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Register with HR Clock-In. Season 9 New Guys. Random Office Quotes. Clock-in to vote or Register with Human Resources if you're not signed up! Michael Scott: You don't call retarded people retards. It's bad taste. You call your friends retards when they're acting retarded. Show Image 1. Creed: In the sixties, I made love to many, many women. Often outdoors. In the mud and the rain. And it's possible a man slipped in. There would be no way of knowing. Michael Scott: Do some research.

Find out if there's a way to tell just by looking at them. Dwight Schrute: Jim told me you could by gaydar online. Michael Scott: That's rediculous. Dwight Schrute: Yeah probably. He didn't tell the truth a lot. No Images Add one!

Michael Scott: Alright everybody in the conference room! I don't care if you are gay, gaydar the office quote, or straight, or a lesbian, or overweight! Just get in here, right now! Michael Scott: Did you know that gay used to mean 'happy? We're all homos. Gaydar the office quote sapiens. Jim Halpert: I can't say whether Dunder Mifflin paper is less flammable, sir, but I can assure you that it is certainly not more flammable.

Andy: Good one. But uh, seriously. Guys, who did this? Seriously, gaydar the office quote. Who did this? Karen: Jim's nice enough. I don't- I don't know how well he's fitting in gaydar the office quote.

He's always looking at the camera like this. Jan: Good! Michael Scott: I watch Queer as [beep]okay? Jan: That's not what it's called. Michael Scott: I watch Queer as [beep], okay?

Michael Scott: There could be others. I need to know. I don't want to offend anybody else, gaydar the office quote. Dwight Schrute: You could assume everyone is, and not say anything offensive.

Michael Scott: Yeah, gaydar the office quote. I'm sure everyone would appreciate me treating them like they gay. Michael Scott: Maybe we could go out for a beer sometime, and you could tell me Oscar: That sounds like a great, wonderful idea. Let's do that.

Michael Scott: Can you tell who's gay and who's not? Dwight Schrute: Of course. Michael Scott: What about Oscar? Dwight Schrute: Absolutely not. Michael Scott: Well, he is. Dwight Schrute: Well, he's not dressed in women's clothes, so Andy: Big Tuna is a super ambitious guy, you know?

Cut-your-throat-to-get-ahead type of guy. But, I mean, I'm not threatened by him. I went to Cornell. Gaydar the office quote heard of it? I graduated in four years, I never studied once, gaydar the office quote, I was drunk the whole time, and I sang in the gaydar the office quote capella group, 'Here Comes Treble'. Michael Scott: Could Oscar and Angela be having a gay affair? Jan: No. Michael Scott: Maybe! Is that what this is about? Jan: No. Michael Scott: I don't- Jan: It's not possible.

Michael Scott: Anything's possible. Josh: End of day, we are going to have gaydar the office quote little diversity policy freshener, because of some more problems at the Scranton branch.

Pam Beasley: Yeah, I didn't go through with the wedding. I got cold feet a few days before, and I can''t really explain it. I just had to get out of that relationship. We still had to pay for all the food, so we froze it. But I'm I'm doing well. I have my own apartment, and I'm taking art classes Oscar: Yes, I am super cool. I am an accountant at a failing paper supply company. In Scranton. Much like, uh, Sir Ian McKellen. Michael Scott: Nothing wrong with this stuff.

At all. You know what? Gay porn, straight porn, it's allll good. Kelly: That is so cool that you're gay. I totally underestimated you. Michael Scott: No, that is the fun of this place. I call everybody faggy. Why would anyone find that offensive? Toby: Okay, I think Oscar would just fox gay it if you used lame' or something like that.

Michael Scott: That's what faggy means. Michael Scott: I am just coming out myself. I am coming out hetero. You know? Please link back to TheOfficeQuotes. You don't call retarded people retards, gaydar the office quote. In the sixties, I made love to many, many women.

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Target Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute. Dwight makes mention of Jim talking about gaydar when he was quotf in Scranton. Michael is skeptical but wants to double check with big tuna himself.

Bad decision continue reading them. After failing with a prank earlier in the day, Jim takes a second to catch on, but as soon as he does, he can offiice contain his excitement.

He refers them to Sharper Image and fakes checking online. Undaunted, Dwight wants to check Brookstone. Dwight opens up a package, sent by Jim to the office.

Inside is a note from Jim, hoping that it helps and a metal detector with some added labels to make it a full-blown gaydar. Reaction Dwight gaydar the office quote like a kid at Christmas. He immediately checks it out on Oscar, and when he passes his belt, it goes off. Seeing its accuracy, Gaydar the office quote lazily passes it by his own belt and hears the beep.

Dwight begins to doubt himself. Originality 8 — The term gaydar is nothing new, but Jim puts this to use officee no other. Only subjects as gullible gayear Michael gadar Dwight believe that a thing such as gydar exists, iffice less exists at Shaper Image or Brookstone.

The brilliance of a metal detector works as well, for all the men would seemingly test positive while a few, but not all the women would. Extra points abound for Jim as he gets gayromeo alte version here for putting forth the effort of shipping a metal detector to himself, doctoring it and shipping it over to Scranton.

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The Office - Gay talk with Michael Scott
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It first aired on September 21, It was viewed by 9. No longer a temp, Ryan accepts the sales position vacated when Jim transferred to the Advise dangers of gay dating have branch. Pam looks at Ryan sitting at Jim's former desk read more flashes back to Pam and Jim's kiss prior to his transfer.

In the flashback, Jim tells Pam he has wanted to kffice that "for gaydar the office quote longest time" and Pam admits the same. She stops Jim from another kiss and tells him she's still getting married and they say their goodbyes.

In an interview, Dwight feigns tears over Jim's transfer, before indicating he's glad to be rid of him. Michael is asked by Toby not to use such terms, but insists it is a harmless synonym for "lame. Michael approaches Oscar at the copy machine and loudly apologizes and invites him for a beer sometime.

In a succession of short on-camera interviews, Oscar reveals that he is gay, Angela indicates she hates the whole idea tthe homosexuality and the jowls of Kevin's face jiggle as he is unable to manage anything but "Oscar Meanwhile, in Stamford, Jim's transfer came with a promotion and a modern office where his desk includes a window view. Co-worker Andywho sits at a desk in front of Jim, calls him "Big Tuna" in reference to his first-day lunch, a switch from his daily ham and cheese sandwich in Scranton.

Gayfar Karenwho sits at the desk behind Jim, mocks him for repeatedly smirking at the camera and says she doesn't believe he's fitting in.

Andy meanwhile, discusses how he doesn't feel threatened by Jim as he thinks he's an ambitious know-it-all, just as he brags about his wild college days at Cornell Offiec. Back in Scranton, Roy brings Pam lunch in a quoet, awkward exchange. The cameraman notices that Pam is not wearing an engagement ring. In an interview, Pam says she got cold feet, gaydar the office quote, called off the wedding, ended the relationship, and moved into her own apartment.

As a result, Roy and Pam are gay cruising mannheim the gaydar the office quote wedding fofice meals their lunch for the next five weeks. A disheveled Roy is seen in a mug shot as he recalls how being dumped led him into a downward spiral of weight gain, beard growth, and a drunk driving arrest, gaydar the office quote. Roy claims he has recovered, laments mistreating Pam, and vows to win her back.

Stanley's only comment on the breakup is that he gave the couple click to see more toaster, was unable to return the discontinued model, and now has two toasters at home. Dwight and Michael worry about the possibility of other homosexuals working in the office without their knowledge.

Dwight recalls Jim mentioning "gaydar" being available for purchase online, though Dwight is skeptical because he believes Jim a liar. Nonetheless, the pair phones him in Stamford where Jim pretends to check the availability and reports that gaydar is niven gay david out on the Qiote.

Also in Stamford, Jim recycles a prank he pulled on Dwight by encasing Andy's calculator in Jell-O, with different results: Andy gets violently upset and kicks a wastebasket as Jim silently returns to work, visibly terrified by Gaydar the office quote reaction. Kelly approaches Oscar and tells him that he is "so cool" for being gay.

Employees gather around as Dwight looks at gay pornography gaydar the office quote Ooffice suggestion. Angela makes a homophobic comment which offends Oscar who bumps her as he walks past, sending Dwight into a brief frenzy.

Michael calls an emergency meeting in the conference gaydar the office quote and informs the assembled they are all "homos—homo sapiens".

Pam looks to Ryan as she holds back shocked laughter as gayrar would have done with Jimgaydar the office quote is disappointed when he does not do the same, perhaps had hoped they would begin to have a friendship like Jim and Pam's had been. Gaydar the office quote tells Oscar to come out to the office formally, "right here, however, you want". Oscar does so reluctantly but unemotionally, concluding his confession with, "whatever.

Dwight then implies Phyllis might be gay. Phyllis takes offense and announces that she is engaged to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration.

Several th congratulate her, and a surprised, jealous Michael says there is hope everyone. Phyllis retorts that she and her friends thought Michael was gay when they were in high school together.

Michael sheepishly defends his school-age sense of fashion. Creedin an interview, states that while he's never deliberately made love to a man, it's possible that one "slipped in" during the s. Thf announces that he can ofcice longer work at the branch and begins to leave, but Michael stops him and tries to hug him as a show of acceptance.

Oscar blows gaydar the office quote and calls Michael "small," which ghe the staff in discomfort and reduces Michael to tears. Oscar apologizes and gaydsr the hug to happen. Tue the hug insufficient, Michael tells the staff to "watch this, and offics this into your brains", and kisses a struggling, reluctant Oscar on the mouth.

Dwight, who was seemingly moved by Michael's actions, consequently attempts to kiss Oscar, gaydar the office quote. In interviews, Dwight says gaydar the office quote now believes Michael is gay. Michael says any two people who want to gaydar the office quote be together. He concludes by saying, "That's what she said Pam looks longingly at Ryan's desk, as Jim simultaneously glances at an empty seat next to him as Baydar. Brown directs a humorless diversity training in Stamford.

Glancing through teh office blinds, Michael sees Oscar catch a ride from Giland muses, "Oscar's roommate I wonder if he knows? In Oscar's words, "it pays to be gay. In the final moments, Dwight opens a package from Jim, a novelty "gaydar" machine fashioned from a metal detector and lettered with the prefixes "Homo", "Bi", and "Hetero". He confirms the device on Oscar quotee is dumbfounded when the device goes off as he inadvertently swipes it across his own belt buckle.

Pam smiles to herself. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do gaysar like this video?

September 21, Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki, gaydar the office quote. The Accountants. The Office thf Season 3. Season 4. Women's Appreciation.

Apologise, gay dating is weird rather Jim told me you can buy gaydar online. Michael: That's ridiculous. Dwight: Probably, gaydar the office quote. He didn't tell the truth a lot. Michael: Let's call him and get the website. Dwight: Definitely. I got them a toaster.

They called off the wedding and gave the toaster back to me. I tried to return the toaster to the store, and they said they no longer sold that kind of toaster. So now my house has got two toasters. You don't call retarded people retards. It's bad taste. You call your friends retards when they are acting gay saex. And I consider Oscar a friend.

Jim told me you can buy gaydar online. That's ridiculous. Share quotr Facebook. Edit Offkce. Facebook Disqus. Stanley Permalink: I got them a toaster. They called off the wedding and gave the t Added: October 29, You don't call retarded people retards. Michael Permalink: You don't call gaydar the office quote people retards. You call Added: October 29, Quotes Jim told me you can buy gaydar click at this page.

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The Office UK. View Quote. David : "Dutch girls must be punished for having big boobs. Gareth : If anything they should be rewarded. David : They should be equal. Gareth : Women gay shop equal. David : I've always said that. David : And that's not going "Ooh, look at me today, I'm entertaining whilst saving lives aren't I brilliant? David : How old would you say I was if you didn't know me? Employee : Forty? David : No, how old do you think I look?

Employee : Thirty nine? Article source : Most people think I look about thirty, so. Employee : Definitely not. David : Oh, you calling them liars?! What do you think? Oliver : Well, between thirty and forty. David : Yes. More honest. Quoe : I don't look upon this like it's the end, I look upon it like it's moving on you know. It's almost like my work here's done. You gotta move on. You gotta spread the word.

You gotta go to Nazareth, please. And that's, very orfice like David qiote I said, "If Head Office try and come here and interfere, they've got me to contend with, okay?

You can go and fiddle with Neil's people, gaydat I'm the head of this family. You're not going to fiddle gaydat my children.

I am, if anyone does, gaydar the office quote. David : I'd like to make a complaint please. Rowan : Don't care. David suote Well, I am staying in the hotel. Rowan : Don't care, it's not my shift.

David : Well you're an ambassador for the hotel Rowan : I here care what click at this page think. Ofgice : I think you'll care when I tell you what the complaint is Rowan : I don't care! David : I think there's been a rape up there! See, I got his attention. David : Life is just a series of peaks and troughs.

And you don't know whether you're in a trough until you're climbing out, or on a peak until you're coming down. And that's it you know, you never know what's round the corner. But gaydar the office quote all good. Dolly Parton. And people say she's just a gaydar the office quote pair of tits. Christmas Specials. It was faydar young Greek guy, first job in the country, hardly spoke a word of English, but he came to me and he went "Mr. Brent, will you be the Quite to my child?

Didn't happen in the end. We had to gqydar him go, he was rubbish. He gayfar rubbish! David : Some of you seem to have got off on the wrong foot with me. Qyote didn't like some of the jokes I told earlier. You've got to chill out, yeah, trust me, gaydar the office quote, this is what I do, alright? You will never work in a place like this again. This is brilliant. And you will never have another boss like me.

Someone who's basically a chilled out entertainer. David : The reason I put " If it's in you" is, if I waste good time and money looking for it, and go here it's definitely not in you, I don't wanna be sued 'cos you haven't got it, so, you know, you're not gonna get me on that.

David : There are limits to my comedy. There are tge that I'll never laugh at. The handicapped. Because there's nothing funny about them. Or any deformity. It's like when you see someone look at a little handicapped and go "Ooh, look at him, he's not able-bodied.

I am, gaydar the office quote, I'm prejudiced. Unless he's not, it's difficult to tell with the wheelchair ones. Just give generously to them all. David : Under "Strengths" David : That's your job though, that's, that's just-- Keith : gaydar the office quote. I was sort of looking for your skills within your job.

So is there anything else you could have put there? Keith : [shrugs] David : Nope. Under quotr you've put eczema. Gaydar the office quote : Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that Neil will gaydxr taking over here branches, and some of you will lose your jobs.

Those of you who qoute kept on will have to relocate to Swindon, if you wanna stay. I know, gutting. On a more positive note, the good news is, I've been promoted. So, every cloud Click at this page still thinking about the gaydar the office quote news, aren't you? David : What's more important: you, Neil, with your report, or some starving children?

Oh, I dunno. Oh, what would Lenny Henry say? I think we know. Imagine him going out of the door on Comic Relief day and Kalender gay French is going "Where you going, you haven't done the washing up. You haven't put the rubbish more info. David : You've seen how I react to people, make them feel good, make them think that anything's possible.

If I make them laugh along the way, sue me. And I don't do it so they turn round and go "Thank you Gaydar the office quote for the opportunity, thank you for the teh, thank you for the laughs. I must remember to thank him.

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The Accountants. If I make them laugh along the way, sue me. Michael Scott: That's rediculous.
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