Avi Kaplan Gay Rumors?Online poll shows 89 percent think he might be gay

It seems like every celebrity has been called gay at some point or another. Many of the gay rumors surrounding Avi Kaplan (Pentatonix singer) seem to be tied to his obsessive attention to his body, like most singers.

However the poll suggests that a big majority – 89% – of fans don’t care about his sexual orientation.

Who Is Kristen Wiig’s Boyfriend? 5 Things to Know About Avi Rothman

The comedian was recently spotted showing plenty of PDA with Rothman on a romantic Hawaiian getaway

Kristen Wiig and her boyfriend Avi Rothmanshowing off some major PDA in Kauai, Hawaii, on Wednesday – but who exactly is her new guy?

Rothman and Wiig have been “secretly dating for a few months,” a source told PEOPLE exclusively. “He’s her boyfriend. They’re really happy together.”

Rothman is a writer, actor, producer and director who trained at the Groundlings theater in Los Angeles (where Wiig also studied). His IMDb page lists several acting, writing and producing credits in films, shorts and TV series. He also recently directed the short film Bunion, which premiered at the WILDsound Film Festival in 2015.

“I’d really like to finish writing and shoot a feature,” he told the WILDsound Festival Review premiere last May. “[It] should have been completed a year ago.”

Since the short film’s release, Rothman has acted in several more shorts, but has yet to release his feature film.

Rothman plays the titular character in the popular YouTube series “Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy.” His inspiration for the character, he has said, came from his own experiences as an avid yogi.

“My sister got me into yoga about seven years ago. For a while I became addicted and was in class five times a week,” he said in a 2010 interview with The Laugh Button. “I’m usually the quiet one in class, generally keeping to myself.”

He added: “I love observing people. At times I thought there were so many characters in my yoga class. I would see a lot of guys blatantly hitting on and trying to pick up women, and vice versa.”

Besides “Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” Rothman has written and starred in several other web series, including “The Seth & Avi Show,” “Gay Roommates,” and “Modern Day Jesus.”

He got his start in web comedy when a friend studying online marketing in business school challenged Rothman and some pals to create a viral video.

“We basically came up with this idea of making a pseudo commercial for American Apparel where all of us were naked, making breakfast,” he told The Laugh Button. “I think it got over 150,000 hits in two days. … I think it would have gotten more except for the fact that it was flagged for ‘adult content.’ ”

Rothman added: “I think that video helped me realize how accessible an audience could be, if it in fact went viral.”

With his extensive background in showbiz, it makes sense that Rothman would be a total cinephile. Some of his favorite films?

“Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Big Lebowski, Raging Bull, A Clockwork Orange, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Little Miss Sunshine, Punch Drunk Love, Casablanca. These are just a few,” he told the WILDsound Festival Review.

Besides his many connections in the tight-knit comedy community, Rothman also has ties to the A-list: A source reveals to PEOPLE that Rothman is pals with Adele!

We’re anxiously awaiting a web series starring Rothman, Wiig and the “Hello” singer – who is quite the comedian herself!

Who Is Kristen Wiig's Boyfriend? 5 Things to Know About Avi Rothman

David Muir is a Gay, Finally with boyfriend Sean started living as a life partner

With being one of the most prominent television personality of media world, David Muir has always been in the limelight whether it is due to his work or his profession. David Muir is better known for working as a news anchor of ABC News show ‘ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’.

Most interesting part of this one of the most influential media personality, David Muir is his true sexuality. It is openly revealed that he is a gay.

David’s attraction towards his male partner and colleagues has never been hidden in the media and other people. Whether with his affection towards male or going on a date with his male friends, he has always been spotted in the camera of media. David has been keeping most part of his private life matters in a secretive way.

There came a lot of rumor that he is having an affair with many of his male boyfriends. Despite of keeping his lips tight about his personal life, information about him becoming involved in love relationship with his boyfriend has always heated the media place.

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Now it is openly exposed that he is a gay. For the first time, he was seen having a serious love relationship with news reporter Gio Benitez. He dated Gio for a long period. After being in long term relation, the couple got separated and parted their ways.

In past days, the news of him going on a date with his rumored boyfriend Sean has created the maximum buzz in the news of media. However, David never confirmed about his love affection towards his partner Sean openly in front of media and public. Despite of not conforming the news of his relation with rumored boyfriend, Sean he has always been in the media news.

David is most often seen roaming around with his boyfriend Sean. At the present time, the news of David Muir getting married to his longtime partner Sean is creating hot temperature in media news. It is revealed in the media news that he has already got married to his partner Sean and living happy life with him. With restricting the boundary created by the society and being in the controversial news, David Muir tied knot in marital relationship with his boyfriend Sean.

40 years age illustrious ABC news anchor, David Muir has officially declared that he has got married to his longtime partner Sean and living happy married life with him. However, due to his secret married ceremony there is not any news published about where and when he got married with Sean.

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David Muir has most been in controversial news and his marriage news with boyfriend Sean has placed him as part of criticism of many people. His relation with Sean has created a lot of buzz in media world and the recent news of him getting married to boyfriend Sean will further placed him in the top headline of all media news channel as well.

David Muir is a Gay, Finally with boyfriend Sean started living as a life partner

Gay Tel Aviv for Beginners

Israel is without a doubt the best country in the Middle East for gay and lesbian individuals to live. Gay people can serve openly in the Israeli military. Additionally, Israeli governments have been promoting social equality for LGBT people for more than a decade. So it should come as no surprise that Israel’s capital of cool, Tel Aviv, has gained an international reputation as one of the world’s top destinations for gay men. Transgender and lesbian visitors are also openly welcome. If you haven’t yet added Tel Aviv to your travel itinerary, our Gay Tel Aviv for Beginners guide will have you looking at tickets in no time!

Gay Tel Aviv for Beginners

Who is Kristen Wiig’s fiancé Avi Rothman? How she found love again after her brief marriage to Hayes Hargrove

The couple, who got engaged last year, welcomed twins this year through surrogate after trying to have babies for a while

With ‚Wonder Woman 1984‘ clocking in mixed reviews, it’s been an interesting year for Kristen Wiig, to say the least. The ‚Saturday Night Live‘ star welcomed twins earlier this year with her fiancé, Avi Rothman. The actress and her writer/actor fiancé had been reportedly trying to have children for a few years now and they finally did, via a surrogate. The actress has been embracing motherhood completely. 

Wiig and Rothman have been in a relationship for around five years, they were confirmed to be dating in 2016 when photos of them vacationing in Kauai, Hawaii surfaced, although sources claimed that they’d been together months prior. The couple has been private for the most part of their relationship and they got engaged in early 2019, according to People. In case you’re wondering who exactly is Avi Rothman, here’s the lowdown. 

Who is Kristen Wiig's fiancé Avi Rothman? How she found love again after her brief marriage to Hayes Hargrove

Why Tel Aviv Is One of the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities in the World

Tel Aviv is among the most popular holiday destinations for LGBTQ travellers, with the city home to a plethora of LGBTQ bars, gyms, beaches and hotels, as well the largest Pride parade in the Middle East and Asia.

Special report: Gay-4-Pay in Prague

Editor’s note: In this GlobalPost investigative report, Prague correspondent Iva Skoch gained rare access to one of Eastern Europe’s most secretive industries, uncovering a world where shifting human sexuality meets rampant commercial demand. It is an industry where global economic crisis mixes with the latest web technologies, set amid the upheavals of Eastern Europe’s uneven transition from communism to a raw form of capitalism. In this multimedia report, we examine the complex and interlocking pieces of Prague’s booming gay porn business, from its roots in an American entrepreneur, to the cultural, moral and political foundations that make Prague a gay porn capital, as well as the economic necessities that drive many into the industry, and finally, the human toll it takes on workers. It is intended solely for mature audiences.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — Martin Justel is 20, as old as the Czech democracy and, arguably, just as mature.

He is scrawny and too tall for his body mass. He has a baby face, short auburn hair, long eyelashes and a vacant expression. He looks hardly 18 but his eyes, blinking slowly, convey the gloom and servitude of somebody much older. In the terminology of the American gay sexual marketplace, he is a classic “twink,” a thin, young, pretty boy. He whispers “hello” as he tiptoes into the Prague film studio of William Higgins, 67, an American producer and “dean of gay porn” who moved to Prague right after communism ended to corner the gay sex market, arriving around the same time two other bearded vanguards of capitalism — Santa Claus and Colonel Sanders — showed up to monopolize Christmas and fried chicken.

“You can take off your clothes,” says Rado Pauer, Higgins’ cameraman, stage artist and translator, as he walks over to Justel to hand him half of a blue pill, which he swallows without question.

Justel knows the drill already. This is, after all, his second time shooting gay erotic video. The first time, he did a solo scene and found it to be an easy way to make money doing something he does for free at home anyway.

Today, he was supposed to do a twosome — for the first time in his life experiencing, let alone being filmed in, a sexual encounter with another man. But his partner-to-be didn’t show up, for reasons the studio doesn’t investigate. It happens often. Some men get cold feet, others get real jobs or — once they have a little experience in the business — find a better-paying studio and stop returning phone calls. Nevertheless, Justel is here, naked but for a pair of white athletic socks with tiny Czech flags on them, sitting on the same couch where some two thousand men sat before him, some only once, others repeatedly. At the end of the shoot, he will get cash in hand. That’s all he can focus on. He will use it to pay rent and take his girlfriend out for dinner.

Justel, after all, describes himself as 100 percent straight. He is merely gay for pay.

Like the vast majority of the thousands of “perfectly straight” Czech men performing in gay porn, he gets offended when asked whether he ever considered he might be gay. He is, he insists, only doing it for the money. Visibly timid, inexperienced and “hetero,” he caters perfectly to the sexual fantasies of those discerning consumers — primarily American gay men — looking to satisfy their appetites for homosexual pornography featuring straight men.

Gay men have always fetishized masculinity and seen straight guys as real guys, says Jeffrey Escoffier, the author of the book „Bigger Than Life: The History of Gay Porn Cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore“ and a visiting scholar at the New York University Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. “It’s a marketing opportunity for producers,” he says. “A large percentage of gay men see heterosexual men as more masculine than gay men.”

According to Higgins, gay men want to see straight guys but imagine them as gay, which is partly why 90 percent of the Czech men he uses in his films are heterosexuals, or at least “that’s what they like to call themselves.”

Higgins also likes to recruit men who have typically never done porn or had sex with men before and market their inexperience as an asset, not a drawback. To this day, he enjoys filming the first-timers, especially if they don’t really like it. He zooms in on their faces clenched in pain. It makes it real, Higgins says. He also prefers working with straight guys because they are not as picky about with whom they have sex. “If they are willing to do it with a guy, they’ll do it with any guy. It’s a job,” he says. “We have one gay guy who always dictates who he’s going to do it with. I’d much rather work with straight guys.”

Gay video sales and rentals represent a disproportionately large segment of the $10 billion to $12 billion global porn industry, up to one-third or even one-half, by some estimates, writes Joe A. Thomas in „Gay Male Video Pornography: Past, Present, and Future.“

Thomas, an art history professor at Kennesaw State University who frequently writes about sexuality and representation, estimates that the small countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia are now the second largest hubs of gay porn, after the U.S., which alone — according to different producers — makes up about half of the global gay porn market.

Straight men work in American gay porn, too, but not in such large percentages. According to Rod Barry, a former marine-turned-porn-star, straight porn actors in the U.S. earn about $400 for a scene. In gay porn it is three, five, or even eight times that amount.

But globalization has changed the wage structure of the porn industry. In Eastern Europe, men are willing to do porn for a lot less. “That’s the downfall of the business,“ Barry says. „The cheap guys from Europe flood the market with crap product.“

Exactly how much gay porn is produced in Prague is impossible to estimate. Much of it is now done by opportunistic amateurs with cheap webcams at home, their apartments dressed up as massage parlors or photography salons. Some 15 large and midsize gay porn production studios operate in the Czech Republic. Bel Ami/BAO, Ayor, AVI Films/Staxus and William Higgins are among the most visible names on American video store shelves and among them release a new DVD almost every day. They also post hundreds of sex scenes online weekly.

In American gay sexshops, customers can find DVD titles such as “Inside Prague,” “Czech Up: Medical Fantasies,” “An American in Prague,” or, the most anticipated Bel Ami title of 2010, “Five Americans in Prague.”

Higgins releases one new DVD for retail sales and three DVDs for the online streaming companies each month. He also posts 13 main video scenes, 12 casting videos and two backstage videos every week online. AVI Films release up to three videos a month. Other producers, such as Michael Lucas, outsource their American productions here from time to time because, as he says, there is plenty of talent, both on the modeling side and on the cinematography side. Moreover, the production costs are about a third cheaper than in the United States.

In the gay community worldwide, Prague has a reputation of being an extremely liberal city, even though there are no gay neighborhoods, no blatant “out and proud” storefront signs or rainbow flags, and seeing gay men holding hands is rare outside the dark, underground gay bars, most of which cater to tourists. It is, nonetheless, a city in which, according to Higgins, “sex is not a big deal,” and where categories of gay, straight or bisexual — the way they are understood in the United States — cease to carry much meaning as thousands of men like Justel insist that homosexual behavior, whether on- or off-screen, does not make one gay or even bisexual.

A few months ago, Justel was unemployed and looking for a job. Paging through the help-wanted section of a newspaper, he noticed an ad for modeling. He came to the casting call of Higgins‘ studio and learned that modeling was a euphemism for performing in porn. Those working in the adult film business are always called models, not actors, no matter whether they merely pose naked or engage in an orgy with a dozen other men.

Justel was selected as “model material,” and he was flattered. Mainly, though, he needed the money.

His girlfriend also liked the idea of him earning extra cash in porn. Engaging in sex with men doesn’t make her jealous because it is all about “just sex, not attraction,” he explains. “She would mind if I did it with women.”

William Higgins has short white hair, a beard and silver-framed glasses. Typically dressed in khakis and a photographer’s vest, he looks more like Ernest Hemingway than a gay porn purveyor.

Higgins, an Oklahoma native who went to a Christian school, says he is “very Catholic” about casting men for his films. They can be 18 or 35, as long as they are good. With that said, he rejects about 80 percent of them, typically for “not having the look” — too ugly or misshapen — or, more importantly, not being able to perform under pressure.

An ornate 19th-century residential building in Prague’s quaint Ujezd neighborhood provides a picturesque setting for Higgins‘ headquarters. His studio, offices, living quarters and the gay club, Drakes, are all here.

Each wall of the studio is painted a different color, from soft beige to deep blue, allowing each to appear like a new locale on camera. An assortment of cheap furniture and plastic plants is stacked in a corner, ready to be mixed and matched with drapery and sheets of nondescript, abstract patterns that give the space a slightly exotic, if outdated, Eastern European look. Before each shoot, the cameraman Rado Pauer, takes care of legalities, namely U.S. Code, Title 18, sec. 2257, which mandates record-keeping for those producing sexually explicit media sold in the United States. Martin Justel, like all models, must hold his ID next to his face and is photographed to prove he is 18 or older and that he is who he says he is.

Not that Martin Justel is his real name. It’s a stage name the studio assigned to him to protect his privacy. Names are created randomly. Geoff Cooper, Higgins’ manager, sometimes pulls up an online list of the most popular names in Moldova and combines them either with descriptive Czech adjectives, such as “Chlupaty“ (hairy) or “Dlouhy“ (long), for last names or uses random, vaguely Czech-sounding names such as Justel.

Today’s show is filmed with three digital cameras, two for later editing, and a third for live broadcast on the Higgins website, marketed as “Backstage” footage from the shoot. Regular viewers from all over the world watch the footage live and provide their anonymous, real-time verdicts.

“Tell us about yourself,” says Pauer, in Czech, as he starts filming. “I am from Prague … I work as a waiter … My biggest hobby is my girlfriend,” Justel says. “I am happy … We have been together for three quarters of a year.”

“What about sex?” asks Pauer, getting a close-up of his face.

“Yeah, we have sex twice, sometimes three times a day,“ Justel says. He pauses and enthusiastically delivers what sounds like a rehearsed line: “Today I am here to do a shoot.”

Justel has swallowed the Viagra, but the pill presents the unfortunate side effect of turning his face and ears red. Viagra tends to increase circulation in the entire body, not just where it counts. As a result, many studios prefer to use prostaglandin shots, such as Caverject, injected directly into the erectile tissues of the penis. That causes immediate effect, without having to worry about the unattractive, Viagra-flushed faces on film.

Beginners, however, are often afraid of the needle. The harsh glare and heat of the bright lights contrasts with the monasterial silence in the studio, interrupted only by the occasional instruction barked by a camera man (“Make it seem like you are enjoying it”) and the sporadic bursts of female moaning coming from the computer Justel is watching.

Even now, as he watches a female porn star on the screen, his eyes blink slowly and his expression is blank. All eyes in the studio are on him — Cooper manning one camera while taking stills, two cameramen filming from different angles, and a reporter taking notes. Not to mention the mysterious online community watching him live from the U.S., Greece, Australia and other places.

“Good work,” says Pauer after capturing the final shot. “You can wash up now.”

Justel showers, gets dressed and pockets his wage: 3,000 Czech crowns ($168), the going rate for solo work. Duals pay almost twice as much. Will he do it again? “I’ll see. Maybe I’ll find a job and I won’t be back,” he says.

If the shoot, the cash, and the compliments (even if it’s only in online chat rooms for now) are as addictive as other models say, he’ll be back.

Twenty years ago, the Velvet Revolution, named for its nonviolent protests that helped bring down the communist government, marked the end of totalitarianism in Czechoslovakia. In 1993, the country peacefully split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in the so-called “Velvet Divorce.”

Since then, the Czech Republic has gradually become one of the epicenters of world porn production, again with serenity and without protests, this time with velvet used more often for upholstery than symbolism.

Both the Czech Republic and Hungary became major sources of world porn production. Prague became known as the capital of gay porn, while Budapest kept most of the straight porn business.

Although homosexuality was decriminalized in Czechoslovakia in 1961 — before Germany or Great Britain legalized it — the gay community was thoroughly underground under communism. The few clubs and baths where gays gathered were under surveillance by the secret police. Classified advertisements to meet persons of the same sex were banned by the Communist Party because they alleged a correlation with criminal activity.

It was illegal to produce porn, hetero- or homosexual, in communist Czechoslovakia. For reasons of political repression under the Soviet-controlled regime there were strict regulations on cameras, camcorders or any other recording equipment. But porn was a popular commodity to smuggle in from abroad, copy, trade or sell on the black market.

When communism ended, it was only a matter of time before somebody filled the hunger for porn by using local talent.

With 14 years in the porn industry already behind him, he left the U.S. in 1980s, when the AIDS epidemic struck and made the American gay porn business a depressing place to be. He moved his operations to Amsterdam.

When Higgins first visited Prague, he was amazed by how easy it was to get men to have sex.

“I picked up a hitchhiker once and asked, ‘Hey, you want to have sex for $60?’” says Higgins. “He said, ‘OK.’ It was that easy.”

He started a business in Prague, first the club, Drakes, and then a recording studio. He found it was much easier to recruit models in Prague than in Amsterdam. Unemployed Dutch men and students got generous state benefits and thought twice about “plastering their asses all over the screen” for extra cash. Czechs didn’t have those hang-ups.

Moreover, “Czechs would do it anyway,” he says, even with generous state benefits. They are entrepreneurial, he says, “always looking to make an extra buck.”

Higgins is articulate and opinionated, and says he reads nine newspapers in the morning (The New York Times to get Israel’s point of view, The Guardian for the Arab view). In addition to the latest gossip about Prague’s gay porn scene, on his blog Higgins can’t resist making frequent political statements: “I believe the great majority of folks who call Obama a Socialist wouldn’t know a Socialist if he bit him in the ass.“

Outside of the blog, Higgins keeps a low profile in Prague. The Oklahoman learned quickly that Czechs will stay out of your business if you don’t get in their faces. With Buddy and Aida (his two retrievers) in tow, Higgins sits down at his favorite restaurant around the corner from the studio. The waiter automatically brings him hot chocolate and a shot of espresso. The waiter, Higgins mentions, once modeled for him.

Walking around Prague’s Mala Strana neighborhood with Higgins and his dogs, one gets the idea that everybody in this town has worked in gay porn, or soon will. He even recruited the presidential palace guards — uniforms and all — for one of his films in 2003.

Lately, Higgins has seen a surge in the number of men interested in modeling. It must be the economy, he says. More than 30 men a week knock on his door. “We have also had a lot more Ukrainians,” he says, adding that immigrant laborers have been laid off from their construction jobs and now must look for other work.

Czech unemployment has nearly doubled from 5.3 percent in late 2008 — when manual labor shortage forced the country to lure guest workers here from poorer countries like Ukraine or Mongolia. Because the construction and automotive industries have suffered greatly in the global economic crisis, factories have cut thousands of jobs and 80,000 guest laborers lost their work permits by June 2009.

The Czech government, under increasing pressure to keep citizens employed, offered to pay the guest workers 500 euros and a free air ticket to motivate them to return home. But most workers, especially those from Ukraine, with their homeland near economic and political collapse chose to weather the storm here.

Consequently, gay and straight porn studios in the Czech Republic have been reporting record numbers of participants at their casting calls in the past year.

But not everyone points to the weaker economy as the reason straight men enter gay porn.

Bohumil Dolezal, a former Czech dissident, says that although the country now has freedom, it doesn’t yet have a firm moral standard. The problem is that, after communism, “all constraints and values fell,” he says. “And now, the society is rotten with pigs.” On the website , Czech-Canadian owner Pavel Rada offers his own explanation. “Part of it comes from an incredibly open minded culture, and part of it comes from the after-affects [sic] of 40 years of communism, but you won’t find 100% str8 [sic] boys anywhere in the world that will drop there [sic] pants as fast as a CzechBoys model when he knows there’s a ‘reward’ for his efforts!” he writes.

Simple economics is also playing a role. While the supply of Czech gay porn is plentiful, it is merely meeting strong demand. Higgins estimates that 80 percent of his customers are in English-speaking countries, primarily in the U.S., because Americans are used to paying for porn, while everyone else just downloads it for free.

Steve Shay, a producer from Citiboyz, a central Illinois-based studio that distributes the films of the studio Czech Boys, asserts that porn is in high demand in the U.S. because Americans are so religious.

“There is a lot of engrained repression in this country,” he says, arguing that Americans wouldn’t need as much porn if sex wasn’t stigmatized. “The anti-porn movement here is actually making porn more popular.”

Every time protest groups announce an anti-porn-month initiative in the Midwest, Shay says to himself: “Great, I’ll sell more.”

The prince of „Twinkopolis“ Alan Capier, an AVI Films porn star and cameraman, who has also performed under the names Felix Wallace, Alan Clarke, Filip Nowotny and Pavel Vlasek, among others, has been in the business for almost six years. He’s worked for Higgins, Eurocreme, Man’s Art and others. He has been with more than 600 men and appeared in more than 100 hardcore films.

As an openly gay man, Capier is a rarity on the Prague market and one of the few who can perform without erection-enhancing drugs. “It’s practice, like anything else,” he says.

Over svarak, a popular wintertime drink of spicy red mulled wine in a cafe across from the gay club Valentino, Capier talks about his career in porn openly and enthusiastically.

“Others hide it, but not me. I am an exhibitionist,” he says. Capier, whose real name is Marek Tomsu, says he has no secrets. His family knows about his career, and they are fine with it as long as he promises to be careful about his health. Being in the bareback business, he is careful by getting tested once a month.

Although he has never had sex with an HIV-positive man that he knows of, he has encountered models with syphilis and he sees others with chlamydia and genital herpes regularly.

Like virtually all the men in gay porn here, Capier is uncircumcised, which customers in the U.S. find exotic, and like most other Czech models, he looks younger than his age, 26. Prague, after all, has been nicknamed Twinkopolis for producing some of the best such talent in the world, popular primarily among older, Western gay men.

Capier has soft features, brown, shaggy hair with blond highlights, immaculate peach skin and smart, green eyes. He speaks rapidly, with a pleasant smile, and jumps from topic to topic with an elegant giddiness, frequently adjusting his hair and touching his nose.

He was a paramedic in his home town Olomouc, in Moravia, when he posted nude pictures of himself on a gay matchmaking website. The scouts of AVI Films saw his pictures, they contacted him with an offer to come to Prague and “do some photos.”

When Capier arrived, he found out it would be a sex scene with two other guys, with him playing the “passive role.” The director giggled and said his fellow model was a “25/6,” referring to his impressive anatomy in centimeters. That meant almost 10 inches long, and two and a half inches in diameter.

“I said ‘no, I can’t manage that’ and the director laughed and said ‘yes, you can.’ And I did,” Capier says. “I got 13,500 crowns ($675) cash and went back home.”

Those were the golden days. Back then, when the internet didn’t offer as much free material and models weren’t so easy to find, Capier made as much as 130,000 crowns a month ($7,303), more than 10 times as much as he earned as a paramedic. But he was one of the highest earners in the porn business. Most models never dreamed of making more than $2,000 monthly. Still, it was a nice income, often for no more than three actual days of work a month. Those days are over. There is too much competition now.

Some of Capier’s fellow models are students, many of whom get used to making a lot of money quickly and then have a hard time quitting. They get used to spending lavishly and buying generous gifts for their girlfriends. Capier says he has seen models quit school because they no longer saw the point.

“Today, they have nothing. They are too old to shoot,” he says. “It’s all gone. The nice hotels, the fans. All gone.”

Most of them end up doing escort work, a polite term for prostitution.

The majority of the Czech gay porn models, especially the occasional models, have regular day jobs and girlfriends. Some are married. There are college and high-school students, bartenders or unemployed. It’s not unusual to see cops, firemen and nurses. They typically keep their porn alter-egos secret.

Producers pledge confidentiality to the young Czech men cast in the movies, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide their real identities online.

Producers promise not to sell any of the movies in the Czech Republic, but can’t force their distributors to do the same. Producers block their websites from access from inside the Czech Republic, but easy-to-use online anonymizers will let anyone access any website. A few Czech models have been recognized and “outed” this way to the utter shock of their friends and families.

One such case involved a Czech Big Brother reality show finalist named Filip Trojovsky, or rather Tommy Hansen, his nom du porn.

An astute television viewer recognized him as a Bel Ami porn star. Once identified as Tommy Hansen, it took only a couple of days before a local tabloid published explicit photos from the DVD. The families of both of the models found out that day what their sons actually did in their “modeling” careers through media. Trojovsky was forced to come clean about his career in porn, but he has fervently denied any claims he might be gay.

Most of the Czech porn business operates underground, without the locals realizing the extent of the industry. From that standpoint, it reflects primarily the country’s pragmatic and conservative, rather than liberal, values. It is an environment in which having sex with men is something one does for money, not pleasure. Hence models have little reason to ask themselves the soul-searching questions: „Why am I really doing this? How is it possible that I have an erection being with a guy? Am I, perhaps, attracted to this guy?“

This fundamental discrepancy is sometimes attributed to the popularity of using drugs, especially ecstasy and pervitin (the Czech version of crystal meth) among male sex workers. Drugs can also lower inhibitions enough to make models more willing to engage in risky behavior, such as agreeing to film bareback, or without a condom.

Higgins says the current Czech trend reminds him of what was happening in the U.S. in the 1980s, when everyone was doing drugs, which led the country into what he calls the “AIDS mess” because people were willing to do anything.

AIDS: the dark side of porn After the AIDS epidemic in the U.S., almost all gay porn producers began shooting porn with condoms. But in the last few years, demand for bareback porn has skyrocketed and, naturally, so has supply. Because most American studios still refuse to film without condoms, Czech studios have been quick to fill the lucrative demand niche. Most Czech studios have switched from condom work to bareback, justifying it by low HIV rates in the country. While America sees disease risk as a widespread problem, only 150 Czechs were diagnosed with HIV in 2008, compared to Russia where some 940,000 people have the disease.

But Czech HIV rates are on the rise, and recent reports by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control claim they are underestimated by at least 20 percent.

Chip White, a California-based producer of gay porn from 18 West Studios, has committed to shoot only with condoms, and continues to hope — rather unrealistically, as he puts it — that all studios will agree to stop producing bareback films, particularly in the twink genre. People are told that bareback is risky, “that it’s hot, that it’s more exciting and thrilling, and so they want it,” says White.

Month after month, in the top 50 videos at JRL, a gay adult film industry sales chart, bareback films typically outsell the most popular films in which condom use is the standard.

Consequently, most of the films produced in the Czech Republic carry titles such as “Barebacking Prague,” “Raw Courage, BSI: Prague — Bareback Sex Investigation,” “Raw Meat” or “Bareback Buddies.”

The only two major studios in the Czech Republic refusing to go the bareback route are Bel Ami and William Higgins.

Barebacking — on and off screen — has been slowly getting more popular since 1996, when protease inhibitors became available as a treatment for HIV patients and the diagnosis stopped terrifying people, says Christian Grov, assistant professor at the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College.

“HIV is no longer viewed as a death sentence,” says Grov. “It’s more of a lifelong sentence.”

Back in Higgins’ studio, Rado Pauer, the cameraman, is getting ready for another shoot in „the porn factory,“ as he and his colleague Boris call the studio. They shoot every day up to five times. Both are ex-models, who worked themselves up from the screen to the other side of the camera.

Pauer, 24, originally from Slovakia, is built like a swimmer, all upper body. He wears glasses and a red Adidas track suit, an outfit reminiscent of the early post-communist days. With his wide, shy smile, and adolescent blond haircut with bangs, he resembles a tech geek more than a retired porn star.

His story begins much like the others. He moved to Prague when he was 19 and saw an ad for male modeling offering “lucrative, long-term work with an American photographer.” Higgins and his team snapped a few pictures of him and asked if he wanted to do a shoot with another man.

“I said ‘absolutely not,’” says Pauer, a devout Christian. Then, he changed his mind. He badly wanted the money, being employed in a Skoda car factory where he worked 12-hour shifts for barely $600 a month. Higgins was offering that kind of money for four hours of work.

“During the first shoot, I just kept thinking, ‘Is this right? Nobody raised me to do this.’ I kept imagining my friends and what they would say,” he says. The overwhelming feeling of guilt subsided with time and experience, but never enough for him to tell his family or friends, even after four years working with Higgins and others. To this day, everyone back in Pauer’s home town thinks he is some sort of photographer in Prague.

“God, I was so naive,” he says, putting his face in his hands. “I had no idea how it all worked.”

Having worked on the other side of the business, he now understands. “It always starts with ads for modeling and goes slowly from there,” he says. When a guy shows up, he is always told it’s nude modeling. Some guys leave right away, some will stay. A producer will tell them they could get more money if they did solo masturbation. Some think about it and accept. Then even more money if they do a sex scene with another guy. It progresses slowly, but “you wake up and realize you are on a train that you can’t get off of.” Or, even before that happens, the producer might say “they no longer need you because you are old news.”

In porn, everyone is always looking for the next thing, the new guy. Porn is fantasy. People don’t want to keep seeing the same faces and bodies. The models want to know what’s next and, usually, end up as escorts and hustlers.

Pauer was approached by a man online looking for a boy to rent. “Selling a body is selling a body,” he says to justify why he agreed to meet him. But the consistent stretching of morality can get dangerous, as he found out. He did something he had never done before — agreeing to have unprotected sex with the customer. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

“Afterward, he told me he was HIV-positive,” Pauer said. “I fell to the ground.” It’s been two years since the incident and Pauer is still HIV-negative. He believes God saved him.

He keeps showing up for work, partly because Higgins and his crew are his family now. He even lives in the studio building, rent-free. He tried to leave the business once, but felt drawn back to the studio.

Every day he sees men in a position similar to his when he first walked through the door, men with reservations about gay porn but hoping to make lots of money. They are willing to work hard, but hard work is not always the magic formula when it comes to the forces of demand.

“We don’t tell them they might only be here once,” he says. “Most of them only come once, twice or maybe three times, and then we don’t need them anymore.” All they might ever make in gay porn is the $150 they made the first time, yet the evidence of their brief career will be online forever.

And sure enough, a week after his second solo shoot Martin Justel walked back into the studio.

Higgins teamed him with Tomas Bayer, a model wearing leather straps on his chest. A tattoo spelling “fight” is inked on the top of his left hand. The behind-the-scenes video showed Justel and Bayer sitting next to each other, heads turned to the right, eyes transfixed on the screen showing straight porn.

Justel was then instructed to stand with his face to the wall. Behind him, Bayer held his narrow hips and slapped him with each thrust. Justel closed his eyes firmly and bit his lip, his skinny legs rocking with each movement.

A day later, Higgins posted a blog entry, depicting Justel’s loss of man-on-man virginity. “I don’t think he knew what hit him. He certainly took it like a man,” Higgins writes. “I don’t think I mentioned: Martin has a face like an angel.”

Iva R. Skoch is a freelance writer who splits her time between New York and Prague. Her articles have been published in , Slate, TimeOut Prague, AOL and other publications. She was a staff writer at the Prague Post and regularly writes for the Czech magazine Reflex. She’s currently traveling around the world, crashing weddings and writing a book about marriage in different cultures.

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Personal Life

Avi Kaplan is best known for his bass voice, and there is no doubt that all of his female fans are crazy for him. He posts love related images on social sites but do not talk about his love affairs and relationship. Avi keeps his personal life private. But some sources reveals that he is currently single.

Back in 2014, Grammy Award-winning singer was rumored to be dating one of the band member Kristie Maldonado, but the rumors of the pair proved false as Kristie is dating Jeremy Lewis since 2013. 

Personal Life

Avi Kaplan is best known for his bass voice, and there is no doubt that all of his female fans are crazy for him. He posts love related images on social sites but do not talk about his love affairs and relationship. Avi keeps his personal life private. But some sources reveals that he is currently single.

Back in 2014, Grammy Award-winning singer was rumored to be dating one of the band member Kristie Maldonado, but the rumors of the pair proved false as Kristie is dating Jeremy Lewis since 2013. 

What do you think about the gay rumors surrounding Avi Kaplan?

The poll results are based on a representative sample of 1655 voters worldwide, conducted online for The Celebrity Post magazine. Results are considered accurate to within 2.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

How Pentatonix Was Formed?

Michael Coby Mitchell Grassi popularly known as Mitch Grassi was born on July 24, 1992, to parents Mike and Nel Grassi.

He attended Martin High School in Arlington and had a profound interest in theatres since early childhood. During his school days, he met his present group members, Scott Hoying and Kristin Maldonado, when they were just eight.

The three became really good friends and they had a profound passion for singing. Hence, they formed their group called “The Trio” which was a high school cappella trio. The trio later partnered with two more singers Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola and formed the Pentatonix Group. Pentatonix is named after the pentatonic scale, a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave, representing the five members of the group. They replaced the last letter with an „x“ to make it more appealing.

The quintet signed up for the new season of of reality show named Sing-Off. They were eventually named winner of the third season of the show, and with songs such as “E.T”, originally by Katy Perry, then “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West, and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, won not just hearts of the judges, but also the public.

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Breakdown Of Nitch Grassi Gay Rumors

At the age of 26, Mitch Grassi has already been linked up with several guys. For a while, he was rumored to be dating his band member Scott Hoying as both of them were openly gay and could be seen together in many instances.

They were claimed to have been in a relationship during their high school days and on top of that, both of them jokingly referred to each other as a husband on social media. Being friends from an early age and both being gay, has raised a few questions about their relationship. They have talked about their friendship in many instances and together they even have a comedy show named Superfruit, which is featured on their eponymous YouTube channel. Superfruit, along with being the name of their show is also a musical/comedy duo consisting of these two.

Their photos of outings and vacations at beaches portrayed them as a married couple and some media channels quoted their pictures as ‚couple goals‘. But they always dismissed this speculation and said they are best of friends.

Valentines Wish: Mitch Grassi wishing his boyfriend a Happy Valentines Day on 14th February 2018 (Photo: Mitch’s Twitter)

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Moving on from the rumor mill, Mitch dated Travis Bush in 2013 but the relationship did not last long.

But as of now, he is dating 24 years old Beau Sloane who is also a singer and songwriter. They have been open about their relationship and can be seen sharing their pictures on different social media platforms. They’ve been together since September 2017, hinting to upgrade their relation and getting married.

Avi Kaplan Might Be Single

The musician is no doubt, one of the men with good looks in the music industry. With his attractive appearance and mind-blowing skills, there is no uncertainty that he has no problem attracting admirers but he doesn’t like sharing personal details with the public.

The former member of Pentatonix may be a public figure, but he likes keeping his personal affairs discreet and perfectly quiet. As such, we can’t authoritatively state if he has any girlfriend or wife anywhere at the moment.

Although it was once insinuated that he Avi had been dating the Texas-born singer and former band member Kristie Taylor Maldonado, the news turned out to be false as the lady in question is engaged to her own man – Jeremy Michael Lewis. Thus, it leaves us to assume that Avi Kaplan is probably an eligible bachelor on the block who loves hanging out with his family, particularly his sister, Esther Koop – the CEO of Duo Management and co-founder of North Hollywood Pout Beauty Bar.

These are the men you are subscribing to the most.

Over the past three to five years, the homemade gay porn market has crystalized and gone mainstream. Fan site platforms like JustForFans, OnlyFans, and more have cropped up, allowing performers to film, edit, publish, and (more importantly) profit from their own content. And it has made for big business with reports consistently showing that performers can bring home $10,000 a month or more. 

So while the porn awards are about to kick up their circuit soon, awarding the best in studio work, we would be remiss to not look back at who the masses decided to fap to in 2019. The following list was culled by Dominic Ford, the creator of JustForFans, and represent the most followed gay accounts on the platform — he also did a list of trans performers.

„This list is incredibly diverse in porn star vs. amateur, age, race, body type,“ Ford wrote on Twitter when he released the full list of the top 15 performers — he told Out that he decided to do the top 15 because while this list is ordered by the most subscribers, when ordered by the most profits (performers can set their own monthly fee so some opt for a lesser following at a premium price) a few from the 11 – 15 slots shot into the top 10. „It is the point of a platform like JFF where everyone stands an equal chance of being successful. I am proud of everyone on the JFF platform, and this list is a microcosm of that diversity.“ The top 15 are rounded out by accounts like Krave MelaninCade MaddoxRocco Steele.

Hoying and Grassi have a side project outside of Pentatonix. They named their partnership “Superfruit,” and post comedy and musical videos on their YouTube channel. While the official PTX YouTube channel has over 14.0 million subscribers, Superfruit boasts a following of more than 2.5 million.

Superfruit differs from Pentatonix in that they don’t stick to a cappella. They produce covers and medleys using instruments and electronic music equipment. But their videos are most popular for their humorous vlogs, which often feature appearances from fellow YouTubers and personalities like Miranda Sings and Maisie Williams.

Thank you @outmagazine for including us in your #OUT100 this year! ❤️???? ————– „Before 2017, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying were best known as the cute gay members of the top-selling a cappella group Pentatonix. Now, after releasing a steady stream of peppy songs and videos as the spin-off act Superfruit, the singers and best friends have crafted a new musical identity. Both catch and buoyantly queer, tracks like “Imaginary Parties” and “Worth It (Perfect)” — both off their debut EP Future Friends—are the kind of uplifting tracks that could make struggling LGBTQ kids dance around their living rooms with hope. “We’ve really learned to own who we are and not be afraid of what others think,” Hoying says. “We want to inspire queer youth, and we’ve had feedback from fans saying we’ve helped or saved them.” Grassi, who hints at an upcoming Superfruit tour, says the content of their songs has been resonant, too. “People applaud us for our normalization of queer romantic pronouns,” he says. “That’s sweet, but I couldn’t imagine not writing in my own voice.”“

A post shared by Scott Hoying (@scotthoying) on Nov 8, 2017 at 1:40pm PST

After a couple of EPs, they released their first full-length album, this year. They dropped the colorful video of their first single, “Keep Me Coming” on November 17.

The 26-year-old also has his own solo YouTube channel where he posts covers of popular songs and often features his fellow Pentatonix members. The baritone is also a talented songwriter and pianist.

Hoying and Grassi are both gay and proudly support the LGBTQ community. The pair often get handsy and cute with each other which made a lot of PTX fans ask if they are dating. And if not, can they really date?

But in a Twitter Q&A video they posted on Superfruit last year, one fan asked if they were dating. Though they acknowledged their closeness, there’s nothing romantic between them. They met while performing theater as kids and have remained friends since then.

As Mitch recalled, they hit it off because “We were both nerdy, we were both singers, we were both performers, both in the closet…” Their friendship was their biggest comfort while they were still in the closet.

Though not with Mitch, is Scott in a relationship? There’s no report on whether he’s dating anyone. Unless you can count his very serious relationship with Wendy’s (the fast food chain with the snarky Twitter account, not a person named Wendy).

They might just be two openly gay friends but it doesn’t stop them from toying with the hearts of fans who just wished they could be a couple. They even coined their ship name, “Scömìche” and adopted a cat, Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying who appeared in their videos.

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FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden

Tel Aviv Gay Nightlife

Tel Aviv’s nightlife is generally regarded as among the best in the world. This is particularly the case when it comes to gay establishments. One reason gay nightlife in Tel Aviv is so exciting is that the Tel Aviv gay scene revolves around weekly parties, rather than specific bars or clubs like most cities around the world.

This isn’t to say that certain gay bars in Tel Aviv aren’t extremely popular. Shpagat is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular gay bars, with a vibrant crowd seven days per week. It’s only several blocks from the trendy Rothschild Boulevard. Some visit prior to whatever party is going on that night, while others stay there all evening. If the drinks, music, and crowd are interesting, why leave?

Even if you don’t plan to stay there, Shpagat is a great place to figure out what’s going on later in the night. Both bartenders and fellow bargoers can give you an overview of the parties that are happening. If you’re lucky, you might even get put on the VIP list for free entry.

Once you arrive at the venue for the party, be prepared for a night unlike any other. Tel Aviv parties tend to be large – one of the wildest venues is at the Bloq, a large arena located near the Tel Aviv bus station. Israelis know how to let loose like no other people in the world, so prepare for balagan. Copious amounts of alcohol, dancing, and other fun things can always be found.

Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s nightlife isn’t the only reason why millions of tourists from around the world flock here each year. The city’s incredible Mediterranean beaches have also received international acclaim. They boast crystal clear waters, white sands, and an astounding number of attractive people soaking up the sun.

While you’ll be welcome at nearly every beach in Tel AvivHilton Beach. It sits just in front of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel. Although heterosexual people come to this beach as well, you can expect most of your fellow patrons to be gay. Single men, couples, and groups of friends alike flock to Hilton Beach to enjoy sun, sand, and surf.

Hilton Beach tends to be most crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. This is the weekend in Israel. If you aren’t looking to flirt or socialize, avoid visiting Hilton Beach these days and go during the week instead. Then the beach is empty enough that you can focus your energy on catching rays or swimming.

Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach is a quick cab ride from anywhere in the Tel Aviv area. Or, if you’re staying in central Tel Aviv, you can walk to the beach. Simply head north on Dizengoff Street until you hit Jabotinsky Street, then take a left and walk down to the water.

Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Tel Aviv hosts the only public gay pride parade in the entire Middle East. It is held annually on the first weekend of June. As being gay is legal and mostly accepted in Israel, locals and visitors alike hold nothing back in the parade, which is a wild party in and of itself. Expect lots of sexy men dancing on floats and in the crowd, as well as drag queens and queer people of all sorts.

Tel Aviv Pride has quickly become one of the most popular pride events in the entire world. Numbers sometimes hit more than 100,000 people, both Israeli and foreign. The parade is typically kicked off by Tel Aviv’s mayor and travels through the heart of the city. It ends at the Tel Aviv Beach – in particular, Hilton Beach and Gordon Beach. An afterparty at Charles Clore Park keeps the energy alive.

The best part of Tel Aviv pride is not the parade itself, but the fact that Tel Aviv’s gay nightlife gets even wilder during pride! Not only will bars and clubs be packed to the gills, but you can expect a dramatic increase in the number of parties, as well as the number of people you’ll find there. The most difficult part about attending Tel Aviv pride is choosing which of the many Pride events in Tel Aviv best suits you.

Joining a Tel Aviv Pride Package Tour is the best way to experience all of the amazing attractions that Israel has to offer while celebrating Pride and packing in the festivities. Everything is planned out for you, from hotels to activities and tours. You just come with your suitcase and your best Pride look, and get ready to have the experience of a lifetime.

Acceptance of the LBTQ+ Community in Tel Aviv

Israel is without a doubt the most accepting and open Middle Eastern country when it comes to gay people. Being openly gay in Israel perfectly legal. Additionally, public opinion about gay rights is decidedly positive. Although it is always possible to experience discrimination, you are not likely to encounter more than the occasional stray comment or dirty look.

The queer community is very visible in Tel Aviv, and not shy about PDA. If you enjoy an evening stroll along Ben Tsion Boulevard, for example, it’s common to see gay couples and families walking right along with straight ones. Gender queer couples are almost ubiquitous as straight ones, depending on which part of the city you’re in.

The best part of homosexuality being so tolerated in Tel Aviv is that Israelis tend to be very open about their feelings for you. While you might spend hours in another city wondering “Are they or aren’t they?”, you’ll learn very quickly whether an Israeli is into you. If they are, they may simply join you at your table.

Indeed, whether you come to Tel Aviv for the gay nightlife, to lie on a gay beach, to experience gay pride, or just to enjoy the company of fellow gays, there is perhaps no better gay destination in the Middle East and very few others in the world.

Insider Tips – Gay Tel Aviv for Beginners

Below we offer some tips from the community and frequent visitors to help you make the most of your time in the city.

Jason Wood: “Tel Aviv is really an amazing place and a one of a kind LGBTQ community because you can walk around everywhere, be yourself 100% without judgment, and feel accepted by everyone around you.”

Laila Lesnikov: ” I think every city should learn from Tel Aviv a bit about accepting differences and listening to others. Tel Aviv should be a role model for every city. The diversity here is inspiring, and you feel it. It’s more than just the LGBTQ people, it’s a part of the culture here.”

Tel Aviv offers many activities and different ways of experiencing the city. Whether you are a party animal or you prefer relaxing and soaking up the sun at the gay beach, it doesn’t matter because there are so many ways to feel the vibe of Tel Aviv.

He is a viral YouTube star

If you remember the slightly older YouTube sketches and skits, then you definitely remember Ogden The Inappropriate Yoga Guy. Well, turns out Ogden was created and played by none other than Avi myself. With one of his skits clocking in at 3.5 million views, Avi happens to be pretty internet famous. He has also worked and written several other web series, ‚The Seth & Avi Show‘, ‚Gay Roommates‘ and ‚Modern Day Jesus‘. He’s been a part of The Groundlings Theatre and School. One of the leading theatre programs in LA, The Groundlings has proved to be the stepping stone for most entertainers, including Wiig herself.

His current net worth is…

Avi currently has a net worth of $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The outlet also details his history in films and TV shows. He first appeared in the short ‚Ogden: The Inappropriate Yoga Guy‘ in 2006 and was seen in short films like ‚Boundaries‘, ‚Fitness Made Difficult‘, ‚Flowers and Weeds‘, ‚Lost & Found‘, and ‚Overshare‘. Moreover, he has been seen in movies ‚The Blackout‘ and ‚Love, Sex and Missed Connections‘. Wiig, on the other hand, has a net worth of $25 million, as per the same website.

Prior to dating Rothman, Wiig was married to actor, comedian and writer Hayes Hargrove. The former couple was married back in 2005, only to get divorced later in 2009. Hargrove later went on to marry actress Katherine Von Till in 2017. Hargrove has worked in a range of movies and TV projects over the years, but mostly in minor roles. He continues to work as a writer.

If you have a news scoop or an interesting story for us, please reach out at (323) 421-7514

With ‚Wonder Woman 1984‘ clocking in mixed reviews, it’s been an interesting year for Kristen Wiig, to say the least. The ‚Saturday Night Live‘ star welcomed twins earlier this year with her fiancé, Avi Rothman. The actress and her writer/actor fiancé had been reportedly trying to have children for a few years now and they finally did, via a surrogate. The actress has been embracing motherhood completely. 

Wiig and Rothman have been in a relationship for around five years, they were confirmed to be dating in 2016 when photos of them vacationing in Kauai, Hawaii surfaced, although sources claimed that they’d been together months prior. The couple has been private for the most part of their relationship and they got engaged in early 2019, according to People. In case you’re wondering who exactly is Avi Rothman, here’s the lowdown. 

He is a viral YouTube star

If you remember the slightly older YouTube sketches and skits, then you definitely remember Ogden The Inappropriate Yoga Guy. Well, turns out Ogden was created and played by none other than Avi myself. With one of his skits clocking in at 3.5 million views, Avi happens to be pretty internet famous. He has also worked and written several other web series, ‚The Seth & Avi Show‘, ‚Gay Roommates‘ and ‚Modern Day Jesus‘. He’s been a part of The Groundlings Theatre and School. One of the leading theatre programs in LA, The Groundlings has proved to be the stepping stone for most entertainers, including Wiig herself.

His current net worth is…

Avi currently has a net worth of $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The outlet also details his history in films and TV shows. He first appeared in the short ‚Ogden: The Inappropriate Yoga Guy‘ in 2006 and was seen in short films like ‚Boundaries‘, ‚Fitness Made Difficult‘, ‚Flowers and Weeds‘, ‚Lost & Found‘, and ‚Overshare‘. Moreover, he has been seen in movies ‚The Blackout‘ and ‚Love, Sex and Missed Connections‘. Wiig, on the other hand, has a net worth of $25 million, as per the same website.

Prior to dating Rothman, Wiig was married to actor, comedian and writer Hayes Hargrove. The former couple was married back in 2005, only to get divorced later in 2009. Hargrove later went on to marry actress Katherine Von Till in 2017. Hargrove has worked in a range of movies and TV projects over the years, but mostly in minor roles. He continues to work as a writer.

The Tel Aviv Pride parade

Tel Aviv Pride is one of Israel’s largest and wildest celebrations. The Pride parade takes place annually as part of Tel Aviv Pride Week, a series of events that brings the city’s LGBTQ community together to celebrate who they are in total freedom. While a 1979 protest held at Rabin Square is often regarded as the city’s first Pride event, Tel Aviv Love Parade in 1997 bears more similarities to the parade as we know it today.

Over the past few years, the Tel Aviv Municipality has been making many efforts to cement Tel Aviv’s status as one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities. At Pride 2017, the city’s mayor, Ron Huldai, emphasised Tel Aviv’s liberal position, stating: “Tel Aviv Pride parade is not just a celebration, but also an important declaration of support. Tel Aviv, which has already been acknowledged as the world’s most gay-friendly city will continue to be a lighthouse city – spreading the values of freedom, tolerance and democracy to the world.”

LGBTQ rights in Israel

Although there is always much progress to be made, Israel’s stance on LGBTQ issues is considered the most tolerant in the Middle East. While same-sex marriages are not performed in the country, Israel recognises cohabitation between same-sex couples, as well as equal marriages performed elsewhere. Adoption by same-sex couples was legalised in 2008, while the Supreme Court of Israel allowed stepchild adoptions and limited co-guardianship rights for non-biological parents three years previous.

A survey published the day before Tel Aviv’s 2017 Pride parade revealed that 79% of Israelis support same-sex marriage or civil unions. In another survey, this time conducted with gay travellers back in 2012 by American Airlines and , 43% voted Tel Aviv as the world’s best gay travel destination, way ahead of New York, Toronto, São Paulo and Madrid.

The ultimate gay travel destination

The Tel Aviv Municipality is working hard to promote the city’s image as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, and this can be reflected in many of its initiatives and public events. During Pride Week, in addition to filling the city streets with rainbow flags, the Tel Aviv Municipality lights up City Hall in rainbow stripes, reminding visitors and tourists of its support for the LGBTQ community.

It’s no surprise that Tel Aviv is such a popular LGBTQ travel destination, with gay hotels, bars, beaches and gyms located across the city. You can even book a Pride-oriented tour.

Quick Information

Mitch Grassi, one-fifth of Pentatonix, was introduced to his band members at an early age of eight. The openly gay musician is the youngest member of the band and has had his share of unparalleled success from quite an early age. Mitch has earned a name for himself and is labeled as the sweetest voice in A Cappella. Not just that, he has also been the talk of the town for his love life.

Search Hotels by Area

popular area with beach-goers, with a long promenade, bars and restaurants

beach front hotels, north towards Tel Aviv Marina & the Hilton gay beach

hotels in central Tel Aviv, close to gay nightlife and attractions

Pentatonix ushered in the holidays with their NBC special, on November 27. The quintet became an a cappella sensation when Scott Hoying brought the group together. He is also one half of the duo, Superfruit, with bandmate, Mitch Grassi. This duo have always made fans wonder if they are item. Are the two Pentatonix members gay? Find out in Scott Hoying’s wiki right here.

Gay Tel Aviv Beach Tips

When visiting Hilton Beach, you can rent an umbrella and chair. The best way is to go classic, bring a towel and hang out on the beach. It’s good all day, all the time. During Pride Week, at the Hilton Beach, every day there is a different DJ spinning on the beach, setting the mood. Speedos are welcome! If you’re feeling brave, ditch the bikini top and dazzle the other patrons. After spending the day on the sand and in the sea, the perfect way to end the day is to go up the hill to the grassy area near the hotel and enjoy an amazing view of the sunset. Bring blankets, snacks, and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gay Tel Aviv Bars Tips

One of the hottest spots in the scene is La Boheme, but we have another new favorite: Gagarin in Tel Aviv. Ironically one of the gayest neighborhoods didn’t have a gay bar until now. It’s an independently curated dance club, and the perfect spot to let loose and dance to the newest sounds on the scene. Not to be missed, it’s a great spot for any first-time visitor to Tel Aviv. Another must-visit is Shpagat, a local favorite with chill vibes and good drinks. It’s a nice spot around 21:00 to enjoy some small bites and a drink before getting the night started.

Gay Tel Aviv Workout Tips

In Tel Aviv there are many outdoor gym spaces along the beach. These gyms are free to use and are a great place to get in a quick workout. Running along the beach is also one of the best ways to stay in shape, as demonstrated by the bronzed and chiseled bodies running along the shore. It’s also not a bad place to meet someone for an evening of fun.

For beginners enjoying their first visit to Tel Aviv, Pride in Israel is an unforgettable experience unlike any other city in the world!

Gay Tel Aviv – Travel Gay Guide

Tel Aviv is known as the “Manhatten of the Middle East.” It’s the most gay-friendly city in the Middle East. Tel Aviv Pride is by far the biggest Pride event in the region and one of the most exciting Pride events in the world.

You’ll find excellent beaches in Tel Aviv, buzzing nightlife excellent gastronomy and some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever see. For reasons not fully understood, Israel is home to many strikingly beautiful Middle Eastern men with dreamy eyes. The gay scene in Tel Aviv is more of a late-night party scene. There are also a few gay bars to explore.

ABC News’ James Longman on traveling the world as a gay TV correspondent

ABC Foreign Correspondent James Longman tells Travel Gay about his life on the road, how he came out to the homophobic head of police in Chechnya and how Damascus in Syria is his favorite place on earth.

La Boheme

La Boheme is one of the best gay bars in Tel Aviv. It’s a good place to party. You’ll…

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