Gay wolves are a special breed of man

Gay wolves are among the most cherished group of men in our gay-o-sphere. Physically striking, they are known to give off a powerful sexy vibe that stops prey in thier tracks. Gay wolves are strong and beautiful but also deceptively cunning.

If you’ve never heard of the term gay wolf, we’re going to define it for you. And if already think of yourself as a “wolf”, or want to learn more about them, this guide is for you!


Gay Wolf: A man with a lean, muscular build. Usually has body hair on the chest and/or torso region. Almost always has facial hair.

A gay wolf can range in age from mid-twenties to late adulthood. They can be of any ethic background or race.

Sometimes, crossovers happen with gay otters, muscle bears and DILFS.

In addition to being lean and muscular, “wolves” are characteristically thought of as masculine. They can be top or bottom but are almost always assertive.

Older wolves are sometimes called grey wolves. That’s because as they age, their hair turns whiter.



The term gay wolf entered into LGBT subculture in the late 1970’s and became popularized in the 1980’s.

While its exact etiology remains unclear, it has been theorized that gay “wolves” are an offshoot of Gay Bears; a term that can be traced back to a 1979 Advocate article by George Mazzei entitled, Who’s in the Zoo?

The rationale behind the wolf label is pretty simple. “Bears” tend to be hairy and large. Wolves, on the other hand, are usually hairy but slimmer and more defined.



There are very few groups within the gay male spectrum that have a flag. The best known one belongs to the bears, a color scheme of stripes containing browns, greys, whites and black. Characteristically, there’s also a “bear paw” imprinted somewhere (usually upper left corner).

Because the wolf community didn’t have a flag and because wolves are considered offshoots of bears, I created a created a flag for these furry creatures in 2015. See below.



As mentioned earlier, gay wolves are typically lean and muscular with varying degrees of hair on the torso. FYI: There are smooth wolves but this is often by choice because of manscaping.

On this point, it’s important to state that wolves can also be jocks. In fact, many are. But the key thing about a wolf is his face, which brings us to our next characteristic.



Another key trait of a gay wolf is his mug. First, wolves often have angular features, meaning their faces have some amount of definition. This makes sense when you consider wolves are lean.

Second, wolves almost universally have some kind of facial hair. Examples include:

FYI: Recent research suggests that men who have the “gay wolf” look, at least facially, are considered more attractive than their smooth faced counterparts.


Remember, gay wolves are an offshoot of the larger Bear community. Therefore, an essential feature for both typologies is masculinity.

While there’s no right or wrong wardrobe for a gay wolf, you will commonly see them wearing things like:


When thinking about gay wolves, it’s important to not only focus on their physical appearance but also on the psychology. That’s because gay wolves behaviorally borrow from alpha males; a term originally coined in the 1940’s by Dr. Rudolph Shenkel.

While not universal, most wolves are sexually aggressive. This doesn’t mean they are always dominant. But it does mean they go after their “meals” with gusto.


If you consider yourself a wolf, it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can keep your slender, muscular build. This means regularly working out, clean eating and practicing good hygiene.

We’ve offered some pointers below to help you keep what you’ve got.

If you are a younger wolf, make sure you take care of your skin, including your face. Wolves in their thirties should read this facial care guide.

If you are an older wolf (greying wolf) you can do things to preserve your attractive appearance in ways that might surprise you.

Here, we’re talking about keeping your beard, hair and face looking several years younger than your true age. See this related WOLF/DILF post for more information.

Finally, wolves, just like bears, need to be mindful of body hair. If you want to manscape what you’ve got, that’s completely up to you.

But in recent years, there has been a trend among some wolves to ditch the entire shaving thing – including the pubes – for a more natural look.


Within gaydom, there exists many myths. Some of this is gossip based. But mistruths also exist because for much of our history, we were unable to record information for fear of being harmed.

And let’s face it – we’re not out of the woods yet. There still exists a sizable amount of homophobia in the world.

Back to gay wolves and myths. Here are several “biggies” that seem to circulate around the community:


Before wrapping things up, we’d like to address the issue some people have with gay labels. Specifically, we’re talking about members of the LGBTQ community who dislike terms like “Wolf”, “Otter”, “Bear” and so forth.

We just want to say we respect your views – truly. But we’d also like for you to consider why we think labels are important.

Basically, it goes like this. Without labels, there would be no way for groups of people with similar interests or traits to come together. This means our large bear community wouldn’t have a flag to fly under. And it also means that related groups, like DILFS and Daddies, would be left out in the cold.

In a world where gay people are becoming increasingly homogenized , it’s critical that we embrace these labels more than ever.

Labels help us to keep our once secret “code speak” and preserve our rich and proud history. That’s why we support books and other narrative accounts with wolf themes.

They say language is a key to culture. Do we really want to lose what’s left of our gay culture by doing away with the words?


We hope you enjoyed reading this ultimate guide to gay wolves. Here at the blog, we love “types” within the larger LGBTQ spectrum.

But we’d be liars if we didn’t say wolves held a special place in our hearts.


anyone feel tano is gonna trade sexual intercourse for keeping their secret or am i just weird asf. cus not only is it obvious hes on to the mc hes giving me a neferu (ik i just butcherd that) bought off wish kinda feel 

I’m literally begging for there not to be a romantic/sexual betrayal. The Nefaru and Amicus scene broke me and I don’t think I can take that again T – T

Doubt it. Ranok would just kill him and say he got attacked by a rabbit or something. Nobody would bat an eye.

I already have enough trouble with rabbits on Password(sorry spoiler) I cannot handle another rabbit killer

I feel like you people are mistaking malevolent intent masked by kindness with him being in love with the MC or at leased horny for him.

Oh, I don’t think Tano is evil. He is that kind that is simply annoying as fuck. Like if monday was a person.

Im not saying he is evil but have you forgotten that these wolves are very murderess and the MC only wasn’t killed by them because they were convinced that theyr Spirits are wanting us to live or something. 

I mean even Ranok just saved us on the bases that we are his path or what ever.

you can use this software to extract music and images from the game

Hi One Question When Will The Update Be Launched? I Can Wait I’m So Excited And I Just Really Excited I Wanna See The Awkward Moment Between Ranok And The MC Hehe… ?

Hey! The dates have Changed to Today for Patrons and Feb. 14th for The public! Sadly i dont know the times 🙁

am i the only one who still chooses to exist only because of the happy ranok sprite

seriously hes the only meaningful thing in my life :





Oh my fucking God. I love this so much! Just finished the latest update and I want more, so much more. The development between the MC and Ranok has been perfect. I have nothing but praise for this game. 

I can’t help but feel angry at Ranok. I understand why he’s stressed though, I just want to give him a big hug and tell him he’s perfect the way he is, our poor mistaken wolf.

Far from it. Something may just seem familiar but it is definitely NOT A KNOCK OFF

oh my god I was just joking, and y’all took it seriously.

Echo or Adastra, Adastra is similar and the characters are also amazing :3

does anyone feel kinda special when ranok discribes the mc as „soft and fragile with skin almost like parchment“

As im sitting here saddened byt the menu music, i relish in the fact that i read all of the story so far in less that three days. I absolutely adore this so far. And id go as far to say that im rushing on ranok in person as well. i am a guy,and i completely adore himmm. i want more pleaseeeeeeee.  never have i ever been so obsessed with a game until now. 

Tano is my spirit animal because he annoy’s everyone on purpose but gets beaten up when it comes to fist to fist.

he relates to my younger brother to a worrying degree

I know it has only been like 2 ish weeks since the update but any news on how the next one is coming along ?

for Patreons on 15th january and for Public on 1 february UwU

Are the contents/story in patreon and itch aren’t the same?

will I have to manually download a game update or will the software already downloaded update itself?

U have to download new, if we have a new Update in february :3

so if i want to play the new update ill have to redownload the game?

Yes, if U don’t lose your screenshots. at first save your screenshots in a „spezial“ Order

When you download a new update you can just copy all the files to where you have the game already and replace any files it asks. Saves will carry over regardless of what you do.

You have a good compass. ( never had one but thanks )

La-di-da my lord. ( yeah are you the Witcher or what )

Did you get you  memories back ? ( If you ask it again I’m going to shove my compass up in your furry ass )

I think he is not the sharpest wolf in the tribe he he he

„Depends on you, my liege.“ (*growling and laughing a the same time*)

„I don’t want you to see me as…defective.“ (defective MY BUTT)

„Almost begs the question which is taking which for a walk.“ (*choked on a donut*)

„This is gonna make me sick.“ (bro what did u just say?)

„Yeah sure, go huff some incense while we figure out what to do with this thing.“ (OMFG THAT WAS PRICELESS XDXDXD)

I wonder if their will be a Vulgor route. Also I love this game. Great art, characters, colors, etc. Keep it up creator.

Yess we both hope for a Vulgor route let’s hope together

In case it doesn’t happen, we can hope there will be a sequel where he’s the main love interest.

Kael finished the Book/Script/Screenplay and he won’t do a Vul Route ;-;. for more information about fbtw can U find on Discord :3

Kael did three Books! Our hopes are not lost! We could have a Vul route in a sequel (I’m sad too that we don’t have a vul route in this VN ;-; pls don’t be bad at me ?)

„three books“ what do you mean?  (yes i am dumb sorry ;‘))

Is it weird that they literally focused on the „three books“ part and not the „won’t do a Vul Route“ part

While it would be nice, I think Vulgor will only be our friend. I think he is warming up to Caelan because he treats him without prejudice for his eclipse birth.

Just finished Adastra, here’s to hoping for a new amazing story with likable characters and more politics!

There’s already a sequel to Adastra in the works. It’s called Khemia.

I know, but only the first build is free and you need to be a patron for the newer builds. I’ve already read the first build, so I’m just trying to kill time till they release the full version.

Ranok- I’m bi a lot of things but that is not one of them.

How tall is Vulgor compared to Ranok? If he is around 7ft, does that make Vulgor like 7.5ft tall?

i just need Vulgor in my life xd hope he gets a route ^^

Anyways, this is one of the bests, if no the best VN game i ever played, love your work <3 theres nothing bad to talk about ^^ 

I hope there will be a part where we explain the quadratic formula or how to convert grams to moles to Ranok, and make him confused af 

one biology lecture would totally kill his perception of reality 

Ranok be like this after one lecture D E P R E S S I O N

i made this account just so i could comment, this is my first furry dating sim ive played, and im loving the story so much. i cant believe ive already finished whats been put out so far haha… i cant wait to find out more about the world and characters <3

Yeah, everyone needs Adastra even if they still don’t know, even Kael knows that 😉

This is more of a visual novel than a furry dating sim. If you want to experience that then try „Extracurricular Activities“. The story and characters are very well done. Personally my favorite routes are with Spencer or Darius.

Hy there so is it just me or Ranok and Tano had something in the past , something dark and cold :V 

I think Tano ruined some important relationship for Ranok. Only a guess…

yeah ore they where in a relationship 😀 I’m just joking about this . 

Hi, first of all happy new year. I would like to say smth… Im in love with this game, I finish it in almost one day, tbh i play like 5hour str8 without even realized, just for u having a idea of how great ur work is. Its been a while since a visual novel take me so far away, dont want to undervalue another artists, im sure theres a lot of great ones out there, but damn the work ur doing with this game is outstanding, the story is just…. wow, i never tought i needed it until i got it. It hitted a deep mf spot in my heart, i laught and cried with them and i just want to show u how grateful im for u start this project! Thank u and have a nice new year

Oh most definitely if you want to know where reply to this comment

Gravity Falls is such an amazing show, where is it written??

the show was revolutionary in so many ways , it even had represantion that my gay ass needed a lot back then ( yes i know it wasnt stated but those two cops WERE A THING AND NOONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE)  . Even now as a 19 year old i still remember how good the show was . 

I agree with everything you said, except one thing. I don’t care how much I’m hated for it, Adastra is overrated and no one can tell me otherwise. People who don’t read books don’t know any better that there are far greater stories and far more interesting characters. If I’d ponder about it enough, there’d be tons I could think of.

So far the most complex or multilayered FVN character is without a doubt Tyson.

Dang, just finished this update. Ranok you better make up your mind or… I will hunt you down for giving false hope. (No actually I won’t, I LOVE WOLVES and me killing one? 0_o)

Keep it up Kaeltiger! The story is really well build up, though a few more choices for reactions would be nice.

this games writing LITTERLY made me fall in love with a facist

latterly all the characters support and feed into a facist government   

Awww. Poor Ranoc. He has so many obligations and expectations… I love your novel.

All this comments are making me craving!! But no, I have to wait for atleast 2 or 3 more updates so it would be worth it in one go. And I’ve been hearing magic… Is this true? Cause gosh darn, I really love it if it’s Fantasy and Sci-fi furries.

Ranok confirmed magic was a thing early on so we’re speculating that magic is already involved in the MC’s ability to understand any language (spoken or written) and others understanding him.

Yeah, I noticed that part.. however I wasn’t expecting MAGIC magic, I was expecting like you know just Beliefs and such, like spirits or just maybe hoaxes.

God i could not wait like you do. I am way too much in love with this VN XD

im just exited for the next part of the novle to arive

For some reason I’m hoping the tigerii are Chinese inspired, and their culture is widely different from the wolves(like they worship the sun, seasons, etc..)

Well it will be different but i dont know about the Chinese part.

If there is magic i hope the MC Will be able to use it a bit in order of not be complitely useless in the aventure. It doesn t need to be fire bolt or this kind of things but maybe something little ( well technicaly he is already quite useful if he can talk all langages but still) ?

Well, talk and read since he was able to read those 2 book in Ranok’s house. They could have been written in different languages and he just didn’t notice like when the chief spoke to him.

This language thing may also play a part in his amnesia too. If he only know the languages of the world he is in, his birth language may not be available to him and since all his memories are in that language, he may not be able to access them properly. 

I do think the MC has magic AND that he is being assisted by a wizard/

MC healing factor and ability to hear voices may be because of his own abilities. However my suspicion that he is being assisted with magic comes from his ability to understand all languages and his „birth“ into this new world. In the beginning of the novel the MC hears many voices in different languages which causes him a lot of pain. I assume that’s what it must be like to learn a ton of languages pretty quickly. I also think those voices are trying to guide him rather than taunt him. But because some words are missing in the sentences and the time they occur to him makes the reader assume the worst. I had to read it twice to pick up that those voices are just trying to guide him rather than taunt him. EG I dont think he is Ranok’s plaything. I think he is Tanos plaything which is a warning for us to make him lose interest in us before he makes our lives even more tortured.

I think it’s Aluna helping him and Ranok’s initial beliefs aren’t that farfetched. It is the will of the spirits.

Actually… That makes more sense now. Also I think the ancestors, the feralkin spirits, and Aluna(and the spirits of that world) are the ones that try to guide him

Plus, it gives the wolves the greatest reason to let Caelan live with our boy Ranok forever.

If he masters the instant diarrhea spell, he can win any 1v1 fight in his life.

I just hope he at leased has to work for these power and not just get them like nothing.

Hope so too. I Just want him too ne able to do something in order to be useful not powerful

I mean he doesn’t even need to get any other powers with just being a human and the fact he can understand all Languages already is really good. 

If he trains a bit and in combat thinks and uses a good strategie he could win too in a fight.

pls plushis from Ranok, Vul, Vithyr, Tano and the others. Thank Youuu

Tryst isn’t cute (or at least the salty expression doesn’t help). Maybe the wolves purge the ugly lol.

Tryst looks like a female neighbor that always has that same sour face :V

I looked up the average height for men and it is ~5’9″. Therefore, if Ranok and Vulgor are over that then it would make sense for Ranok to call Caelen caelen (pup name for tiny).

That might not answer your question, but a bit of knowledge does help in some form.

Thanks, that’s actually helps me to visualize this whole story better. 

Hey, i really love this game and all… but am i the only one who encountered this ?

Yesterday  i was playin the new update and i was playing it until the morning pancakes, but today ? i cant get to that again cuz it said there is something wrong with the script. Sooo i played it again from the start and the ending was when you cuddle up with Ranok. 

(Sorry if i have some mistakes in this comment because english is not my mother language)

I would need more specific information in order to understand the issue. Could you reach out to me via DM on Twitter? 

when i download it, it doesn’t pop up can you plz help me? I have a windows computer 

Am i the only one intrigued by the red moonstone of Tano ? 

It is, it’s called a lunar eclipse (when the moon passes through earth’s shadow), or a blood moon

I remember seeing one of those but wasn’t sure because I think the red only comes from reflection of artificial lights on earth (which obviously aren’t a thing in Ranok’s world). I guess Kael doesn’t know about that detail.

That is the part i was confused about XD. The moon can only become red when the moon is low on the horizon and not reachable properly from the sun. The Light of the sun is going throught the atmosphere and this happend but i am not sure it can happend without an atmosphere like ours on Earth

(if i m not mistaking there was one a few years ago. Actualy there was also a blue moon some years ago, i Wonder if someone of the tribe have a blue moonstone) 

Well i am saying this but it s probably only because the world where is avalan simply have the same kind of system. Since there is sunsets on avalan too. (i am tired of editing My comment because of my fucking auto correct ??

I really love this! I can’t say it good or bad at the ending but I’ll wait for the next update, I want to know how this relationship will going to be!