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Online Dating für Schwule und Lesben dreht sich oft um das schnelle Vergnügen. Nicht so bei gayPARSHIP. Hier füllt man einen Persönlichkeitstest aus und bekommt dann passende Partnervorschläge zugeschickt. Homosexuelle aus Deutschland, die auf der Suche nach einer echten Partnerschaft sind, haben sehr gute Chancen, hier ihren schwulen Partner oder ihre lesbische Partnerin fürs Leben zu finden.

Hot Legs (Short Gay Film)

Short Film produced by Underdog Productions (Pty) Ltd in 1995.

Note: This film contains some male nudity, contains material of a gay nature, and may be disturbing to younger viewers. It also contains some fast flash shots.

Written & Directed by Luiz DeBarossProduced by: Marc Schwinges

Starring:Tim: David DucasDave: Gerrie BarnardTim Jnr: Glen FineDave Jnr: Leon WeedKid One: Miguel BarrosKid Tow: Marcus MuddPoliceman One: Carlo GoertzPoliceman Two: Criag KellyMother: Mariana CarrilloSon: Sipho Khuzwago Moyo

Director of Photography: Peter PohorskyProduction Manager: Brendan RiceProduction Assistant: David HeckerFocus Puller: Greg PoissonGrip: Tony Slater

Sound: Jeremy HattinghSound: Ian MillerBoom Operator: Sean Kelly

Senior Make-up Artist: Adrienne CohenMake-Up Artist: Ionka Nel

Runners: Wayne Fick, Paul Hanrahan, Hal Couzens, Bronwyn Vermeulen, Oliver Galloway.

Post Production Advisor: Hal CouzensNon-Liner Editor: Llewelyn Roderick

Executive Producers: Marc Schwinges, Catherine Bester & Charlotte Bauer

Hot Legs (Short Gay Film)

Video: Gay office in Kwabenya closed down by Police

Offices of LGBT+ Rights Ghana were shut down on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

An office in Kwabenya, a suburb of Accra which was being operated by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer Individuals (LGBTQI) in Kwabenya has been closed down by the Police on Wednesday February 24.

TV3’s Stanley Nii Blewu who witnessed the closure of the office reported that the land lord had said the occupants were no longer using the office for the original purpose of which they rented it.

This comes after Director of LGBTQI+ Rights in Ghana, Alex Kofi Donkor, has asked Ghanaians to look at issues relating to LGBTQI, as human right issues.

He told TV3’s Miriam Osei Agyemang on the Mid day news on Friday February 19 that persons who are identified as LGBTQI are verbally and physically attacked in the country.

Video: Gay office in Kwabenya closed down by Police

„LGBTQI office in Ghana“ – Afta police raid Accra location, see how Ghana gay community dey survive

On Wednesday, Ghana police storm de five bedroom apartment location wey dey house de LGBTQI group for Ashongman Estate inside Accra and close am down.

Afta dis incident, Ghanaian feminists bring out one statement wey say dem stand in solidarity with LGBT+ Rights Ghana and queer and transgender Ghanaians everywia.

De Feminists group tok for de statement wey 102 person sign say dem dey write to show de community say dem no dey alone;

„We hope dis statement fit help oda Ghanaians wey feel supportive know say dem no need to allow de goment, de press and religious sector bully dem.“

„We unapologetically and unreservedly stand in support of LGBT+ pipo to live with dignity and under safe conditions in Ghana. And we dey call on allies to do de work of speaking up for queer and trans pipo as dem dey subjected to violence by de state, religious institutions and de public.“

Actress Juliet Ibrahim also retweet several tweets wey show support to d iLGBTQI community and condemn de closing down of de office.

OutRight Action International wey dey fights for human rights for LGBTIQ pipo all ova de world everywhere tweeet say dem dey send strength and support to de LGBTIQ community for Ghana wey dey pass through serious attack in recent days and weeks.

TV journalist, Ignatius Annor wey recently come out openly as black gay say im stand with de Queer community.

Ignatius post for im instagram handle say im dey hope and pray for de time when dem go begin treat de LGBTQI+ community everywhere with nothing less than respect, kindness and basic human dignity.

Local Media report say Amnesty International also don condemn de police for de raid of LGBT office and describes am as invasion of de safe space for LGBT Rights Ghana.

Ghana tori pipo quote de Acting kontri Director of Amnesty International, Frank Doyi wey say de manner wey de police take close de office na clear violation of de kontri laws.

„De circumstance under which dem invade de facility na wetin we consider to be clear violation of de very laws wey we all seek to uphold.“

Meanwhile di LGBT+ Rights Ghana wey inform de public about de police raid to dia office and even share video of de raid for dia social media handle don dey thank pipo for lending dia voice.

Gay sex na criminal offense for Ghana and person fit get punishment of up to three years in prison because of dis.

Human Rights Watch for dia 2018 report bin accuse Ghana of abusing LGBTQ+ rights by keeping di law.

Kenya for 2019 refuse to drop dia laws way make homosexuality dey illegal

The best gay sex positions: How do gay men have sex?

As anyone who’s ever had gay sex, thought about gay sex or watched gay sex will know there are endless combinations possible gay sex positions. But where to start? What feels best? How do you gay men have sex?

This guide to the four most accessible – and we reckon most pleasurable – gay sex positions will help get you started.

Before we get stuck into how to stick it in, we’d always condone safer sex and recommend you read our guide to PrEP, and always use condoms when having sex.

The best gay sex positions: How do gay men have sex?


No longer a temp, Ryan accepts the sales position vacated when JimStamford branchPam looks at Ryan sitting at Jim’s former desk and flashes back to Pam and Jim’s kiss prior to his transfer. In the flashback, Jim tells Pam he has wanted to do that „for the longest time“ and Pam admits the same. She stops Jim from another kiss and tells him she’s still getting married and they say their goodbyes. In an interview, Dwight feigns tears over Jim’s transfer, before indicating he’s glad to be rid of him.

Michael calls OscarShakespeare in LoveDie HardToby not to use such terms, but insists it is a harmless synonym for „lame.“ („That’s what ‚faggy‘ !“) Toby tells Michael that Oscar is homosexual and finds the word offensive.

Michael approaches Oscar at the copy machine and loudly apologizes and invites him for a beer sometime. In a succession of short on-camera interviews, Oscar reveals that he is gay, Angela indicates she hates the whole idea of homosexuality and the jowls of Kevin’s face jiggle as he is unable to manage anything but “ gay“ through his giggles.

Meanwhile, in Stamford, Jim’s transfer came with a promotion and a modern office where his desk includes a window view. Co-worker Andy, who sits at a desk in front of Jim, calls him „Big Tuna“ in reference to his first-day lunch, a switch from his daily ham and cheese sandwich in Scranton. Co-worker Karen, who sits at the desk behind Jim, mocks him for repeatedly smirking at the camera and says she doesn’t believe he’s fitting in. Andy meanwhile, discusses how he doesn’t feel threatened by Jim as he thinks he’s an ambitious know-it-all, just as he brags about his wild college days at Cornell University.

Back in Scranton, Roy brings Pam lunch in a short, awkward exchange. The cameraman notices that Pam is not wearing an engagement ring. In an interview, Pam says she got cold feet, called off the wedding, ended the relationship, and moved into her own apartment. As a result, Roy and Pam are making the frozen wedding reception meals their lunch for the next five weeks.

A disheveled Roy is seen in a mug shot as he recalls how being dumped led him into a downward spiral of weight gain, beard growth, and a drunk driving arrest. Roy claims he has recovered, laments mistreating Pam, and vows to win her back. Stanley’s only comment on the breakup is that he gave the couple a toaster, was unable to return the discontinued model, and now has two toasters at home.

Dwight and Michael worry about the possibility of other homosexuals working in the office without their knowledge. Dwight recalls Jim mentioning „gaydar“ being available for purchase online, though Dwight is skeptical because he believes Jim a liar. Nonetheless, the pair phones him in Stamford where Jim pretends to check the availability and reports that gaydar is sold out on the Internet. Also in Stamford, Jim recycles a prank he pulled on Dwight by encasing Andy’s calculator in Jell-O, with different results: Andy gets violently upset and kicks a wastebasket as Jim silently returns to work, visibly terrified by Andy’s reaction.

Kelly approaches Oscar and tells him that he is „so cool“ for being gay. Jan informs Michael that he has outed Oscar, a personal decision Michael had no business making while Toby points out that Oscar feels discriminated against by Angela. Employees gather around as Dwight looks at gay pornography at Michael’s suggestion. Angela makes a homophobic comment which offends Oscar who bumps her as he walks past, sending Dwight into a brief frenzy.

Michael calls an emergency meeting in the conference room and informs the assembled they are all „homos—homo sapiens“. Pam looks to Ryan as she holds back shocked laughter (as she would have done with Jim), and is disappointed when he does not do the same, perhaps had hoped they would begin to have a friendship like Jim and Pam’s had been. Michael tells Oscar to come out to the office formally, „right here, however, you want“. Oscar does so reluctantly but unemotionally, concluding his confession with, „whatever.“ Dwight demands that „all the other office gays out themselves or I will do it for them.“

Dwight then implies Phyllis might be gay. Phyllis takes offense and announces that she is engaged to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. Several employees congratulate her, and a surprised, jealous Michael says there is hope for everyone. Phyllis retorts that she and her friends thought Michael was gay when they were in high school together. Michael sheepishly defends his school-age sense of fashion. Creed, in an interview, states that while he’s never deliberately made love to a man, it’s possible that one „slipped in“ during the 1960s.

Oscar announces that he can no longer work at the branch and begins to leave, but Michael stops him and tries to hug him as a show of acceptance. Oscar blows up and calls Michael „small,“ which silences the staff in discomfort and reduces Michael to tears. Oscar apologizes and allows the hug to happen. Believing the hug insufficient, Michael tells the staff to „watch this, and burn this into your brains“, and kisses a struggling, reluctant Oscar on the mouth. Dwight, who was seemingly moved by Michael’s actions, consequently attempts to kiss Oscar. In interviews, Dwight says he now believes Michael is gay. Michael says any two people who want to should be together. He concludes by saying, „That’s what she said.“ His facial expressions make it clear he believes he has said something profound.

Pam looks longingly at Ryan’s desk, as Jim simultaneously glances at an empty seat next to him as Mr. Brown directs a humorless diversity training in Stamford. Glancing through his office blinds, Michael sees Oscar catch a ride from Gil, and muses, „Oscar’s roommate…I wonder if he knows?“ Oscar reveals in an interview that Jan gave him three months paid vacation and use of a company car in exchange for signing an agreement not to sue the company about his botched outing. In Oscar’s words, „it pays to be gay.“

In the final moments, Dwight opens a package from Jim, a novelty „gaydar“ machine fashioned from a metal detector and lettered with the prefixes „Homo“, „Bi“, and „Hetero“. He confirms the device on Oscar but is dumbfounded when the device goes off as he inadvertently swipes it across his own belt buckle. Pam smiles to herself.

[LGBTQI meaning]

„LGBTQI“ stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana na movement wey dey de forefront to champion de rights and freedom of all LGBTQIA person inside de kontri.

Dem establish am for 2018 and on de 31st of January 2021 dem officially host one fundraiser to officially promote dia community and open dia office.

Ghana, like many countries for Africa, get strong laws against same-sex relationship relationships, wey fit include jail sentence and fine.

Di west African kontri get an estimated population of 30 million pipo but do clear informate alias data dey to show di number of pipo wey be gay for Ghana.

Anal sex positions

Most of these gay sex positions are anal sex positions, but there are some non-penetrative sexual positions at the end too.

If you’re after more anal sex reading, here’s another general guide on how to have anal sex that covers douching, communication, lube and some other stuff.

Top, bottom or versatile?

We’re going to look at gay sex positions from the point of view of a top and a bottom.

If you’re versatile (and we encourage you all to be), lucky you, you can do both. In some gay sex positions the top leads the action, and in some the bottom takes the lead.

Interested in finding out why some guys are top and some are bottom? Here’s a scientific study from 2017 that talks about it.

Try the gay missionary position first

This gay sex position may sound boring, but it’s not, we promise. It’s one of the easiest positions for a top, and not especially difficult for a bottom.

During gay sex, if you’re engaging in foreplay and sucking his cock while he’s laying down, keep licking, kissing and sucking as you move your mouth down towards his balls.

Then go further, toward his perineum (the bit between his balls and his ass) and then his butthole.

Bottom: if you’re enjoying this, give him a few moans and wriggle your asshole a bit closer to where his tongue is.

If he’s keen, keep eating his ass. Open his ass cheeks and get in there deep with your tongue. If you can, and body shapes and sizes depend on this, lift his ass up a bit.

Seeing eye to eye

The gay missionary position is good for maintaining eye contact and clear communication during anal sex.

You can penetrate your partner slowly and carefully, keeping an eye on the target. You can build up a momentum that you’re both comfortable with. And it’s easy to get back in if you slip out, because you can see everything clearly.

Now try riding a guy’s cock

If you’re new to getting f**ked, or nervous about taking a big dick, this gay sex position could be good for you, because as a bottom, you’ll have the control.

It’s a good one for gaining confidence when it comes to taking cock – if it starts to hurt, you can slow down, and lower yourself onto him at your own pace.

You need a certain amount of athleticism to be able to ride your man. You want to be going up and down, and slightly back and forth, at the same time. A bit like riding a horse.

If you’re bigger built than your top, or if you’re a bigger guy in general this one can be tricky as gravity is against you. Be careful not to crush the chap under you or he’ll be at risk of losing his erection.

Und was nun?

Wenn Sie weiterhin auf der Suche nach einem Gay-Partner sind, empfehlen wir, dass Sie sich bei Gay Parship registrieren. Das ist aus unserer Erfahrung die beste Partnerbörse für Schwule auf der Suche nach einer ernsthaften Beziehung.

LGBTQI+: Picking & choosing culture over the bête noire

This, he said, must stop because they have fundamental human rights that must be respected and protected by the society.

Explaining the reasons behind the setup of an LGBTQI office in Ghana, he said “We created an office space where we talk about issues which affect us as community and ways in which we can resolve the issues.

Let me quickly say in this country a lot of times we do experience a lot of violence and abuse that are perpetuated towards people who are identified as LGBTQI or people who are perceived as LGBTQI persons.

“When these violence are perpetuated against such people it goes unattended to, people do that with impunity.”

What does gay chastity mean, and what’s the difference between a chastity belt and chastity cage?

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