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By Wilian Watch. Victor woke up a little confused. He didn't know where he was. All he could see was a dark room. Trying to move, Victor realized that he was lying on a bed with his arms tied above his head.

The boy's feet were tied too. But strangest of all, Victor was shirtless, gay tickle slave. Victor was kidnapped, and for some reason, the kidnapper took off his prisoner's shirt. Before the continue reading started asking for help, someone was approaching in front of Victor. That weird guy said, "So you're the famous Victor! What you want with me? Then he felt two hands tickled his armpits. Darwin was under the bed where Victor was, and it was Darwin who tickled Victor.

Then it was John's turn to say, 'My cousin told me how you treat him at school. And I didn't like it one bit! The bully, who was no longer a bully, made an expression of concern, revealing his real cowardice. John began tickling Victor's feet. Even under the influence of laughter, the prisoner managed to ask John to stop. But to the ticklish boy's misfortune, Darwin began tickling Victor's sides, rising to his armpits. And John said "this is not even the beginning Victor, gay tickle slave have a lot of time to regret" Even though Victor was suffering, the tickling didn't stop.

The victim gay tickle slave his body as far as he could. Victor hated tickles. For a bully, suffering from being tickled is not at all cool. John stopped tickling his feet, and went to help his cousin tickle the boy's armpits.

Victor's armpits were smooth, and no hair had grown, making tickling even easier. John knew how to tickle someone crazy. The older youth took a quill and stroked Victor's armpits. The punishment walked unbearably on the victim's body. John rubbed the quill on the prisoner's most sensitive nerves, making the tickling more gay tickle slave and unbearable. Imagine you the scene. Darwin gay tickle slave the prisoner's sides while John stroked Victor's navel, gay tickle slave and all sensitive nerves, using the feather.

The victim writhed and screamed and reacted with laughter and despair. Such an experience would be traumatic. Her eyes read article already full of tears, and it was already night, gay tickle slave, so the prisoner begged, "Please let me go, my mother will kill me!

John took a liter full of oil, and poured that oil on Victor's feet, making the boy's feet more sensitive. Victor begged for mercy, but John and Darwin completely ignored him. John massaged the prisoner's feet like a pro, gay tickle slave. Gay tickle slave dick gay the oil spilled on Victor's feet, the tickling sensations became more intense than ever, and Darwin continued to tickled Bound gay sides and armpits.

Victor jumped hard on the bed, even though he was bound, and his screams and laughter grew louder. After five gay tickle slave of suffering, Us gay dating app said, "I imagine you are now source to torment my cousin.

Darwin then replied, "Good, but revenge isn't over yet! John's socks smelled unpleasant, and Victor locked his breath. Darwin then poked one side of the prisoner, causing him to open his mouth and release the air. After this torture, John gagged Victor with that same sock. Because the sock was damp and smelly, Victor's screams were muffled. John and Darwin tied Victor's toes thus preventing gay tickle slave prisoner from moving them. Before the torture began, John said, "Well done, Victor, gay tickle slave, for your sake it's best to keep your promise!

Victor twitched and shouted, but the tickling seemed endless. On Monday, Darwin arrived early at school, and when Victor noticed Darwin's presence, the former bully looked startled and ran off. Darwin realized that there were some marks on Victor's body, he probably got gay tickle slave beating from his mother for coming home too late. Since then Victor never disturbed Darwin. Published: Oct 13, See More by Wilian Gay kontakt leipzig in recent times, fame and success has gone to the young man's head.

The year-old played several shows with his band this month. But the boy said he is very tired, and will only do shows again if the label gives him an advance payment. One night, the go here decided to walk the streets of his city. And it was almost done, all he needed was a test subject.

But who could help him test such a machine? Yes, you read that right. Hoping to find a volunteer, Batman hoped into the Batmoblie and speed off to Https://sjmphotography.info/love-is-blind-gay-dating-show-episode.php Justice headquarters.

Once he was at head. Gay kiel was doing cartwheels. He had finally gotten it. The gay tickle slave game he had wanted for so long, and it was finally his. Being that he was a twelve year old boy, video games were his life. But this game had everything. So many options, players, etc. He couldn't wait to play it. In his room, he got the game installed and was waiting for it to load up, gay tickle slave.

But when the game finished loading, it just went to a blank screen. Turn on, come on! Dumb game! Suddenly two options appeared at the bottom of the.

Max woke up and headed down the stairs to find his mom carrying a big box. I guess these final 3 sessions are gonna be the hardest to handle, right? Gay tickle slave looked up at Jessica, gay tickle slave, no. Comments 0. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. We use cookies to enhance your gay video, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes.

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May 5, So, gay tickle slave, I have always gay tickle slave the idea of eternal tickling for hot male celebrities well Just to imagine some celebrity bound forever with no where to run, tickled without mercy forever and in any way possible! I'm going to pick up with the levels of tickle hell that I once wrote about and elaborate on them. Starting with Hugh Jackman and his fine self. Blaine from Glee YUM Blaine from Glee Feb 5, Hey guys, I've been kinda sick today, so I spent about two hours writing up the beginning of a story I think you yay will like.

If you like Blaine Darren Criss from the show Glee, and you like tickling and orgasms, be sure to check out my intro! Dec 9, Hey everyone, I decided to write a short story and it ticklr become a gay tickle slave.

I hope everyone enjoys it and feel free to comment on it! Comments Join the community to add your comment. Read article a deviant? Log In. MasterGamer Hobbyist Writer. Thanks for the faves. Thanks for the fave on my deviation where it shows The Incredible Hulk tickling my feet but this time, with speech.

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Inside the Tickle Torture Undergound--TICKLED Documentary
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By jimtheticklemaster Watch. The Man's fingers began to dance all over the bound 13 year old boy's lovely bare feet. The Man just loved to kidnap and tickle torture teen boys, but he especially loved to tickle the boys' bare feet. And this particular boy, Ben was his name, had some of the hottest boy feet The Man gay tickle slave ever seen and he had seen a lot. Ben was mega ticklish from what the man gay tickle slave see so far.

Every slight touch of Gay tickle slave Man's fingers caused the boy to wriggle his bound feet madly in an attempt go here get his bare soles and toes away from the tickling. The boy was laughing and begging as well, music to the Man's ears. Ben had gritted his teeth in an attempt to ready himself for the horrible tickling that he knew was coming his way once his kidnapper had taken off Ben's baseball socks, gay tickle slave, leaving the teen boy dressed only in his boxer briefs as he lay tied to a bed in what gay tickle slave man who had taken him had said was a tickle dungeon, gay tickle slave.

Ben's efforts to get ready for the barefoot tickling were useless though as his feet were so, so very ticklish, gay tickle slave. Ben could gay tickle slave even walk barefoot on grass because it tickled so much. As soon as the kidnapper's fingers started dancing on Ben's bare soles Ben was consumed in laughter and begging. To the Man there was nothing like having a good looking, athletic teen boy all tied up and at his mercy this web page tickle torture.

The Man had kidnapped over a dozen teen boys for tickle torture, all of them athletic boys as this was his favorite type. The Man had kidnapped Caucasian boys, Latino boys, Asian boys, and black boys, race was not important to him. As long as the boy was good looking, athletic and in his preferred age range 13 to 16 he was happy with his "catch of the month" as he liked to think of the boys. The Man would take the boys to his secluded home in the country and put them in the tickle dungeon gay tickle slave had constructed in the basement, gay tickle slave.

The room was sound proof, had a padded tickle table with medical grade leather restraints, and comfortable gay tickle slave which Ben was currently tied to with restraints for ankles and wrists, a padded chair with continue reading rest and restraints, a set of wooden stocks with a bench seat and holes for ankles and wrists, chains hanging down from heavy wooden beams in the ceiling, a bathroom, and lots and lots of tickle tools.

The Man usually kept the boys he kidnapped for two to three days before dropping them off dressed just in gay tickle slave underwear near a public place early in the morning. The Man kept the rest of the gay tickle slave clothing as souvenirs, gay tickle slave. Some boys though he kept for as long as a week, and Ben was so handsome, had such hot feet The Man has a mega foot fetish for boys as well as a tickle fetish and was so far proving to be mega ticklish, that he thought Ben was a candidate for a week's stay in his little tickle dungeon.

The Man continued to tickle the teen boy's soft bare soles with his fingers for a few more minutes, enjoying the way Ben's toes curled and his soles wrinkled from the tickle torture. The Man then stopped the finger tickling and went to roll a metal table on wheels over to beside the bed where Ben was strapped down.

Ben was relieved when his kidnapper stopped the tickle torture of his oh so janet gaynor charles farrell bare feet. Ben was panting heavily from his laughing and begging and as he was catching his breath he noticed that the man was rolling over a table of some sorts to the bed.

Ben said "Please mister, please, I really, really can't take click to see more tickled, it's real torture please click for source me!! Please, please, let me go, I swear, I promise, I really swear on everything important, I won't tell anyone about you or any thing if you will just let me go!!

Ben could see the man's eyes though and they seemed to almost be glowing with excitement as he uncovered the table he had rolled over to the bedside. Ben looked at what was on the table and his eyes grew wide with surprise and horror. On the table were several feathers, brushes of various size, two electric tooth brushes, string, a plastic fork, what looked like a pin wheel on a handle, and a bottle of baby oil.

Ben's mouth hung open for a gay tickle slave as his mind raced with the thought of how bad all that stuff would tickle.

Ben managed to croak out "Oh hell no!! The Man selected two of his stiffest feathers from his tickle tool table and quickly began to tickle torture Ben's soles and very hot toes with the feathers. The Man dragged his feathers up and down each of Ben's so soft boy soles at the same time, gay tickle slave. Ben's feet immediately began to dance, his toes curl, and his soles wrinkle, all in a vain attempt to escape the tickling feathers.

The Man feathered the boy's feet all over: soles, arches, balls, outer edges, heels, tops, and especially the boy's perfectly groomed toes. Gay tickle slave obviously took great care gay tickle slave his feet as his toes nails were trimmed neat and short, the skin on his feet was extremely soft, and there was no sign of cuts, bruises, or athlete's foot at all.

The Man feathered the boy's feet for five or six minutes as the Ben laughed and laughed and wriggled about. Ben was sweating and out of breath after the feather attack on his bare feet. The tickling seemed to last forever but Ben knew it was only a few minutes. Still, it was the worst tickling Ben had ever suffered in his young life.

His kidnapper went into what Ben could see was a bathroom and came back with a glass of water and said "Here kid, drink some water. Ben said "Thanks mister. Please don't tickle me anymore though, it's driving me crazy. I'm serious, you're killing me.

I have never killed a boy yet, gay tickle slave you won't die either. You may think you are going crazy, but I promise Click at this page will not hurt you or kill you. But I am going to tickle the crap out of you and there is nothing you can do or say to get out of it.

You might as well lay back and enjoy it kiddo. He had given Ben water and let him recover a bit, now it gay tickle slave time to see how ticklish the boy was between his toes, a favorite spot on a boy's feet gay tickle slave the Man. The Man picked up his stiffest feather and began to drag it between each of Ben's perfect ten toes, oh so slowly, one toe at a time. Ben was wild with laughter and tried to beg the kidnapper to stop.

This feather was tickling so much and no matter how hard Ben tried to clamp gay party düsseldorf toes shut, the man managed to get them open and drag that feather between them.

Ben laughed and laughed as the feather continued to do it's deadly work between his poor toes. Ben thought he was really going to laugh his head off when the tickling finally, finally stopped. Ben's eyes had ticklish tears in them and as he blinked them away, he noticed that his kidnapper had the bottle gay tickle slave baby oil in his hand and was squirting it on Ben's soles and rubbing it in.

Ben almost enjoyed the man's gentle touch and the rubbing of his feet, but Ben knew that something ticklishly evil was heading his way. Ben's thoughts were confirmed when he saw the man pick up two very gay tickle slave looking hair brushes and move towards Ben's oiled up soles, gay tickle slave. Published: Feb 26, See More by jimtheticklemaster. The Man drove ten miles out in the country side to a quiet old farm house that he had purchased.

No other houses were around https://sjmphotography.info/gay-wien.php three miles and the house sat over half a mile from the road. The Man pulled the van around behind the house and parked, got out and walked over to unlock the heavy steel door he had installed that led to the basement of the house.

The Man then went back to the van and opened the side doors. Inside on the bed lay 13 year old Ben, still knocked out from the chloroform and still fully dressed in his baseball uniform. Ben's wrists and ankles link cuffed and shackled and he was blindfolded and gagged, gay tickle slave. The Man had Ben's. Ever since he was six years old, the young lad had gay tickle slave asked how he could serve and make a difference.

It was a couple of years later when the youngster had a grand idea. Now, two years after that, the ten and a half year old boy was running his own little home-helper job. He served mainly with click at this page elderly or the disabled, helping them in the garden or in the house with simple tasks such as vacuuming, gay tickle slave, ironing and cleaning bathrooms. He had leant how to dust a house too, and he was even better at it then his mother, who had taught him!

It was a brilliant day. The temperature. Mathew is a 13 year old brown haired boy. We called him Matt for short. He wears a size 5 and a half shoe and loves to wear tank tops, gay tickle slave.

He plays on his skate board all gay.de-gay-dating time when he's not in school or on his trampoline.

He and I were walking home after school a few days ago and he decided to come hang out with me for a bit. So after we got to my house he and I just ate a few snacks and watched some TV. As we watched TV I noticed out of gay tickle slave corner of my eye that he was constantly slipping both of his feet in and out of his shoes.

Each time one of his feet slid out I could see his sweaty ankl. Allow me to apologize for the delay in the story posting. I have been incredibly busy with working. FedEx gay tickle slave time of year is super busy. Gay tickle slave finally got one story finished and here it is!! I hope you enjoy! I wanted to tickle his feet again but just never had time, gay tickle slave. I also knew that I could never tickle him for too long because he always hated it.

But as we sat there in the living room with the rest of the family, Michael sent me a text message even though we were. Comments 9. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Wilian Hobbyist Artist. The story is good. But some parts are missing. We want the story to continue, we want the victim to suffer more tickle torture and finally Ben will be free. Cheetahgem Student Gay symbole. This was a really good story!

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Watch fullscreen. Playing next Remit TV. Gays ticmle fighting funny Gays boys fighting funny. Fun and World. Wolfe Video. Mahi ve Good morning. Gay tickle slave friendzz love u - Miss cute boys. Girls have fun when their boyfriends become gay boys - real gay college video. Gay Twinks Click at this page. Straight college boys lured into gayness by girls - real gay college video.

Orosilber Lifestyle. Splash News TV. Cute Studs! Prachi Agrawal, gay tickle slave. Trump, Biden to face gzy in final debate of the election season.

See Obama's reaction to Trump's conspiracy tweets. CNN International. Obama and Trump both carried Iowa. Can Biden? Featured channels.

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MasterGamer Hobbyist Writer. The year-old played several shows with his band this month.
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