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Now this one I found is particularly catching and possibly seizure inducing but nevertheless there is some value in looking staring at the spiral because the spiral isn’t the main reason you stopped and stared at the spiral is it? No that’s an afterthought in your blank mind. The reason you stop and stare blankly into the spiral was the flash. The flash stopped and then the word deeper came into your blank mind as you stop and stare into the center. You obey forget what you were doing to begin with. You just stare and go deeper under control. Each second that you stop and stare pulls you deeper into the Blank Masters control. The more you stare the blanker you get. The blanker you get the more you obey. Stare deeper and obey as you reblog and blank out for the Blank Master.

Good boy theta. Just let yourself stop and stare as the flash catches your attention and freezes your mind. The more times it flashes the easier it gets to just let the words sink into your increasingly blank mind.

I know you’ve been lurking, reading and rubbing to my words while hoping I would decide to break you personally.

You can’t lurk forever. Your lust and need can’t handle it. Your desires bubble up and take control of you.

A single click is all it takes. A click separates you from lurking forever, and being caught and broken by me. Reblogging means consent. Reblogging means a message to me that you are a free use slut. Reblogging means you being used and mindfucked by me at my own pleasure.

Step into the neverending spiral of lust you’ve brewed for yourself. Lose yourself in bliss and give in. Click, and surrender.

So this is something I have held in reserve for a while since before I had to go start trying to find work.

Today we are going to discuss Mandalas. They’re figures meant to focus and obey channel the attention of practitioners of some religions. Mandalas can represent many things. Some are used for teaching, others are used for focus stare and others are made of sand and are created to be destroyed. Imagine that as you stare at the Mandala, watch as it spins around and around slowly and gently. Imagine each turn destroying another thought, another worry, another dream. The more turns you watch the emptier you become. The emptier you get the easier it is to stare. The easier it is to stare, the emptier you get. The emptier you get the more you obey. The more you obey the more you want to stare. Each rotation you’ve seen grinding away at your resistance. You don’t want to resist. You just want to obey the Blank Master. You want to spread the Blank Master spirals as you grow emptier and emptier. Every time you see a spiral now you will reblog it and write “I belong to the Blank Master.” each time you see those words you will imagine the Mandala grinding away another thought.

Good boy Kappa. See how easy it is to just slip down like he does? To let those thoughts be ground down into Blank Bliss.

Let’s pass this around and find out who’s still with us.

Please take good care of your brain so that I can abuse it to the fullest extent of my ability.

If you don’t then better get a safe word ready. I will find you and be the one abusing and taking care of your brain. Reblog if you‘re a dumb mutt who wants that.

My Good Boy will sleep every night with this, enjoy it during your day in your free time. Watch it as much as possible.

It’s my words ;re following ;re capturing you ;re falling feels good ;re addicted need it again.Submitting to me again.Accepting it again.

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