Apollo Massage

Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Chiang Mai’s hot massage spa for men, by men. It’s located in a beautiful, newly renovated, air-conditioned facility near the Night Bazaar. Apollo Massage provides gay men with the best services for the ultimate body experience — from head to toe.

The spa is committed to providing customers with the best possible ‘body experience’ and uses only carefully selected high-quality products. The rooms are clean, comfortable and have lockers for storing valuables giving you peace of mind. Out-call service is available if you prefer your massage in the privacy of your room.

Apollo places the satisfaction of customers as its prime responsibility and so employs trained and experienced masseurs. From the moment you walk in, you are pampered by a warm and friendly staff. The spa has a large selection of highly skilled and handsome masseurs who strive to satisfy every need of the customer. The staff can assist customers with their choices to ensure they get optimum satisfaction.

Advance appointments are welcome but not required. Debit/credit cards are accepted without extra charges. To learn more about Apollo Massage and the services they provide, please call 084-373-2330, visit their website or Facebook for more information.

massage, massage – out call, internet access, free wifi, adults only

House of Male

Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Chiang Mai’s popular gay sauna and a great place to meet local guys. The traditional Thai Lanna-styled House of Male features a gym, steam room, a large pool and sun terrace with loungers.

The onsite bar & lounge on the ground floor serves light meals. Upstairs is a darkened cruising area with private cabins. Located near the Central Department Store in downtown. Busy on Thursday nights and the weekends.

bar, restaurant, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, sun terrace, gym

House of Male

Gay Chaing Mai | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

However, even though Chiang Mai is the second biggest city in Thailand, the gay scene here does not compare to BangkokPattaya or even Phuket. The commercial gay scene (AKA gay for pay) is relatively subdued with only a handful of gay go-go bars or host bars. Of course, the gay scene in Chiang Mai (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) doesn’t revolve around paid sex, and there are enough gay bars here to keep travelers entertained for a few days or longer.

While you as a traveler are unlikely to personally experience any LGBT related issues in Gay Chiang Mai  – please we away for the difference between tolerance and acceptance. Local life is still significantly harder for LGBT citizens than their straight counterparts and many experience prejudices or violence in their everyday life. Chiang Mai’s last gay pride was held in 2009 and has since been permanently halted after Red Shirt supporters threatened the parade with violence.

In this case, homophobia won out and the political changes that swept the country- and continue to – had a negative effect on the local LGBT community. Much like that cases in BucharestBudapestJakarta, this is incredibly sad news and a poignant reminder to us in the Western world that the fight is far from over for global LGBT equality and acceptance. We can only hope shortly this situation changes, and Chiang Mai Pride once again returns as an important bastion of queer visibility!

Away from the subdued gay scene, Chiang Mai is temple galore, lush forest, peaceful country village, incredible street food and luxe hotels. If you are traveling to Thailand for a gay blowout – this is not the place for you. But if you want a hint of Thai life away from the beach and cities, to slow down and relax and perhaps to enjoy a few casual nights out with your global LGBT family, then Gay Chiang Mai is waiting for you!

Gay Chaing Mai | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

Information and Articles about Gay venue : His Club

Below you will find information about His Club massage and bar with links to articles, photos and events tagged His Club

Information and Articles about Gay venue : His Club

Chiang Mai Gay Scene

Whether you want to chill out, immerse yourself in history or simply check out the smoking hot nightlife, Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, has a little bit of something to please everyone.

Like most of the cities of the north, Chiang Mai is far more laid back than the southern metropolises like Bangkok, and the prices are far more reasonable.

Chiang Mai is not only one of the oldest cities in Thailand, it has also hosted western tourists for hundreds of years. The city traces its own origins back at least 700 years and there are records of European explorers writing home about this “fair and great town” in the 1500s.

The long history of this town is a boon to tourists who can marvel at the archeological and historical artifacts that seem to burst out of the countryside.

For much of its storied history Chiang Mai was an important cultural and religious center for both Siam and Burma, which helps explain the huge number of ruins and temples that still remain to this day.

Although Chiang Mai has always boasted beautiful mountains and a pleasant climate, it did not start attracting large numbers of western tourists until the early 1990s, when people started looking for new places to relax and ways to save money.

Once people started visiting Chaing Mai, word spread fast and by the mid 1990s, Bangkok tourism speculators started buying up large chunks of the city and converting them into vacation havens.

Chaing Mai celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1992 and in 1998 played host to the Asia Games sporting events.

During the day you will want to take a walking tour through some of the more than 300 Buddhist temples including Wat Phra Singh Wat Chiang Man Wat Phan Tao Wat Jet Yod and Wat Suan Dawk all of which are at least 500 years old.

You can walk through the temples on your own or rent a guide for the day. Please remember to dress respectfully when you visit any temple in Thailand; flip-flops and shorts are not appreciated.

If you are into shopping, Chiang Mai has one of the most exciting nighttime bazaars in all of Thailand. This is where you want to go in order to get great deals on silk and traditional hand made crafts.

On days when you don’t feel like hiking or walking, you can enjoy any number of boat trips up and down the Ping River. Just sit back, relax, watch the scenery and let your captain take charge!

Chaing Mai is known as the city to go to in Thailand if you want gourmet meals at affordable prices. There are literally dozens of restaurants in the city, and almost all of them are world class. You can find nearly any type of food you desire, and you won’t have to worry about busting your wallet.

The most interesting ruins in the region are called Wiang Kum Kham. They are from a lively city that was washed out in a flood 700 years ago.

By far the most popular tourist activity in Chaing Mai is to ride an elephant into the jungle. These tame beasts are so tall that you will be able to see for miles and the beasts are so tame that you will always feel secure. When we last went to the elephant farm in Chiang Mai, the elephant trainers greeted us and they put on a show for us. They showed us how they taught the elephants to paint, play soccer and basketball. All of this was quiet entertaining and just a warm up for the elephant trek through the wilderness. Riding one of these wild beasts is an incredible experience. It is simply one of the most amazing things that can be done in Thailand. The elephants helped build ancient Thailand and they are respected and revered.

White water rafting is another popular activity, as is rock climbing. You can rent all the gear you will need for both activities fairly cheaply if you just ask around. There is a rock climbing wall downtown that you can practice at. It is also in the middle of many gay beer bars. If you are into people watching, watching the climbers ascend the wall while sipping on a beer is very relaxing.

Thailand is becoming known for its amazing gold courses. There are many tours planned that bring US and European citizens to Thailand for a week or two of playing golf at some of the most amazing courses in the world.

For those of you who like to explore on your own, local guides will be happy to prepare trekking maps that will explain how to walk into and through many of the tiny villages that dot the mountains around the city.

Like all of Thailand the people of Chaing Mai are very tolerant and this extends to gays and lesbians. The nightlife is hot and you can engage a host or waiter at most of the gay bars, go go taverns and meeting places. As you would expect there are many Thai ladyboys; not for everyone, but if that’s your thing you know who you are.

For all the bars in the area that have shows, your best bet is to arrive around 10 p.m. and scope out the local talent before the hot boys take the stage. All feature red-hot dancers and hosts that will be ready to meet any desire you seek filled. These bars change constantly and many open and close so for the most up to date information, please see our City Guide section. The boys that work the bars here do not make salary so they do not always show nightly. Some nights are great and others just OK. It is our understanding that the boys that participate in a routine get money for that but they don’t do this every night.

Far raunchier is the Club One Seven. This sauna has large cruising areas, an outdoor swimming area, a bar and lots of dark corners where naughty boys can get to know each other better.

Club One Seven385/2 Charoen Prathet Road, Changklan,Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, ThailandTel: +66 (0) 53 274 317Email:

Also, give the sauna that all the Thais go to for companionship. You may not find many other farangs here as it is really a bit out of the way but it is a great place and you will find the gay boys here.

The Night Bazaar area on Chang Klan Road is also a feast of gay establishments that will rock your Bazaar Bars and Peak BarsChang Klan Rd

At some point in your trip you will want to spend some time in the city center. While this is where most of the straight tourists end up passing most of their evenings, there is also a good deal of gay friendly fun to be found if you know where to look for it!

If you just want to go cruising, head over the Thaphae Gate after dark. This is the headquarters for all of the local hustlers and bad boys looking to have a good time. We were lucky enough to find locals at PJ’s Guest House who were willing to show us the ropes and show us where all the night cruising areas were. If you have a local for a guide and they are gay and know the area, Chiang Mai is a wonderful gay meeting area. If you are on your own, you may not find what you are looking for.

As with most cities in Thailand, the gay scene in Chaing Mai is constantly changing but this guide should give a good idea where to start looking for your carnal adventures.

We just can’t wait for you to come visit; we know you will have as good a time as we do!

Chiang Mai Gay Scene

Travel Gay Community Reviews Leave Review

“Nice massage a working rates are discussed upfront no nasty are well trained and very are nice and Can does a great massage.I will be going back for sure.“

“Massage médiocre sans un soupçon d’érotisme qui se fini par une mauvaise branlette que j’aurai bien mieux réussi moi-même. Le tout pour 1600 bth c’est tout simplement de l’arnaque. Je ne parlerai pas du masseur qui bien que gentil n’avais rien d’excitant.“

“I have used Apollo twice in the past two weeks (once out call and once at their location). Both experiences with both masseurs (LA and PeBo) were incredible intuitive and delivered everything I expected. Prompt, efficient, clean, affordable and satisfying!“

“I made an appointment through their website for a massage at my hotel. The manager made everything clear and confirmed everything. La arrived early, was incredibly friendly, clean and gave a nice, strong massage. I paid a fair price (incl gratuity) and La stayed the entire 1.5 hours. It was a great experience all around. “

“A very nice welcome, well-studied services, cabins absolutely clean and comfortable. Ice, my masseur, was able to evacuate all the stress generated by this hot and polluted period. An excellent address, which I recommend!“

““I used Apollo Massage twice recently. The first time in the spa itself (4-hands massage) and the second time on an outcall basis. Very pleased with the full range of services they offer, all at good prices. The spa is clean, professionally run and staffed with friendly and capable masseurs, and the owner (John) is quick to respond to emails and answer questions. That makes organizing a massage very easy. The spa is located not far from Chiang Mai old town, and the outcall service is also easily arranged by email. My outcall masseur (Max) arrived on time, was nicely dressed and discreet, and did a great job with the massage!“ — Matthew_DC“

“Had a delightful hour with Tata (Chita?) – handsome, playful, flirtatious and fun, with a sensual touch that led to a very memorable ending.“

“I used Apollo spa twice in December 2018: the first time in the spa itself (4 hands massage) and the second time on an outcall basis. Very pleased with the full range of services they offer, all at good prices. The spa is clean, professionally run and staffed with friendly and capable masseurs, and the owner (John) is quick to respond to emails and answer questions. That makes organizing a massage very easy. The spa is located not far from Chiang Mai old town, and the outcall service is also easily arranged by email. The oucall masseur (Max) arrived on time, was nicely dressed and discreet, and did a great job with the massage! I highly recommend Max as well as the Apollo spa overall. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Chiang Mai!“

Featured Chiang Mai Hotels

8.2 based on 4493 reviews. | Great for shopping. Close to the gay nightlife Popular hotel.

8.1 based on 634 reviews. | Boutique budget option. Walk to the Night Market Great value.

7.8 based on 136 reviews. | Exclusively gay. Gay sauna onsite, with excellent pool & gym Popular choice.

8.6 based on 671 reviews. | Close to the gay scene. Modern pool & gym Excellent views.

8.7 based on 1000 reviews. | Thai Lanna style. In the Old Town Easy access to gay venues.

8.6 based on 2069 reviews. | Close to the Night Bazaar. Excellent dining, spa & service.

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Travel Gay Community Reviews Leave Review

“This gay sauna is very good value for money, yes it is a little run down in places but come on you complainers it costs just 100 baht to get in! The 2 young men on duty when I visited were very friendly and helpful.“

“I know this place for a long time and I must see that this place is not acceptable. Staff very bad (who pay them) All part of the sauna are dirty and accommodation doesn’t exist. No water sometimes… chairs were broken… swimming pool water not clean… towels from another century… What a ‚t spend your money on this shit.“

“I went here aware of some bad reviews but to see for myself. The staff were more interested in staring at their phones than even noticing the few customers they had. First stop the shower. Only cold water. Then scalding hot. Tried other shower. No soap. Dispenser empty. Tried third shower where no soap and no hooks to hang towel. Toilet in shower cubicle but no toilet paper either. And toilet brush laying uncovered on floor of shower. Disgusting. And this shower was next to kitchen area where food stuff was ‚t waste your money. It should be closed down.“

“Dirty, old mattresses. Staircase rotting. Generally in sad shape. “

“There is no sauna only steam room and is very dirty“

“I thought the sauna was nice. Small, but well maintained and cute. The pool area is nice. Service staff was not attentive, or at the bar when I wanted to order a drink. A couple of times I walked up to the bar, and the staff didn’t say anything. I stood there to see how long it would take for someone to greet me. It never happened. Anyway – staff and service – mediocre Everything else – good“

“I’ve known House of Male since 2002. This sauna garden, built in the 1990s by the Australian Arthur Waller, was for me the most beautiful place in the world, with its cabins hidden in a traditional teak construction, its white tables arranged around the blue pool, all in the middle of abundant vegetation where giant bamboos mingled with palm trees 120 feet high. In the evening, one lit candles on the tables and these lights were reflected in the pool, we could have dinner in good company and stay after. The staff then consisted of very pleasant and courteous young people, who served the drinks and meals, and in the early hours of the night displayed mosquito coils under the tables. It was a great disappointment to see HOM closed in 2016. I learned that Arthur Waller had just died from a long-term illness and that the new owners had started to renew the place. The pool has simply changed color, for an aggressive red, teak cabins lost their air conditioning but they kept their old mattress, now exhausted. The steam room and the toilet on the ground floor are just as dilapidated. And above all, the rampart of lush vegetation gave way to a painted wall and a grilling overlooking the parking lot. Those who like me have known the first HOM have only returned once, the time to see the disaster. Others may find it suitable, of course.“

“I went here on my last night in Chiang Mai out of Curiosity. It was a Wednesday. Spent most of my time on the 2nd floor (dark room) since the steam room is too hot to stay at and you can hardly see anything inside. Most of the guys are locals and are really shy so one has to be assertive in order to get some action. I wished I knew the place right after I stepped to Chiang Mai. I would have been there all of the nights. The rooms are clean. It was fun for only 120 baht. it will be one of the reasons why I’ll go back to CM.“

“Very run-down. Air-cons have been removed from the cruising areas in the teak houses, so it’s boiling hot and with all kinds of stinking smells. Pool area was renovated, with trees and scrubs removed and replaced by a sterile concrete environment. Towels provided were torn up rags. Steam room was renovated but still run-down.“

“First time went here last month , place was nice and clean. Very friendly front desk guy (he was a hot guy) Not too many people, had few local guys, but I had a great time with them. Definitely I will come back on my next trip.“

“Hello, I am a guy from Holland who visited House of Male two times in July 2017. I had a pleasant time. The pool seems to be completely renovated. It is nice and clean. The steam room was renovated too. A bit too hot for me, but very steamy and clean. There is a gym, showers, free drinking water, two towels, double locks on the lockers, clean toilet and showers. It were about 20 people, mixed in age, some farang. All in all I had a pleasant time and i would definitely go again!“

“Place is run down with broken showers, no paper in the on guests causing damage??? Bartender serves you like it is a burden place nearly empty most of the time, just a few older Westerners and some Thais of varying ages, only plus is taking the sun beside the pool, and you do not need a gay sauna for that.“

“All the trees and shrubs are gone. The beautiful pool area in the garden area is now a sterile place with tall walls. I think the previous owner, Artur, would cry. The most regular guests no longer come. The whole staff was changed. HOM is just a memory. How can you ruin such a place like this?“

“I went last week it’s dirty very dirty. Staff not friendly and never fo anything. The sauna was before the new owner was a nice place to be – not now.“

“Late January 2017: I went on a Saturday night after reading the very mixed reviews. First The Good:- employees were friendly- very near to Nimman area- a beautiful teak house- it was very inexpensiveThe Bad : – all areas appear very well-used & worn out.- generally not very clean- mold in corners of wet areas – mosquitoes – flourescent light behind, so harsh light in pool are at night- lots of steps, cracks, and other hazards, so if you’re not familiar, it’s an accident waiting to happen- all guests were 40+ and mostly very big-sized guys (this might be an asset for some!) If you have the Babylon or Otot Otot image of gay sauna, this sure is a whole different (and grim) scene. I would go back if it is gutted and up-dated.“

“I went there for the cruising area. The building is nice (traditional wooden house) but on weekday at least (Monday 8-10pm) almost nothing happened… Everyone was staring at each other and no one seems to dare to do something. And when something seems to happen, guys make sure they lock and double lock the door of the cabin. A big issue is that there are no condoms nor lube… In 2017 when STDs are such a problem especially among gays, that’s not really acceptable. Crowd is mostly local guys, mid-aged.“

“Arthur passed away last year, so no chance of a chat! Since then there have been mixed reviews, but no way to find out what it costs!“

“Absolutely dirty, it’s a shame for all gay sauna in Asia. Go to Babylon in Bangkok“

“ most likely to Chiang Mai this year on vacation. Seems HOM is a friendly place for a shy straight to visit as first time to gay bath house. Should I go? Wouldn’t mind some suggestion were to go and what to do….“

“We think you will find House Of Male a very friendly place. Have a chat with Arthur, the owner/manager – we are sure he will be able to answer any questions you might have.“

“I planed to spend whole August 2016 in Chiangmai, swimming everyday at House of Male. I was very disappointed to find the swimming pool out of order. I’ll come from December 15 to 30. Will the swimming pool be working again at this date? Thank you for a prompt reply!“

“I have been to HOM on 1/12/2016, the pool was opening… I didn’t have my swimming suit… When there was lack of people, I swam in nude… haha…“

“Great place. But would love to wear my string and discard my towel, Patrons wear their towels at all times except for the odd one in briefs.“

“J’y suis allé aujourd’hui (le 9 mars 2015). Le tarif d’entrée est 130 bth (4 euros). L’ambiance est calme et zen. En revanche, le point négatif: pas de disponibilité du gel et du préservatif.“

“As someone who has visited Chiang Mai off and on for many years, I have to say that House of Male is my favourite sauna in Asia. The staff are most welcoming and the general environment is very relaxing, particularly around the pool. Prices are very reasonable and there is usually a very nice mix of people. Overall, very enjoyable experience and recommended for first time visitor to the city.“

“As a long-term Chiang Mai resident of 12 years, while HoM, just like any other commercial operation, has its faults, for sheer consistency, reliability, relaxation it is unmatched. I am at the sauna daily, in the afternoons for a swim a brief workout at the gym, in the evenings/nights to cruise, lounge with a drink by the pool, gaze at the stars, see people I know, chat with the sauna has been in operation for 17 years now. The pool is a decent size, totally surrounded by bamboo and coconut trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery with recliners and tables and staff are always friendly and do not distinguish between Thais and non-Thais. Their drink prices are eminently fair and so is their admission. In the 17 years that I personally have been coming to House of Male, as far as memory recalls, there have been just two changes in admission prices and about three changes in the price of drinks, both alcoholic and non, and packaged snacks like peanuts, etc. I used to write about Chiang Mai for three Thai gay websites and have always tried to be objective. Yes, there could be improvements. The sauna needs to add a staff used to have pillows, tissues etc in each private room but, sad to say, some customers were very careless and my opinion, for at least sheer consistency and atmosphere, this sauna is unsurpassed.“

“HOM survived the police raid last Sunday. Drug testing on customers was negative, unlike the testing on Hijack in Bangkok. Press reports in Khaosod English. Hope this does not lead to closures.“

“HOM was not raided by the police on October 19, and our customers have never been checked for drugs, by the police or anyone else. I don’t know where Greg obtained this information.“

“House of male is a great place. Friendly atmosphère. Space-full relaxing place. Large swimming pool. Clean. Wish all saunas would be as nice as this one.“

“On my first visit to House of Male, I was first impressed by the entrance to the Thai teak mansion and its tropical gardens, next by the friendly welcome I received from the cashier when I paid the entry fee of 130 Baht (less than US$4). After that, there was the large swimming pool, surrounded by lush tropical growth, a wooden sala overlooking the pool (an open pavilion) and then upstairs, a large balcony with tables and chairs, another sala and a television room. In addition to these facilities, there is a steam sauna, plenty of cruising areas and very friendly staff at your service. Obviously, many of the customers at House of Male are Thai and many are only attracted to other Thai’s. But there are enough Thai’s who also enjoy the company of foreigners to make a visit very enjoyable. Highly recommended by a now regular visitor!!“

“Great place. Really nice Lanna style set up with nice gardens and places to relax. Was a bit cold (but Chiang Mai is the coldest right now than its been for many years) is ok. I had no problems with staff and the TV? Many hot locals during my visit (Sunday evening). Will definitely visit again!“

“First impressions were great but after several attendances at House of Male this is sadly what we found. 1. Staff friendliness inconsistent and random, can be stand offish, and non engaging if not a Thai.2. Staff often lazy monopolizing TV and other paid customers facilities. 3. Cleanness much to be desired, used items rarely cleaned up. Also witnessed staff taking used plastic drinking cups from trash bin and sticking them back in the clean cup container.4. Sadly, local are often treated much better than visitors and loyalties are such that foreigners are laughed and spoken about rudely in Thai by locals.5. Freezing facility. No warm area but the wet steam room which exasperates the cold when back in the cold. 6. ‚Gym‘ is old and very warn out. Can be crowded and unsafe.7. The policy of 10 attendances them one gets a free pass entry is not displayed or discussed with visitors. Make sure you ask for a card and get it stamped each time you attend to get that free entry pass. 8. Can’t believe how many staff and yet one monopolizes the only TV for paying visitors laying in front of it watching Thai TV … and rude. Many say when returning after a while away that the facility has drastically gone down hill. All we can say is that after a few months of regular attendances we have seen the lack of hygiene and staff engaging politely with non locals very rare indeed.“

“Management response. „The posting about House of Male by Tommy (Quite like Babylon) is misleading. On the night in question, we had 144 customers.“

“Visited on Thursday because of the buy 1 get 1 free evening. Around 15~25 people there in the evening. Mostly local Thai but the quality of crowd is about same as Mania in Bangkok. Has a pool, gym, steam room, restaurant but everything smaller than Babylon. Interesting part is the Lanna style rooms located on the 2nd floor, very Chiangmai style.“

“Now, the entry fee for both Thai people and foreigners is the same. Apart from going on Tuesday & Thursday, which are buddy nights, you can try going during weekend and meet more local guys.“

“My favourite place to relax in Chiang Mai. Refreshments at very reasonable prices, lovely relaxing swimming pool, great sauna and steam room with handsome polite staff ready to assist you with your every wish.“

“Relaxing, clean, friendly, a great place to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening. I can highly recommend it. Try Tuesday or Thursday evenings.“

Featured Chiang Mai Hotels

9.1 based on 1303 reviews. | Great location. On Ping River, with beautiful views Popular with gay guests.

8.7 based on 891 reviews. | Next to Ping River. Fabulous spa & pool 10 min to Night Bazaar.

9.1 based on 116 reviews. | Beautiful scenery. Out-of-town choice Fine.

7.8 based on 3907 reviews. | Very central. Close to Old Town & Night Market.

9 based on 249 reviews. | Gorgeous hotel Unique Thai style Luxury choice.

7.2 based on 2239 reviews. | Near the gay bars. Excellent value. Great location.

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Gay Massage by Men for Men – Where to find those massage boys

With high season arriving and many gay tourists coming to Chiang Mai massage services for gay men are as popular as ever. We’ve provided an updated on the city’s gay massage shops offering massage for men by men, and where to find the best massage boys and or that that elusive happy ending.

Gay Chiang Mai 2012 – A review

1st January 2012 already seems a distant memory so, as we enter 2013, we thought we’d look back at some of the things that happened in gay Chiang Mai during 2012. The last year has seen significant changes in the demographics of the Chiang Mai gay scene, with the typical old fashioned foreign style gay […]

Gay Chiang Mai High Season Update

Mid December and a delayed cool season has finally arrived in Chiang Mai ushering in the high season, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to provide an update on the gay scene here. Although the gay venues themselves haven’t changed so much, we’ve noticed quite a change in where people go and […]

Gay Massage in Chiang Mai

According to the site statistics our directory page for Chiang Mai’s gay massages is by far the most popular with thousands of hits per month. We assume this is because visitors know where the main bars are but are always looking for new massage experiences. There are so many in Chiang Mai now you’d need […]

Site Updates – Gay Massage Parlours

One of the Bong Tong boys has recently gone to work at a new massage place in Chiang Mai – Victory Massage. He brought us a card which we’ve updated in our gay guide to Chiang Mai This new place is located just off Chang Klang Road south of the Night Bazaar at 152/4 […]

Travel Gay Community Reviews Leave Review

“Very nice boss and reception staff. Always satisfied without any problem. Very nice masseur – always seriously serving their guests. This shop added a great memory to our trip to Chiang Mai.“

“I wanted to go to a regular massage shop to be an essential oil spa, and later I went to this store. One and a half hours charge 700 baht, and another tip 600 includes flying OOXX tip 1000. The technician’s message level is not bad, and the strength is not enough. If you want to make a real massage, you can come here, if you want more stimulation, you will come here. The quality of the food in the store is okay and not too picky. After all, it is Chiang Mai.“

“I went to his massage place because of Woody who I booked as my tour guide. He and his partner Noom run the place. I went there around 2 PM and I told Woody what I was looking for and he gave me some good recommendations and I was not disappointed. I got the 4 hand massage and one of the guys I chose was Kiet (and I forgot the other guy’s name). They were both nice and do the massage well as if it was choreographed. I would definitely come back there again before I leave Chiang Mai. Just make sure you have your cell phone with you since in Chiang Mai, the only way to go around is either to rent a car or tuk-tuk. There are no taxis moving around the city so you have to use GrabTaxi app to get one.“

“The place is a short walk from the main road, inside a housing estate. There were a lot of guys to choose from at 10pm on a weekday night. 10 or more. I had the 90 mins oil massage.(700baht). Common bathroom to shower before and after your massage. The toilet wasn’t very clean and had a weird smell. The water pressure from the shower head was practically dripping. Had to remove the shower head to get stronger pressure. The massage itself was slightly above average. My masseur (didn’t get his name) had basic techniques and strong strokes. Minimum tip stated on the menu is 600baht, although they also indicate „Strongly Recommended“ to tip your masseur 1000baht. Probably would not come back again. Overall experience was ok, mediocre at best. Customer service wasn’t good. Total damage: 1700baht for 90mins“

“I was here last Monday, I chose the 2-hour package.I was pampered by an expert masseur“Xian?“.I’ll come back.“

“First time here, feel very good, Pun is very professional and also gentlemen, nice guy, will come back next time .“

“This place is really good for massage, the guys know what they do !Many choice, nice guys !“

“An excellent place for a massage. I went twice and was very satisfied on both occasions. Both masseurs were good at their job and knew the needs and requirements of their clients. I thoroughly recommend it.“

“My favourite Massage Parlour in Chiangmai. Good Masseurs, make you feel at home, and good Manager and ambience too. Taking credit cards for payments and massage tips without additional fee, very useful when not wanting to carry too much cash.“

“Sing is very special. Good fun. Expert masseur …. and expert in other fields too. Ask for Sing and you will be delighted.“

“Une bonne expérience dans cet établissement un peu difficile à trouver. Accueil sympathique et personnel agré pratique du tip minimum est dérangeante, pour moi il reste lié à la qualité du globale positive. Je reviendrai;“

“I was there on 21st and 22nd Dec 2017, the place was quite clean with traditional Thai style of reception room. The bathroom needs improved, appreciate on the clean and fragant towel. The manager is friendly and helpful. The staff is mostly adorable (in my opinion). I try the massage twice (Benz & Noom), and both staff service is stunning and rejuvenate me head to toe. Highly recomended for massage place at Chiang Mai and definitely will come back.“

“An extremely courteous welcome, a large choice of masseurs and massages. The place is also very pleasantly decorated and perfectly kept. I regularly come back to Classic House without ever being disappointed.“

“Massage was good, not excellent, but good. Pretty space, clean and nice staff. 1,000 Baht tip is excessive, and unwarranted. Will definitely not return.“

“Best massage shop in Chiang Mai. Great massages. Highly recommended“

“Many good guys to choose from and excellent service. Highly recommended. Staff are friendly and the massages always great.“

“I first visited Classic House five years ago and had several fantastic massages from Em. Last week I returned after five years to be told that Em had recently left. I explained what I wanted, a mature Masseur. Max was recommended. Max was awesome. Good enough English to to talk and joke with. He has a great sense of humour. The massage was thorough, firm as requested and no short cuts. Two days later I was ready for more and it was suggested I try a four hands massage. Max and his friend Ket. Now I am a self confessed massage junkie and the couple of four hand massages I have had in the past were disasters. However I decided to try once more an am so glad I did. The massage was awesome. The guys worked strongly in unison hard and fast. This was no relaxing massage. Suffice it to say I still have a smile on my face 5 days later. My advice is to always ask for exactly what you want. Masseurs are not mind readers and if you just leave it to them you will usually be disappointed. Viva Classic House, Max and Ket!“

“When we walked in, no one really bothered to receive us. The massage staff were busy texting or sleeping. The mama-san took his time and then proceeded to charge double the tip for each massage option! So a scrub/aromatherapy went from 1300 Baht with tip to over 2600 Baht. Could not choose the masseur as the mama-san controlled the whole scene. We left. Not going back.“

“I visited there 5 times in the past days – always for 2 hour massages. Very cute, kind and helpful man at the front desk and he speaks English. A nice, clean place. A comfortable mattress on the floor in a private air-conditioned room – and a clean shower just down the hallway. Very fit, handsome and skilled masseurs. A bit expensive, but worth every Baht! I had 3 different masseurs (I chose each one of them), all were excellent, one better than the other. All were very kind and I had very good massages. Especially good was Sing (very handsome and good hands) who I requested 3 times, plus he knew some English – extremely kind and did everything to satisfy. If I ever return to Chiang Mai I will gladly return for a daily visit. VERY satisfied.“

“I been there but no choice for masseur and not really good and service was nothing. And must pay tip 1000 bhat it was really expensive. Never satisfied.“

“Greeted quickly by a friendly guy who spoke good English. I was shown the book of masseurs but chose Chi. He was lovely and was very attentive giving me a good massage which lasted the full time (I had stressed I expected this ). Private room and clean shower.“

“As someone else said: I got the massage experience I expected. They provide a service, people can really be so ridiculous in what they expect. There’s a clean shower and room and a number of masseurs who you can choose from. Em was very professional and had a wonderful touch. I’d go back any day.“

“Went here on recommendation while visiting this great City. The staff are very professional and very friendly. Just what you need for a break from touring and the heat. The services order are delivered very well! Lots of masseur choice. I went three times during my stay and always left satisfied. Clean private rooms and shower is clean.“

“Everything was pretty much as expected based on the reviews here. I pretty much had the massage experience I was seeking. Prices were as discussed in advance. People were friendly. My only complaint is that the hour and a half massage did not last the full time. I even asked in advance if I would get the full 90 minutes and of course was told „yes.“ Not completely unexpected…“

“The staff at the front desk courteous and helpful. The massage ~ by Sak ~ was skilled, relaxing and vitalizing. He begins with a bow to the massage mat setting his intention to be of service. Very satisfied“

“Manager speaks good English. Been here several times over the last 15 years. Good massage, nice handjob at the end: that’s what a massage has to be for me, nothing more or less. Joe did a great job. Pitty they don’t renovate their showerroom more upto date… But I surely come back.“

“The lobby was beautiful and comfortable, and everyone was very nice and relaxed. That’s the good. The bad: freezing cold rooms. Therapist seemed bored and would not work deep as promised. He also had really bad breath which filled the room. 600 bhat + 600 bhat required minimum tip = 1200 bhat for an experience that was uncomfortable and embarrassing. This place could be awesome but they don’t seem to care.“

“A little hard to find located down a small lane way. Manager was very nice. You choose you massage guy from a book of pictures. My choice kind and the massage was good. Price 600 baht plus tip. Water and tea provided.“

“I go already long time to this massage and it is very clean and mostly a good massage from very friendly owner is a great good guy.“

“Had a massage there with a lovely therapist. Booked a scrub and massage. Scrub is done on a back room table and then you are forced to walk through the hallway to another end of the building to use the ’shower‘ which is basically a hand held nozzle in the same room as the toilet and sink. Water went cold after 5 min. Massage is done on mat on floor and therapist. But room has exposed wires hanging around, etc.. He was super nice and massage was good but expected much more after having just come from Bangkok where service was exceptional all around.“

“600THB tip ! Is it a joke ?It’s the price for 2 or 3 hours real massage !!!100THB tip is enough and correct !“

“I have been there some days ago with my boyfriend and it was a first for both of us. We have been very well received by the guy in charge, who showed us the guys available in a catalogue (i.e 4 of them), I chose Joe and my boyfriend had Sak, for 90 min massage each. Both of us were very happy as we have had very professional and strong massages. Would recommend this place!“

“The guys here CAN massage! Well, that’s for Joe who was mentioned here. And he is GIFTED. The 600 tip mentioned here is just minimum. It goes up depends on your ’need.‘ I had a great time and will still choose Joe if he’s available.“

“I have been several times to Classic House during my stay in Chiang Mai in August 16. Always very professional massage (with a special mention to Wit and Joe), for the timing paid. The manager speaks good English, so you can explain what you expect, and he will always ask you after if you were satisfied. Minimum tip for the masseur is 600 place is a little old, with no private shower in the room and a mattress on the floor for massage, but very clean, with efforts for decoration, musical ambiance and service (water and tea after the massage). You will have to choose your masseur from a book before the massage, which is less embarrassing than the physical review, but be careful some photos may be this place survives for many years show that it is reliable.“

“I had not been to Classic House for quite a while but called in yesterday – dodging heavy rains – and had an excellent 90 minute massage. Often massage places fail to deliver the full 90 minutes – this time I think we were actually over the 1.5 hours. I had Khun Sak – a young man with good English skills and superb massage skills. I asked for a strong massage and he delivered a superb full body massage – one of the best massages I have ever had. “

“I call out the masseur to my hotel, he is not Professional and get throught a thing disappointing.“

“Not so good. The masseur was polite yes, but gay definitely not. Massage was good but if your looking for a sensual massage then look elsewhere. Be careful of the manager, he over charged me for a 60 mins massage. Took 600 instead of 500. Insisted he was right. Not going back again.“

“Just back the hotel I had nice massage at Classic house massage staff very polite And friendly I Will come back again“

“First time to this place based on the good reviews. Reception was friendly, expained the price and service. I took the 90 mins oil massage for Baht 700+tip 600. The massage was good and strong. Lots of fun and he never ask for more money for extra services. Overall was good. But the place is old and tearing down with no shower in the room.“

“Prices not different from Bangkok, and let’s just say I’ve had better experiences in Bangkok“

“Excellent 90-minute massage @ 700 baht and tip @ 1000 baht. Staff very handsome and very strong. Location very convenient, east of city center. Two visits and pleased with both visits. Options to leave happy.“

“Was recently in Chiang Mai during the Flower Festival and went to Classic House 3 afternoons in a row. The „host“/manager isn’t the warmest at first, but the masseurs were more than eager to please. First and third time with the same one (my request), what was fun and all went very well. The other was a bit wilder (in a GREAT way) and I’d definitely go back to him if I could, too. This is not a normal „spa“ so those who complain should reset their expectations. Yes, the mat on the floor wasn’t as comfortable as a professional masseur’s table – but it was fine. The massage was fine, the ending was MORE than fine, and the price for service was VERY reasonable compared to the Bangkok rates for similar experiences. My next time to Chiang Mai will be longer and I can’t wait for more relaxing sessions at Classic House. I only wish I’d spent 7 days in Chiang Mai and 4 in Bangkok instead of the reverse. Both of my masseurs were beautiful, clean, and VERY eager to please. The building and rooms are far from new, but it was well maintained for its simplicity. Tin and Joe – I’ll be back!“

“Went here yesterday evening with my boyfriend for a relaxing massage. Welcome was not really warm, like they were not happy to see us. There were three guys available ‚on catalogue‘ but in reality they didn’t look like the ones proposed. The massage was ok, the cushions way to hard, and the end not interesting. Plus, we had to pay for the minimum tip. So, not really the best idea of a service.“

“The shop was not easily found because I didn`t see Thana Hotel. The spa is a bit older and the shower is outside of the massage room but it was comfortable.I told the ‚mamasan‘ what I wanted and he recommended the masseur who gave a great service though the appearance was not my preferable.“

“The best massage place in Chiang Mai. I was many time, never bad, always handsome masseur and good stuff.“

“Really enjoy it. It is close the main gate of old town, easy to find. Friendly receptionist, around 8 masseurs at the time when I walked in. Lucky me had a good looking one, who is also friendly. Great massage. For sure I will come back again for next visit of Chiang Mai“

Featured Chiang Mai Hotels

8.66 based on 38 reviews. | Gay guesthouse. Late breakfast Friendly staff.

8.1 based on 349 reviews. | Budget choice. Breakfast included Excellent location.

8.09 based on 1617 reviews. | Next to gay scene. Apartment-style rooms.

8.15 based on 514 reviews. | Spacious suites. Next to Elia Beach.

8.81 based on 2154 reviews. | Central Location. Fantastic bar.

9.07 based on 2161 reviews. | World Class Spa. Overlooking Central Park.

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Chiang Mai (Thailand) cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice cruising and to have casual NSA encounters

Chiang Mai (Thailand) cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice cruising and to have casual NSA encounters

If you are gay and you want to practise cruising and to have casual NSA encounters in public places in Chiang Mai in an anonymous way, here you can find spots such as beaches, parks, forests and other spaces next to urban areas, as well as every kind of public toilets and rest areas of highways where you can practise cruising in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Below we show a Chiang Mai cruising map with all cruising areas and spots that shared our gay community. Click on the map markers for details of each spot.

In the tab for each zone you will find a location map with directions to the place: driving, walking, public transport or bike. You can vote the area and leave a comment for the rest of the community guys know your opinion, and if you want people to know you’re in the area, do not hesitate to check in.

Cruising areas most visited in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you know any other places or spots where Cruising can be practised in Chiang Mai, you can add them to the map and share them with the rest of gay people through this link: Add a new cruising spot in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hotel Quick Search

hotels within the historic square moat that surrounds the Old City

tourist-popular area, with many shops, restaurant and a few gay bars

lively area, close to nightlife, gay spas and House of Male sauna

hotels along the bankside or close to the Ping River

Search Hotels by Area

hotels within the historic square moat that surrounds the Old City

tourist-popular area, with many shops, restaurant and a few gay bars

lively area, close to nightlife, gay spas and House of Male sauna

hotels along the bankside or close to the Ping River

Hotel Quick Search

hotels within the historic square moat that surrounds the Old City

tourist-popular area, with many shops, restaurant and a few gay bars

lively area, close to nightlife, gay spas and House of Male sauna

hotels along the bankside or close to the Ping River

Gay Chiang Mai Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Chiang Mai Thailand

Gay Chiang Mai Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Chiang Mai ThailandTop Attractions in Chiang MaiGay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Chiang MaiGay Nightlife in Chiang MaiGay Bars in Chiang Mai Night Market AreaGay Bars in Changphuak / Santitham areaGay- Popular Bars and Dance Clubs in Chiang MaiCruising & Gay Saunas in Chiang Mai


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Quick Guide for Visitors

A complete listing you can print on one page including addresses and directions in Thai for your taxi/TukTuk driver who can take you right to where the action is.

Download The Gay Chiang Mai Quick Reference Guide Here

Chiang Mai among the best gay destinations in Thailand!

Boasting vibrant landscapes, a rich heritage, and ancient tourist attractions, Chiang Mai is a top destination for gay holidays in Thailand.

If you are coming from Europe or the U.S., it is important to know that in Thai destinations such as Chiang Mai, the concept of „gaybourhood“ is almost non-existent. Even though you might come across references about specific gay areas in Chiang Mai, keep in mind that almost each bar and business in the area, crowded or not, is most likely to host young gay people. There are a few gay bars and establishments around the Old City of Chiang Mai, the Night Bazaar and Huay Kaew Road, which will let you discover Chiang Mai’s emerging gay scene.

Exploring one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai for Gay Travellers: Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

Following the all-welcome mentality of the Worldwide Anantara Hotels & Resorts chain,   Anantara Chiang Mai Resort welcomes gay travelers from all over the world, completely respecting their privacy. The hotel stands out for its luxury ambiance, its exceptional service and its amazing landscapes. Let’s go through the top 5 reasons that make this hotel a great choice for Gay travellers to Thailand:

1. Location

What distinguishes Anantara Chiang Mai Resort from other luxury hotels in Chiang Mai, is the fact that it is located on the edge of Mae Ping River, becoming a luxurious haven away from the surrounding bustle of the city.

The resort’s location is also attractive to gay travelers looking to discover the “gay areas of Chiang Mai”, since it is very close to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Huay Kaew Road, known for hosting various gay bars and hot spots. Moreover, the impressive Old City with the numerous markets, delicious street food, and bright temples, is just 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Another highlight is the resort’s distance from Chiang Mai International Airport, which is just a 15-minute drive! Anantara Chiang Mai Resort will transport you from/to the airport in style and comfort by a private car or a van, with complimentary WiFi.

5. Spend your Gay Honeymoon in Chiang Mai

Whether you crave for a romantic honeymoon full of intimate moments, spa rituals, and private dining experiences or you prefer to spend your first days as a married couple with adventurous activities, Anantara Chiang Mai Resort will make all your desires come true!

The resort’s experienced staff will organise anything you might ask for, from private culinary journeys and spa rituals for couples, to tours and adventurous activities. Surprise your loved one with a special treatment for two or spend relaxing moments in a romantic nest with herbal steam room, aromatic sauna, and terrazzo bathtub!

 Click here to check for prices and availability at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, and remember to always book directly with the Hotel, for getting the best available prices and having the most personalized communication with the hotel!

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Berlin’s largest gay village, with many bars, shops and gay hotels

popular central area, close to shops, restaurants and bars

popular sandy beach, close to a great choice of restaurants and bars

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Beijing city centre with plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels

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central area near many of the best tourist attractions

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explore all hotels along the French Riviera, including Nice & Cannes

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upmarket district, located south of the river; the ‚Beverly Hills of Seoul‘

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popular beach to the north of Ao Phai – great choice of restaurants

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Near the new gay nightlife and close to Central Park

great for sightseeing and discovering lima’s rich past

one of the most popular hotels on Travel Gay Europe. Gay sauna too!

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popular area with tree-lined streets, many shopping and dining options

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Lima’s chinatown district; experience their brilliant clash of cultures

known for urban street art & hipster craft breweries

the city centre of Vienna with many museums and tourist attractions

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entertainment district with many hotels, near the gay scene

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central area, close to tourist attractions, landmarks and casinos

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Jakarta’s hotspot for bargain shopping with huge shopping area

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Shanghai’s famous waterfront area and most popular tourist spot

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centre of downtown Chengdu; home to the statue of former leader Mao Zedong

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hip entertainment area with book shops, cafés and restaurants

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commercial and cultural centre, famous for shopping and entertainment

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the gay heart of Mexico City, one of the best gayborhoods in Latin America

Gay Chiang Mai – Travel Gay Guide

Chiang Mai is a city in the mountains of northern Thailand. Its origins date back to 1296. Naturally, it’s surrounded by stunning scenery. There are many temples to explore and nearby tribal villages.

It’s well worth a visit. Once the seat of the Lanna kingdom, Chiang Mai is packed with history, charming backstreets and a wonderful atmosphere: mountain cities are always atmospheric. Chiang Mai has a small gay scene.

Free Breakfast + 20% Off Motorbike Rent

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Top Attractions in Chiang Mai

Obviously being gay does not define which attractions most of us will want to see in each city and most queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Chiang Mai during the day! There is so much to do here – but we found our favorite memories were getting lost on quiet backstreets, exploring temples and taking a minute to relax and recharge our batteries after a wild night out!

One of the best tips we can give you for exploring Gay Chiang Mai is to pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the moment you arrive so you will not pay a fortune in international roaming charges. Get restaurants recommendation and reservations on the fly, public transport instructions up to the minute, bar opening hours and if it is your thing – access to gay hook up apps to find out more about the local scene.

Mobile data is fast, cheap and available almost everywhere in Asia so it is no wonder most travelers chose to stay connected and to get off the beaten track (without ever worrying about getting lost). So why wait? Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you in Thailand when you arrive.

Still – it helps to have some idea what is going on, so here are the most popular attractions in Chiang Mai according to us…

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Chiang Mai

As a world leader in gay tourism, there are hotels and hostel in Chiang Mai catering for every type of traveler – and it would be unheard of for any hotel or guesthouse to have an issue with a gay couple checking it. Still, everyone likes to be surrounded by like-minded people, and as such a few gay hotels in Chiang Mai have cropped up as the place for gay travelers to stay!

Chiang Mai also has a vast range of accommodation available with everything from five-star luxury hotels to backpacker guest houses or bed and breakfasts at reasonable prices. Or if you are considering having guests over you could consider a private apartment in Chiang Mai (but we like the safety and security of hotels which keep the boy’s ID at reception to ensure your safety).  Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or a chic luxury option with a pool to spend the day lying by – Gay Chiang Mai as something for everyone!

Gay Nightlife in Chiang Mai

For better or worse, Chiang Mai’s gay nightlife is infamous and often intertwined with the commercial sex scene. If you’re a first time visitor’s to Chiang Mai’s gay scene it can be a little overwhelming, so be sure to take care not to get yourself into anything you can’t handle – and always, always ask for photo ID if you are in any doubt as to someone’s age.

We recommend hanging around in the gay bars in Chiang Mai and striking up a conversation with an expat who is bound to be hanging round to show you the ropes. Chiang Mai’s Night Market area, in particular, Charoenprathet Alley 6,  Charoenprathet Road, and the Kalare shopping plaza are home to the majority of gay bars and a good place to start. Most of the gay go-go bars are located in the Changphuak / Santitham area.

Gay foreigners flock to Chiang Mai in droves – though you can also find wealthy locals or gay Thai boys trying to find a meal ticket. Things are crazy, wild and insanely fun here once you let loose and get used to the risqué environment. When the gay bars of Chiang Mai cool down for the night, that’s when everyone heads to the all-night dance clubs – some of which actively target the gay market.

Sadly, we can’t possibly list every single gay venue in Chiang Mai, but we have gathered together the most famous gay bars as well as a few of our personal favorites!

Gay Spa and Male Massage in Chiang Mai

Want to recover after a long night out in the gay bars of Chiang Mai? Thailand is famous for its spas and massages, and Chiang Mai has plenty of places you can try them out – at varying quality and prices.

If all you are concerned about is male massages in Chiang Mai including ‘happy ending service’ then gay men need only to walk into any of the countless boy or male massage shops in Chiang Mai. Once you enter, you will be greeted by a ‘madam,’ asked to sit and buy a drink while you select from the Thai boys to complete your ‘gay massage’ – and whether you would prefer an oil, cream or Thai massage.

You then are shown to a small room, given a clean towel and asked to shower. During your (generally below average) massage the masseur will let you know his services and the cost of a ‘happy ending’ which is usually a tip paid directly to the boy of between 500-1200 Baht. Afterward, you will pay the original agree price for massage and drink downstairs to the madam (usually around 500 – 650 Baht per hour) and head on your merry way.

Please don’t get a male massage with ‘happy ending’ in Chiang Mai confused for a real massage as there is only one thing they do well there (and even that is not guaranteed). We have included Common Massage, Classic House, and Dream House below as they are most famous male massages in Chiang Mai, but if you’re looking for a real massage or luxury spa treatment we have also put our favorite options here too!

Cruising & Gay Saunas in Chiang Mai

While not as popular or developed as the extensive gay sauna scene in Bangkok – there is two gay sauna in Chiang Mai worth visiting for some steamy fun.

If the gay sauna or gay clubs of Chiang Mai don’t give you want you’re looking for then, gay hook-up apps are also a popular way of meeting – although as a foreigner you will generally be expected to host so you might want to consider your own private apartment in Chiang Mai 

Another approach we highly recommend it to stay with a gay local in Chiang Mai who can help you navigate the often confusing gay Chiang Mai scene and point you in the right direction!

Prostitution is neither legal or strictly illegal in Thailand and is in part tolerated and regulated. Prostitution is common throughout the country, and rent boys can be found in many gay saunas in Thailand. Given the police attention prostitution and rent boys frequently draw, better to stay away from this entirely and stick with good old fashion ‘free’ sauna fun.

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Outdoor Hotel Spa Facilities in Asia for a relaxing experience you will never forget!

The numerous online travel guides make it super easy to find the trending gay destinations around the world. However, the key to planing the best holiday trip for you (and not going on one that someone else has told you to go), is to understand which destination is best for you based on your personal likes, interests and budget. Before planning your next trip, it is really important to narrow down your choices about the countries and destinations that are more likely to offer you the experiences you desire. Other destinations will create priceless memories, others will make you relax and fall in love and others will leave you with empty pockets! The final choice is yours!

One of the destinations that easily comes to mind when talking about Gay holidays, is Thailand. A country full of popular destinations among LGBT travellers, like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and Kho Hood. 

However, in this article, we are not going to talk about these popular destinations once again, but guide you through one of Thailand’s hidden gems: Chiang Mai, and one of the best resorts for gay travelers, Anantara Chiang Mai Resort!

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