Have you ever had a gay moment during a sleepover? [Discussion]

Man I know this has been done before but I can’t wait to see all these stories

A few days ago I had a sleepover with my crush, he suggested it out of the blue. So we had school in the morning and he followed me back home, we played video games and had dinner, etc. Then came the night.

My crush loves anything related to space so we went stargazing on the balcony, I leaned on his shoulder and my heart just melted. That isn’t even the worst part.

We decided to watch a horror movie (the shining huehue) together on my bed, and being the scared little crap I am I hold onto my crush tight. We basically cuddled during all of it and I just wish it lasted forever aaa. After all that we just talked for 45 minutes in the dark and then went to sleep. Definitely one of the more exciting sleepovers I’ve had.

I’ve been on a sleepover recentky and a really cute (bi) girl was laying on my legs and i just really wanted to cuddle her and kiss her. I don’t have a crush on her tho.

I made out with my crush who I thought was straight. Turns out she wasn’t…

I go to a boarding school and have to share a room with 3 people so its like a constant gets pretty gay sometimes and ive seen a lot of d i c c ??

I’ve never had a sleepover with a friend. I haven’t even been to either of my friend’s houses. They’re both straight as hell anyways.

it was my friend’s birthday and i had a pretty big crush on her at the time but i knew she wasn’t into girls and i needed to get over her

we went to watch mamma mia with another friend and when she gets tired and excited it’s motherfucking adorable

afterwards we had a sleepover at hers and she was just so fucking cute all night it made it really hard to get over her

When I was younger, my friends and I would always take turns giving each other back massages during sleepovers. I moved since then, but a few months ago, we all came out to each other lol

Oh that sounds amazing. A DND date is like my dream

me and my best friend had a sleepover and dryhumped in undies when we where 12 or so and my best friend who is now outed gay and hates me and loves my straight brother

I logged into my throwaway to comment this in case a friend sees it lmao So

I haven’t exactly had a ton of gay fun BUT I do have a story for this. So when I was in high school, I dated this girl because I figured I should probably confirm whether or not I’m actually a lesbian. Turns out yes, but I was still accepting myself and shit. So she invites me over for a sleepover, and I was floored. I remember feeling so goddamn lucky, and I was still in the closet so there was a bit of gleeful rebellion there too. When I got there, we went up to her room and I kissed a girl for the first time She was so soft and nice and everything felt right in my head for once Her parents had moved an air mattress into her room so we didn’t have to share a bed, but we shared her bed anyway I’m really short, so I was the little spoon and we cuddled. That later escalated into some heavy petting, which definitely confirmed that ya girl is gay as hell

Well, I’m having a sleepover in a week and I’m sleeping with my gay crush ( in the same tent ). He even said that we will be spooning ( not sure about how I wrote that sentence ). I guess that’s gonna be a pretty gay moment at a sleepover.

I see all of your stories and it sounds amazing and I love them all and wish I could have these same experiences. My crush is straight.

I gave up having major crushes after accepting that my ex-crush and me is IMpossible

One of my friends and I cuddled while we slept :0 it was wild because I had this on/off confusion about my feelings for him. Still don’t know. We cuddle every time he sleeps over though, no homo. yet.

We’re not friends anymore, but about a year ago my childhood best friend invited me over. I stayed for 3 nights and we pretty much stayed in our pyjamas all day. She got hot and unzipped her onesie. I totally saw her boobs

I had a sleep over a couple weeks ago with like five other really gay friends. We watched Love, Simon together and cried and drank tea. can’t get much gayer than that. It was amazing.

One of my close friends that I knew for 7 years came out to me (I came out a year before) over text. That night we talked more in one night than in the entire summer probably. From that point we didn’t have a day where we didn’t text each other for a few solid months. In the week following his coming out I began thinking, and slowly but surely I got a crush on him, but I said to myself not to come out to him before he was fully out of the closet (to his family, friends, etc.). About a week after he came out he texted me and said that he had a crush on me. My mind fucking blown, I texted him that I liked him too.

We decided that first my crush would come out, after that we would focus on each other. Of course this didn’t work; a short while after he said he liked me we had a sleepover with a few friends. They, of course, knew nothing. So eventually we all go to sleep and my crush and I ended up „somehow“ sharing a bed.

Well, next thing I know I wake up, being cuddled by my crush. Probably one of the happiest memories ever. I found out that one of my friends actually spotted us but he didn’t say anything about it to our friends. So eventually everyone starts waking up and we feel like privacy is stubbornly fading so we break apart. Everyone leaves except for my crush. We were both hiding quite some nerves so after a long time I ask if he wanted to stay over and cuddle some more.

He has now been my boyfriend for over half a year 😀

Gay boys sleepover.?

I feel like if I don’t do what I want to do then i’ll regret it later.

I have gay friends & I become really close friends with them.

Gay boys sleepover.?

Gay teenage Son asking if he can have a sleepover with his friend………

My son has never ever had any of his friends stay the night on a sleepover, even when he was small, unlike his his younger brother. He has now asked if he can have someone over, and the problem I have is that I have just started to suspect that the friend that he is talking about is more than just a friend.I wanted to say no, but how could I without telling him why, especially when his little brother has had quite a few sleepovers? I told him I would think about it, which he excepted without arguement.I have since discussed this with his Dad (my ex) and when I told him of my suspicions about the exact nature of our Sons relationship with his friend….. he laughed and told me that I was blind, and that he is amazed that I’ve only just started to suspect when this boy has been my sons boyfriend for some time, and that our son has told him so. Why has he not told me? I have asked my ex to talk to our son about this sleepover as they are very close, and the boy has had no problem in the past talking to his Dad about this kind of stuff, his sexuality etc etc. He does not talk to me about this side of his life, and I have to admit that this upsets me, and I wish that we could have talked about stuff in the past the same way he talks to his Dad, but when I have tried it does not work. He is a beautiful kid, and we are very close in all other Dad says that we should trust him, and that they are most likely doing ’stuff‘ together already, and that he would rather he was doing that ’stuff‘ somewhere he is safe.I just cannot be so flippant about this, and I can’t deny that I am bothered by it.

if he’s under 16id say no tbhyou know they are more than friends and that’s my personal cut off I think

If it was a girlfriend would you say yes? That’s really the only question, your sons sexuality should not be a factor.

They are both 15, and I just feel it’s not appropriate, but at the same time don’t want my Son to think that what he is doing (if he is doing anything) is wrong! This is the dilemma I have at the moment and I’m waiting for his Dad to get back to me after he has spoken to him.I just wanted some opinions from other Mums because I am unsettled by this!

It is wrong! He’s under 16. It doesn’t matter who he is sleeping with be it James or Jane. He’s under the Age of consent. U can’t facilitate that. How would u feel as the other lads parents. Ur not saying being gay is wrong. But there is a legal age of consent. I have to teach him the law.

presumably if he was a girl you’d meet her. invite her to family dos. but draw the line at them sleeping do that.

Sympathies – dealing with teen sexuality is not easy, particularly if they are not yet 16 – how old is your DS?Your DH sounds really sensible and it’s great that your DS feels able to talk to him. Maybe he is embarrassed to talk to you about it? You say that you have tried before, but now this is actually involving you as he wants your permission to invite his friend for a sleepover. Do you feel able to take the first step and raise the subject with him in a supportive and non-judgemental way, and tell him about your concerns so that you can have a reasoned discussion with him?

If you agree to a sleepover tell him they must be in separate rooms. It’s not the same as sleepovers that his younger brother has because of his sexuality. I would not allow 15 year male/female sleepovers for the same reason.

This lad may or may not be his boyfriend but I think it would be separate rooms if you allow it he has never had a sleepover ever now he wants this boy to stay

Why don’t you ask him you would if it was a girl boy friend ship you would ask if he was seeing her

I don’t think you’d even consider it if they were male/ female and straight so I would also say no. I know why you feel uncomfortable as it does feel mean not to allow him sleepovers (and now you’re in the tricky situation of approving sleepovers based on whether you think he fancies the guy or not )

@Rhymerocket…… That is why I am so unsettled by it, and think it to be so inappropriate. I would always check with the boys other parents to see if it was o.k, as I have done with my younger sons friends parents when he has had my son asked me if he could have his friend over to do ’stuff‘ in the privacy of his room, it would be a definate no, but I don’t know that that’s what he wants for sure. Maybe I’m naive in the extreme as my ex suggests. I find it very difficult to imagine my son in that way, nothing to do with him liking boys instead of girls, it would make no difference either way. I guess I have a hard time with him growing up.

Well i kinda agree with your DH, but because of the age of them id say separate rooms girl or boy. Maybe invite the lad for a meal so he feels welcome and your son knows you accept the situation and the room situation of because of age.

It must be tricky you don’t want to say he fancies every boy just because he is gay but you don’t want to let it go because you don’t want him having 15 year old boy friend s staying either just ask him

No parent wants to think of their children doing stuff we know they do and i know there are liberal parents who don’t mind but i am like you and didn’t want to think of 15yr old dds with boys

Thank you for all your thoughts everyone, they are much appreciated. They also reaffirm my own thoughts on this, especially after I have spoken to my sons Father again. I have asked him if he knows for sure if the lad in question is really our sons actual boyfriend. He said that he knows with 100% certainty that he is! When I asked how he knows, he informed me that our son told him, although he also said that he didn’t need to be told because it was so obvious. I asked how so, and he replied….. „Their body language!“ By all accounts when they are at his Dads they…. And I quote my ex…. „They hang off each other, hold hands, hug, or even kiss if they think nobody is watching them, but they aren’t that bothered if I see them!!!“ Makes me glad that he has to share a room with his brother when he is at his Dads if I’m honest. It is difficult to take this all in, but I am happy that my son has someone, and also that he has a Dad that he feels he can express himself in front of without being judged. On a purely selfish note…. I am upset that he feels he cannot behave in the same way around me, his mother. This lad has been in our house countless times, he is a nice kid, but up until recently I would not have thought him any different to my sons other friends. There has been no „body language“ between them around me, and I only suspected something when I overheard something between two of my boys female friends. So not only does he feel that he cannot tell me he has a boyfriend, he also feels that he has to change the whole way he acts when he is in his own home. I have asked his Dad not to talk to him about this now. I feel that it is time to try harder to connect with him myself about this stuff.I’m a sad Mum at the moment……

Absolutely not until they are both over 16. His sexuality is irrelevant.

You have probably made your discomfort at the thought apparent over the years, albeit subconsciously. It sounds like your ex has a more relaxed attitude about it all that your son has picked up in. Why not ask your son?

Aww that’s a shame but fwiw my dd won’t hold her boyfriend s hand when her dad’s around and they are early 20s but she is more comfy around me. he is a teenager and feeling a bit awkward I know you are sad but you are doing nothing wrong by the sounds of it he is just shier round his mum

Tricky do you think your son does not confide in you in the same way he does with his dad? Have you had problems or issues in the past with him being gay? Have you argued about it? Were you shocked when he came out, how old was he, did he tell you or his dad or someone else? your ex is probs right when he says they are most likely aready sexual together. Boys being boys and all that. And i understand his logic when he says he would prefer that they were doing it in a safe enviroment, but if that was my ds or dd there is no way i would allow that sleepover when he is underage. You cant be seen to condone something against the law. Be upfront with your reasons your against it, recognize his bf as being his bf and welcome him into your home as such. Just no sleepovers. Has he asked his dad if he can have a sleepover at his place.

Let the boys share a room, what difference will extra 12 months make ? The rationale for the age of consent is to protect girls that does nt apply here.

I think it difficult in that if you did not suspect they were a couple would you let him have a sleepover? what would you say if it were a female friend?I would probably say yes, check that the boys parents are ok that he has a sleepover. If they are doing anything then it has happened already. At least you do not need to worry about pregnancy.

Whatever you would do if it was a girlfriend should apply to a boyfriend

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 Gay teenage Son asking if he can have a sleepover with his friend.........

A Gay Teen Asked His BFF’s Mom If He Could Sleep Over. Her Reply Was Priceless

Gay teen Mason Barclay wanted to attend a sleepover party at his best friend’s house, but her mom had a strict “no boys allowed” rule for overnight visitors.

Mason figured he’d appeal directly to Houston Shelton’s mom to see if she’d make an exception.

“Hey Mrs Shelton!” he wrote in a text. “I am one of Houston’s new best friends. If she had people over on Friday, would I, a very homosexual male, be able to take part in the sleepover?”

She hates this picture but idc. I’m in love with your soul. You pretty cute too.

“I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex,” he added, “when, in this case, I do not like the opposite sex. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great night. Amen.”

Mrs. Shelton’s response: “Hmm. Well, my husband is hot. Should I worry?”

Barclay was so tickled by the exchange that he tweeted a screen shot of their conversation on Monday.

“I don’t know what exactly is going on here but I’m LOL’ing,” wrote one.

Hahahahahahaha I don’t know what exactly is going on here but I’m lol’ing

“I think I’m in love with her mom,” another chimed in.

Houston, for her part, responded to all the reactions to her mom’s perceived cuteness in perfect teenage-girl fashion. “I’m over her.”

Hopefully they’ll all be friends again by Friday night when Mason sleeps over.

 A Gay Teen Asked His BFF’s Mom If He Could Sleep Over. Her Reply Was Priceless

Mom, I’m Gay. Can My Friends Sleep Over?

For parents of L.G.B.T.Q. teenagers, slumber parties can be complicated.

When Trey Freund of Wichita, Kan., was 13, sleepovers and closed-door hangouts were part of his social life. So when he told his family he was gay, his father, Jeff Freund, a principal at an arts magnet middle school, asked himself, “Would I let his sister at that age have a sleepover with a boy?”

He thought about bullying, and about how other boys’ parents might react. “If they knew for sure my son was gay, I doubt they were going to let them come over,” he explained. Sleepovers for Trey ended after that.

Now at 16, with his family in the audience, Trey performs in drag at a local club. Instead of sleepovers, he drives home after hanging out with friends. He knows that limiting sleepovers was his father’s way of protecting him, but at the time, he recalled, “I felt like it was a planned attack against me.”

There are benefits to teen sleepovers. “It’s a nice break from a digital way of connecting,” said Dr. Blaise Aguirre, an adolescent psychiatrist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass., and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. “It’s a trusting and bonding experience.”

“I think parents always want to make space for the stuff of childhood to happen,” said Stacey Karpen Dohn, who works with the families of transgender and gender expansive youths as senior manager of Behavioral Health at Whitman-Walker Health, a community health center focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender care in Washington, D.C.

While teens may see sleepovers as just a chance to spend a lot of time with their friends, parents may worry about their children exploring their sexuality before they are ready and about their safety if they do. For some, the intimacy of having their teens spend long stretches of unsupervised time in pajamas in a bedroom with someone they may find sexually attractive can be unsettling.

Amy Schalet, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who studies adolescent sexuality, said that American parents tend to believe that by preventing coed sleepovers, they are protecting teens who may not be emotionally ready for sexual intimacy. Her book “Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex,” compared the way Dutch and American teens negotiate sex and love. Unlike Americans, who feel that teen sex shouldn’t happen at the parents’ homes, Dutch parents think teens can self-regulate their urges and often allow older teens in committed relationships to have sleepovers.

Dr. Schalet warned when it comes to sleepovers, sometimes “prohibition takes the place of conversation.” Parents can help children learn sexual agency and develop healthy sexual lives by talking to them about consent and whether experiences made them feel good or not. If they don’t take this route, she said, parents of L.G.B.T.Q. kids risk sending the message that they disapprove of this part of their human experience and that they don’t trust them to “develop the tools to experience this in a positive way,” Dr. Schalet said.

There is no one way to structure L.G.B.T.Q. sleepovers, but parents concerned about making sure their kids feel safe and free of shame can try to plan ahead. For example, children should decide if they want to share their sexual orientation or gender identity with their hosts. Or if the child is uncomfortable changing clothes in front of friends, parents can make a house rule that everyone changes in the bathroom.

Dr. Aguirre suggested that parents who are concerned about possible sexual exploration to ask themselves: “What’s the fear?” For parents of L.G.B.T.Q. kids, he said, often “the fear is: Is my child going to be outed? Is my child going to be bullied? Is my child going to be harassed? Is my child going to be attacked? Because we know L.G.B.T.Q. kids are more likely to be bullied and harassed,” he said.

It’s critical for parents who want to keep their children safe at sleepovers to start building open, trusting, shame-free relationships with their young children so that kids can freely ask questions about sexuality as they grow.

“There shouldn’t be an assumption that your son is attracted to all of his male friends. That’s a sort of sexualizing of L.G.B.T.Q. youth,” Dr. Karpen Dohn explained.

If a teenager has a crush on a friend, Dr. Aguirre said parents can ask if they want to act on the crush and let them know sleepovers aren’t the place to do that. Parents can also use the conversation, if appropriate, to talk about the importance of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

“When we’re not open about our children’s developmentally appropriate inquisition into their own identity, their own sexuality,” Dr. Aguirre said, “then we begin to pathologize normal human experiences like love, like desire.”

Christie Yonkers, executive director at a Cleveland synagogue, said that when her introverted 13-year-old daughter, Lola Chicotel, came out to her friends on Snapchat last year, she became “more socially active, has had more hangouts, more sleepovers.” Sleepover rules haven’t changed, but Ms. Yonkers allows them only at her home — something Dr. Karpen Dohn suggests for families of L.G.B.T.Q. youths.

The two have always spoken openly about personal safety and consent. Lola isn’t interested in dating yet, and Ms. Yonkers said she is not worried about any potential sexual experimentation. “As normal healthy developing kids who will become increasingly interested in expressing their sexuality — it just feels like normal healthy stuff,” she said. “My focus is on keeping the dialogue open.” She isn’t sure, however, if Lola’s future girlfriends will be allowed to spend the night.

Logistical challenges create additional questions for transgender kids like 17-year-old JP Grant, a high school junior who lives near Boston.

When he started taking testosterone 10 months ago to transition from female to male, his parents ended sleepovers with girls and allowed them with boys. JP said he misses those playful experiences with female friends. “I’m still that same kid, that same person I was before I came out,” he explained, “For things to change like that, it made it feel like my trans identity was a burden.”

JP serves on the National Student Council of the L.G.B.T.Q. youth organization, GLSEN, and volunteers with other groups that sometimes have events that involve spending the night away from home. Even with L.G.B.T.Q. groups, he says he still has to decide if he should disclose his trans identity with his roommates. He sleeps in clothing that isn’t aligned with his male identity and has to think about changing out of his binder, a garment he uses to flatten his chest. “I have to make sure that I can get into and out of bed while feeling comfortable. I feel like that’s one of my biggest hurdles,” he said.

No matter what, rules at sleepovers need to be consistent for all the kids present. Since L.G.B.T.Q. teens may deal with discrimination at school or in certain social situations, “We don’t want to make home one more place where they don’t get to experience what other kids get to experience,” Dr. Karpen Dohn said. “We can’t necessarily protect them from the world around them, but the way we love them can help build coping skills and resilience.”

Mom, I’m Gay. Can My Friends Sleep Over?

Am I gay for doing this I’m a 15 year old guy?

To start off I’m really need some mature answers and I might be a explicit but please read and answer. (Me and my friend are two straight guys who have dated girls)

The other day I was hanging with my best friend he was staying the weekend with me because my parents were gone. So he spent the night Saturday night and we just did the usual guys stuff we talked about girls and played video games. So the next morning we had to have a shower but I live I’m the country a owe only have enough hot water for one shower so we just said the hell with it we can just go at the same time and not look.unfourtanatly it was a small shower we weren’t embarrassed by doing this because we have been best friends since like the age of 5 and we weren’t self concours either we are fit and have nice bodies so we didn’t care if we saw. Caught him looking at my junk and he saw me catch him he got really embarrassed and said sorry didn’t mean to look I just said what ever after he looked I did by accident to and he said laughing u looking at something I just said lol sorry I’m just comparing I guess and he said to be honest I was doing the same thing so we just compared ourselves soft we realized that we are the same size soft he was a bit thicker and I was a bit longer but there went much difference he’s like I’m glad that you are the same size I always thought I was small soft and I said me to but I guess this is normal ( we are growers) we also noticed that both of us shave and just talked about that for a bit anyways after the shower we just went and played video games for the day and we had a hot tub and we came back and just changed into our underwear. We laughed because we were wearing the same American eagle blue boxer briefs we laughed and said what are the chances. Anyways we were talking about girls after we changed and he got hard and I could see because he was wearing just the boxer briefs I just said do to worry man we all get them and laughed. We were talking and he’s like has a girl ever given you a hand job and I said no and I’m like have you and he said no we were talking about how good it would feel and he’s like oh I know I can’t wait till I get one he at this point was still hard i just ignored it and he randomly said we could do it do each other and pretend its a girl and I just laughed ya lets give blow jobs while we are at it I just laughed and I’m like we could try the ******* just close your eyes and he jumped at me grabbed my bulge I was kinda suprised I think we were just really horny he stated rubbing me and got me hard I said dude this is gay we should stop he’s like I know what are we doing abut I grabbed him and we took out underwear off and compared out selves hard we just laughed because we were literally the exact same length and width 6.8 inches long and 1.8 inches wide we both admitted we were self concious about our width so it was a relief to talk about it. Anyways we proceeded and he started rubbing me and it was weird because he kept rubbing my abs so I did the same and I don’t know why but I started sucking a

Him and he did the same he accoidemtly went in my mouth and I’m like dude gross why did u do that he’s like I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to it was nasty I did the same to him for payback I guess. Later that night we were sleeping and did the same thing but we touched each other’s bodies abs arms etc. more which was weird we tried kissing for like one sec but both couldn’t do it we gagged when we tried it. was so gross. The next morning we both were grossed out by what we did we both like woman and both really enjoyed it in the heat of the moment but after we came we were grossed out by it. We are like best friends mad still are the next day but why did we do that we like woman and want to marry one I don’t usually find me attrsctive I’ve never seen a guy and thought he was hot I just really enjoyed out expirence and so did he were are really masculine guys so it was odd my questions are has anyone else done this and are we still straight has any straight guy ever done something like this please share your stories I would feel so much better. And also was it safe to accidentally swallow each other’s stuff we are virgins.

Thanks for all of the answers. They really helped this wasn’t intended for your arousal but I still appreciate the answers.

Anyways It kind of happened again, anyway he was spending the night last night and before we went to bed he’s like dude that felt so good last time I said ya it was awesome but I wanted to throw up afterwards he like me to. This time we just said we would do a hand job but turned into more. We got down into our underwear and I could see he was hard but I wasn’t so I think he was liking it more then me. This time he didn’t go right for my **** he just go on top of me and started kissing my body I just pretended it was a girl he stopped and said I don’t really want to do this I’m straight. I said ya me to we we’re mad at ourselves but me kept going he was just feeling me up we weren’t kissing cause we couldn’t do it. Anyways he just started grinding my body it felt pretty good he actually came while grinding me anyways he he the

he then just started rubbing me and he let me grind him as I was doing that he got hard again. So I started giving him a ******** and we was giving me one at the same time and he kept rubbing feeling my abs to and he told me to rub his abs I don’t know why but I did it and kind of liked it anyways we dared each other to swallow and I did but he spit mine out. Anyways since he came twice he gave me another hand job after and he was hard again so I did the same and this literally happened like 4 more times. After this I absolutely hated myself and he did. To he almost started crying and said i like woman and we both agreed and said wig haven never seen a guy and thought they were hot and love woman and want to have sex with a woman. And this time it was more intense and felt so freaking good but after even thinking about doing that to a guy makes me sick. Anyways so I guess what I’m asking is even after doing this a second time knowing we would hate it after is there still a poss

We are not gay, but we secretly kiss and sleep in the same bed

You don’t need to define your sexuality, Mariella Frostrup tells a confused man, but you do need to stop second-guessing your lover’s motives and start working out what you want

The dilemma I am a 30-year-old man and I had, until last year, identified as a straight man. One night, after an office dinner party, I went to my colleague’s flat. We were good mates then, but nothing more. We are both architects and I went to see some of his latest work. He offered me a drink and we ended up getting drunk. He is slightly older and also identifies as heterosexual. (He is really good looking but, mysteriously, has been single for many years.) We drank too much and kissed. We were embarrassed, but for the past year we have regularly met and kissed, but he doesn’t go beyond a certain point physically. I know I love him dearly. He loves me, too, he says, but as a brother/best friend, not as a partner. Recently, he has stopped kissing me on the lips, but we sleep in the same bed and cuddle. I am confused. Is he straight, is he gay/bisexual and, more importantly, should I have any hope of finding romantic love with him? It’s frustrating and confusing. I don’t want to beg him to do more if he doesn’t feel comfortable and at the same time it would hurt to walk away from this man (and hurt my career if I left my job).

Mariella replies What a conundrum. Whether you two are gay or straight, bi or just having fun, you should probably stop kissing for long enough to have a conversation about what’s happening between you. I don’t often look to Meat Loaf for inspiration, but “you took the words right out of my mouth, it must have been while you were kissing me,” strikes a chord here. You really need to talk!

A surprise encounter appears to have evolved into a regular habit, but with so much secrecy, embarrassment and confusion it’s impossible to gauge what the relationship is all about. For two grown men to be playing out an affair like a pair of adolescent virgins would be fine if that’s what you were mutually set on. In your case, however, neither of you appears to have faced up to where it might lead. This tryst that dare not speak its name feels positively 19th century and your mysterious, good-looking, serially single and emotionally buttoned-up colleague positively Darcyesque.

There’s nothing we masochistic human beings relish more than the endorsement of our own shortcomings and your lover, if we can call him that, seems to be doing an excellent job of that for you. Are you the right sex, are you sexy, are you brothers-in-arms or just good for a placatory cuddle? There must be a veritable babel of questions bubbling around your brain.

A liaison with a fellow adult involving this degree of guesswork about sexual orientation is definitely not an example of mature romancing. For something more meaningful to develop between you, having some sense of your lover’s hopes and dreams, desires and romantic ambitions is the baseline – and you’re not standing anywhere close to it as far as I can tell. Instead you’re asking me questions about the sexual predilections of a man you’ve been sharing intimate moments with for the last year. You don’t need me to tell you that there’s something not quite right.

The place to start working that out isn’t by second guessing what your colleague is after, but by taking a long, searing search into your own motives and desires. A drunken kiss is easy to explain away, but a year of unrequited sleepovers rather less so. You’ve both entered this union defining yourselves as heterosexual, so are equally guilty of delusions. These are enlightened times and, as any liberal teenager will tell you, there are at least 30 variations on our gender proclivities – though I’m clearly lacking imagination as I’d be hard-pressed to name more than a handful.

My point is there is no pressing need to define your sexuality, but entertaining the possibility that it’s more fluid than you thought is a good starting point. Boxing yourself into the “straight man” category seems a stable door from which you’ve already bolted. Your lover isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem to know what he wants or who he is. Why are you so concerned with this man’s feelings and sexual preferences while in the dark about your own?

We are lucky to live in enlightened times, in a part of the world where the climate for self expression has never been more welcoming. It’s a shame to squander those advances by embarking on the sort of furtive relationship that societal censure and even the law made inevitable a century ago.

You’ve shared intimacies with a man and found that you enjoyed it. At best your current situation suggests you have stalled and at worst that this potential “lover” is stepping back from further emotional or physical exploration. My advice would be to look for a relationship where you can better be yourself, not one where you’re constantly trying to establish who it is you’re dating. This man may have opened a door for you, but I’m not sure the relationship has much further to travel. Your future happiness may rely on you walking past him and out into pastures new and unprecedented.

Recently in Care & Feeding

What are parents of bisexual teens supposed to do about sleepovers? For my heterosexual kid, the rule is “no opposite-sex sleepovers,” and if I had a gay child, the rule would be “no same-sex sleepovers.” It seems very unfair to prohibit my bisexual teen from having sleepovers just because they happen to be attracted to both genders, but it also doesn’t seem fair that my other teens have to abide by these “no sleepovers with people whom you might want to have sex with” rules while the bisexual teen doesn’t. Help!

I want to first affirm your desire to support your child’s identity and your desire to be equitable in how household rules are created and enforced. Alas, equity is often elusive in a world that will present challenges to your bisexual teen that their siblings simply won’t have to face. This may be the rare occasion that this particular child experiences what seems like an advantage on the basis of their sexual orientation, but ultimately, it’s simply a heightened expectation of responsible behavior and honesty.

Sleepovers for kids and teens are typically same-gendered. I wouldn’t recommend denying this experience to a bisexual or gay young person just because they are known to be attracted to members of their own gender. These gatherings are typically more about bonding over gossip, games, junk food, and Netflix than they are about getting physical. And anyway, hetero kids and queer/bi ones that haven’t come out to their families are also quite capable of engaging in sexual activity with peers of their own gender when the door is closed and the adults have gone to bed for the evening. (Gender non-conforming kids also deserve sleepover invites, by the way.)

The most reasonable thing to do would be to either hold all of your kids to the single-gendered sleepover rule or allow them all to attend multi-gendered sleepovers. As it is (understandably) important to you that they aren’t engaging in sexual activity during these festivities, they should only be able to sleep over in homes when you are clear that the adults present are capable of and invested in preventing any fooling around. Also, you may also want to prohibit them from attending sleepovers where their boyfriend or girlfriend is present.

There is a lot of other stuff to be fearful of when teens are under close quarters with potentially limited supervision—drug use, drinking, bullying, listening to really shitty music, etc.—and as is the case with messing around, they find opportunities to do these things during the schoolday, when you drop them off at the YMCA on Saturdays for “basketball,” and whenever they aren’t being closely watched. The only way to truly ensure that a sleepover is sex-free is to have them at your own house and watch those little horndogs like a hawk.

Ultimately, if you are letting teens go to sleepovers, there’s a risk that they’ll do some shit you don’t like while they’re there. But there’s a good chance your kids would prefer not to risk humiliation by getting it on while someone’s parents are home anyway. Talk to your not-so-little ones and explain to them what your expectations are for when they spend the night out—and make sure they are clear on how to practice safe sex regardless of the gender of their partners, and that they won’t allow an STD to remain dormant out of fear of disappointing you for breaking a sleepover rule.

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My fifth grader has social issues with kids her own age. Recently, I was horrified watching as members of her Girl Scout troop completely ignored her at an event—literally “ghosting” her face to face.

She has always played well with a younger girl in the third grade who lives across the street from us and has begun to integrate herself into her friend group, all of whom are at least two years her junior. I am happy to see her spending time with other kids but am concerned that playing with 8-year-olds will not make it any easier for her with kids her own age, especially when she gets to middle school next fall.

My wife and I do what we can to encourage her to find friends her age who treat her kindly and with respect, but feel conflicted about dissuading her from hanging out with the third graders. We don’t want her to be alone. What to do?

First off, to be clear: Those Girl Scouts sound like brats. Sorry, not sorry. That sort of behavior violates the spirit of Samoas and sisterhood, and you should speak to the troop leader about how they have treated your daughter—not just to hold these mean girls accountable, but also to identify anything you may be unaware of that could have triggered their contempt for her (i.e., an argument, a misunderstanding, a rivalry of some sort). Does she enjoy being a Girl Scout? It’s entirely possible that membership simply doesn’t provide the sort of environment she needs to be happy and social, and that she’d be better off either trying a new troop or leaving the organization altogether.

I’d be curious to know what your daughter says about her interactions with kids her age, both in the Scouts and beyond. Is it that her interests are more in alignment with younger girls (say, preferring Barbie dolls and unboxing videos to K-pop and boys)?

Considering that middle school is right around the corner, I’d say summer is a good time to seek the services of a counselor or therapist. Middle school can be a frightening transition even for kids who’ve had great relationships with their peers, and you won’t be able to adequately equip her with the skills she needs to make friends her own age until you truly understand why she hasn’t done so thus far. Be sure to speak to teachers and other adults who’ve spent time with her to gather observations about her behavior in preparation for your first session.

My daughters, who are in grade 4 and grade 6, are both being given standardized assessment tests this year. The message from their school seems to be that the school doesn’t make decisions based on the results of these tests, and only administers them because of state requirements. My daughters both want to see the results of their scores. One of them hasn’t even taken the tests yet, but she asks me every couple of days whether I’m going to let them see their results. Should I let them?

A complicating factor is that I’m fairly sure one of my daughters will score higher than the other, and she’s definitely not going to remain tactfully silent on the subject. (She will do better because she’s better at test-taking; they actually get equivalent grades in school because their teachers take participation, attention, projects, etc., into account.) They are both high-achieving students in general, and I’m not worried that either of them will do poorly on these tests.

You should let them see the test scores. They may well be competitive; you can make it clear to them that the tests are not a contest but an outdated method of measuring student aptitude that has been devalued by their own school, but you can’t prevent them from having any sort of reaction to a disparity in their test scores. Nevertheless, unless there is a situation in which one or both of them will experience sustained anguish or hurt as a result of doing so (i.e., one of them scores very high while the other fails to meet the standards for her grade level), it’s fine for them to see the results.

In addition to being clear about the problems with these tests, be sure to explain to both of them—which I am sure you already have—how the daughter who does not typically score as well on exams demonstrates her own academic strengths in other ways. Caution them that their response to this round of results will determine if you allow them to view their results in the future, and that taunting or gloating will not be tolerated. You may be surprised—there’s a good chance they’ll score higher on this test of their maturity than the exam itself.

I’m a 25-year-old man, and having a family is a huge life goal of mine. I’ve always loved kids, and I can’t imagine growing old without having one of my own. I know parenthood isn’t for everyone, but it’s for me. I’ve prayed about it, thought about it, and researched enough to want to take the first steps to become a foster parent.

I’m a single gay man living in Appalachia. I can’t foresee myself having biological children, but I don’t see this as a problem toward achieving my goal of having a big happy family. I have a very stable income, I have a strong network of family and friends, and I’m heavily involved in my local Episcopal church. I see my situation as an opportunity to be a great foster dad (and possibly adopt later on, since so many foster care children will ultimately need forever families). My only concern is, well, the optics of the whole thing.

I know that the world is so different in 2019, but I still live in a Bible Belt state that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. My sexuality might make things awkward when dealing with a social worker. As I enter into this process, how should I broach the subject of my personal life and sexuality in a way that doesn’t make me seem like some creep? Should I even bring it up? Or is it creepier not to bring it up and leave the social worker wondering?

(I hope Nicole answers this question because, objectively, she is the best human.)

I agree with you that Nicole is the best; for that reason, she and I agreed that I should take this question because I am what you are thinking about becoming: a single parent. We hope you understand and aren’t too disappointed!

The circumstances of my own single parenting are much different than what you are attempting to do: I broke up with my ex right before finding out I was pregnant, and we’ve existed as highly functional co-parents ever since the birth of our daughter six years ago. I want you to understand that single parenting is incredibly difficult even when you’re dividing the job with another person. Though I probably shouldn’t admit this, I feel faint at the idea of having my child in my home seven days a week with no breaks, no nights to myself, no days where I wake up and only have to get myself out of the door.

Parenting is lots and lots and lots and lots more work. A lot of people truly suck at it or get thrown into it without the desire, resources, or skill to perform well, which is why we desperately need foster parents in the first place. You’ve thought long and hard about your decision to become a parent and I don’t mean to undermine your grasp of what it takes to have a child, but only to ensure that you know just how challenging it is to be a solo parent. Yes, you have friends and community members that may step up and assist you, but you will be doing the majority of your work as a parent alone with no partnership and no place to run and hide when you’re overwhelmed … at 25, which is still really, really young.

Are you interested in being in a serious relationship some day? Dating is certainly possible as a single parent, but you have to vet partners with a different kind of rigor when you become a parent and may find that you are less patient, or willing, to work with someone who has some growing up to do. You’re also eliminating most men who deeply wish to father their husband or life partner’s first child from the dating pool. Again, this can be fine, but it is a thing to consider.

Legally, a single potential foster or adoptive parent cannot be disqualified on the basis of his sexuality (Mississippi, however, prohibits same-sex couples from adopting), but as you mentioned, the “optics” of a young gay man wanting to foster a child may leave you open to bias that can be coded in other ways on an official document. Though you are not required to disclose your sexual orientation, a guide from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Children’s Bureau agrees with me that it’s unwise to lie about it, as dishonesty may be considered a red flag for the persons reviewing your application. Also, “Why did he lie? Can we trust someone who keeps something like that from us?” would be a very easy way for a bigot to make a case against you without citing your sexuality as the reason for denying you a child. If you choose to take this journey, you will have to be hypervigilant about ensuring that you are treated fairly and that any decisions made about your ability to care for a foster youth reflect how you performed in interviews and presented yourself as a candidate.

All that said, there is absolutely a need for more foster parents to step up and into the lives of vulnerable children—particularly those who are queer and trans. Though there is limited data available about the issue, it is understood that LGBT youth are overrepresented among the 400,000 kids currently in the foster care system. According to the Human Rights Campaign, these young people—many of whom ran away or were forced out of their homes because of their identities—are at increased risk for being mistreated in foster care, or placed with families that are unable or unwilling to adequately address their unique needs, and also are more likely than other kids to find themselves in group homes and other temporary housing situations.

If you are truly ready for the crazy and beautiful ride that is solo parenting, please identify the members of your village that are really about that life when it comes to babysitting, spending time with you and your new child together, or supporting your new family in other ways. Look to organizations and resources for LGBT people who wish to foster/adopt. And speak to both experts and gay single parents about navigating both the application process and what life looks like after your little (or big) bundle of joy comes home.

More than anything else, children require love—and it sounds like you have a lot of it to give. Whenever you choose to embark upon this journey, a young person will be very lucky to call you “Dad.” Nicole and I wish you all the best!

the story of a gay sleep over

the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-01 23:53:48

ok i was sleeping over my friends house last night and there were i think 5 people there (the kids got a huge fucking basement, hes jewish lol) anyway i was mad fucking tired from a sleepover the day before so i went to sleep pretty early, along with 2 others who just normally dont have energy late at night o rearly morning or what ever you conside 2:30 am to be. so later i get mad fucking hungry about an hour later so i wake up and see the other two slapping their dicks to lesbian porn on the tv. the one kid who is fat and i think hes gay says these exact words „Hey where are all the guys? Throw some guys in there!!!“ i nearly had a heart attack when i heard that cuz now i have to fall asleep without worrying about getting raped. so when i wake the next day (i was the last to wake up, ask usual) so i imediatly got up and checked my clothes for no white shit, and there was none relievingly, but this kid stills lives down the street from me like 5 houses, so now i have to worry about getting raped every night, and the sleepover was his perfect chance, and i didnt get raped there…i hope…..

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-01 23:57:59

You should have got up and stomped on their started screaming.

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-01 23:58:54

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:01:34

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:02:36

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:03:11

Someone is Mr. Popular, getting invited to all these sleepovers, that was cute… when you were like eight

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:03:43

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:05:08

Lol, I think I would’ve gotten up, and said ‚Hey guys, you look kinda tired there, want me to fap you?“

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:07:13

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:07:29

Response to the story of a gay sleep over 2007-12-02 00:10:51

Make sure you check your bed AND closet every night.


Fall is in the air and if you’re a student in college…

..’s a new year to explore your campus, explore yourself, and explore your sexuality. Whether you’re a freshman, a graduate, or a 6th-year super senior, this list is for every gay guy whose experienced college in one-way or another.

During these best, most formative years of your life, you’ll do so many incredible things you’d never dream of before. And while college is usually a time of unpredictability and spontaneity, we’re going to go out on a limb and say here are 23 things every gay guy is guaranteed to experience (at least once!) in college.

17 Answers

I think one very important fact was left out of your you gay, bi, or hetero?

If you are gay or bi (and old enough) then no, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing as long as all parties know the emotional and physical boundries.

If you are hetero, are you questioning your sexuality? Do your friends know and understand this?

I’m a lesbian, and my gf and I have a beautiful hetero friend our age who not only joins us in sleep-overs, but will often sleep between us. We’ve all „played around“ with each other, but understood it was all in fun. She was not adverse to some touching, but there were limits that we all stuck to. When SHE decided it was time for a little experimenting, we brought in another girl, a gorgeous, free-spirited blonde named Susy. Our friend, after a few days of bonding, gave it a try and decided that it simply was not for her. She likes the boys. We all know now where we all stand, and still remain the closest of friends.

advice is this: if you are fooling around simply to have fun, go for it. If you are experimenting to „find yourself“, experiment with somebody other than a close friend. That way, if it goes bad, you don’t lose a precious freindship.

might you enable your daughter to have a sleepover with a gay boy and different women? sure. yet whilst 2 women who have been the two 13 have been lesbians, yet had no sexual charm to a minimum of one yet another, might you nonetheless no longer enable them to have a sleepover? „nonetheless no longer“ I allowed the sleepover with a gay boy and girls why might I, „nonetheless no longer,“ enable a woman gay sleepover.

As long as you are not leading anyone on to think they are special to you then no harm done. If everyone is just there to experiment and fool around then no problem.

nothing wrong with fooling around its a lot of fun and i do it all the time text me 9178860709

It’s fine as long as you are all like the same age,or atleast close to it.

as long as when you both fool around you both know it is playful fun between close friends

Taking them under the porch to escape the monster rain and blowing each other is NOT WRONG. There’s no shame in it.

NO, not at all. But don’t go around breaking hearts OKAY! always be sincere cause remember that what goes around comes around..

use protection, it’s not really wrong, just be sure that all involved are aware that you don’t want emotional attachment from this, you don’t want to wind up hurting one of your friends by having him fall in love with you when it’s not about love for you. with out knowing more about your situation i can give you no more advice other than saying be careful and good luck

47 Answers

When a lot of people hear the word „attraction“ they instantly think it means a SEXUAL attraction. But the fact is, we have MANY different attractions that usually fit into one of five categories. They are called RARES.

Relational, Affectional, Romantic, Emotional, and Sexual.

Each attraction has a different quality to it. For example, I am a 23 year old gay man. And I have four different girl friends in my life. My friend Francesca is someone I could spend the rest of my life with. I’m happier whenever she’s around. I just really enjoy her company. I would marry her if I could. I have a RELATIONAL attraction to her. My friend, Caitlin, is a gal pal of mine from high school. We love to cuddle in bed and fall asleep together. We also love to hug and cuddle during movies. I have an AFFECTIONAL attraction towards her. My friend Shelly is someone I love to wine and dine. I love buying her nice gifts and surprising her with things for no reason at all. I’d love to take her dancing and enjoy a candlelit dinner. I have a ROMANTIC attraction towards her. And lastly is my friend Christina, who has been my friend for almost 12 years. We tell each other EVERYTHING. We’ve seen each other at our lowest, and we’ve gossiped and had deep talks with just about everything that’s ever gone on in our lives. I have an EMOTIONAL attraction to her. But the fact is, even though I have attractions to all four of these girls, I am NOT sexually attracted to them.

But… sometimes the lines between attractions overlap each other. Like, one time, when Caitlin and I were cuddling in bed going to sleep, I was spooning her and just had this strange thought of „Hmmm… I wonder…“ So I lifted my leg onto her body just because I was a little curious to see where it might go. And in my heart I thought, „She’s like- my best friend! And we have the opportunity. What’s stopping us?“ Well, Caitlin wasn’t feeling it at all, and the B*TCH SHOT ME DOWN- SO. FAST. Lol. Now we’re still very good friends and have completely forgotten about that one time. But for a brief moment, I DID have that attraction and who knows, maybe if she would have been cool with it, we would have continued or at least see where it went.

Now, even if I had that one time with her- that wouldn’t make me „straight“ or „bisexual“. Because I know in my heart and in my mind I am a gay man. Even if I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, I’d still call myself gay, because that’s what I am comfortable calling myself. I feel a sense „right“ and pride when I say it. So to get back to your story, if you are wondering after that whole experience if that makes you gay, the answer is- you are a human being that can call yourself whatever you desire to call yourself.

Sexuality is NOT black and white. Everyone falls somewhere on a spectrum. What’s important to remember is that sexuality is a PERSON-by-PERSON experience. Not something that can be 100%. The average person only meets 100,000 people in a lifetime. The world has 7,000,000,000 in it. The people we meet in a lifetime don’t even make a DENT to how many people are actually IN the world. So whose to say that if I call myself ‚gay“ that there are absolutely NO women I would find sexually attractive. And whose to say that if you and your friend call yourselves „straight“ that there are NO boys you would find sexually attractive… even if it was just one night.

I mean, who knows? Maybe as you get older, you might feel you that you DO have more attractions to boys than you think you do now. But if that were the case- that would be fine! There is nothing wrong with you. Sexuality is a lifetime process. Not something that is concrete. I could go have sex with a woman if I was forced to- but that would not stop me from THINKING of a man while I was doing it. Sex is in the MIND. NOT the body. So even if you were hard when this whole thing happened, there are some differences between „comfort“ and „arousal“.

Lastly, yes. It is completely safe to swallow. Unless there is blood in a guy’s semen- which would only happen if he REALLY needed to see a doctor, it is completely safe to swallow… Hell, I’m gay and *I* don’t like the taste of semen. And I must admit, I also laughed because when you wrote about how you were almost mad at each other the day after you guys fooled around- I know a LOT of people (gay AND straight) who have done the same exact thing. LOL. Sometimes people get horny, they hook up, and they regret it the next morning. It’s more common than you think.

Just try not to worry about that night too much- just let your freak flag fly. You are human being with HUMAN desires. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Here’s the hard part: Pretend she never existed, like it was all a dream, don’t call her, that will make you the smaller person, be the bigger person since you deserve better, what she did to you on Valentines Day was immature, especially after dating for four years. This person wasted allot of your time and through it out the window. Go out tonight, even it it is only yourself, don’t drink and call or feel sorry for yourself, this will only cause you embarrassment! I know your will eventually will go away in time. Today is not a good day for you and your emotions are spinning all over the place.

Please, whatever you do, don’t answer her calls and don’t call her. If she keeps calling, which she pro bally won’t, don’t return her call for 5 days. Make her sweat and DO Not get back together right away if you discuss this in 5 days. Tell her since she Broke up with you, you have done allot of thinking, and had the taste of „being single again“ and you would like more time being „friends“ for now, so you are sure you are making the right decision. Remember „She decided she didn’t want to be with you“ so the door is open for you to get out and see what you have been missing for four years. You honestly need to do this for yourself.

She doesn’t know, but what she did was give you the best valentines day present you will ever get! A new start and a new beginning, use it to your advantage. You will look back on this and Thank God this happened now instead of 4 more wasted years of YOUR life. Today does suck, stay Strong and I promise you your life is going to be so much more exciting and you are going to be happy. If you continue to call and call her, she will think of you as needy and won’t want you. She is going to rethink what she did to you today and will be hurt, if you act like you could care less. Girls always want the ones they can’t have. That is who you are now to her. Let her suffer,realizing what a mistake she made. This will drive her crazy. Right now she is on cloud 9 thinking you will take her back, OH, is she stupid!

Your life isn’t ruined, hers lost someone special, and gave you a gift to let to live life and find someone you deserve. You are not getting back at her, your teaching her what an idiot she is and what she lost and what you gained without her. SO when You eventually talk to her, tell her thank you for what she did…

Dont label yourself this or that, I guess you guys bonded in a deeper way than many and yes in your situation swallowing is ok and quite safe – given that you are both ummmm „inexperienced“ and are unlikely to have been exposed to any of the nasties like Hepatitis herpes etc (which of course you can get through straight sex anyhow.)

The simple fact is you got off with each other, you both found it hot and I guess in there somewhere lurks a few thoughts about trying it again. There is no reason not to, it sure as hell beats solo masturbation, as long as you guys are discreet and keep it low key there is no reason why you cant be „close friends“ Over the years I have had several „Straight“ **** buddies, they were 99% straight guys who just once in a while wanted something totally different, and I satisfied that need in them, safely and without them getting into situations where they were likely to be revealed as having a an occasional appetite for guys.

There is a line from an old song that seems to fit here

I guess the way forward is for you guys to talk it over (in your boxers lol) and see how you want to deal with this, either put it down to experimentation – or decide that you feel safe and secure enough in your friendship to take the unique opportunity to explore your sexuality a little, its a chance you may never get again – so don’t waste it. Dont worry about what others will think – if you guys just carry on as normal outside of this – no one will be any the wiser, it will be a special bond between you guys that will forever mark this friendship as special.

Hi. If you are still on here, it’ll be great to hear from you and get an update after your incident a few years ago. Just BTW, I’m gay. Was very naive and only really knew what the difference between gay and straight was at the ripe old age of 25!?

Anyway, you remind me of myself when I was that age and of course many other guys out there. To keep it as short as possible I’ll not go into too many details of my precise experience over the years.

I had a friend living across the road from me when I was about your age. He would often come over and play at my place after school. We were playing one day and he said to me that he would like to see my stuff. I didn’t hesitate as I didn’t know any better at the time anyway. We went behind the garage and we both dropped our shorts. We both looked at each other and chatted about what our pen.. s looked like, short before long we ended up touching and playing with each other. Both loved it and just about played every day! Will update. ..

What you did would be considered by most as having gay sex. Me and my cousin have been having gay sex for years. When it first started, I was 15 and he was 11. He was staying with my family for several months and one night he ****ed my while I was asleep. I woke up while he was inside my anal, but it felt good so I didn’t stop him. After that, I swallowed his *** at least 4 or 5 times a week and he ****ed my anal every night before bed. Now I’m 20 and he is 16 and we still have sex with each other every week. We both are straight, but we both love the taste of *** and getting ****ed by each other. I think you were just horny and you got caught up in the moment and had sex. Part of it was because you took the shower together. If it were me in your shows, I would continue doing it for as long as you both enjoy it. Good luck

Love, you sound bisexual hetero-romantic. It’s a great and se’xy way to be a man, my husband is like you. It’s OK to kiss a boy and be with a boy sexually. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy it. It’s not good to feel sad or nasty for doing this, this is not wrong, it’s not ugly it’s jsut two boys boys having healthy fun. personally I love swallowing my husband’s semen, it’s good for you too, it’s protein, haha. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to tho, just let him come anywhere you to step back when he’s about ti come. is there a more mature bi man you can talk to he can help you deal with this in a healthy way.

I did similiar at your age but i am mostly straightgt. he was the only guy ever. he scrwed me and gave several blow jobs. This was the 80s and his mom was a hardcore Christian. A video we made had a flash on it of hin on me so she caught us. She agreed to not tell my parents or any one if she handled the consequences. We were grounded for months from each other and she took us seperately to the parents room for a whppin with a big yard stick. it was soooo embarassing and the stick stung and burned bad. I would suck him now, guess i’m part bi. I’m 42 now!

If you intend to grab the pieces and exercise and use the art of the desire until everything becomes next character for your requirements then you definitely require that guide to master how.

The author Joshua Pellicer, has coached tens of thousands of guys on associations and relationship and, even though he admits that he wasn’t a naturally created grasp of the relationship game and it needed him lots of failures and rejection to eventually know what performs and what doesn’t function he made a powerful program so that you to master and digest the means of attracting women.

The Tao of Badass is the best guide that you will have to remain on course. Without its guidance, it will take you a lengthier time to realize your possible or at worst, not know it.

1. (1999)

Three of the most popular girls at Reagan High accidentally kill the prom queen with a jawbreaker when a kidnapping goes horribly wrong.

Director:Darren Stein | Stars:Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz, Judy Greer

3. (2004)

Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.

Director:Mark Waters | Stars:Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey

10. (1995)

Shallow, rich and socially successful Cher is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school’s pecking scale. Seeing herself as a matchmaker, Cher first coaxes two teachers into dating each other.

Director:Amy Heckerling | Stars:Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd

23. (1986)

A poor girl must choose between the affections of dating her childhood sweetheart or a rich but sensitive playboy.

Director:Howard Deutch | Stars:Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton, Annie Potts

36. Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008)

Devastated Peter takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with the recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know, Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex – and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend.

Director:Nicholas Stoller | Stars:Kristen Bell, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Mila Kunis

39. (2001)

Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen, is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to law school. While she is there, she figures out that there is more to her than just looks.

Director:Robert Luketic | Stars:Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis