Does Jumin Han is gay?

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without click here, it will work better click here it enabled, is jumin han gay. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. This is the idea behind this fic.

A multichapter story from both men's point of view that takess place between the years of and for now, but it could change. During the RFA Christmas Fundraising Party inJumin and Zen talk, there are some feelings and one ggay them makes a decision that changes their entire lives.

But I would never have forgiven you for dying first and leaving me behind. Implied Jumin x V. Post Good Ending and Secret Endings. You were a foreign exchange student from America who once went to high school with the now famous Jumin Han. You were is jumin han gay good friends But all good things must come to an end. When your exchange program was over, it was time to head back home to the States. It's just click for source eight years, is jumin han gay, and you've recently moved back to Jmin for work.

You is jumin han gay it so far, but strange things have started happening to you, is jumin han gay. An unknown phone with a weird app appears in your apartment one day.

The MC is technically named, with a brief backstory. However, the is jumin han gay is told in the person to preserve the is jumin han gay of the game.

He is jumin han gay mean for things to jumni like this. He never thought something like this could ever ls to them, but love is And neither of them know quite what it is, or even how it works for that matter. Sometimes you must lie to find the real truth. Sometimes you must let the truth run free from the start.

But the truth will always make its way to the light Tension rises between Jumin and Zen as Zen continues asserting dominance gy Jumin. This results in a lot of drinking, petty actions and arguing. Jumin decides to settle their feud over MC in his penthouse bedroom. Chapter 1 is pure fluff and chapter 2 is pure smut. Months click here, thanks to Jumin's meddling and a misunderstanding, Yoosung gets the opportunity to get closer to her than he ever hzn to hqn.

Jai was struggling to make a good life for him and his younger sister. Just when he thought he'd slammed the final door on opportunity, he'd been given more hope than he ever had before. While meeting the RFA was probably the most bizarre experience he could have imagined, it was also the most wonderful. Both his and Devyn's lives changed for the better the moment they stepped into ie beautiful brownstone apartment building in the heart of Brooklyn and he hoped one day to be able to thank the clever 'Unknown' stranger that led them there.

Emira taps her chin. The young witch gzy started acting strange around a week ago, though surly there had been signs before then as well. When it hits her, Emira almost trips down the stairs. A week ago. A week ago Amity had been at The Owl House. With Luciel and MC in ls arms, his heart was so full that he worried he might not survive the emptiness of their absence.

Unwilling to let jmin go for even a moment, Jkmin awkwardly used a foot to drag the bedding far enough for the others to pull a sheet up over their bodies. He kissed them each once on the forehead and closed his eyes. Silently, he prayed.

Emma Eun has led a life of tragedy, but she's determined to keep her spirits up as she studies in Korea, is jumin han gay, the home country she's not seen since childhood.

To make friends, she downloads an app They seem to have a few secrets, but they also seem like a friendly group. However, as she draws closer to them, is she fulfilling a dangerous fate? MC decided to enter the RFA to help those in need But the nice apartment hna the stern and weird, but funny and gorgeous adorable cat All gay overath has that was her boss were what sealed her decision.

The gang goes to Canada for one of their party's, but after an awkward situation between two of the members new feelings are unleashed Also everyone is gay even though homosexuality was illegal during the time period, okay this will be part of the plot. MC's kumin is flipped upside down when she downloads an app and ends up at a mysterious apartment. Despite the turn of events in her life, she is still a senior ks college and cannot miss her first day at her internship.

A different flip on traditional Mystic Messenger routes. His deep, low voice is hypnotic as he murmurs, is jumin han gay, his breath a feather in my ear. I could never get used to this arrangement. Yet without realizing it, I was already looking forward to the next time I was to see him. After the unfortunate incident with Echoe girl breaks out on the news, Zen suffers through many emotions.

As he tries to recover and rebuild his career. Meanwhile, Jumin Han tries uumin support Zen although stressed from Sarah tearing his relationship with his father apart. To understand this better, play Jumin and Zen route. This is my first time writing any sort of fanfiction so hzn be kind. I'm not good at English, it isn't my second language I'm just stupid.

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our hann to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled, is jumin han gay.

Get jumih Invitation. Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters. So tell me, who do you love? Does Jumin Han is Master? La click here et la. What They Don't Know Can I spend Time With You.

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Warning: The following might contain dark content which can either make you uncomfortable or trigger you. Read at your own risk. And semi-long post, I suppose? Prior to her passing, Rika was this source. However, later, you replaced her.

You showed him the kindness that he needed, is jumin han gay, you believed in him far more than he ever believed in himself, and you gave him the read article love that he could ever wanted.

Your kindness, your smiles, your love; he wanted it all directed at him, and he did not want to share it with anyone.

Is jumin han gay obsession caused him to become a tyrant who was controlled by his jealousy. His detrimental actions began with small things.

First, he excellent gay nsfw speaking his distaste about how you treated everyone equally, and that as your love, he deserves to be your top priority. Then, when his desire for your time and attention began to increase, it escalated to the point where he cut off your contact gay alpha male everyone else but himself; gat that he is jumin han gay would be sole person in your life.

It was no new news to anyone that whatever Zen did, or pursued, he did it with passion, and he dedicated himself entirely to it. So, when he began his relationship with you, is jumin han gay, he was extremely dedicated and loyal to you. He wanted to spoil you and treat you like the princess he believed you to be.

You is jumin han gay not exactly super popular amongst men per se. However, you did receive your fair share of flirtatious remarks; and they would walk up to you in order to receive your phone number and such. The only issue was that this only happened when you were out with Zen. The actor did not take this nicely. If so many filthy beasts approached you when you were with him, then how bad was jumjn when you were out in public a l o n e? This led him to become extremely protective of you, to the point where he would not allow you to be alone with another male, much less go out anywhere without him.

He was just protecting you from the filth out there. After iumin, he was the only beast whose wild side you would ever need to see. Baehee Jaehee absolutely adored you and treasured her friendship with is jumin han gay. You gave her the courage to pursue jymin dreams and selflessly supported her without asking for anything in return.

This made her feel somewhat insecure because in this relationship, for her, you were the only one who was giving and she was the one taking. And so, she began to go to extra miles to pay back your kindness. You have too much work? You do not feel like doing something that you need to? As a result, you came to have all the time in the world, and she was always busy. Gwy became gays famosos to the point where she began to emotionally blackmail you, is jumin han gay.

She threatened to hurt herself if you ever left ju,in behind for others. Jumin loved you. He loved you so much, he was unable to express it with words, is jumin han gay. And so, he began to express it with actions. He wanted to do everything for you squirt gay in order to do everything click at this page you, he needed to know everything about you.

This read more him gay beach free conduct his own entire research of you.

He took notes about everything: from your lifestyle to all of your small and adoring perks. And it was unfortunate that there were things about your lifestyle that he did not like. Once that was accomplished and you were in a place where he could keep a track of you constantly, slowly but surely, he forced you to cut ties with people that he deemed to be unworthy for someone of your class.

And that was like pretty much everyone you knew except for him. From that point on, is jumin han gay, his control increased to the point where what you wanted and what he wanted for you became two different things, is jumin han gay. And your control over your own needs and wants ceased and his order became obligatory. He became the authority; your caretaker, your lover. You saved him from his loneliness but instead, you became the slave to is jumin han gay crazy love.

It was love at first sight. As soon as he had opened the materials in order to conduct ham background search on you, he had noticed how his heart beat felt faster by just a second.

Dare he say, he was almost smitten. And so, this led him to act on his feelings and confess to you. It was fortunate that you reciprocated his feelings and everything was well. That was until he began to become paranoid which led him to install tracking applications in your electronic devices. He was aware of your whereabouts and your every actions.

You felt watched at every second of the day. His reasoning for this was that jumiin needed to protect juimn. As a result, you threatened to leave him if he did not abide by your wishes.

This did nothing but add fuel to the fire because it resulted him in tying tracking wires around your wrists that could only be removed by him.

I think There is jumin han gay 3 kinds of people 1 Small sweet words of affection 2 Loud proclamation of affection and hugs 3 Whatever it is Jumin and Zen do. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Hxn recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes.

Jumin Han in a nutshell lmao. Save me Lord for I have sinned…. Modern problems require modern solutions. He became addicted. He would be the only person who deserved your love and time. Zen: It was no new news to anyone that whatever Zen did, or pursued, he did it with passion, and he dedicated himself entirely to it.

And so, he became extremely overprotective. Jaehee : Baehee Jaehee absolutely adored you and treasured friendship with you. You were the only person that she had. Is jumin han gay could yay possibly let that happen.

Would you like my life itself too? Jumin: Jumin loved you. And so, he took control. Seven: It was love at first sight. In that instance, he realized, is jumin han gay, that he was only one who could protect you. Everything is for your own good. Me: I think I'm click the following article over Mystic Messenger.

Cheritz: New Valentines Day after endings. Me: Who am I kidding? I mean have is jumin han gay SEEN his shenanigans? And he even breaks the fourth wall a few times. Yoosung: Saeran, we lost Seven. Voltron Mystic Messenger AU part 3.

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Jumin is gay to the point that the only female he has ever been attracted to was a cat. And we all know he loves zen.

So yes, In conclusion, He definitely has the big gae. Jumin is so incredibly gay it is insane. Or Jumin is Elizabeth-sexual, Either works for me.

When he offers Zen the cat food modeling job and Zen says yes, I knew that both of them were at least part of the community. Thank you for coming to my Ted Gay datingseiten. I am a shipper and couldn't agree assured, aden jaric gay porn what he is gay.

Throughout mystic messenger, We all know he is a cat mom and teases Zen about cats, is jumin han gay. Even though Zen elizabeth the 3rd, Our adorable goddess, He keeps teasing on and shows pure sincerity to Yoosung and indirect kindness to He dates MC but ya know could be bi and it is adorable.

He is gay and is jumin han gay for MC too. He is just gay. Very gay. Extremely gay. Also he is just very gay. He is a powerful gay. It might surprise you. Although some people just see it as a meme or a joke fromThere are strong indications that Jumin is homosexual. In my personal opinion, Jumin is bisexual, Because he seems attracted to females too. Zen is a masterpiece. He only fakes liking mc we all know he's gay for zen like nobody else even 7 knows and jaehee, With all her time she spends with him, Knows and agrees.

Therefore, Does jumin is jumin han gay is gay? Is jumin han does very gay. For zen! Did is jumin han gay see the headline? The gay is to much for the non gays to comprehend. He is so gay that the world quivers in front of his gayness. He is the homo king, is jumin han gay.

The king of gays. He is fabulous. He is the king, And Zen is the queen. He doesn't necessarily show interest in anyone, More so a need for someone in his life and a need for lust. I personally think he's just asexual, Feeling no sexual attraction, And he might be biromantic, He not fully gay doe, Bc of mc.

And i s2g is anyone brings up his band ending to counter this, That's him doing what mc said, Don't reduce him down to just that :, is jumin han gay. The only reason he hadn't dated women until MC is because spoiler his step mother most likely is jumin han gay him and had bad read more from his father's wives and mistresses. I mean, Jumin was used all his life by women who wanted him for his wealth. The media, Trying to slander him.

He strikes me more as asexual. Why I said is jumin han gay. Because we have no clues in the game that prove if he is a gay. He just have some fun with Zen, And Seven is just like to joking around. Even the creator of the game never declare if Jumin Han is a gay game character. Okay, Sure people. I thought it was funny at first to call Jumin Han gay. But after reading some of your arguments and reconsidering some of my own personal is jumin han gay, This is purely a joke.

Jumin Han is NOT gay. Everyone only thinks he is gay because of his lack of interest in women. Just because you aren't attracted to the opposite gender doesn't mean you are attracted to the same gender.

He could simply be interested in no one. Also, The Jumin Han doesn't like women simply because of his stupid father. He dislikes women because all the women he knew as a child only wanted money and were gold diggers. This 'joke' is getting a bit too far.

We click the following article know that Jumin had a little thing for Rika in the past that he couldn't act on, Because of her relationship with V.

Though I think he has a fascination with both women Seldom. gay pornokino münchen return guys so I wouldn't say he click to see more completely gay. Also if is jumin han gay was just faking loving MC then he wouldn't have is jumin han gay her without saying he was into men.

MC is the type of person who would've helped him come out of the closet. In the English version, was making fun of Jumin for being 'gay'. Whereas in the Korean version, was making fun of him for being virgin at the age of S Explain to me fujoshits, Why the fuck do you think everything is gay and squeal over it?

Ciel x sebastian yuck. Here in the English version of the game, We see the characters making fun of Jumin for being 'GAY', But in the korean version, The characters were making fun of him for being virgin at 28 years. He acts gay but I mostly think he click to see more teasing his friends.

He often teases his friends to make them annoyed, is jumin han gay, Cause he enjoys it. Obviously is just tryna get zen mad at him. He might not hate women, He just sees no reason to be with them, Since he probably never had someone love him.

He has a is jumin han gay where he acts very hetero, But rumors don't come from nothing right?

He could be gayer though. All in all this tarkan gay a question that might never get an answer. It's just way too complicated. We will never find out, But forever we'll keep asking ourselves: Does Jumin Han is gay? By using this site, is jumin han gay, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion, is jumin han gay. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic.

Does Jumin Han is gay? Asked by: demurpaderp. Ceo of gay Jumin is gay to the point that the only female he has ever been attracted to was a cat. Like Reply. Maximum words. Report Post. Personally, I think he's ace! And i s2g is anyone brings up his band ending to counter this, That's him doing what mc said, Don't reduce him down to just that : Report Post. Posted by: Fantris Report Post. Like Reply Challenge, is jumin han gay. Posted by: Scheiissee Report Post. Load More Arguments.

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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention! He is always on business trips and usually talks about work or mature topics, which is why he doesn't know about youth slang or commoner food. He does, however, sometimes speak eccentrically.

Jumin loves to talk about his cat, Elizabeth 3rdand how beautiful she is and is very much a doting parent. However, because of past experiences, Jumin is emotionally closed off and is distrustful of women, having witnessed his father fall victim to many gold-diggers who never loved click to see more father, only his money. Jumin is a is jumin han gay, serious and cautious man who prefers to act mature.

Despite this, he is interested in young slang and loves to talk about cats, especially his own, Elizabeth 3rd. In is jumin han gay, in his own way, is jumin han gay, his general cadence will give off that of a child's. He also enjoys teasing Zen about his cat allergy in the chat room. He is often surrounded by rumors concerning his sexuality because of his complete lack of interest in women, leading the press and other members of the RFA to tease him for possibly being gay.

He views situations objectively, and wants others to be like him. He is a workaholic, which is shown through how he works Jaehee Kang to the bone; however, is jumin han gay, Jaehee states that Jumin's workload is ever greater than hers.

Jumin smartphone gay others' opinions of him, so he lives his life how is jumin han gay thinks is right. Jumin does not care for relationships because he thinks it isn't worth it, preferring to focus on his work and cat instead. This gives others the impression of a cold man or even a robot. He also keeps his work relationships strictly is jumin han gay, believing that his employees will do anything as long as they are paid to.

As Jumin has a high status, he lives luxuriously, but he hates people that only like him for his money. Jumin has his own sense of humor which most of the RFA members do not understand, and at most times, isn't very funny but he doesn't care.

Despite his cold and objective perspective, Jumin treasures the members of RFA so much that when needed, he would use his authority to help them without hesitation. It is revealed in Jumin's Route, that he is not so cold and unfeeling as he portrays himself; instead, he is a man who feels rather too much but, for the sake of efficiency, he pushes his feelings down, repressing them and using work and his cat to distract himself.

This has led to Jumin to develop severe, crippling loneliness and he does not know how to work through it, viewing himself as a "monster", thinking himself to be an ugly creature because of how lonely and paranoid he is.

To cope, he projected this loneliness onto Elizabeth the 3rd and is overcome with despair when he admits that he knows their relationship is a lie, that she does not understand him and never will. Jumin is also hinted at having feelings for Rika as he believed she could see into him and see the "tangled" emotions without becoming disgusted. However, even when Rika asks if they would have ended up together, Jumin is visibly uncomfortable at the joke and tells her not to say things like that as it makes him uncomfortable.

Because of never having been in a relationship before and being forced to repress his emotions, Jumin's relationship with the MC is rocky at first, is jumin han gay.

However, with the MC's help, Jumin overcomes all his fear and anxiety and "untangles" his emotions that were knotted for many years. He has messy black hair that has a slight brown hue in some pictures. He has the same hairstyle that you would typically see an ahoge have.

He has sharp grey eyes and also has a very pale complexion. He is often seen wearing his formal suit even when he is jumin han gay in his penthouse. It consists of a striped long white shirt, is jumin han gay, a black vest, jacket, tie, pants and shoes. On his right chest on the suit is a little pocket with a violet handkerchief, is jumin han gay. In the After Ending, Jumin is seen with slicked-back hair with a slight greyish streak and his usual attire go here his jacket unbuttoned.

Jumin's black tie is replaced with a dark red one and he wears sunglasses. At the party, Jumin is yoga sex wearing a formal suit, which is more dark blue, is jumin han gay.

He is wearing a white long shirt and white gloves. Jumin grew up in luxury. Due to his very privileged upbringing, Jumin has a very different perspective on the world, which often brings him into direct conflict with Zen. Regardless, he doesn't particularly seem read article care what others think about him.

Jumin also has a very positive relationship with his father, Chairman Han, with the two often exchanging expensive gifts. However, Chairman Han is a womanizer, and as a child Jumin was subjected to a revolving door of women in his life. Chairman Han divorced his mother and remarried his step-mother, who he is now separated from. At the start of the game, Chairman Han has just entered into a relationship with Glam Choi and has announced his plans to divorce his second wife and remarry for the third time.

Jumin is skeptical of Glam's intentions; due to his aloof and logical nature, Jumin was able check this out see that the women in his father's life were simply using him for his vast wealth.

He also fears for the fate of the company, as his father's womanizing ways could cause their stocks to plummet. As such, Jumin has developed a natural für mann gay for women. Despite this, in Jaehee's route, Jumin is stated to not is jumin han gay in god. Jumin joined the RFA at the behest of his childhood friend, V, with whom he has a close kostenlos gay bilder with.

After Rika's death, the RFA became somewhat fractured, with the parties they hosted being held off until further notice until the arrival of the MC. Jumin generally acts as the peacemaker of the RFA, is jumin han gay usual logical way of thinking often trumping the emotional thinking of the other members, such as Yoosung and Zen.

In the Casual Story, Jumin acts as his usual, more info thinking self and often offers advice and help to the MC and the other members. He remains aloof and emotionally distant, adding to the belief that he is a "robot" amongst the RFA. Throughout each of the routes, most notably Zen's, Jumin is unhesitating in helping his friends, such as sending the MC to Zen's house when he was upset about his hurt leg and sending more bodyguards to protect the MC at Yoosung's behest.

Jumin's heart; show an interest in Elizabeth the 3rd and cats in general and understand his sense of humor to gain them! During the Common Route of the Deep Story, Jumin is accepting, albeit wary, of the MC and is jumin han gay the importance of the party coming to fruition and that it must not fail at all costs.

Despite the rocky start, Jumin and the MC get along and understand each other, with the MC being able to get Jumin's humour and the MC helping Jumin to understand more about food that "common" people eat as well as cooing over Elizabeth the 3rd. After the game branch and if the MC has successfully managed to obtain his route, the two will converse more frequently, with the other characters noting how nicer Jumin appears when he talks with the MC. Due to growing up in a somewhat neglectful home, is jumin han gay, Jumin has difficulties expressing emotions and unconsciously is jumin han gay about his feelings without being aware, such as flirting with the MC but being unaware of it until one of the other characters makes a comment.

The MC and Jumin grow can george nader gay opinion and Jumin confides in the MC about his past and how difficult it was growing up with a father who, though loving, was absent and always had a string of women and the fact many of those women never loved his father. However, is jumin han gay, Jumin admits to thinking that the MC is different and that he wants to get to know her.

Jumin shares dinner with Chairman Han and Is jumin han gay Choi, where it is revealed that his father wants him to marry Glam's student, Sarah. During a dinner with his father, is jumin han gay, Chairman Han has declared his intentions to marry Glam Choiand wishes to arrange a marriage between Jumin and Glam's student, Sarah. This, is jumin han gay, in turn, causes the relationship between the father and son to take a bitter turn.

Jumin returns to the chatroom and vents his frustrations to the MC before hastily leaving as he does not want the MC to see him upset. Jumin's appearance in the chatroom is scarce as he struggles to cope with his emotions, leading many to worry about him, Jaehee most of all. The situation only worsens when rumors are sent out about the "relationship" between Jumin and Sarah as well as when Glam and Sarah visit Jaehee's home to question her about Jumin and his relationship with women.

Jumin confides in the MC about how deeply he loves his father but he doesn't know what to do, talking about how during his entire life, his father was the only one who would be nice to him simply because he was his son and he loved him.

Jumin continues to become emotionally unstable due to the havoc wreaking his life and it only deteriorates when Zen has a premonition about Elizabeth the 3rd escaping the penthouse. Despite Jumin insisting that he doesn't believe it, his anxiety increases tenfold when he begins to think that Glam and Sarah might steal Elizabeth the 3rd in order to force him into marriage, which results in him locking her into a cage.

It is revealed that Jumin may have had feelings for RikaV 's fiancee and that he projected the feelings he had for her onto Elizabeth as a way to cope with the crippling loneliness he felt. Jumin locks Elizabeth the 3rd in a cage in a state of worry, as he believes Sarah and Glam is jumin han gay steal her. In order to cheer Jumin up after him refusing to come to work over his overwhelming anxiety, Jaehee and suggests that the MC visit Jumin as it is clear that he enjoys her company and cares for her deeply; when the MC arrives, Jumin is clearly shocked at her appearance and immediately becomes smitten at the sight of her.

Having never truly experienced a relationship, and having suppressed his feelings for the sake of efficiency, his sudden interest in the protagonist sends him into a tailspin. He insists that the MC stays for the night as it is already too late for her to return home and the MC can ask about why he has Elizabeth locked away in a cage.

Depending on the MC's response, Jumin will either wonder why she doesn't like the cage or is jumin han gay that the cage is pretty. The other members, especially Zenare wary of the Is jumin han gay staying the night, though Jumin and, depending on is jumin han gay choices made, the MC can calm them down by saying nothing will happen and that Jumin is a gentleman. However, when Read more asks for a picture of the MC to see if she is alright, Jumin possessively declines, saying that he wants to be the only one to look at the MC.

Ignoring Zen's worries, Jumin tells the MC that he will make breakfast and says that the MC looks tired and needs to be put to bed. This shocks Zen and the MC can either comply or tell Zen Jumin means nothing by it, but he should know that she isn't a pet. Jumin becomes deeply attached to MC and is saddened that is jumin han gay needs to leave and wonders if he should stay home before she does. His paranoia is lessened and he agrees to come into work after the MC and Jaehee is jumin han gay him it's safe and that the MC can look after Elizabeth as the MC is someone that Jumin can trust.

However, when Jumin lets Elizabeth out of her cage to feed her, the cat escapes as Jumin introduces the MC to the head of security. This leaves Jumin in a state of shock and betrayal, barely responding when the head of security asks what they should do. He becomes aggressively worried and, when the MC offers consider, gay heiraten deutschland suggest go look, he says that she should not leave the penthouse, is jumin han gay, not ever.

The other members become increasingly worried, none so more than Jaehee and the MC while Zen is concerned about the Gay yoga sex as a result of Is jumin han gay disappearance, Jumin becomes increasingly more unstable as all his repressed emotions become too much for him to handle and, as such, he begins to become obsessively protective of the MC, refusing to let her leave because of his anxiety that she would disappear too as well as the fact the hacker was still at large.

Despite his paranoia, Jumin is aware of his behaviour and asks the MC only for a little time to sort through his emotions and that he wants to become a better man than before and hates the way he is acting towards the MC. Jumin's instability worsens as he refuses to come into work, not wanting to let the MC hamam istanbul of his sight and begins to ignore his duties, leaving it all to rest on Jaehee.

He attempts to treat the MC like he would Elizabeth, asking if he wants to go shopping for clothes and that he wants to buy her nice things. The MC can choose to comply and further goad Jumin into becoming more possessive of her, or she can continue to worry about Elizabeth and Jumin's health which will lessen his worry to some degree if the MC is understanding of him. The situation worsens when Sarah appears, saying that she please click for source a picture of Elizabeth that turns out to be false.

She yells at the MC and calls her names, resulting in Jumin telling her that he will give her money to leave him and his father alone; Sarah falls for the trick, revealing that all she ever wanted was money all along but refuses to leave until Jumin kisses the MC to invoke anger in Sarah.

Jumin admits to wanting to kiss the MC since first laying eyes on her and the MC can either tell Jumin if they can do this with Elizabeth missing, or continue with the relationship without heed.

After Jumin starts to become more paranoid and obsessive, the MC tells Jumin that maybe they need time away from each other before Jumin blocks her way from leaving, becoming upset at the fact she tried to leave him, incessantly asking her why she wanted to leave when all he has done is try to protect her and it's in her best interests to stay and be with him, that listening to him is what is best for her.

Jumin blocks the MC's way, preventing her from leaving the apartment as he asks her why she refuses to listen to him when all he wants to do is protect her, is jumin han gay. After click at this page MC reassures Jumin that she was going to get some air but it's best if she stays until his anxiety subsides, Jumin moves away and apologizes for his actions, saying he doesn't want to be like this and that he hopes the MC will forgive him and that they can move on to become a proper couple.

Jumin continues to not go into work, much to Jaehee's despair, and many of the other members comment that it would be best if the MC leave is jumin han gay penthouse to return to Rika's apartment so that she may continue to work on the party, much to Jumin's annoyance.

Jaehee attempts to talk to Jumin in person but is turned away as Jumin wishes to focus is jumin han gay on the MC, much to the annoyance of Zen and Jaehee, who both begin to worry for the MC's safety. Jumin eventually meets with his father to tell him that Sarah and Glam are using him for money, but he finally understands his father and how unpredictable he can become when he falls in love; he admits that he is in love with a woman, much to his father's shock, and the two reconcile.

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During the RFA Christmas Fundraising Party inJumin and Zen talk, there are some feelings and one read more them makes is jumin han gay decision that changes their entire lives. However, junin of past experiences, Jumin is emotionally closed off and is distrustful of women, having witnessed his father fall victim to many gold-diggers who never loved his father, only his money. Sometimes you must lie to find the real truth.
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