Mohamed VI ne cache plus son homosexualité

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Quelques jours avant Noël, le 22 décembre, le roi Mohammed VI du Maroc a reçu Pierre Bergé en audience au Palais royal à Marrakech. Cette entrevue a été l’occasion pour le souverain de remettre à l’homme d’affaires français âgé de 86 ans le Grand Cordon du Wissam Alaouite, ordre honorifique marocain créé en 1913. Outre des ministres et diplomates, celui-ci distingue des personnalités étrangères ayant rendu des services éminents au Royaume.

« Comment on explique ce genre de nouvelles dans un pays où l’article 489 du Code pénalise toutes les formes de manifestation homosexuelle ? » commente la presse marocaine qui n’hésite pas à faire, de nouveau courir, les bruits sur l’orientation homosexuelle de son Roi.

En clair, les médias marocains reprochent à Mohamed VI d’avoir reçu et surtout décoré le « chef de file du lobby LGBT français » comme il le désigne. Certains sites en profitent pour rappeler que le Roi a encore derrière lui un passé gay qui le poursuit : « Lorsqu’il était encore étudiant, son père le faisait surveiller à Bruxelles, où il a fait plus que suivre un stage dans les institutions européennes. Il est connu que dans la capitale belge, il fréquentait les bars gays. » avant d’affirmer : « Hassan II a commencé à le traiter avec sévérité car il savait que son fils accueillait de nombreux visiteurs masculins dans son palais princier de « Les Sablons » à Salé, près de Rabat. Tous ses amis de cette époque, qui partagaient ses secrets les plus intimes et ses soirées à l’étranger et dans la discothèque d’Amnesia Rabat, où il avait un espace réservé, occupent actuellement des postes de conseillers et ministres au palais. » Mais aucune réelle preuve n’a été apportée à ce jour sur la supposée homosexualité du Roi.

Lors du tournage de l’émission Stupéfiant! de France 2 à la villa Oasis, où il s’était installé avec Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé a estimé que, dans le passé, « les mœurs étaient plus libres qu’aujourd’hui, spécialement au Maroc. A l’époque, la sexualité était plus débridée, on n’y faisait moins attention ».

L’homme d’affaires a profité de cette interview pour réfuter les rumeurs de pédophilie circulant à son sujet et à celui de l’ex-ministre français de la Culture Jack Lang. « Quand dans des tweets on dit que je faisais des partouzes avec Jack Lang, avec des petits garçons, je n’aurais même pas voulu parce que je n’aime pas les petits garçons », a-t-il tranché sereinement. Et de renchérir: « Je n’ai pas un grand goût pour le tourisme sexuel ».

Les relations franco-marocaines n’ont jamais été aussi proches. Espérons que cela dure.

Was Mohammed gay?

I really want to know the answer on an intellectual level. I asked this because he hung around only men. Everything is male. As a man, we have sexual needs. This is the only faith that really can be called a male religion. The women are always in the background. Actually, they are not in the background. Women are incorporated in all other religions as equals. How did this become an exclusively male dominated religion?

Was Mohammed gay?

Dubai’s Drug Addicted, Bisexual Crown Prince

The 2010 disclosure of various U.S. diplomatic cables by Wikileaks and several other news outlets unearthed the dirty little secrets of various royal families all over the world. Perhaps no one royal emerged more embarrassed by this U.S. State Department security breach than Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum of Dubai. Still considered among the world’s handsomest and most eligible princes, Wikileaks exposed documents written by American diplomats stating that the heir to Dubai’s throne was an out of control drug addict that’s been in and out of rehab for years, and that he’s a bisexual party boy that enjoys flying in male and female escorts to his father’s desert kingdom for weekend orgies. According to the Dec. 2, 2012 post “, Drug-addicted Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan: following the usual footsteps of the Arab Royal Family,” posted on the blog The Muslim Issue, Worldwide, within a few days of the cables’ disclosure they were removed from Wikileaks’ website, which to this day makes them the only documents concerning a member of a royal family to have been successfully expunged from their database. This is apparently but one example of the drastic measures the Sheik Mohammed bin Rasheed al Maktoum of Dubai is willing to take in order to salvage the reputation of his favorite son and designated heir.

Born the second son in a family that currently contains 23 children, Prince Hamdan was declared his father’s successor in 2008. Dubai is something of a geopolitical anomaly. While most people presume its either a sovereign nation or city state, its technically neither. Instead, Dubai exists as a semi-autonomous kingdom, or emirate, within a federation of such kingdoms known as the United Arab Emirates. Founded in the early ’70’s, the King of Abu Dhabi is its hereditary president, whereas the King of Dubai serves as its hereditary vice president. Dubai is both the name of the kingdom and its capital city.

Crown Prince Hamdan, who writes poetry in his spare time under the pen name Fazza and also likes to spend his free time engaging in various dare devil sports, has a generally favorable reputation within his father’s emirate, though certain eccentricities of His Highness’ character and lifestyle have been noticed but are rarely commented on by his countrymen. Some of the more interesting rumors that have made their way to the author’s ear blowing from the general direction of Dubai concerning Prince Hamdan’s private life include that he privately doesn’t consider himself gay or straight, but prefers to label himself simply as sexual; he prefers for his friends, family and lovers to call him Fazza; he possesses a large and eccentric menagerie of wild pets that include at least one white tiger and four alligators; he’s friendly, charming and down to Earth; and that his married and procreating little brothers are jealous of him and eager to use his continued, self chosen bachelorhood as a means by which to talk their father into disinheriting Hamdan and designating one of them as the successor.

Needless to write, Sheik Mohammed appears willing to allow his heir to indulge in his private lifestyle and generally looks the other way concerning Hamdan’s vices. This is a particularly fortuitous circumstance for the Crown Prince, for Dubai’s laws concerning homosexuality and drug use are as draconian and potentially life terminating as those of their fellow Arab, Muslim neighbors.

According to The Muslim Issue’s last post concerning Dubai’s heir apparent, he had just finished his latest rumored stint in some presumably European rehab, and after several months of having disappeared from public view had now resumed his role as his dessert kingdom’s primary diplomatic spokes model. While undoubtedly spoiled and self indulgent, Crown Prince Hamdan appears to be a privately liberal and forward thinking young man who will hopefully advance the cause of civil liberties in his kingdom should he survive to inherit his father’s throne. One can always hope!

Dubai’s Drug Addicted, Bisexual Crown Prince

Dutch Museum Caves to Islamic Extremists- Removes Gay Mohammed Exhibit

“We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth.”

Islamists to Dutch Artist Sooreh HeraAfter her photos of gay men with Mohammad masks were displayed at a Dutch art exhibit

Soorah HeraA Dutch museum caved to Muslim extremists and decided to remove a controversial gay Mohammad display. The artist behind the display has been in hiding since receiving threats to slit her throat. and ROP reported:

Speaking on the telephone from an unspecified location in The Netherlands last week, the artist, an Iranian exile who goes by the pseudonym of Sooreh Hera, said she had been threatened with execution. She accused the director of the municipal museum in The Hague of cowardice for caving in to Muslim extremists.

Her story is a reminder of the tensions that have put The Netherlands and other European countries on the front line, sending dozens of people threatened by extremists into hiding since 2004, when Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered on the street and his collaborator driven into exile.

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This leaves Hera, 34, in no doubt that she is in real danger. “They said to me, ‘We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth’,” she says, referring to menacing emails. “They say, ‘Now you are locked in your home and you cannot go out anymore’.”

She says that by photographing gay Iranian exiles in masks of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and his son-in-law Ali, she had wanted to expose a hypocritical attitude towards homosexuality in countries such as Iran, where men can be hanged for homosexual conduct.

“They condemn homosexuality but in countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia it is common for married men to maintain relations with other men,” says Hera. “Works of art can be provocative. It is not an artist’s job just to paint flowers. Art should shine a light on social issues.”

The photographs were part of an extensive collection of images by Hera of mostly Dutch gay men. Another part of her exhibit was a video featuring hard rock music and images of Iranian clerics interspersed with pictures of naked men.

Previously:Dutch Artist Goes Underground After Putting Mohammad Masks On Gay Men

Dutch Museum Caves to Islamic Extremists- Removes Gay Mohammed Exhibit

Muslims Riot After Hindu Leader Calls Mohammed Gay

In early December, a Hindu leader in India named Kamlesh Tiwari referred to Mohammed as “the world’s first homosexual.” This did not sit well with the local Muslim community, which called for the government to prosecute Tiwari for everything from “blasphemy” to making “anti-social” statements “designed to incite a riot.”

The Muslims also staged a series of protest marches, the most recent of which did become a riot last Sunday. Over a dozen policemen were injured in the resulting violence, according to India TV News, while about 30 vehicles were set ablaze.

The protesters blocked a national highway and disrupted train service for several hours, ransacking a train station in the process, according to the India TV News report. When a bus tried to push through the crowd, it turned violent, setting the bus on fire after the passengers evacuated it.

“There was a rally of about 2.5 lakh people, which took an ugly turn. About 25 vehicles, including some police vans, were set on fire. Policemen were beaten up but there was no severe injury. I have heard of one person sustaining a bullet injury but there is no official confirmation of it,” said Additional Superintendent of Police Dilip Hazra.

A lakh is an Indian unit of measure equivalent to one hundred thousand, so Hazra is estimating the size of the crowd at 250,000 people.

The mob eventually turned its rage against the nearby Kaliachak police station, drove the policemen away, and set the station on fire.

The rally was organized by a Muslim group called Anjuman Ahle Sunnatul Jamat, which insisted that it wanted a peaceful rally, and blamed the violence on outside agitators.

Similarly, the Hindu organization that Kamlesh Tiwari belongs to (and has claimed to be the working president of), Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, has claimed he is not actually part of the group, but was in fact an instigator sponsored by rival groups to “tarnish the image of the party,” as India TV News puts it.

On December 20, a group of Muslim clerics submitted a memorandum to the local authorities, demanding punishment for Tiwari.

“People like Kamlesh Tiwari are openly flouting the law and are trying to instigate riot-like situation in the peaceful country,” said the memo, according to the Times of India. “Persistently, anti-social elements have being [sic] trying to malign the image of Prophet Mohammed on various platforms, especially on social networking websites, where miscreants are using foul language and also making obnoxious remarks about the Prophet.”

Tiwari was actually arrested in Lucknow soon after making his remarks, evidently in a bid to disperse an angry mob of Muslim youths which had taken to the streets. Some are calling for much more than legal punishment for his remarks, as International Business Times reported in mid-December that he had become a target for jihadis demanding his death on social media.

The Indian Express reports that Tiwari remains jailed for the time being, as the Lucknow police have invoked the National Security Act against him, citing provisions that forbid “promoting enmity between groups on ground of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony” and “deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.”

Please let us know if you’re having issues with commenting.

Muslims Riot After Hindu Leader Calls Mohammed Gay


Gay Gay Homosexual Gay or I Can Still Hear His Voice is a catchphrase often paired with images of characters from popular media, in which one character reminisces another character mocking them. Starting on Tumblr in 2018, the meme gained popularity in January 2021 and spread to other platforms. Members of various online fandoms – particularly LGBTQ+ communities – use the meme to create fan art and poke fun at ships or general relationships between characters.


On November 19, 2018, [1] account relateablepicturesofyuugi shared an edited panel from the manga series Yu-Gi-Oh!. In the panel foreground, the character Yugi Muto remembers the character Pharaoh Atem, saying, „I can still hear his voice…“ In the edited background, Atem says, „Gay gay homosexual gay,“ creating the impression that the memory of Atem is mocking Yugi. The post received more than 630 notes in less than three years (shown below).


Over the next few years, the image spread on Tumblr and TwitterYu-Gi-Oh! communities. But in January 2021, use of the image and phrases, in particular „Gay Gay Homosexual Gay,“ began to grow in popularity. Members of various fandoms began sharing imaginary dialogue between characters within their respective media.

Artists began creating original fanart of characters in the style of the Yu-Gi-Oh! panel. On January 19th, 2021, Twitter[2] user @cactuskhee shared the first known redrawing of the meme featuring characters from the video game series Danganropa,. The post received more than 20,000 likes and 4,900 retweets in less than two months (shown below, left).

Variations of the meme soon appeared on DeviantArt, where fans recreated the format with different characters, including original characters. On January 30th, [4] user Coksii posted a version based on their original characters, which received more than 1,000 views (shown below, right).

Voiceovers began appearing as well. On February 2nd, the earliest known video version of the meme appeared on YouTube. YouTuber Wioll uploaded a voiceover of a comic by Twitter [3] user @gogopri, featuring characters from the video game series Metal Gear (shown below, right).

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Quite probably given the way muslims treat women, take a trip to North Africa and see the native males walking round hand in hand. If mohammed wasn`t gay he certainly was a misogynist.

What are you smoking? First off all Abrahamic religions put the man as the head of the household as does Islam. We accept this, embrace it and love it for what it brings to our families and lives. That does not mean women are not equal just that each sex has different roles in life. That also does not mean that women can’t fill roles that men traditionally do/did or vice verse.

Islam is not an exclusively male dominated religion. There are more females that are Muslim, alhumdulilah. There are also female scholars in Islam. Schools for Islamic knowledge teach both men and women the same things. Women memorize Qur’an as do men. Women lead other women in prayer. Women can teach Islam. Women can hold positions of leadership.

Your question is just stupid as Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was married several times and it is recorded in hadeeth his relationships with them.

Since when did guys hanging out with guys mean they are gay? How old are you?

And as far as your crazy statement that all other religions incorporate women as You obviously don’t read.

No he was not gay. If this is an intellectual question surely the asker would go to extensive biographies of Muhammad (S) and studies of his life rather than Yahoo! Answers.

I’m a Muslim woman and the religion I choose to follow certainly is not male dominated. It definitely gives me more rights that the so-called liberated society of today, where women are regularly objectified.

Muhammad (S) had more than one wife in his life and 7 children, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he wasn’t gay. There’s things called sisterhood and brotherhood in Islam.

Not everything comes down to sex like this society teaches.

Richard perhaps you never read Quran or Hadith. Islam has given full and detailed right to the women including a share in property. Prophets wives were joining him in defense wars. And you spoke other religions have given equality to women. Just read bible you will not find a single order about rights of women in all bible. While in Quran there is detailed description of women rights at many places.

I feel you are an educated man. Ask intelligent question based on intelligent and high moral standards.

In Mohammad’s day there wasn’t any such thing as homosexuality on a conceptual level, there was just sex, whether it be with men or women. Mohammad, like many men in those days, probably had a taste of both sexes.

I am that I am. My behaviour should not be your concern. But I keep wondering why our western societies keeps deluding themselves that our womenfolks have equal rights with the menfolks. They are beaten, raped, earn less, non as generals leading the army into wars because they are women. Our womenfolks are so disgusted about themselves they get drunk and expose themselves and thinking that is Life?

its only recently that women have been allowed into other of them have always been male dominated. as to the gay will never know!!

I don’t think so, but I think that most people hold their religion books higher that God himself. They hold no consideration of God’s will to hold justice in our hearts, and exercise it according to the time and space we might be living. Does God wants to put his wisdom in a book or in our hearts according to the ages?.

He wasn’t gay as far as I’m aware. He was merely a mysogynist whose viewpoints were that women should be submissive and cover themselves up so that no one but their husbands could view them. And he also had multiple wives. One of them, Aisha, was only nine years old when the marriage was consummated.

So, no, Muhammed was a mysogynistic paedophile, not gay.

He was married, christians make a big thing about the age of his wife. Jesus on the other hand was apparently never married (although marriage was expected in his society) and hung around with men almost exclusively.

I don’t believe Jesus was gay, I’m only using the statement to point out the stupidity of your question. I believe he was married


Woo hoo…you are BACK!!! Gosh what happened?? You can’t disappear like that after getting me hooked on your blog. That simply isn’t kind. At all.

As for Fazza the Poetry Writing Douple Dipping Prince…LOL!!! I have never heard of these people and really must start following the Middle Eastern Royals more. They sound like quite a fun group. Who knew?!

Thanks for the compliment, and Miss Fazza’s but the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned!

miss fazza … OK, after having picked myself from the floor may i ask when you shall find the time to elaborate on other near- and farther-eastern desert foibles? please, don’t let your enchanted followers die of thirst in the figurative drought, longing for more entertainment on trashy sheik(a)s … fata morgana on the horizon yet?

I believe the bisexual rumors, it makes me glad about him being liberal privately and sexually. He kinda looslie the type of dude who would go both ways, lol. There is nothing wrong with that and you can’t help what you are attracted to.

Anyways, the bigger question is, what do you mean by Miss Fazza?…

I can only think of two explanations and one of them is out of the picture due to him being ‘single’. Does it involve anything about gender roles perhaps? I know this is old gossip from last year but its still interesting to note.

Oh, and the dude who is trying to ‘expose’ Hamdan and get a settlement out of him via the linkedin and FB accounts is a loon. I mean he claims to be a prophet for christ sakes, lol.

I’m quite skeptical of this man’s claims, too, but I feel it’s important that all perspectives be expressed on this blog. In regards to my characterization of Fazza as “Miss”, I’m merely being facetious in the way that gay men, such as myself, often are when jokingly referring to other members of our community. I’m just engaging in a little bit of male bitchiness, that’s all!:-)

You my friend are genius. I LOVE your blog! It’s my favorite. Great read.

Any info on his brother Rashid and bro in laws, Mansour and Nasser? They all seem so quiet, it’s kinda funky to me. LOL But I have heard that Rashid was overlooked as CP because he has some issues going on, including addictions to drugs and gambling. Mansour’s first marriage alone must be a goldmine of info. I’m not sure about Nasser since he seems like a happy, in love family-oriented guy. This UAE watcher cannot wait for more info! ? PS: The Abu Dhabi RF would be interesting to look into. I mean, with Issa and Falah as members… Well, let’s just say, being nicknamed “The Kennedys of the Middle East” = Jackpot! LOL

I must admit that other than Hamdan and his stepmother, Haya, there’s very little else that I know about Dubai’s royal family. I know next to nothing about Abu Dhabi’s royals. You’ve given me food for thought. I’ll have to research the people you’ve mentioned and get back to you!!!!!

You are confusing Hamdan with his older brother RASHID. Hamdan bin Mohammed has never been removed from public duties and has a good reputation in Dubai.

Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum has had numerous problems which led to his father cutting him off from public duties. Rashid has been to drug rehab & was the subject of a lawsuit in South Africa because he took possession of a horse and refused to pay for it. Rashid is the one that is rumored to employ the services of many prostitutes.

Wikileaks mentions that Rashid was cut off from public duties because he murdered an assistant. Here is the link. Please read for yourself so you can correct this false information about Hamdan.

The Wikileaks story about the wild parties was about SAUDI princes and had nothing to do with Sheikhs from the UAE.

Thank you for your attempt at clarification, but I’m not confusing Hamdan for Rashid, nor did the “Muslim Issue” post confuse the two. I don’t know why the byline of that article’s title mentioned Saudi princes. I’m guessing it was because the Saudis were the first Arab royal family to become internationally notorious for this sort of behavior. Concerning Hamdan, my source of information concerning his rumored sexual proclivities was an excellent one. Needless to write, I’m no at liberty to give out their name, but they have an intimate knowledge of Fazza’s lifestyle. The Wikileaks cables actually mention both Rashid and Hamdan. Though apparently Rashid’s exploits are worse than his brither’s, Fazza’s are notable nonetheless. I’ve no doubt that Hamdan has an excellent reputation in UAE, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t engage in certain vices.

Omg i cant believe this!! Is this all true?? Are these rumours or is their real evidence?? I did not think he was like that. I thought he was prince charming!! A Drug addict /bisexual??? Wat?O_O

There’s a lot of evidence. I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources, but I can tell you that one of them is someone whose intimately familiar with Hamdan’s sexuality. Of course, I never saw them together, but a subsequent inquiry on my part corroborated much of what my friend told me. With that stated, the claims made in the post are rumors and are stated as such. I stand by what I wrote, but I was not there to witness anything I wrote about in this post personally, therefore I cannot state them as incontrovertible facts. However, I trust my sources for this article. Once again, I cannot under any circumstances reveal them!!!!!!!!! I’ll just have to leave it at that.

i loved him i have 1000 pics of hamdan.. i cant believe hes a gay..

Well if he’s gay he never…showed any signs of it in our two weeks together….I met him in New York he does have some weird sexual vices…Very weird!

One can still be Prince Charming, a drug addict and bisexual.

The late Prince George, Duke of Kent is probably the best example. He died on active service during WWII, but not before fathering the present Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy and Prince Michael of Kent.

Of course, the Middle East is not an ideal place to be Prince Charming, a drug addict and bisexual. The poor guy should skip the region and settle down somewhere less radical.

I knew early that he is a gay. Looking at his pictures with men under the title “friends” but they seem more than friends. There are pictures on his friends insta not his.. hugging each other and holding hands. He is for sure gay. I dont know if bisexual. I dont think he likes women at all

How reliable is “The Muslim Issue”? Maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t stomach it – the people on it remind me of the Westboro/GodHatesFags nutters. >_>

Homophobia is rampant throughout the Middle East. It’s a criminal offense in every country in that region except Israel. The Muslim Issue certainly displays a pronounced homophobic bias, but their claims concerning Prince Hamdan have generally checked out.

The information about Prince Hamdan, I believe to be accurate. I have many friends in Dubai, I have friends all over the world, many of them know him, I know him as well. He can be a charming man but when he angers, clear the room. He is very used to getting his way and has a difficult time with women who are self sufficient and independent, as I am. I have a very dear friend, who shared with me that Prince Hamdan, asked him to come to Dubai, to be his wife and help him raise his children. I didn’t know he had children. How progressive, the Prince must be I thought, he’s gay and open about it to men on Facebook. However, I was confused when I saw his various posts to women on Facebook. I came to the conclusion that he might be bisexual but that is his business, not mine. I have a great deal of respect for Prince Hamdan, I think he’s a wonderful leader with a great deal of vision for Dubai. He has treated me extremely kindly and invited me to visit Dubai.

A friend of mine who knows him well says that for years he has had girlfriend who he regards as the love of his life. She is apparently British, 20 years older than him and very busty.

Hahaha no offence but your friend definately lied to you coz think about it if hamdan is 36 years old and turning 37 this year(2019) are you trying to say that his girlfriend in 57 years old?

Hi,sorry about the late reply only just stumbled across this website (cool website by the way Royal Foibles!)Anyway the busty bit should read busy! Yes I am her and yes we have mind blowing sex whenever he’s in town which is frequently!Who care’s if he’s bi or whatever he’s a sweetheart and he’s got all the moves!Lucky me eh?!

Hi,FYI I am British but I’m not 20 years older than him,it’s 14 years! Oh and by the way I’m not busty either,bigger than normal but busty by any means.

Hi FDE,Can you clear up for us once and for all is he gay, bisexual or not? Does he have a girlfriend?Tx

The concepts of gay, straight and bisexual are Western sexual paradigms that are difficult to apply to someone who comes from a Middle Eastern culture, where such concepts traditionally don’t exist. My source, who knows the Crown Prince intimately, described him as someone who defines himself as sexual; meaning he’s attracted to both men and women. I guess in Western terms that means he’s bisexual, though he would probably disagree with that assessment. I’ve no idea if he currently has a girlfriend or not. I’m sure at some point he’ll marry, though I doubt he’ll be faithful to his wife.

I was googling “dubai crown prince” and this blog came up.. This message is especially for the owner of this blog. How can you post such things about sheikh Hamdan’s life when you were never present when these so called “bad behaviors” happened? Where/what is your evidence when you said it yourself you did NOT witness any of these behaviors?? Is this whole blog based on something your “friends” or “someone you know” TOLD YOU about? Seriously just think about it…Also, most importantly what are you gaining by doing all this? By tarnishing sheikh Hamdan’s image/ name? At the end of the day your blog is totally based on a rumor..”someone told you”.. How would you like that a complete stranger made a blog tarnishing your name & reputation?? DO unto others as you would have them do unto you! PEACE!!

In the interest of fairness, and in the interest of allowing most people with genuinely passionate views on this particular subject to be allowed to let their opinions be known, I have no problem with publishing this comment. I, however, would like to respond.

First of all, you have this entire blog and this particular post confused. While some of my posts, particularly those dealing with modern royals, are more factually conjectural than definitively factual, and I state them as such, I derive most of my information from published and readily accessible sources that I’ve cited numerous times throughout this blog! Had you actually read other posts on this blog, and possessed sufficient cognitive reasoning skills, you would’ve realized that, and wouldn’t have asked me if my entire blog is based on rumors my friends have told me and nothing more!

Now, concerning this particular post, and I’ve already made this clear to another commenter, I don’t consider any of Hamdan’s alleged behaviors as stated in this post to be “bad” or immoral! The accusations concerning his father paying people to kidnap children so they can be jockeys at his horse stable, I find far more morally egregious! Anyway, I do not state at any point in this post that its information can be proven beyond doubt. I state the Internet source where I got some of this info from, and I state the rest of the info as rumors that I’ve heard. Now, I’m not in the habit of publishing any rumor I’ve heard concerning an important person, in his own country at any rate, just because the story is interesting. I check sources, I cross reference sources, and I investigate the background of the people giving me the information. Thanks to the fact that I live in a cosmopolitan city, and socialize in cosmopolitan circles, I regularly come into contact with people who have more than a passing acquaintance with many of the people that I’ve written about. I cannot divulge their names anymore than I would be willing, for professional reasons, to divulge my own. I’ll have to leave it at that!!!!!!

Although I do not know where you are from, and do not profess to be able to figure that out based on your name and nothing more, I must state that I’m genuinely distressed by the homophobic comments I’ve received from people with Arabic names concerning this post! It’s 2014, and in the Western world, at least, most of what Hamdan is alleged to have done in this post isn’t considered a crime: moral, legal, or otherwise!!!! You, and people like you, need to remember that this blog is a chronicle of ruling class misdeeds, and isn’t meant to showcase any of the people it chronicles in an unremittingly flattering light! If you can’t stomach the idea that a man you respect, be it Dubai’s crown prince or someone else, might be written about to engage in private practices that you, personally, consider “bad behaviors,” I suggest you stay off the Internet!

Finally, in answer to your last question, it’s foolish and disingenuous to put ourselves in the position of public figures who are placed on a pedestal to be admired in their own countries, particularly royals from countries as undemocratic and socially repressive as Dubai. As long as they live lives of luxury that are subsidized by their governments, who are in turn subsidized by taxpayers or laborers working for state (read: royal family) owned monopolies whose profits could be more usefully invested in realistically improving the lives of their people, princes such as Hamdan need to accept the fact that occasionally “bad” press concerning their private lives, especially when these stories are based on factual evidence, is the closest thing to taxes on their lifestyle that they will ever pay!

Isn’t homosexuality haram in the middle east culture?

It is, but certain people are able to conduct their affairs in private, thus escaping the notice of the authorities. I appreciate your interest in this subject, but I cannot answer anymore of your questions without risking the exposure of my source. I hope you understand. I’m sure you’re inquisitive enough to take educated guesses concerning the rest of your queries.

Thanks for the reply, I understand your need to guard the information source in part – but surely if you’re prepared to put this out on a public blog with such certainty about Hamdan, you must know you will be challenged and asked qn’s about the information? Can you answer then how long ago he’s been in those ‘kind of relationships’ is it currently or say 5+ years ago? Tx

I’ve no idea. It’s impossible to know these things for certain, especially since many of these miniature Middle Eastern and Asian potentates do not draw a line between their sultan’s and his family’s personal net worth and their state treasuries.

[…] He may or may not be a bisexual who has a drug problem. See article here. […]

I am appalled at the information that has been written here about a member of the Middle Eastern Royal family which is clearly intended to discredit him . Why would you not mention what a great sportsman he is ? Or how much he and his father do for charity ? Why don’t you talk about how he and his father invest in his peoples education and are genuinely concerned for the well beings of the nation they represent ? Why will you not say how approachable they are by holding meetings monthly with any individual who has ideas about improvements that can be made in order to benefit the people of Dubai ? How many leaders in the west hold such meetings and are in touch with the people they represent ? I think you should stop spreading malicious rumours about decent people and hiding behind unreliable sources who supposedly supply this information to you . Belittling others is a sign of having a low self esteem . He is a charming well educated man which you have kindly pointed out . They are a lovely family who have been blessed with money but work hard and use their position and money to better their country for their people and unfortunate people around the world .

i like your amswer is trueyou cant go around. and talking shitt about people even the prince of dubai

The princes of dubais is a great human been and he love animal take care them of them like his own pet come on give a break to him to show his strenght him be him

when i say that is because i dont agred people talking shiit about good person like prince of dubai sorry i cant express correctly about. it sorry is not my intencio to say that sorry again

I’m amazed by how far can people enjoy this dark game. I mean presuming that successful or famous people are losers and presenting well tailored lies ,that seem believable to whoever has tendency to enjoy this type of sick gossip, about their “extremely shameless” lifestyle is spreading widely among losers and average successful people who believe ,because of their inability to achieve, that people are in fact clumsy and stupid and are just too lucky !!

I say with all me respect “Help yourself by facing reality and understanding the game better if you don’t like your role in it now”

Despite the fact that your comment expresses an obvious homophobic bias, and demonstrates a glaring lack of proficiency with the written English language, I nonetheless feel it necessary that most views, whether I personally agree with them or not, be expressed on this blog, and certainly on this particular subject.

Had you read this post carefully, and through non culturally biased eyes, you would’ve observed that I’m not stating any of this information as being definitive. I state clearly the published internet source where much of this info derived, and the rest of this information is based on rumors that I heard, that I clearly state as such! Mind you, these rumors came from authoritative sources, but I’m not at liberty to disclose their identities.

Let me also make clear to you that I personally see nothing wrong with homosexuality, age appropriate, consensual and non harmful sexual experimentation, or recreational drug use. Most countries in the Middle East however, including the UAE and with the notable exception of Israel, not only take a dim view of these activities, but often times punish their perpetrators by legal execution! This is particularly ironic given the history and underground culture of what us Westerners would characterize as bisexuality among Middle Eastern men. The open practice of male pederasty in Afghanistan is but one example of this. By the way, I’m fully aware of the fact that Afghans aren’t Arabs, but they’re still Middle Easterners, and their society provides the most glaring example of this practice. This practice has also been observed to have occurred, albeit less openly, in Turkey, Morocco, and Pakistan, among other neighboring countries. According to the memoirs of C.I.A. agent Miles Copeland, Saudi Arabia’s second king was also a bisexual pederast. I’m sure your indignant response to this would be that such practices are commonplace in the West as well, particularly under the auspices of the Catholic Church, but on this side of the world the practice of homosexuality, regardless of whether it’s conducted through a form of morally, socially, and legally condemnable rape, or it’s merely a consensual act between two adults, is not instantly punishable by death.

Obviously, I’ve no idea where in the world you currently reside, nor do I make pretensions to know simply based on your name, but you have to concede that the example I just gave demonstrates the most basic difference concerning the attitudes of the Middle East and the West in regards to homosexuality.

As I made clear at the end of my post, I personally would be thrilled if a sheikh with a genuinely modern attitude toward social behavior, be it Hamdan in UAE or someone else somewhere else, were to ascend to the throne of a Middle Eastern country. Once again, I don’t profess to know His Royal Highness personally, and all of the information in this post is factually based conjecture and nothing more. With that stated, I sincerely hope that he is engaged in the practices he’s rumored to be engaged in, he succeeds his father, and once he’s king he has the courage to bring his more socially and culturally ass backward subjects into the modern world. Should you happen to be one of his subjects, I should hope he can do the same for you as well!

Your source know if the child has sheikh Hamdan?This boy is his son?

Once again, I don’t know if Hamdan has a son. This child could easily be one of his nephews/cousins.

It´s truth. But the boy’s name is Mohammed, thought it was a tribute to sheikh mohammed … And he also says that the boy is his best friend, never said who the father of the boy and the two are always together…

Thank you for sharing this. Who’s to say, without proper evidence, that it is or isn’t true?

the name of the boy is Maj his the son of prince Hamdan very good friend

That is not his son but the son of AJ (), one of his friends and member of his entourage – the man can be seen in some of the photos Hamdan posts; there is one where his father is sitting beside Hamdan and little Mohammed is sitting on his father’s lap (). The names Mohammed and Hamdan are very popular – especially to Muslims, because it’s usually a tribute to the Prophet (Hamdan is a variation of Mohammed).

For anyone interested, his nephews already use these names tributes to Sheikh Mohammed and Hamdan himself: one of the twin sons of his sister Shaikha is named Mohammed and one son of his sister Manal is named Hamdan, another of her sons is named Mohammed. His sisters Latifa and Shaikha also both have sons named Hamad (another variation of Mohammed; Shaikha’s twin sons are Hamad and Mohammed, both named for their grandfathers).

Your source know if the child has sheikh hamdan?This boy is his son?

He says that the boy is his best friend, but I think it’s his son. They look very.

If you are going to write an article about a royal you should do proper research first. How can you write an article about someone when you do not know anything about his life? He is not addicted to drugs, gay or even bi. If he was, he wouldn’t be able to participate in the MANY endurance races that he participates in. The riders and horses are constantly drug tested and if anything pops up, they are not able to participate. Also multiple bloggers have looked into this rumor when it first came out and debunked it. Oh and for those asking… does not have any children.

I did proper research on this article, and it hasn’t been debunked by anyone. As far as the horse races in UAE are concerned, don’t get me started on the corrupt, child slavery availing practices that are frequently employed in that industry. The royal family of Dubai isn’t what they appear. The simple fact that Emiraties aren’t allowed to choose their most elite rulers speaks volumes concerning the extent of power that their royal family exerts. It’s unfortunate that certain people, such as yourself, have deluded yourselves into believing otherwise.

He does nt get drugs maybe but he is homosexual for sure. It s veryy clearr

How can you write an article about someone when you do not know anything about his life? He is not addicted to drugs, gay or even bi. If he was addicted, he wouldn’t be able to participate in the MANY endurance races that he participates in. The riders and horses are constantly drug tested and if anything pops up, they are not able to participate. You may just be relaying information in a non-bias way, however, even reporting such lies is still taking a side. Oh and FYI, he will not be a king. There isn’t a king in the UAE. They are a tribal society. Hamdan is a prince of title alone. He is the prince but that doesn’t mean he will be the next ruler either. That position is voted by elders. Islam law isn’t “ass backwards” it’s simply based on the teaching of the Qu’ran. It would be like if a society decided to rule their society based on the Bible. Oh and for those asking… does not have any children. Just thought I would pass along some important information. ?

In 2008 Hamdan’s father, who is the tribal equivalent of a vassal king, chose him as his successor. That is the law in Dubai, and it won’t be subject to an elder vote when Sheik Mohammed dies. Unfortunately, it appears that you have “Bedouin” succession customs and “Qu’anic” jurisprudence confused. The Qu’ran doesn’t address rights of succession to a throne in an explicit manner. It appears that you are unaware, based on this statement, that Bedouin tribal custom predates the implementation of Islam by several centuries. Much of Bedouin tribal law that exists today, particularly the practice of the head of a family, tribe or nation choosing his successor, is pre-Islamic in origin.

Concerning Hamdan’s participation in “endurance” races, he doesn’t participate in as many as his father’s government would have us believe, and FYI, certain drugs, steroids for example, can greatly increase one’s endurance.

do you have any info on sheikh zayed bin sultan bin khalifa al nahyanof abu dhabi,he recently got marrried

I would like to ask you please, why Sheikh Mohammed, Hamdan’s father doesnt cancel the succession of Hamdan to the throne? Regarding Hamdan’s bad rumor (bisexuality, drug addicted, perverted sexuality) its a big impression that his father connives to this, seems not at all concerned with the fate of DUBAI, that will fall into the hands of a perverted PRINCE!!! Why this conspiracy, or whether the father did not know about that? Has no idea about what his son had done? Is he blind or what? And why he does not change and cancel the succession to give it to any other of his children? Not weird at all? What is your opinion? Thank you in advance!!!! ( by the way I found this video on youtube, Sheikh Hamdan looks very very stoned, doesnt he? )

Prince hamdan is a nice guy i dont have any words to describe his personality

You a talking about prince hamdan i have friends from switzerland that within 24hr sleep with different women n they drink from morning to night. My muslim friends also indulge in bad things so everyone should look at himself first

I’m not sure why but this website is loading extremely slowfor me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on myend? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

You may be interested in his biography on seems like he may be married after all… Maybe that should be the next story lol

Sorry wrong website, his personal details indicate his married & has a fiancé too, on world equestrian games website, closet marriage, seems like a story to me

Who knew the the FEI was so unprofessional that they’d post rumors as facts on their website? His engagement with Kalila Said was, unlike so many rumors, denied outright by Sheikh Mohammed’s office – which really should tell the FEI something. If they are going to be that unprofessional, a person shouldn’t bother checking their website. He’s NOT married and NOT engaged. If/when he does get married, we’ll know about it – and it won’t be hidden and an official announcement will come from Sheikh Mohammed’s office.

I must admit it does seem rather strange, as the FEI carries themselves with the upmost professionalism. Marital status appears as= Common Law/De Facto, not sure why the FEI would take it upon themselves to make up his marital status. Also, if this information is incorrect, then why has it not been rectified…how odd?!

I know Sheikh Hamden personally. He has been victimizing me since 2009. There is a press release going out this week with more details.

What a awesome blog. I especially love the Q&A going on here to. Your answers shut them down Hhhh. Love. So subscribing. Btw I Love Hamdan, and I hope he swings both ways.

hi,i was happy when i stumbled on your blog it is very informative,keep up the good work,do u happen to find any info on sheikh zayed bin sultan bin khalifa l nahyan of abu dhabi,he seems to be an interesting person,but also very private thanks

this wat happen to you when u lack in Islam. It’s ashame when u have this much money and u dont do good with it. Life is short to be partying and doing things that are against Islam.

If he is bisexual that his personal but in reality he is a handsome, smart, genius, gorgeous, and he helps people Lot. If he have sex more than a person (or out of marriage) I don’t blame him. I am sure lot of women ready for open leg for him. If i get chance I will ( that’s a blessing )

This is fake, we know our prince well, he never in a million years will ever be bisexual, so stop spreading rumors you little bitch

I love the fact that you’re ignoring the allegations of drug addiction, and instead are reserving your indignation at the allegation he’s bisexual, as if somehow that’s the greater sin, if either can even, in this day and age, be considered sins at all. As for your accusation that I’m spreading lies, my only retort is that the truth hurts. As for you calling me a female dog, well, I’d rather be that than some ass backward fundamentalist like yourself, born several centuries after you should’ve been. Now why don’t you go be a good little extremist and blow yourself up.:-)

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that will be true even I find it strange he has not married he seems to be so normal is always with his family always put pictures with their nephews seem to be a perfect man so strange that he has not yet married

Hmmmm…; s not bisexual or gay ? he’ s love me ???? heheheee

I completely agreed with this blog writer. Even if he is gay or bisexual, having fun with lots of girls and boys, what’s bad about that? It’s his life, he has done a lot of great things for his people. Let him do anything that he likes. We all have the freedom to do anything we like. You have the freedom to choose bondage too if that’s what you want. So, let’s be happy and mind your own business. ^^ I wish the prince is my boyfriend ?

Wow coolest post ever. Everyone should go back onto faz3 Instagram right now and see how bisexual he is it’s so obvious he likes men, It is also stated in various articles he likes naked boys and is involved in human trafficking from a number of different sources, when he arrives in UK he orders young men and boys to spend time with him . wouldn’t be surprised the super rich always crave what they are not entitled too. He looks so miserable at the best of times

Hey I know this is a old post 4 years back, I stumbled on this informative post and I love your investigative skills. But may I ask do you have any information on prince hashim bin hussein of Jordan? I found some interesting Allegations on the Internet and other sources maybe you would want to look into it.

I am so late for this, but thanks for this certain TEA lolI hope you can continue to post info regarding Hamdan

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comments on Prince hamdan’s remarriage/ engagement to his cousin? can your sources tell you if it were his choice?

Hi, royal foibles. What is your news on his current engagement (re engagement, rather) insider info? Did he decide after 10 years that he loved this cousin after all?

Unfortunately, I know longer have contact with the sources that provided me the info on this post. I can state, however, that one of my sources told me back then that Hamdan’s father wished for him to marry “at least one of several cousins,” in order to strengthen alliances within their family clan, but never told me their names. He also stated Hamdan was reluctant to do so, and his father wasn’t pressing the matter. Obviously times have now changed. Hamdan’s 36, which is rather old for the heir to a middle eastern throne to remain unmarried. The Sheik has obviously decided its time to take matters into his own hands, and arrange not only Hamdan’s marriage, but the marriages of two of his younger brothers as well.

RF: what do you make of recent news concerning princess haya’s escape from dubai to europe with her two kids?? sheik mohammed wrote a scathing poem about her on instagram that’s pretty brutal. do you think that sheika latifa’s tragic attempt at escaping inspired haya to make her own mad dash for freedom?

looking forward to the future post you’ll inevitably cook up on this subject – I hope!!!!

I’ve read the news reports, and frankly I’m as dumbfounded as everyone else!!!! By middle eastern potentate standards, the Sheik seemed almost too fond of Haya, all but repudiating his other wives, including Hamdan’s mother, in Haya’s favor. And to make matters more confounding, I’ve long since lost contact with the well connected Emirati friends who provided me with the info I used for my Hamdan post!!!!! Fortunately I’m in contact with a middle eastern socialite,once married to one of the world’s richest men, whose provided me with some background gossip concerning the Jordanian royals, and more specifically how this unfortunate marriage came about in the first place. Rest assured, I’ll be writing about this shortly. Stay tuned!

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I want like contact you.. I need your help.. I have big new about sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad and I have proof..

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Hahaha I’ve always linked him to Prince Oberyn of Game of Thrones who was ironically bisexual too. Let’s hope Fazza won’t have his head splashed open too lol