Golden Gaytime

Cookie CrumbleNew Zealand [1] ) is a popular ice cream snack that is made and distributed by the Streets confectionery company in Australia, and first released in 1959. [2] It is a toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in compound chocolate, and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits on a wooden paddlepop-stick. Its name has survived intact regardless, or because, of the possible homosexual connotations in modern decades. [3]

Golden Gaytime

Cookie CrumbleNew Zealand) is an iconic ice-cream, made and distributed by the Streets confectionery company in Australia. It was created by Nick Marland and first released in the 1960s. It is a toffee and vanilla ice-cream dipped in chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits, on a wooden pop-stick.

Its name has survived intact despite the possible homosexual connotations in modern decades. [1]

Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Everyone’s loving this Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake Recipe and you will too. It’s the perfect birthday cake and is a total crowd pleaser!

This Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake Recipe has been hugely popular and it’s easy to see why!

Golden Gaytimes are made by Streets Ice Cream and they are an Aussie Icon. When we shared this fantastic Cake on our Facebook Page our community literally went crazy!

The Creator, Tin Man Treats has knocked it out of the park and it’s almost worth holding a party, just so you can make this! One thing’s for sure and that is that this cake is a show stopper!

“The first Gaytime took Australia by storm in 1959, it soon became a staple of the swinging sixties.”The combination of toffee and vanilla dipped in a choc coating and covered in biscuit pieces, is ohhh so good!

Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Golden Gaytime ice-cream in 1.25 litre tubs – is it too much of a good thing?

A social media campaign urging Streets to make the longtime frozen favourite in tubs has been successful – great news, if you’re Australian

There’s nothing like food to remind you of your status as an immigrant. It certainly felt like I was in the minority of people online in Australia on Monday, not excited about the news that Golden Gaytime was apparently to be released in tubs.

A social media campaign, launched by Jesse James McElroy, a Sydney advertising executive, appealed to Streets to release the iconic ice-cream in one- or two-litre tubs (“They would also need to make sure the biscuits hold up using … science or magic”). It was found to have been successful on Monday, prompting “Golden Gaytime” to trend on every social media network.

But I’m a New Zealander. And there, in the summertime, a successful scrounge for coins underneath the couch cushions or in the car glove compartment or at the bottom of your handbag prompts a trip to the dairy for a Jelly Tip, or a Choc Bar, or a scoop of hokey-pokey or Gold Rush, or even – if your tastes ran to the questionably synthetic – of Goody Goody Gum Drops.

If that reads as gibberish to you, that there could ever be an ice-cream named Golden Gaytime, let alone a popular one, strikes me as similarly ridiculous.

But lord knows I’m only human, and faced with a bandwagon I’m going to want to jump on it. (It’s in my nature: I hail from a country where a new brand of chocolate milk was so hotly in demand that security guards were posted at supermarkets.) And so I handed over $3.70, the price of admission for my hot take on the Gaytime.

Of course, at $6.99, the new 1.25 litre Gaytime tub represents greater value, if you’re looking to get the most Gaytime for your dollar. On a per 100ml basis, the tub works out to 56 cents, whereas the bar comes to $2. This is assuming a cost of $2 per stick if you buy a four-pack from Woolies, though the actual cost of a stick when sold individually is almost always higher.

This, care of data and interactives editor Nick Evershed (incredibly, not the first piece of data journalism on Golden Gaytimes):

From my colleagues’ description, I had imagined something similar to hokey-pokey, a Kiwi favourite which Australia has perversely made no attempt to claim as its own: plain vanilla ice-cream with small, solid lumps of honeycomb toffee in it.

Stripped of nostalgia value, met by impartial tastebuds, how would the Golden Gaytime compare?

My verdict: it was fine! I liked the soft biscuit in the chocolate coating and the orange (caramelish?) bit beneath. Given the choice, I’d go for a Jelly Tip (Google it) every time, but it was an ice-cream that I otherwise would not have eaten at work on a humdrum afternoon – so even at the inflated price I paid at my local 7/11, I think I’m still up on the deal.

Golden Gaytime ice-cream in 1.25 litre tubs – is it too much of a good thing?

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This is a gay theme for the Adobe Brackets web development. It is gay.

 seongryoo / Golden-Gaytime-Brackets-Theme


On 4 August 2015, Streets announced the release of Golden Gaytime ice-cream tub format in addition to its usual popsicle stick format. [4] On 7 September 2016, Streets announced the release of Golden Gaytime cross Cornetto cone – named Golden Gaynetto – in addition to other formats. [5] In 2017, Streets released a Golden Gaytime ice-cream sandwich named the Golden Gaytime Sanga („Sanga“ being Australian slang for sandwich). [6]


The company appears to embrace the camp name by retaining the tagline from the 1980s, „It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own“. The in-home boxes feature the words „4 delicious chances to have a gay time“. [13] In 2009, Streets started re-airing a television commercial from the 1980s. [14]

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In Bed With My Doona. It was released on Nan and Pop Records in 2005. The release was taken strongly by Triple J’s audience, with the first single „I’m So Postmodern“ reaching number 72 in the Hottest 100. Follow-up singles included „Folkstar“ and „Golden Gaytime“, a song about the ice cream bar of the same name.

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is a brand of packaged ice confection currently in Australia and New Zealand, manufactured under Unilever’s Streets brand, and formerly available in the United States and United Kingdom under sister brands Good Humor and Wall’s respectively.

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is a milkshake and topping flavour sold primarily in Australia. It is blue in colour, and its taste is a mix of vanilla and raspberry.


The company appears to embrace the camp name by retaining the tagline from the 1980s, „It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own“. The in-home boxes feature the words „4 chances to have a gay time“. [2] In 2009, Streets started re-airing a television commercial from the 1980s and in 2010 an outdoor campaign featured posters and billboards.[3]

In 2010, Streets launched the brand’s [4]

Cultural Impact

The double meaning of the name is highlighted in The Bedroom Philosopher song, „Golden Gaytime“.

According to Goodman Fielder are starting to remove genetically engineered ingredients from the Gaytime to appease green groups. [5]

Golden Gaytime launch three new flavours of their iconic ice cream including a purple UNICORN one – so would you try them?

Published: 02:58 EDT, 28 October 2017 | Updated: 04:45 EDT, 28 October 2017

Streets Ice Cream has gifted Australia with an early Christmas present – three new Golden Gaytime flavours PLUS an ice cream sandwich.

The new iterations of the famous ice cream – Gaytime Unicorn, Pina Colada and Choc Mint McMint Face – have already hit stores nationwide.

This announcement comes less than a week after Streets unveiled the new ‚Golden Gaytime Sanga‘. 

The Gaytime Unicorn, Pina Colada and Choc Mint McMint Face are available in Australia now

Streets unveiled the new ‚Golden Gaytime Sanga‘ last week to rave reviews from consumers

‚Everyone knows you can’t have a Gaytime on your own, so grab a couple of friends and try the limited edition crumb range together‘, Marketing Manager Scott Mingl said,

‚It’s no secret that Aussies love Gaytime surprises so why not give them a threesome they’d never expect [they know their puns]‘. 

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The Golden Gaytime Sanga, unveiled on October 25, features a ’no stick, eating versatility, improved crumbs and biscuit casing‘ treat.

In September, the brand released ‚Crumbtins‘ – the iconic crumbs perfect to sprinkle over cakes, cocktails and cereal.

Golden Gaytime Sanga (left) and Golden Gaytime Crumbs (right) were also released in 2017

The three new flavours, Gaytime Unicorn, Pina Colada and Choc Mint McMint Face, are available in packs of four in stores nationwide for $7.99.

The Gaytime Unicorn is the only one available solo for $3.40, according to the Herald Sun, and the one that has ice-cream fans going crazy.

The Golden Gaytime Unicorn has proved the most popular of the three new Gaytime flavours

The Golden Gaytime Unicorn is based on the Unicorn Breath from the Gaytime pop-up shop

Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to praise the new invention, calling it, ’soooooo delicious!‘ and complaining that their local stores had sold out of stock.

The new flavours will reportedly be on sale until at least the end of summer 2018. 

Streets also threw their support behind the ‚Yes‘ campaign for the same-sex marriage survey, releasing a limited edition ‚Rainbow Gaytime‘. 

Streets posted the Rainbow Gaytime pic on Instagram, and captioned it ‚Hey guys, 7 days left to enroll in the upcoming postal plebiscite…Whatever side you’re on, GIVE A SH*T‘ in August

In 2 days Coles 21/4: 4x Gaytime $4.25, Milo 200g Tin $2, 4x Magnum $4.50, Pringles $2, NaturalCo Lollies $2, 24x Frantelle $6, Brut $3.15

Some specials and an early look at the upcoming Coles catalogue starting Wed Apr 21. Stay safe, and enjoy 🙂 Mod: Frantelle is $9 in NSW/SA/NT.

expired $0.65, Streets Golden Gaytime $4.25, Pop Tarts 8 Pack $2.50 @ Woolworths

Mama Jumbo Noodles 90g – $0.65 Mama Jumbo Noodles Tom Yum 90g Mama Jumbo Noodles Pork 90g PS: Cheaper than 5 Pack Streets Golden Gaytime 400ml Pk 4 – $4.25 Streets Golden Gaytime Ice …

expired Woolworths ½ Price: Hinterland Ice Cream 1L $5.25, Streets Golden Gaytime 400ml 4pk $4.25, Gold’n Canola Oil 4L $9.00 + More

Woolworths ½ Price Specials, valid from Wed 17 March to Tue 23 March, taken from VIC Metro catalogue Discount percentage shown if greater than 50% Baby Product Was Now Save Bonds …

expired Coles ½ Price: Vaalia Probiotics Yoghurt 900g $3, Golden Wok Grandma’s Gyozas 800g $9.25, Golden Gaytime 4 Pk $4.25 + More

Coles half price specials, valid from Wed 10 February to Tue 16 February. Taken from the VIC metro catalogue. Bread & Bakery Was Now Save Discount Cadbury Cake Bars or Rolls …

expired Woolworths ½ Price: Brioche Gourmet Burger Buns 4pk $2.50, SunRice Hinata Rice 5kg $10, Golden Gaytime 4pk $4.25 + More

Woolworths ½ Price Specials, valid from Wed 20 January to Tue 26 January, taken from VIC Metro catalogue Discount percentage shown if greater than 50% Bakery Product Was Now Save …

expired ½ Price Streets Golden Gaytime 400ml Pk 4 $4.25, Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream 2L $4.25 @ Woolworths

Streets Golden Gaytime 400ml Pk 4 – $4.25 Streets Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Original 4 Pack Streets Golden Gaytime Violet Crumble 4 Pack Streets Golden Gaytime Unicorn Limited Edition 4 Pack …

expired 1/2 Price Ice Cream Inc Connoisseur 1L $5.50, Haagen-Dazs, Maxibon, Golden Gaytime (Online Only) @ Woolworths

Lots of half price ice cream at Woolworths, online only. Hate the way they keep bumping up the price of Connoisseur, don’t they know it’s an OzBargain staple? Connoisseur 1L …

expired ½ Price Streets Golden Gaytime 4 Pack $4.25, Reese’s or Hershey’s Tubs/Stick/Cones $4.25 each @ Woolworths

Streets Golden Gaytime 400ml Pk 4 – $4.25 Streets Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Original 4 Pack Streets Golden Gaytime Violet Crumble 4 Pack Streets Golden Gaytime Unicorn Limited Edition 4 Pack …

expired ½ Price Streets Golden Gaytime / Sanga Varieties 4pk $4.25 @ Coles

It’s back! Just in time to stock up for the festive season. Personally, I think the Violet Crumble Gaytime is amazing, by far one of their best collaborations! Golden Gaytime Gaytime …

expired Coles ½ Price: Doritos Corn Chips 380g $3.50, Weet-Bix Cereal 575g $1.90, Golden Gaytime 4 Pack $4.25 + More

Coles half price specials, valid from Wed 20 November to Tue 26 November. Taken from the VIC metro catalogue. Bread & Bakery Was Now Save Discount Mr Kipling Cakes 165g-250g …

expired [WA] Golden Gaytime Salty 4 for $1, Choc Mint Paddle Pops $0.29ea – Spudshed (Australind)

Found this at spud shed Australind. Could be other stores in WA. I’ve tried the salty ones, and TBH can’t tell difference with original.

expired Streets Golden Gaytime 4 Pack $4.25 (Half Price) @ Woolworths

All Golden Gaytime 4 packs half price as part of next week’s Woolworths catalogue! (Commencing Wednesday 13th November) Four delicious chances to have a gaytime per pack. Time to stock up …

expired Golden Gaytime Cornetto $3.50 (Was $7) @ Woolworths

Everyone’s favourite Golden Gaytime (well, maybe not everyone) is on half price at Woolworths! I’ve grabbed two boxes myself. Gaytime flavoured treat Wafer cone Chocolatey tip Gaytime …

expired Coles ½ Price: Golden Gaytime or Sanga 4 Pk $4.25, Fairy Platinum Tablets 37 Pack $9.50, Cheezels $1.20, Thins 175g $1.60 + More

Coles half price specials, valid from Wed 12 December to Tue 18 December. Taken from the VIC metro catalogue. Bread & Bakery Was Now Save Discount Golden Crumpet Rounds 6 …

expired Streets Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Varieties 4pk $4.25 (Was $8.50) @ Woolworths

All varieties of Golden Gaytimes are on sale and thought I’d popularise the deal. The 1/2 price promotion is part of this week’s catalogue from Woolies! Full Catalogue

How to install

You can download this theme like any other Brackets extension by searching through the Extension Manager and installing it within the Brackets client.

Then, navigate to View > Themes. Golden Gaytime should appear as one of the selectable themes.

Code with pride! <3

How to make a Golden Gaytime Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich…

How to make a Golden Gaytime Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich

OUR obsession with Golden Gaytimes is about to get three times better with a new selection launched today.

The three new flavours, Gaytime Unicorn, Pina Colada and Choc Mint McMint Face, are available in packs of four in stores nationwide for $7.99.

The Gaytime Unicorn is the only one available solo for $3.40.

It comes hot on the heels of the new Golden Gaytime sanga, and all are ready for summer 2018.

Introducing the Golden Gaytime Sanga. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

And if you doubt our love for the ice cream, which doesn’t always translate overseas, the treat has long inspired burgers, doughnuts and other tasty items.Melbourne’s Bistro Morgan has a Gaytime Crunch doughnut on its flavour rotation, while a one-off Golden Gaytime burger was made by Sydney company Kayter Co.

Golden Gaytime burger made an appearance at a Sydney food festival last November. Picture: Kayter CoSource:Supplied

The ice cream company has also brought back the popular Golden Gaytime Crumbs this year, with the tins of the biscuit crumbs used to top the ice cream selling out when they were originally released.

Work Text:

Chase, Cameron and Foreman share silent looks for discomfort and not being too thrilled about it. After a few seconds of silence, Foreman groans. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

“What?” he says, standing up, brows raised as he speaks with his stupid thick Australian accent. “What for, apart from making me miserable?”

House raises a brow at him, keeps his expression straight and neutral. “You have a prettier mouth.”

Cameron looks at him, eyes wide and mouth agape. As if his flirting with Chase had started now — he called him a minx a while back, God.

“I’m sure that’ll make the inmates open up to you faster.”

Chase looks at him for a few long seconds, a faint pink tint on his cheeks, before he turns and groans, getting out of the room.

A few hours later, House plays with his yo-yo absentmindedly while one of his fellows enters his office. He doesn’t even look up from the toy.

“How’s Golden Gaytime doing searching our patient’s cell?”

Foreman stumbles on his own feet and nearly trips to the floor. “Who?” he exclaims.

“Golden Gaytime,” House repeats without missing a beat. “Blondie.”

Foreman draws in a breath, almost offended by the fact House is giving such a nickname to goddamn Robert Chase.

“It’s an Australian ice cream,” House says. “And it sounds like a euphemism, so of course I’m calling blondie that.”

Foreman lets out an incredulous breath. “I’ll check on him.”

“I’ve been thinking,” House says after he pages Chase into his office. Cameron and Foreman are away caring for the patient. “About you, mate.”

Chase opens his mouth, closes it, opens it again in a span of five seconds. He blinks. “Did you just call me mate?”

“Ohh, no, I haven’t nailed it down yet,” he says, putting a hand on his forehead and tilting his head back dramatically. “It won’t ever sound like I’m a Brit.”

“Queen on your money,” he reminds him. “But, mate, don’t you think it’s obvious?”

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“You just wanna please me,” he repeats, standing up. He cups his cheek, pats it a little. “Isn’t that right?”

Chase looks just a little starstruck. “I-it’s not.”

House rolls his eyes and pulls him closer by the collar of his lab coat, kissing him hungrily. He half-expects Chase to pull him away, exclaim he’s not gay, but before he knows it he’s kissing back just as eagerly.

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Foreman watches Chase with a careful eye through the DDX. It’s not hard to miss, really — House looks at Chase and he immediately flushes pink and stumbles upon his words. And that’s just at getting looked at. If he gets called a wombat, or pretty boy, he gets even more flustered.

As soon as House tells them to get up and go do the tests, he puts his hand on the table.

House raises a brow and starts, “Oh, Cameron’s not let me anywhere near her virginal —”

Chase gets up and steps towards the door, but House effectively hooks his arm around him and pulls him closer, gaining an undignified squeak from Chase.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Foreman says, utterly unimpressed as he stands up and heads to the door. Cameron still looks flabbergasted, her gaze shifting from Chase to House to back to Chase, before she follows Foreman out.

“You can’t stop my love for the wombat, Eric!” House yells out.

Foreman rolls his eyes and scoffs, going to get the things needed for the tests.

“I said no sex at work at all, House,” Cuddy says, staring him down.

“We’re not having sex,” he intercepts. Chase just buries his face on House’s shoulder, too undignified to look at his boss’ boss.

“He’s on your lap!” she exclaims, raising her hand before taking a deep breath. “And his shirt is unbuttoned.”

“Are we gonna keep talking about Golden Gaytime like he’s not right here?”

Cuddy gives him a shrug, looking at him with the same done-with-this-shit look she’s given him since the beginning of time. “He doesn’t seem to mind.”

Chase reaches to button his shirt back up, and then gets off House’s lap, heading to the door before managing to look at Cuddy. “It won’t happen again.”

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Cuddy sighs and heads to the door too. “Stop lusting over your employees, House.”

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New version tastes watery and too sweet

Golden Gaytimes were once my favourite. It use to be creamy and caramel like. Now it has no much sugar, too much ice and is not creamy at all. Luckily Honeycomb Magnums hits the spot, they remind me of the old Gaytimes.

What Happened?

I was very surprised and disappointed with the new version. I didn’t know Golden Gaytimes were going to be changed. They have been one of my favourite icecreams for many years (I am in my sixties). I probably won’t buy them again. It was like an icy pole version. Its the first time I’ve ever had pain in my teeth from eating them.


The ‘new’ gay time ice cream is terrible. Cheap version of a previously really good ice cream, would not buy again or recommend. As always profits come first, finding a way to make it cheaper rather than leave it the same.

I have stopped buying golden gay times as they stain!!!

I was eating a gaytime and it dripped all over my shirt, now I can’t get the stain out and my shirt it’s ruined. I will tell everyone not to buy golden gay times improve your stuff get rid off the stain

Purchased in January 2021 at Harris Farm Markets Bondi Beach.

Perfect Flavour and Texture

I purchased a pack of Golden Gaytimes from Coles in the last week. This is the best they’ve been in years. The caramel flavour centre has always been good though the biscuit crumb coating used to be soggy. The pack from this week were perfect, not only the centre was nice, so was the crispy coating.

Golden Gaytime krispy kreme was awful.

We purchased the Golden Gaytime Krispy Kreme flavour and it was a real disappointment all around. The ice cream did not taste like vanilla but more like ice. lt was soggy and lacked chocolate flavour.

Purchased in June 2020 at Coles Supermarketsfor $6.00.

Gaytime Sanga disgusting

I agree with many other posters here the Golden Gaytime Sanga is the worst icecream I have eaten in Australia. Not just nothing like a proper Gaytime but really poor quality, a horrible taste and chemical after taste. Also looks nothing like the picture on the box.

something changed in gaytime recipe

just bought a goldengaytime for the first time in a few months and it tasted quite bad, something has obviously changed in the recipe. far too sweet now and less creamy taste. also smaller! please change it back to how it was!!

Not worth the money!

The golden gaytime sanga does not taste like the original. I like the idea of the new product but unfortunately it was very disappointing. Definitely not worth the money and will not buy again.

Golden Gaytime Sanga is a detriment to the brand

Tried the Golden Gaytime Sanga and it was a let down to the legacy of the Golden Gaytime. The icecream was very icy and not at all creamy. The chocolate coating was extremely thin, with nowhere near as many biscuit pieces embedded in it as a usual golden gaytime. The biscuit portion of the ’sanga‘ also had an odd taste to it.

My first Golden Gaytime!

A vaguely honeycombed cuboid of froth held together by little more than a sprinkling of crumbs, whilst still maintaining its shape even after being kept in the boot of the car on a sweltering Aussie summer day, a Golden Gaytime is, if nothing else, an engineering marvel.

It also manages to solve a problem that has plagued manufactures of ice-cream sandwiches and other similar ice-cream-with-a-side-of-cookie products for decades; how to combine the chunkiness of the sandwich portion, whilst maximising the taste sensation of the ice-cream por…

Not as good as i remember

All i could taste is the nice biscuit crumbs and then hit with sugar , sugar. The icecream is too sweet with not much flavour, and the chocolate coating is so thin, u could barely notice it’s there. Again nothing hits you from the chocolate. These gaytime originals used to be much better. But just like almost every other chocolate/ice cream icon, they get smaller and cheaper on taste.

What a shock to the system

While sitting on the couch after dinner my tummy started to rumble and I decided an ice cream would really satisfy my craving. I noticed it was about to rain and thought I’d quickly and literally run to the supermarket. While I was in the isle at Coles, searching for the perfect product I saw maxi bons (always a winner) thought no, then Cornetto’s, no. So I said to myself how about these Golden Gaytime ‘sanga’s’ my stomach seemed to agree and I thought wow, this could be a new favourite. Ready to sink my teeth in the minute I got home, I opened…

Streets Sanga Gaytime

Golden Gaytime is my favourite ice cream. Today I finally got to try the new Sanga Gaytime – but this was the worst ice cream I have ever eaten. The dark chocolate is horrible and ice cream was bland. I threw it away- never done that before!!!


I had a box of connoisseur ice cream cookies in my hand, but when I noticed Gaytime came in a sanga style I had to put down the icecream cookies to try that instead! what a mistake…. they tasted horrible there’s an off taste to them in fact. The quality was garbage. Stick to the original, don’t purchase the sanga.