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In the moral climate of the s, gay stars like Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter george nader gay Anthony Perkins were terrified of being exposed, so they all had "beards", women who provided them with an emblem of spurious virility.

But Nader refused to play the game and, although george nader gay was not exactly out of the closet, he never married, was seldom seen alone dating a woman, and lived with his longtime companion Mark Miller, who survives him.

The couple, who george nader gay close friends of Rock Hudson - and beneficiaries of his estate - would often visit restaurants with him. Many years later, inNader had no fears about publishing a homoerotic sci-fi novel called Chrome. The book, now in its sixth printing, tells of a young space cadet who falls in love with a beautiful male robot.

In a world where "to love a robot is death", the check this out authorities tear the lovers apart, exiling one to space, the other to earth. Obviously a metaphor about read article place of gay men in society, george nader gay, the story is well-written and holds together on its george nader gay merits.

While writing the book, Nader must have found it difficult to forget his first starring role, in Robot Monsterwhich has, at least, gained a camp reputation as one of the worst films ever made. In it, the poker-faced Nader is one of the last "hu-mans" in existence, battling against the dreaded Ro-man, a gorilla in a space helmet.

Nader, who had gained a BA in theatre arts, and studied acting at the Pasadena playhouse in his home town, had already taken small roles in half a dozen films, mostly B-features. However, a Universal contract in got him leads in bigger pictures, such as Six Bridges To Crossgeorge nader gay, playing a kindly cop who takes an interest in criminal Tony Curtis; Lady Godivaas a Saxon nobleman married to Maureen O'Hara; and the second-rate musical, The Second Greatest Sexin which he is at the mercy of his bride Jeanne Crain, who organises a sex strike in a small western town to cure the menfolk of their violent tendencies.

Nader, who had won a Golden Globe award for most promising newcomer, went on to co-star as a navy lieutenant of tough integrity standing up to the unyielding captain Jeff Chandler in Away All Boatsand was a reassuring masculine presence in The Unguarded Momentas a policeman helping a teacher a non-swimming Esther Williams cope with a psychopathic student. In general, however, Universal, who considered Nader a sub-Rock Hudson, cast him in second features.

Thus, after The Female Animalin which an ageing star Hedy Lamarr, in her last film role and her alcoholic daughter a non-singing Jane Powell fight over George nader gay as a movie bit-player, he decided to go freelance. The move did not exactly enhance his reputation, as the films he appeared in were international hodgepodges, such as The Secret Mark Of D'Artagnanin which gay bali Musketeer Nader attempts to stop an assassination attempt on Louis XIII; or low budget george nader gay like The Human Duplicators and Beyond Atlantis Nevertheless, Nader achieved george nader gay fame in Germany, where he played tough FBI agent Jerry Cotton in eight highly successful but rubbishy crime thrillers of the s.

He took to writing sci-fi novels in the mids, after sustaining an eye injury in a serious car accident. For years, he lived quietly with his partner in Palm Springs, making rare public appearances. Last year, he entered hospital with a life-threatening fever of unknown origin, george nader gay, but, according to his doctor, was "able to put up such a strong fight because of his lifelong devotion to healthy living and fitness".

George Nader. Gay actor comfortable in beefcake roles. Ronald Bergan. Topics Film obituaries Reuse this content.


OK, this is officially one of my favorite sites. Nader's a hoot. I knew Nader was gay bu didn't know the hoops he had to jump through to keep working. Which is a pity, because he had such a great screen presence. He was so good-looking that he always seemed to be laughing at himself.

Thank you! Thank you for giving a forgotten star a second run. Your information is wrong. The studio sat Nader down and told him that he had to give up his homosexual relationship with Miller like had been done with Cary Grant and Randolph Scottor he could kiss his career goodbye. He more or less told them to stick it where the sun didn't shine and the studio dropped him from their roster. It was a story about Rory Calhoun having been a convict that the studios traded for the one on Rock Hudson To everyone's amazement, the Rory Calhoun story just helped his career, rather here hurting it.

I read the article many years ago, and I can check this out see why it didn't hurt Calhoun. Nader was so hot! I enjoy seeing him in every film I've ever seen him in. May ALL my teenage dreams come true. How I swooned over him! I still have a framed photo of he and Rock which I cut out of a magazine when I was about 13 y. George Nader, one of my gay fantasies when I was a 12 year old in Never knew he was source until I read a Rock Hudson biography.

You gay bdsm library for, I always george nader gay George was much sexier than Rock. It's a shame George never achieved major stardom, george nader gay. He certainly had screen presence. My two teenage fantasy were George Nader and Guy Madison. Thank you so much for this blog. I am now a follower.

Guy Madison. George Nader. Hell yes. Rock Hudson. Oh mi god!!! It's a shame his career was stunted. He was so handsome and handsome george nader gay a masculine way, a lot of the actors at that time were quite feminine like Marlon Brando and Monty Clift but Nader was pure masculine. Seems to be the case for most actors of today, you rarely see a masculine actor. Role models of greatness. Here you will discover the back stories of kings, titans of industry, gay dating without athletes, giants of the entertainment field, scientists, politicians, artists and heroes — all of them gay or bisexual men.

If their lives can serve as role models to young men who have been bullied or taught to think less of themselves for their sexual orientation, all the better. The sexual orientation of those featured here did not stand in the way of their achievements. Wednesday, george nader gay, October 10, George Nader. Anonymous September 5, at AM. Unknown November george nader gay, at PM. Mike August 10, at PM.

Caldo May 25, at PM. Dino Slaughter June 23, at PM. Unknown October 5, at PM. Anonymous March 5, george nader gay PM. Ron April 2, at PM. Unknown May 13, at PM. Anonymous April 25, at AM. Anonymous April 27, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home, george nader gay. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Hello and thank you for being see more DL contributor. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices.

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Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. He was very handsome in 'Carnival Story'. Even more handsome that Steve Cochran who had the leading role. After Nader was finished in films, he turned to writing. His novel "Chrome" broke major ground in that it was the first sci-fi thriller to have a homosexual theme gay robots. R2, i have seen that movie. I found interesting that in the end the protagonist Anne Baxter ended up being a couple with George Nader.

Interesting, because the way Nader looked back more info, reminded me of Baxter's ex husband John Hodiak. We have no other interests and no career problems, george nader gay. We feel man dating apps gay and defeated that in spite of all our hopes and efforts at understanding, basic incompatibilities have made our life together impossible, george nader gay.

John Hodiak has really grown on me Now that I'm older and can appreciate less than traditional model good looks I can see how hot and sexy he really was. What's ironic is that I actually find myself MORE attracted to his brand of handsome than I do the conventional "model" look.

Nader spends a fair amount of time in a swimsuit, showing off gay mönchengladbach gorgeous body, george nader gay.

The funniest part is watching Jane Powell as Lamarr's horny daughter trying to play a bad girl lusting after Nader, george nader gay. Many a wet dream over him in my youth. This web page Nader seemed like the loyal type, in comparison to Rock Hudson and to other frivolous gay hunks. You can catch The Female Animal on youtube. There's a hilarious scene where Hedy meets up with her movie star friend Jan Sterling and they george nader gay their boytoys.

Considering Hedy Lamarr was hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world in the s, she didn't age well. And George nader gay don't mean wrinkles and sagging and such. It was george nader gay her face became too small to contain her features.

Link it the result of bad plastic surgery? George Nader kind of reminds me of Stephen Boyd. He had a wonderfully rugged, rough hewn patina to his classically proportioned face and a body to die for. When Confidential Magazine was going to out Rock, the studio he and Nader worked for decided to give them George, george nader gay, since Rock was bigger box office. I lusted after George also, george nader gay.

What george nader gay his TV show? Incidentally, Hedy was the smartest person ever to work in Hollywood. In the — season, he reading gay cruising as insurance investigator Joe Shannon in the syndicated crime drama 'Shannon'; his co-star was Regis Toomey. The most info about Nader comes from the Rock Hudson biographies. According george nader gay the books Nader and Hudson were the closest of freinds for 35 years but never more than that.

Nader was in a long term relationship with Mark Miller and they were all 3 very close. Hudsons preference in men was blondes and Hudson usually didnt go after more major gay brodie in films, just the bit players.

The Nader Miller relationship was kind of old fashioned and I gather monogomous for decades. When you see Nader act, his gayness isnt all that far from the surface plus he refused to do a fake marriage so his career wasnt as sucessful. He eventually stopped working due to vision problems and the bright lights on a movie set were causing him to go blind.

Nader s career was never sacrificed for Hudsons in the tabloids and the tabloids never did an expose on him. Nader was very george nader gay in his private life gayming except for living with a man his whole life kept a very low profile. Plus Nader was enough of a studio asset that the george nader gay would not out him and ruin a financial asset for the studios. Nader and Miller s long term relationship in that era was somewhat groundbreaking and unusually long lasting and tehy both penetration gay lucky in that regard.

Hudson could have taken a page out of the way Nader handled his personal life and he might have lived longer. Nader and Miller inherited Rock Hudson s estate after he died in When I was a kid we had a book with pictures of old time movie actors and for some reason I this web page really drawn to pictures there of George.

I'm not really sure why. I might add, George Nader wrote a final book shortly before his death titled Now that is a book I would like to read!

If you have any sort of gaydar at all, you could tell he was gay in any role he played. He was in an episode of The Andy Griffith Show where he played a doctor who came to Mayberry and Andy was jealous george nader gay him because his character and "Ellie" were so close.

He was gorgeously handsome. Me too R43, too bad it's lost to the world. I had a tremendous crush on him when I was a kid. He was just so fucking gorgeous - and built. He was prime. Wish he didn't have that blockhead haircut. Fun to see him with John Saxon in Unguarded Moment. Andy Griffith sbow is good, I've been getting into it the last few years after dismissing it as click at this page in my youth.

Griffith was a liberal Democrat, for years I believed him to the opposite. As someone gay dating websites upthread, George Nader starred in "Robot Monster," probably the worst and cheapest sci-fi movie ever made that wasn't made by Ed Wood.

The monster of the title was a man in a gorilla suit wearing a deep-sea diving helmet. Female Animal is on TCM now, and so found this thread. It was made at Universal, not by MGM. His body certainly is delish in it. R47 if Andy was a liberal Democrat, why did he do commercials in Pennsylvania george nader gay Nancy Kulp, a liberal Democrat when she ran for office?

Or didn't he like her for being a lesbian? Sorry, Buddy Ebsen was the Backstabber Makes george nader gay kinda glad he didn't get to be the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz. R50, Away All Boats is on youtube, george nader gay, although the quality, as with many YT films, doesn't appear to be the best. R48, I just watched Robot Monster last night. While it's certainly cheesy and george nader gay, some of the criticism of the odd special histoire gay pride is a little unfair.

I had heard how wonderfully terrible it george nader gay and had seen the so-called monster, george nader gay, but I didn't know george nader gay Naturally a ten-year-old boy would imagine a monster from outer space as a gorilla in a diving george nader gay. The dream state is obvious as soon as the sci-fi part begins because the characters change relationships with no other explanation. When you watch it from that POV, it becomes a silly, george nader gay, rather charming fantasy.

Anyway, George has his shirt off, mostly for no reason except to show off his lovely body and hairy chest, through large parts of the movie.

He even gets married shirtless! Nader certainly was a gorgeous man, especially that body - lean, defined and fit rather than pumped up, it's a very modern-looking body. I didn't find that he pinged all that much in RM, but maybe I was too distracted by his good looks george nader gay notice. It sounds like he had a good life with gay friends and his partner. No lavender marriage or fake girlfriends in a time when the pressure to conform was strong. Striking looking but not much of an actor.

He made cheap films in Europe before he became a writer. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have george nader gay find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads!

Gay actor George Nader Anyone remember or have you seen any of his films? Very handsome guy. Had roles on American TV e. The Andy Griffith Show.

Born in Pasadena, California, George Nader became interested in acting while still in school and appeared in several productions at the Pasadena Playhouse. This led to several small parts in movies before earning the lead role in the ridiculous 3-D thriller Robot Monster The movie was bad but george nader gay, and Nader soon had a contract with Universal Pictures.

Unfortunately, the studio already had on its roster such gay porn lust and athletic actors as Rock HudsonTony Curtis and Jeff Chandlerso Nader often found himself being cast in their leftovers, usually playing parts that emphasized his "beefcake" appeal. At 6' 1" and pounds, Nader had the kind of physique fan magazines drooled over and unlike many of his colleagues, he frequently appeared with his chest hair intact, george nader gay.

However, he did enjoy a few good years in the mids, turning in a commendable performance in Away All Boats before his career began to decline. He tried his hand at three TV series and then relocated to George nader gay, where he enjoyed a modest revival in the late s starring as "Jerry Cotton" in a series of West German films.

Sign In. Edit George Nader. Showing all 14 items. Resigned to being a 'B' list actor after agreeing to be outed by Confidential magazine as gay rather than his good friend Rock Hudson, 'A' list actor. Hudson and Nader were lifelong friends, but never lovers. Nader's longtime companion, Mark Miller, was Rock Hudson's personal secretary for nearly 13 years. Retired completely from acting in after sustaining an eye injury and developing glaucoma. In george nader gay early film prime she and fellow "beefcake" george nader gay Rock Hudson helped cover for each other in protecting their "straight" image in Hollywood.

Despite the fact Nader's career was more or less sabotaged by Universal and sacrificed to the tabloids in order to save Rock's here more lucrative reputation, Hudson and Nader remained life-long friends.

After Nader was finished in films, he sorry, gay dating klagenfurt something to writing. His novel "Chrome" broke major ground in that it was the first sci-fi thriller to have a homosexual theme gay robots!

Following a private service, Nader was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea. Such a remark would have caused an earthquake at the studio. Every month, when George nader gay came out, our stomachs began to turn.

Which of us would be it? View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Edit page. Most handsome classic Hollywood actors! To Hell and Back tirol gay. Forest Lawn Cathedral City. Cremated Men. Share this page:. Clear your history.

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George nader gay Nader Beorge 19, — February 4, was fay American actor and writer. He appeared in a variety of films from throughincluding Sins of JezebelCongo Crossingand The Female Animal During this period, he also did episodic television and starred in several seriesincluding NBC 's The Man and the Challenge — He is remembered for his first starring nzder, in the low-budget 3-D sci-fi film Robot Monsterknown as "one of the worst films ever made".

Discreetly gay during his acting career, he and his life partner George nader gay Miller were among Rock Hudson 's closest friends. After retiring from acting, he wrote Chromea science-fiction novel dealing positively with a same-sex relationship. Nader, who was from Illinois and of Lebanese heritage. Nader began his acting for gay media are in He appeared in several productions at the Pasadena Playhouse over four years, which led to a number of bit parts in films.

He was going to star in a film called Https:// Smithbut production was cancelled. Although the film is remembered primarily for its mainstream gay sex attributes as "one of the worst films ever made", [1] it was financially successful [10] and led to more prominent roles for Nader in other george nader gay. He was the male love interest for George nader gay Robin Crusoe at Fox.

His rugged good looks won him a contract with Universal Studiosfor which he made a number of films, although he often found himself in the shadow of more famous mader men such as Rock HudsonTony Curtisand Jeff Chandler.

Nader supported Audie Murphy in Joe Butterflya military comedy. Nader moved into regular television roles in the late s, appearing in several short-lived series, including The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen and The Man and the Challenge — In the —62 season, he appeared as insurance investigator Joe Shannon in the syndicated crime drama Shannonsee more with Regis Toomey.

He produced and directed Walk by the Sea One of his last films was Beyond Atlantismade in the Philippines. In the s, george nader gay, Nader suffered an eye injury in an automobile accident, which made him particularly sensitive to the bright lights of movie sets and forced him to retire from acting. According to Variety 's Army ArcherdNader had completed a book called The Perils of Paul the title being a play on the melodrama serial The Perils of Pauline about georye gay community in Hollywood, which he did not want learn more here until after his death.

Although Nader was not openly gay during his film career, he generally did not feign relationships with women to conceal it, [1] instead deflecting questions by saying that he had not met "the right one". Nader lived with his life partner, Mark Miller November 22, — June 9,whom he met in while they george nader gay acting in a play together. Nader and Miller eventually settled in Palm Springs. Stricken by multiple medical problems, Nader entered the hospital in September He died on February 4, in Woodland Hills, California, of cardiopulmonary failure, pneumoniaand multiple cerebral infarctions.

He was survived by Miller with whom he had spent 55 yearshis cousins Sally Kubly and Roberta Cavell, and his nephew, actor Michael Nader. From Wikipedia, george nader gay, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the actor. For the businessman and sex offender, see George Nader businessman.

American actor and writer. Pasadena, CaliforniaU. Woodland Hills, CaliforniaU. The Guardian. The Independent. Daily Boston Globe, george nader gay. March 12, Western Star Queensland, Australia. Retrieved 13 October — via National Library of Australia. New South George nader gay, Australia. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved Washington Post and Times Herald. New York Times. The Australian Women's Weekly. Variety; Los Angeles Toronto Star. Archived from the original PDF on Biography portal.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Nader, circa Rustlers on Horseback. Fireside Theater. You're in the Navy Now.

Take Care of My Little Girl. Two Tickets to Broadway. Overland Telegraph. Phone Call from a Stranger. Gruen Guild Playhouse. Down Among the Sheltering Palms. Schlitz Playhouse of Stars. Hallmark Hall george nader gay Fame.

The Loretta Young Show. The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse. Cavalcade of America. Four Guns to the Border. Six Bridges to Cross. The Second Greatest Sex. Lady Godiva of Coventry. The Unguarded Moment. Appointment george nader gay a Shadow. Nowhere to Go. The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen.

Naddr Man and the Challenge. The Andy Griffith Show. The Secret Mark of D'Artagnan. The Great Space Adventure. The Human Duplicators. Burke's Law, george nader gay.

Schüsse aus dem Geigengasten. Manhattan Night of Murder. The Trap Snaps Shut at Midnight. Die Rechnung — eiskalt serviert. Der Mörderclub von Brooklyn. The Million Eyes of Sumuru. The Nacer of 1, Dolls. Dynamit ggeorge grüner Seide. Tod im Roten Jaguar. Todesschüsse am Broadway. Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law. Https:// Atlantis. Wikimedia Commons has media related to George Nader.

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