Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony

I pop my collar then I swing my chain. You can catch me in the club, pimpin' doin' my thang. They're like strip clubs, but minus the back room lap dances. Gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony Luis Lopez, you manage the hottest straight nightclub in the city, Maisonette 9. Luis' high stature opens a lot of doors, providing a view of life behind the velvet rope.

In the clubs, you have a few fun activities if you want to get away from the fast cars and gunfire. If you have to Maisonette 9, you can take part gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony Club Management.

Dressed in a black suit and with earpiece in placeLuis patrols the floor of the club looking for trouble. Sometimes there's nothing to report. Other times there's a bum who needs to be tossed out. Well, they call it a "job" for a reason, right? For a little more fun, you can get back in your civvies and partake in some of the activities the club has to offer.

Hit the dance floor and you can turn on a dancing mini-game. This fun distraction has two phases. The first tasks you with nailing a one-on-one dance groove with a lucky lady. Move the thumbsticks in rhythm please click for source the music and Luis will tear up the dance floor.

Fill up the dance meter and you initiate the second phase of dancing, gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony. This is a choreographed dance, with everyone joining in. Match the commands on screen to follow along. Mess up and you'll make a misstep and look like a fool. I know, I know -- dancing in a game like GTA? What can I say; it's fun. If you'd rather cut a rug with a man, head on over to Hercules.

The hottest gay nightclub in Liberty City has plenty of hunks and off-duty sailors on the dance floor. And yes, you can join in on a choreographed dance while you're at it. When you're done dancing, head on upstairs in Maisonette 9 and partake in champagne battle.

This mini-game is only for spoiled drunks. Shake up a champagne bottle, pop the cork, and spray everyone around you. Once you've lost your fizz, it's time to down the rest of your bottle. It's a race against another chump to see who can finish first.

Are you man enough to taste the last drop before some college brat? The club scene is a small part of The Ballad of Gay Tony, but serves as one more enjoyable distraction. We'll be looking at different aspects of The Ballad click at this page Gay Tony every day bilder gay up to our review on October So come back tomorrow for more.

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Is that legal? They're taking away our games, two of continue reading, and giving us one with less content. Every other game I've seen do a remaster or HD version or what have you delists and you still own your game, even the no longer for sale titles like Transformers.

I don't care continue reading how small or big of a thing this is, technically speaking, they're taking away two things and forcing one thing with less content down our throats. Is that even legal? What if someone bought Liberty City Stories and doesn't want the main game? With this next update that will arrive next month, the two games will be unified and lost Games For Windows Live preventing the possibility of accomplishing Xbox Live achievements and accessing online content multiplayer and leaderboards in addition to.

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GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #2 - Chinese Takeout [100%] (1080p)
gay beach video" class="hadyd zofapew qalyxow dolemy vycyb deqewu">GTA EPISODES FROM LIBERTY CITY BALLAD OF GAY TONY
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Episodes from Liberty didn't set off the millions of virtual carjackings analysts predicted it would. Now, it appears that Episodes otny Liberty City didn't make the big splash many thought it would when it more info on October According to US sales figures gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony the NPD Group, fity expansion yony sold less thanunits as of November 28, when the industry-research firm's November period ended.

In its first three days on sale, the compilation sold under 60, units, with around anotherunits being picked up during the following four weeks. Of course, the low October-November figure would be in addition to all the digital sales of the expansions made via Xbox Live, which publisher Take-Two Interactive does not disclose publically.

Reps ciry the company did not respond to requests for comment, but Pacther still thinks Episodes from Liberty City will be a hit. My guess is that Ballad of Gay Tony sells aroundthis year, and anothernext year. Lost and Damned probably sold around 1 million overall. The real problem with the DLC is that fewer than half of more info gamers ever finish the [original game's] main missions, so extra missions aren't that appealing.

However, the recent appearance of Lost and Damned achievements on Games for Windows Live indicates that the add-on will be headed to the PC as well.

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Gtx HD High Low, gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony. Report a problem. Sorry, but you can't access gtq content! Please enter your date of birth e;isodes view this video January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Year Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Lost and Tony

The player can buy weapons through Armando Torres. The following is a list of weapons that can be used in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

While the existing weapons can be obtained from Armando's Gun Vanthe Underground Gun Shopsand the various spawn librety gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony Liberty City, the new weapons can only either be bought from Armando or spawned at Luis' apartment after completing a certain number of Drug Wars and specific storyline missions. The Automatic Shotgunfeatured in the same episodic pack, features two different ammunitions, altering malmö gay purpose for either close-quarters or long range.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like continue reading video? Main article: Vehicle Mounted Weapons. Collectibles Multiplayer Modifications Controversy. Features Safehouses Trailers Vehicles Weapons. Baseball Bat Knife Pool Cue. Pistol Combat Pistol Automatic 9mm. Rocket Launcher Grenade Launcher. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Citt Bat Fist Knife. Combat Pistol Pistol Pistol. Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher. Grand Theft Auto. London Grand Theft Auto 2. Vice City. San Andreas. Liberty City Stories. Vice City Stories. Grand Theft Auto IV. The Lost and Damned.

The Ballad of Gay Tony, gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony. Chinatown Wars. Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto Online. Weapons in. Related topics.

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A Police Stinger introduced in this episode. There are 20 new vehicles introduced to the episode and four returning in their libwrty variant or were inaccessible until now. Here names from the 3D Universelike the Caddy and the Tampa make a return.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Gta episodes from liberty city ballad of gay tony have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Features Safehouses Trailers Vehicles Weapons. Static Planes Ogham. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Vehicles in. Related topics. Sports cars and supercars.

Muscle cars and vintage. Four-door cars. Two-door cars. SUVs, otny, and vans. Public service. Government and emergency. The Lost and Damned only.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
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