money, keep it, and take the people, men or women, to arraignment where they are released.

„Paris/Nicole/Kim“ all came from very wealthy families.

I guess they all decided to prostitute themselves to whoever, for money that they did not need, despite the danger, for giggles / unknown reasons?

Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. Got priority service when her dishwasher broke down by promising to masturbate the plumber in a rope of braids.

„Hayden Panattiere (sp?) – in a class all her own for underage hooking and freakdom, thanks to her mother. Still plays with kinky customers.“

Please, this „gossip“ comes from the fevered mind of the Entertainment Lawyer. He makes stuff up to get page hits, people. He is especially enamored with made-up pedophile blinds.

Michelle Pfeiffer was never a hooker/call girl. That started after she did that movie. She wasn’t in Hollywood for very long before she got involved with that cult. That was her big scandal. She had no time for casting couches. Whether or not she dated for power, who knows? She wouldn’t be the first, but she wasn’t a hooker. Since she made the list, the rest of that is suspect.

„Please, this „gossip“ comes from the fevered mind of the Entertainment Lawyer. „

ENTY has a disturbingly vivid imagination, when it comes to prostitution and casting couches. His other blind items may be as true as any other blind items (for what that’s worth), but the stuff on that front reads like fantasies from a straight men’s magazine.

The entertainment lawyer came into this when one of his commenters calling himself „Himmmmm“ — who everyone though was Robert Downey Jr. — started giving out obviously inside information about Hayden Panitierre and her parents and then segued into saying it was Kirk Douglas who raped Natalie Wood and talked about an international society lady who pimps out these actresses to rich men. The link is the Jezebel item about it:

Did Michael Douglas have a son he never acknowledged and then the son committed suicide? Would anyone here know?

The thing about Robert Black started to say something about a celebrity on a commentary and Downey quickly shut him up. Of course it made me even more curious when Downey shut him down.

[quote]On the other hand, Julie Andrews apparently was a prostitute for a while after WWII,

After she finished fucking them, she gave her johns elocution lessons.

[quote] Catherine Zeta Jones Commanded $10,000 a pop.

[quote] After she finished fucking them, she gave her johns elocution lessons.

I heard some „international“ rich guys, like sheiks and such, use very high-priced call girls, including Pamela Anderson, Mya, some other well-known names were on the list I can’t remember anymore. Sort of „has been“ starlets or singers. It’s quite lucrative.

Oh no, no, no – of course it’s impossible that young actresses sell their asses. That never happens.

The truth is that almost all of them, male or female, sell their ass at one point or another. Some more than others.

The title here is Hollywood hookers – yet the OP mentions Sophia Loren in Rome – hardly hollywood. For the record Loren began in small parts when 15 or 16, often doing 5 or 6 movies a year, how she had time to be a hooker as well is beyond me. By the time show got to Hollywood in 1957 she was an established star …

„So, the format of this one differs a little bit from the norm because it came to me from an elderly man who had to translate it through his granddaughter so it is more of a narrative with me adding in the usual listing type stuff and to make it a little more vague then when he was telling it and a little less brutal.

I’m 71 y. o., and I know it for sure: This former A list actress who is foreign born and one of the best actresses ever had a very tough childhood which she never discusses. Back when she was about 11 her grandmother started turning her out for tricks and she could probably be had for about two dollars. Sometimes just for food. She had been raped so often as a child that she later she had a very difficult time carrying children. Her grandmother took naked photos of her and put them on playing cards which she sold at the brothel where our actress plied her trade and later her sister too. Once out actress had earned enough money she moved to a larger city where she met her future husband because he was a client of not only our actress but also her mother who had moved to the larger city together and left behind the younger sister with grandmother to make sure grandmother had enough money.“

OP, there was no such thing as a porn film before the 1970s. Perhaps some of these women appeared in „stag films,“ which included nudity but were very very tame.

You are very naive. Hard-core porn still photos have existed since the 1840s. The first hard-core porn movie was shot in 1896.

[quote]Michelle Pfeiffer Prostitute & during her first years in L.A. Began as a studio call-girl & got some of her early roles „the old-fashioned way“. Was a „professional girlfriend“. the kind with exclusive clientele or just one big customer, who set her up to go on to her acting career.

Michele Pfeiffer grew up in Orange County, CA, won „Miss Orange County“ in 1978 which got her a screen agent while still living at home with her parents.

Michele Pfeiffer also worked as Alice in Wonderland on the Main Street Electrical Parade float at Disneyland.

I don’t see a gap in her life that would suggest prostitution.

What the hell is wrong with some of you people? Smirking and laughing and sneering at Sophia because this happened to her. People who have sex with a child are called PEDOPHILES and what happened to her is appalling. She was essentially a sex slave sold into child prostitution by her family. The men who slept with her are/were disgusting predators and the family members who sold her failed utterly in their duty to protect the children of their family. This is sad and appalling. To think she ended up married to one of the people who used her like this because she thought she “owed” him is sad as well. The cycle of abuse.

I agree with you. But do not forget that all of it is just gossip-rumor-tittle-tattle of Enty Liar and some crazy Italian oldman.

I agree with you. But do not forget that all of it is just gossip-rumor-tittle-tattle of Enty Liar and some crazy Italian oldman.

Xaviera Hollander (aka the ‚happy hooker‘) was a NYC madam in the late 60s/early 70s. She had this anecdote about Hitchcock. He would lay down in a coffin, in a room decorated with purple curtains and all. She’d sent some innocent schoolgirls over to the coffin and as soon as they looked inside, Hitchcock would ‚wake up‘ and start to masturbate, after which the terrified girls would run away screaming. I’m not surprised by anything anymore, especially not actresses who are part-time hookers.

Once A Sex Symbol, Sharon Stone Now Reveals Shocking Truths About Her Dating Life

I know I’m far from the only one who hears the name Sharon Stone and immediately thinks of her iconic but controversial scene in Basic Instinct(1992). Truth is, Sharon has never been able to move past what became known as the controversial leg-uncrossing scene in which she plays Catherine Tramell, a murder suspect who shows a room full of male officers who’s really the boss.

That was the film that launched Sharon’s status as a sex symbol and helped her rise to international recognition. But what about her real life? Or her real-life love life?

The broad strokes of Sharon’s on-record love life are as follows: she met and married TV producer Michael Greenburg in 1984. They divorced in 1990. In the years that followed, she became engaged to a couple of other men but the engagements were ultimately short-lived.

Then, in 1998, she married Phil Bronstein, executive editor of two major San Francisco newspapers. They divorced in 2004. She currently lives with her three adopted sons—all of them now teenagers. Today, Stone is a single, sixty-something mom back on the dating scene.

What do you think about the gay rumors surrounding Sharon Stone?

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ABOVE: And I’ve held on to this clipping ever since.


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I’ve never been a big fan of Sharon Stone — I think Basic Instinct (1992) is crap and I’ve never really been on board with her acting style. In fact, my first big fight with my ex was over whether she could act! (I did like her a lot in 1990’s Total Recall!)

But my hat is off to her for her remarkable recover from a stroke, and for this interview, in which she’s asking about her #MeToo story …


John Enos, the man to whom that instantly notorious 1990s letter from Madonna was allegedly written — the one in which she referred to Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone as mediocre — is denying the letter was to him and threatening to sue The Talk, apparently over the implication that he leaked it/is selling it.

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DListed: Sharon Tate’s sister says Jennifer Lawrence isn’t pretty enough to play the late actress.

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Twitter @kylegriffin1: Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks points out all the parallels between that scandal and Trump/Russia.

Fmr. Asst. Watergate special prosecutor on Trump: „I see déjà are a lot of similarities that make me really suspicious.“


Gotta Have Rock and Roll is about to auction a trove of Madonna memorabilia, all ostensibly from the collection of Darlene Lutz. Lutz was, for many years, Madonna’s personal art consultant. They reportedly had a bad breakup, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she decided to sell off her Madonnabilia.

What strikes me as odd about what’s being sold is that it’s stuff Lutz really shouldn’t, speaking intuitively, have.

The most infamous item in the auction is a long letter presumed to be from Madonna to John Enos, a friend and briefly a fling of Madonna’s in the ’90s. The letter has made international headlines (25 years later!) for Madonna’s insecure rantings about how she’d rather die than be Whitney Houston or Sharon Stone, to whom she was often unfavorably compared back then.

Stone has actually responded — with unbelievable grace: 

Interestingly enough, the letter appears to have been pulled from the sale. Perhaps Madonna wasn’t thrilled that it was included or challenged its authenticity; hard to say, as letters of the famous are sold all the time without incident. UPDATE: The letter was returned to the auction, without comment.

I can not wrap my head around why Darlene Lutz would be in possession of the items in this auction, which include a large number of cassettes containing rough cuts/demos/alternate versions of Like a Virgin, True Blue, Bloodhounds of Broadway soundtrack, Like a Prayer, and I’m Breathless songs; a letter from Madonna to her brother, Christopher; a letter from Madonna detailing apartment-design directions; a previously unseen Bruce Weber image just of Madonna’s brothers; jewelry from 1984 … why would Lutz have this stuff?

Also curious is the fact that the cassettes seem to have popped up in the auction after Patrick Leonard, one of Madonna’s most important collaborators, teased a similar — but different — cassette with an unreleased track. It’s almost as if the cassettes were added in response to the excitement from fans over Patrick’s post.

After chatting with a friend, we noticed most of the items see to have a link to Christopher Ciccone. Whether he was the conduit by which Lutz rightfully obtained them as gifts/hand-offs back in the day, or whether he’ll make any cash from this sale, I am not sure. I’m just finding it hard to understand the provenance. I do not wish to accuse anyone of anything, and selling stuff you own is fair game.

P.S. For my money, the real prize is the grouping of Gaultier drawings for Blond Ambition. Which would also be more credibly coming from CC than from DL, considering his position in her life and on her tour.

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Just in: Jill Stein has reached her initial $2.5 million goal to fund recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

It’s on?! Nutty Jill Stein raises $3M+ in a day toward MI, PA & WI reconts.

UM, WHAT?: Trump’s only made time for 2 intelligence briefings, which are offered daily.

Action Institute, funded by Education Secretary pick Betsy DeVos, wants to bring back child labor.

Here’s a thick dude in a jockstrap for Thanksgiving. (Work Unfriendly)

Kathy Griffin takes on Trump, Sharon Stone & various celebrity run-ins on The View:


Sharon Stone: actually online dating at 62

Perhaps the most miraculous thing about Sharon today is not the fact that she’s been trying online dating—much like the rest of us commoners—but that being a famous star and an immortalized sex symbol doesn’t win her any special privileges in the dating world.

Let this be a lesson to all who believe that money and fame can somehow curry favors with Cupid. Plus, as most women know, aging doesn’t help. It doesn’t matter how little one subscribes to mainstream concepts of sex appeal—there still exists a palpable downturn of sexual attention as one ages. This is a phenomenon that aging men simply do not deal with in the same way, what with their tendency to date younger partners, particularly in the celeb world. Think cougar vs. silver fox. The latter usually comes out on the winning end.

Most recently, the star’s presence on the popular dating app Bumble received widespread attention when she tweeted that her legit account had been flagged as fake! “I went on the @bumble dating sight [sic] and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive,” she wrote. 

Of course, Bumble have since made up for their blunder, having now unblocked Sharon’s account. “Trust us, we *definitely* want you on the Hive,” said Bumble’s editorial director Clare O’Connor. “Hope you find your honey,” she added. Sharon has since come to the conclusion that several men she turned down were responsible for getting her account blocked

Unsurprisingly, after posting her tweet, she was bombarded with offers for dates. But, as any woman who’s ever dated online knows, quantity is most certainly not quality. One post read: “If you’re ever in Buffalo and kinda dig fat guys with mustaches my DMs are open. Also own a car so willing to drive (up to 25 miles) even if ya just close by.”

Nonetheless, Sharon has remained positive—honorably so, far as I’m concerned. She has revealed that she’s getting to meet guys she’d never meet in real life, while joking that she has the ‘worst luck’ with men, having chatted with all kinds, from former convicts, to ‘socially awkward’ people, and those who prefer their dog’s company to humans. 

“You know, when you’re single at this age, there’s usually a reason for that. I count myself in there,” she said. Maybe, Sharon, but self-awareness and a sense of humor are major assets in my book!

But regardless of Sharon’s overall positive attitude, her general online dating experience simply hasn’t been great, and she’s made that known. “Honestly, the whole thing was so dismal that I now want to write a book of short stories about my online dating experiences. Dating sites are just not a successful thing. Because real chemistry, that frisson, that happens in the air – not on a site. And people are becoming less socially adept because of those sites.”

They no longer know how to behave over dinner, be in a relationship, or communicate. I don’t want a ‘text relationship’ with someone I’m actually dating, for example. I find that dismal.

Sharon’s Bumble fumble is not the first time she has spoken publicly about dating. In 2014, she said she was “available for dating,” and a few years later on the Late Late Show she told host James Corden and fellow guest Elton John what she was looking for in a man.

“I like them tall,” she said. Almost unbelievably, her ability to find herself a man has not been fruitful. And really, how is this not relatable? The reality is, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous or accomplished a woman may be—not one of us is immune to disappointment in the dating world, especially as we get older and wiser.

AIDS research support

In April 2004, she was awarded the National Center for Lesbian Rights Spirit Award in San Francisco for her support and involvement with organizations that serve the lesbiangay and HIV/[25] and performed Can’t Get You Out of My Head with Kylie MinogueCannes for AIDS research. She was presented the award by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

It has been said that her parents raised her with feminist values. „My dad never raised me to believe that being a woman inhibited any of my choices or my possibilities to succeed. To be a feminist like Dad in that blue-collar, middle-class world is a big stand.“


She married television producer Michael Greenburg in 1984 on the set of , a TV movie he produced and she starred in, along with Rock Hudson and James Earl Jones. They separated three years later, and their divorce was finalized in 1990.

Stone in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2005

She was engaged to producer Bill McDonald after they met on the film Sliver (1993). McDonald left his wife, Naomi Baca, for Stone. The tabloids initially labeled her a homewrecker, but their attention turned to Baca after she got involved with Joe Eszterhas, who would leave his wife for her. Stone and McDonald would later end their engagement. [28]

On February 141998Phil BronsteinSan Francisco Chronicle. Stone and Bronstein were divorced in January 2004, after he had suffered a severe heart attack. They have an adopted son named Roan Joseph Bronstein, born on May 222000. She also adopted her second son, Laird Vonne Stone on May 72005. On June 282006, Stone adopted her third son, Quinn Kelly.

In 2005, during a television interview for her movie Basic Instinct 2, Stone hinted an interest in bisexuality, stating „Middle age is an open-minded period“. [29] Stone has said that in the past she’s „dated“ girls. While filming Basic Instinct, her best girlfriend was there to hold her hand out of camera range during some of the scenes. And in a biography, [30] In an interview on the Michael Parkinson talk show in England on March 182006, she said she was „straight“. However, in January 2008, she was quoted as saying, „Everybody is bisexual to an extent. Now men act like women and it’s difficult to have a relationship because I like men in that old-fashioned way. I like masculinity and, in truth, only women do that now“.[31]

It has been rumored that Stone has recently been dating Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, host of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. [32]

SHARON STONE has revealed she has been put off dating and she definitely doesn’t plan on sleeping with strangers.

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The actress was previously married to television producer Michael Greenburg and Philip Bronstein.

Most recently, she was linked to actor David DeLuise and before that, model Martin Mica.

But the 58-year-old has claimed she no longer needs to go out on dates to feel satisfied with herself.

Speaking about her love life, the Total Recall actress said: „Obviously it’s pretty easy to get a date. But to me, my life is so full.

Singer-songwriter Angel Olsen comes out as gay and introduces partner

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