These Photos of Naked Men in Berlin Show the Intimacy of Gay Sex

Sam Morris was a Tumblr kid. Probably still is at heart. The platform was where he developed and honed his eye for aesthetics, and where he began to cultivate an audience. He still credits Tumblr as the place that he really came to understand imagery. But now, since the service’s ban on adult content, the photographer and former professional dancer has moved on.

Though we could not show the exhibition in full — sadly we do not show erect penises on the Out website, no matter the artistic context — we have curated a selection of the work here. Alongside it, Morris explains how Berlin helped him confront his ideas around sex and what its like to be an artist who relies on the ever-fickle Instagram.

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REVIEW OF SCRIPTED LOVE AT GOODREADS: (4 stars) I loved the characters miza and abel and how miza was so in the closet that he didn’t realise he could possibly be gay but with Abel he came to love and find true love in return ,was a little teary eyed at the end, With what they had to go through and how it ended but was truly fantastic to read . It’s a shame that even in this day and age we still have all these law’s that stop people from wanting to be together regardless of sex you have really looked into and researched law’s and people’s opinions to make this work well . you really brought the characters to life for me and you placed them in a unique settings with media and people looking always

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