This Is Disney Channel’s First Gay Teen Couple

But sadly, it’s come in the finale episode for the show „Andi Mack.“

Disney Channel’s groundbreaking kids’ show Andi Mack finally came to an end last night — but not without giving its young audience one final step in a queer direction.

The show has previously been praised for the thoughtful and realistic way it handled the coming out journey of Cyrus Goodman, one of the best friends of the titular character.

Cyrus first came out to his friend Buffy, by tearfully admitting he had a crush on Andi’s boyfriend, Jonah. It wasn’t until the following season that he said the words “I’m gay,” casually revealing the truth to his former crush in the midst of his grandmother’s shiva.

But in the final episode of the beloved tween show, it was suggested that Cyrus might be about to embark on his first teen romance.

Cyrus sits with a friend, TJ, who shares something nobody knows about him — his real name. After TJ’s revelation of his “secret,” he asks Cyrus if there’s anything else he would like to know, hesitantly reaching for his hand.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Cyrus asks.

The two finally hold hands and smile, and that’s both the first and the last we get from the Disney Channel’s first real queer relationship between two main characters.

It’s an appropriately gentle moment for a show that’s handled its gay character and his storylines in such a relatable human manner. And while fans are sad this is the last moment of Cyrus and TJ, and all the characters of Andi Mack, it was certainly an important one.

And hey, every show seems to come back eventually anyway.


Pride has got all the latest news, stories, and scoops on all of your favorite, famous gay couples, and we’ve even got tips and advice on how to score that special someone so that you too can be one half of a gay couple. Hollywood it-couples like Matt Bomer and his hubby Simon Halls, and Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi show LGBT people everywhere that committed relationships are the best. Because really, who doesn’t absolutely live for a good romantic, gay love story?

Titanic is not only the second highest-grossing movie of all time, it’s also a classic, critically-acclaimed mega-movie that changed movie-making and remains one of the best films ever.


39 Gay Couples You May Or May Not Know Are Together In 2019

Here are all the famous gay couples we could think of. I know we forgot a ton which I’m sure you’ll point out in the comments. Thanks!

39 Gay Couples You May Or May Not Know Are Together In 2019

Tips for Gay Teens Who Want a Boyfriend

A lot of gay teens want to be in relationships and it is common for them to ask the question: „How can I get a boyfriend?“

For another teen, the problem has been holding different expectations than the guys he is meeting. 

These are just a few examples of guys looking for boyfriends taken from the many, many teens who have written into the LGBT site about wanting a relationship.

So what can these guys and others who want a boyfriend do about it? As you probably know, there is no „one-size-fits-all“ formula for finding a boyfriend. But there are some tips that can help the relationship-minded teen get his guy.

Tips for Gay Teens Who Want a Boyfriend

45 Famous Gay Couples You May Or May Not Know Are Together In 2020

Here are all the famous gay couples we could think of. I know we forgot a ton, which I’m sure you’ll point out in the comments!

45 Famous Gay Couples You May Or May Not Know Are Together In 2020

Gay Relationship Mistakes All Couples Should Avoid

By Rick Clemons for Before I open my mouth and insert my foot, before I get all you gay guys worked into a tizzy, I have to say: I don’t think there is any such thing as an irreparable mistake. I also believe that everything happens for a purpose. From the perspective of my own designer gay bifocals, mistakes are actually fabulous lessons we’ve been given so that we can better see the purpose in our lives! Too much? OK, well, if you’re not into personal development, leave us cool kids here to talk about…

10 Gay Relationship Mistakes Open Relationships. Define „open“! How you and your guy define having an „open gay relationship,“ determines whether you and your guy screw it up royally or masterfully make things work. It’s all about boundaries and agreements, both of which need to be checked and discussed about every 3-6 months. The mistake? No boundaries, no agreements, no relationship… period! Next!

To cling or not to cling. Nothing’s more embarrassing than having a trail of toilet paper clinging to your sneaker as you walk out of the men’s locker room into the free weights area at the gym. No, that’s not true. It’s actually more embarrassing to be too clingy or not clingy enough in your gay relationship. Admittedly, getting a gay guy to commit is tough, or so they say. What’s harder than that is the „cling on“ effect. The mistake? Not finding balance between „to cling, or not to cling.“

Saying something, meaning nothing. If you’re confused by this concept, then you’re a victim of this syndrome. Your gay relationship is on thin ice if you’re communicating by assuming you said something clearly and later finding that what you said actually meant nothing! Hello, it’s time for „Gay Relationship Rescue Plan Numero Uno“: speak to communicate, listen to learn, and validate what you think you heard. The mistake? Assuming what you said is what your guy heard. And no, earwax removal isn’t going to help the matter.

Remaining in your gay relationship because it’s comfortable. Here’s a little secret that we’ll keep just between us boys! No matter how much money he has, available party favors, „to die for sex,“ or the size of his loft apartment on 5th the relationship sucks, it sucks. It’s a false sense of comfort to believe „If I leave, I’ll be single and that’s bad.“ Yes, you’ll end up single and without his money, or the party favors, or the great sex. But you might actually be happier, and isn’t that what you’re really after? The mistake? Creating a false sense of comfort; believing you need others to feel „worthy“ when all you need is love… self-love, to be exact.

No hall passes allowed. Remember how you feared ahem, „having an accident“ because Ms. Applebaum wouldn’t give you the hall pass until you calculated the square root of 64 or recited the Gettysburg Address? Well, you just might find yourself with the bathroom all to yourself if you and your partner give each other hall passes. You should both feel free to do your own thing with your own group of friends, but don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. The mistake? Sucking the life out of your gay relationship with a one-way train ticket to „Distrustville.“ Distrust me once, shame on you. Distrust me twice, see ya!

Separate lives. I’ve never quite understood gay relationships in which the partners are in a serious, committed relationship but don’t live together. I’m not advocating first date, U-Haul truck, move-in immediately, white picket fence warp-speed relationships, and I also understand that sometimes, things get in the way, like the question of „How would I hook up with other people if we’re living together?“ If that’s your priority, maybe it’s time to rethink this whole „relationship“ thing. The mistake? If you can’t live with your man, what other relationships in your life aren’t you able to live with? How you do anything is how you do everything!

It’s just to make friends. Apps have overtaken all of our lives. I personally can’t live without the app that warns me there are only four squares of toilet paper left on the roll; it sure saves me from some awkward moments. I also hear of more and more gay men, me included, who use gay-specific apps like Grindr, Scruff, and the likes, for making friends and networking. Honestly. The mistake? Not calling a spade a spade. If you can’t be fully honest in your gay relationship about your app fetish, then your gay relationship won’t be honest with you!

Regular testing. Trust me, as someone who’s been in my gay relationship for over 12 years, I know the value of being tested regularly — and so does my man. Every healthy gay relationship gets tested… otherwise it wouldn’t be a healthy gay relationship. We push buttons, ignore needs, and think we’re the only one not getting the attention we desire. The mistake? Assuming your gay relationship is above being tested. Test, test, test or the relationship could go to rest. Of course, test out of love for yourself, for him, and for the good of the relationship.

Avoiding money talks. Just because we’re gay, it doesn’t mean we’re immune from having „money talks“. If you can’t talk about the big stuff, then the rest of the talks are just kinda fluff. Not that money is everything, but when you start analyzing the water bill based on who was home more on which days of the month, it might be time to have a real conversation. The mistake? Nickel and diming each other’s spending habits in our heads, rather than banking on the fact that a real conversation about the state of the finances could lead to more cash in the love bank!

Zipping it about sex! Shhh; let’s not talk about sex. Really? Gay men are supposed to be the kings of sex. Talking about sex seems to be everyone’s hangup, even in a gay relationship. The mistake? What doesn’t get talked about doesn’t get done… how much fun is that? (Answer: not very).

I’m quite sure you have your own list of „mistakes“ made, anticipate making, or refuse to admit you’ve made, in your trail of gay relationships. But remember that there are no mistakes: only purposeful lessons we all learn as we live, learn and grow. Now go find your man, give him a big, old smooch, slap him on his adorable butt, and tell him you love him. He may wonder what’s gotten into you, but he’ll also definitely feel good to know that he still turns your crank. Hop to it!

Ready to take your gay relationship to a whole new level of intimacy? Learn more here.

Terrible And Hilarious Lesbian Stereotypes That Just Won’t DieThis article originally appeared on „Top 10 Gay Relationship Mistakes That Keep You From Your Man

1) Photo booth fun

This photo of a couple (circa 1953) was taken in a photo booth—one of the few places they could develop this lovely kiss safely. Pictured on the right side of the image is Joseph John Bertrund, a member of the Mattachine Society (an early gay organization) who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

How to Meet People Even If You Have No Relationship Experience

If you’re like a lot of gay teens (not to mention the hetero ones), you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of dating. Dating is tough for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming as a teenager, let alone being a gay teen. However, dating can be an extremely rewarding experience, so taking the dive is worth it.

A Personal Gay Teen Dating Experience

Many gay teens think they’re alone when it comes to relationships and dating, but they are far from it. Learning how to talk to your crushmeet someone new can be daunting, but everyone experiences those moments of fear and apprehension.

Lucky for him and other gay teens in this position, there is hope.

How to Come Out to Your Friend Crush

It’s not shocking that the people we have crushes on are those we see the most often. In fact, it’s very common for teens to have crushes on their friends. When it comes to dating as a gay teen, you can always take matters into your own hands and let your friend know how you feel. However, coming out to your friend and revealing your crush may yield results that you’re not looking for. Be prepared by mapping out all the types of scenarios that could happen so that nothing takes you by surprise.

Why You May Feel Like No One Likes You

Sometimes, it seems like no one will ever have a crush on you. However, the feeling of having no one who likes you usually has to do with the signals you send out and the messages you’re giving. While coming on too strong can be a turn-off, so can being too shy. It’s important to find a balance between being forward and remaining who you are. Plus, this will help you navigate gay teen dating a whole lot easier.

Dating Safely Online As a GLBT Teen

There was a time when dating online was seen as a little weird, or even pathetic. Thankfully, the stigma of online dating is pretty much a thing of the past, and now plenty of people do much of their dating over the Internet. In fact, people of all genders and sexual orientations use online dating apps and websites to meet new people.

Although dating online is more common these days, there are some safety issues to consider. For instance, you’ll want to keep personal information to yourself, like your real name, address, and birthdate. However, you do want to be real when it comes to your personality and what you’re looking for.

How You Can Get a Boyfriend

Getting a boyfriend can seem like a daunting task as a gay teen, but it is possible. Some steps you can take involving coming out, going for guys who are also out, or approaching someone who might like you back. By putting yourself out there, you’ll have more opportunities to meet someone that you can establish a relationship with. Simply understand that this is a part of dating, and most guys won’t be your boyfriend overnight. Allow a real relationship to form over time by learning more about each other through messaging and shared experiences.

How to Meet New People

Feeling like you’re the only gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender teen can feel awful. Most teens like to have a community that we can feel a part of, and gay teens are no different. However, finding other gay teens can be tough. Thankfully, whether you are hoping to meet friends, or are interested in dating someone new, it’s very likely that someone else is in the same boat as you.

To get started, join some GLBT groups so you can build your community. You can also find friends in your area through youth websites, programs, and community centers.

Go for a Guy Who Might Like You Back

Sometimes teens have huge crushes on people who are just never going to be a real possibility. Your homophobic classmate, straight crush, the guy with a serious boyfriend, or your gym teacher are not really who you should be setting your sights on if what you truly want is a boyfriend.

Understand the Difficulties of Online Dating

A lot of guys find their boyfriends online, and the Internet is a great tool for gay teens. But meeting someone over the Internet will be a little different than meeting someone in person. For example, a lot of people cast a wide net when trying to meet someone online and it is possible that the guy who seems so interested in getting to know you is also sending those messages to a bunch of other people. Plus, while people don’t always represent themselves honestly in real life, it is in some ways easier to claim to be someone you aren’t when you don’t meet in person.

Don’t Rush It

Most people spend some time dating and getting to know a potential partner before they decide to move into boyfriend mode.

Now you might do all of this and still not have a boyfriend right away. Please don’t beat yourself or get too gloomy if that happens. A lot of teens of all sexual orientations want relationships and for some kids, it just happens sooner than it does for others.