LGBT Scene in Santorini

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Hottest gay beaches: Greece & the Greek Islands (Korfu, Crete, Santorini and more)

Greece is a paradise for gay tourists. World famous is of course Mykonos, but the other islands and the mainland also offer many attractions for gay tourists. We have listed the most famous beaches for you, sorted by mainland / islands.

Hottest gay beaches: Greece & the Greek Islands (Korfu, Crete, Santorini and more)

Gay friendly in Santorini?

Myself and my partner are considering visiting SantoriniPerivolos and we have seen some really nice apartments we want to stay at which are highly rated on this website, However alot of the apartments/hotels are quite small and family owned. We are just concerned about turning up and feeling uncomfortable especially with the owners and we are spending money for a 2 weeks holiday! We have some some bigger hotels but it is so expensive!!

I’ve never heard of any incidents occuring because of an homophobic attitude on the part of the locals. I suppose it’s possible that an overly-demonstrative display of affection might make someone feel uncomfortable, but overall I’d say the locals are gay-ambivalent, meaning they don’t really care one way or the other. They’re much more interested in your money than your sex life.

The smart thing to do would be to contact the hotels you’re interested in and as if they’re gay-friendly. That should settle it once and for all.

In my experience, being gay has never been a problem on Santorini, and I’ve been going there since 1999, initially with my (now ex) partner, now on my own.

There’s not really any gay-specific nightlife etc, unlike the likes of Mykonos, but I know of many gay couples who’ve been in the Perissa/Perivolos areas year after year without any problemxs.

As Lee says, they’re more interested in your money than your sexual orientation.

In spite of what you might think Greece is very gay friendly generally, do not worry about the sleeping arrangments just book a family run apartment but make a point of booking the particular one that has a double bed and also a pull out years the package tour industry has been booking four or five single men into ‚family‘ apartments where somebody sooner or later is going to have to share a bed with another guy…..

The big classy 5 star places are the ones to avoid as some of them have a poilcy of not allowing two people of the same sex to share a double room.

Santorini has been a popular destination with gay men cruising the Greek islands for years and this year was no exception, I don’t know of anyone that had a problem…Although most of them were only spending 3/4 days there.

as a local i want to believe that santorini is a peoples friendly place

no metter is you are fluffy, blond, tall ,short, gay or not gay .

„The big classy 5 star places are the ones to avoid as some of them have a poilcy of not allowing two people of the same sex to share a double room.“

Can you name one 5* hotel in Greece that does not allow two people of the same sex share a room?

20 years ago I came to Greece with my partner and the most we got was at one hotel ( in Athens) they insisted on giving us a room with two we had asked for a king.

In more recent visits we have never been denied a king bed when we asked.

any five star hotel in greece have this stupid police ? witch one ?

this can happen in an arabic counry (not even there!!) that 2012 people can sleep in the same bed with anyone they want .

Anyone have any suggestions of something quaint, dog friendly, gay friendly with a view to die for and that might not cost the earth. I’m spending my birthday there.

Wow, a dog friendly hotel – that’s a first for the Forum.

I assume you’ve looked into the logistics of bring a dog from the US into Europe? We’re pretty hot on things like innoculations, rabies, quarantine etc over here.

I adopted a Greek dog and brought her back to the UK and the hoops I had to jump through (not to mention the expense) were enough to put me off ever doing it again.

As to hotels, if anyone knows any dog-friendly hotels, it’ll be brotherleelove or hopefully, someone who lives on the island.

Dog-friendly hotel? Your guess is as good as mine! You might have better luck looking for an apartment or a stand-alone self-catering house instead of a hotel so you won’t disturb any hotel guests. Check Old Oia Houses, Lucky Homes, Villa Marina, Lena’s House, Villa Kallisti, Casa Sofia and Gabbiano Apartments.

Gays are LOOOVED here on Santorini and you will NO problems whatsoever! You are considered as fun, happy and easy customers and guests! VERY welcome here!!

Gay friendly in Santorini?

Gay/mixed bars in Santorini?

My partner and I will be arriving in Santorini in early June and would like some suggestions on any fun and friendly gay or mixed places to go for a drink. Or places we may be more likely to meet other gay people (remembering that Santorini is a popular honeymoon destination).

Indeed Santorini is a famous romantic-honeymoon destination.

It’s not like Mykonos with gay bars, but I have seen sometimes few gay couples at a club named Tropican in Fira.

Google „Travel to Santorini“ or something to that effect!

The travel guides list where you would prefer to go. I think Pressia is listed but I don’t think the rest of Santorini, anyway Santorini is a must see!

I went to several bars and clubs in Santorini and the crowd was mixed. It’s not just a popular honeymoon destination, it’s a popular destination for all types, singles, couples, young, old, gay, straight.

Thanks ElsiMM, I’m looking forward to getting there. Are there any places you can recommend as a „must visit“?

Must visit as sightseeing – Volcano tour that takes you to the hot springs, Thirassia and ends up in Oia for the sunset. Walk around Oia and AkrotiriRed BeachKamari Beach, Baxedes, Koloumbos and Perissa. I highly recommend Santo’s Winery, take the sample plate for about 10 euros, and includes 6 different wines, crackers, tomato, olives and cheese – the views are phenomenal.

As for must see bars or clubs – I don’t remember the names, but they are all relatively close to each other in Fira, just hop around to see where the actions at.

It would be nice to have a boat trip at the volcano and hot springs and usually lasts about 4hours. Of course you should visit wineries, i.e. Gavalas winery or Argyrou winery or Antoniou winery.

There are many signs, and the locals can assist you how to get there.

Nice beaches are the red beach in Akrotiri region, and Vlychada beach.

I would also propose Perivolos beach, or Kamari beach, which are more lively. Perivolos has 2 big beach bars (Wet stories and Chilli)with music and beach-volley courts.

For nightlife I would propose Enigma clubKoo clubFira.

For more soft music try Franco’s or Tango, which both have great views.

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Gay/mixed bars in Santorini?

Gay Mykonos: travel guide to the best gay bars, clubs and beaches

My Frenchman looked at me funny wondering if my drink had been spiked…

I was serious! In Mykonos, the church is where all the gay boys head to in the evening. Specifically, to the rocks surrounding the Church of Panagia Paraportiani in “Chora” (the main town of Mykonos). ‘Cause right here, on those sacred rocks, you’ll find plenty of gay lads, on their knees, deep in worship…!

Mykonos has long been not only one of the top gay destinations in Europe but in the world! This is especially true in August during the XLSIOR Festival when around 30,000 hot gay guys from all over descend on this Greek island to party. XLSIOR is considered by many as a staple in the gay European calendar together with Madrid Pride, Circuit Barcelona and Tel Aviv Pride.

XLSIOR is, of course, just one small side to the gay scene of Mykonos. Whilst it has a worldwide reputation for being a gay party island, we also found a tranquil and really pretty side to it, which is what makes it so appealing to all gay men regardless of interest, budget or age. The beaches here are stunning, with a mix of busy party beaches, nudie beaches and remote, laid-back beaches. In terms of accommodation, there is something for all budgets, from the many lavish luxury hotels, to affordable local guesthouses. Finally, “Chora“, the main town, is where the bulk of the gay scene is, especially Jackie O‘, Babylon, and the infamous cruising area around the Church of Panagia Paraportiani where I tried to get Seby to visit with me (strictly for research purposes of course!).

We’ve been to Mykonos for holiday several times, both for partying and for a relaxing beach getaway. We always have a blast every time we come! We’ve put together this detailed gay guide to Mykonos based on all our many trips here, featuring the best gay beaches, bars, clubs, events and more.

Gay Mykonos: travel guide to the best gay bars, clubs and beaches

Gay Santorini

Gay Santorini, the land of the sexy. There is a lot of skin showing on this island, and all for a good purpose; it definitely adds to the sultry vibe that Santorini and grown so accustomed to. This island is one of the most gorgeous places a gay traveler could visit in his/her lifetime. If you simply search the internet you will find some of the most beautiful landscape photos in the world. This place is no joke and an awesome place for a vacation.

Santorini is a naturally created volcanic island that rises above the Aegean Sea and resides just a little over a hundred miles from the land of Greece. The most interesting part is that the town of Santorini is located on a collapsed caldera, which is a remnant of an erupted volcanic cone. Since the creation of the town, there hasn’t been much volcanic activity since.

The beaches in Santorini come in many different and beautiful colors. Depending on which geologic layers are exposed, you can have a Red Beach, White Beach, or Black Beach. The sand even acts as a thermometer, the darker the sand the warmer the water because of the lava’s absorption of the heat!

After taking a visit down to the amazing beaches, travelers often venture upwards to enjoy the benefits the town has to offer. Visit local wineries to sip on amazingly refreshing wines, renew your skin with a dip in volcanic mud, eat at the local restaurants that boast the most uniquely delicious food you’ll find compared to anywhere else.

Santorini Gay Scene

Santorini is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world! It is unrivaled by most other honeymoon destinations so you’ll find plenty of couples dropping goo-goo eyes at each other as they walk hand in hand along beautiful Santorini. If romance is in your plans, then this is definitely the place to come and play. While Santorini is *slightly* calmer than its rambunctious brother Mykonos it still gives off a sultry anything goes here vibe that is sure to leave you with a good time.

When to Visit

If you plan on traveling here, keep in mind that the weather is balmy all year-round! A hot desert-like climate clings to the island which helps to ensure that there is never a shortage of speedos in Santorini. This is truly a destination like no other if possible this is a destination all gay travelers should visit. The weather here stays nice and toasty all throughout the year which means that you’ll never have to change out of your speedo.

Santorini Gay-Friendly Activities & Attractions

Santorini has something for every type of tourist, whether you’re after natural beauty or fine food and scenic towns. There are endless colorful beaches in all the colors you can imagine here on this volcanic destination. The sands are spectacular and change color depending on the temperature of the water. Topless bathers are welcomed and encouraged here on this island as it stays true to its sultry vibe, but nude bathers not so much.

The hotels here are gorgeous, they are all gay-friendly and host some of the most amazing and must try services. Take a trip down to the spa and dip in the world famous volcanic mud baths which are sure to give your skin a reviving glow.

For a glimpse into ancient Greek culture, visit the Akrotiri Archaelogical Site. It’s a stunning example of of an ancient Minoan Bronze Age town. It was destroyed in a volcanic eruption sometime in the 16th century BC and buried under volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of arat frescoes and many household objects and artifacts.

Everyone’s seen those incredible photos of the white towns set against the beautiful blues of the Aegean Sea. Visit the Imerovigli village at sunset to snap your own photo of that postcard-perfect view. The houses are built along the caldera and accessed by narrow, winding paths. 

Santorini’s ancient city of Thera sits on a steep ridge. It’s possible to visit the excavations of the archaelogical park here, and offers a historical view into Santorini’s past.

Santorini Gay-Friendly Dining

With such beautiful scenery, many of the restaurants you’ll find in Santorini are as beautiful as they are delicious!

In the popular area of Fira on Santorini, Argo Restaurant serves fresh, local seafood but in a modern and creative way. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very contemporary, and you’ll still have those excellent sunset views.

A favorite restaurant of the locals, Metaxy Mas serves Greek food favorites like marinated lamb, and fava beans. The views here are also incredible (especially at sunset).

Santorini Gay-Friendly Bars & Nightlife

Unfortunately, there are no gay bars or clubs on the island but there are plenty of mixed locations for you to enjoy. While Santorini does not have as much nightlife or gay bars as in Mykonos, Santorini is still lovely at night and great to enjoy on a romantic evening with a partner.

The most gay-friendly spot on Santorini is the Tropical Bar in Fira. The tropical presents you with an amazing view of the Valdera and the steep cliffs that drop into the deep blue ocean. Well known celebrities and icons have been known to visit the nightclubs on Fira to start their night off. If you are looking for a more international flair then head over to Casablanca Soul, also in Fira, which hosts live soul and funk music.


LGBTQ rights have come a long way in Greece in the past few years, and in a major tourist hotspot like Santorini, you will not have any issues. The island depends on tourism, and especially focuses on romantic and couples travel, so traveling with a partner is unlikely to turn any heads.

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1. Near Athens

Close to the Greek capital Athens, you will find the Vouliagmeni Beach – only 25 kilometres away. The beach is considered very gay-friendly and is ideal for a day trip. There are nice restaurants and cafés with a great view nearby.

Not far away is Limanakia Beach, at most a half an hour drive from the capital. The beach has significantly more gay visitors. However, the bathing conditions here are not so good, although the turquoise blue water looks breathtaking. It is a natural area with stony ground. It is a nudist beach with mainly gay visitors.

2. Near Thessaloniki

Near the Greek city of Thessaloniki there are several beaches where the gay community meets. There is the nudist beach Epanomi, which is divided into two parts – the sand dunes and the abandoned campsite. In the first part, mainly heterosexuals meet, the campsite is considered a gay crusing area. We cannot confirm nudist beach Korinos, just outside the town of Katerini, is also considered a gay cruising area.

1. Corfu

One of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Corfu is Acharavi Beach. It offers crystal clear water and a breathtaking scenery. Here you can always find gay tourists and locals. In summer, the beach can be crowded, so you could easily switch to other, more remote beaches. One of them is:

The nudist beach is one of the most famous nudist beaches in the country. On the right-hand side, near the cliffs, is where the gay public meets. The beach is lined by high, wooded cliffs and offers access to turquoise blue water.

Komos Beach is located in the south of Crete, near the city of Matala and the village of Pitsidia. From there a road leads directly to the beach. It is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of the island. The nudist part is mixed, but here you will find many gays – tourists as well as locals. The nudist area is on the right hand side of the archaeological site.

In general, there are many nudist beaches on Crete, where gays are also welcome. In the west of Crete, for example, there is Kavros Beach, near Chanaia and Georgoupolis. It is a nudist beach also popular with gays.

3. Ios

Mylopotas Beach, with its crystal blue water and golden sand, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Ios and even of all Greece. As it is very well known, it is also very crowded in the high season – nevertheless you can find more remote places on the beach. There are also many gays here, but there is no specific gathering point.

4. Naxos

On the island of Naxos, you can find Agia Marina. Nowadays it is no longer a pure nudist beach, but the nudist area is still large, well-known and attracts many gay visitors. It begins behind the parasols. You will find both locals and tourists here – and definitely a lot to see and watch.

6. Santorini

Large, sandy cliffs, a beach with dark sand and a sea that is bluer than the sky – Vlychada Beach offers an incredible backdrop and is definitely worth a visit. The beach is located in the south of Santorini. It’s a beautiful, gay-friendly beach, with many facilities, including a club. The left side is a little more natural and relaxed, nudists are often found here.

7. Rhodes

The famous nudist beach Faliraki Beach is a must for every gay Rhodes holidaymaker. It is a gay friendly beach where everyone can be as they please. You often find gay couples or singles – especially near the trees. The part without trees is mostly heterosexual.Faliraki offers partly stony and sandy beaches and a wild, natural atmosphere with a great backdrop. There are also several other nudist beaches on Rhodes where gays are welcome, including Kallithea Nudist Beach.

8. Paros

In the north of the island of Paros lies the Lageri Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades! Turquoise blue water and white sandy beach invite you to swim and have fun. It is a nudist beach with a mixed crowd, but also visited by many gay locals and tourists. They gather at the southern part of the beach, which is considered the “gay part” of the beach.

9. Skiathos

Gay tourists of the Greek island Skiathos should definitely visit Lalaria Beach. The trip is a bit tricky, because you can only reach the beach, which is located in the north of the island, by boat. But for this, an isolated, quiet pebble beach with turquoise blue water, white rocks and a wild, natural beauty rewards you. An absolute postcard motif and worth the trip.

The nudist beach Little Banana is also known as “naked Banana” – and the name says it all. Skiathos has a small gay community that likes to meet here on hot days. Most of them can be found at the far end of the beach, which is considered a gay area.

10. Lesbos

Although the island of Lesbos is a paradise for the L in LGBTIQ, the G is also offered something. The third largest Greek island also has many gay inhabitants and visitors. The most famous beach where you meet many of them is Eftalou-Beach. The last two bays on the long sandy beach are relatively secluded and are therefore often visited by gays and lesbians.

Latest Mykonos Hotel Offers

9.51 based on 68 reviews. | Amazing private pools. Great location Friendly staff.

9.35 based on 37 reviews. | Walk to gay bars. Large villa-style rooms with beautiful sea views Great value.

8 based on 910 reviews. | Fabulous location. Walk to gay bars, shops, restaurants in Mykonos Town.

9 based on 1009 reviews. | Value for money. Fabulous pool & sun terrace.

9.13 based on 1524 reviews. | Great bar & dining. Near the Elia gay beach Boutique luxury.

9 based on 801 reviews. | Fabulous view. Cycladic style Quiet location.

Years ago, Super Paradise was almost an exclusively gay beach. Today, the beach is hugely popular with both gay and straight sunbathers and beach clubbers. It certainly has a lively vibe and is busy every day in the summer.

The righthand side of the beach (if you’re facing the sea) is the gayest section, close to Jackie O’ Beach Club. The area to the lefthand is dominated by the Super Paradise Club. This becomes a party venue from around 4pm to late every evening. In the middle is Pink Beach, a classy champagne bar, restaurant and beach club.

Sun loungers and shades are available for rent, along with an ‘at seat’ service is available offering (expensive) drinks and light snacks. Like Elia, Super Paradise gets busy from lunchtime.

How to get to Super Paradise Beach

a) Drive. Head out from Mykonos Town past the airport. The beach is signposted. The last 2 km down to the beach is very steep. Free parking available.b) Take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to Platys Gialos or Ornos.  Then take the regular boat service to Super Paradise.

· up to 75% off · flexible booking policy · refundable rates

Agrari Beach is located next to Elia Beach. It’s about a 5-minute walk over a rocky outcrop. The beach is well-organised with sun beds & shades, a lifeguard and a popular beach restaurant. The sand here is far more coarse than on Elia Beach.

Every time we have visited Agrari Beach, it’s been a lot less crowded than either Elia or Super Paradise, attracting some gay sunbathers who prefer peace and quiet.

How to get to Agrari Beach

a) Walk from Elia Beach, just 5 minutes along the cliff path. b) Drive, but be aware of the steep hill leading down to the beach.

Small, lively beach in Mykonos, located within walking distance from Paradise Beach.

Paraga Beach attracts all kinds of crowds including younger sunbathers and nudists. The beach has golden sand with some rocks, and the water is calm and very clear.

Sun loungers are available for rent. There’s also bar and a mini-market where you can grab snacks, bottled water and other beach items.

Gay cruising takes place around the rocks on the south side of the beach.

Mykonos · other beaches worth visiting

Elia and Super Paradise are at the centre of Mykonos gay beach scene. But if you’ve rented a car or quad bike, it’s worth visiting some of these other beaches located further along the southern coast.

Elia and Super Paradise are at the centre of Mykonos gay beach scene. But if you’ve rented a car or quad bike, it’s worth visiting some of these other beaches located further along the southern coast.

Lia Beach is located along the south east coast of Mykonos. It’s a relatively small, clean sandy beach that we really liked.

Facilities include a car park, beach restaurant, sun loungers and shades (with an ‘at seat’ service) but it’s a lot more peaceful than Elia Beach. The bay is sheltered on both sides by hills, and there is an effective windbreak behind the sun loungers.

The Liasti Lia Beach Restaurant is on par with the Elia Beach Restaurant, both in terms of food quality (good) and price (not cheap).

You need a car or quad bike and a map as the roads are not well-signposted. When we visited Lia Beach a few years ago, there were some gay sunbathers.

· up to 75% off · flexible booking policy · refundable rates

Kalafatis Beach is one of the longest sandy beaches on Mykonos. The beach is protected from wind by a line of pine trees directly behind the sand, but the exposed bay is really popular with wind surfers. Windsurf rental is available if you fancy a go.

There are some good-value restaurants and sun loungers to rent at both ends of the beach. The large central strip is just perfect for those who prefer a quiet spot for their own towel and umbrella.

Kalafatis Beach is easy to reach by car or bike. Park on the road behind the beach or in one of the car parks.

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The gay area of Mykonos

The bulk of the gay area of Mykonos is in the main town – Chora. Note that despite the island’s world-famous gay reputation, there are only a small handful of gay hangouts in Mykonos. Jackie O‘ and Babylon are the two main ones, along with a few others listed below. What we love about the gay scene of Mykonos is that despite its size, the crowds spill out into the small streets outside creating a big fun nightlife party vibe, similar to the gay scene of Sitges.

And of course, a large chunk of this party crowd usually ends up roaming the nearby cruising area around the Church of Panagia Paraportiani later in the night!

During the day, most of the guys you saw partying the night before will be sleeping off a hangover and or partying/cruising/tanning/showing-off etc on one of the beaches in the south of the island, particularly on either Elia and Super Paradise. Our personal favourite is Elia beach because on the left-hand side it has a party atmosphere, complete with beach bar and lots of speedo-clad guys, whilst on the other end, it’s more private, where all the nudists head.

Gay hotels Mykonos

We always stay in a hotel in Mykonos town (Chora) so that we’re close to the gay nightlife. It’s also a handy base because it’s close to the port, the airport and is also where the public transport starts/finishes.

There are many excellent gay hotel options in Mykonos to choose from. Over the years, we’ve stayed in a mix of places, from upmarket boutique romantic hotels as well as local guesthouses from back in the days when we were a young gay couple travelling on a budget. We’ve summarised some of our favourites below, but remember, when it comes to hotels, Mykonos is NOT! It’s by far the most expensive place we’ve been to in Greece.

Best gay beaches on Mykonos

The gay beaches of Mykonos are located on the southern tip of the island, which you can reach from Chora, either by public bus/boat (around 1 hour) or rent a car/moped (30 mins drive).

The main beaches that the gay crowds head to are Super Paradise, then east to Elia (one of the most famous gay beaches in the world). Further east from Elia is Agrari, which pulls in the gay boys but starts to become more remote. Continue on from Agrari you reach Kalafatis which was the most remote of all the gay beaches we visited. We’ve put the beaches in this order, finishing with a new hidden gem we discovered in the northern side of the island called Panormos beach.

Gay beach clubs

The best gay beach club in Mykonos is, of course: The Nomadic Boys Beach Club!

That’s right, we love to grab a few drinks from the main town, pack Seby’s wireless speaker, obligatory speedos, a few rainbow flags and head over to Elia with some friends, and voila, our very own gay beach club!

But if you miss out on The Nomadic Boys Beach Club(!) the main one to check out is Jackie O’s. If you’re heading to Mykonos during XLSIOR in August, pick any beach club along Super Paradise or Elia and they will very likely be hosting a gay event.

Gay bars in Mykonos

The gay scene of Mykonos is small. Remember this is a small island of no more than around 10,000 habitants, so don’t come expecting a massive gay scene heaving with bars and clubs like you’d find in Fort Lauderdale or Berlin! Despite this, Mykonos packs a punch with the handful of gay bars it has. Note: Mykonos is very seasonal – assume most of these places are only open in the summer months from around May to October.

For first-timers to Mykonos, solo gay travellers or LGBTQ travellers who want to quickly make new friends, we highly recommend doing a .

Gay clubs in Mykonos

The bulk of the gay boys will hang out at Jackie O‘ bar first, then move on to Babylon to dance. Then as the night draws in, the gays slowly gravitate from the Babylon dance floor over to the infamous Church cruising ground next door!

There are a handful of other gay parties happening across Mykonos, especially during XLSIOR. Otherwise, most of the bars above have a late licence and will morph into a dancing venue later in the night, staying open till sunrise. We’ve set out the main gay clubs of Mykonos below. Our big tip for first-timers and solo gay travellers to Mykonos is to join a to get the most out of your holiday.

The best gay parties on Mykonos

This is a week-long festival every August, which is also the height of the summer peak season. It’s massive – one of the most famous gay events in Europe, and in our humble opinion, the world! Just imagine – 30,000 speedo-clad gays all descend on Mykonos every August to party in the sunshine. The bulk of these guys have probably just been to the Barcelona Circuit parties which take place in the preceding weeks to XLSIOR.

Highlights of XLSIOR to look out for include the opening pool party at the Elysium hotel as well as the many parties at clubs like Cavo Paradiso, which usually spill out on to the beach.

Gay cruising in Mykonos

The main cruising spot is just outside the Paraportiani Church in the main town. Yes, a church! We also gagged when we first found this out…!

Otherwise, pick any of the remote nude-friendly beaches and they’ll be a private area where lots of mischief happens. Here are some of the more popular gay cruising areas in Mykonos:

Gay friendly restaurants in Mykonos

Mykonos has lots of excellent restaurants, whether you want a late-night souvlaki, or guzzle a few retsinas with some mezedes. We’ve set out the main gay restaurants of Mykonos below, including a few gay friendly favourites we think you should have on your radar when heading over:

Top things to do in Mykonos

Tired of partying and want to do something different? For us, we always welcome a cultural injection whenever we’re holidaying in Mykonos. Beyond the gay bubble, Mykonos is actually a really pretty Greek island to discover, with ubiquitous classic white buildings set against the blue sky and turquoise waters, 16-century windmills and gorgeous ancient Churches. Yes, the infamous Paraportiani Church maybe a cruising area at night, but during the day it is, in fact, an 800-year old cultural gem that we recommend you check out!

We’ve set out some of the main highlights of Mykonos to inspire you. We’ve also suggested a few tours for each, some are gay, others mixed.

Plan your trip

We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your trip to Mykonos. Read on to find out everything we think gay travellers should know before heading to Mykonos:

How to get to Mykonos: You can either take a 5.5-hour ferry from Athens to Mykonos or fly directly to Mykonos airport from Athens and most other destinations in Europe with budget airlines like Easyjet. The easiest way to get from the port or airport to your accommodation in Mykonos is by booking a private transfer with Welcome Pickups. We love their services because they provide professional English-speaking drivers to whisk you straight to your hotel so you don’t have to juggle your luggage on public transport.

Visa requirements for Greece: Many visitors to Mykonos will not need a visa to enter Greece and stay as a tourist for up to 90 days. If you come from another country in the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States then you won’t need a visa, but make sure you check your personal visa requirements before booking anything.

Getting around: The main town (Chora) of Mykonos is a vehicle-free zone, so you will only be able to explore it by walking – which simply adds to its charm as far as we’re concerned! To explore the rest of the island you can use buses, taxis and water taxis. Here is a more .

Power Plugs: Power plug sockets type C and F are used on Mykonos and the rest of Greece (ie they have 2 round pins). These are also compatible with plugs for type E. If you’re travelling from within Europe you shouldn’t have a problem, but travellers from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia will need to bring a travel adaptor with them.

Travel insurance: It doesn’t matter how well you plan and prepare, sometimes things just go wrong when travelling. We recommend all travellers to Mykonos organise travel insurance so you’re protected against things like accident, illness or cancelled flights. We’ve been using for years and love them. They provide affordable and comprehensive cover, plus it’s easy to make a claim online when/if you need to.

Vaccinations: All travellers to Mykonos should ensure they are up to date with routine vaccinations for measles, mumps, chickenpox etc. Depending on where else you might be visiting in Greece and what you might be doing you may also need vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B or rabies. Make sure you check the CDC website and speak to your doctor before planning your trip.

Currency: The currency used in Mykonos is the Euro, just like the rest of Greece and the 18 other countries that are part of the European Union. The symbol for the euro is € and $1 US converts to about 90 euro cents while £1 is worth around €1.17.

Tipping culture: Since Greece as a whole (and Mykonos in particular) are popular tourist destinations, tipping is widely expected as a reward for good service. Some restaurants may include the tip on the bill so don’t tip on top of that. Generally, few euros or ten percent of a bill is a normal amount to tip for good service. You can read more about tipping in Greece here.

Internet access: Free WiFi is available at nearly every hotel, restaurant, cafe and bar on Mykonos. If you will need a reliable connection for work or want to be able to connect multiple devices, you can organise a portable WiFi device to use during your trip.

Accommodation: For more gorgeous accommodation options on Mykonos, check out We always use them to find places to stay as they have a huge range of properties at the best prices, often with free cancellation included. The online booking process is simple to use and their 24/7 online support is also excellent.

Sightseeing and adventure: There are plenty more exciting things to see and do on Mykonos besides what we’ve mentioned in this guide. We like to use to plan our adventures since they have many wonderful options, an easy to use online booking system and 24/7 online customer support.

When to visit: The peak period is the last 2 weeks of August during the big gay  however, the island is packed with family tourists as well, so consider coming in September when children go back to school. Between October and April many hotels and restaurants close, plus the weather is much colder, so it’s not an ideal time to visit.

Ausgewählte Santorini Hotels

8.8 basierend auf 327 Bewertungen. | Ausgezeichnete Lage. Fantastische Aussicht Wunderbares Personal.

7.95 basierend auf 810 Bewertungen. | Fabelhafter Pool & Terrasse. Atemberaubende Aussicht Tolles Personal.

9.05 basierend auf 1366 Bewertungen. | Wunderbare saubere Zimmer des Personals.

9.11 basierend auf 830 Bewertungen. | Budgetwahl. In der Nähe des Hauptplatzes von Fira.

9.89 basierend auf 76 Bewertungen. | Schöner Ort. Atemberaubende Aussicht Neues Hotel.

9.67 basierend auf 199 Bewertungen. | Luxus-Suiten. Herrliche Aussicht Toller Service.

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Browse cruises & tours for the best gay friendly activities.

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Canaves Oia Hotel

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.87 Km from Oia, Greece

Canaves Oia offers relaxing yoga sessions in a breathtaking scenery overlooking the Caldera

Canaves Oia is located in Oia, where you will be able to find several gay-friendly restaurants, bars, and cafes, most of which featuring a great view as well

Canaves Oia is located nearby Oia, Finikia, and Tholos, where you will be able to find several shopping venues, boutiques, as well as some art galleries

The main swimming pool of Canaves Oia features breathtaking 360* views over the caldera of Santorini, making ideal for relaxation and sunbathing

The main restaurant of Canaves Oia, Petra, is an A La Carte restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Greek dishes with a unique twist by the hotel’s chef

The breakfast, either a la carte menu or buffet, is served at the main restaurant of the hotel, Petra, and it mainly includes Mediterannean tastes

Live the panorama balcony experience, which includes a gourmet dinner served at a secluded terrace overlooking the caldera.

The Infinity Pool Bar Restaurant offers a wide selection of casual lunch and snacks, as well as signature cocktail to enjoy throughout your day

The wine cellar of Canaves Oia includes a fine selection of Santorinian wines made from grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mavrotragano, and Mantilaria

You can proceed with your every day workout program at the fully equipped gym of Canaves Oia

Oia Sunset Villas

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.58 Km from Oia, Greece

Free WiFi is provided throughout the complex, offering high speed internet access for its guest to engage easily with their online activities.

Yoga Group Events happen at the outdoor terrace, with the view of the Aegean Sea as a backdrop.

Ideal for gay couples as its villas feature private outdoor heated hydro massage spa’s, and moreover a private pool is provided if you book the Swinging Sunset Villa.

Dishes that are tailored to personal preferences and needs, can be served in a private dinner, ideal for a romantic date.

Astra Suites

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.13 Km from Imerovigli, Greece

Take the Jacuzzi & Steam Room V.I.P Package which includes usage of facilities, chilled water, a bottle of champagne, a fresh fruit plate and chocolates

The Pool Suite, featuring its own private pool overlooking the Caldera, is perfect for both wellness and luxury seekers

‚The Architect’s House‘, located between the villages of Imerovigli and Oia, is ideal for families. The Villa has 3 bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi

The Pool Bar of Astra Suites serves refreshing drinks and fresh juices throughout the day, while you can enjoy a glass of champagne or your favorite cocktail during the evenings

The main restaurant of Astra Suites serves simple but elegant dishes that are inspired from the authentic Greek & Mediterranean cuisines, with a twist by the hotel’s chef

Astra Suites is located only 20 minutes away from the Chora of Santorini, Fira, where you will find several boutiques and stores with souvenirs, traditional delicacies, and more

Astra Suites is situated nearby Fira, the Chora of Santorini, which is packed with gay-friendly cafes, bars, and restaurants where you can drink a cocktail and socialize

Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite is ideal for gay couples, featuring, among other facilities, a spacious panoramic veranda with your own private Jacuzzi for two

You can either choose to enjoy your gourmet dinner at the privacy of your own terrace or at the hotel’s high-class restaurant

Astra Suites offers a selection of wellness and spa services, such as relaxing massages, signature treatments and health and beauty therapies

Alta Vista Suites

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.77 Km from Imerovigli, Greece

The Alta Vista Honeymoon suites are recommended for gay honeymooners and couples, featuring a cliff side infinity swimming pool with Caldera view

Alta Vista Suites is located in Imerovigli, which is packed with restaurants, cafes/bars, and shops

The breakfast of Alta Vista Suites, which is served in the privacy of your own terrace, includes yoghurts, fruits, cereal and breads, hot plates, cold cuts, all types of eggs, pastries, and champagne

Even though Alta Vista Suites is mainly recommended for gay couples, it’s an excellent choice for gay single travellers as well

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.31 Km from Oia, Greece

There is a wide menu of services offered at the hotel’s Spa including from facial treatments to full body therapies, and from cryotherapy sessions to sauna and steam bath

The fitness center of Santo Maris Oia Luxury Hotel includes a fully equiped gym where you can continue your everyday workout routine

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites is located within a walking distance from the center of Oia, where you will find several gay-friendly venues including cafes, bars, and restaurants

The Spa Villa offers the possibility for Private Therapy sessions with two comfortable therapy beds

Featuring, among others, their own, private pool, a private gym, a training area and an en-suite sauna, the Amazing Villas are ideal for larger groups of guests and families

The breakfast is taken at the main restaurant of the hotel, called ‚Alios Ilios‘, featuring mainly traditional Greek tastes in a buffet style

You can enjoy a selection of fresh salads, light snacks and refreshing cocktails during the day at the Pool Bar of the hotel

The Romantic Bar is the ideal place to enjoy a refreshing beverage with your other half, overlooking the beautiful views to the sea

At a walking distance from Santo Maris Oia, there are several boutique stores, souvenir shops, art galleries, and other shopping venues

Since Santo Maris Hotel is located nearby Oia, there are numerous restaurants and bars available at a walking distance from the hotel

Above Blue Suites

destination- >name ?>, country->name ?>  0.28 Km from Imerovigli, Greece

You can arrange a candle-lit dinner under the starry sky beside the main pool of Above Blue Suites

The breakfast of Above Blue Suites makes use of only fresh Greek products, resulting in the provision of an authentic Greek breakfast

The above blue romantic package includes a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, rose petals and candle light suite decoration, satin bed sheets, bathrobes, and 1 „Find Love Inside“ naughty box

The gay scene of Santorini is quite limited, that’s why Above Blue Suites suits better for gay couples and gay families

You can enjoy your evening cocktail at the swimming pool of Above Blue Suites, which is located 1300 feet above sea level

Azur Cave Bar serves refreshing cocktails and drinks that you can enjoy at the loungers located by the hotel’s pool

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A Romantic Dinner with a View over the Caldera

As previously featured among the hotels that gay travellers fall in love at first sight,   Alti Santorini Suites is an excellent option for gay holidays of all kinds. It arranges all sorts of activities that couples will love (some of which are also recommended in this article) like boat cruises, bus tours, catamaran and a wonderful wine tasting if you want so.

Spend quality time together… on the beach!

Katy Perry said it best; let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get a wave. Santorini might lack beaches compared to other Greek islands, but the very few beaches there are breathtaking and unique. There are beaches with different coloured sands for any Instagram occasion, from a red sand beach to black sand beaches to regular white or brown sand beaches. If you’re interested in visiting a gay beach, Vlychada has a gay-friendly section on the furthest part of the left-hand side where the huge white rocks and black sand pebbles are. Relax on the beach, tan, and have an amazing time with your beautiful boo.

Discover Mykonos on a gay tour

If you want to quickly make new friends, we highly recommend doing one of the Gaily tours. You can choose to discover the best of Mykonos by night with one of their charming and charismatic guides or go on a walking tour and wander through the cute narrow cobblestone streets of Chora town. You’ll also meet the most famous (and most photographed!) resident of Mykonos – Petros the Pelican!

Fancy a nude gay sailing trip?

Nudists listen up! One of the best ways to experience Mykonos AND make a whole bunch of new likeminded friends at the same time is on an all-male gay nude sailing trip with GaySail. The trip starts in Mykonos and cruises to Athens with stopovers at the following islands: Paros, Kitnos, Santorini and Aegina. They guarantee that all their crew are 100% fabulous!

Elysium Hotel

Most guys will be booking their room here. Put it this way, Elysium ticks all the gay boxes: It’s well located right in the heart of the main town, walking distance to the gay bars.

It also has really pretty airy rooms, an onsite gym, rooftop bar for sunset cocktails and large pool party area (complete with hot tub!).

Elysium is also home to the hilarious Sunset Cabaret drag show, which takes place every evening.

The gay resort is perched on a hill overlooking Mykonos town, hence the famous panoramic sunset view everyone talks about: this is the west side of the island, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a magnificent sundown every evening from the rooftop. If ever Seby and I argued during our holiday (it happens a lot, the guy’s a total drama queen…!), bringing him here for a romantic sunset cocktail always did the trick to kiss and make up!

The bedrooms at the Elysium are simply sumptuous! They are spacious, usually with a private balcony. For us, there’s nothing better than having your own personal balcony area to munch away your breakfast in peace when nursing off a Mykonos hangover!

As this is the main “Str8 friendly hotel” in Mykonos, rooms quickly get snapped up during the busy June to September period so we highly recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Click below to get 10 € (or $10) off your first booking.

Cavo Tagoo

It’s got a weird name but Cavo Tagoo is one of the most luxurious and gay friendly romantic places to stay on Mykonos – we absolutely love it!

You definitely feel like a celebrity staying here – five-star luxury with fantastic service! The gay friendly hotel is built into a cliff side so you can enjoy stunning views over the Mediterranean. Many of the rooms, suites and villas even have private pools or hot tubs!

The ultimate Mykonos Instagram bucket list item to look out for here: the out-of-this-world cave pool!

I went overboard snapping away at Cavo Tagoo’s infinity pool that at one stage Seby threw my phone into the water from his floating sun lounger, reminding me of the many problems that social media addiction can cause… A few cocktails from the aquarium bar was, however, enough to calm my hot-headed Frenchman…

In terms of location, Cavo Tagoo is a short walk to the main part of Mykonos town, but they offer guests a free shuttle bus along with a free pickup and drop-off to the airport. If you need pampering, the Golden Spa offers plenty of treatments including chromotherapy! Never heard of it? Neither had we: it’s light therapy, which (amongst many other benefits) helps the body adjust to jet lag. Other perks of Cavo Tagoo include a large, modern fitness centre and an uh-maaaazing buffet breakfast with so much choice!

Rochari Hotel

Another gay gem, which isn’t quite as pricey as Elysium or Cavo Tagoo.

The Rochari Hotel is owned by the Kousathanas family who have been running it as a gay haven since opening in 1976. As such, it felt more like we were staying with our Greek family rather than in a hotel, which we loved!

The rooms here aren’t as lush as the Elysium and Cavo Tagoo, but the setting is just as impressive.

Most rooms offer a panoramic sea view, ours was Room 106 which had an exquisite view!.

If you want to splurge, we recommend booking one of the suites which have their own Jacuzzi in the private balcony. It’s perfect for a honeymooning couple, or a group of up to 5 friends sharing to spread the cost, which is what we once did.

The Rochari hotel pool area is rife with hot muscle-mary speedo-clad bodies during the peak months: if you want a break from Elia beach, we recommend hanging out here during the day for a slice of all that gay beach party action! They also have a gym and a Hammam, which gets quite cruisy in the evening.

In terms of location, it’s walking distance to the gay bars and the main port. There are lots of restaurants nearby, including the on-site (reasonably priced!) restaurant which we recommend trying for traditional Greek fare.

MyCocoon Hostel

For LGBTQ budget travellers, we recommend checking out MyCocoon. It’s one of the most impressive hostels we’ve ever stayed at.

Not only is MyCocoon the only hostel on Mykonos, it’s a “design hostel”. We found it to be super hip, stylish, yet soothing, minimal and cosy.

And the bonus? Despite being a hostel, it also has a rooftop infinity pool with poolside bar – the ideal spot to meet other gay travellers.

We found everything to be impeccably clean at MyCocoon (which isn’t always the case at other hostels we’ve stayed at!). There is plenty of storage space in the rooms along with charging sockets beside each bed. We love the little details, like how each guest gets a towel, plus a little kit which includes an eye-mask and ear-plugs, free of charge.

In terms of location, it’s very central, towards the northern end of Mykonos‘ main town. It’s around 10 minutes walking distance to the main gay bars and a few blocks away from the port. There is a small convenience store directly below – a blessing when you need to buy drinking water to help a precious Seby nurse his hangover…

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise used to be the sole exclusive gay beach of Mykonos, but today draws quite a mixed crowd. The far end is the gayest part, especially after 4pm around the Jackie O’ Beach Club and the Super Paradise Club. During the summer months, the beach clubs usually host some of the best gay parties – the hot muscly chiselled beach boys will no doubt be handing out flyers for these during the day.

We’ll be honest, this used to be the best gay beach for us in Mykonos when we first started coming here many (many!) years ago but more recently it has become overrun with straight crowds and families. Now we usually skip Super Paradise and head straight over to Elia beach.

Elia Beach

Elia is not only the most popular and largest gay beach on Mykonos island, it’s one of our favourite gay beaches in Europe There is always a convivial vibe, full of hot guys of all shapes and sizes. On the one side is a beach bar with restaurant, where all the action congregates (this is where you’re gonna get all your drinks from). Towards the other end, things are more chilled, more nudey and more cruisey!

The only downside is that its popularity has caught on, so each year we see more and more straight crowds and families spilling over here from the other beaches, particularly in July/August. Put it this way, the further to the end of the beach you go, the gayer it becomes!

Agrari Beach

Agrari beach is the next beach along from Elia. A rocky outcrop separates the two (where a lot of hanky panky goes on!). As Elia beach becomes more popular, more and more gay guys head to Agrari. As it’s more low key and remote, it’s also a nudist haven. The sand on Agrari beach is a bit more coarse than on Elia, but as Elia grows more popular each year, we think this is the next big gay beach in Mykonos to head to.

We suggest basing yourself at the far end of Elia beach which borders Agrari beach and head here if it gets too crowded. In terms of facilities, it starts to get remote here, but there is a restaurant at the Agrari Hotel to get food and drinks from.

Panormos Beach

Panormos is the only gay beach of Mykonos not in the south of the island. It is located 7km north from the main town. The public bus recently started coming here, which led to increased interest in Panormos beach. We found that the straight crowds and families tend to stick to the entrance side of Panormos where all the umbrellas and sun-beds are. If you continue heading to the far end of this beach it gets completely remote with lots of nudism.

We recommend coming here as an alternative to the other beaches, particularly when there is a strong southerly wind creating waves in the south.

Jackie O‘ Beach club

The Jackie O‘ beach club is the reason why Super Paradise Beach remains a gay beach hub in Mykonos. It’s a large 150-seat restaurant with an open bar, sizeable pool and Jacuzzi – just imagine the many gay pool parties that take place here every summer…! Pool parties aside, the Jackie O‘ beach club is probably one of the happening gay hangouts in Mykonos during the day when everyone comes to the beach to sleep off their hangover and tan.

Gay beach clubs during XLSIOR

There isn’t an official XLSIOR beach club, but we’ve included it here because if you’re heading to Mykonos during this big gay festival in August, then you can pretty much guarantee that every beach club surrounding Elia and Super Paradise will be catering to the large gay crowd with their own LGBTQ targetted events. Otherwise, check the XLSIOR website for details of their parties, which take place at different beach clubs around the island like Cavo Paradiso, Ftelia, Zenit and the Pinky Beach Club.

Jackie O‘ Bar

Former First Lady (and major gay icon) Jacky Kennedy Onassis famously visited Mykonos back in 1961 and fell in love with the island. She returned every summer, bringing with her a troupe of gay fans each year, turning Mykonos into the LGBTQ mecca it has now become. So strong was her mark on the Mykonos gay scene that this awesome bar is named after her.

Jackie O‘ is, today, the main gay bar of Mykonos and definitely our favourite. We especially love watching the drag shows here which happen every evening. They crack us up every time! Most come to Jackie O‘ to come the evening and will then head over to Babylon next door to dance the night away.

Elysium Sunset Bar

Elysium is the most famous gay hotel on Mykonos. The Elysium Sunset Bar, one of the hottest gay hangouts. Every evening from around 8pm, the Elysium bar hosts its “Sunset Cabaret Show” with hysterical international drag queens, handsome GoGo dancers and a live DJ set.

As well as being a fun gay night out in Mykonos, it’s one of our favourite spots to watch the sunset early in the evening before things heat up here. Due to its large pool area, the Elysium Sunset Bar becomes one of the main gay pool party hotspots during XLSIOR.

Porta Bar

Porta is a more lowkey chic gay bar in Mykonos, the sort of place to come for a cocktail in a chilled environment while the party animals are getting warmed up in Jackie O’s. The music sets the atmosphere beautifully – a mix of jazz with some upbeat dance tracks thrown in.

We like coming to Porta as a sort of respite from the heaving party scene. Although having said that, Porta does get quite busy from around 1am, especially in the summer months.

Lola Bar

A cutesy quaint gay bar in Mykonos we recommend checking out – if anything, for the very cute and friendly staff who make delicious Espresso Martinis! Dimitris and his partner Gilles are the owners who are the heart and soul of Lola, welcoming everyone with open arms, making it feel more like one big happy gay family!

Although the crowd is predominantly over 40s, we recommend Lola to people who want to make new friends in Mykonos. It’s always a warm and personable atmosphere here which is hard to resist.

Kastro’s Bar

We love this small resto/bar because of the picturesque balcony area. It’s our little hidden gem we share with you if you’re looking for a place to impress your Grindr date! It’s one of our favourite spots for dinner and/or a romantic drink because of the backdrop of the Aegean sea behind you.

Although not exclusively a gay bar, Kastro’s attracts a lot of gay couples like us who are looking for some downtime. The food at Kastro’s is also amazingly good and definitely worth trying out.


Babylon is the most popular gay club of Mykonos, located next door to Jackie O’. We always have a ball here – there’s always a lively, fun atmosphere going strong until around 6am. Inside there is a dancing area with drag shows and GoGo dancers. Outside it has a really pretty terrace to hang out (complete with ocean spray!) where you can people-watch and gossip about who’s gone to the Church cruising ground next door!

During XLSIOR, Babylon hosts some of the best gay-themed parties. Whether you come to Babylon during XLSIOR or at any other time, we can definitely guarantee you’ll have a really fun night out here!


Also called @54 or 54Bar, this is a lounge, terrace, bar and club, attached to the TownHouse boutique hotel. Whilst we love coming here for a few romantic sunset cocktails on their terrace, for us, the real highlight of At54 is their pop diva club nights. We love to boogie to Kylie, Britney and Abba, and At54 gives us that dose of gay pop disco we so crave on our holiday!

At54 also give us our dose of Greek pop gay anthems from the most famous local divas like Anna Vissi, Elena Paparizou, Tamta and Eleni Foureira. And if one of those Greek divas are in town, this is the spot they’re likely to perform just like Kelly Kaltsi did in 2016.

Cavo Paradiso

This is THE famous mega-club of Mykonos and often rated as one of the best in the world. It is located just above Paradise Beach (ie the beach on the west side of Super Paradise Beach), perched up high on a 150-foot high cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. During the summer months, Cavo Paradiso hosts some of the biggest parties, which reminded us of some of the mega-club parties in Ibiza. The crowd is usually a mix of both gay and straight guys – and those in between!

If there’s a big gay party happening on Mykonos, such as the WE Circuit Party, then it’s likely to be at Cavo Paradiso. Our advice is to be on the lookout for the (oiled-up stuff-muffin perfectly-chiselled) GoGo dancer boys giving out flyers and discount bands on the beach during the day.

XLSIOR and other gay parties in Mykonos

During the peak summer months, there are always large ad hoc parties happening throughout Mykonos at various venues such as the Fou Club, Zenit and others. The biggest ones will be happening during the XLSIOR festival in August (like WE at Cavo Paradiso mentioned above).

The best advice is to look out for the hot speedo-clad GoGo boys who will be advertising any parties during the day at Super Paradise and Elia beach.

Elia Beach

As you approach Elia beach from Super Paradise, keep walking to the other end, away from all the sunbeds (where the straight crowd hangs out). The far end is the gay nudey part. If you continue over to the rocky area just after this, you’ll quickly locate the spot where all the shenanigans happen!

Jackie O‘ Beach Club

The Jackie O‘ bar in the Chora was so popular that they decided to expand, opening a gay beach club and restaurant at Super Paradise beach. Not only can you enjoy the beach here, there’s also a pool, Jacuzzi, bar and restaurant. We love coming to the restaurant in between sunning and swimming on the beach. Perched above the beach you can dine on a huge variety of sumptuous seafood dishes along with flavourful salads, pasta and fresh fish. There’s even a cigar menu to end off your meal – yes, a cigar menu…this is the first time we’ve ever seen a cigar menu in a restaurant! If you come for dinner, make sure you also stick around for the drag show afterwards.

Elysium Hotel Bar

We’ve already mentioned Elysium as a place to stay and a place for a drink, but it’s worth mentioning again as a restaurant as well, trust us! The resto/bar in the gay Elysium hotel is highly rated for its food, which you can, of course, enjoy alongside the stunning views. They serve simple yummy sandwiches and burgers along with ‘fancier‘ dishes. We especially enjoyed the prosciutto and melon salad, as well as some super-fresh seafood – but the gay ambience is the real drawcard here. If you come for dinner you have to stay for the nightly drag show, a couple of cocktails and, of course, the jaw-droppingly stunning sunset view!

Noa Greek Restaurant

Noa is one of the most highly-rated Greek restaurants on the whole island. We love to come here when we’re craving some authentic Greek food, especially Stefan – this is, after all, staple comfort food for him. Noa attracts a mixed crowd including lots of gay boys because it is a few minutes walking distance to the gay bars. Not only is the restaurant gorgeous, with amazing views, but the food here is sooooo goood! We could have stuffed ourselves with gyros, kebabs, lamb chops, grilled octopus, souvlakis, tzatziki and baklava all day long, but then we’d need to roll back home! As excellent as Noa restaurant is, we also like the fact that it’s not too expensive either (at least for Mykonos standards!).


Lalala is one of the most popular places in Mykonos to go for a gay brunch! We certainly rate it as our favourite breakfast/brunch spot. Why? Their pancakes are famous for being the best on Mykonos (trust us!), the coffee is superb and if you want something a little healthier, we recommend the Greek yoghurt with fruit and honey. Like Noa, Lalala is close to the gay bars and hotels in Chora, which makes it a popular choice for the gay boys looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before heading down to Elia beach. It’s owned and run by two (super cute!) brothers, who are just the loveliest guys you’ll ever meet!

Explore Mykonos town – Chora

The number-one thing all travellers to Mykonos will (and should) do is, explore Chora. Chora is Greek for “town” and is a way to specify whether you’re talking about the island Mykonos or the main town which is also confusingly called, ‘Mykonos‘! Here you will find picturesque white buildings (think Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia), the famous windmills, the main harbour and the pretty area known as Little Venice. If it’s your first time on Mykonos, we highly recommend joining this gay tour which will take you to all the main sights, and, bring you face to face with Mykonos‘ most famous resident: Pedro the Pelican! Doing a gay tour is also a fantastic way to make a fantastic new group of friends who you can then party with for the rest of your trip.

Stefan Arestis

Stefan is the co-founder, editor, and author of the gay travel blog As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about traveling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends, and learning new cultures. His advice about LGBTQ travel has been featured in Gaycation Magazine, Gaycities, Gay Times, Pink News, and Attitude Magazine. He has also written about gay travel for other non-gay-specific publications including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. Find out more .

From whitewashed villages to bohemian chic retreats and beaches with crystal clear waters Mykonos is a gay’s summer paradise. Mykonos offers a party scene that lasts for almost 24 hours straight, during the whole course of summer. You should definitely visit the Super Paradise beach, which was once the biggest gay beach on the island.

I loved the night life in Mykonos! Being able to party on the beach is so much fun, I loved my time on the island

Mykonos can also be reached with high speed boats from Athens (either Piraeus or Rafina ports) in 2.5 to 3 hours!

Lots of happy cruising around Paraportiani church at night or Elia rocks and hill (naked) during the day. Much fun!

Lola is a great bar aswell. I missed it on your site. We had a lot of fun there last week. We met a lot of paradisebirds there.Unfortunately, the pianobar is closed.

Hi Niels thanks for the comment! We’ve updated the article 🙂

.. you wonderful guys, the recommendations you have are nice but i miss one of the best gay bars, Lola Bar, Zanni Pitaraki 4, Chora, very nice staff, charming owner, good music and guys from all over the world, luv this place ???? kind regards Hans

Hello, Bonjour and Welcome to our travel blog. We are Stefan and Sebastien a French/Greek gay couple from London. Together, we have been travelling the world for over 10 years. Nomadic Boys is our gay travel blog showcasing all our travel adventures as a gay couple.

The Best Gay Beaches in Greece!

Greece is characterized by its mild Mediterranean climate, spectacular sceneries and stunning beaches. What’s better than enjoying these amazing features of Greece surrounded by sexy Greek men (and not only)? The Gay beaches in Greece have been a major meeting point for the gay travelers and locals for many years, therefore, it is very easy to find a gay friendly beach even at the most isolated islands or regions!

Here are some widely known Greek islands and the most popular gay beaches on them:

 What can I find in this Gay Travel Guide ?

Our Travel by Interest Experts have created this dedicated gay travel guide, to help you easily plan your next gay holidays and discover all the places you want to see and all the things you want to do. You can find here the top gay bars, gay events, and other gay hots-pots, as well as gay-friendly Hotels to stay!

Mykonos – das Gay Mekka

Mykonos lebt vom einzigartigen Charme seines Hauptortes Mykonos-Stadt. Kleine verwinkelte Gassen, in denen ich ständig die Orientierung verloren habe, zumal alles in Weiss angestrichen ist – stylisch eingerichtete Geschäfte, Restaurants und bekannte Gay-Lokale sowie der internationale Flair. Denn hier trifft sich wirklich die ganze Welt auf einem kleinen Fleck Erde. Der Fährhafen von Mykonos, den man schnell per Boot-Taxi von der Innenstadt erreicht, ist das Gateway zu allen Nachbarinseln. Im Minutentakt legen hier die Fähren an und auch schon gleich wieder ab. Die Schnellfähre bringt uns in gut zwei Stunden nach Santorin (von den Griechen auch Thira genannt).

Mein Fazit:

Ich kann die Kykladen wirklich wärmstens empfehlen. Mach Dir ein eigenes Bild! Beispielsweise mit unserer Kykladen-Inselhopping-Tour inkl. Wanderkarten, allen Übernachtungen und Transfers – , denn es soll für Dich eine entspannte Zeit sein!

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Gay sailing to the Gay Island of Mykonos! A sailing holiday that starts in Athens. If you are looking for a gay sailing vacation that’s packed with terrific conditions, beautiful landscapes, historically significant ancient ruins, secluded islands, vibrant nightlife, a warm culture and terrific cuisine, this is the one! On this Gay Sail Special trip you can join one or two weeks. The second week we sail from Mykonos Island to Santorini and back to Mykonos. Let our Gay skippers and -cooks guide you over the Greek seas! See link for our Greek trailer.

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