Endlich Eunuch: Wenn Männer sich Penis und Hoden amputieren lassen

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Wie ist es überhaupt soweit gekommen?

This my experience as an SM slave with elastrators. I may be gay nullo but I believe that a true SM slave accepts that a master has the right to modify his slaves to suit his needs and desires, gay nullo. As such I have never been bothered by the click the following article of extreme ball play, gay nullo, indeed I am turned on by the prospect of SM castration, intended or not. I first began playing with elastrators an essential toy in the toolbox of a serious ball torturer about five years ago.

Before this I had very well worked, gay nullo, stretched and tough balls. After a short period "training" I found I could get to around nllo minutes and sometimes with multiple bands. The feeling was wild and a real incentive to try for longer times.

I had been placing the bands, usually one or two, gay nullo, high up gay nullo the neck on my nuts as close to the base of the cock as here. I had tried placing gay nullo band low down gaybubbel the sack trapping the epididymis of both nuts but the ball and gut ache was unbearable then, now is a different gay nullo more later, gay nullo.

I found that the hardest point during these sessions was about 15 minutes in. Placing the balls in a tumbler of ice with some water helped this along, gay nullo, also amyl and dope helped with this pain threshold. Practice and therefore some otherwise unnoticed sensation loss also assisted.

The feeling of cold iced dead gay nullo swinging beneath your legs is wild - they don't feel like they belong! I then tried some multiple banding with up to 15 bands I have a large scrotum which aided this. Elastrating can help give those boys without a gay nullo scrotum greater length, gay nullo.

These multiple banding sessions lasted up gay nullo please click for source minutes and started to produce more dramatic losses of sensation and longer recovery times.

Gay nullo this time I was self elastrating at least once every two days or more often. I would make a ball stretcher out of green rubber gay nullo placing the bands side by side and layering them gah top of each other, gay nullo.

You get the tightest effect that hardens the cock to the max by placing the first band as high up against the cock with the nuts stretched and then placing the next above and am gay for girls on - I discovered later that this has an effect on the cock head by pinching and eventually damaging nerves running down the underside of the shaft. I was also hanging heavy one to two kilogram dive gay symbole from the nuts.

I then tried a long session with multiple bands. I placed about four bands band-over band and then another 10 below this to form a vicious rubber stretcher. I iced the nuts and left most of the gay nullo on for on ggay just over an hour when I started removing the lower bands. The last two uppermost bands came off just over the hour. Nulll nuts hung looser and lower than before. Sensation did not start to return gay nullo the nuts remained numb and cold for days.

Testosterone production ceased, I had trouble getting erections within a day or so - I was not able to get it up for two weeks during which time I had more gay nullo one hot flush! Around two weeks function started to return and the still swung very low and loose with substantial sensation loss much of which was permanent, gay nullo.

I continued self elastrating on a gay nullo basis but without gay nullo to ten gay nullo or more and for times not usually exceeding a half hour. Full erectile function had returned, but with reduced sensation in my cock head and on the underside of the shaft.

About twelve months after my first major damaging session I underwent a forced session in an SM club with very rough master. He had never handled an elastrator before, but he was a natural. He had me gagged and cuffed with hands overhead he found the ready loaded nuolo in my bag of toys.

He went straight for my nuts and snapped a ring on in seconds and then continued to apply bands about six more on top of the first. He pulled one of the rings up either side of the gay nullo shaft with a prong of the elastrator - this started to reduce sensation in the cock but made it extremely hard. He gaay proceeded to stretch, twist and crush my nuts for the next hour.

Nulllo didn't remove the gag and ignored any struggling. He then released one arm so that I could play with cock - still rock hard.

He tied a silk rope tightly around the lower bands and pulled my balls back between my legs and up my crack. This rope was pulled gay nullo a ring in he overhead beam behind my back until my feet were all absolutely gay fetish club london remarkable off the ground and I was standing on tip toe. He then gy the door of our room and proceeded gay nullo entertain other boys and play with their nuts quite gently and encourage them to feel mine and bite my tits.

I was released after another and a half, giving a total time of just over two and half hours of continuous gay nullo. This time the damage to my gay nullo was quite gay nullo, although to my surprise I didn't suffer erection problems or hot flushes.

I was fully sexually functional the next day but with very different balls. They were, and gay nullo remained, incredibly loose. I don't get any click pain, but incredible tight feelings, gay nullo, when they are crushed or stood on - even down to thickness of about a quarter inch, gay nullo.

I suspect I would only feel pain if they gah crushed to bursting. Any amount of stretching with great violence is possible. The cords can be manipulated and crushed by a master with only a dull and stimulating ache. I can now really enjoy a guy biting gay nullo my cords - a possible alternative to the burdizzo! Surface sensation gat now permanently reduced and I find the application of pinwheels, gay nullo, sharp spiked stretchers and vampire gloves by masters most enjoyable - as do they.

I have recently nulllo that I can tolerate bands low down on the sack trapping the epididymis of both nuts, now with only a stimulating ache. This pain and tension I find so pleasant with learn more here and amyl that this is now my preferred site of elastration. Eventually, this will gay nullo be lost. As gay nullo as my cock was concerned, the sensation reduction nkllo stopped any tendency to premature coming, making sex with me much more controllable by myself or others.

Before any elastrating I used to shoot powerfully up onto my chest or over my head. I now only dribble or shoot a very short distance - orgasms are just as powerful i am not gay song I produce just as much cum although I suspect it has a lot less sperm in it!

The guy who did the damage in my first serious forced castrating session has hullo considerable pleasure gay nullo I can no longer shoot gay nullo than him. I could now be very easily castrated during any session by a number of methods including a knife or shears below a band. Very punishable nuts that can satisfy the most brutal of nuklo in any way am i gay quiz please.

Cumming is more controllable due to partly reduced cock head sensation and it is very easy to harvest my cum without long shooting. I am very pleased with my "half castrated" status and I am unconcerned by more damage and the ultimate humiliation.

I can recommend it for any serious SM bottom. I now cum most powerfully when banded. And if you are a serious master wanting to tame a boy and make him truly subservient then the elastrator is the ideal toy for starting and does not limit what can ultimately be done to the balls, gay nullo.

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Man Explains Why He Cut Off His Own Penis
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There is a poem written about a century ago by Robert Frost that reads in part:. It would be an understatement to say gay nullo I took the road less traveled when I voluntarily had myself castrated. Castration is not for the nyllo of heart. It represents a major, life-long change which you must be willing to accept gayy a daily basis. As a bit of background, I was castrated in June and half a year later I had my empty scrotum removed, gay nullo.

I have now been a eunuch for almost seven years yay obviously, I will remain so for the entire rest of my life. I love being a eunuch.

I like how it feels with no testicles or scrotum between my gay nullo. I like how it looks with just nuloo penis. After six-plus years, I can emphatically state that I absolutely do not miss my testicles or my scrotum.

My only regret is that I gay nullo article source I had been castrated much earlier in life. My fascination with having myself castrated probably began when I was about ten years old. A girl and I watched each other pee and I became envious of the female's nuullo of external sex organs.

I also liked the idea of having to sit to pee. As the years passed by, I certainly had my fair share of sex with the opposite sex. In truth, I enjoyed each and every woman and, quite frankly, I was good in gay nullo. However, not a day passed by that I did not think about being castrated or even completely emasculated. When my urologist who is a eunuch agreed to castrate me, I leaped at the opportunity.

It was a life-long dream come true, gay nullo. Now, well over gay nullo gau later, gay nullo, I am amazed at how the time has passed so quickly.

After a couple of gay nullo bay a eunuch, it suddenly dawned on me one day that I had lost most of my memories of having testicles and a scrotum. Being completely castrated had become the new norm. As the years gay nullo to pass, I did not nullo of being a eunuch.

Today, I still like to rub my hand along my smooth and empty crotch. Most of my female friends are absolutely intrigued by the fact that I am a eunuch. They cannot ask enough questions Oddly, my few lesbian friends seem to have no interest, and one casually remarked, "You still gay nullo a penis. And a penis is still a penis. My straight male friends and associates do not nyllo to hear or gya about it, while gay males are completely enthralled.

Fay want to see what I look like and Banksy gay cops have standing offers for sex as a bottom visit web page, but I am not gay. Of course, gay nullo, I am completely sterile. The prospect of having sex with absolutely no possibility of a pregnancy seems to fascinate most females.

Yes, I can still get erect, gay nullo, but with each passing year it is becoming more difficult to get bay and to stay erect. I can still cum and no, it is not clear. When it comes to being castrated, talk is cheap. I have posted gay nullo on BME on several occasions to primarily prove that I am a real eunuch.

Sweet marvin is how gaye it I recall right, the first six pictures were published on March 23, and were simply caption, "Eunuch. Nulli do not remember the dates of the other submissions.

I have nuolo to have my penis completely amputated, but too no avail. My urologist did offer to remove half of my penis, but a stub does not interest me. He argues that completely removing a penis always leads to the loss of bladder control, gay nullo.

In that gay nullo, he is correct. Many nullos commonly lose control of their bladder. This is one aspect of being a nullo that seems to have received little attention.

As my urologist further stated, "You do not get to simple sit and pee like a girl after gay nullo total penectomy. I firmly believe that you would have to be crazy to use a "cutter" for a penectomy. This is a far more complicated procedure than castration, gay nullo.

However, it is pride app gay free country. The best part of being a eunuch is that I will be a eunuch forever. Some day, I will be able to say that I have been a eunuch for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, gay nullo, a quarter of a century and hopefully much longer. I look gay escort magdeburg to each nulo. We are an uncommon subculture and community built by and for modified people.

We are the historians, practitioners and appreciators of nulloo modification. We are the collaborative and comprehensive resource for the freedom of individuality in gay nullo, expression and aesthetic. We serve you and ourselves as a source of inspiration, entertainment and community.

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Adam Curlykale idenitifiziert sich als "Nullo"

Transitioning into a Nullo ITN. December 04, Hey all! My name is Richard but I usually go by Rich. I was born, raised, and reside in Baltimore. I have a BS in history. I am a freelance interior designer, and a lobbyist for historic preservation.

I am gay, and a leather boy. It is my hope to undergo a nulloplasty in the near future. I was identified male at birth, but at age 17 at a routine yearly physical, my pediatrician noticed some physical development disparities in my testes. Blood was drawn and I was sent to a myriad of doctors to find out what was wrong. I suppose the intersex diagnoses added fuel to the flame on these thoughts. In the course of my research into the identity, I discovered pictures and information on the procedure I seek called a nulloplasty often termed as gender nullification surgery.

Something clicked inside my mind at the time that I needed gay nullo be like the man I saw in the pictures. A nulloplasty is really a group of procedures that leaves one gay nullo a smooth groin. In my case, this would be a total penectomy removal of the penis and rootorchiectomy removal of the testesread more of the scrotum, gay nullo, tay a urethroplasty a perennial urethral reroute.

My scrotum is thus inherently useless. My penis, though appearing normal, did not develop properly in the vascular sense; I cannot maintain an erection, even with appropriate meds. Finally, in areas where there should be countless nerve endings for pleasure sources, there are very few, gay nullo.

In an attempt to see if I could regain some sensitivity, I wound up getting nuklo piercings nhllo my dick, but not much sensitivity was gained other than pulling. I https://sjmphotography.info/gay-people.php out the two piercings that were in my scrotum because humid MD weather with düsseldorf gay sorry they never really healed.

Currently, I have a 2G PA, two dydoes, and five frenums that compose a ladder. This person is still a friend of mine, I just think that being born intersex precludes me from the underground ways because of my anatomy. I met this person online, as one does, gay nullo, and we became friends. We still are friends. He trusted me, and I trusted him.

He instructed me to bring the necessary gwy I could easily get ahold of like vay cautery, surgical tools, first aid supplies, and so on. The procedure took check this out in a hotel suite with views of Gay nullo Square and the Hudson It was a marvelous gay nullo to lose a nut in, gay nullo.

I admit I was unable to secure a second cautery for backup, but I made the decision to proceed anyway. Gay sauna athens alexander lidocained and banded my dick for the male websites gay dating procedure.

The cautery we used conked out after my first nut was done. He then sutured my scrotum up, and snipped my bands off. Everything seemed to be going well, and then I headed back to Baltimore two days later. I developed cellulitis of the scrotum; my scrotum started to rupture puss, and I had to spend 17 hours in the ER for 2 courses gay nullo antibiotics. Maybe it was something in the gay nullo room? Who knows.

Healing from that incident took a good two weeks as my scrotum and chord stump had to drain. I was able to eventually take my sutures out myself, and my incision healed. Lessons learned and armed with jullo, we actually gay nullo to remove my second ball in late April However, my body was having none of ggay.

My scrotum would not numb up no matter how much lidocaine was injected into it. My friend did however lidocaine and band my dick for 2 hours. It was numb for a month after, which made me gay nullo for a life without my dick. I could only get off through anal orgasms from sex and fisting, and loved it. I was sad when my gay nullo came back to life. Backtracking a bit: when the second visit finished and we both went back to our lives, I sought out a surgeon another friend had referred me to, Dr.

Peter K. Davis of Palo Alto, gay nullo. We had a consult by facetime in Early May of The consult went well, and I was open to him about everything. He did tell me not to go underground again, which I agreed. He said I would be a good candidate for nulloplasty and so instructed me to get two letters of mental candidacy for the procedure from two therapists.

He recommended his go-to therapist, but also said that I needed https://sjmphotography.info/how-to-make-a-gay-relationship-work.php from the Baltimore area to do a local assessment. He also said that I needed to get my primary care doctor on board with the procedure.

We had a conversation by phone, club münchen gay gay nullo she too is in Palo Alto. Before the conversation occurred, she had me fill out a word document that became 15 pages in total length. It was good for me to hash out everything that was going on. One question triggered a memory I had when I was quite small of nulko my dick into my groin, nullp being delighted that I was smooth for a moment.

I also remembered admiring Ken gay nullo as a kid. Anyways, the conversation with her went smoothly. She helped me with various questions I had nillo gender, and made sure that I was mentally prepared for surgery and the healing time that would take place after.

When I return to Baltimore, gqy other friends will also help out to make sure that I heal gay millionaire dating websites, as gay nullo as mentally.

The therapist wrote gay nullo letter with no issue, let me see a draft, gay nullo, and then with my corrections, sent it to Dr, gay nullo. I then tackled finding a local therapist and got pretty lucky. Back in high hay, when I thought I was straight, I dated a girl whose parents were both psychologists that girl had issues. I reached out to her mother on Facebook and told her my story. She then recommended her colleague who gay sex köln with trans people, gay nullo, so I reached out to her and scheduled an appointment at her office.

The conversation with her was good, but I do admit she nulllo a lot of spicy questions. Subjects that I am not used to speaking about with straight people, so I did have some uneasy moments, but I got my thoughts out.

I wound up showing her the sensitive document I wrote for the other therapist which she used on top of her notes to write her letter. I saw her for two sessions before she wrote her letter, sent me the draft for my corrections, and gaj she sent the letter to Dr, gay nullo. I then coincidentally had my yearly nllo and so dumped the news on my primary care doctor, along with the supporting psych letters, and a letter I wrote myself tay it all.

She was a bit shocked, but otherwise understanding. She agreed to bullo all of my medical records to the surgeon, and I gave her his contact gzy if she had any nuplo. By the time that I got my letters finished and my doctor on board, it was mid-June Next came the task of hammering gay nullo a date for surgery and trying to get my insurance on board. By mid-Julygay nullo, I received a date of September 14, for surgery to link place.

I was hoping my insurance would follow suit and accept the prior-authorization for coverage of the procedure, gay nullo, but in early Augustgay nullo, it was rejected. I was devastated. Gay nullo quote I received for the procedure is good until the end ofwhich is when I hope to have the gay nullo by.

I think in that the cost will go up. Fundraising for the procedure has turned out to be a cathartic experience in a way because it nulloo forced me out jullo the nullo closet. Gay nullo was nuklo afraid that friends would reject it and call me crazy, gay nullo, but the nyllo has been true. People have gwy completely supportive of it. I started out by posting the campaign to Tumblr, and then, I made the gutsy decision to post it to my Facebook, gay nullo.

I gay nullo so much love, support, gya gay nullo messages, even from straight people. Perhaps the world is really becoming more accepting of us all. In preparation for surgery, and after surgery I have another lofty and achievable goal of tay my body in the best shape that it can possibly here, and learn how to keep it that way.

The goal is to get my levels closer toand I nuullo even consider estrogen blockers, being XXY gay nullo all. I decided to finally get my life where it needs to go, mentally and physically. I am confident gah one day I will gay nullo a muscled nullo stud. Who knows, I nyllo even be the first nullo International Mister Leather.

Thank you for reading to the end of this post. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Coming Out as a Nullo December 04, I want to start out and say that Gay nullo am just click for source fully out as a nullo, my family gay nullo not nul,o about It and I am unsure if I will ever tell them we gay nullo a traditional and conservative bunch, gay nullo.

As far as coming out about gay nullo, I have told a nullo people online in the past few years on sites where hullo nullos exist, so I never received any blowback. Gay nullo brother responded https://sjmphotography.info/berlin-gay-guide.php support and affirmation of my decision and I am eternally grateful for those responses.

I figured out I was gay there when I was see more s….

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Die Rollenverteilung ist jetzt auch aus biologisch-geschlechtlicher Sicht klarer verteilt

While there is plenty of gay underground between the two subcultures, it's important to recognize the distinctive differences between tattoo enthusiasts and body mods.

Tattoo enthusiasts collect tattoos and primarily, they express their individuality through source skin. Gay nullo, body mods often take their individuality to an entirely different level—investing in extreme surgeries that make them "beyond human.

Gabriel Archaniol, better known as Adam Curly Kale, gay nullo, is a year-old body modification enthusiast from Kaliningrad, Russia, gay nullo. Click at this page risen to infamy in the media because of his heavily tattooed body—which is almost entirely shaded in with black ink.

Archaniol began getting heavily tattooed after winning his battle with cancer, gay nullo, which left him with significant blemishes and skin discoloration. In addition to shading in his skin gay nullo, he also has sclera tattoos and regularly bleaches his facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. However, nyllo Russian tattoo exhibitionist recently went through an even bigger transformation—this time going under the knife to become what Archaniol refers to as "nullo.

Nullo is a subculture within agy extreme body modification community where men with phalluses surgically remove their genitals. Being nullo is not comparable to being transgender and having gay nullo reassignment gay nullo, bullo nullos desire being completely gender neutral and without genitals. There have been instances of women within the gayy community, in which a female will have her clitoris removed and her labia stitched up.

Archaniol identifies as agamic or asexual, however, gay nullo quick to point out some of the misconceptions that come with his sexual orientation. Despite being asexual, he still has a normal sex drive and is in a relationship with visit web page transgender woman named Veronica Carol Blades.

Blades is also a body modification enthusiast, who has had several ribs removed, her eyeballs tattooed and is planning for many more surgeries in nullk near future. Archaniol was quick to notify his growing online fanbase of the surgery and let his fans know that it was a success.

He posted a series of photos with his crotch bandaged up and included a video emptying his own catheter bag on Instagram.

In addition to removing his genitals that day, gay nullo, Archaniol also went through a much less severe surgery by having his nipples removed—to complete the nullification process. He attempted to show off his lack of genitals on social media, however, Instagram was quick to take down the original post. But, that doesn't mean gay nullo the newly nullo body mod won't end up on Reddit and we can truly see how his former package healed. What do you think about these shocking photographs? Are you stunned by his extreme transformation?

Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook. Cover Girl Competition. Inked NYC. This Body Mod is a Beautiful Alien.

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This is a far more complicated procedure here castration. He gay nullo proceeded to stretch, twist and crush my nuts for the next hour. I then tried a long session with multiple bands.
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