Is Gus gay?

Hear me out. So his relationship with Maximino could absolutely be one of „mentor/mentee“ or „big brother/little brother.“ Perhaps they grew close because Maximino never had an older fatherly influence, and maybe Gus filled that role when he saved him from the slums.

But what IF it was a little more than that? Gus was very upset when he was killed, and they needn’t necessarily be in a romantic relationship for him to feel that way, but it also doesn’t rule it out.

Also, consider that we haven’t seen Gus with a wife, or a kid, have we? Such an upstanding businessman who does wonders for the community would surely be a desirable bachelor, right? So why doesn’t he supplement his cover story with a wife and kids?

I submit to you that Gus just might be gay and that Maximino was his lover.

Vince Gilligan himself said it is „open to interpretation.“ So take it as you will. It’s not a straight yes/no answer.

Exactly. Even if he were married with a kid or two, it could all just be a cover. I’m ok with them not coming right out and saying which one it is. We don’t need a flashback scene with Gus and Max making out to say, „Hey guys look! They’re really gay!“

I think the implications that Maximo and Gus were more-than-platonically involved are extremely strong, but Vince still may be not be comfortable with placing the „gay“ label on Gus, either out of respect for his character or some other reason.

There was an episode in season 3 when Walt had dinner with Gus at his house. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that there were toys on the floor in the house. Also, Vince Gilligan neither confirmed nor denied Gus‘ orientation. He said it was „open to interpretation.“

I remember that too but it could be just as probable that those things were put there by Gus to sell his story of being a family man just like Walt is.

In the recent podcast, it was ‚hinted‘ at to the point that the host of the podcast/editor in BB continually referred to him as gay, as Max being his lover etc..

They pretty much called Max his boyfriend. Plus, young Gus is fabulous.

It’s kind of an irrelevant point. All you need to take away from Gus’s relationship with Max was that they were extremely close and loved each other, and so it was traumatic for Gus when Max was killed. Now you can interpret this love for Max however you like, be it homosexual or just a strong non-sexual bond.

Either way, the result is the same. I like how Gus’s sexuality is a bit more ambiguous here, and allows multiple ways to view his character. I don’t think it’d be far off to call Gus gay, but I don’t think it’d be far off to call him straight either. Still, his actions and motives are the same anyway, regardless of the nature of his relationship with Max.

Agree that it’s not especially relevant. It only matters in terms of relationships and what is being said about those relationships.

The question I suppose is whether the Gus/Max relationship is comparable to the Gus/Walt relationship or the Jesse/Walt relationship, or both. Gus‘ attitudes towards these relationships will be influenced by his relationship with Max, whatever that was exactly.

Why do you care ? As Walter would say, it changes NOTHING.

I think it changes the dynamic of Gus‘ motivation to deal with the cartel the way he does, it’s not just business it’s personal which makes him less rational as he is presented. Also it could be why he left Chile in the late 80’s since homosexuality was/is a very taboo topic in such a heavily catholic country.

you never know. Maybe he’s got a thing for Walt. Or Jesse. Or Mike. Or Saul. Or Tyrus. Or Hank. Or Hank’s DEA Boss. Or all of them.

On a more serious note, it would give more insight into Gus’s character, especially his relationship with Max. On a bigger scale, it probably doesn’t change a whole lot, but I do think it would add another part to Gus as we know him.

Better Call Saul Season 5 Backs Gus Fring Sexuality Theory

Better Call Sall season 5 made a joke about Gus Fring, and it supports a longstanding Breaking Bad fan theory about the villain’s sexuality.

Lalo’s quip about Gus Fring in a recent episode of  may have been a reference to a longstanding  fan theory about Gus’s sexuality. Season 5 of Better Call Saul hit the ground running and has already covered much ground in terms of bringing the show nearer to the events of Breaking Bad. In addition to moving chronologically closer, Better Call Saul also grows its characters to become the people we know and love (to hate) when they bump into Walter White.

One of the most talked-about moments in season 3 of Better Call Saul was the introduction of drug lord/chicken restaurant owner Gustavo „Gus“ Fring, a ruthless businessman and a major foe of Walter White who served as the primary antagonist for several seasons of Breaking Bad. Because fans already know what happens to Gus, however, Better Call Saul spends more time developing his backstory and the events that led to him becoming such a key player in the drug industry – and a recent episode made a reference to a theory about Gus that has been floating around for years.

In Breaking Bad season 4 episode 8 „Hermanos“ it was revealed that Gus Fring had a business partner named Max Arciniega, with whom he was incredibly close. The two founded Los Pollos Hermanos together, and also entered into business with the cartel as a pair. However, after unintentionally offending Don Eladio, Max was murdered by Hector Salamanca, right in front of a horrified Gus. From that point on Gus dedicated his life to avenging Max’s death, and his single-minded pursuit of justice led some fans to speculate that Gus and Max may have been in a romantic relationship and were more than just business partners.

Although there has never been any explicit confirmation as to the nature of their relationship, the question of Gus‘ sexuality is one frequently raised by the show, but a wisecrack from Better Call Saul season 5 premiere „Magic Man“ may have an answer for fans. During an exchange with Juan Bolsa, Lalo explains that he is keeping an eye on Gus because he believes that he’s out for revenge on Hector for killing his „boyfriend“.

Lalo does use the world in a humorous tone, which may indicate that he’s making a joke instead of actually commenting on the nature of Gus and Max’s relationship, but the line is still the closest either Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul has come to outright addressing the speculation about Gus‘ sexuality. While whether or not Lalo was joking or being serious is up to the interpretation of the viewer, revealing that Max and Gus were in a romantic relationship would be yet another way that Better Call Saul takes advantage of its prequel timeline to go more in-depth with established characters from the Breaking Bad universe.

Further supporting this theory is that the title of Better Call Saul season 5 episode 5 is „Dedicado a Max“, which is Spanish for „Dedicated to Max“. This would seem to be another reference to Max Arciniega and may be an indication that Gus makes a move against the Salamanca family to finally attempt justice for his deceased partner. Of course, fans of Breaking Bad know that both Hector and Gus meet their demise in the iconic episode „Face Off“, so only time will tell just what goes down in „Dedicado a Max“.

Lauren Coates is a features writer for Screen Rant with a special interest in Star Trek, and has been writing for Screen Rant since 2019. In addition to Screen Rant, she has written for The Mary Sue and the official Star Trek website, and also writes film & tv reviews for Culturess. Lauren is currently a student at DePaul University, majoring in Film & Television and minoring in Journalism. At DePaul, she is also a contributing writer for the student-run newspaper, The DePaulia. In addition to writing, Lauren is passionate about Disney World, junk food, musical theatre. You can find Lauren on Twitter and Instagram under @laurenjcoates

Better Call Saul Season 5 Backs Gus Fring Sexuality Theory

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is dropping some major hints that the notorious Gus Fring is gay

Better Call Saul explored the backstory of Breaking Bad character Gus Fring

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is dropping some major hints about the sexuality of everyone’s favourite upstanding chicken shop owner, Gus Fring.

The latest episode of the prequel show, “Dedicado a Max”, sheds more light than ever before on the motives of Gustavo Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito.

Breaking Bad fans will remember that Fring had major beef with the Salamanca crime family, with his desire for revenge leading to his eventual explosive demise at the hands of the wheelchair-bound Hector Salamanca.

Flashbacks during Breaking Bad revealed that Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos co-founder Max, played by James Martinez, was shot and killed by Hector Salamanca over the pair’s entry into the meth business.

Other characters on both shows have used derogatory homophobic terms to refer to Fring and Max, calling them “butt brothers” and “boyfriends” – but neither Breaking Bad nor Better Call Saul have fully clarified their relationship.

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is dropping some major hints that the notorious Gus Fring is gay

WNBC’s Gus Rosendale

One of the TV news gossip sites has him as „confirmed gay.“

If he was gay, he’d dress better. That red, white and blue outfit tonight was a little too cliche Anchorman.

Oh please. IHSG is less reliable as a source than Datalounge!

That said, his official station bio doesn’t mention a wife or children, unlike so many of the others….

Actually, he looks like Herbie the elf dentist from RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER

MID-30s?????? Don’t make me laugh. He’s 40 if he’s a day.

When reading a story recently while anchoring, he couldn’t pronounce the name Dizzy Gillespie. Does that make him straight or just ignorant?

WNBC has been completely removed from its Pennsylvania market, so that ends that.

I’m so excited, I actually know the answer to this! He used to anchor the local news up here for WPTZ (Plattsburgh/Burlington VT) and he WAS gay and out-ish at that time.

In a story on NBC-4 about gay marriage I’m sure I heard him say „we.“

He’s adorable! And a very good reporter and anchor.

R25, I didn’t know him firsthand but a gay couple I knew went to a local Pride event and mentioned that Gus was there with his partner. This was five or six years ago.

Wonder if WNBC has it’s own version of „WABC’s Insider“? Would like to hear more about him.

{r. 33} I know someone who dated him in college. A female.

Change the „dale“ to „berg“ and „Rosendale“ becomes Jewish.

Hilter had same kind of thinking. He thought Roosevelt was really „Rosenfelt.“

If so, please describe from head (both heads) to toes. TIA.

I want Gus Rosendale and Rob Morrison to spit roast me.

Definitely not gay. He had no on-air rapport whatsoever with the hot, OUT Raphael Miranda, and on Sunday his suit clashed with his tie. If he is gay, he needs to turn in his card and get a makeover ASAP!

So Chris Wriage, Gus Rosendale and Lonnie Quinn are all straight?

He’s 35, there’s no evidence of a wife or girlfriend (ever), and I’m intrigued by the previous reports of him with a male partner at a Pride parade…

My friend Raphael Miranda (who’s gay and out) tells me Gus is not gay – very gay friendly, but not gay.

What the fuck is wrong with Rosendale lately? On the early am weekend broadcast he acts like he drank 10 cups of coffee — so hyper and annoying I turn him off. Is WNBC trying to make every anchor into a jumpy retard like Michael Gargulio?

Anyone know if Steve Lacy or John Huddy on Fox is gay?

It’s having to work those horrible early hours, R53. Too much caffeine isn’t the answer.

You don’t see David Ushery or Chuck Scarborough that way, because they work the night shift.

But it’s the same on all the stations – look at Ken Rosato or (god help us) Bill Evans, or Chris Wragge, or any of those queens on the other stations. Over-caffeinated.

Only Pat Kiernan is relaxed, and that’s because he’s Canadian.

yes, any gossip on steve lacy on fox 5? he looks like he drinks a lot.

I don’t believe that R55. The 5PM guy, Llamas, „overacts“ too. This is a trend and I don’t like it.

Looks like Gus is getting back-pedaled, just like Jonathan Vigliotti, as WNBC puts all its attention on the hottie Rob Schmitt.

I find it hard to believe, R52, that he’s straight and single, with no visible girlfriend history, at the age of 35. Some woman would have sunk her claws in by now. He’s adorable!

Is Rob Schmitt gay? My gaydar goes off when I saw him. He is really beautiful.

Rob with „his boys“ on his 29th birthday last year, per Facebook:

Classy? I hope you are joking. They look Jersey Shore.

Looks great in new black framed glasses. Must be in his 40’s as glasses appeared to be progressives.

Gus looks really good in his glasses. He should ditch the contacts and go for this look.

I agree. Gus looks great in his new glasses. Keep the look.

Last night he was at the Halloween Parade. First time we’ve seen him away from the anchor desk. Much handsomer without glaring studio lights.

I’ve seen him away from the anchor desk for ages — that’s where he belongs, AWAY from the anchor desk.

I saw him on the news last night, too, and he was looking a-okay!

I used to suck his *!&% in the chapel at UVM when he was a reporter in Burlington, VT. Definitely gay. would make the str8 boys jealous!

Looks great this morning, too. Very sweet personality.

Gus Gus looks like a strawberry blond Stephen Colbert.

He looks like Herbie the Elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Here’s Gus with his real hair color – he’s not a natural blonde….

This morning Gus interviewed two reps from next Sunday’s the Gay Pride Parade. They showed the Pride Magazine with full-page photo of weatherguy Raphael Miranda Pat Battle said NBC-4 will have a float, adding „we’ll see you there.“ Hope Gus is on the float with Pat and Raph waving at us.

Raph and his bf are on the float, just like last year. It would be great if Gus was on it too, with or without a partner….

Gus was on the NBC Pride float today with Raph, Checky Beckford & Lauren Sciala (Raph’s TV hag).

(But he was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt in this heat…!)

Gussy’s doing his newscast tonight with his usual smirk. Lord, please get him fired.

Is he really gay? Or he was just supportive of gays?

One does not have to be gay to be on the Pride float.

At the end of the Sunday night newscast which paired Gus with Sibila Vargas for the first time, Gus said something like „It was nice working with you“ to which Sibila replied „you too“. Then Gus said „Not bad for a first date… went a lot better than most of my first dates. Which is why I usually don’t get a second one.“ Then the screen faded to black.

No, Gus just doesn’t get a lot of second dates. He was cruising the crowd pretty heavy during the Pride parade.

[R. 103] According to rumor, maybe Gus dated a lot AS a woman?

Bump for yummy Gus, who seems to be anchoring a lot more lately…

I think Gus actually looks like a young, blond, Jack Jones circa 1963.

Gus on FB/Instagram is pretty hilarious. About himself. Case in point:

Love seeing Gus on the 11pm news tonight. He is adorable. Wish he was on every night.

When Gus lived in Burlington rumor was he was gay the first time he lived here, he left and then moved back and then had a girlfriend for quite sometime jury’s still out. But does it really matter he’s a really nice man.

Any new gossip? He continues to be cute and very good on the news.

I saw Gus Rosendale staggering done W 48th Street in NYC Thursday night. He seemed very drunk. With him was a very pretty blonde woman. She was helping him a bit, but he seemed determined to get by the crowd exiting the Longacre Theater. My partner, who was standing next to me, confirmed the sighting.

I dated him for a short time about 5 years ago. I’m a man.

Saw him in person. Looks much better on TV. A bit of a schlub in person.

r119 – I just saw him on ABC News at 5pm – Holy Shit he is indeed HOT – he has „something“ about him that

Is the ABC Insider around to give us the gossip about him?

Gus CONSTANTLY posts comments to Shimon Prokupez’s instagram. I am fairly certain he is gay.

He is the host on NBC for the next 3 1/2 hours, I had no idea he was Irish!

Have it on 1st hand authority he abuses young (YOUNG) Hispanic boys and mistreats his twenty-something Latin boyfriend who sent me a disturbing video of him signing an anti-Latin/racist Christmas song “at” him (his BF’s name is Alejandro, poor boy). Def. gay but also a borderline predator. His #metoo time is coming!

WNBC's Gus Rosendale

Is Gus Fring gay?

And was his cook/partner that got killed by Hector, a love interest.

And did Gus have kids. When he talks to Walt about providing for his family, he mentions how you’re kids will always be your family regardless if they love or hate you. It made it sound like Gus has kids.

On the other hand, I got some very gay vibes from Gus in the flashback scenes where his cook/partner was killed by Hector.

He mentions during his cooking scene with Walt that his kids don’t enjoy his traditional cooking.

There is no mention of a wife through out the series.

As many people mentioned his chilean partner and him seemed to be very close and Hector did blow him a kiss.

I always took it for granted that Gus was gay and never considered the possibility he was straight until I saw this post lol

Taken from the Gus Fring entry in the Breaking Bad Wiki:

“The humanity of Gus‘ personality played an integral role in his development, especially the very deep relationship with Max, which has been interpreted by some viewers – and even Giancarlo Esposito himself – as possibly homosexual. The loss of Max is partially what turned Gus into a ruthless villain… Vince Gilligan has stated that he decided against the show officially confirming or denying whether or not Max and Gus were, in fact, lovers; however, he also said that they „probably were lovers.“

I don’t think Gus has a wife or kids. Mostly because if he did, it would be way too significant to leave out of BB or BCS entirely. Also with Gus’ standing in the community, his wife would no doubt be high visibility as well. UNLESS his family remained in Chile while he created his drug empire, and he periodically visited them and vice versa. That could explain why Gus has children’s toys in his house.

As far as his relationship with his former partner from Chile, it’s tricky. There are the comments from Hector to consider, but there’s no overt signs of romance between Gus and his partner. They may have loved each other like brothers, or they could have been in a relationship, it’s hard to say.

I remember one of the showrunners (maybe Vince?) said that although he wasn’t written with that in mind, it’s a perfectly valid interpretation.

The vibes are certainly there. I didn’t think too much about it, thinking to myself that I may just be stereotyping, but it’s interesting to see other people saw the same hints. I’m willing to think Gus was a single father with kids that he sent away to babysitters often. I coulda sworn I saw some children’s toys laying around inside his house.

What gave you the gay vibes from his friend being killed, that he was upset that his arguable best friend at the time was just shot in front of him?

Neither, it was the way they were acting around each other before he was shot. As well as how Don Eladio & Hector were treating them.

The way Gustavo’s partner was defending him came off as if there was more between them than just being friends & business partners. He was defending Gus with a desperation that to me came off as their partnership being more than just business related. And I understand being afraid of the Cartel, but you would think he’d try to display more composure for that very reason, rather than show weakness by acting desperate.

Is Gus Fring gay?

Gus Kenworthy Discusses First Sexual Experiences, How He Realized He Was Into Guys

Attitude recently sat down with freshly out, dog-rescuing Olympian Gus Kenworthy, covering a range of topics from his sudden media attention and what it means to be an LGBT role model to his first boyfriend and, for lack of a better term, dick pics.

Here are some highlights — head here for the full interview.

I remember going with my family to these hot springs when I was a kid and there was a lifeguard there who was probably in his 20s, who was really fit and had, like, big arms and shoulders, which I hadn’t really seen before I guess – not in a swimsuit! And I was just like ‘Oh my god, what is happening!’ [chuckles] But I didn’t know whether I was so drawn to it because I wanted to look like that or to have that to myself, but I knew I had this pull, and obviously that got more frequent and stronger as I got older.

I used to drive to hockey games with my dad, just the two of us, and we always had a good dynamic between us, and I remember wanting to say something, but just not having the words, or the courage. Also remember feeling that I didn’t want to come out because I hadn’t been with a guy in any form, and I didn’t want to tell people and have them go ‘Oh you’re sleeping with guys?’ because I hadn’t; I’d never even kissed a boy.

I had no idea he was gay or interested at all, we just became friends, and one night we’d been out to the bars and had a few drinks, and we staying at a friend’s and sharing a pull-out couch, and I kinda just thought I’m gonna kiss him, and if he punches me in the face I can play it off as having one too many to drinks or just being an idiot. But it ended up being reciprocated and it started a five-year relationship.

I just think the worry is that I’ll type-cast myself or people will come to expect it. I’m not being controlled though, [my publicist] just thinks it’s important to remain a skier and not have all the emphasis on my body. And I agree. It feels good to have a bit of validation but it’s very vain! I know it’s vain, so I don’t wanna be that guy all the time. There’s a lot more to me.

I’ve had a lot of kids saying that they’re in the closet or are having similar feelings, so I’ve tried to kind of search through my inbox for those, because I feel like those are the people that need to be responded to and need some attention. But in that process I’ve definitely opened up messages that are just of peoples’ dicks! I’m like ‘Why are you sending me this! This is ridiculous!’

Olympic Freeskier Gus Kenworthy Comes Out as Gay

Gus Kenworthy took to Twitter on Thursday to make a statement he had long known to be true about himself. “I am gay,” the American freeskier tweeted. These three simple words were accompanied by a picture of the cover of the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine in which the Olympic silver medalist made the announcement.

Kenworthy previously garnered worldwide attention not only for medaling at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but also for interview, he spoke about his decision to come out publicly after confiding in his family and close friends nearly two years ago. He said he was apprehensive about the reaction from the action sports community.

“They say it’s a community of individuals and everyone is doing their own thing and it’s not a team sport, so you get to be yourself. But you don’t really,” he told ESPN. “Everyone wears a Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar cap, a T-shirt and jeans and skate shoes. Everyone drives the same type of car and listens to the same kind of music. The industry isn’t the most embracing of someone who’s different. I’m nervous about that.”

But the 24-year-old explained that he finally felt ready to share his story with the world.

“Hiding everything away is so painful. I mean, it’s like you’re constantly lying and you’re constantly feeling like you’re being deceitful. I’m just at that point where I’m ready to kind of open up and let everyone see me for me, and I hope everyone accepts it,” he said.

Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy’s next bold move — coming out

American freestyle skier and Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy discusses why he decided to announce he is gay and how hiding this secret has affected him. (2:38)

GUS KENWORTHY STARTED coming out to his family and closest friends nearly two years ago. His mom said she knew. His brother said he was proud. His best friend voiced unrelenting support. And if Gus Kenworthy were an average 24-year-old, the announcement — the story — might have ended there. But Gus Kenworthy is not an average 24-year-old. He is the top freeskier on the planet, an Olympic medalist, a face of the X Games. He is an elite athlete competing in the world of action sports, where sponsors — and income — are inextricably linked to image. In other words, he is an athlete with a lot to lose. But Gus Kenworthy is ready to tell that world, his sport, his truth. And so, as we sit down together in Los Angeles in September, he begins the only way he knows how: „I guess I should start by saying, ‚I’m gay.'“

the debut of ski slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Kenworthy, armed with a silver medal, is returning home to Telluride, Colorado. There’s a parade being held in his honor, the town’s first Winter Olympian. A crush of kids waving miniature flags printed with Kenworthy’s image march below a „Go Gus!“ banner that stretches across the town’s main drag. There’s a band and fireworks. Mayor Stu Fraser proclaims a stretch of San Juan Avenue „Gus’s Way.“

As only the third trio in American history to sweep a Winter Olympics event, Kenworthy and fellow medalists Joss Christensen and Nick Goepper are media darlings. They were featured on the answer.

Now, back home in Telluride, mountains looming as the backdrop, Kenworthy addresses his fans. „This is incredibly overwhelming,“ he says, words shaky, face red from the cold. „This whole crowd here is my family.“

As his short speech comes to a close to raucous applause, Kenworthy continues through the crowd, flashing uneasy grins for the camera-holding masses, wishing he could hide from view. They see a hometown hero, Kenworthy sees a liar and a coward. If they knew he was gay, would these kids idolize him as much? Would his sponsors continue to pay him? Would his friends stop using „gay“ as a descriptor for all things that suck?

The answer, Kenworthy is convinced, is no. They’d all turn away, and all he’d be left with is a heavy piece of silver. He is so convinced of this that, in his darkest moments, one of America’s newest and most beloved Olympians has contemplated taking his own life.

Instead, in the months after Sochi, Kenworthy makes a deal with himself, to settle two debts: Become the world’s best freeskier, and then, and only then, tell everyone the truth.

„I never got to be proud of what I did in Sochi because I felt so horrible about what I didn’t do,“ Kenworthy says. „I didn’t want to come out as the silver medalist from Sochi. I wanted to come out as the best freeskier in the world.“

been fiercely competitive. Growing up in Telluride with two older brothers, Hugh and Nick, he developed a passion for skiing. As a child, when he’d learn a new skill, he’d pepper his ski coach with the same two questions: „He would ask, ‚Did I do that better than Nick? Better than Hugh?'“ remembers his mom, Pip. But his coach’s verbal reassurance wasn’t enough. „He’d get the coach to write on a piece of paper, ‚Gus did a 360 better than Nick,'“ his mom says. „He wanted to be better than his brothers, better than everyone.“ Then, just for good measure, he’d bring the notes home and hang them on the fridge.

Kenworthy and his friends were known to stay at the terrain park practicing tricks after the lifts were closed, hiking the jumps for hours. When staff would ask them to leave, Kenworthy would go home and build jumps in his backyard instead. „I always felt like I had something to prove, like I had to work twice as hard to make sure I got it,“ he says. „I knew I didn’t want to be a good skier. I wanted to be the best.“

For him, being the best was a form of atonement. Kenworthy knew he was gay as early as 5 years old and felt different from other boys. With his brothers, he shared a love for skiing and hockey, but their similarities seemed to end there. „I was insecure and ashamed,“ he says. „Unless you’re gay, being gay has never been looked at as being cool. And I wanted to be cool.“

Even early on as a competitor, Kenworthy earned a reputation for „guinea-pigging“ — trying new jumps and tricks before anyone else. It was a huge source of pride for him and a surefire way to earn the respect of his peers in the action sports world, where athletes are constantly weighing the risk against the reward. „I was pretty adventurous and daring,“ Kenworthy says. „And I had rubber bones.“ One particularly impressive YouTube video of his skills, posted online when he was 16, landed him his first sponsors. He turned pro later that year.

Almost immediately, Kenworthy says, he felt pressure to fit in. Friends weren’t an issue; he was good-looking and likable, the kind of guy who gets along with everyone. But girls were an inescapable part of the role. „In skiing, there’s such an alpha male thing about pulling the hottest chicks,“ Kenworthy says. „I know hooking up with hot girls doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. But I literally would sleep with a girl and then cry about it afterward. I’m like, ‚What am I doing? I don’t know what I’m doing.'“

On the mountain, Kenworthy was unstoppable. At 15, he competed in the USASA Nationals and took first place in superpipe and third in slopestyle. But 2010 was his breakout year — he won both slopestyle and superpipe at the Aspen/Snowmass Open. Still, there was one competition that was in his head, one that loomed larger to him than the rest — the X Games. „More than I’ve wanted anything,“ Kenworthy says, „I’ve wanted to do well at the X Games.“

Kenworthy grew up watching the X Games, always noticing how the announcers riffed about his favorite skiers as the camera focused on their families and girlfriends. „It was such a window into who they were,“ he says. So when he competed there for the first time, at 19, the year after that breakout event, it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise when an ESPN TV producer asked if his girlfriend would be in attendance. And yet, it caught him completely off guard. „No, no girlfriend,“ Kenworthy replied, his stomach twisting into knots. The question left him nervous, feeling guilty, his focus completely shot. It was no way to drop into a slopestyle course or an icy, 22-foot-tall halfpipe. „X Games has been the death of me,“ Kenworthy says. „I’ve won every contest on tour and medaled at the Olympics, and I’ve never won a medal in Aspen.“

That refrain — „No, no girlfriend“ — is something Kenworthy wound up repeating year after year, even when he had a boyfriend standing in the crowd, cheering him on. The X Games are a testosterone-fueled, obligation-filled weekend, which can make it difficult to focus, but it’s that one question that Kenworthy believes affects him most deeply and throws him off his game. „Part of [the stress] is the fact that I’ve never had a TV boyfriend,“ he says. „That’s actually something I want so bad — a TV boyfriend.“

„It’s actually become stressful for me to be around him at contests because he’s so stressed out,“ says Bobby Brown, Kenworthy’s best friend and four-time X Games gold medalist. „He will get onto the chairlift at X Games and throw up, he’s so nervous. I’ve never seen anyone react that way, and it’s been getting worse and worse.“

its emphasis on being alternative, the action sports world doesn’t reward nonconformity. „They say it’s a community of individuals and everyone is doing their own thing and it’s not a team sport, so you get to be yourself,“ Kenworthy says. „But you don’t, really.“ Unlike team sports, athletes never leave the locker room. They turn pro as children and become immediately indoctrinated by the culture. „Between the contests and the shoots, everyone’s always skiing and training together,“ Kenworthy says. „But it is the same, it’s totally like that: Be creative, be yourself, be all this stuff, but also literally just be everybody else.“

Kenworthy has watched carefully these past few years as the world around him has grown more accepting. Gay marriage is legal now, attitudes are changing. He was excited this spring when Caitlyn Jenner came out. He believes that people are more aware.

„But then at the same time,“ he says, „people are literally oblivious.“

For him, there have existed day-to-day reminders. Take, for instance, the former sponsor who made a crude anti-gay remark about why Kenworthy was once late to a competition. Take his physical therapist, who once told Kenworthy that he couldn’t even imagine talking to a gay guy all night. („I thought, ‚You’ve talked to a gay guy for two hours a day, four days a week for seven months.‘ „)

Take the constant drumbeat of living in a culture that uses the words „gay“ and „fag“ as commonly as „stoked.“ A daily check of social media for Kenworthy means encountering posts written by friends or peers who, without knowing it, reveal what they think about his sexuality. Today, it might be a Facebook rant or an Instagram post from a pro snowboarder who’s annoyed that „skier fags“ have infiltrated another contest or complaining that a shoddy halfpipe is „gay.“ Tomorrow, it might be a tweet written by an athlete he admires who is „sickened“ by same-sex marriage.

„There’s a lot of testosterone in our sport, and those derogatory words get thrown around like crazy,“ says Canadian freeskier Justin Dorey. „A lot of people don’t think twice about it because those words don’t mean anything to them.“

Action sports have also always been about promoting a lifestyle. Though they might appear decidedly counterculture — the baggy clothes, the music, the long hair — the athletes live in uniform. But with the core snow industry’s economy tanking (Nike eliminated snowboarding and skiing from its action sports program, Burton cut riders, Quiksilver filed for bankruptcy) and new corporate influence and sponsors flowing in, the athletes have less and less control deciding what that lifestyle is, if they ever had control in the first place. Sponsors equal an athlete’s livelihood. A top athlete like Kenworthy, who is sponsored by Nike, Atomic, GoPro and Monster, takes in around 80 percent of his $500,000 to $1 million a year from sponsorships, which are based as much on image as they are contest wins.

With legitimate income on the table, Kenworthy can’t help but be worried about how all of this will affect his livelihood. „Everyone wears a Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar cap, a T-shirt and jeans and skate shoes,“ Kenworthy says. „Everyone drives the same type of car and listens to the same kind of music. The industry isn’t the most embracing of someone who’s different. I’m nervous about that.“

„It’s tough when you have people telling you who to be and how to act in order to keep your job,“ Brown says. „But I’ve seen that the people who flourish stick to their guns and are themselves. Those are the people who live the happiest lives and have the most longevity in action sports. But that’s easier said than done.“

When Kenworthy came out to Dorey in January, Dorey’s response was instant — it was time for Kenworthy to share his full self with the world — their world. „Our sport needs this,“ he told him. „Action sports needs this. More people than you think will be supportive.“

„I don’t want to make skiing less cool,“ Kenworthy says. „I hear the snowboarders call us ’skier fags.‘ And it’s frustrating because I’m literally going to live up to that stereotype.“

arrived at the X Games in Aspen the favorite of the event. Less than a year removed from his Sochi success, he was featured in broadcasts and promotional materials, his face plastered throughout the site. He was expected to medal in slopestyle, superpipe and big air; no other skier or snowboarder even qualified for three events.

The next day, he called his father and told him he was quitting. He’d skied his last run.

In Kenworthy’s mind, he was a failure. A few months before the Aspen event, his relationship with his boyfriend — who was largely responsible for bringing the stray dogs home from Sochi — had ended. Two had died — one in Russia, one shortly after arriving in the U.S. to live — and his boyfriend took the dogs with him. Kenworthy felt surrounded by loss. He’d made a promise to himself about being the best, and he was falling short. If he quit now, he thought, he could walk away quietly, come out to a few friends, fall in love again and attempt to find peace.

„In a state like he was in, I told him not to make decisions,“ says Gus‘ father, Peter. „I said, ‚Go home, sleep on it and worst case, give yourself another year.'“

His agent, Michael Spencer, echoed the sentiment. „I told him, ‚Don’t quit after one bad event. Spend a season doing the runs you want to do, take away all expectations and see where the cards fall.'“

Kenworthy took their advice to heart and decided to go forward with his season. Ten days after the X Games, he was back at it, this time with renewed purpose. At the Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix, Kenworthy took third in halfpipe. At the Shaun White Air + Style event at the Rose Bowl two weeks later, he won the inaugural ski big air event. But those wins were minor compared with what came next: At the February event in Park City, already in possession of the highest score of the day, Kenworthy dropped into the halfpipe for his second run and debuted a new trick — a double cork 1260. If he added it to his run, he could make history. On his first hit, he stomped a massive left double cork safety grab 1260 and then landed three other double corks. It was the first contest run to ever include four different double corks. It’s widely heralded as the greatest performance in ski halfpipe history.

With that win, Kenworthy finished the season No. 1, the Association of Freeskiing Professionals overall champ for the fifth year in a row. Few would argue that Kenworthy’s 2014-15 season wasn’t one of the best, if not the best, of all time.

„About five years ago, we all started picking slopestyle, halfpipe or big air and focusing 100 percent of our time on one event,“ Dorey says. „Gus is the only athlete who is talented and driven enough to win in all three disciplines. And he did that last year. He’s the best contest freeskier in the world. He has the head on his shoulders to be the icon.“

Despite an injury soon after, at the World Cup contest in France, Kenworthy knew he’d reached his goal of being the best in the world. He spent the rest of the summer at his house in Denver recovering physically from a torn MCL and lateral meniscus and underwent microfracture surgery to repair a break in his femur. And for the rest of the summer, he started to heal emotionally, allowing his mind to wander to this coming January, to the X Games. He thought about how it would feel to compete without the burden of protecting his secret and what it would be like to one day stand in the start gate, look up at the big screen and see „Gus Kenworthy’s boyfriend“ cheering him on from the bottom of the course. After 24 years, the reward had become greater than the risk. He knew it was time.

„I’m sure there have been gay action sports athletes in the past,“ Dorey says. „I’m sure there are now. But Gus being the first to step up, come out and take the heat, it’s badass. Once again, he’s guinea-pigging it for everyone else.“

Kenworthy, no surprise, approaches it like he approaches everything else — as an athlete. „I want to be the guy who comes out, wins s— and is like, I’m taking names.“

Oh no! Our favorite gay couple – Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy and actor Matt Wilkas – is history

According to People magazine, the sexy couple have called it quits after four years together.

“Gus and Matt are taking time apart,” the rep for the couple tells People. “They love and support each other and remain close friends.”

A source told Page Six that the couple, who became famous worldwide when they kissed on live TV during the 2018 Winter Olympics, broke up about a week ago, right before July Fourth.

Gus made quite a bit of controversy last month when he said it’s cowardly of gay athletes to stay in the closet until their career is over.

Sorry I didn’t post last night, we rode 109 miles yesterday and I was literally (yes, literally) dead. Anyway, today is called „the quad buster“ but jokes on them because my quads are already busted. 191 miles down, 354 to go…

A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on Jun 4, 2019 at 6:53am PDT

Gus talked to Ask Men about how it is to live proudly as a gay man while being an active athlete and about how he seeks to use his position to empower others.

“I knew that it was going to be a good thing for me [to come out], and I hoped that it would be a big step forward for me and that it would help people in the process,” Gus said.

“I was hoping that if it helps a handful of kids, one kid, then it was all worth it.

“I just think I was scared that it was going to be a negative thing for my career, and it was maybe going to be the end of me skiing and me being successful. I truly didn’t think there was space for it.”

Gus says he understands that there are certain dynamics especially in team sports that can make it hard for a gay athlete to come out, but he doesn’t believe that justifies living in the closet.

“I think that athletes staying in the closet for their career and coming out post-retirement are cowardly. I understand it, I know why they would have to do that, but I think that it’s cowardly. It just really shows that they’re ashamed of themselves, and they’re afraid. I just don’t think that they should let those fears consume them.”

Gus himself is certainly not afraid of sharing his personal life with the world and last month told OK! Magazine that he has a sweet spot for Canadian singer Shawn Mendes.

Gus and Shawn met in March 2019 backstage at a meet and greet at Shawn’s concert in Zurich, Switzerland.

The 19yo singer was shirtless for the moment and he was such an impressive sight that Gus fake fainted.

A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on Mar 31, 2019 at 5:40pm PDT

And it wasn’t just Shawn’s good looks that got Gus’ juices going. The guys also had a nice conversation.

In February, Gus surprised us by adding another skill to his repertoire. The hot jock became an actor.

AHS producer Ryan Murphy announced on his Instagram that Gus will be joining the cast of American Horror Story season 9, where he will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend.

«That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on “American Horror Story” Season 9,» Ryan wrote in his post.

Gus is everywhere in media nowadays, and in December he was featured in US Weekly’s “Who Wore It Best?” section and was totally “trashed”.

It has to be said in his defense though, that the competition was totally unfair.

Gus was pictured together with his adorable dog Birdie, both of them wearing the same scarf.

And a staggering 100% voted that Birdie wore the garment best!

To add insult to injury, Birdie (who has “her own” Instagram account) posted the following biting comment on Gus’ insta post: “Good to know not all elections are rigged…”

Gus’ boyfriend Matt Wilkas tried to comfort the Olympian by suggesting that there must have been some kind of collusion.

“The Russians must’ve interfered,” he wrote in a comment.

Gus’ openness about his sexuality inspires youth to come out of the closet.

In the web series, “Fearless,” the hot Olympian meets a 20yo college student from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who says Gus inspired him to come out as gay.

“I knew that, in a way, nothing was gonna change, and at the exact same time, everything was about to change,” Gus says about his own coming out process. “When I actually came out, it was so positive. The reaction was amazing.”

The show is presented by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by activist and entrepreneur Ashley Graham. It’s available on Ellen Tube and DeGeneres’ official YouTube channel.

Et innlegg delt av gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) Nov. 22, 2018 kl. 3:28 PST

On National Coming Out Day October 11th, 2018, Gus posted a very personal greeting to his fans.

“Happy #NationalComingOutDay everybody!” Gus wrote on Instagram.

“Coming out is an extremely personal journey that each person should do on their own time when they feel ready, safe and comfortable.”

He ended the post by praising the gay community for being a place to find comfort and acceptance.

“Although you may feel alone in the closet there is a community out there that sees you, hears you and not only accepts you but is actually waiting with open arms to embrace you. Good luck! ❤️?????”

Happy #NationalComingOutDay everybody! That doesn’t mean that today is intended to pressure anybody to come out before they’re ready. Instead today is a gentle reminder to us all to live our lives honestly and authentically and not allow anybody else’s expectations to force us into silence. Coming out is an extremely personal journey that each person should do on their own time when they feel ready, safe and comfortable. There is no „right“ way nor a right time to come out. It’s all up to you! If you happen to be struggling in the closet then I hope today can be a beacon of hope for you. Click the hashtag to see and read stories of others who have walked the same trail that you’re maybe now just finding yourself embarking on. Sometimes it can feel like a tough path to walk but I promise it will be worth it in the end. There is no feeling more liberating, fulfilling or freeing than accepting and acknowledging who you are and then sharing your true self with the world. We all deserve to live our lives authentically and unabashedly. When you live your truth, unafraid and unapologetically, you make it easier for someone else to do so. Representation is how we break down barriers, combat discrimination, and make positive change in the world. Although you may feel alone in the closet there is a community out there that sees you, hears you and not only accepts you but is actually waiting with open arms to embrace you. Good luck! ❤️?????

A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on Oct 11, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT

Gus is traveling around the world and recently turned a canceled Milan fashion debut into a romantic vacation in Venice with ex-boyfriend Matt Wilkas.

A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on Sep 23, 2018 at 5:09pm PDT

Gus joked that he actually would have preferred his cute new puppy Birdie as travel mate over his hunky boyfriend: “He honestly wasn’t my first choice but @b_pups only flies private…”

Gus got Birdie after his previous puppy Beemo passed away in May. Gus shared a heartwarming tribute to Beemo on YouTube.

Gus and Matt rescued the puppy from a farm during the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongyang, South Korea.

Gus also posted a picture of them both together on Instagram and asked people to help other rescue dogs by making a donation in Beemo’s honor at .

I can’t believe that it’s been almost four months since my baby Beemo passed away. I think about her every single day. My good friend @goodiepocket gave me the sweetest early birthday gift and he edited together a tribute video for Beemo from the hundreds of videos on my phone. I know a lot of you, whether you met her or not, loved Beemo very much and so I wanted to share the video with you all – the link is in my bio. For anyone out there wanting to help other dogs like Beemo escape the cruel dog meat trade and find forever homes you can make a donation in her honor at ??❤️?

A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on Sep 16, 2018 at 1:25pm PDT

Gus and Matt had to puppy-proof their house when they got Birdie.

“She’s so great,” the 26-year-old olympian told Us Weekly at the magazine’s Most Stylish New Yorkers event, before adding, “she’s kind of a monster.”

He hilariously explained: “Like, we leave her at home and she’ll, like, chew the lamp cord or stuff, so the whole place is puppy-proofed. Everything’s, like, on the top shelf … nothing is on the counter for her to be able to access. But she’s great.”

A post shared by Matthew Wilkas (@mwilkas) on Sep 2, 2018 at 6:53am PDT

“She’s a 5-month-old Jindo/Lab mix and we named her Birdie (because birds were one of Beemo’s favorite things in the world),” Gus wrote in an Instagram post.

“Nothing in the world could ever replace Beemo or the love that we felt and still feel for her, but Birdie has already stolen a new place in our hearts and we’re excited to be dog dads again.”

In February 2018, all of America got to see Gus and Matt kiss live on NBC during the Olympics in Pyeongyang, South Korea.

“It’s something I was too scared to do for myself,” Kenworthy said after the competition.

“To be able to do that, to give him a kiss, to have that affection broadcast to the world, is incredible. The only way to really change perceptions, to break down barriers, break down homophobia, is through representation. That’s definitely not something I had as a kid. I never saw a gay athlete kissing their boyfriend at the Olympics. I think if I had, it would’ve made it easier for me.”

Gus and his fellow gay Olympians made a big impact on this years Olympics by being out and proud at the event.

We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it. @Adaripp #Olympics #OpeningCeremony

“The #OpeningCeremony is a wrap and the 2018 Winter Olympic Gaymes are officially under way!” he wrote. “I feel incredibly honored to be here in Korea competing for the US and I’m so proud to be representing the LGBTQ community alongside this amazing guy! Eat your heart out, Pence. #TeamUSA #TeamUSGay”

Hillary Clinton commented on the historic significance of this years openly gay athletes.

“I’m going to watch as much as I can see,” she said at the 2018 MAKERS Conference. “I love the Winter Olympics. I love the athleticism and the stories of our athletes, and I’m excited that Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy will be the first openly gay Olympians. So I’m going to be there cheering them on.”

Gus stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss making history as an openly gay athlete in the Winter Olympics

He told Ellen that he was really excited about the upcoming Games, including meeting all the other athletes.

Them: What are you most excited for in Korea?Me: Meeting the other athletes… ?

“It’s going to be a different experience than last time around because I’m not in the closet,” Kenworthy said. “I just want to meet as many athletes as I can, get to enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies, [and] hopefully ski the best I possibly can.”

But he also had some reservations about the politics involved, saying that anti-LGBT VP Mike Pence is “a bad fit” to lead the Winter Olympics delegation.

“To have somebody leading the delegation that [has] directly attacked the LGBTQ community … just seems like a bad fit,” he told Ellen. “I feel like the Olympics is all about inclusion and people coming together, and it seems like it’s not really doing that.”

Kenworthy AHS

Mit diesem Foto von Gus Kenworthy illustrierte Ryan Murphy die Ankündigung, dass der schwule Trickskifahrer in der neunten Staffel von „American Horror Story“ als Gaststar auftreten wird. Viele Fans sind nicht begeistert

„American Horror Story“ (AHS) ist bekannt für seine illustren Gaststars. Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks und Patti LaBelle sind nur drei Superpromis, die sich in der Erfolgsserie die Ehre gaben. Mit Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Quinto und Matt Bomer war auch die Dichte der schwulen Stars in der Serie hoch, was nicht wundert, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie vom schwulen Erfolgsproduzenten Ryan Murphy verantwortet wird. Daran hat sich auch nie jemand gestört. Bis jetzt.

Für die neunte AHS-Staffel gab Murhpy kürzlich bekannt, dass Amerikas schwuler Medienliebling sein Debüt in der Serie als Boyfriend von Emma Roberts geben werde. Diese Entscheidung wird von Fans heftig kritisiert, denn im Gegensatz zu Harris, Quinto und Bomer ist Kenworthy kein Schauspieler, sondern Trickskifahrer. 

In den sozialen Medien wird darüber geschimpft, dass bei einem so hochkarätigen Format wie AHS Gast-Darsteller mitmachen dürfen, die keinerlei Schauspielerfahrung haben. Fans werfen Murphy vor, es sei eine Ohrfeige für verdiente Schauspieler, wenn Promis mit „null Talent“ für die Serie engagiert würden, nur weil sie gut aussähen. Die Kommentare in den sozialen Netzwerken reichen von „Es tut mir im Herzen weh, wenn eine von mir hochgeschätzte Serie wie diese, jedes dahergelaufene hübsche Gesicht einstellt“ bis „Scheiß auf Schauspieltalent, wenn der Darsteller nur gut aussieht“. Überdies wird Murphy vorgeworfen, dass er schwule Gastdarsteller bevorzuge, was sich vor allem in dem viel beachteten Tweet: „Kenworthy: ist schwul / AHS: du bist engagiert“ artikuliert. 

Kenworthy selbst dürfte die Kritik kalt lassen. Nachdem er die Nachricht auf seinem eigenen Instagram-Profil teilte, feiern seine Follower, hoffen auf „einige Szenen ohne Shirt“ und freuen sich auf die Paarung Roberts/Kenworthy.

Kenworthy AHS9

Gus Kenworthy teilte Ryan Murphys Originalnachricht bei Instagram als Screenshot. Auf seinem Profil kommt die „American Horror Story“-News deutlich besser an als auf Ryan Murphys

That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on “American Horror Story” Season 9.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) am Feb 6, 2019 um 9:52 PST

Worauf Sie zu Hause bei der Wahl seiner Gus gay achten sollten!

Weiterhin hat unser Team schließlich Stichpunkte vor dem Kauf zusammengefasst – Dass Sie zu Hause unter all den Gus gay der Gus gay herausfiltern können, die absolut perfekt zu Ihrer Person passt!

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While it’s not an ironclad confirmation of the pair’s relationship, it does stoke the flames of long-running fan theories about the character’s sexuality.

The quiet reveal would not be a massive twist to Fring’s story, but it does add another layer of tragedy – seeing his boyfriend murdered, dedicating his entire life to getting revenge by any means necessary, only to be blown up by the same man decades later.

Is Gus Kenworthy gay?

Gus Kenworthy came out as gay in October, 2015, and is the first action-sports star to come out.

He came out in an interview with ESPN, telling the reporter “I guess I should start by saying, ‘I’m gay.’”

“I wanted to do it in my words and once and for all – and hopefully help kids that are in the same position I was,” he later told Attitude magazine.

From 2016 to 2019, Gus was in a relationship with American actor and reality star Matthew Wilkas, who had a lead role in the 2012 film Gayby.


@lauraspencer: @Stache: You don’t need a publicist. You just need a manager. He’s an athlete. One of his parents could handle it. It’s just like skateboarding, and my friends didn’t need publicists to handle their endorsements and sponsers et al and they were competing and participating in this video crap ALL THE TIME. If he didn’t look the way that he did /at his YOUNG age/ he wouldn’t be getting all this attention. I don’t think he’s using it for fame, I think he’s following the advice of people who want to make him out to be something he probably may not want to be. The best thing he could do would be to join an advocacy group and champion that as opposed to making himself out to be our next young spokesperson. Maybe he’s Sam Smithing it now. *rolls eyes* We’ll see how the lad makes out. One thing I will say though, a /gay/ publicist will help with the general communication. He has potential with the celebrity now to do a lot of fucking up by accident if he says the wrong thing or does the wrong thing; it will be nice to have his words run through an experienced ear before they hit the ears of the public. Just sayin’ Maybe that’s why it was recommended to him. Put out those fires before they start.


This seems to be the new way of coming out if your famous or sorta of famous. Announce it and keep talking about. Do the whole media circuit, mags, interviews. Being gay is something to not be ashamed of. But to make it like the most important about you is. Welcome to club of millions of out people. Now move on and go about your life.


That is an absolutely fascinating coming out story! Gus reaches puberty and starts to notice guys in speedos with big arms and shoulders. Drunken sleepover with a male friend turns sexual. This is Groundbreaking stuff! Maybe he should film a documentary about it because his story is soo much different from every other gay guy I know.


Why can’t famous people just acknowledge they’re gay and move on? Like isn’t there more important things about you than your sexual orientation? These stories of first kiss, when you knew and what body you like or your own vanity is really unnecessary… shut up already.


From what i heard this guy was a fame whore. He dumped his long term boyfriend so that he could get into the “business” and date C or Z-list stars. This is what his ex boyfriend wrote on his instagram:

“I am waiting for the day when telling people you are “gay” is not a media worthy piece of information. There is no difference between gay people and non gay people. What makes people amazing and unique is the way they treat others. Being gay is something that says nothing about an individual’s personality, the actions they make are what sets them apart being with @guskenworthy for many years, I have learned he is a self obsessed monster and actually the biggest pile of shit on the planet. He is also my favorite and I will always have so much love for him even though we don’t see much of each other anymore. Love you Gussy and lots of kisses from Jake and Mishka. Also, you were not fooling anyone. Any man who knows the entire soundtrack to the Broadway musical “wicked” is not bringing in the ladies, unless it’s for a themed dinner party.”

The guy called out how ridiculous that one could easily get media’s attention for just coming out of closet. And Gus’s actions after that set them apart. Also he threw shade at Gus for trying to be hotter and “manlier” to get women’s attention.


@dcto: Are you his manager or something? lol. Fame and money change everyone, that’s what i wanna say. He could live a happily simple life with his boyfriend and two dogs but he chose a different path. But who am i to judge?!


Where has he been the past year and change since the Olympics? He comes out and now uses it as an opportunity to cash in on celebrity. He was a talented skier and didn’t get much attention, but let’s now be the talented gay skier who had a boyfriend for 5 years and didn’t come out. Let’s hire a publicist to release photos at an AIDS benefit with Cohen and Cooper. Wait a few days and release photos teasing the actor boyfriend.

Did any of us receive pay days for coming out? Probably not. This is what annoys me about “celebs” like Gus, Anderson, Lance, Ricky, Gaiyken. They all come out and make money off of coming out. You should come out because it is the right thing to do and not because it is a paycheck.


you know something. there are MANY gay men that have become household names because of their personalities and SKILLS instead of running around the world announcing that they’re gay and getting naked on instagram. this guy is striving to be a household name as that “gay guy” instead of “that skier”. i never heard of dude prior towards this site and other gay news sites putting him out there like “he’s gay”. i’ve seen many olympians get recognition and etc. dude and his publicist need to try much harder.


@Captain Obvious: Can you guys please quit the nagging and the cynical comments: Yes, there’s probably not anything groundbreaking or revolutionary about his coming out story, and yes, at least 50% of the attention he gets these days is because of his shirtless pictures.

But Gus is still an openly gay athlete, which is something that unfortunately is still rare, and definitely something we should appreciate no matter how privileged he has been in his life, and no matter how “boring” his experience with coming out has been.

The man won silver at OL in Sochi last year and is (very) openly gay. What more do you guys want?

Should he only tell his story if he was considering suicide, went on a drug induced binge for 6 months, had a wife and three kids, and then recovered from alcoholism before finally deciding to come out?


What’s up with this weird reverse closeting/bullying/slut shaming that we throw at gay celebrities these days: “shut up; we don’t care that you’re gay, in fact no one cares at all, gay or straight”, “I bet he’s a big ol’ bottom”, “nobody even knows who this guy is”, “does he do anything but show off his body these days”, “he’s not that hot”, “I bet he’s super vain” and so on.

The day gay marriage is legal everywhere in the world, and homosexuality is not a taboo, is the day that lgbt celebs should stop talking about their sexuality!


It’s not the coming out that’s the issue. Congrats on that. Millions of gay men have done that.

The issue is the desperate need to then parlay coming out and using his sexuality for fame.

If Gus were using his skiing abilities for fame I would understand that. That is talent he worked on for many years. Similar to Michael Phelps, Mary Lou Retton, Dorothy Hamill, Mark Spitz, etc.

It seems that Gus is getting attention and marketing himself as gay (which we all are) and the LOOK AT ME attitude with his actor boyfriend, party with Cooper & Cohen and shirtless pics. Was anyoned talking about him two months ago as a skier? NO. Did he have a bit of attention after the Olympics for skiing? YES.

He came out a couple weeks ago and that should have been it. It now seems he wants to be celebrated for something that most of us have done.

As for people saying that there aren’t many gay athletes…seriously? How many more does it take for people to stop being so shocked about a gay athlete?

Greg Louganis, Martina Navaratilova, Billie Jean King, Dave Kopay, Michael Sam, Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, Billy Bean, Esera Tualo, John Amechi, the gay boxer who is all over this site, Amelie Mauresamo, Sheryl Swopes and these are off the top of my head without even googling.

I can name more gay athletes than gay CEOs, Politicians, Scientists. Let’s get our priorities in order guys.

Captain Obvious

@dickrichard: Excuse you, dick. I congratulated him on the coming out article, talked about his prettiness a few times, looked at his Instagram once or twice, and even defended his older boyfriend.

18 articles later I’m asking why we’re getting a daily dose. You’re the one nagging me by choosing to whine about what I’m posting, I can post whatever I want under an article, you don’t have to agree. If you choose to reply to me DIRECTLY then you’re the one starting something.

Get over yourself. No one asked if you agreed with my opinions. I am always my authentic self and do not care who here agrees or disagrees with me. I’m not looking for internet friends. My opinions will not change or waver no matter how much you bitch about it.


You don’t know how to read. I have congratulated him on coming out. Now it’s time for him to ski and not milk being gay for a pay day and fame. Skiing should be what makes him famous, but I have a feeling that he realizes that isn’t going to be his meal ticket so he is lining up a career as a gay-lebrity. Ask Michael Sam how that went.

Story highlights

(CNN)It was a tender moment between two men in love, an openly gay Olympian kissing his boyfriend at the bottom of the hill during the ski slopestyle event.

Didn’t realize this moment was being filmed yesterday but I’m so happy that it was. My childhood self would never have dreamed of seeing a gay kiss on TV at the Olympics but for the first time ever a kid watching at home CAN! Love is love is love.

No matter what @guskenworthy is a super talented athelete and also an inspiration to the LGBT+ community. I couldn’t be prouder of him. Seeing him being his 100% authentic self today while at the Olympics was emotional and incredible. :rainbow-flag::purple_heart:

My Seoul mate! So happy to have my bf, my family and some amazing friends here in Korea to cheer me on! Tomorrow’s the big day (tonight for y’all in the US) and win or lose I just wanna thank you all SO much for your support and encouragement. I wouldn’t be here without you.


I like seeing the guys being affectionate with each other. I see nothing wrong with two women or two men kissing. I mean who does it hurt ‘no body’. The more we see the better off the world is going to be. I also think that is silly and stupid for people who react negatively when they see two men holding hands or walking together with their arms around each other.I do disagree with the position that Rippon and Kenworthy took regarding Vice President Spence. I would have greeted him with great anticipation showing him that I was proud of being gay and use the opportunity to encourage more dialogue

What a great couple. Enjoy your youth. We are very proud of you.

Keep up the great work guys. You are truly an inspiration to LGTBQ youth of the world. Thanks for being true so that one day no one will have to fear coming out. All those nay sayers are hypocrites anyway!! Just look close and you’ll see they are the same as we are. Human beings, there is nothing different between us.

they are everything wrong with the gay community. The VERY thing that has driven a wedge between reality and fiction. Guys like him are the reason why it is so hard to find a normal relationship. It is the number one reason why I have withdrawn myself from the gay community as a whole. I only consort with nothing but straight people. Yes most of the straight people I know do know that I am gay. They are more accepting of me than my own gay peers. They accept me because they know what I have been through having to deal with the modern gay community. They also see how toxic it has become. This guy Gus and people like him only further perpetuate the stereotype of what a gay man NEED to be and look like.

WRONG ! Gays should come out or not come out for their own icons are no different. You’re a good guy, but you are not the spokespersonfor the entire Gay Community. I’m sure you meet no harm. But Yes. Your opinion iswell grounded.

This dude has lost all my respect. If someone does not feel ready to come out of the closet, then they should feel no pressure to do so. Saying otherwise is just plain ignorant and disrespectful.