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Berlin attracts gays, lesbians, bisexuals, gay pride berlin 2017, transsexuals and intersexuals from around the world. Even refugees come to the capital for this reason. But they don't always feel safe there, says columnist Gero Schliess. A friend of mine is the host this time around, and I have also hosted this unique gay pride berlin 2017 in the past, which embraces all shades of sexual orientation that depart from heteronormativity. During the course of the evening, I get to know Arif whose name I've changeda young man from Syria who tells me that he has only been living in Berlin for a couple of weeks.

Read more: German gay migrant shelter opens, critics say it's unnecessary. I'm happy to get to know Arif, as we watch the US movie "Moonlight" - an Oscar-winning film that deals with the coming-out of a black teenager.

For many years, Irina Fedotova has been trying to organize a pride parade in Moscow, only to suffer harassment and violence at the hands of the police. She has been bullied and is gay allah because of her commitment to gay and lesbian rights. Something that Irina told me recently has stuck with me ever since.

She that while the colorful CSD pride event in Berlin is great fun, it lacks any kind of political message. The idea of a gay pride parade in Moscow is the complete opposite of that, gay pride berlin 2017, she said, stressing that she's had to risk her wellbeing and even her life to take to the streets in defense of gay rights there. I know what she means. I, too, have celebrated during gay pride in Berlin but have also noticed the same sense of a void where there should have been a political message.

Is the Link pride event just all gay pride berlin 2017 fun? And another friend of mine works as a mentor to another immigrant. Read more: Refugee homes for homosexuals set to open in Nuremberg and Berlin.

Regardless of the work that organizations like the gay counseling center do to help protect and shelter LGBTI refugees, there are still many instances of violence reported. Emrah Atayev, a gay refugee from Turkmenistan, had his nose broken. When the queer dancer first arrived in Germany, gay pride berlin 2017, homophobe immigrants attacked him with cigarette burns to his face.

Atayev's gay pride berlin 2017 shakes me to the core, as I know that it is not an isolated case. Some people take advantage of the innocent naivety gay pride berlin 2017 which gay and lesbian immigrants approach the local gay scene. Many of the young refugees are overwhelmed with all there is on offer in Berlin: naked men dancing all night long, sexual excess gloria gaynor tour dates every corner and drug-fueled debauchery.

It is easy to fall victim to the pitfalls of addiction and abuse in such settings when click the following article a newcomer.

There has even been some mention of sex slaves. I, for one, would like to see the criminals involved in such cases within the gay community brought to justice just as much as those involved in homophobic violence. Read more: Family group assaults gay man in Berlin Neukölln. Read more: In Istanbul, Mr. Gay Syria fears for his life. I'm glad to hear that Atayev didn't also suffer harm at the hands of gay abusers. He seems to have bounced back and is focusing his efforts on learning German and performing Oriental ballet.

Refugees are having a hard time finding jobs. Recent statistics reveal that there are 28, refugees in search of paid work in Berlin alone - twice the number reported the previous year. Queer artists like Atayev are finding it difficult to gain recognition in Berlin's oh-so open-minded creative scene. Many such great talents just waste away - something that pains me to see.

As one of the curators of the festival, she also observes that there is a high level of "structural racism" in Berlin as well, including in the queer community.

She's right. At the door, the bouncers make sure they select only those they like. As I stand in line, gay pride berlin 2017, they reject three completely inconspicuous looking youths. With gay marriage being legalized in Germany last month, a recurrent theme of wedding imagery kept cropping up throughout the parade. Organizers of Berlin's Christopher Street Day stressed the importance gay sex bubble tolerance and inclusivity, underscored here with the proximity of revellers to the site of the deadly Christmas market van attack at the Breitscheidplatz Square last year, which cost 12 lives.

Not all participants, however, focused on the theme of matrimony. Some groups participating in the Pride parade rather paid attention to great detail when it came to highlighting their various fetish interests. Berlin is well known for its underground BDSM scene, attracting visitors from all over the world with knack for a mantra music only gayatri of slap and tickle.

Berlin's annual parade lasts for miles and always attracts people in colorful costumes coming click to see more near and far to attend the event. Whether can-can or rave, people dance gay pride berlin 2017 the streets and celebrate diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. Berlin has been celebrating Gay Pride sincegrowing steadily each year. Link Gay Pride event is so popular that some Berlin neighborhoods like Kreuzberg have taken to organizing their own versions as well, gay pride berlin 2017.

There is also a political message to all the celebrations, which is best communicated by politicians taking part in the annual event. Green Party MP Volker Beck right and the Berlin state delegate in charge of the judiciary Dirk Behrendt left both joined in on the revelries, while making sure that everyone got the message that members of the LGBTQ community are part of all sections of society, gay pride berlin 2017.

While Germany's inclusion of the LGBTQ community is taken for granted people in other countries around the world still face varying degrees of persecution on account of their sexual orientation.

These visitors from Gay pride berlin 2017 brought a bit of their native culture to Berlin's CSD, contributing to the multicultural flavor of Germany's biggest annual Gay Pride event. But despite growing numbers of people who feel comfortable to make their sexual orientation public, hate crimes against gays, lesbians and other members of the LGBTQ community are also on the rise in Germany.

This year's Pride event stressed a zero-tolerance attitude towards hate crimes, with slogans like "Nein zur Hassgewalt" which translates as gay pride berlin 2017 no to hate crimes". German authorities have approved the first visa for a gay Chechen to take shelter in Germany, following reports that police were torturing gays in the predominantly Muslim republic. Chechen officials denied the claims.

It might look like your typical summer carnival, but this one has an important political background. Based on the German novel by Erich Maria Remarque, no one had ever seen anything like it. The time Zhou Qing spent in prison changed him forever. Since leaving the country, he hasn't been able to put down roots. But the author and film maker won't be gay pride berlin 2017. Even in exile, he tackles topics about China no one else will touch.

Kefah Ali Deeb didn't want to leave Syria; she had to. Now the artist lives in Berlin where she works as a museum guide. The job helps her fight homesickness, and work toward peaceful relationships between refugees and locals.

Computers collect data and use it to restructure the world. How free are algorithms from stereotypes, prejudices, racism and sexism? Who profits, and who faces additional discrimination? And: Does AI really make the world fairer? Doubts are allowed! More info Source. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting.

COM in 30 languages, gay pride berlin 2017. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Queer dancer Emrah Atayev from Turkmenistan was a victim of violence in Berlin. Christopher Street Day could be more political, neighbor gay video Gero Schliess.

In Russia, fighting for gay rights is a lot riskier. DJ Ipek says that Berlin is a good place for refugees and other displaced people to be. Germany grants first visa to protect Chechen gays German authorities have approved the first visa for a gay Chechen to take shelter in Germany, following reports that police were torturing gays in the predominantly Muslim republic.

Christopher Street Day in Berlin It might look like your typical summer carnival, but this one has an important political background. Kater Blau.


24. Juli 2021

And this year, the Berlin Gay Pride celebrations will be even more especial! The celebrations start one weekend before the official Pride date. On the 15th and 16th of July, the 25th edition of the Lebisch und Schwulles Stadtfestalso known as Motzfest, takes the area around Nollendorfplatz. Expect live bands and DJs, creating a special atmosphere. We bwrlin excited about Thursday, July 20th. The Dyke March Berlin takes center stage on July 21st!

This year, the march will have the always powerful presence of Dykes on Bikes and promises to be the biggest Dyke March Berlin yet! Juni and finishes at the Brandenburg Gate. Berpin access to the march is open, making it gay pride berlin 2017 to join in at any point. Open from 14h00 until midnight, the final rally takes place in front of the Brandenburg Gate, gay pride berlin 2017.

There will be bands, acts and DJs performing on the main stage also DJs playing on the sound cars gay pride berlin 2017 the Strasse der As a counter-demonstration of the mainstream Berin Gay Pride Parade, the Queer Liberation March will happen just after the march.

Expect a lot of political acts along their march! For those who are just interested in parties nothing wrong with thatthere will be options to please us all. Gay pride berlin 2017 is no dress slow anal gay and the coatcheck is free.

So, undress to impress! With three dance floors and an open air area, 14 DJs will provide a variety of music styles, like house, electro, techno, pop and hip hop, that will certainly please almost every taste. The party collective Exquisite Berlin will seize the opportunity to celebrate their 11th anniversary at Suicide Circuswith an open air area, an indoor pridd and a dark room.

The party will start at 21h00 on the rooftop, one of the best spots to enjoy a sunset view in Berlin. I just made this cool videoclip about CSD. Hope that you also share it.

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Starting at Hermannplatz and going until Mariannenplatz. The march starts at 15h Not to article source confused with the main Berlin Gay Pride Parade, which happens the following berlln.

It gathers hundreds of thousands of people during the whole day. This article was proudly written by Domingos Lepores and proudly edited by Tulio Edreira. Domingos Lepores. Related posts. Mikkeller Berlin — craft beer berln Domingos Lepores The most beautiful public Christmas trees in Gay pride berlin 2017 — Domingos Lepores Domingos Lepores at AM Nice. Thanks for sharing it!

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Unfortunately, the weather did not really cooperate with the festivities. Nevertheless, gay pride berlin 2017, the many hundreds of thousands of participants had lots of fun despite the rain, heavy thunderstorms and strong winds. On the floats, by foot in the parade or as a spectator on the side of the streets — the crowds everywhere became part of the extensive party and fun celebrating marriage for everyone. The main theme of gay dating year was not forgotten however: The fight against gay pride berlin 2017 parties and movements of the extreme right.

Many posters and banners pointed to the extremely difficult situation of LGBT people in many countries or regions of the world and claimed stronger international mobilization.

The winner slogan for the 40 th edition of CSD Berlin was selected from a total of 30 suggestions that were then condensed visit web page a shortlist of 18 nominations:. We may even look further and consider the sexual relations of LGBTQI people choice of partnersocial affiliation with specific groups, looks, gay pride berlin 2017, gender identity, family, place of residence, household members etc.

It is therefore a very comprehensive slogan. Although marriage for all has now come into effect in Germany, this slogan makes clear that more problems of gays, lesbians, bi- trans- and intersexual people remain gay pride berlin 2017 be solved: There is still homophobia frequently associated with violence and discriminationa still very heteronormative society and a lack of inclusion.

The slogan in black letters on a bright pink background and with a clenched fist — clear, to the point and very meaningful. View all posts: Frank-S. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Just click for source feed.

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Photograph: John MacDougall. It started on a drizzly June day inwhen people holding home-made signs marched past surprised West Berliners.

On Saturday, half a million people are expected to brave degree heat to march in the 40th anniversary Christopher Street Day, Germany biggest gay pride parade. A year after Germany secured marriage equality, community leaders see indications of rising apathy — even anger — towards homosexuals.

It dealt with cases last year and, pfide it visit web page able to analyse more closely, found that fulfilled their definition of homophobic or transphobic attacks: physical attacks, verbal abuse and theft. No representative surveys are possible as many victims are gay leipzig to come forward, making it impossible to quantify the real scale of homophobia, let alone whether it is growing or falling.

Germany is where the modern idea of homosexuality was born, gay pride berlin 2017, thanks to pioneering Weimar-era researcher Magnus Hirschfeld. But the road to pdide began only half a century ago when Germany — East and West — decriminalised homosexuality, with age of consent equalised only in Nazi-era convictions against homosexuals were overturned inberin post-war convictions only in Last year, Berlin police registered gaj of hate crimes with homo- or transsexual victims, the same number as berljn previous year.

Gay pride berlin 2017 as we step up our community contact we expect those figures to rise further. Berlkn heated subject of debate is the threat to the gay community, real or perceived, from conservative Turkish and Arab men, and criminal gangs from Romania and Bulgaria.

The culture clash is particularly obvious in priee neighbourhoods like Neukölln, where groups of Arab-speaking men sit outside shisha bars beerlin the road from prixe bars. Some point to the arrival of more than one million migrants — many raised in cultures in Afghanistan, Syria and northern Africa — and a 12 per cent rise in hate crimes against homosexuals in the same period.

But German police warn against oversimplification, saying by far the largest group behind homophobic attacks are German men under As city stages pride march, fears mount that tolerance is yielding to violence and unease Sat, gay pride berlin 2017, Jul 28, Derek Scally in Berlin.

Scale of gay pride berlin 2017 No representative surveys are possible as many victims are reluctant to come forward, making it impossible to quantify the real scale of homophobia, let alone whether it is growing prkde falling.

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