Is it gay for a guy to get the rose gold iPhone?

“Just look at that pretty pink hue, boys. You crave the newest color on the newest model of the world’s most popular phone but can’t stop thinking ‘pink is for girls’ or ‘pink is gay,’” Thomas Ricker writes for The Verge.

“You hate yourself for wanting it, and you’re scared; what will people think if you pre-order a bigger better rose gold iPhone 6S Plus to 3D Touch late at night?” Ricker writes. “How will the guys respond when they see you Apple Pay a round of beers with it at the ballpark?”

Ricker writes, “Cautiously you extend a leg, plié, and dip your pointed toe into the hostile waters of Twitter to find out lol.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not touching that question with a ten-inch, uh… ten-foot pole. ?

For the record, the heterosexual males here at MacDailyNews have had gold iPhones previously (iPhone 5s) which were chosen as much for the looks as for the resale value. We currently have iPhone 6 Plus models in Space Gray and have pre-ordered our iPhone 6s Plus models in Space Gray because, after the year spent with the 5s units, we found we prefer the classic black face for iPhone vs. the white face (found on the gold, rose gold, and silver models) which we feel competes a bit too much with the display. If Apple offered iPhones with black faces in other colors, we’d have a decision to make. For us, it’s all about the iPhone’s face, which we want to disappear not gleam, so the Space Gray models are our only option.

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Director of Photography: Peter PohorskyProduction Manager: Brendan RiceProduction Assistant: David HeckerFocus Puller: Greg PoissonGrip: Tony Slater

Sound: Jeremy HattinghSound: Ian MillerBoom Operator: Sean Kelly

Senior Make-up Artist: Adrienne CohenMake-Up Artist: Ionka Nel

Runners: Wayne Fick, Paul Hanrahan, Hal Couzens, Bronwyn Vermeulen, Oliver Galloway.

Post Production Advisor: Hal CouzensNon-Liner Editor: Llewelyn Roderick

Executive Producers: Marc Schwinges, Catherine Bester & Charlotte Bauer

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Nope. I’d order one. And by the way, gray is only an “r” away from “gay”

50 Shades of Gay===========So if a gay guy gets an iPhone grey!then straights that also buy space gray

on space gray unboxing daywonder what their friends will say

Should they have bought rosé?To prove their masculinitéBecause a blushing iphone just maykeep all the iColor haters at bay

Who cares what others may sayIt’s just a lighter red, okay!

I don’t care what they sayThe color of that roseIt is so too much the gay

But on all my fingers and toesI find it very truly much okayAnywhere else and the color blows

But the article is offensive, so I have to say: Shame on Thomas Ricker, The Verge, and MDN.

Check out the “Like a girl” posts on youtube. No one should tolerate tired stereotypes like these. Those who do support such obsolete stereotypes fail to recognize they are subtle — and even not so subtle — putdowns of other humans for no other reason than their gender or sexual orientation. It reflects more (and poorly!) on the person making the statement than on the reference object of “girl” or “gay”. Lastly, this seemingly benign stereotyping is hurtful to people, whether intentional or not. So please raise your game, folks. Interesting and relevant articles about Apple can be written, posted, and read without resorting to tired, ignorant stereotype-baiting.

Lastly, the Rose Gold color looks great. It is a subtle shade — seems to be a bit of a dusty or muddy tint — and is very tasteful in my opinion. It would be suitable for anyone.

Since when did the Verge hire 12 year olds to write articles?

Thomas Ricker is an ass. The Verge and it’s editors need to reevaluate their standards.

No. I only did Space Grey as it’s the only one with a black bezel. If they had rose/black, I’d get it – manliness intact.

Well crap! I was going to buy one for my girl that sucks!

I should do better proofreading. Punctuation is so read ‘Well shucks, I was going to buy one for my girl that craps’There. Much better….

All the great Apple news to write about last week and they put this out there? Sad day for tech journalism.

Having been away since last Wednesday till Saturday it has taken to just now to get through all the backlog of all that tech news here about last weeks event and products, so I really can’t agree with you there.

If you consider MDN to be tech journalism, that’s where your comment falls apart.

Jesus Christ, who the fsck cares? This is a ridiculous thing for you to write about MDN, and a disgusting conversation to even have. Let people choose whatever phone they want and stop worrying and wondering what that says about them.

MacDailyNews is covering an article from The Verge.

The Verge wrote about it. Criticize The Verge, not MacDailyNews for covering articles that are obviously interesting and sure to spawn debate, including your contribution.

Agreed… Calm down Sam, your level of gay or homophobia isn’t in question here… We should all lighten up… personally, I do work for a well known watch company, they have a rose gold color that is crazy different than Apple’s. They make a men’s size case that is Rose gold and blue and it is really quite sharp and in no way one way or the other, it’s just fashionable… However, Apple’s resold color seems like it’s quite pink! I haven’t seen it in person, so I can’t give a 100% on that report. But let’s all be friends and have fun ?

Rolex’s (and other luxury jewelers) version of rose gold is more of a bronze color and quite neutral, in terms of masculinity/femininity.

Apple’s iPhone, on the other hand, is Tim Cook, Hollywood boulevard, tiger shorts, super HOT pink!

Huge differences in both color and inclinations of respective markets.

I just think the whole issue is ridiculous. My disgust at the article doesn’t mean that it was a good article to post, just because it got a reaction.

I can’t understand why is this subject so upsetting to you. It is very funny and silly. It raises a very valid (if whimsical) question. There is a solid proportion of heterosexual male population that is subconsciously (and many even very openly) homophobic. Pink colour has always been associated with women and gay men (to the point of stereotyping).

On the other hand, the only way to quickly differentiate the new 6s models from the old 6 is by picking the pink model (colour that wasn’t available for iPhone 6). So, what is a subconscious homophobic jock to do: he wants the newest iPhone, and wants everyone around him to know this, but he wouldn’t be caught dead having anything in pink (as it is, well, gay).

What to do, what to do…? It is truly amusing, but I’m sure very real (as a problem) to quite many manly men…

No man was more manly than the great John Wayne, he of classic western films like Stagecoach, The Searchers, and Rio Bravo. He wore a pink neckerchief or a pink shirt in a number of them. So chill, Pilgrims.

John Wayne was an actor. He was also a drunk who liked to beat up on women and a draft dodger.

If men are so worried about what someone will think of them because of their phone color, then I don’t think they’re very “manly” at all, and should learn how to make a purchasing decision without wondering about the social implications.

This is a very important subject, I talked to my wife about it last night, as I was laughing about the very possibility of male fanboys attempting such a feat.

My personal take, if you’re a male who just has to buy a rose gold iPhone, you also need to sit down with your parents and have that long avoided adult, sexual orientation conversation.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Remember, colour and gender stereotypes are not only time-sensitive, but also culture sensitive.

I think a male that eschews the pink phone for reasons of gender bias perhaps has something to hide or is overcompensating for inadequate masculinity.

I think your views of human sexuality are both narrow and myopic. I would have no problem using a rose gold iPhone, and don’t think it should cause anyone to guess at or cast aspersions about my sexuality. It’s just a ludicrous issue for anyone else to even be concerned about.

I don’t agree as I bet there’s a lot of guys wondering…Of course you should just do what you want, but lots of folks just aren’t up to the task. I don’t really see harm in discussing it. And for the record, no, it’s not.

Agree with MDN 100%kinda wish the black face was on the gold version.

“Black face”?Dude, this thread is about homophobes, not ;t be retarded!

And to contribute another opinion on this substance: truly secure heterosexual men have no fear wearing pink shirts, pink pants, pink watch bands, pink phones… If you as a hetero, macho, manly man command the expected respect from your other hetero, macho, manly buddies, rocking a pink phone can only be more appealing to the ladies (who will like you for not being a stereotypical sexist guy). Look at it this way; if you, as a jock, have to express your ‘feminine side’ (in order for your girl to appreciate you better), it’s probably better to get a pink phone then to watch Romcoms with Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo…

I’m gay, and I would probably get a space grey model, so go ahead and take away my gay membership card. I don’t care about resale value, because I just give away my old phones to friends in Central America or Mexico. I put a cover on my phone, so the color of the phone is completely unimportant.

That is a rational and reasonable answer to a silly question. While the subject was probably somewhat offensive to gay men (for the obvious reasons of stereotyping), it was set to make it silly, and to poke fun at the expense of the stereotypical (slightly homophobic) manly men.

I wasn’t at all offended. Seeing how the straight male thinks is like people watching. I don’t judge and don’t feel put upon or offended because they raise questions about things that are important to them. And let’s all say it. A straight man’s masculinity is important to him. It’s part of what makes him so attractive.

50 Shades of Gay===========So if you’re gay, and you go gray!then straights opting for space gray

just may…on space gray unboxing daywonder what their friends will say

Should they have bought rosé?To prove their masculinitéBearing a blushing iphone maykeep all the haters at bay

Who cares what others may sayIt’s just a lighter red, okay!

Why even post such an article in the 21st century? Gay is a lifestyle and and not a “thing” like the headline alludes to. It’s low, MDN, very low. My girlfriend agrees.

I think the question was much more poking fun at the expense of those ultra-hetero jocks who, being latently homophobic, wouldn’t be caught dead with anything pink (lest anyone think they are, god forbid, you know, the ‘G’ word…).

More likely someone would think you’ve taken your teen daughter’s phone. That “rose gold” is PINK!

All this time I thought sucking c**k is what made a guy gay. Turns out a pink phone will do the trick (pun intended).

Using “gay” in this way is borderline illegal in present times. It clearly shows ignorance and frighteningly poor taste. At best it falls into the category of micro-aggression. Very sad for a website that just barely has valuable content to begin with.

Black on Black is for the on white is for the Players on white is for the Players little sister.

this crap has no place on MDN…. we all know that generally Apple users are more educated, intelligent and socially mobile….. clearly not on this thread….. this needs to go in the trash !!!

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