The TV Show Merlin….. wow this show was one big giant gay undertone!

I know I’m probably late given the show went off in 2012 but wow! It’s so obvious that Merlin is gay and is chasing after Arthur. Arthur secretly wants him too. I mean there are such blatantly gay scenes it it as well. For example I just watched an episode wheee Arthur has no pants on , walks up to Merlin turns him around so his ass is up against his crotch and says what’s this! I mean come on! Has anyone else see this show!? It’s on Netflix I watched it because my man sexy Tom hopper is in it.

I dropped it in its second season during its original run. It was just bad television for kiddies.

I remember when it was on, it had a lot of rabid fans on tumblr. You just explained why, OP.

Lol yea that’s why. No it was not the best show but has eye candy so I stuck with it. Plus it was fun to watch to literally see how gay it would get.

The best thing about Merlin was that it had eye candy in the form of DL fave Bradley James.

Yes Bradley is hot but Hopper is hotter in my opinion.

Bradley has a better ass and Hopper better pecs but, both are scorching hot.

OP, there were lots of threads here about Merlin back in the day.

And yes, the gay undertones between Bradley James & Colin Morgan were popular here.

Morgan has played lots of gay roles post-Merlin and is rumored to be gay (but not out yet), and if you check out the Bradley James threads, the jury is still out on him, too.

OP, here’s Colin Morgan checking out Bradley James in his underwear:

OP there is a reason so many fans created picture like this one.

Lol at the memes yea I heard the actor that plays Merlin was gay too

Colin Morgan is rumored to be gay and has played several gay roles. Not officially out yet.

He most recently appeared in „Benjamin“ by Simon Amstell:

Alex Vlahos also played gay on Versailles. Btw any rumours about him? He has/had? a (quite manish looking) long time gf, but he pings in every interview.

R20, there has been a bit of speculation about Alex Vlahos on other threads, yes.

Eoin Macken played Gawaine as obsessed with Merlin, thus more homoerotic undertones/overtones.

Alex Vlahos also said Bradley unfollowed him because he said merthur in an interview of season 5. What do you think?

It says „occultings“ unfollowed him. What does that mean?

“Occulting” is the person’s name who asked Alex the question.

So he’s telling that person that Bradley unfollowed him?

I just watched Merlin for the first time as well, and really, really enjoyed it. Smart writing, good acting. And yes, damned hot men.

I wonder if one or both of the producers, Johnny Capps & Julian Murphy, are gay?

Bradley still had his original and beautiful nozzle.

Loved the show but the idea of a black Guinevere seemed like quite a stretch. Yeah I expect I will be called a racist, but if they were doing a show about a black ruling family in Africa during the same time period with one of them marrying a white person, I would consider that quite a stretch also. It just all seems so unlikely.

[r36] typical statement and comment ignorant as fuck. You do know that story is fiction right?! You probably think Santa is white also I’m guessing? ….. ANYWAY we are not going to let this uneducated fool turn this thread into a race debate as he tried. The show was full of hot ass men. Tom hopper was my favorite! He’s still sexy as fuck.

He’s played gay characters more than once and attended gay events, but he probably won’t be coming out for a while.

What were the undertones and skin tones of this show?

The show’s main character is a wizard but it is a black queen that strains credulity?

I wonder if the Bradley James Has Yellow Skin Troll and the Anti-Shirtless Bradley James Troll are the same person.

[quote] I wonder if the Bradley James Has Yellow Skin Troll and the Anti-Shirtless Bradley James Troll are the same person.

Back when Merlin was still filming, there was one troll who stamped his feet prissily after every episode in which Bradley had a shirtless scene, insisting that he couldn’t act and that he wasn’t even that hot. Sometimes he would elaborate, saying that his teeth were crooked or that his butt wasn’t really as round and big as other posters said. Their posts were as sure as clockwork.

There was another person who repeatedly posed needling questions and insinuations to get people to „admit“ Bradley has yellow skin, sometimes going so far as to claim it outright. It never seemed to go much beyond that, and I’m not sure what the end goal was. Maybe some sort of DL performance art.

*his posts were as sure as clockwork, I should say.

Who wouldn’t want to see Bradley shirtless? Only the mentally ill I think.

Colin may come out you never know. Has he been tied to any male in public ?

I think Colin gets more attractive with age FYI. He looks better to me now than he did on the show. The show seems to have gotten more popular since people are at home. It was on trending shows for me on Netflix the other day.

Morgan has no social media presence that I know of and keeps his private life really private. He took that decision early and appears to have stuck to it. He was at his hottest so far in the ghost story series The Living and the Dead he did for the BBC. There was only one series, unfortunately.

R53, a few popular YouTubers have started reactions on the show, so a lot of their followers, who never saw Merlin because they were too young 12 years ago, are watching now on Netflix. Me and bunch of other old hands (I was the Merlin Ratings Troll on here) are rewatching with them just for the memories. That could explain part of the new success on Netflix.

A choice sampling of the Anti-Shirtless Bradley James Troll’s work:

[quote]I was really hoping they would get back to a proper show this season and that we would finally see an end to the stupid shirtless scenes.

[quote]Is it meant to distract attention from the fact that Bradley James is one of the worst actors on British television?

[quote]Do you not think that Bradley James and the producers have lost their self-respect though?

[quote]Not only are there random unnecessary shirtless scenes thrown in, but now we have Bradley’s pants falling off too.

[quote]This is supposed to be a family magic show, not some sort of forum for producer Johnny Caps to get his fantasies off about Bradley.

[quote]This week’s episode was probably the most blatant example yet of gratuitous shirtless scenes of Bradley James. Not just once, but on two occasions they had him parading around shirtless before the cameras. WHY?! For what purpose?

[quote]Seriously, what is up with that? This is supposed to be a family magic show, not a ‚Night At the Chippendales‘. Why did this become a major part of this show? Who or what convinced the producers to do this?

Katie McGrath – Bio, Age, Height, Married, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Gay or Lesbian?

If you have watched the popular BBC series, Merlin, then you should definitely know who Katie McGrath is. But for those who have not, then introductions are in order. Katie McGrath is an actress of Irish origin and she has featured in many TV series and movies. She is, however, most popular for her role as Lady Morgana in the medieval series, Merlin. Her excellent portrayal of the scheming and evil blue-blooded witch earned her positive reviews, it also earned her two nominations for outstanding actress in a drama series at the Monte Carlo TV Festival. Get to know more about the Merlin star here, including her age, height, love life, and sexual orientation.

Katie McGrath – Bio, Age, Height, Married, Dating, Boyfriend, Is She Gay or Lesbian?

First Dates barman: Merlin Griffiths‘ age, job and family life uncovered as star returns to Channel 4 dating show

FIRST Dates’ barman is TV star and pub owner Merlin Griffiths.

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Merlin Griffiths is the barman on Channel 4’s hit dating show First Dates. 

Merlin’s role in the First Dates restaurant is to calm the daters nerves with a cocktail as they nervously await their match.

Merlin stars alongside Fred Sirieix on the dating show, where hopeful singletons arrive with the hope of finding love. 

But what do we know about Merlin: How old is he? What is his day job and is he married? Take a look: 

Aside from starring on First Dates, Merlin is also a pub owner. 

Merlin owns a pub in Kilburn, London called The Priory Tavern. 

The 41 year old owns the pub with his partner, Lucile.

The pair met at a cocktail competition over ten years ago and have one child together. 

First Dates returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday 28th August. 

First Dates barman: Merlin Griffiths' age, job and family life uncovered as star returns to Channel 4 dating show

10 Reasons The Legendary Merlin Could Be Real

Merlin was not just a legendary figure. An examination of ancient Welsh poetry, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s accounts of King Arthur, and other works reveals a powerful, real prophet, holy man, and bard.

In Britain in the sixth century AD, there existed a prophet, magician, and counselor to King Arthur—Merlin. Was Merlin real? In Britain of the post-Roman Dark Ages, the traditions of the Celts were still alive despite the influence of Christianity. The existence of Celtic culture and that of the real pagan druid or bard Merlin was removed from history by later chroniclers.

There were probably two Merlins. One lived from about AD 450–-536. This was Arthur’s Merlin. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote of him in the History of the Kings of Britain, which became a best seller in Europe when it appeared in 1136. The Life of Merlin by Geoffrey appeared in 1150.

The second, later Merlin was a bard named Myrddin in Welsh. After the Battle of Arderydd in 573, this Merlin went insane and retreated into the woods. These two figures have been conflated, adding confusion to the dating of the Merlin’s life.

10 Reasons The Legendary Merlin Could Be Real

Colin Morgan’s Relationship Status

Morgan is one of those celebrities who would keep his personal life away from the media. He uses no social media be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Due to which information regarding his dating status remains concealed.

The 35-years-old has also never shared his relationship status in public during interviews or events. Therefore, it is not sure if the Benjamin actor is single, dating, or married.

But his name has been frequently linked with his Merlin co-stars Katie Mcgrath and Bradley James.

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Colin Morgan's Relationship Status

Gay Rumors

Morgan has never been vocal about his relationship status, and probably due to that, there are rumors that he may be gay.

The rumors got fueled by his portrayal of a gay person in various movies and TV shows. He made his TV debut portraying John Leary, a gay man, in the Christmas Special of British sketch comedy, The Catherine Tate Show in 2007.

In 2018, he played a gay character, Benjamin, in the comedy film Benjamin.

His portrayal of the gay characters was so perfect that many questioned if he was gay in real-life. However, Morgan has never commented on the rumors.

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The finale was “a love story between two men”

Merlin and Arthur’s friendship has obviously been one of the driving forces of the series, and the perceived ambiguity of their relationship has been a main focus for the fandom. In this commentary, Murphy and McGrath share some really interesting thoughts (and some very funny jokes) about the pair of them, and while a lot of what they say is definitely not meant to be taken seriously, we did find some of their comments worth pointing out.

Most notably, the showrunner confirms that Merlin and Arthur did indeed grow to love each other by the end of the series, calling it a “pure” love. “We did, very genuinely, think of the episode as a love story between two men. Which is what I think it is, jokes and innuendo aside,” he says. McGrath adds that, “you can’t deny that Merlin and Arthur do love each other, you know? In whatever love way you want to think, there is no denying.”

Their jokes in the commentary largely revolve around the idea that magic (and the magic reveal) is a metaphor for homosexuality – an idea which Merlin fans have been throwing around for years, and we were therefore surprised to hear the way in which McGrath and Murphy address it. Murphy says things like, “on no level is magic metaphorical in this show,” to which McGrath will respond, “it’s funny, I don’t actually feel like you’re being sincere.” This leaves us to wonder to what extent they were, in fact, making these metaphors on a more conscious level than perhaps the average viewer (who wasn’t necessarily looking for the subtext) might have assumed.

Murphy points to the moment where Arthur finally dies as what the entire series has been building towards. At the “just hold me,” Murphy justifies to a shocked McGrath that, “well, he’s dying, the man he loves is dying, so he’s holding him.”

“I think you maybe just confirmed what a lot of people thought,” McGrath says at the end of the commentary. “And I’m glad that Julian could do it, because he’s probably the only one who could have gotten away with that commentary.”

We also want to point to a hilarious line by Murphy, even if it is said in joke (when Arthur passes his seal to Gaius), “That’s the last vestige of his heterosexu– I mean sorry, that’s the last vestige of his marriage.” Well, now that the show is over, we guess they can finally make jokes like this, right?

Gwen and Leon? Morgana and… Morgause?

Now, here is a ship which never really sailed, but which this writer in particular might have developed a bit of a penchant for. And evidently, so has Katie McGrath. Murphy jokes about Gwen being a “scorned wife,” and McGrath replies, “but she has Sir Leon!” Although Murphy’s response (“ah, see, that’s another undercurrent in Merlin“) sounds like a joke, we’ll take it. Gweon, are we calling it?

McGrath also complains that she never got a love interest, and Murphy pays homage to another fan pairing: “I gave you Morgause. Incestuous lesbianism, what more do you want?” Although he maintains that it was McGrath and Emilia Fox who brought that element of their relationship across. Sadly though, the Gwen/Morgana mud wrestling scene never got greenlit. “It’s a family show,” Murphy says. “Not in your head,” McGrath replies.

Boyfriend/Husband, Is She Married or Dating?

Katie McGrath is said to be in a relationship with her Merlin co-star, Colin Morgan. Colin Morgan is equally Irish and played the titular role of the young lovable wizard, Merlin. McGrath and Morgan reportedly started dating in 2010 after meeting on the set of Merlin. It must be stressed that neither of them has publicly confirmed this relationship. However, their rabid fan base point to pictures and videos of them together as evidence of their relationship.

With regard to marriage, the actress is not married and has never been. But she has expressed in an interview that she would one day love to have a house in the country with dogs, chickens, and kids.

Is Katie McGrath Gay/Lesbian?

There have been a few rumours that McGrath is gay. These rumours may have been due to some of the gay roles she has played. One of such is in the horror/thriller series, Dracula. In it, she played the role of a rich society girl who has feelings for her female best friend. The role also required her to kiss another actress onscreen. Despite this, we can authoritatively state that McGrath is not gay/lesbian. She has never been romantically linked with a woman in real life.

Colin Morgan and Katie Mcgrath

Morgan and Irish actress Katie McGrath starred in the 2008 TV series Merlin. Morgan portrayed the role of Merlin while McGrath played Morgana Pendragon in the show.

The pair have often been linked together. Many sites even quote that the duo got engaged in 2016 and are getting married. However, no evidence proves they had a relationship more than friendship.

Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath pose for TV Guide Magazine’s photoshoot in May 2013 (Photo: TV Guide Magazine’s Instagram)

They have never confirmed dating or have addressed each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Colin Morgan and Bradley James

Morgan played the character of Merlin, while English actor Bradley James portrayed Arthur Pendragon in Merlin. Their formidable on-screen chemistry and strong friendship off the screen started their dating rumors.

They are not even in touch with each other frequently. In March 2020, James took to his Instagram Live to answer if he was still in touch with his Merlin co-stars. He disclosed that he wasn’t really in touch with Morgan though he sometimes goes to his plays on stage.