Is Dr. Mike Gay?

Dr. Mike is a Russian-American Celebrity Doctor. He is officially known as Dr. Mikhail Varshavski and is the Founder of Limitless Tomorrow. He was voted as The Sexiest Doctor Alive in 2015. Dr. Mike won the Webby Award for Health and Fitness recently this year. Read this to know about Dr. Mike’s girlfriend and about his gay rumors.

He was also nominated for the Breakout YouTuber of the Year Award in 2019. As you continue reading, you will get to know more details about Dr. Mike Varshavski. We will be concentrating more on his relationship status. Is the rumor about him being gay true? Let us take you through his entire life in detail.

Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer Gets At Least 8 Years Added to His Prison Sentence – VIDEO

Gay adult film star Mike Dozer (aka Christopher Steele) has been sentenced to at least an additional 8 years in prison for having illicit sex with a 14-year-old boy and failing to disclose to the boy that he is HIV positive.

Dozer was previously sentenced to 17.5 years in prison by federal authorities for raping that boy, who reportedly had inappropriate contact with 6 other adult males. Dozer met the boy using gay geosocial app Jack’d.

Dozer’s second sentencing was the result of a state investigation into Dozer’s contact with the underage boy. His state sentence will run consecutively to his federal sentence. He could face up to an additional 16 years in state prison following his stint in the federal penitentiary system.

Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer Gets At Least 8 Years Added to His Prison Sentence – VIDEO

Just How Gay is Mike Pence?

Mike Pence`s meticulously cut hairstyle is favored by a maître d`hôtel at a restaurant that caters to an exclusively gay clientele and a receptionist at a gay bathhouse, naturally there are rumors that the virulently anti-gay politician is a latent homosexual.

Pence famously calls his wife “Mother,” a clear indication that he doesn`t think of her in sexual terms. If Pence succeeds Trump as president I wouldn`t be surprised if everyone in his cabinet looked like a pool boy at a gay resort.

In November 2016, Pence was booed by a Broadway audience when he went to see Hamilton with his family, he might have reservations about attending another Broadway show.

I doubt Pence will attend considering “The Prom” features lesbians kissing, if the show featured gay hunks locking lips he would find an excuse to attend. He could always leave when the male leads lock lips, and explain to his evangelical base that he watched the hit Broadway show only to make a statement against gay sexuality.

Pence should do the right thing and come out of the closet and become a champion for gay rights. It would be a shame if he spent the rest of his life in his prayer closet getting real intimate with his male prayer partners.

Just How Gay is Mike Pence?

That Viral Photo Depicting A Young, Gay Mike Pence Is Not Actually Mike Pence

The man pictured is actually retired porn star Brad Patton, not the vice president-elect.

That Viral Photo Depicting A Young, Gay Mike Pence Is Not Actually Mike Pence

Gay Mike Pence Doppelgänger Is Collecting Money For LGBTQ Causes

A gay man who happens to look eerily similar to anti-LGBT extremist and Vice President-elect Mike Pence is putting his looks to good use ― by wandering the streets of NYC in short shorts and collecting money to benefit important organizations.

Glen Pannell told The Huffington Post that he was in a dark place after the election and wanted to do something actionable. So he decided to use his striking resemblance to the future vice president ― and strong legs ― to raise money for organizations that will prove crucial to helping minorities under Trump with his “Hot-Pence costume.”

“I want to raise dollars and I want to raise awareness,” Pannell told The Huffington Post. “And maybe offer some hope too. Isn’t it nice to imagine a bizarre through-the-looking-glass alternate reality where there’s a Mike Pence who champions women’s health and LGBTQ rights and the environment? Well that’s me!”

Pannell told The Huffington Post that last week he collected for Planned Parenthood and Natural Resources Defense CouncilThe Trevor Project.

“[The Trevor Project] is really close to my heart because I was a questioning teen 35 years ago growing up on Long Island before I finally came out as a gay man in my early 20s,” Pannell continued. “LGBTQ young people will need our full support over the next few years given Mike Pence’s record in office. So much of what he’s done in the last 16 years has divided and excluded ― not united.”

Pannell previously told Howard Sherman that he first donned the “Mike Hot-Pence” outfit as a costume this past Halloween after friends pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the two.

He also told People Magazine that he knows exactly what he would tell the vice president-elect given the chance.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Hot-Pence.

Gay Mike Pence Doppelgänger Is Collecting Money For LGBTQ Causes

The day I met a ‘gay conversion therapist’

I’m sitting in a room in Northern Ireland opposite a man who says he offers „talking therapy“ to people who don’t want to be gay. And I cannot help feeling worried – despite all the evidence I’ve read to the contrary, a tiny part of me believes that he may actually convince me that I can choose to stop being gay.

The man in front of me is Mike Davidson, he’s originally from New Zealand and he’s invited me into his home, about 30 minutes outside Belfast. It’s in a very quiet close of small houses tucked away off a side road, the type of place where everyone knows your business. Do his neighbours know what happens here? I start to feel a little uneasy. It reminds me of my home town Eastbourne and of being in the closet, hiding my secrets.

Mike welcomes me via a side door into his tiny office and beams: „This is where we do the work.“

It’s small but includes a pretty sizable DVD collection. He tells me that he loves movies about war and asks me if I feel the same. I say: „Yes, kind of.“ We have something in common.

Dr. Mike’s Girlfriend List.

Dr. Mike once dated Jennifer Lahmers in 2016. Jenifer is an American reporter and a news anchor. The two made such a fantastic couple. They began dating after Jennifer’s divorce. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end. The thing is that we are not sure when they broke up because they did not announce their break up publicly. Jenifer had deleted a picture that she had taken together with Dr. Mike.

Dr. Mike was also in a relationship with Pia Wurtzbach. We are uncertain about when they began their relationship. There is also not much information on their relationship. We cannot tell whether they are still dating or not. Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina-German model. Not only is she a model, but she is also a beauty queen- Miss Universe 2015. She also appears in various TV shows such as My Perfect You (2018), K2BU, Asian’s Next Top Model, etc.

Dr. Mike is Now Single.

Dr. Mike is currently single. There are no hints for us to assume that he is in a relationship at the moment. His social media profiles are mostly pictures of himself. As far as we know, he is a single man.

The rumors about him being gay are false. There is no information to prove this fact, and all his public relationships have always been with women. Another thing is that Dr. Mike has never given us any reason for people to think that he could be gay.

ICYMI: Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer Admits to Raping 14-Year-Old Boy, Exposing Him to HIV

“I would suggest the display of unusual cruelty in this case is very significant and is outrageous, frankly,” Montgomery County Judge Thomas P. Rogers said Thursday as he considered the punishment for Christopher Steele, also known as adult entertainment performer Mike Dozer. “It was so reckless, so outrageous … that it goes beyond all bounds of human decency.”

Rogers sentenced Steele, 35, formerly of the 700 block of Kilgor Court, Newark, Del., to eight to 16 years in state prison on charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child less than 16 and a misdemeanor charge of recklessly endangering another person in connection with his contact with a 14-year-old Limerick boy he met on the social networking cell phone app Jack’d between May and October 2013. […]

“Reckless, selfish, lacking empathy, and dangerous, these are the words that describe this defendant. This defendant took advantage of this child, took advantage of his age and took advantage of his vulnerability,” argued Assistant District Attorney Sophia Polites, who sought a lengthy prison term against Steele. “He engaged in some of the most egregious and heinous behaviors. He is deceitful. Simply put, he is a dangerous individual.”

RECAP: Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer Sentenced to 17.5 Years for Raping 14-Year-Old Boy

Dozer’s defense attorney argued against Dozer’s sentencing running consecutively to his federal sentencing. But the judge was unswayed.

“This was a set of poor decisions by Mr. Steele. As egregious as this conduct is I would not want to see Mr. Steele warehoused,” argued [defense lawyer George Griffith Jr.], adding Steele had no prior criminal record. […]

“My intent was not to put the family and victim through the stress,” said Steele, adding he was under medical treatment at the time and believed his risk of transmitting the disease was “zero.” “I did get a false sense of security with that. It was a poor decision on my behalf and a false sense of security I felt because I was on the medication. I’m not saying what I did was right. It was wrong.”

Steele added when he learned he was HIV positive, “it hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Steele implied one of his poor choices was getting involved in the adult entertainment industry.

“Once I took that turn, my life went downhill. That led to my demise,” Steele told the judge.

The judge said Steele’s comments were all about himself and supported presentence evaluations that characterized Steele as being narcissistic, having a sense of entitlement and a grandiose attitude.

The judge also deemed Dozer a “sexually violent predator” based on testimony from Dr. Jennifer Hahn, a member of the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board. Hahn classified Dozer as exhibiting anti-social and narcissistic personality disorders. She testified, “He seems to require that admiration and comes across as grandiose. He certainly shows the need to be the center of attention.” She added, “He uses his physical appearance to draw attention to himself.”

Being classified as a sexually violent predator will have significant ramifications for Dozer:

Those classified as predators face more stringent restrictions under state law, including mandatory counseling, community notification about their living arrangements once they are released from prison and a lifetime requirement to report their addresses to state police.

The boy in the case was ultimately found to be HIV negative despite his contact with Dozer. The boy’s parents were in court for the sentencing and appeared tearful at times, according to The Mercury News. The DA argued that Dozer caused the boy and his family “extreme stress” while they waited for his test results.

Watch video of Dozer leaving the court after his sentencing, below.

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Mike Rowe Married, Partner

Despite being so popular and fruitful, he has no woman to share his life with at this moment. He is still single at this age and is living a luxurious life alone. People his age are roaming around dating many women, but he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. We hope he gets married soon. It would be amazing to see how he would settle in his married life with a wife after attaining thus success.

Besides, people also think he could be gay because of the absence of any woman in his life. 

A photoset alleging to show Mike Pence’s „secret gay past“ has spread all over the internet after being posted to Facebook on Sunday. There’s only one problem: The young man pictured on the right is not Mike Pence.

Facebook user Luis Macias shared the photo on his personal account after a friend sent it to him.

„I didn’t know if it was real,“ Marcias told BuzzFeed News. „I knew it would blow up because of all the controversy around him and his homophobic stances.“

Pictured on the left, an official headshot of the vice president-elect, and on the right, a blonde and bare-chested young man — who looks a bit like Pence, apart from the blonde locks and brown eyes.

Macias captioned the photo, which has been shared over 12,000 times: „Mike Pence – blast from the gay past.”

Exclusive: Mike „The Situation“ Sorrentino tells E! News he bought his brother Frank Jr. „Maximo“ a plaque after he came out to his family: „I celebrated“

Mike „The Situation“ Sorrentino’s first family therapy session had a huge revelation. 

Frank Jr. „Maximo“ Sorrentino, The Situation’s older brother, revealed he came out as gay to his family last year during the premiere episode of WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition on Friday. 

And while Marc Sorrentino seemed to possibly have an issue with Maximo’s revelation, calling his brother a „frail male,“ Mike told E! News he has no problem with his brother’s sexuality. 

„The first time that he had come out of the closet, I bought him, like, a plaque, Mike said. „I think it was, like, ‚I’m proud you’re yourself‘ or whatever it was. I celebrated the first minute that it happened. I think that deep down inside, he’s not comfortable with it himself possibly. As per the family, the family accepted him right away.“

During the episode, Maximo said he wanted his brothers to understand him and give him the respect he feels he deserves. Mike, however, said he felt Maximo doesn’t know who he is, telling him, „You need to know as a man who you are and you don’t.“ (They use his decision to change his name from Frank Jr. to Maximo as an example of him not knowing himself.)

Speaking to that point, Mike told E! News, „I want him to be himself, desperately, and from my point of view…sometimes I feel like he goes back and forth sometimes.“

Mike, who previously appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with girlfriend Lauren Pesce, is hoping the process works for his brothers.

„Me personally, I’ve been through the therapy process a number of times and believe it works,“ the 34-year-old Jersey Shore star said. „I wanted my brothers to experience it and have it work for them, too.“ 

To hear more from Mike about MBCRSFE, watch our interview with him above. 

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition airs Fridays at 9 p.m on WE tv. 

Find out more

James Barr co-hosts the podcast A Gay and a Non-Gay with his (non-gay) friend Dan Hudson (right). The pair travelled to Northern Ireland for – a three-part BBC podcast series in which they meet people who have been through so-called gay „conversion therapy“. You can download it here on BBC Sounds.

Mike and I take our seats and it’s a pretty tight squeeze. He’s a relatively friendly looking man, glasses, a cute face – the sort of person who would help you carry your shopping to the car if he saw you struggling. He seems kind.

He also runs a Christian charity called Core Issues Trust, which, he tells me, „takes people seriously who say they want to move away from homosexual practices and feelings“. His technique, he says, is to explore their past experiences and find out more about their unwanted „same-sex attraction“.

„What we do is we replace those feelings,“ he says.

Just under half of those he sees are non-Christians, he says, and he only works with adults.

But despite all the certificates of his achievements at university on his office wall, Mike is not a qualified doctor, and neither is he a registered therapist.

The NHS and all major therapy professional bodies say that what he’s doing is unethical and potentially harmful. The UK government has said it wants to ban the practice. However, Mike is still allowed to do it, and here we are.

It’s been a long time since I had an „unwanted same-sex attraction“, as Mike would put it. I’m an out gay man, a comedian, I co-host the UK’s biggest LGBTQ+ podcast and regularly chat about sexuality and equality both on TV, on stage and to our international podcast audience – but I remember a moment when a 13-year-old me was less confident.

We’re constantly hearing theories as to why LGBTQ+ people exist and at 13, surrounded by straight people, our predominantly heterosexual planet sowed a seed of doubt and shame in my mind about being gay. I realised my life was about to be a lot more difficult as a gay man and, for a split second, I genuinely wished I could’ve been straight.

Even in 2019, it’s actually pretty easy to see why you might want someone to turn you heterosexual. Homophobic hate crimes in the UK are on the rise. Recently, a survey suggested 58% of gay men are scared to hold hands with a partner in public. A lesbian couple were attacked on a London bus in a suspected hate crime which shocked the country.

This is why I am interested in Mike. Is he motivated by homophobia, or does he actually think he’s helping people who don’t want to be gay? And if he is, is that OK?

And so Mike simulates one of his therapy sessions with me. He asks me if I’ve had any past trauma.

I reply that when I was younger I was bullied for being ginger, and as I grew older I was bullied for being gay. I tell him about a time when someone kicked me at the bus stop.

Then I ask him if he has a theory as to why that would make me gay.

He replies: „I don’t think any one thing gives people same-sex attraction… but if that’s your existence at school, it’s bullying. And I’m not surprised that maybe you become distant from other males.“

His voice is soft, he’s sympathetic and for the most part this feels like a normal therapy session, but it isn’t. I remind myself that he isn’t a real psychotherapist. I know I’m here as a reporter but I’m vulnerable – this is all so personal.

In July 2018, the UK government published an LGBT Action Plan in which it says it wants to ban „harmful“ gay conversion therapy across the UK. According to a national survey, 2% of British gay people have been through it and 5% have been offered it.

The government says that over half of those that offer this are faith groups – not just Christian – and although Mike operates in Northern Ireland, it happens across the UK.

Before I visit Mike, I meet a young man on the Northern Irish coast called Josh Lyle. He’s gay and Christian – his granny used to be a preacher and the church is a huge part of life where he lives. He tells me that in Northern Ireland your religion isn’t just a faith, it’s part of your identity.

He remembers how one day at his church he walked past a rack of pamphlets. „There was one called ‚Bringing your child back to God‘ and it was essentially a book telling parents how to make their gay children straight.“

He’s experienced a lot of homophobia. As he walks around town, people regularly shout abuse and he was recently spat at. So he says he understands, in a way, why someone might feel they want to turn to conversion therapy.

„It can be really tough to grow up as a gay kid and if someone came to you when you’re feeling at your worst, coming to terms with who you are, and said, ‚I have this magic wand that will make you better, do you want me to wave it?‘ You’d be very tempted to say yes.“

However, the consequences of doing so can be extremely harmful. Former Christian singer Vicky Beeching spent most of her life trying to suppress her own attraction to women and tried various forms of gay conversion therapy, from prayer and exorcisms to talking therapy.

One day she noticed strange white patches on her skin. She went to the doctor and she was told she had developed an auto-immune disease called scleroderma.

„The doctors told me my body was at war with itself. They said they believed trauma and stress and specifically my journey with suppressing my sexuality and all the shame around that, they believed that led to all these problems with my immune system,“ she says.

Vicky sold millions of records worldwide, including her hit, Above All Else, which she says in hindsight perhaps perfectly sums up her willingness to suppress her own sexuality for Jesus’s love. She has since written a book explaining why she believes you can be both a Christian and gay.

As I sit opposite Mike, I realise we’re mirroring each other’s body language. We both have our legs crossed.

I’m curious to find out more about why Mike ended up doing this.

He explains that he grew up in the Church, and when he had homosexual feelings he felt ashamed and wanted to move away from them.

„I always felt other – I always felt different and excluded. I wasn’t great at sport.“ He says he was emotionally disconnected from his father – a war veteran who was great at rugby and cricket. „I said to myself, ‚Well if that’s being a man,‘ referring to my father, ‚I don’t want anything to do with that.'“

For most young men, he says, „it’s almost as though they’re drawn to the mysteriousness, to the otherness of the female. Now for me, males felt other. Because I didn’t feel like one.“

He says he went through a form of conversion therapy himself and it helped him realise why he had those feelings.

I’m more convinced than ever that the reason I’m gay is not because I was bullied – and it’s not because I gay, and no-one needs to explain it or ask why. I just am. I love exactly the same way that everybody else loves.

The NHS and every major therapy body says that efforts to change or alter sexual orientation through psychological therapies are unethical and potentially harmful. Are they all wrong? „If you do research only from one point of view, and you can only get research money if you hold one point of view, then you’re going to come up with one point of view,“ he replies.

But people who come to him are vulnerable, I tell him, and he’s misleading them by telling them they can suppress their thoughts.

„I’ve never used the word ’suppression‘,“ he says. „What I believe in is transformation.“ He admits he will sometimes see a man and think that he’s attractive. „It may be my age, but I don’t have that deep longing for an emotional attachment with a man, or a sexual encounter.“

Then I ask him: What if it’s not true that the feelings gay people have can just be replaced? What if, in fact, he’s still gay?

He looks into the distance for a moment, and for a second I wonder if I my words may have changed his thinking. He looks at me and says: „Even if that’s right, I have the right and the freedom to identify and to live as I choose.“

I tell Mike that I think he genuinely does believe he’s doing the right thing. I hope that if he were brought up today, in a less homophobic environment, he would be comfortable being who he was.

He offers me a coffee, and I decline. I’d like to leave as soon as possible, but part of me wants to give him a hug. I genuinely feel so sad that someone can be so misled – but I leave. I don’t remember if we shake hands, even. In the car, I listen to Gloria Gaynor.

McKrae Game

The founder of one of the US’s biggest conversion therapy programmes, McKrae Game, came out as gay earlier this year, and apologised for harming generations of people.

After struggling to suppress his own homosexuality, Game founded his Truth Ministry in 1999, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, rebranding it in 2013 as Hope for Wholeness. The organisation operated in at least 15 states.

„I was a religious zealot that hurt people,“ he told the Charleston-based Post and Courier newspaper.

Seventeen US states have banned gay conversion therapy – most recently Maine, which took the step in May this year.

It’s Sunday, and I meet Josh and his granny, Marie Hodgen, outside All Souls Church in Belfast. Josh was scared to come out to his granny, the former preacher. But she more than accepted him. She went back through the Bible and studied its words again.

„When he came out, I couldn’t say it was wrong,“ she tells her grandson. „I love you, Josh. There’s no strings attached. I will always love you unconditionally.“

This is their first time at church together since Josh read that „How to not be gay“ pamphlet all those years ago.

As Josh and I walk inside, we both feel anxious. But the minister welcomes both of us. This is an inclusive church that believes in love of all kinds. Josh and his granny cry. I cry.

We sit listening to the minister’s words of acceptance. He’s telling us that he’s excited for his up-and-coming Pride service. Marie looks up and reads out loud a scripture inscribed across the idyllic church’s wall: „Sing a new song to the Lord.“

20. Charlie David

Charlie David has hundreds of hours of television to his credit predominantly exploring the LGBTQI2S experience. He has been selected as the Canadian Filmmaker in Focus by the Kashish Film Festival in Mumbai, India, an invited guest of the Canadian embassy in South Africa to share his documentary …

42. Adamo Ruggiero

Born June 9th/1986 in Toronto, Adamo Ruggiero is a television/film/theatre actor and television host. His credits include: Degrassi- The Next Generation (Series, 2002-2008), Make The Yuletide Gay (Feature, 2009), The Neverending Story (Play, 2011) and The Next Star (Series, 2008-2012). Adamo is …

Chris Obi Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

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That Viral Photo Depicting A Young, Gay Mike Pence Is Not Actually Mike Pence

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Women detail late-night parties with Gaetz

(CNN)Vice President Mike Pence once argued that homosexuality was a choice during his fight in the early 1990s against local efforts in Indiana to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.


“Almost Love” marks the directorial debut of actor Mike Doyle. The indie, which the openly gay Doyle also wrote, stars Scott Evans as a painter and Augustus Prew as his boyfriend who runs a famous fashion Instagram account. As their relationship comes to a crossroads, we also meet their circle of friends, including Kate Walsh, whose character’s husband of 15 years leaves her for a younger woman. Cammy (Michelle Buteau) is surprised to find out that the man (Colin Donnell) she’s been seeing is homeless while Zoe Chao plays a tutor who’s falling for her almost 18-year-old student.

Variety caught up with Doyle and Evans earlier this week to talk about directing, insisting on having openly gay actors play the lead couple and why Evans may be jumping out of helicopters in an “Almost Love” sequel.

MD: That’s a good question. I wrote and directed a short film a few years ago that premiered at Tribeca and got some attention. I was not in that, and I really enjoyed not being in it and using a different part of your creative mind and energies. I wanted to be able to focus my energy in crafting that ensemble and all of that. Also, I didn’t have to worry about hair and makeup.

SE: All of a sudden, the entertainment industry wants a kind of pat on the back for giving gay people gay roles, but all the gay roles are still kind of those roles that you don’t necessarily want to play all the time. Reading “Almost Love,” it was a completely different thing. It was seeing something that I totally related to and that I knew a lot of my friends related to, and a lot of people relate to whether you’re gay or you’re straight. It was very exciting.

MD: I wanted to tell a story about a group of friends that were at a point, or approaching a point where they were all spinning their wheels in different ways. I feel like, at least in my world, that’s very relatable; whether it’s spinning your wheels professionally, emotionally, in your friendships. I wanted to create a friend circle with a lead gay couple, but put them in the context of three other couples to show what’s universal about being in a relationship — the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens…I think there have been amazing films about coming out, about battling adversity. That’s all a part of the backstory in our film. They’ve been through that. They’ve come out, and now here they are living their lives. That was really important to me.

SE: Before I even started pursuing a professional career in entertainment, I was out of the closet. I came out when I was like 18, 19. I just knew that I didn’t want to live a lie. I’d spend my whole life living a lie. It builds up in you and it really causes lots of problems for your psyche later in life. I think I made that decision fairly early on, and then didn’t even realize the potential repercussions that it would have in the entertainment world. When I was first starting out, I was on a soap opera for many years. I played an openly gay character on the show. Soap fans are the best fans, first of all. The letters would just come in, handwritten and emails and everything, just messages of support and thank you, and thank you for giving me something to watch in my small town.

MD: I sort of unofficially made it my mission to cast two openly gay actors as my romantic leads.

MD: I think there’ve been some movies of late that have gotten a lot of attention, and the non-gay romantic leads playing gay are applauded for their bravery, which just drives me crazy. I’m not making an edict that only gay people can play gay people, and straight people play straight people. We’re actors so we can do many things. It was just very important to me that the two stars are out loud and proud.

MD: What’s so wonderful about independent film is the amount of creative control you have. There were battles I lost, but this was a battle that I was not going to lose. Also just because working as quickly as we did, Scott and Augie had a short hand. We had a day of rehearsal, which I fought really hard for, just because I didn’t want them to meet on set for the first time, and create this chemistry. There are certain things that they were able to bring that really worked within the confines, and all the limitations and restrictions, and the pressure that we were working under, namely their experience.

SE: I’ve taken a shower in plenty of fun places, but never a kiddie pool.

MD: He also had to climb through an ice cream truck window. He had to dive into a three foot pool.

You are the new Tom Cruise. This is the gay “Mission Impossible.”SE: I’m going to be flying off of helicopters in “Almost Love 2.”