Gay Men’s Underwear

When it comes to gay men’s underwear there are only two requirements–they have to look great and they have to make you look great. Today’s fashion undergarments come in more styles, colors and patterns than you can possibly imagine, and that’s exactly what you need to show off your stuff. There’s a lot of competition on the gay scene, and you can’t afford to let your goods fade into the background.

At International Jock, we offer men’s underwear that is stylish, luxurious and super-functional from brands like C-IN2, 2xist, Go Softwear, Gregg Homme, Andrew Christian, JT, PB and dozens of other designers. From boxer briefs to fashion jocks, bikini briefs and leather thongs, when you shop with us you’ll find what you need for everyday wear and special nights on the town. Our collection runs the gambit from sleek and sophisticated to avant garde and risque.

Popular Men’s Underwear for the Gay Party Scene

If you frequent the gay club scene, then you know gay men have high expectations for men’s underwear. Nothing will kill a good time faster than unacceptably plain, cheap or ill-fitting underwear. If you really want to blow your guy’s mind, don a sheer mesh or „X“ shape thong from Gregg Homme.

For underwear that makes a big impression check out the C-IN2 line. With such revolutionary features at the „Sling Support System“ and the „Trophy Shelf,“ these styles maximize the profile of your bulge both in and out of pants. Meanwhile, for a more casual yet still eye-catching look, Andrew Christian offers sporty, form-fitting designs. Browse our catalog to see great styles–on some great-looking men!


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Popular Men's Underwear for the Gay Party Scene

Russell Crowe Underwear, Shirtless, Gay Role, Wife

Russell Crowe Underwear and Shirtless Photos. What is Kiwi/Aussie hunk Russell Crowe doing these days? Well, according to the Washington Post, he is Twitter-spamming the Pope to promote his upcoming biblical epic/apocalyptic movie, Noah. The Oscar-winning actor is kinda busy this year because he is directing (and starring in) a movie called The Water Diviner. And he also starred in a recently released film called Winter’s Tale which is a silly movie about a flying horse and a seemingly immortal man. We watched it and, yeah, we’re as unimpressed as McKayla Maroney.

Russell Crowe Underwear, Shirtless, Gay Role, Wife

Kelvin Fletcher Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend

Kelvin Fletcher Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend. Want more male celebrity underwear? Of course you do! Which is why we are bringing you this photo of 36-year-old English actor Kelvin Fletcher looking oh so inviting wearing a pair of classic tighty whitie briefs underwear.

Kelvin Fletcher Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend

Aleph Viola Shirtless, Underwear, Suburra Blood on Rome Hunk

Aleph Viola Shirtless, Underwear, Suburra Blood on Rome Hunk. Are you a fan of badass LGBT characters in movies or on television shows? Then you should check out the Netflix show Suburra: Blood on Rome where our Italian hunk of the day Aleph Viola plays Teo who is in a relationship with closeted gay gangster Alberto “Spadino” Anacleti.

Aleph Viola Shirtless, Underwear, Suburra Blood on Rome Hunk

Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear

Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear. Look who’s awesome in his white briefs underwear? It’s British television host and actor Andrew Hayden-Smith. The 31-year-old cutie will be appearing in two of the more controversial TV shows these days, Channel 4’s Banana and Cucumber. Doesn’t he look fabulous in his tighty whities?

Hamish Macdonald Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Hamish Macdonald Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. As if we need more proof that Australian men most comfortable when it comes to walking around in their underwear, here’s broadcast journalist proving the point. There are tons of questions we’d like to ask Hamish while we ogle at his photos below. Of course, the obvious one is, why is he in his underwear? Is he doing a live on-air report but where is his microphone?

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