Hot Gay Boys Crew.

I havn’t seena a crew like this yet. Who wants to join my cool crew. Basically you must be a Hot Gay boy.

I can see the lines of people now; of people are comfortable with admitting they’re I don’t think they’ll want to openly express itAnd stomp around proud with this tag.I mean, even homosexuals have if you were to make something like this;You’d need to include lesbians to not be sexist.

No! Once you say your in you can not leave. Ever! Muw ahahahahahahaha

What? No i’m not in, i was just giving my two cents.I have nothing against you guys, I support you when I canBut unfortuately, I’m straight. I just love the rug too much.

lol!I’m not gay either… just saw ‚RaindropsRed‘ in here and thought *OMG! He’s gay??*I guess he wasn‘ Raindrops, can’t get enough of that lawn? Do you like it when it’s mowed down?? *Hint Hint*?

Also, I have no idea what goes through a guy that likes a guy… never made sence to me, oh ‚t ask, don’t tell! 🙂

Well, theres the other guys dick. That kinda pentrates them ;P

lol!I’m sorry I’m laughing to much about this club… I join… but I’m not gay, I just think there’s some funny as hell posts in here…

You knoW I am LookinG For a 3Rd To JoiN Me And RainDropSReD.

Who ever posts in here is a member. Tonights topic will be about………

Chocholate body paint and how to lick it off your Hot Gay Boy Lovers Body. The catch is You gotta do it while he is asleep!

I’ll join too, for the >><< ;[

What? I’m not enough for you now?. i knew i was better off with georgio.. I have a good mind to leave you bob. *tear* – Heh.

At 6/24/04 10:40 AM, RaindropsRed wrote:: : You knoW I am LookinG For a 3Rd To JoiN Me And RainDropSReD.

Do any of guys own a leather cap and have a big moustach

Thats only because I sat on your heater while trying to escape ;P

ROFL OK – I’ll give this a whirl…*Runs to the washroom.*Sorry – I’ll try this but doing it on a female instead.I hope you don’t mind. :P========================KiRk’s interpretation emote! DUN DUN DUN========================First I would invite her for dinner. After a relaxing evening of playing hide and go peek ;[I’d turn on some romantic music, to set the mood.Something like Cradle of Filth or I’d end up running my arms across her midrift eyeing her like a fat kid eyes chocolate cake, just waiting for the chance to slip in my date-rape drugs when shes busy engrossed with Yugi-oh on television, or looking at her Beyblade cards.I’d discredit her for her age, and carry her limp body into my bedroom, inducing the chocolaty goodness of whipped cream, and the whipped goodness of chocolate.*Scratchs his head*Wait.i’d spray her with chocolate then spread on whipped cream?Anyways.I’d spread her like peanut butter over rye, and make passionate noises to emphasize that I’m not a virgin to the neighbors – imitating her screams of pleasure to make sure they were influenced i wasn’t just masterbating and screaming like a little girl like I usually do. Then I’d put her girlscout uniform back on, and give her a ride home, tossing her out the passenger side door while I drive by her house, and beeping twice to gain attention to enough?

HerE Is a Short StorY I wrotE For The LatE nIGhT CreW.

I hate it when you spank me and dress me in odd clothes. I don’t know about your fetishes ;P

Are you Eskimo Bob and RainDropsRed Hot Gay Boy lovers?

Do I make you hot 😉 I have crotchless underpants on and im wearing fairy wings?

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