An Inside Look at Gay Men’s Hairless Butt Obsession

„Porn does a lot to teach us that a smooth bottom is the only bottom.“

The steel shower head in my college dorm’s communal bathroom watched me every time. Its view was so sad: the focus on my face; my clenched jaw; the backs of my ankles flexed as I contorted by body to shave the hair buried in my butt crack.

Being gay and a bottom (ie, someone who receives penetration) I’m often concerned about my butt hair situation. Countless hookups have requested a butt that’s polished, lacking even the tiniest hint of stubble. It’s unfair, when you think about it: Being penetrated in itself forces you to be vulnerable—yet guys also have the gall to ask us to look „perfect“ during the act? But it’s what I’ve come to expect: Which is why, in that dismal shower stall, I pushed through the pain of twisting my body and went forth with my trusty razor.

It’s not that I’ve had bad luck in picking partners who care way too much about butt hair. It’s a real point of concern among gay men. On AskGayBros, a 188k-member Reddit page, bottoms ask questions like „What’s the shaving situation in Manhattan?“ and „As a bottom twink, should I embrace my butt hair?“ On Grindr, the go-to hookup app, tops (ie, the folks who do the penetrating) talk about their preferences for smooth behinds, and complain about the unpleasant chafing caused by coarse hair during sex. Well, I have news for you, tops: It’s not exactly pleasant to figure out how to shave your own butt. (This isn’t to say all tops are bad. An anonymous source told me his partners have literally offered to shave his butt for their own enjoyment. Romance isn’t dead!)

„Porn does a lot to teach us that a smooth bottom is the only bottom.“

This fixation on „porcelain ass cheeks“ could be coming from mainstream porn, says Madison Moore, author and assistant professor of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. „Seeing absolutely hairless, smooth bottoms in porn does a lot to teach us that a smooth bottom is the only bottom,“ he says.

Besides porn, the popularity of early-2000s boy bands might have something to do with the „mass exodus of body hair“ in gay culture, says Daniel Saynt, founder of sexual wellness club NSFW. Young, attractive, hairless men à la Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass became the ideal—and hairy men dealt with it be excessively shaving, trimming, and grooming.

But shaving your butt isn’t just a time-consuming act in support of unrealistic male beauty standards (although surely, that should be enough to make us think twice about it). It could also be bad for your health, depending on how you do it, says Nicholas K. Mollanazar, MD, MBA, FAAD, a board certified dermatologist from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

“When shaving our skin, we are creating microtraumas to the surface of it,” Mollanazar says. “This trauma results in microscopic tears and fissures at the very top layers of the skin. These act as entry points for infections, such as HPV, the virus implicated in genital warts. This is why it is very important never to shave the perianal or genital areas on the day of expected intercourse.“ (If you’re gonna shave at all, Mollanazar recommends doing it one to three days prior to doing the deed.)

I did find a few bottoms who said they were into it—for their own pleasure. Ty Mitchell, a writer and gay porn performer, insists he never removes his butt hair for anyone but himself, because he likes it. He goes to every 6-8 weeks, where he pays $50 for a 15-minute „full butt“ service. The wax consists of lemon juice, water, and sugar; he says the process is generally less irritating than shaving and lasts a lot longer, and that his hair even grows back thinner.

One man who sells videos on the porn app OnlyFans—he goes by the username @damagedbttm—told me he prefers receiving rim jobs and penetrative sex when his own hair doesn’t get in the way.

„[Shaving] makes the area around your hole more sensitive so that when you’re getting rimmed by a guy with facial hair, it feels one-hundred times better,” he says. “It’s almost like that feeling of release when you pull a pine needle you stepped on out of your foot, but better because there’s no pain.”

Is that really it? The only plus-side to the very precise hard work of fancying your peach is a pleasurable tingle from getting rimmed? I guess you also spare yourself some uncomfortable hair-tugging when he’s pulling out—but even still. Is the pressure for bottoms to shave their butts really worth all the stress?

On Twitter, Remy Duran—contestant on MTV’s sexually-fluid season of Are You the One and noted „coolest person in the room“—called for bottoms to stop shaving their butts the same way some women have resisted patriarchal beauty expectations. „2020 is the year bottoms stop shaving their hole for tops!!!!“ he wrote in a protected tweet, meaning it’s only visible to approved followers. „Hairy Holes are for bottoms as to what the new hairy armpits and legs are to women!!!!! Let it grow, let it show!“

According to Moore, the “most important [thing] is that no one should be made to feel unsexy” because of their natural body. Saynt echoes the sentiment, pointing out that with increased gay and bisexual men’s visibility in mainstream media—and representation of all types of bodies and hairiness levels—“we’re getting a wider vision of what a man can be.”

Will I continue to shave my butt hair? I think so, yes. But what I’ll also practice more of is verifying the intention of my actions: Am I doing this to my body for me, or for someone else’s enjoyment? Because the key to pleasure and personal acceptance—and, like, actually deciding whether I should shave my butt hair or not—is mine.

So, tops: Don’t ask us to shave our butt hair. We’ll do it if we want to.


All this product, fuss and bother are simply not worth the time, expense and irritation. If you want to be hairless, have your pubic hair removed and be done with it forever.

I had mine removed in the mid ’90s. All of it. Since then I’ve been completely smooth with zero effort. Both my wife and I are very pleased that I’m permanently hairless.

Pubic hair is overrated, if you don’t want it, remove it!

I use the Phillips Bodygroom. Does not knick or cut me. Requires no shave soap, when thru I use massage on Coconut Oil. Smooth as a baby.

Last several days. Like the Bodygroom so well I gave one to my girlfriend.

I always keep myself shaved totally smooth i hate pubic hair but it doesnt matter what i do i always get razor bumps and ingrown hairs i wish a male or female either one that knows what they are doing to shave me and show me what im doing wrong. Is there any places like that around that does full body male grooming id pay someone to do it for me id honestly love to get rid of it permanently and never have to shave pubic hair ever again can someone help me??

I shave all the time I love the process I love stroking with oil and I love how smooth it is importantly I love how it looks so do all of them…..I also think it helps side in her mouth and all her other holes so much easier! Also loves how it feels on all my skimpy g strings! I also do laser hair removal they love how it looks they always compliment me on the size and how moisturized it takes a year to complete this process but when it is shaved their hands feel so good on it when it’s shaved!! Do it!

Recently I ordered a few pairs of women’s G-string bikini panties by mail. After I had received word by e-mail that they had been shipped, I figured I had better get ready. I shaved everything smooth in order to have a nicer looking presentation when wearing the tiny panties. So sexy for a man to do this! It’s such a sensual sensation to lather up with shaving cream and tickle your balls with the razor (if you do it right). I never fail to get an erection when I do this.

If I have big tommy how can I see my dick to save need in the front of mirror i can not see any thing all is bushes. i feel hippy.

I had galvanic electrolysis done in the late 1990’s after shaving and trimming most of my adult life. It took two and a half years to rid all hair from my butt crack, genitals, pubes, stomach and chest. After 22 years, I just had a 30 minute „clean up“ of hair that was dormant at the time. I’ve been smooth as glass for all this time and don’t regret the pain I went through to get this done once and for all. I just wish I had it done in the early 1980’s instead of waiting. Good luck with all your shaving, guys! BTW I’ve either gone commando or worn men’s 100% nylon bikini briefs since the mid-70’s. Only way to go.

i used to shave in the 70s and 80s than things got a little to hetic, and just again began to shave 2 years ago. my wife really likes this and you appear a lot bigger. thanks

My dear wife, wants me to shave my junk! She said, „it’s way too hairy!“ I have cut down, my male bush, from time-to-time! But, I don’t ever recall shaving down there! I guess I’ll have to man-up, and shave my junk!

I like to shave my butt because I feel cleaner. I always use a baby wipe after going to the bathroom

Like the way it feels and when workong just feels cooler

I’ve been shaving for 20 years. When I feel stubble in the shower, I take care of it. Gel shaving cream, decent razor and keep everything stretched taught as you do it. No big deal. I had chronic IB – ‚itchy balls‘, but no more.

Stubble ruins the night when you the give old ‚whisker burn‘ to your partners sensitive areas, so keep it maintained.

I’m a daily wearer of seamless micro fiber briefs, with the occasional thong if there is a pouch for my stuff. I have 2 thongs from Target that hold me well.

I started shaving my penis about 6 years ago then i wanted to know how it felt to shave my legs i tried it and i love the feel i keep all the hair shaved from the waist my butt crack. I just think it looks better myself. And now my wife doesn’t have to worry about getting hair in her mouth..

They shaved me when I had a vasectomy years ago & I’ve kept it shaven ever since, I wear Panties 24/7 and being clean shaven adds to the soft feeling of my Panties.

kittyasmith from Florida & Tennessee on August 06, 2018:

I would advise against using talc. It is linked to cancer of the ovaries.


If you have any problems with razor burn or chafing just use a creme called Man1 Man Oil afterward. It is made just for the penis skin and contains some nice moisturizers. Helped me out a lot.

I am 60 years old and I have always kept things looking neat and clean between my legs. I have always liked a nice „contrast“ between my skin and a nice thick, groomed „bush.“ Over the course of years, my pubic hair has grayed. I use „Just of Men“ mustache and beard hair color every month for a nice dark „forest“ as I continue to shave and groom that area, including keeping my balls smooth & silky. I also make sure I keep my „treasure trail“ equally trimmed, groomed and colored. Keeping up the trimming (by use of a triple-edge razor) in the shower and coloring makes you look and feel great!

We’re a young & very happy married couple of smoothies. We both prefer the sexy, silky smooth feeling of going bare for each other down there. No hair,’t care! Who wants to play with the rough & scruffy feeling of rubbing brillo pads together,….. really? 🙂

The best thing to use afterwards is a creme called Man1 Man Oil. Unlike baby powder or any other lotion out there, it is made just for the penis skin. It contains natural moisturizers like Vitamin E and shea butter and will keep your penis moisturized, clean and free of irritations. It is an amazing product.

I use the Norelco multi groom and works perfectly. Everywhere. No ingrown, no grains and a very clean look

I use Aftta by Mennen as an aftershave for The sensitive areas and in particular the formerly Harry patch above my rod. It seems to help calm the area does anybody else have a success story with this product? Also, I just received the cool fix in the mail and just to try this product to…

Manzillian Waxing left me incredibly smooth for a week but then the nasty ingrowns arrived and take months to deal with with possible scarring. I am headed to Lazor hair removal but will have to shave for the next year during the treatments until I am smooth for life…. Artical is following the regimen so far so good and so smooth!! So illustrations bother you? C’mon grow up! Thanks to the author!!!!

I have a completely different take: Not bragging but the fact is that I have big balls and a Scrotum with a lot of loose skin. No electric shaver works on my balls. I’ve tried several. They all nick the folds in the skin. Shaving doesn’t work well. I can’t pull out enough skin to avoid all the folds. Shaving cream is too slippery.

The only method that works well for me is hair removal cream – the stuff that women use on their legs. First, I cut off as much hair as I could using scissors. Then I bought some brand name stuff. Then I put some on the sensitive area on the back of my elbow to test for rashes or anything else weird. It looked ok after 12 hours. Then I followed the directions. The stuff isn’t rubbed in like hand cream. It’s put on thick so it covers everything. I waited the recommended 5 minutes with my legs spread apart and then washed it off in the shower. There wasn’t a hair left. It was all smooth without cuts or razor burn or the necessity for any after shave lotion. I will never let anything sharp get near my balls again.

Better results for smoothness and length of time between shaves.

All you need is some Gillette blades and shaving cream after you trim the hair with a hair clipper. Everything else is a waste of money. If it itches afterwards, brush the area with a hair brush. It feels good.

Non sense a lot of the claims. Trim sure, but wanting to look like a pre-pubescent boy is sick

I’ve been grooming my genital hair for over 15 years. When I first started, tried, I used a razor thinking I would like the area shaved. I will say that a very close shave will result in very soft and velvety genital area. But, when the hair starts to grow back, OWWW, it’s extremely itchy and quite uncomfortable. The other problem is that razors can cut very close and I ended up cutting myself in a couple of places and that irritation sucks as well.

I stopped using a razor and started using a personal hair groomer/trimmer. This method doesn’t get a smooth as silk removal, but it’s much easier to do and still leaves my genitals looking neat and trim. Since there is still very short pubic hair there is no to very little itching as the hair grows back. At first I used a #2 cover to avoid potentially cutting the area. But soon I just used the trimmer without a guide. This gives the closet possible shave without a razor or a razor’s problems. I have cut myself even with the trimmer and one time I didn’t catch the cut and it became very irritated and red and a little pus came out of the cut area after a few days. Since thin I make sure to be VERY careful to not get any cuts, and if I do I make sure to disinfect and use an antibacterial like neosporin or it’s equivalent. I apply it for a couple of days after a grooming and with that process I have not had a repeat infection or irritation.

This article suggests getting an erection in order to get a better shave, but I find that an erection actually gets in the way of getting a comfortable trim. That could be just me though. I try not to get an erection, but as you guys know sometimes just touching that area makes it pop up and stand at attention.

BTW, this pictures are useful, but drawing a penis that size is very unrealistic for MOST men. Yes, there are guys who will say that drawing is a „normal“ sized penis as theirs may be that size, but the reality is that the vast majority of men’s penis’s are not that big especially when flaccid.

Trimming or shaving really does keep the genital area more comfortable and for me I feel lighter and more breezy. Just be very careful to not get cuts, and if you do make sure to follow the articles suggestions on keeping things sanitary and clean. Also, make sure to use an antibacterial like neosporin it will and does help.

I shave after a shower while I am still in there and catch my shaft, balls and a little of the plateau around the shaft about every other day with a „Harry’s“ razor.

Thanks for the great article and the recommendation of products. Mystified with those thinking the article was funny and not needed.

Started trimming hair around the base of my shaft because condoms were pulling my pubic hairs, OUCH! [another benefit]

I leave the pubic hair above that point because it provides a cushion when thrusting.

Use a battery personal trimmer with a light, about $12. The light allows you to see what you are trimming. Also use it to trim nose and ear hairs. Will last about 6 months to a year.

With the trimmer remove hair on shaft, balls and anus. Last a week to two weeks. The trimmer does not nick me and leave hairs long enough not to cause a bump.

I have shaved my cock and balls with the surroundings since I was 13–14 years old and now I am 28. It looks so sexy and awesome when I am naked with others [both genders] and I recommend it to all.

good advice for a nice smooth penis and balls the ladies i have been with love it‘ they say it makes them feel it much more durig our sexual enconters . just do not cut yourselves and good luck.

I enjoyed reading this article. it provided a lot of helpful tips. I love shaving my pubic hair and love the smooth feel.

I enjoyed the article, but I work as an esthetician. It’s my job to wax these areas, which I love to do on boyfriends. I also like to get them to wear panties for me. If a guy will wear a bra for me then I know that he is really into me. I don’t want it to show under his guy clothes. I like „manscaping“ a guy’s privates just the way I like . It’s fun for both of us, and over the years I have never had any of my past boyfriends refuse me. Some salons offer waxing only for girls, but if you ask nicely they might let guys in too.

Me too Missy. And yeah, I agree. This is quite a post and covered everything that guys needs to know. Great post Jacob

I have to be honest…I just laughed my butt off reading this. However, you truly covered all the basis on this one. lol… I wonder if any women have written one about how safely to shave their hooha? I mean some of us can’t spend the money on waxing; our budgets won’t allow that, so we shave as well. When I think about it though, it probably doesn’t require as much precision as a man shaving his Tom and Harry. lol. Good Job!

muhammad jamshaid from sargodha on October 18, 2015:

Lol pretty of the first articles I saw when I typed in hubpages.

I was shaving there 40 years ago Wife thought I was weird till I got here to do it She loves it and will never go back to the bush!

Just used the buzz cutter the ball skin was reeling away from the blades I realise why after got a nick then found and read this lol next time I’ll try it out

Good article. I’ve been shaving ‚down there‘ for more than 10 years. Agree that going with grain gives less chance of irritation but now find that my skin is so used to shaving that I can go against the grain without a problem. Guys if you keep at it, things do get easier.

a lot to reduce redness and bumps in the early days too.

Now shave twice a week to keep everything totally smooth from penis to crack. Couldn’t imagine being any other way now!

I’ve been shaving down and back there for years. My wife likes a trimed front patch, I like bare bottom and hole and nothing on the penis. I just bought a Shick Hydro 5, groomer? I use Shave Secret oil and aloe hand cleaner afterwords. Not one bump, and its the best feeling. I like to wear mens thong undies. Shave down there once a week good to go.

Tried over weekend – wonderful feeling down there than

Is it wrong that I am getting aroused by the illustrations? LOL Great hub!

Lol i just shave ALL my pubic hair and ball hair every thing and its really iritating me any suggestions i all ready tried baby powder : (

Hi – great entertaining reading for the ladies 🙂 thanks!

Very delicate area, thanks for sharing. As a black man I always worry about the shaving bumps, can be extremely painful

I tried the waxing thing and was told that it would only be sore for the first couple of times, what a load of crap, it hurt like shit every time and even with using Ingrowing Out the ingrowing hairs were unbearable. Eventually I even had to use an anti fungal cream, so yes waxing didn’t work for me.

I tried the razor using shaving cream and that worked quite well albeit the odd nick and scratch here and there.

I then tried my Philips electric razor and just found the lube of the shaving cream wasn’t enough to give a clean shave. I experimented and found hair conditioner worked perfectly for me with the electric razor and I also sometimes use a good facial wash when shaving which works just as well as conditioner if not better. What I do is wash and then cover the entire area with either of the two (while standing in the shower) then pull the skin tight and go in circular motions till smooth, rinse of and apply a good after shave.

I prefere clean shaven pubic feels clean and appears bigger

i was wondering if using all these products does it really work? I don’t wana go out buying all this stuff and turns out that it doesn’t or theres a better brand to buy?

Um… these pictures are strange. Why would you have your foreskin retracted while shaving? Yikes!

What to do we get cut while using trimmer for cuuting pubic area

I started shaving 15 years ago and I’ve never looked back (although I frequently look down to take care of business). It’s a matter of personal preference: to me, it’s cleaner, more comfortable, it feels great and women DO appreciate it. I used to be self-conscious about it, e.g., at the doctor’s or in the locker room at the gym. But now I couldn’t give a rat’s patootie what anyone else thinks. The Schick razor is good, but the Gillette Fusion is the gold standard. The Brave Shave products mentioned in this article are pretty good for body shaving – better than any shaving gel. If you’re „itching“ to try this, I say go for it.

Love this. I do this once a week and it actually does feel great. You sweat less (so less smells), and you have better sensation down there 🙂

Lisa Vollrath from Euless, Texas on October 02, 2014:

Helpful info for those of us going in for a vasectomy… got to have them shaved, and the 20-year old video they gave me to watch was not very helpful. . .

Just spent an hour with a pair of nose trimmers doing just this then decided to finally do research, Im glad I did.

Liv Carradine from Los Angeles, CA on September 19, 2014:

I’m so immature sitting here giggling over the illustrations. This hub is very much needed for guys because manscaping is very much appreciated by women. Thanks for the Friday laughs.

Uppity Automaton from Washington, D.C on September 14, 2014:

I am disappointed for two reason. First, it took way too long to get to the ‚illustrations‘. Second, I thought the illustrations would incredibly accurate hand-drawn pencil sketches.

@CrisSp I think guys do need instructions to do this, because it really is not a common thing and I would assume most guys don’t want to risk cutting up that area. Then again, I don’t think a lot of guys think about doing this – but, maybe I just haven’t met them. 🙂

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on September 09, 2014:

I never knew guys need instructions for doing this. 🙂 Nevertheless, it’s good for them to know.

Geez, I don’t know how I landed in this hub but it’s a good, well illustrated and sensational hub! 🙂

Thanks for the detailed instruction man. I just shaved last week and my balls feel great! Now let’s see what my girlfriend says next time we get intimate (:

Thanks for the great resource! I’ve started using the jojoba oil and it makes a real difference.

David B Katague from Northern California and the Philippines on September 04, 2014:

Excellent and informative article. Shaving indeed makes your toy bigger and your partner ( he or she) will love it more.

Shaneka68 from Nation’s Capitol on September 01, 2014:

Alex Addams (author) from London on August 19, 2014:

Alex Addams (author) from London on August 19, 2014:

Lisa O from Portland/Los Angeles on August 15, 2014:

I love it smooth . But she likes it Hairy . That’s on me or her

Thanks for such detail info. I was wondering if Schick shaving gel is ok to use beside the shaving cream you recommended?

Are these products safe for women who want smooth genitals to use? I know the strategy would be different but I like a hairless feel and hate stuble. Waxing hurts. So can women use this too and get slower, softer grow back?

These are good points. I like keeping my body clean shaven except for a small bikini line. For quick trim on legs and butt cheeks and chest, an electric razor is OK. But for smoother, non stubbly skin, a manual razor used in the shower or bath is necessary. I was very self conscious when I first tried bodyscaping but I’m getting more comfortable with it and I love the feel of smooth skin. My wife was a little puzzled when I started trying a little section at a time but has come to accept that I enjoy being clean shaven. She even does my back for me and occasionally my legs if we have a romantic bath together. It does take time though, so if you need 5 minute showers in your busy life, don’t even think about it.

Don’t go shorter than a number 2 attachment or setting on a trimmer. You will itch like crazy if you do.

What I tend to do is leave a 2″ landing strip above the shaft where the upper bush normally grows, and shave the rest clean. I generally shave clean the taint and the area on either side where my legs meet the genitals. Also, I use a trimmer for the bum and then shave that clean too. Guys who are hairy back there: shaving your bum helps to keep it much cleaner back there. If you don’t get a chance to shower before being with your lady, after being at the office all day, it can get quite funky back there. Shaving your bum clean too can help to reduce that nasty swamp ass smell, especially if you get into some moderately acrobatic positions.

if you just want to trim a little and not shave or trim too much, what level of an electric trimmer (guard) should you use

Great article. Agree with Marissa, shaving every couple of weeks is going to leave you with stubble. The feeling of freshly shaved balls is well worth the effort though (not to mention what my wife does when she reaches down to find them smooth)!

You sir, are a legend for this. Thank you so much. I find the product links especially helpful.

Shaving your balls is really worth the effort. Your girlfriend will do certain things that she wouldn’t otherwise do, if you get my meaning 🙂

Alex Addams (author) from London on February 03, 2014:

I think it depends on what antiseptic–of you’re using Tend Skin it’s definitely going to burn. I’ve used The Cool Fix many times without issue. If you have sensitive skin it could burn. No pain, no gain!

Alex Addams (author) from London on February 02, 2014:

All, thank you for the comments. I appreciate the interest! I just added some visual illustrations to the step-by-step instructions of this article. I’m still working to perfect them, but would love to hear any comments on them.

I find it hard to believe an antiseptic on a newly exposed layer of skin on your already sensitive testicles would not burn like a mother fucker.

Modern Man from Toronto, Ontario on February 01, 2014:

Better to leave it unshaved.. less problems, aka itchiness??

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on January 08, 2014:

If you notice a little more traffic headed your way it is because Mister Hollywood gave you a boost on FB:)

very interesting.shaving of the private parts is a compulsory health measure for all is a basic health rule.

I have to disagree with the appealing look side to it, makes it look wormish to me. like maybe something im supposed to be seeing in a starwars movie. lol but to each their own!



shave everything, just feels good and looks so much sexier! Not sure why people think pubic hair is attractive.

I find it fascinating that epilators are not mentioned as as way to remove hair. I am/was a super hairy guy. It takes several times to get used to doing it and especially the different feeling having hair vs not, but now I remove ALL of my body hair with an epilator. Every 4 months is good and I am never a hairy beast like l used to be. It no longer hurts, it no longer feels weird to not have big hair cushions in certain places and there is nothing like the feeling of of having hairless balls, chest, pits, and anus after living for decades with a shag rug. I never ever thought that a super hairy guy could do this without stubble itching or discomfort, but here I am. I have been doing it for over 10 years and it is easy now… not at first but persistence pays off.

I find it very insensitive that all these women have to add that they find it funny like what do they think that makes us feel good?

Am a girl… have always been rather hairy down there (sad face) with ultra sensitive skin to boot. Unfortunately, despite trying all sorts of bushy styles, I still prefer a full on Brazilian. Finally got myself onto electric shavers and trimmers and my lady bits are smooth and happy… but I couldn’t figure out how to get the bit between my cheeks! Never considered using a Wahl type trimmer and I happen to have one! Just tried and problem solved. Thank youuuuu from me and my behind.

I shave pubes and ass as well as cock and balls. I get a yeast infestation if i do not shave ; it is like round red spots that turn to a brown permanent spot later. I went for over 2 years shaving my entire body including the beard s it invaded my beard and mustach. I cut back but had to start again to shave my entire chest and belly as the spots were coming back. There is a name for this condition but I fail to recall it now. I have had a lot of nice comments from those who like to fellate so it might be of interest to some who like that. Im referring to the pubes and private areas. I just do not feel clean until I have these shaved and it is much easier to wash off after going to the bathroom. Iforgot to mention that I also shave the pits. To me pit hair is gross to look at on anyone and it keeps the smell down as hair holds onto sweat and bacteria. I do not have much smell there for several days after shaving the spot. I really think it reduces body odor significantly.

I really would prefer shaving my entire body but my wife complains when I shave my legs ( they look better than hers I think). Well if the spots invade again I will shave my legs to get rid of the scarring. I also use 3/4 cup of borax added to my bath water and soak in it for up to an hour. This kills the yeast infections and keeps it gone as long as I keep shaving. Warm weather seems to exascerbate this yeast problem. No, you are not gay if you shave any part of your body regardless of what some think. Some prefer clenliness and health and do what it takes to achieve that goal.

Get the hell over what you read if you’re so pissed off by it, Mark M! If people wanna shave their asses, let ‚em.

How in the hell did I end up here reading this? Effing internet!

Sarah Spradlin from Little Rock, Arkansas on April 17, 2018:

I’m sorry but this made me laugh. I snapped it to like 6 people lol! I love the illustrations! haha

I’ve done it before and it’s difficult. It makes it easier to wipe my butt but it was uncomfortable when I walked as there was nothing to keep my cheeks from rubbing together.

I love the clean feel of a smooth bum, and I hate hair except what is on my head.

There are many guys out there who think it’s gay to remove the hair „back there“, but it’s simply good hygiene. I’m not gay, and there’s nothing wrong if you are. I simply shave my ass because it feels disgusting, and my girlfriend likes the feel of a smooth butt, (no, we don’t do butt stuff lol), she just likes to grab the cheeks sometimes. Have you ever wiped your ass like 6 times and felt like there was still something on your ass hair? That’s the most irritating part for me.

For all the straight guys out there; it’s not gay if you do it for hygiene purposes. Girls love guys with smooth butts, and i promise you’ll feel much more comfortable after a good shave!

I read this to get tips for my husband’s hairy butt! loved the article. I found it humorous and informative.

It is just good hygiene!!! I think it comes down to respecting your partner when it comes to foreplay makes for a more enjoyable experience

As a hairy guy missus bethperry I’d like to say for hygiene purposes. (Shaving between the cheek part)

im a man and i shave my but to avoid pelinoid infection

That I know, from how women shave the back of their upper legs, isn’t it better if you put you legs forward on a support like a sink or something where to put your foot on, then angle the knee, bend yourself and your thigh toward your chest and just shave from behind your knee to your buttocks, „simple“ :).

Or if in the tub or sitting, just raise your thigh toward your chest.

I work as an esthetician in the conservative Davenport, Ia. area and you would be surprised at how many guys want hair removal. Any guy that I date for long has to let me arrange things the way I like by waxing certain private areas. I also love to get a guy to wear girly things under his guy clothes where they don’t show . I know a guy is really into me if he will wear a bra for me. I get guys that I date to wear panties, padded bras, pantyhose, or whatever I like underneath as our romantic secret. It also keeps them aroused for me and more likely to be faithful. It’s fun to wax them just the way I like too.

i got ingrown hair because i didn’t shave it doctor said me to shave me hair on butt will this help me to avoid ingrown and stop appearing again??? Please Answer….

It’s nicer to get your mate to do it for you, with wonderful massage to follow.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on February 16, 2016:

Because this hub appears in „recommended Hubs“ at the bottom of almost all my hubs, I think it fair that I advertise any of my related hubs here: …

For all of you guys out there that want a smooth crack without the stubble, cuts, nicks, etc. Magic Shaving Powder is your solution!!! Its made especially for African American men to help reduce razor bumps (I’m a white dude, but one of my African American friends introduced me to this stuff). It comes in a powder form and you mix it with water to make a paste. Paste it on, let it sit for 5-7 minutes and wipe it off with a wet wash cloth (I recommend doing this in the shower cause it can get semi-messy depending on how much hair you have). It leaves you smooth for several weeks and I’ve never had an issue with uncomfortable stubble or sand paper crack when it starts to grow back, maybe because it kills the root of the hair so its softer when it starts growing back. Also there is no uncomfortable burning sensation or rash like when using „Nair“ or other hair removal creams. I have sensitive skin and I used „Nair“ one time and it felt like my balls and ass were on fire for a week. So even you guys out there with sensitive skin, this is your best bet!!! It’s cheap and comes is a few different types (i.e. extra-strength, scented, etc.) I RECCOMMEND YOU GET THE SCENTED!!! The only downfall of this stuff is it smells horrible while your using it (rotten egg or Sulphur smell). I can honestly say I’ve used it everywhere (shaft, balls, crack, nipples, chest, face, & legs & arms during the summer) except my head and never had a bad experience, just make sure the hair is about an 1/8th of an inch long before using it or it doesn’t work as well. Trust me, you will be raving about the stuff after your first time!!!

I am going to save a few guys from a lot of hurt… NEVER shave between the cheeks duh. It will start growing back with you feeling like having sandpaper in your butt.

I too believe it is a personal choice, but if I were this would be so useful 🙂

I think this is a personal choice of everyone. It all depends on your lifestyle. I have never have a concern to shave myself untill I started to go to gym. I must admitt the butt without her looks much better than a bushy one. I must also admitt once you start shaving your butt is a slavery. The real trouble comes when you have no time to shave your butt for few days. I am sure many guys knows what I mean. So yeah, I do shave but it is a slavery. Great article

Awesome way to be clean.. Prefer the trimming only without the shaving

I came up here because about 8 minute ago, I shaved in between my butthole. Why did I do it? Imagine growing beard on your face until it starts getting into your mouth, Well my butt hair grew very long and it felt uncomfortable and coarse having it there.

I really wish I did not at least have to grow any hair down there. I will keep an eye out for it, just like I do with my neck hair, when it starts growing back again, pluck! pluck! pluck!

I don’t shave butts, but between them it’s imho quite good to be clean. Why? You don’t want those ding-dong’s hanging when your poo is not going to be in great solid state. It’s matter of hygiene. About butts themselves, it’s up to you ppl. And if have problems with ventilating your anus area and feeling sweaty, get some loose boxers!

This article was very helpful. some men out there are probably sitting down, getting ‚asspet‘ burn (I’m punny)…

This was helpful, I really need to get on the hair in my buttcrack. Trying to wipe after a dump is like trying to get peanut butter out of a shag carpet.

surprises me that guys read the article without the intention of shaving themselves: that IS odd!

Samuel Ihegbu Yarborough from Nigeria on January 13, 2015:

Gordon Fisher from Connecticut, USA on December 08, 2014:

Certainly one of the most helpful (and unique) articles I’ve read all day. Will definitely be applying these tips!

This was awesome! Oh my did I learn a thing or two! I certainly won’t pass judgment on this after all the extreme things we women do to ourselves to be more beautiful in our own eyes and more attractive to others. I appreciate people who take their grooming seriously. Great hub!

I have a condition that makes my body lose its hair, therefore, I’m glad I don’t waste my time shaving any part of it while my body keeps losing hair all over it :3

I am a guy and I do shave my butt. I have a decent amount of hair on my body and I like to keep it in check. For me, I just think it is cleaner. It is much easier to clean up after going to the bathroom. I’m not sure if ladies like a guy to do this, but it is just something I like to do.

Alex Addams (author) from London on August 19, 2014:

Thank you all for the comments. Yes, the illustrations are pretty good I think 🙂

Kennedi Brown from Richlands, Virginia on July 26, 2014:

Came to the article for illustrations. Was not disappointed.

bethperry, me neither. Of course, the article is very well documented, but I could never understand why men would choose to shave their body hair, well, except for those suffering from excessive pilosity.

Interesting, for sure. I just don’t see why a guy, unless he’s a real sasquatch, would want to shave his rear.

Tanya Parker from Naples, Florida on July 22, 2014:


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Christopher Street Day (CSD) ist ein Fest-, Gedenk- und Demonstrationstag der Lesben, Schwulen, Bisexuellen, Transgender und derer Unterstützer. Gefeiert und demonstriert wird für die Rechte dieser Gruppen sowie gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung. Die Bezeichnung Christopher Street Day ist nur in Deutschland und der Schweiz üblich. In Österreich heißt der Umzug Regenbogenparade, in englischsprachigen und romanischen Ländern wird meist von Gay Pride oder Pride Parades gesprochen und in Australien sind die Paraden mit der Karnevalstradition vermischt worden und heißen Mardi Gras (‚Fetter Dienstag‘, gemeint ist damit ursprünglich der Fastnachtsdienstag).

In beinahe jeder größeren Stadt in Deutschland feiert die Queer Community heute CSDs. Die größten finden in Köln und Berlin statt. Köln wurde 2002 mit über 1,2 Millionen Beteiligten (Teilnehmer und Zuschauer) größter CSD in Europa. Die Paraden / Demonstrationen während des CSDs stellen mittlerweile ähnliche Attraktionen dar wie beispielsweise Karnevalsumzüge oder die wesentlich neueren Technoparaden.

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