Very very gay friendly hamam – Davutpasa Iskele Hamami

Old nice Turkish bath. You can receive good scrub, oil and soap massage. More local people and… read more

I have been there and yes nice, clean and welcoming. But nothing gay there also no any gay service… read more

Very very gay friendly hamam

Hi for your comments about hamam but need to clarify that this hamam is not a gay we have many kind of customers from Turkey and from all over the world and we are trying for best to services. Owner and management changed here and we are not happy about that our hamam known as a gay hamam… can you please check/edit your comment about hamam again(especially „gay“ content)Thanks and Best Regards

I like this hamam so more than other well-known hamams in Istanbul. I tried about 6 hamams but this place is so better and higher is more gay friendly but I recommend it.

Hi for your comments about hamam but need to clarify that this hamam is not a gay we have many kind of customers from Turkey and from all over the world and we are trying for best to services. Owner and management changed here and we are not happy about that our hamam known as a gay hamam… can you please check/edit your comment about hamam again(especially „gay“ content)Thanks and Best Regards

Visited today, 10 min walk from metro station Yenkapi. (Whole sale area, dont be scared)It is not advertised so but seems it is a gay hammam. 40TL entrance, you get a cabin (you can lock it)Foam bath and oil massage was very very good (60TL). Professional masseur. More hammam areas, shower, and a siting area (where ppl watch and chat) have soft drinks/tea here as well. English is not really spoken.

Hi for your comments about hamam but need to clarify that this hamam is not a gay we have many kind of customers from Turkey and from all over the world and we are trying for best to services. Owner and management changed here and we are not happy about that our hamam known as a gay hamam… can you please check/edit your comment about hamam again(especially „gay“ content)Thanks and Best Regards

Very good place to be, crew staff very friendly , massage and foam massage very profesional moseur if are a man and want to see what is a real haman go there . It’s a very nice and relaxing place .

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Very very gay friendly hamam

Gay Reise nach Marrakesch

Wie bereits erwähnt, Marokko ist ein muslimischer Staat, in dem Homosexualität verboten und unter Strafe gestellt ist. Davon sollte man sich allerdings nicht abschrecken lassen, man sollte allerdings in der Öffentlichkeit nicht durch Händchen halten und romantische Umarmungen oder gar Küssen auffallen.

Gay Reise nach Marrakesch

gay – Grand Alanya Hamam

We spent 4 hours in SPA, paid extra 25 euro for 60 minute massage and scrub.Employees were very… read more

Realy nice place. The regular hamam was ok, but it is worth to pay more for 60 min massage, face… read more

gay - Grand Alanya Hamam

Gay Ankara | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Nothing compared to the grand Ottoman palaces or regal facades of Istanbul, Ankara offers a youthful beat, modern architecture, a charming old town, and affordable luxury. A purpose-built capital with a strategic location at the heart of the country, you are just as likely to rub shoulders with foreign diplomats as students on a night out here – though in Ankara’s one gay club you might well find both!

The homosexual ‘culture’ more frequently seen in west European has made its mark Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir and until recently public opinion in respect to homosexuality was slowly shifting in a positive direction. Bisexuality has been accepted in Turkey for much of its history, but today you will find men in larger cities who freely admit to being gay – generally those found in European style gay-bars. However, many more have wives/families and only indulge in the local Ankara scene in which men enjoy each other in hammams without fear that they may be considered gay.

Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in the Ottoman Empire (predecessor of Turkey) in 1858 and has always been legal in Turkey although the subject is still highly taboo and discrimination frequently occurs. It is difficult to summarise the situation of LGBT rights in Turkey especially give the steady erosion of civil liberties in Turkey following the failed summer 2016 coup attempt – but LGBT events are now banned in Ankara under the pretext of social cohesion including Ankara Pride.

Complex and contradicting, Gay Ankara – much like Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, other liberal and secular mega-city in Muslim majority countries – has a lot to offer queer travelers, who with a little care are unlikely to experience any discrimination if they avoid outright displays of public affection. If you are looking to meet guys online, Hornet is the most popular hookup app used by Turkish gay men, as Grindr is banned for not filtering pornography. 

Gay Ankara | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!


Unser Motto ist Programm. Wir bemühen uns nach Kräften, dass Dein Besuch in der PLUTO zu einem reinen Vergnügen wird. Ob es die monatlich wechselnde Musik, die Sauberkeit, unser Serviceanspruch, die Abwechslung, das Ambiente oder immer neue bauliche Anpassungen sind – wir bleiben am Ball und gehen auf Deine Wünsche so weit wie möglich ein. Du sollst bei uns entspannen können, Du sollst Dich bei uns unterhalten fühlen, es soll aufregend und auch sicher bei uns sein. Kurz um – ein Gay Treff zum Wohlfühlen. …

Häufige Fragen

Du überhaupt noch nie in einer Gaysauna oder bist schon länger ein Saunafreund, aber warst einfach noch nie in der PLUTO? Wir haben für Dich die häufigsten Fragen zusammengefasst. Sollte dennoch eine Frage offen sein, freuen wir uns über eine Nachricht.

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User Reviews

This film is really a very subtle, literate story. Nothing hits you over the head, there’s nothing to win or lose at the end, it’s just characters and events unfolding and interacting within a languid pace. It’s really a beautiful film, both in scenery, sentiment and depth of you’ve ever visited Istanbul you should see this film. I expected to see the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque right off, but you never see them– the film chooses to see Istanbul through the charming back alleys and everyday people. The traditions of the country and the warmth of the people are ever-present in this film. Istanbul itself is like a character here, and its special charms are at the center of the story. If you have visited there, you will understand why the characters become so this film only uses Istanbul and the Hamam as a vehicle for showing its characters ways of finding happiness and tranquility in one’s life. The story is much more general and eternal. It shares that quality with literature– it is at once about these specific characters, and also about everyone, in New York this film is called „Steam“ and is being sold as a major homoerotic experience. It’s sad that they have to cheapen this wonderful movie in that way, and people going expecting to get their jollies will be woefully disappointed– and entirely missing the tends to think of Turkish/Italian cinema as not being as technically sophisticated, but this film is vary carefully and intelligently written and directed. This really is one of those special, beautiful movies, not as flashy or intense as some, but I think I will remember this film for a long time.— Check out website devoted to bad, cheesy and gay movies:

Es drohen bis zu 12 Jahre Haft

Scott Long ist US-amerikanischer Blogger und Menschenrechtsaktivist. Er hat sich auf LGBTQ-Rechte im Nahen Osten spezialisiert. Scott Long lebt in Kairo und war am Sonntag beim ersten Prozesstag gegen die festgenommenen Männer dabei. „Sie wurden in einen Käfig im Gerichtssaal gedrängt und geschlagen“, berichtet Long. Die Sitzung wurde auf Anfang Januar 2015 vertagt. Obwohl die Anklageschrift noch nicht feststehe, seien die Aussichten für die Angeklagten sehr schlecht. Den 21 Besuchern des Bades drohen bis zu drei Jahren, den fünf Mitarbeitern des Hamams sogar bis zu 12 Jahren Haft.

Munir sorgt sich vor allem über die Angestellten des Hamams. Ihnen wird „systematischer Menschenhandel“ vorgeworfen. Dabei seien sie „am unschuldigsten“. Obwohl ihn das Vorgehen der Journalistin, so wie die ganze schwule Community im Nahen Osten, schockiert. Mona Iraqi würde nicht zum ersten Mal über journalistische Recherchen hinaus gehen. Im Internet berichten einige Kommentatoren, dass sie vor Kurzem eine Dokumentation über Drogenabhängige in Ägypten drehte. Auch danach sei sie zur Polizei gegangen.


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Things To Do in Ankara

Because gay life in Ankara mostly takes place at night – in public anyway-, during the day travelers have nothing to do but sit poolside, indulge at a Hamam or check out the cities top attractions – which should keep you busy for a few days at least!

All travelers in Ankara should take caution in less-developed areas with valuables and take taxi’s or Uber at night – and always listen to local advice when exploring. Remember – gay or straight – public displays of affection are not normal here and best totally avoided, but especially those between same-sex people.

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Ankara

In Ankara, you would be hard-pressed to find an upscale hotel that had any issues with gay guests, but discretion is sometimes advised still in this changing and increasingly conservative society.

Some Ankara hotels are more popular with queer travelers due to their location or for their inclusive environment, which we have chosen to feature here. These gay-friendly hotels in Ankara are frequented by members of the LGBT community and have solid reputations, but as you might have guessed – there are no explicitly gay hotels in Ankara.

When looking at other hotels, we don’t recommend staying at very cheap hotels as local police typically raid these looking for prostitution. And if the police find you having sex, you will be arrested so it is just easier to avoid these budget / questionable properties altogether.

All Turkish hotels must record every visitor in a police-controlled system, so you cannot invite a date to your room in these hotels – but in 4 stars or higher you are generally allowed as you are paying a premium – just let your reception know beforehand.

Each hotel and area offer something particular, so be sure to choose the right style and location to meet your needs. Prices are cheap compared to North American and European hotels (thought quickly rising), and standards are generally high – so it’s a great place to splurge! Of course, there are also a hundred’s more hotel and hostel options in Ankara if none of these suit your desired budget, facilities or area!

Gay Nightlife in Ankara

Ankara has a considerably less gay life than Istanbul, in large part due to mounting political pressure so do not expect the gay nightlife to be as colorful as you might expect for a city of this size.

A few Ankara gay bars and clubs have opened  – and promptly shut – in recent years, but thankfully there is still one fun gay club and various gay-popular options catering to the LGBT community in Ankara. We strongly recommend checking them out to show support, and to see one of the few examples of gay nightlife in the Middle East – but we have also included our favorite cocktail spots and bar you should try to visit.

Outside of the gay bars, discretion is advised, and it is best to avoid all signs of affection between same-sex couples.  Despite this,  things can get crazy on a night out in Gay Ankara, and what better way could there be to get to know the locals. Just don’t forget your common sense!

Gay-Friendly Cinemas in Ankara

To be clear, there are no gay cinemas in Ankara, but if you are curious you can find plenty of straight porno-cinemas frequented by …open men! Thanks to Turkey’s historic bisexual culture, limited action is possible with guys are such venues, and a few specific porn cinemas in Ankara are very popular with gay guys. Remember discretion is critical here, as these cinemas are open to the public.

Just be careful you approach the right guy, or just let them approach you. If you want to try this out, the best places to go are Efes Sinemasi, Kerem Sinamasi, and Eti Sinemasi.

Gay Hamams in Ankara

Sadly Gay Ankara does not offer your traditional gay sauna experience as you will find in most Western countries. Thanks to local laws against any sexual action in public – or public venues – most venues in Ankara do not want to be labeled as gay or even gay-friendly from fear for raid, reprisals or shutdowns by local authorities and instead play the ‘three monkeys’: “see nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing”.

The Turkish bath (Hammam) is simply the Middle Eastern version of a steam bath and is set up to offer a spa-like experience – though of varying quality. Sex separates traditional hammams, and most are still done this way today, a frisky proposition in somewhat bisexual Turkey. Europeans discovered the Hammam through their interaction with the East hence the name Turkish bath, which has become a popular feature of the best gay sauna worldwide.

While there are many busy saunas, gyms, and hammams (Turkish bathhouses), you should realize this is a very traditional and cultural past time in Ankara and popular with both gay and straight men. Below we have listed the most popular Ankara gay Hamam which are often frequented by gay men – however, please practice discretion and care. To avoid any issues or disappointment, it is best to explore the Ankara Hamam’s merely to experience the history and tradition of the Turkish bath, and if more happens – so be it!

Mehr lesen

Was von außen noch an die ehemalige Kinopassage erinnert, offenbart im Inneren eine der größten Gaysaunen Deutschlands. Bei uns kannst Du auf über 1.600 qm und 3 Geschossen den Alltag vergessen. Der unscheinbare Eingang der PLUTO markiert noch den Beginn der ehemaligen Kinopassage. An dieser Stelle reihen sich heute rund 350 Umkleidespinde aneinander. Wenn der Alltag in den Spinden abgelegt ist, geht es in den zentralen Bar- und Loungebereich. Auf dieser Ebene findest Du unter anderem die Finnische Sauna sowie das Schwimmbecken mit Gegenstromanlage. Das Ober- und Untergeschoss werden von hier aus verbunden mit einer großen geschwungenen Treppe, die noch die 60er Jahre Architektur des ehemaligen Kaufhauses erahnen lassen. Im Obergeschoss findest Du den Fernsehraum, Ruhekabinen und zahlreiche Cruisingmöglichkeiten. Im Untergeschoss erwarten Dich ein 4m x 4m großer blubbernder Whirlpool, der orientalisch inspirierte Hamam mit großer, beheizter Marmorplatte und sphärischen Klängen, unsere XXL-Labyrinth-Dampfsauna (wegen COVID19 zur Zeit geschlossen), ein Sanarium mit 50°C – 60°C (wegen COVID19 zur Zeit Finnische Sauna) und allerlei weitere Möglichkeiten, um zu verweilen und sich zu vergnügen. Und vergnügen wollen sich bei uns so einige – Du wirst zu allen Tages- und Nachtzeiten auf viele gleichgesinnte Besucher, aus einem Einzugsgebiet das bis in die Niederlande und Belgien reicht, treffen. An Wochenenden verteilen sich bis zu 600 Saunafreunde (zur Zeit limitiert auf maximal 200 Gäste zur gleichen Zeit) über den Tag und über die Etagen unserer großzügigen Schwulensauna. Da weiß man manchmal gar nicht wo man hinschauen soll. Neben vielen Aktionen und Wellnessangeboten bieten wir Dir eine familiäre Atmosphäre die Lust macht zum gemeinsamen Baden und Duschen, Heißmachen und Abkühlen, Spannen und Entspannen und zum Schwitzen und Schwatzen.

Hier findest Du uns: Die PLUTO Sauna liegt mitten in Essen am nördlichen Ende der Fußgängerzone, Tür an Tür mit dem GOP Variete Theater. Du erreichst die PLUTO leicht mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln (Haltestelle: Viehofer Platz, Linie:106, 107, zwei Stationen vom Hauptbahnhof) oder mit dem Auto (viele Parkmöglichkeiten in unmittelbarer Nähe).

Was muss ich mitbringen?

Du musst eine Maske tragen. Entwede Du bringst eine mit, oder kaufst eine Pluto Maske für 2,- € bzw. 7,- € bei uns. Um alles andere kümmern wir uns. Vom Handtuch, über Badelatschen (Pflicht) bis hin zu Kondomen und Gleitgel – bei uns kannst Du alles ausleihen oder kaufen. So steht auch einem spontanen Besuch unserer Gaysauna nichts im Wege.

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