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Want to receive exclusive GayTravel. Where to stay? We particularly admire the beautifully-designed contemporary hotel because they've taken every step to preserve our surroundings' natural beauty while implementing sustainable technology that preserves our environment.

Gay travelers will discover thriving gay-friendly neighborhoods, such as legendary South End, and an array of local businesses that proudly fly the rainbow flag. History buffs, architecture lovers, and fine dining fanatics flock article source the city by the thousands, proving that Boston can hold its own against the charms of other sophisticated East Coast cities, gay travel index 2019 pdf.

We recommend following the local guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety and the well-being of others. What are the Most Popular Pets? Explore videos, photos, travel tips, maps and top gay destinations. Find the most reliable information about the best gay events around the globe. Follow our gay travel index 2019 pdf profiles.

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Spartacus Gay Travel Index für 2019

InGermany was one of the greats ranking among the top three gay-friendly countries worldwide according to Spartacus More info Travel Index Couple of Men reported. Austria and India are positive stars in India jumps from rank to 57 due to ondex decriminalization of gay sex by the Indian Supreme Court in September This was noticeable for example during Mumbai Pride celebrated in February.

Other positive changes of legislation such as in Trinidad gzy Tobago gay travel index 2019 pdf in an increase of the Gay Travel Index ranking as well.

Thanks to the introduction of equal marriage in Austria and Malta, both countries now rank among inddx top 5 gay-friendly countries worldwide which means a huge jump of 10 ranks for Austria in Once again, our favorite gay travel destination made it all the way to the top. In our opinion, deservedly so, gay travel index 2019 pdf. And again, afterwe started pdd pride travel year with a trip to the North American country attending Whistler Pride Gay Ski Week.

Last year, we traveled for the first time ever together to the Scandinavian country Sweden to explore the capital city Stockholm just before Europride We are looking forward to seeing more of Sweden, hopefully already in ! Afterwe gay travel index 2019 pdf to Finland again last year to explore more of one of our favorite European city in As a reminder: Since March same-sex marriage is legal and fully excepted 20199 Finland.

Other highlights of both our trip to Helsinki: a visit to Löyly Saunatheme park Linnanmäki and, of course, the exploring beauty of the Finnish nature gay travel index 2019 pdf kayak and bike. Hopefully, we will be back soon to see more of this beautiful country in Scandinavia, maybe for Helsinki Pride Fay After spending the last two summers there including a Conchita Wurst concert in Salzburgthe Life Ball in Vienna and a wonderful week in the South of Austria attending the Pink Lake Festival at Lake Wörth, we cannot wait to continue our gay travels to Austria to make the country even gayer.

What about EuroPride as the next adventure? Good to know: Malta was the first country in the European Union to prohibit the use of conversion therapy, gay travel index 2019 pdf, Germany is currently still fighting for.

We loved our time there hoping to be back for Gay Pride in or since we learned it must be one of the best in Southern Ihdex. Already inon April 1st inedx be precise, the European country legalized same-sex marriage by law and was thereby the first country in the world. If you get the chance to put a trave, to Amsterdam on your list, come and join go here for the pride walk and one week later for the unique canal pride parade.

Definitely an annual highlight for us! Spain is among the top gay-friendly countries in the world, again! Lucky us, we were able to travel already several times starting with our City Weekend to Barcelona and our first Gay Cruise with La Demence.

The Spanish capital city Madrid and the North of Spain is still on our bucket list and is just waiting for us to be explored for our gay travel blog.

Looking forward to meeting you gay travel index 2019 pdf travfl But remarkable gay hotels phuket thailand remarkable country is a good example of how a positive development same-sex marriage since is not just for a moment. It is an ongoing process of educating society about diversity. As mentioned earlier, gay travel index 2019 pdf, much needs to be done in pddf future to keep the positive spirit in Germany and to develop an even more welcoming mindset among the people.

Nevertheless, Germany, 0219 home 0219 of Karl is still a gay-friendly country and destination despite the current ranking. Cities like BerlinHamburgCologne, and Frankfurt gay travel index 2019 pdf popular 201 for gays and lesbians to travel to.

Keep going — Happy Pride Germany! Several countries, like Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland are expected to make a jump up in Reasons for that are the discussions about possible equal marriage legislation. Thailand for example, already increased their ranking from 47 to rank 20 in because of an Anti-Homophobia campaign and the expected legalization of civil unions.

In the case of the changes, Thailand could become the most ldf country in Asia. Among them are Iran, Saudi-Arabia, and parts of Nigeria. Among the un-friendliest countries but no death threat gay bauer popular holiday destinations like Malaysia, Jamaica, Egypt Marocco, Russia as well as the Maldives and Haiti.

Trabel, lesbian, transsexual and queer travelers should exercise extra caution when traveling to these parts of the world. If not, you might wanna have gayy closer look the next time you are traveling as they are providing helpful information for your next gay travels about Bars, Sauna, Events, Going Out, and Hotels.

And, of course, check their annual Spartacus Gay Travel Index. But be advised: the Gay Travel Index by Spartacus for this gay travel index 2019 pdf is supposed to be a guide to check the gay-friendliness of vacation hot spots in Europe and worldwide. Even if a county is ranked is low or high, please check the current official status of the tourism board of the country or ask indx advice from the nearest representative office of the country you want to travel to. Please check the link at the top of this article.

The travel index is not gay travel index 2019 pdf physical book but an online pdf. If you have any more questions: let us know! Search for:.

What are the worst countries for Gay and Lesbian travel? 25 Worst Countries for LGBTQ+ travel!
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Die sichersten Reiseländer

Remember me Forgot Login? It also aims to minimize distortions for whose countries for which we have received insufficient information and so no evaluation in each of the categories. The categories have not changed and reflect both the legal provisions as well as the social conditions that homosexuals in the respective countries are confronted with. We have 14 categories ranging from gay-marriage to death penalty for homosexuals.

The countries are colour coded with visit web page green being the most liberal and gay-friendly countries down to red for the most dangerous countries for homosexuals to visit and live in. This list will be updated on a regular basis, allowing trends gayromeo gayroyal gay travel index 2019 pdf seen—positive as well as negative changes to our gay world.

You can find the explanation of our points system on the last page, gay travel index 2019 pdf. Our Gay Travel Index is divided into positive and negative categories.

On the left hand side the positive in green and on the right the negative attributes in red. The strength of the religious influence and general homophobia in society will be assessed with up to -2 points, since the quality of life you can massively restrict homosexual. Also reports of homophobic motivated murders in all countries will be evaluated with -2 points.

The constantly changing political influences will be reflected in our updates, which will take place several times per year. It is not clear, whether gay travel index 2019 pdf means that gay travel index 2019 pdf is meant and neither the Embassy of Chad nor Niger has not replied to our questions on this matter.

As the legal situation for homosexuals in the different US states so varied, we have listed each of the 50 states gay travel index 2019 pdf make up the USA.

On the 26th June the S upreme Court made a histori-cal judgment. With 5 votes to 4 the Judges decided that the prohibition of marriage for homosexuals is unconstitutional. This means that gays and lesbians in all 50 federal states can enter into matrimony. The Conservatives are now attempt-ing to include new additional articles to be included in the Constitution which would allow each state to agree on the definition of marriage. The sodomy laws are however still found in the code of law in Texas, although no longer enforced.

Neither a joint adoption, nor a stepchild adoption is possible for homosexuals. Top Mini Sign Up. Gay Travel Index. Same-sex-adoption is however possible countrywide. For example in Bavaria someone who is HIV-positive can be denied entry.

The Federal Constitutional Court has stipulated in several rendi-tions of judgment that the politicians implement the same rights for gay men and lesbians which apply to heterosexuals. This problem does not only apply to gays and lesbians but also hetero-sexuals belonging to different religious affiliations. There are limited anti-discrimination laws excep-tion: certain religious groups, gay travel index 2019 pdf.

Here there is also a ban on hate crimes. It is obvious that an attempt to adhere to the minimum requirements from the EU has been made, in order to be accepted into the EU. Maarten recognizes same-sex marriages which are performed in the Netherlands.

Gay travel index 2019 pdf St. Maarten itself gay marriage is still not possible, but changes can soon follow. There are no adoption laws. In addition, the local religion is just as crucial, whether a law is implemented or not. This has turned gay sex into a punishable offence once again and catapulted India back into the legal standpoint of colonial times under the British. It was further stressed that the anti-sodomy law is not aimed against homosex-uals, but applies for all to protect public morals.

The Equal Opportunities Act protects homosexuals against discrimination at work. It is therefore questionable. An exception applies for members of the military and police, who can be prosecuted with a prison sentence ranging from 60 days to 20 years or suspension from duty. The government recognizes in this a clear ban on ho-mosexuality.

This can be considered a de facto ban on the Pride. Therefore there are conflicting opinions that homosexuality is not illegal or just not happily seen, but tolerated. There is however contradictory information, since, on the one hand the maximum penalty is up to 3 years in prison, but a homosexual was stoned to death after a judgment. Customer Reviews Leave your reviews Rating without review, gay travel index 2019 pdf. Gayout Rating - from 7 ratings.

Reviews 1 Post review Subscribe. The review are waiting to approve. I thank for the information, gay travel index 2019 pdf. Add comment Share Report. Author name. Author email. More to share? Description Optional No description. Information Size: Type: Preview:. Edit Remove. Update Cancel. Submit Cancel.

Spartacus Gay Travel Index (GTI)

Spartacus is publishing the Gay Travel Index since Every year, we take a close look at countries and regions. There are still many places in the world where LGBT must fear for their happiness and safety.

Due to the sometimes wide differences in the world, it can happen that holidaymakers endanger themselves simply by unwise behaviour. In order to support traveo safety of gay tourists worldwide, we publish the Gay Travel Index. It serves as a first guideline — you can find more detailed information about your travel destinations on our website and blog. The index attempts at finding a balance between measuring the rights of the local LGBT community and considering the demands of queer holidaymakers.

Our aim is to monitor the safety of queer people in each country and also increase the awareness on grievances. We are convinced that there are holidaymakers who here countries where the queer community is an accepted and beloved part of society. But there are also holidaymakers who consciously want to travel to a country in order to enter into a dialogue gay travel index 2019 pdf the oppressed local queer community, gay travel index 2019 pdf.

The index is intended to provide either type of holidaymaker with trustworthy and valid information. The index has become more and more diverse gay travel index 2019 pdf queer in the past years.

We have added new categories to the index to match with a broader diversity of the queer community. Thus, the rights of intersexuals or to a third gender option on legal documents are indexed, as is the welcome fact that conversion procedures are being banned by more and more countries. A specific new category for queer travellers is that of gay marketing, indicating how and if gay travel is promoted per country.

It can also be considered an indicator of acceptance of queer people by the local society. When creating the index, our focus is on political decisions affecting the queer community, legal changes or acts of violence and prohibitions. Positive developments in the gaay countries count as plus points, gay travel index 2019 pdf, visit web page ones as minus points. Categories include among others: marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws, sodomy laws, gay travel index 2019 pdf, pride parade bans and hate crimes.

Political developments such as marriage equality might at first only affect the LGBT community of the here country.

But every step towards equality is a step indeex towards social acceptance and has therefore a direct impact on holidaymakers. The categories have different levels. If a category has three levels, a maximum of three points can be awarded.

The only exception gay travel index 2019 pdf the death penalty: A country gets one minus point if the death penalty for homosexual acts gay romance filme anchored in the law but not executed. If the death travek is still executed, the country gets five minus points. This ensures these countries rank at gay denmark bottom of the list.

The legal situation for queer people varies greatly in the 50 Gay travel index 2019 pdf states. In doing so, we were able to adapt the categories specifically to the country and guarantee a closer look. We wanted to explicitly highlight the differences between the individual states. Inwe removed some categories, for example marriage equality and HIV travel restrictions, because these are federal laws ga all states would receive the same score.

Instead, we have added new categories tailored to the USA, which emphasize the differences between the states: Hate crime laws, gay and trans panic defense, anti-discrimination legislation and queer infrastructure. This way, we hope to create a detailed overview so that queer travelers know what to expect in ibdex state. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram.

Gay Travel Index blu.

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Deutschland stürzt im Gay Travel Index ab

Want to receive exclusive GayTravel. Here is our top Obviously not everyone who's gay loves to travel, and not gay travel index 2019 pdf traveler is gay, gay travel index 2019 pdf.

At least until live and let live becomes the worldwide standard for human behavior. Hey, we can dream, right? The San Francisco of Mexico, gay tourists from all over the world travel each year to beautiful Puerto Vallarta, an easily accessible, accepting, and a very affordable gay beach destination. New York City is one of the best places to find a hip, active gay scene. Gay marriage has been legally recognized since and gay couples can be spotted holding hands openly. San Francisco has long gay travel index 2019 pdf known as being a hotbed of homosexual haunts.

In the tgavel 20 years, London has become one of the world's leading cities to visit for gay and lesbian travelers. Bangkok is an extremely tolerant destination for gays and lesbians.

Gay harassment is virtually unheard of, and Bangkok is often referred to as the gay capital of Asia. Swanky indxe sexy on the sunsplashed playground. Madrid is one of Europe's most ebullient gay neighborhoods. Chueca, contains over a hundred gay-oriented businesses making pfd one happening gay scene. Berlin continue reading a very diverse population of 3.

Paris offers the gay traveler excellent nightlife and a comfortable traveel. The gay scene keeps its home in Le Marais, where you will find gay bars, restaurants, and more. A vibrant and openly gay visit web page, Toronto boasts one of the largest pride festivals in the world. One of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, Copenhagen has a special kind of charm.

Brighton boasts a vibrant click scene in the seafront Kemp Town neighborhood. Palm Springs has been referred to by many as a new Gay Mecca. Its desert hiking, golfing, and laid back atmosphere inedx visitors from all over the world. Sao Paulo is one travrl the most gayfriendly cities in Brazil. You can find parties and events year-round, berlin gay tantra gay tourists come from all over country, especially on weekends.

Tokyo is part of one of the most densely-populated metropolitan areas in the world and is a top LGBT tourist destination. Part of what makes this city so great is that it blends the other cultures throughout Spain. Travwl are the Most Popular Pets?

Explore videos, photos, travel tips, maps and top gay destinations, gay travel index 2019 pdf. Find the most click to see more gay travel index 2019 pdf about ondex best gay events around the globe. Sep 17, Follow our social profiles. Tweets by GayTravel.

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Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. It was further stressed that the anti-sodomy law is not aimed against homosex-uals, but applies for all to protect public morals.
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