Gayatri Mantra: The Chant You Need in Your Meditation Practice

The Gayatri Mantra also known as the Savitri Mantra, is a universal prayer considered to be one of the oldest most powerful Vedic mantras. The Gayatri Mantra has immense power, it is linked to our Divine Mother, by listening to or chanting the Gayatri mantra and firmly establishing the mantra in the mind, your life will be full of happiness.

The Gayatri Mantra can be sung, listened to, or used during meditation at any time. Chanting to the Gayatri Mantra opens the natural vibration channels in the body and awakens the various spiritual centers. As a result, powerful energy flows from the chakras are released allowing you a deeper connection with the divine.

As a result, your goals and wishes, including those that have not been expressed yet, will all be fulfilled. There is nothing more purifying for the spirit than the Gayatri mantra. By meditating to the Gayatri Mantra, you will gradually realize that the whole universe is at one with your own soul. When you ascend to such an elevated state, you will never fail again. You will be surrounded by pure divine bliss.

Gayatri Mantra Practice For Connecting With the Cosmic Consciousness

Gayatri mantra is one of the most powerful Vedic sacred formulas. The impossible can be achieved by using the Gayatri mantra, which purifies the soul and body, and leads to rescue. What does Gayatri mantra mean? What is its sacred meaning and benefits? How do you practice it? In this article, I’ll answer these and many other questions about this mantra.

Gayatri Mantra Practice For Connecting With the Cosmic Consciousness

Gayatri Mantra – Mutter der Veden

Das Gayatri-Mantra ist ein universelles Gebet, das in den Veden, den ältesten heiligen Schriften der Menschheit, niedergelegt wurde. (Rg Veda III 62.10). Es gilt als die Essenz der vedischen Lehren genannt Veda sara und wird auch als ‚Mutter der Veden‘ bezeichnet.

Das Gayatri-Mantra wurde von dem vedischen Seher Vishvamitra entdeckt und wendet sich direkt an unsere geistige Sonnenenergie, die im Indischen Surya genannt wird.

Gayatri Mantra – Mutter der Veden

Das Gayatri Mantra und seine Bedeutung

Der Name Gayatri kommt im Text des Mantras selbst nicht vor. Er bezieht sich auf eine Trinität aus 3 Gottheiten:

Gayatri ist die Meisterin der Sinne, Savitri ist die Meisterin der Lebenskraft (Prana) und steht für Wahrheit, Sarasvati ist die Meisterin der Rede (vak).

Alle drei zusammen verkörpern somit die Reinheit in Gedanken, Wort und Tat (trikarana sudhi)

„Jemand, der Reinheit und Harmonie von Gedanke, Wort und Tat praktiziert, in dem haben Gayatri, Savitri und Sarasvati Wohnung genommen.“

Das Gayatri Mantra wendet sich an das immanente und transzendente Göttliche im Menschen und verbindet uns so mit diesem inneren Aspekt, der auch SAVITA genannt wird: „das, woraus all dies geboren worden ist.“

Das Gayatri Mantra und seine Bedeutung

Gayatri Mantra: Text und Übersetzung

Sehen wir uns nun also den Text dieses wunderschönen Mantras an:

Om – parabrahman – die absolute, ewige QuelleBHUR – bhuvarloka – physische Ebene (panchabhutas – 5 Elemente)BHUVAH – pranashakti – die astrale, mittlere WeltSVAHA – svarloka – der Kausal-HimmelTAT – paramatman – Gott-BrahmanSAVITUR – das, woraus all dies geboren istVARENYAM – anbetungswürdigBHARGO – Strahlung-Weisheit-LichtDEVASYA – scheinend, strahlend, göttliche WirklichkeitDHIMAHI – wir meditierenDHIYO – buddhi – reine UnterscheidungskraftYONAH – welcher unserPRACHODAYT – erleuchten, führen.

Gemäß dieser wörtlichen Übersetzung existieren verschiedene Interpretationen des Gayatri-Mantra. Eine gebräuchliche Übersetzung aus der Geetha Vahini lautet:

Gayatri Mantra: Text und Übersetzung

Die Wirkung des Gayatri Mantra

Früher beteten Brahmanen nur dieses Mantra, heute ist es für alle zugänglich und wird als ein Schlüssel zur universellen Quelle angesehen, der die Tür zum kosmischen Bewusstsein öffnen kann.

Das Mantra ist die Anrufung der Devi in Form von göttlichem Licht, unserer inneren Sonne, dem absoluten Brahman. Bei regelmäßiger Rezitation beseitigt es Täuschung und reinigt unser Denken und unsere Gefühle. Es energetisiert uns mit Prana und schenkt ein langes Leben in Gesundheit, Reinheit und Weisheit und erweckt uns zum universellen Bewusstsein der Erleuchtung und zur Verwirklichung der nicht-dualen, absoluten und allumfassenden Einheit des Bewusstseins.

Das Universum ist angefüllt mit dieser göttlichen Energie – mögen viele Menschen das Gayatri Mantren singen, beten und rezitieren, um die Quelle des Lichtes in sich zu erfahren, zu verinnerlichen und so einen Beitrag zur Heilung aller Wesen auf unserer Erde zu leisten.

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Gayatri Mantra Is a Great Tool For Karma Purification

Karma is a sequential series of events arising from the actions committed by a person but how can you protect yourself from the negative influence of karma? The solution is the Gayatri mantra!

It is believed that with the daily practice of Gayatri mantra you can get rid of the rebirth circle and remove yourself from the wheel of Samsara.

What does the liberation from rebirth provide to us? According to the Vedas, we find ourselves in a completely different world from the earthly one. Gayatri mantra is so powerful that the practitioner affects the reality in the way that all objects and space around him become purified.

During the practice of Gayatri mantra, you can refer directly to the goddess Gayatri, who is the wife of Brahma. This mantra is chanted in Sanskrit, the sacred language of the Vedas. You cannot perform this other languages (translated) since the rhythm of sacred sounds would be lost.

Who Is Gayatri?

Gayatri is the Mother of the Vedas, who is present everywhere where Her mantra is practiced. The vibrations of Gayatri fill the spiritual body of the practitioner, changing and enlightening it. Gayatri enlightens and opens the spiritual mind and shows the path to the divine truth and bliss. This is the divine power that gives breath to all that exists and animates it. It is the embodiment of the Divine Power that protects people.

Gayatri Mantra: Meaning and Translation

oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥtat savitur vareṇyaṃbhargo devasya dhīmahidhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt– Rigveda 3.62.10

There are several translations of Gayatri mantra. Consider the translation and the meaning below as one of the versions:

Gayatri Mantra Practice For Connecting With the Cosmic Consciousness

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The Gayatri mantra consists of three parts:

The initial words of the Holy text refer to the worship of the divine. The word “dhīmahi” denotes a meditative state. The remaining 4 words express a prayerful appeal to God with a request for the gift of spiritual abilities and insight.

Each syllable of Gayatri mantra represents a certain part of the human body, so it completely cleanses from bodily ailments:

dhi – the left side of your body, foresight, Chandra

dhiyo yo – left elbow, the awakening of consciousness, Brahma

How Do You Start Gayatri Mantra practice?

To properly pronounce the mantra, you must first listen to the recording, for example, performed by Deva Premal. The performance of this dedicated European woman fills the soul with bliss emanating from heaven. The first time you can just listen to the recording and feel how the sounds touch your body and soul. Then try to repeat this mantra together with the singer. By doing this, be aware of the meaning of every sacred syllable.

It is the best to chant the mantra in the Lotus position with a straight spine. You cannot sit or stand with your back bent, because it is through the spine that the divine energy flows through the top of the head from the Universe. Watch your spine always, because it is the root of life. A straight back is a guarantee of physical and spiritual health!

At first, try to practice alone, without any interference. Criticism of others or their curiosity will have a negative impact on the results of your practice. You can listen with headphones and repeat the words in your mind. However, when it is spoken aloud that mantra will have the greatest effect — vibrations in the body connect it with cosmic energy. In this case, the physical body becomes a receiver of divine energies.

Repetition in the mind also has its positive effect, but if you need healing you should consider chanting the mantra aloud. If you decided to start your Gayatri mantra practice with listening then imagine how sacred sounds penetrate into every cell of your body and heal it while listening. Try not to be distracted during this meditation.

What time is the best for Gayatri mantra practice?

The best time to practice is considered to be the transition hours — sunrise, noon, sunset. These hours are considered to be the most favorable for spiritual practice and meditation. However, you can chant this mantra at any time, but during these particular hours, it is possible to achieve a greater effect.

An important rule for the proper Gayatri mantra practice is pure heart and mind. It is unacceptable to treat Gayatri frivolously, it is necessary to feel the sanctity of each pronounced syllable. The practitioner should eschew evil, not to participate in evil deeds and to help others. Moreover, if you started Gayatri mantra practice you cannot use profanity, say bad words, swear, and quarrel anymore. It is necessary to strive for purity in everything – thoughts, words, and actions.

Yoga is advised to practice Gayatri mantra during water cleansing – in the shower or during bath rituals. The power of water together with the purifying power of the mantra will free your body and mind from all impure. Also, you can practice the mantra before going to bed, after waking up and before eating. After finishing Gayatri mantra chanting pronounce the word “Shanti” 3 times.

What else do you need to know for the proper Gayatri mantra practice?

It is necessary to free your mind from vain thoughts and concentrate on the area of the third eye. During this practice, you should forget about the surrounding reality for a while and immerse yourself in the sound of sacred sounds that connect you with the Cosmic Consciousness.

How many times should you chant Gayatri mantra?

It is necessary to devote to Gayatri mantra practice every morning, repeating the mantra 108 times. The rest of the time you can chant this mantra 3, 12, or 27 times.

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Liebe Anja,Ja das Mantra ist eine wunderbare Heilquelle und es ist so schön zu wissen, das es mit sehr vielen Menschen weltweit gesungen wird und die Essenz sich ausbreitet…Danke für die Glückwünsche zu unserem Jubiläum!Catrin Müller

Seit Jahren liebe ich das Gayatri Mantra von Deva Premal, soviel Wärme und Frieden hat mir dieses Lied schon gebracht. Danke das ihr hier über die Bedeutung dieses wundervollen Mantras schreibt.

Erst durch eine wunderschöne musikalische Interpretation habe ich von dem Mantra erfahren. Dann habe ich im Internet nach Infos gesucht und heute den Artikel entdeckt. Danke für alles, das Ihr mit mir teilt! Ganz herzliche Glückwünsche zum Jubiläum von Anja aus Stuttgart.