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Gay rape porn videos

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Yesterday the man that comes to fill my dad’s propane tank came to the house. Usually he doesn’t knock and just goes into the back to do his thing. Yesterday he I was in the middle of jerking off and super horny.

I pulled on some pants fast and raced downstairs, my face still flushed and answered the door. My bulge was showing when I answered it and the man immediately looked at it then looked at me with a slight grin.

Mike had a dark moustachem straggly hair and stood about 6 ft 4. He had a big gut and was very hairy.

Since it was gonna take a couple minutes and I was really horny I invited him in for a cup of coffee, he agreed.

I went to my room which was right next to where Mike was drinking his coffee and left the door wide open. He went to stop the pump and came back in. I saw him peeping his head when I was completely naked and then got enough courage to say;

Mike was infuriated by this, stomping in and asking me if I thought he was a fag, which I replied of course with no. I was still naked and he had gotten behind me. I felt the texture of his jeans and his cold belt buckle ride up and down my ass as he forced my head down onto my bed.

When I thought he was about to rape me, he pulled my hair and forced me down to his unopened zipper.

He started to jam his flacid cock into my mouth, I felt it growing inside my mouth. My saliva was everywhere, on his jeans, on my chest, the floor. He was pumping my face good until he stopped.

„Go get a cup,“ he demanded while stroking his 6 in cock.

I sucked them for a minute until he started cumming in the cup. He must have filled half the cup with my reward.

I hesitated, which only lent me a slap in the face. I took it and drank it like a shot, not sparing a drop. As I was getting cleaned up, he stuck his middle finger in my ass and said.

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I am writing this to you this because I have to. My master is making me share my story as part of my punishment for being a sissy faggot bitch. My name is Toby, I own a construction company that has about 10 employees and we are fairly successful. Successful enough that I don’t need to be at work much and have a fair amount of spare time. This is where my problem began. I Started jerking off to porno like all the time. It was all that I could do. 2- 3 times a day, always to porn, and the porn got harder and harder. One day I stumbled across a porno vid of 2 guys. The one guy was fucking the other guys mouth hard. I was intrigued and for the first time I came to the thought of 2 guys. Immediately afterwards I was disgusted and ashamed that I had just jerked off to gay porn. wtf.. Im not gay. I deleted the memory and cache off my comp and figured that I would never need to worry about it again.A week or so passed and had forgotten about my gay incident. Life was normal, my gf Candice and I had just moved in together, things were going great. One night I was one the computer and got deep into rape porn and other hard-core stuff. I found myself jerking off to gay porn again. This time I didn’t get discouraged and went all out and fingered my ass while jerking off watching gay porn. Afterwards I was slightly ashamed but not as trend continued and I started jerking off to gay porn daily. It was just normal for me. I also started experimenting with anal. By using cucumbers with condoms on and anal pumping myself. I was becoming a real pervert. At some point some night I discovered craigslist. I started to play with it and even started to contact and reply to some of the ads. That’s not exactly true. I really started to reply to ads. All the time. I would be setting up dates with guys and standing them up. I became known as a time waster. And that’s what I was just a night I got brave with all the dates and I actually was so horny that I figured I will maybe try to suck a dick. I picked one ad with a guy with a nice clean looking dick and set up a meeting in a deserted parking lot. So there he was with his blue mini-van. I can remembering being so nervous approaching the passenger side door. He rolled down his window and for the first time I saw my master. “why your as good-looking as you are in the pics” Master exclaimed.“thank you, you are too, so you want to do this?” I replied“for sure! Hop in.” master encouragedI got in his mini-van and he lite up a cigarette. Hew was about 38 years old, clean shaven, a little over-weight but still handsome. He had tattoos and I quickly noticed his scare on his face. I didn’t want to say anything about it and just ignored it. master was rubbing his dick through his pants “so lets get down to business”he pulled his dick out and I immediately went down on him. His dick was about 6-7 inches long and not that thick, he was circumcised and his dick tasted like soap. He held the back of my head lightly pushing down every so often.. I really didn’t like to tell you the truth and was hoping it would end soon. He started to pump my face harder and came. I spit it all out and it was not pleasant at all. He was pissed cause I made a mess and he actually slapped me on the back of the head. I didn’t react because I just wanted it all over with. “Get out, you worthless slave.. you should be punished for not swallowing. “ I looked at this guy like he had 2 heads. Slave? Punished? This guy was sick in my mind, I just got in my truck and left. In my mind I was never going to suck another dick again but I wasn’t gone for 20 minutes when I noticed that my wallet was missing. I quickly grabbed my i-phone and checked my email to see if buddy had contacted me. I opened it up and saw and email from him with an attachment. I open the email and it reads “he sissy, looks like I got your wallet. I also want you to check out the nice new video I have. You will come back to this parking lot immediately and clean up your mess.” I was shocked. I opened the attachment and my heart sank.. It was a video of me sucking masters beautiful cock. He must have taped me in the act. Fuck me I thought.. this prick has my wallet and all my info and a video of me sucking his dick. I immediately got in my car and went to the parking lot. When I got there he was waiting outside his car. I pulled up and got out really nervously.“Well, I’ll make you a deal, you clean that up in my truck there and let me fuck your ass while doing it and Ill delete the video. If you don’t then I will be emailing it to all your employee’s, your girlfriend, your parents. I have all your personal info and I can make this happen. So its your choice. You be a good bitch and finish what you started you go on with your life. You don’t and you go on know as a dicksucker.”“fuck you man.. Ill call the police.” I retorted.“go ahead. I just got out of jail, I’m not afraid.. where do you think I got this scar.. plus you do that and I’ll fuck you up.. now I am going to forgive you if you immediately get in there and start cleaning..”He was serious.. fuck me.. I slowly bent over and leaned in and started to wipe the seat with my hand.. “I have nothing to wipe this up with I pleaded..” Master then came up behind me and yanked my pants down to my ankles and started to push his dick against my asshole.. it slide in but still hurt. I was so nervous about someone catching us I just wanted it to finish. “here lick it up.. lick up your mess you fucking pig slut” he pushed my head into the mess…so here I was, bent over with my face in a pile of cum and getting my ass fucked. How did this happen? How did I get myself into this? I wasn’t licking the mess up and master didn’t seem to care. He was fucking my ass like he was trying to kill it. After about 2 minutes of hard fucking I sensed he was getting close to finishing.“please don’t cum in me,” I pleaded“shut your mouth you fucking slut. I will cum where I want” he replied“do you have any std’s” I asked concerned as there were no condoms, but Master didn’t respond and he started to push hard hurting me.. “uhh, uggh, ugh, take it you bitch,” master slowly relaxed still deep inside me “ I don’t know if I have and std, I’ve never been tested. You gunna get tested in a month or so and tell me, I don’t have anything serious, they would tell you in jail.”Wtf I thought?? Anyways.. I had done my part. He gave me back my wallet and promised to delete the video.. I didn’t really believe it. I kinda at that point new that my ordeal was not over. But I wanted out of the van as fast as I could. I quickly pulled up my pants and I got in my car and I got home I felt sick to my stomach, I went to the shower and didn’t get out for an hour. I washed and washed and washed, I couldn’t get clean. When I got out of the shower I noticed that I had a text message, it was master. Now that he had my info he knew who I was he had me pegged. The text was simply another video… I opened it and it was a video he took while he was fucking my ass. “do you think I would let your sweet ass get away now did you?” the text read

I want to get clean. I don’t want to be perverted any more. I just want to get back to a normal sex life. I’m only 18, I don’t want to get any worse.

I want to stop being interested in young stuff or incests or anything like that. Even shemale or gays or cross dressing or whatever.

I just want to be satisified fucking one girl and be happy with that. How can I stop being so perverted? It’s like i’m a porn addict, but the issue is too taboo to discuss.

If someone a heroin addict, at least they can talk about it and get help. But, if you’re addicted to sick stuff, there’s no one you can tell without judging you, and there’s no one you can talk to if your stuff is borderline illegal.

I’ve really got to stop this. I havn’t DONE anything illegal yet, but I’m really worried because I’ve been tempted when I’m with my niece or even nephew. I’ve ignored these dark thoughts, but I can’t deny that they are there.

I suppose it’s exceptionally difficult for me, being a victim of molestation when I was little really did fuck up my head. But I just want to get normal?? How can I? I could never live with myself if I ruined someone life like mine was ruined.

I’ve also recently read a story of a friend of a friend who someone worked with got sent down for young download charges including rape and making porn. I don’t want that to happen to me so I have to stop now.

It’s just that I’ve always liked girls, ever since I was like 8 shortly after I got molested I’ve wanted to do things girl who’s the same age, and that feeling has never gone away. Even if not to penetrate I just feel some sort of incomprehensible lust towards them which I wish would stop.

I just want to be normal! Please how can I stop? I know a perverted website isn’t the best place to ask, but there must be someone out there that knows what to do.

I confess that I left the bar tonight and I was walking down a back alley where to gay guys tried to rape me, luckily I was able to beat them off.

I am a married man, love the wife, but i want to try gay sex so bad. looking at a man does not appeal to me, but the thought of taking cock up the ass drives me crazy. as i hit 5-0, it gets worse. i have daydreams of going to the park, a known gay hangout to see if someone will use me, maybe even rape me, the wife does not know and she would be hurt if she found out, which i do not want. i do not trust anyone to keep my secret, but would love to be some guy’s man bitch, to be used and fucked. wish i could find somebody to trust and get my dreams filled.

I confess that at the moment most hentai is shit. It gets better, but something as good as Bible Black is released rarely, maybe once or twice a year at best. Why?? Why people draw all kinds of naughty/sexy/dirty/gory stuff on paper, but never animate it? So much fun can be had with really interesting topics, for example – gun rape or teens fucking their pets while pretending doing their homework. Why haven’t I seen (even once) a zoo rape, I mean – cruel kids trying to forcefully fuck a stray dog with a stick. I mean I’ve seen only one good shota gay rape in Enzai. Why, people?? Why these asians can stick an octopus in some girl’s vagina, but they would never make an animated version of it – they just draw some unnatural-looking tentacles, which in most cases only make girls cum – not rip them apart, or at least fuck them in such way, that girls would suffer? It’s rape, right? Why are they drawing all this silly nonsense with tentacles, molesters and nurses. Where is good old „get your friend drunk and assfuck her“. Drunk rape happens all the time, school teens are fucking in woods, teen girls insert stuff in their holes while thinking of some guy, who in fact would drug rape her when given the chance. This all can be drawn very intense, very realistic. Instead we’ve got the silly stuff. Do you actually believe, that it is possible to cum from being raped? Only pain, injuries, bruises, pregnancy, hate, tears and suicide may be the result of a rape. Why do they draw those lustful eyes and broken girls? Anal rape is not 2min of pain and an hour of cumming, it is 10 min of pain at best, and at worst – hours of pain, broken ass, internal bleeding, infection, inability to stand or walk. Also, most of rape victims get beaten up badly. Never seen it in hentai. All this is done in RL every day, but these bastards draw rape as something almost good and enjoyable.

I am 24 and male. I confess, that I got my asshole violated and loved it. I always liked girls, but now I know that I have an asspussy, so maybe I need to reconsider some things.

I don´t want to bore everybody with all the details about the background story and how it happened. I found my self in a room with a bunch of guys and they decided to rape me. They wanted me to suck their dicks and threatened me whit a knife when I refused to do it. I didn’t want to get hurt, so I basically gave in from then on. I got on my knees and started to suck cock. After a few minutes, when everyone was rock hard, one of them said something like: While we are at it, why not fuck his ass?

While undressing me, they noticed that I got an erection from giving head. I don´t know why I got hard from sucking their cocks, I really didn’t like it at that point, I just concentrated on doing it. Well long story short, they started calling me a faggot and gave me a girls name. At that point there was no holding back for them, my lack of resistance and the obvious signs my body gave, made them believe I wanted all that to happen. Well maybe subconscious I did. In addition to the girls name, they decided it would be kinda gay if they fucked a dude. So one of them went to the bedroom to borrow some panties and makeup from his girlfriend. They sliced the panties open, so my asshole would be accessible when I ware them. Then I got some lipstick on my lips, but not like you normally would apply lipstick, they just smeared it across my lips and cheeks. To finish it of I got a cowgirl hat, to cover up my male looking hairstyle.

They all laughed at me and told me what a pretty girl I am. I felt completely helpless and humiliated, weak and robbed of all my masculinity. Not that I think being weak and helpless is a feminine trait, but at this point, being in this situation I had no choice, other than feeling feminine. Being male just wasn’t an option. I looked down on myself, saw my, now limp, cock in those panties and couldn’t resist to think how cute those panties look on me. One of them noticed that I went limp and said to me he knows exactly what I need now, to get in the mood again. I was told to get on all fours, so I did. He told me to crawl over to him and suck his dick, and I eagerly did. While I was sucking his dick, one of them started to lube my asshole and fingered it for a bit. I tried to relax my hole as good as possible, because I didn’t want it to hurt. It sounds illogical, but when you push like you are taking a dump, its easier to take things up the butt. After figuring that out, he had no problems fitting two fingers in my ass. He then spat on his cock and pushed it against my hole. I guess my ass was a bit gaped after he pulled out his fingers because I tried to keep it as lose as possible and he said to some of the other guys: „Look at that greedy fuckhole!“ one of the others said: „She is a real talent!“, while saying that, he got in front of me and pushed his cock in my face. I switched to sucking his meat and continued to rub the other guys cook. The lipstick was all over my face. At the same time the guy behind me pushed his dick in my asshole. He was very gentle and slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. Once he was balls deep, he took up a decent speed, but not to fast or hard. I kept sucking and started to produce muffled moans. They where right, it seemed to be what I need, my cock was hard again. „I am going to make you feel like a real girl! Do you like to get fucked in your cunt?!“ I had my mouth full of cock, so I didn’t answer right away. The guy fucking me slapped my ass really hard and said: „I am asking you a question you stupid bitch, answer me!“ The guy I was sucking pulled back, grabbed me by the chin, made me look directly at him and said: „Answer him! Do you like being fucked in your cunt?!“ before I could answer the guy behind me started to orgasm, he suddenly started to pound me real hard and fast, my whole body rocking back and forth from his thrusts and him pulling me back on his cock. The guy holding my chin now screams at me: „Answer!“ and whit every thrust from behind I get out one word at the time: „Yes-I-love-to-get-my-ass-hole-fucked!“ He finishes whit one last hard push and pulls out. I feel cum dripping out of my ass. Then he says, heavily breathing: „Thats not your asshole you fucking slut. Thats your pussy from now on, a girl has to have a pussy. Do you understand that?“ I answer „Yes…i do“. One of them slaps my ass and says: „Good girl. Now beg us to keep fucking you.“So I am kneeling there on all fours, cum dripping from my hole, running down my leg, I am still stoking one guy with my left hand, feeling waves of bliss floating from my asspussy through my whole body, feeling the relive of being nothing else as a peace of fuckmeat. I stop to stroke the cock, I lay down on my back, spread my legs as good as I can and start to finger my dripping hole. „‚Please fuck my asspussy, make me feel like a girl, pleeeeease. I want you to fill me up whit cum! I need your cocks, please make me cum!“ I started to stroke my hard cock throgh the panties while fingering my cunt. One of them closed in on me: „You gonna get what you need until you cant take it anymore!“ he pushed his cock in my greedy hole and started to fuck me, he fucked me way harder than the guy before, it felt amazing. He then slapped my hand away from my dick and said: „Stop stroking that ting! You can´t jerk off with a clit like that. Girls don’t always get to cum. If you can´t cum from getting your cunt fucked, you don´t get to cum at all.“ From then on I got fucked in every position I could imagine and some I couldn’t. After hours of fucking and cumming I was covered in their lovejuice, my panties drenched in sweat and cum and my pussy was gaped. It was heaven…

eternal damnation of the twisted mind; ok guys heres my confession, for as long as i can remember iv always wanted to feel normal, but i never have, no im not a gender bender or closet gay, but in my own diagnosis from endless research, i am a monster, the kind of things nightmares are made out of,and no i wasnt abused as a child, or have a domineering mother, i have no disability and i wasnt bullied at school, i wish and wish and pray to high heaven that my demons would subside, that i could be happy with a house a wife and kids, but that doesnt interest me at all , the thought of that makes me thought of working everyday for the rest of my life, abiding the law, laying down and taking crap, living by other peoples rules of right and wrong makes me physically sick. reason for my diagnosis…i dont think like normal people, i dont get disgusted at the horrific, studies on sphycotic serial killers reveal their inner windings, and i am 85 percent identical, it doesnt stop there, as long as i can remmeber iv been attracted to underage girls, not just pre-legal, pre puberty, i have sick, degrading and often voilent thoughts, the range of my fantasies goes from everything, from kids to beast to rape to degration even murder, yes thats right murder and i dont mean thinking bout it when i get pissed off i mean actually fantasising,rush of pleasure when thinking of choking someone, actually picturing a knife severing skin,planning down to a t the perfect murder and selected victims etc etc, the list could go on, i have planned my whole life, from the time i became aware of my condition i have portrayed a perfect „innocent“ image of myself to others, minus a few rookie mistakes,everyday, for years and years. purely on the intention of if i ever act on my volcanic urges, that no one would suspect little old me, (you have to admit thats dedication to your art) the awkward 15 percent of me that craves normality. i have not yet acted on these impulses,the amount of times iv been ready to go on a spree that would garauntee to shock the world, i would litterally pray that i had a non-curable illness (see movie-saw)to then have an excuse to do what i want, the only thing that has stopped me from doing any of these things, my family, i couldnt bare them live with the shame of my name over their heads, my mother who is damn near a saint, my three lovely sisters, and my hard working father,it is because of them my enemies are safe to sleep at night, and the people of this world dont shudder at my name. god forbid if anything ever happens to them and i lose them, or they dissown me for whatever reason, then youll all know my name and this post will be the marking of my literary warped confession. being only 21 myself, there is plenty of time for this jekyl and hyde side of me to cease battling eeach other and show the world what were made of. untill then my friends, i leave you with one thought, is it better to die knowing you did everything u want but with a bad name, or to live a long life, and die an old unhappy man, filled with regrets, a wasted life. au revior

I wish I could find a gay Dom who wants to keep a man locked away in his basement. To keep me chained up, naked, and to be raped on his whim. To be remade into what ever he wants me to be. To just disappear from the world and be broken to his will. To be nothing unless he wishes he would need to do is come get me near Cincinnati Ohio.I would be his, and just leave this life behind.

It all started after I just got a divorce and had to rent a room in a house in town. I had just lost my job and had just started a new one at entry level pay. I shared the house with two brothers, John and Jack that had inherited the house from their grandmother. They were both jocks that went to the gym everyday and loved sports. I was the opposite kind of small and thin and never really played sports. After the divorce I didn’t really want to have any girlfriends. I started looking at porn on my laptop and started to like the sissy stuff. I wasn’t gay and had always been with women. For some reason this stuff just turned me on. It all started off innocent enough. I would jerk off to sissy porn and then started watching sissy hypno videos. After a couple months went by when I bought my first panties. I never wore them when the brothers were home just when I had the house to myself. I almost died when I left a pair of thongs in the dryer and John found them. They started joking that I must have a new girlfriend and wanted to know when they were going to meet her. I just joked back and told them it was a one night stand. They laughed and congratulated me like I had just scored a touchdown. I had let my hair grow long and told them it was because where I worked they all did. I started driving to the city and trying to buy more stuff. I wanted to buy some stuff like skirts, blouses and shoes. The hardest thing to buy were things like bras, stockings and thing like that. Even though nobody knew who I was I still felt uncomfortable buying these things. I think the way I was embarrassed, they knew I was buying them for myself. Sometimes I would just walk out of the store because I was so embarrassed. That when I decided to start using Amazon. I went crazy! I could buy whatever I wanted and never had to go to a store. I bought all kind of stuff to dress up in. I was going to the post office almost every day. Then things like dildos and things like that started to be recommended to me. I started to try some small dildos and plugs. Oh god I loved it! The more I used them the more I wanted something bigger. I started buying ones that looked like dicks and they were a lot bigger than mine. I got a chastity devise and lock my penis up. It was so cool to not to be able to jerk off when I played my games. I would get horny as hell by not being able to cum for days. That may have been a bad thing looking back! Like I said the guys went to the gym every day and went to the bars most nights so I had the house to myself most of the time. The only problem was the hornier I got the more chances I would take. I almost got caught a couple of time. I swore not to take the chance of getting caught. One day we were all in the kitchen talking and Jack said something about ordering something on line and like a dumbass I said that I had an Amazon account. He said it would be great if he could just use my account to order his stuff. I didn’t know what to say but sure. I immediately went to my room and deleted my history and thought please don’t let him see what I been buying. I thought I had deleted everything and took my laptop to Jack’s room. I logged on for him and he was searching for what he wanted when John called me in to the living room for something. When I got back to Jack he was done ordering and gave me my laptop back and said he would pay me when his stuff came in. I thought everything was ok because everything was normal for a couple of days. Then three days later Jack came in and said John was out for the night and he wanted to talk to me. I sat on the couch and Jack was walking around then he said “I seen the fucked up shit you have bought on line.” My heart dropped and my stomach turned! I didn’t say anything. I just look at the floor and hope it would all go away. It didn’t. Jack said I knew there was something funny about you. Now go upstairs and get changed. I’m going to take a shower so don’t be too long! My head was spinning. I didn’t know what to do. Then Jack yelled “you better get your ass moving sissy or I’m going to stomp your ass in the ground.” I ran upstairs and slammed my door with all kind of thoughts running though my head. I didn’t want to dress up but, I was afraid Jack would kill me if I didn’t do as he said. I grabbed a skirt and blouse off the floor and put them on real fast. I already had panties on. I found some socks and tennis shoes that I had bought for that outfit and put them on. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself I got to do better than this. He’s going to beat the shit out of me. I knew I didn’t have time to put on much makeup so I just put on a little blush and lipstick and pulled my hair up in ponytails to help me look like a girl. I was out of breath and shaking knowing nobody has ever seen me this way. I ran back downstairs and heard the shower still running so I sat on his bed trembling. I heard the water stop and I knew he would be out soon so I tried to relax so he wouldn’t be mad. When I heard the door open my heart stopped. He walked in to the room and said “Holy fuck Scott.” He just stared at me for a while and then said “You make a good looking sissy you little faggot.” I just sat there not knowing what to say when he started to get angry again. Calling me names, saying he was going to tell everyone about me. I started crying a little and he kept yelling. I kept saying I was sorry and begging him not to tell anyone. He pushed me down on the bed and I thought he was going to hit me. He started calling me names like sissy bitch, pussy boy and told me I probably like sucking cocks too. I told him that I wasn’t gay and he just laughed. He took out his cell phone and started taking pics of me. I’m going to let everyone enjoy these. He said he was going to call all the guys at the gym and have them come over and fuck my sissy ass. I kept begging him not to and was really crying now. He said for now on he would call me Sue. He said Scott is not a good name for a sissy faggot. I was lying on the bed curled up in a ball crying and thing got quiet. I looked up and Jack was just standing over top of me. For a few minutes I didn’t know what he was going to do. I felt him sit on the bed and after a while he said “Sit up Sue we need to talk” I sat up and he said it would be ok and not to worry. I was wiping my eyes and he put out his hands like he wanted a hug. I was so confused I didn’t know what to do so I leaned towards him and he gave me a hug. The hug was lasting a long time and he pulled my legs over his lap and was rubbing my back and arms. He kept saying over and over that it will be ok. I was really getting uncomfortable from his touching when all of a sudden he grabbed my ass. I was shaking and afraid to say anything. He kept saying things like “Don’t worry, it will be ok and just relax.” The whole time he was rubbing my legs and ass. For some reason his touching me was beginning to less revolting and my comforting. I almost felt myself start to cuddle up to him. Then he said something that made my fears return. He said “Just do as I say and it will be ok. All you have to do is relax and enjoy this.” I wanted to run but I knew he would get mad again so I just sat there with him while he felt me up. His hands were everywhere, on neck and face, on my arm and the whole time with one on my ass. He put his hand inside of my panties and was squeezing and pulling on my ass cheek. He slid my panties down and was really working on my ass. He started breathing more heavily. A chill ran down my spine when he said “I think it time for you to get out of some of those pretty clothes. I started to pull away and he pulled me in really tight and said “Just do as I say and everything will be ok.” I went limp from defeat and he sat up and pulled me in to a kneeling position. I just close my eyes and let him take control of me. He started to pull on my sweater and blouse until it was pulled out of my skirt. He pulled my sweater up but, I still had my arms down and he said “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Just do as I say and you might enjoy this. You are a pretty girl. Now act like a pretty girl.” I knew I didn’t have a choice so I raise my arms above my head and let him take my sweater off. After Jack got my sweater off he stood up and looked down at me and said “Sue are you going to be a good girl or am I going to have to call for some help.” I just looked down and didn’t say anything. I heard him pull his cell phone out and it sounded like he was dialing a number. I thought he was bluffing about telling his friends but when he started talking to one of his buddies from the gym named Brice I looked at him in shock. Brice was a very large black guy that was always mean to me. He would always push me around or put me in a head lock. Brice would call me names like little man. I had heard them joke with Brice about the size of his dick. He called it his cunt buster and rectum wrecker. I didn’t have any choice but to look up at Jack and say “I will be a good girl Jack. Please don’t let Brice come over here. I will do anything you want me to do. Please!” Jack looked down at me and told Brice that he had to go because he had a hot bitch on his bed that needed his attention. I don’t know what Brice said but, Jack said he would call him if he needed any help with this cunt. Jack hung up and said I was lucky because Brice would have split my ass in two and if he has any more problems with me that I wouldn’t be able to stop him from calling him to come over. Jack started taking off his clothes and I just sat on the bed looking down, kind of whimpering. I felt Jack approach the bed and said “Time to show me how good of a girl you can be Sue.” I looked up at him. He was naked and looked huge standing over me. He was pulling on his dick and looking down at me. He moved as close as he could to the edge of the bed and ordered “Lick my balls Sue.” I was scared to death and not knowing what to do. I remember thinking it was funny that he was completely shaved. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. I leaned in until my tongue hit him balls. I was trying to think what I would want a woman to do to me when he barked “You better get busy Sue or I’m going to make a call.” I started licking like crazy not knowing if it felt good to him or not. He started to moan so I figured it must be ok. As I licked his balls I took my mouth and started to suck on them to. He seemed to really like that, so I continued to lick and suck on his balls while he was pulling on his dick. He got his phone and was taking more pics and videos. I was able to suck one of his balls in to my mouth and lick it while I sucked on it then I would change and do the same thing to the other one. I thought I must be doing ok his cock was getting really big and he wasn’t threatening me anymore. Then he let go of his cock and it hit me on my forehead. Jack ordered me to suck it. I had never sucked a dick before but I did pretend with my dildos. I figured it would be the same, but it was different. It was warm and soft and bigger than my dildos. I was full of mixed emotions. The man in me wanted to fight back and to stop this, but there was a part of me that wanted to take his cock in my mouth and suck him as deep as I could. He wasn’t moving a bit so any movement was me. The more I sucked his cock the more I wanted to suck him. Now I was rocking back and forth while sucking his cock taking more and more every time. I found myself hoping I was doing a good job and hoping I was better than any women he had fucked before. The thought crossed my mind that I better make him cum or he might want to fuck me. I started to really work on his cock. I grabbed it with my hand and started to jerk him while I was sucking the tip. He was breathing heavy and I thought he was going to cum. Then he pulled my hand off his cock and shoved it all the way in my mouth. My nose was pressed against his stomach and his cock was down my throat. He just held me there for a while. He slowly pulled back and pulled my ponytails so that his cock went all the way in my throat again. I couldn’t breathe when he was all the way in. He would release my hair and I would pull back and catch my breath. As soon as I did he would pull my hair until I was pulled back to the base of his cock. I tried to push back against his thighs to get his cock out of my throat but, the more I pushed the harder he pulled my ponytails. Finally I gave up and let him fuck my throat and hope to get a gasp of air when he pulled back. I was exhausted from the assault on my mouth. Jack started to slow down and was just slowly fucking my mouth. Jack pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned down and whispered “Ok Sue, it’s time to give me some of that sweet ass of yours.” He pushed me down and pulled my legs towards him. In one swift move he twisted my legs to make me turn over and pulled my hips up so that I was on all fours. Jack opened a drawer next to the bed and grabbed a bottle of oil. He poured some on his cock and I felt it run down the crack of my ass as he poured it on me. Jack said “Reach back and spread that ass you little fucking faggot. I’m going to fuck you so hard you are going to beg me to stop.” I reached back with one hand and pulled my ass cheek. His cock was sliding up and down my ass crack. I almost wanted to thank him for using the oil. His cock was a lot bigger than anything I had put in my ass before so I was really scared. When I played with my toys I would go nice and slow so I could get used to the size. I pleaded to Jack to be easy and he started laughing. I knew he wasn’t going to be nice. Jack was rubbing his cock around my asshole but, not sticking it in. That’s when he leaned in and said “I want you to fuck my cock sissy. Don’t go slow, don’t be easy just slam your ass back as hard as you can. I want you to make it come all the way out and then slam your ass back down on it. Don’t stop until I tell you too.” I begged him not to make me rape my own ass. I was starting to cry. I know even my smallest dildo didn’t go in without a little discomfort and he wanted me to take his big cock that was twice the size of anything I had ever tried before. Jack was starting to get impatient. He reached around and grabbed my throat so I couldn’t breathe. He said “Get busy you little whore or I’m going to shove my fist up your ass. You would probably like that wouldn’t you.” I tried to say something but, I couldn’t talk with his hand on my throat. He released me and I choked as I said “Please don’t. I’ll be a good whore.” I knew what I had to do so I made up my mind to just get it over with. I could feel his hard cock at the entrance of my asshole so I pushed back to build up pressure and with all my force pushed back as hard as I could. His cock slid all the way in to the base and I screamed in a high pitch squeal. My ass was burning like I had just sat on a red hot rod. I was panting rapidly not able to catch my breath. Then he hollered “Pull it out”. I leaned forward until his cock was out of me. God it hurt just as bad going out as it did going in. Jack ordered me to do it again. I began to repeat the process of me slamming my ass down on his cock and pulling away until he was completely out. It was still hurting like hell but I guess my ass was starting to stretch to the size of his cock. After a few times I was getting into a rhythm when I heard him say “They are going to love this.” He started saying “Come on you fucking whore fuck my cock.” I knew he was videoing me fucking his cock with my ass. The more I repeated slamming his cock in my ass; I could feel myself starting to get aroused. My dick was getting hard and my ass was tingling. After several minutes I found myself getting into this experience. I would moan every time his cock would enter me and squeezing my ass trying to hold it in. I was a whore. Jack told me to stop and I heard myself moan a disappointing sound. He pushed me away and laid down on the bed. He pulled my hair and pushed my face towards his cock and said “Suck my dirty cock you fucking little slut.” I was way past the point of refusing. I pulled his cock in to my mouth like I was starving for it. I needed him to be satisfied. I was his slut and it was my duty to please him. I had sucked his cock and balls and fucked his cock with my ass. Now it was my responsibility to make him cum. I was sucking him like a crazed whore. Jerking him and sucking him all the way to the base of his cock. While I was sucking him I reached down and started jerking my own dick. I was a horny slut needing to cum. The more I pulled on my dick the more effort I made to get him to cum. I heard him chuckle and point his phone at me. Then he said “What a nasty whore you turned out to be. Now beg for me to cum.” I knew it was another video so I pulled my mouth off his cock and said “Please Jack cum for me. Feed me your cum. I need you to cum in my mouth. I will be your whore forever. I will suck your cock, lick your balls and fuck you whenever you want. I will be your nasty slut to use anyway you like. PLEASE just cum for me!” I was so close to cumming I would have said anything. Jack got up and stood beside the bed and said “Open your mouth bitch.” I sat up opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue while he stood in front of me jerking his cock. He started to cum and shot his cum on the side of my face. He moved closer. I could feel load after load hitting the back of my throat and on my tongue. Jack pushed me back on the bed and took several pics of me with my cum covered face and said “Fuck Sue that was awesome. I can’t wait until tomorrow!”

Do Russians look at American porn and say… „American porn needs more dicks“? Why the hell does all the Russian porn have two or more guys on one girl? Fucking gay.

Even in their „rape“ porn, the guys find some way to make physical contact with each other. America must be the least gay country on Earth.

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Thomas‘ Rape 6

“I saw you checking me out when I was looking at your ID, my gaydar went off. I could just tell that those pouty lips had sucked dick. Then when you turned around, there was that fine ass wiggling in those tight white jeans. My dick got so fucking hard.”

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Am I Really Gay? 4

Closeted man posts ad online and gets forced into becoming a slut

Topics: Public Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage, Big Dick, Group Sex, Forced, Slut, Rape, Gangbang

Am I Really Gay? 5

Closeted man posts ad online and gets forced into becoming a slut

Topics: Public Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage, Big Dick, Group Sex, Forced, Slut, Rape, Gangbang

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