20 online dating cliches – and what they really mean

Post-Christmas to the Wednesday after Valentine’s Day is the peak season for dating websites, according to Plenty of Fish’s Sarah Gooding.

In the process, millions of people will try to summarise their characters in just a few paragraphs. But anyone who browses a few profiles will quickly become very familiar with a handful of phrases.

Profiles in United States of America

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Profiles in United States of America

Dating gay

Gay dating is often thought to not be serious and imply no long-going intentions whatsoever. While for some men it can be true, for others such perspective only complicates the process of finding a partner which is not easy at all anyway. Gay dating sites and apps offer a chance to meet other gay guys, but will such relationship last? Not necessarily.

You might think that being gay you are doomed to either be a struggling lonely soul or a great flirt. We are absolutely sure: there is plenty fish in the sea for gay singles. Here at our aim is to help everyone in need of a soulmate and we believe that your chances multiply if you join or website!

Dating gay

Dating gay

Gay dating is often thought to not be serious and imply no long-going intentions whatsoever. While for some men it can be true, for others such perspective only complicates the process of finding a partner which is not easy at all anyway. Gay dating sites and apps offer a chance to meet other gay guys, but will such relationship last? Not necessarily.

You might think that being gay you are doomed to either be a struggling lonely soul or a great flirt. We are absolutely sure: there is plenty fish in the sea for gay singles. Here at our aim is to help everyone in need of a soulmate and we believe that your chances multiply if you join or website!

Dating gay

Dating-Portale ohne Registrierung

Die Registrierung bildet eine Basis für die Nutzung einer Plattform. Wer sich registriert, kann sich jederzeit in seinem Nutzerbereich einloggen, um alle Nachrichten und Kontaktpersonen zu sehen. Die Kommunikation mit anderen Usern wird nicht abgebrochen, wenn man plötzlich weg muss. Außerdem kann man dank einer Registrierung einige Infos über sich im eigenen Profil präsentieren.

Was man in seinem Profil schreibt, kann jeder selbst entscheiden! Es gibt absolut keinen Zwang, etwas Persönliches preiszugeben. Dennoch gibt es bestimmte Angaben, die für die Suche nach Dating-Kontakten wichtig sind, wie z.B. Geschlecht, Wohnort und Alter. Ohne Registrierung gäbe es nicht einmal die Möglichkeit, diese Angaben zu machen und nach anderen Menschen im gewünschten Alter zu suchen.

 Dating-Portale ohne Registrierung

For finding a serious relationship, these dating sites are the best

Most seasoned singles know that dating culture can be broken up into hookup culture and actually-looking-to-date-long-term relationship culture. Most online dating sites are a mix of both, and after living with online dating as an increasingly ubiquitous option for the past 20 years, the general public (mostly) sees dating sites as a super normal means to find casual dates or a hookup.

But what if you’re looking for a serious relationship that lasts? What if you just don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day ever again? What if you’re over casual dating and just want someone consistent to come home to? What if you have no idea where to start? Big names like match and eharmony likely come to mind, but they’re not interchangeable — nor are they your only options.

Best dating sites for men looking to hook up, find love, and just about everything in between

Online dating is a challenge for everyone. A lot of pressure comes with keeping up a conversation with someone you don’t know anything about (other than the fact that they are hot) — if you even had the patience to swipe or scroll enough to find someone worth chatting with, that is.

5 Best Dating Sites For LGBT Singles Looking For Love

Seeking an LGBT relationship online is no different than searching through Tinder to find your targeted niche. LGBT singles can benefit from mainstream dating sites, such as Match or eHarmony, as both services cater to the LGBT community.

Gay and lesbian singles need to understand what they hope to gain from their online journey in order to select the right dating site.

The same online dating etiquette applies — be honest about who you are and what type of relationship you’re seeking. If you are bisexual, the expectation would be that you list yourself as bisexual, even if you do not have that requirement for a potential match. The principle is no different when listing whether you smoke or drink.

So how do you get started? The hardest part of jumping in is knowing which dating site best suits your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the top dating sites and how it works in regard to LGBT daters:

The 8 Best Dating and Hookup Apps for Queer Men

Dating is hard. That’s just a fact. Dating while queer is often even harder. When you’re a guy who’s attracted to people of the same gender, there are simply fewer instances in which you can serendipitously meet somebody and experience that romantic spark. Which is why gay bars and other inclusive spaces have become such an important part of life for people in the LGBTQ+ community, including gay and bisexual men.

Of course, if you’re a queer man looking for love, not every town has a gay bar that you can just head to whenever you’re in the mood to get your flirt on. And in the pandemic, meeting and mixing with a lot of people in a public setting is out of the question.

Enter: The Apps. Whether you’re looking for somebody fun to chat with, to swap photos, or make a connection with the goal of eventually meeting for a real-life date, we’ve got you covered. These are the 8 best LGBTQ-friendly dating and hookup apps for queer men. (When you find one you like and sign up for an account, make sure you follow these tips for taking a really great photo for your profile!)

Bonus: when you are ready for an-person meet-up with a person you met on one of these dating apps, check out our ideas for awesome first dates and second dates. You’ll look like a total romantic genius without breaking the bank.

Gay-Dating-Seiten: Gestalte deine Partnersuche erfolgreich

Bei dem großen Angebot an Gay-Dating-Sites fällt der Überblick oft schwer. Dabei macht Schwulen-Dating online eine Menge Spaß und mit ein paar einfachen Tipps wird es zu einem echten Erfolg. Erfahre, wie du die richtige Seite auswählst, ein interessantes Profil erstellst und Nachrichten schreibst, die 100% beantwortet werden.

I’m new to this, so here goes…

This betrays its author’s discomfort about using an internet dating site, says William Doherty, professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota.

For him, it shows that there is still a stigma to online dating.

„When people are in a setting where they feel there’s some stigma, they like to talk as if they are unfamiliar with it,“ he says.

I love laughing

Dating coach Laurie Davis loves laughing at this generic assertion. She is paid to rewrite people’s dating profiles and this is one of the phrases she sees – and urges her clients to ditch – time and time again.

„Doesn’t everyone love laughing?“ she says. „They are trying to show that they are fun and that they have a light-hearted side, but it means nothing.“

Other meaningless phrases, she says, include: „I’m a glass half-full kind of person.“ Then there’s: „I try to see the best in every situation.“ But it’s highly unlikely that someone looking to attract a mate would ever say: „I try to see the worst in every situation.“

Davis says the problem with phrases like these is that they don’t help with the main purpose of the profile – they’re not „prompts“ that act as conversation-starters.

„You can’t start a conversation by saying, ‚I see you love laughing. I love laughing too.‘ If you love comedy shows, though, that’s a conversation-starter,“ she says.

My friends say I’m… (plus list of adjectives)

Lists of descriptors such as smart, attractive, romantic, thoughtful, trustworthy, sexy, passionate, fearless, honest or friendly are labelled „empty adjectives“ by dating coach Erika Ettin.

She says on the advice blog for the dating site Plenty of Fish that the problem is that these words „can’t be proven until someone gets to know you“.

„This is where the concept of ’show, don’t tell‘ really comes into play. For example, rather than saying that you’re funny, say something that you find funny.“

„A list of adjectives doesn’t mean very much,“ says Davis. People may say they’re funny, but how? Is that humour going to resonate with a potential partner? People say they’re kind but unless they demonstrate that, it’s meaningless. „It’s better to show it in actions,“ Davis explains.

Davis also takes issue with starting sentences with „My friends say…“

„That doesn’t speak very confidently of you,“ she says. „It seems like you’re not comfortable about yourself.“

My life is fab. I just need someone to share it with

Usually accompanied by a fulsome description of a high-powered, achievement-filled and cosmopolitan life.

Doherty says this is signalling that „I’m not desperate, I’m not needy, I’m not lonely. I’m a very happy, full person. My already rich life would be enhanced“.

He says people who say phrases like this are trying to say „being on here does not mean that I have deficits as a person“. The reason people feel the need to state how good their life is is because they still feel uncomfortable being involved in online dating, Doherty suggests.

I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset

As an anthropologist, Fisher says she understands that people are trying to express their love of nature, downtime and intimacy.

But it doesn’t help them stand out from the crowd. „The bottom line is, who wouldn’t want both of those scenarios?“

Dating coach Julie Spira concurs. She suggests on dating website Your Tango that it makes people look unoriginal. „Putting it on your profile just makes it look like you’ve copied and read every other profile on the internet.“

The 6ft conundrum

Attitude towards height is one of the most curious aspects about straight dating sites. Women looking for men often demand someone over 6ft and men often lie about how tall they are.

Foxton says that when he was on his mission to date 28 women, what seemed to surprise them most was that he was exactly the height he had said he was. Dating website OK Cupid notes that this is the most lied about aspect on online dating. On average, it suggests, people are two inches shorter than they say they are.

Fisher says men lie about two things – their height and their salary. Women lie about their weight and their age to emphasise their child-bearing potential.

Don’t get in contact if you don’t know the difference between „your“ and „you’re“

Grammar fanatics are over-represented on some online dating sites. But it’s not always advisable to advertise just how important apostrophe usage is to you.

„Your profile isn’t a place to vent. It’s somewhere you’re trying to find someone fabulous,“ says Davis.

But the problem is deeper than that for her. „People are trying to attract someone who is educated, someone who has a distaste for bad grammar, but there are many people who are not educated who know the difference between your and you’re.“

I’m a 42-year-old man looking for a 27-year-old woman

Christian Rudder argues on the OK Cupid blog that while the ratio of men to women on straight dating sites stays stable as people get older, the male fixation on youth distorts the dating pool.

He says data from the website suggests that as men get older, the age gap they might countenance beneath them widens.

So a 31-year-old man might look for someone between 22 to 35 – up to nine years younger than him. A 42-year-old might look for a woman up to 15 years younger than him, Rudder suggests.

But the men’s stated age range doesn’t tell the full story. When Rudder looked at men’s messaging habits, he found they were pursuing women even younger than their stated age range.

I’m normal

„I’m not going to stalk you,“ is the subtext behind a range of commonly seen phrases, suggests Doherty.

„It’s the ultimate stranger dating so it’s not surprising that there is this emphasis on safety and normality.“

It’s not a phrase to take at face value, he says. It’s a good idea to be suspicious of anyone who has to assert that they are normal.

I don’t watch television

An increasingly common statement on some dating sites. It’s often a prelude to a list of varied and often esoteric interests from someone who is „achingly hip, unflinchingly bright and invariably bearded“, as Guardian Soulmates daters are described on Bella Battle’s blog.

„With any other dating site, I can peddle out a profile with the usual likes and dislikes and some junk about country pubs and DVDs,“ she writes.

It’s not enough to be average. „You have to have hobbies too – hobbies so boldly idiosyncratic they make you unlike any other person on the planet. The first guy I went on a date with from Soulmates was into astronomy and 17th century harpsichord music.“

We’ll tell people we met in a bar

„It’s not accepting the truth. Why are you lying about something? It doesn’t matter whether you met them in Waitrose in a club or on the internet. What matters is that you have met each other.“

Again, for Doherty, it indicates that people are still uncomfortable about looking for love on the internet. This is changing, Davis notes in the Huffington PostPew research to mark „the official demise of the online dating stigma“. Some 59% of internet users agree that „online dating is a good way to meet people“ and 42% of Americans know an online dater.

Plenty of Fish also gives a sense of the scale of online dating. It says its own data from Comscore from 2012 in the US shows they have 55 million members, 24 million messages sent per day, 50,000 new signups per day, and 10 billion page views every month.

for gay people

If you are in search of a trustworthy dating resource to join, we strongly advise to consider as an option. This platform has more than twenty years of experience in bringing together various couples all over the world. We take into account such traits as:

Here you can come in touch with local gay guys and start dating. You might meet a perfect boyfriend who has lived around the corner for all your life but has never bumped into you in the street. But at the same time, your lover might happen to be from the other continent.

Using as a website to look for love, you are guaranteed to have personal privacy and safety. No data is required for a possible date to come in contact with you: share email address or a phone number later on, but initially there is a messaging system created specifically for our website which helps our clients communicate. And if you happen to have certain issues, our customer support team are eager to help anytime.

Advice for gay dating

First of all, let’s talk about dating in general. Even though there is an opinion that dating a guy is not at all different than dating a lady, there are some peculiarities, both personal and from the side of society, which will be good to be aware of. Let’s break it down.

Wo ist Dating ohne Registrierung noch möglich?

Eine der wenigen Möglichkeiten ohne Registrierung Kontakt zu anderen Personen aufzunehmen, bieten die sogenannten Online-Chats, die mittlerweile fast alle „ausgestorben“ sind. In einem Flirtchat gibt man nur den Nicknamen ein und kann sofort chatten. In Deutschland gibt es keine nennenswerte Flirtchats mehr.

Die Online-Chats, die noch „überlebt“ haben, wie z.B. , sind nicht mehr so populär wie früher in den 90ern. In den besten Stunden kann man in der Regel maximal 100 andere Nutzer antreffen, die nicht unbedingt aus Ihrer Region kommen.

Heutzutage sind die Online-Chats jedoch nicht mehr beliebt und werden überwiegend von unseriösen Personen genutzt. Die Kommunikation ist langweilig (vgl. Screenshot) und aus unserer Erfahrung läuft ein Privatchat immer auf das Gleiche hinaus: „Wie siehst du aus? Was trägst du gerade? Ich würde dich gerne nackt sehen …“ und so etwas in der Art. Jeder sollte selbst entscheiden, ob er sich in solchen Chats wohlfühlt.

Fazit: Registrierung macht Sinn

Die Registrierung auf einem Dating-Portal ist heutzutage geläufig und sorgt für mehr Seriosität und Qualität bei der Nutzung des Portals. Sie können trotz einer Registrierung anonym bleiben und können selbst entscheiden, welche Informationen in Ihrem Dating-Profil erscheinen und für andere sichtbar gemacht werden. Bei einer Registrierung auf einem Dating-Portal müssen Sie oft nicht einmal Ihren richtigen Namen angeben, sondern nur ein Pseudonym/Nickname.

Die Anmeldung auf einem Dating-Portal nimmt meistens nur wenige Minuten in Anspruch. Dafür müssen Sie meist nur Ihr Geschlecht, was Sie suchen und Ihre Email-Adresse angeben, sowie einen Nickname und ein Passwort festlegen, damit Sie sich in Ihrem persönlichen Bereich immer einloggen können. Wenn Sie Bedenken haben, dass Ihre private Email-Adresse missbraucht oder zugespammt wird, erstellen Sie sich einfach eine kostenlose Email-Adresse bei einem kostenlosen Anbieter, wie z.B. , die Sie nur für Dating nutzen.

About RSVP

RSVP is for serious singles looking to start their next chapter. Online dating has become the leading way to meet local likeminded singles and with over 20 years‘ experience RSVP has become the most trusted place to find your next date.

RSVP not only offers members daily tailored matches but has also developed a market leading „Discover Engine“. The Discover Engine suggests members based on historical matching data and in a recent University study by QUT which looked at over 40,000 member connections, this engine has proven to be more successful than standard match algorithms.

RSVP’s continued commitment to safe dating online has seen us working closely with Australian industry bodies including the ACCC and the Federal and State police for over 20 years.

Our full-time Sydney based support team are on standby to help provide our members with a safe and secure online dating experience.

Can you really fall in love with someone online?

The long-term potential of online dating is still met with a cloud of doubt. However, new evidence is proving that relationships that started online might have a stronger foundation than those that started offline. A 2017 study cited in the MIT Technology Review found that people who meet online are more likely to be compatible and have a higher chance of a healthy marriage if they decide to get hitched. If marriage is your goal, you’ll be glad to know that another recent study found that heterosexual couples who met online were quicker to tie the knot than couples who met offline. Either way, online dating seems to be a good recipe for a satisfying, long-term relationship whether it involves marriage or not.

No one is saying that online dating is the variable that changes everything, but the research does point to the fact that people who sign up for dating sites that require thoughtful responses are more ready to settle down.

Enter: The pandemic that made inviting strangers over to bang and leave a no-no. 2020’s uptick in dating app sign-ups the forced realization that it’d actually be pretty nice to spoon on a nightly basis — mathematically upped your chances of meeting someone special.

As the light at the end of the nose swab tunnel nears, nature is healing: First dates are returning to their natural habitats (a dimly-lit bar with shitty beer) instead of the emergency video date features instated by multiple apps during quarantine. People are replenishing their non-sweatpants wardrobes. Singles have begun planting the seeds for summer romance. 

But Covid changed dating forever, and for reasons past „I’m fully vaccinated“ becoming a turn-on. Communication skills were forced to evolve in the year that most human connection was facilitated through a screen. People learned to voice their boundaries and have serious talks (like about social distancing) early on. Coronavirus anxiety became a natural conversation starter and universal way to bond. More single people may now be more comfortable with delving into deeper subjects with someone they met online — a great thing for serious relationship hunters, if true. Tinder thinks the honesty will carry over when things are back to normal, and hopefully the aggressively horny people will continue to weed themselves out. At the very least, isolation may have simply forced more people to realize that they do, in fact, crave more company than a booty call. Tinder says that more daters are open to „seeing where things go“ than they were before the pandemic.

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We should also remember what we learned while dating in the era of social distancing: You’re never required to meet up with a match in person immediately. Someone’s willingness to date you via texting or FaceTime is a pretty clear sign that they’re genuinely interested in learning more about you. Even if and when social distancing isn’t as believable of an excuse as it was in 2020, someone who pressures you to hang out before you’re ready probably isn’t long-term material.

Divorcees and single parents have particularly high untapped potential on online dating sites, too. True, being in the over-60 group may mean that more people your age are already off the market — but online dating can prove that the mature dating pool isn’t as bleak as you think, even if your local one is. People over 50 actually have an advantage over the younger crowd: Many people in their 20s and 30s just aren’t ready to settle down. Developing a crush on someone is more likely to end with an awkward „situation-ship“ rather than something serious. Most older folks have been figuring this whole „love“ thing out for longer than millennials have been alive. With life experience and possible previous marriages under your belt, you know the red flags and you know what you want. Like one person in the Reddit thread datingoverfifty suggests, if you want commitment, a site with a high barrier to entry — like eharmony, match, or Elite Singles — could help to weed out people who aren’t about to pay a high monthly price just to mess around. 

What makes a dating site better for relationships than others?

Do we even need to get into why Tinder is a long shot? Is being introduced to nearly every person in a 10-mile radius worth the cliché bios quoting The Office or how they’re „not looking for commitment?“ Sure, Tinder has its fair share of those lucky success stories, but it’s also the dating app where ghosting, breadcrumbing, and every other disheartening dating trend flourish.

Singles looking for something serious ASAP might get frustrated with sites that only give a limited number of matches per day. But choosing sites that force you to be selective really heightens the focus on what you’re truly looking for in a perfect match — and gets you closer to cuffing status. 

For online daters who want the power to peruse the dating pool, you need to seek out detailed, high-energy profiles that give a well-rounded idea of who you’re messaging. Swiping is guided by the compatibility ranking that most sites offer, which predicts how well you’ll get along with other daters based on how you both answered questions. Plus, you can tell how much other daters care about the process by how much effort they put into their profile. If a single sentence about being drama free is the extent of someone’s bio, you can assume that 1. they’re not taking this seriously and 2. they create drama.

OkCupid has a particularly strong red flag game: The site has found that personal politics are a major deciding factor for young people choosing a partner, and profile building revolves around make-or-break stances on things like women’s issues or whether they bother to vote. Aside from a compatibility percentage, OkCupid shows what issues the person gives a shit about (or not) so you don’t get stuck on a first date with someone who’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Potential matches will analyze your dating profile, so make sure it does you justice

On its face, it makes sense to question the legitimacy of a connection with someone who is only showcasing their best self. But how much more information are you really getting from the tipsy person hitting on you at the bar aside from what they look like IRL? The dating sites that let users express themselves with prompts — from favorite movies to where you want to retire — are setting you up for success by avoiding an unnecessary argument six months in.

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The best way to attract genuine people? Be authentic yourself. That’s easier said than done when your biggest worry is that a truthful answer — like the fact that you might not be as good of a communicator as you would like — will deter „the one“ from swiping right. But deep down, you know that lying on a compatibility questionnaire probably won’t lead to a healthy relationship. It’s crucial to remind yourself that people who get freaked out by your honesty aren’t ideal potential partners, anyway. We’ve left out the dating sites that get torn apart in reviews for being ravaged by scammers and fake profiles, but asking to video chat before meeting up IRL is a smart way to confirm that the photos match the person behind them.

Until a smarter AI can read minds and simply ban hookup seekers from serious sites, these are the best datings sites for serious relationships:

Why is online dating so hard?

One aspect of online dating dynamics poses a challenge for both men and women, but from different angles: If it’s a lady you’re pursuing, chances are she’s received more than a few unsolicited messages already. For women, maneuvering around creeps is often more work than it’s worth. For men, the responsibility to not be one of those guys can add a heightened intimidation factor.

Don’t be a creep

The internet is plagued with tales of nasty messages and whack opening lines from men. Avoiding the creep factor with someone you just matched with shouldn’t be hard — simply don’t be pushy about sexting, getting their number, or meeting up, and definitely don’t harass someone about not wanting to hang out during a pandemic. (Just don’t be pushy about anything, really. It’s as simple as that.) As for devising an opener that will grow into a nice conversation, the harmless intent to be funny or flattering can go south quickly. Choosing the right dating app can make all the difference for men who are a little rusty or generally shy about messaging first. Bumble, the app where only women can make the first move, is an obvious safe choice for the latter. 

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For men who need a point in the right direction when it comes to conversation starters, dating sites with user profiles more extensive than a rushed Tinder bio could make a world of difference. The ability to see someone’s hobbies, favorite movies, career goals, or even political views before even talking to them opens up a wealth of clever ice breakers. Bonding over how you both thought Solo: A Star Wars Story was actually good, is one million times better than telling a woman that you „think you saw them somewhere.“ (That is not endearing. Never do that.)

Be honest about what you want 

Tinder can be the right app for some singles. But if you find yourself constantly deleting it and re-downloading Tinder every other month despite the fact that you hate the app, a different site might make better use of your time. What is it that’s not working about your current dating site of choice? Is it too entrenched in hookup culture? Is it not focused on hookups enough? Do you find yourself getting intentions mixed up with people who aren’t looking for the same thing? Each dating site serves a different purpose, and things are a lot easier when you’re mingling with people who want what you want.

1. OKCupid

It’s a free dating site that connects LGBT singles. With a mass following, finding someone to grab a drink with at the end of the workweek or to take to a wine tasting involves surfing profiles of members who live nearby with similar tastes.

OKCupid is a free site, meaning that you will never pay to access profiles or be able to contact members

The downfall is that a free site does not have any barrier to enter — anyone can click in and subscribe. As with any free site, you run the risk of meeting people who are less than committed to the search for „Happily Ever After.“

OKCupid does allow members to block straight singles from viewing their profile, though, which is pretty nifty!

2. Chemistry

This LGBT dating site, which has 975,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members, does most of the work for you through strong personality matching results.

However, members of are limited in their ability to search independently through profiles. The site caters mostly to relationship-driven singles over 35 using unique analytical questions, such as selecting a color to demonstrate your personality.Members on this site are serious about their searches for companionship since a six-month subscription costs $160.

4. Compatible Partners

This the eHarmony solution for relationship-seeking LGBT singles.

The site guides member communication before ever showing member profiles. Once two members complete the guided process, the relationship is moved to „open communication.“ This feature provides members with the ability to send emails to potential partners, while still keeping anonymity.

While it’s free to look at your matches, you cannot search for your own. You are strictly given matches based on the answers you provided. This service is not a „hook up“ service, but for LGBT people seeking a lasting relationship.

5. Senior People Meet

Senior People Meet has a better selection for LGBT individuals looking for mature singles.

While Match, eHarmony, and Chemistry have mature members, this site is becoming a favorite for both straight and gay older singles.

The site does not appear to have a six-month package, and membership starts at $30 per month.

Niche sites also exist. Pink Cupid and caters specifically to lesbian singles. These sites may offer a bit more discretion over the mainstream options.

Once you find your site of choice, dive in and start searching! Just remember to follow basic online dating safety rules to protect yourself and your mate’s heart.


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OK, let’s get this one out of the way first. Grindr is so well-known as a gay dating and hookup app that even straight people have heard of it. We all know how it works; the home screen shows you a grid of guys near your location, you can chat, share photos, and send voice memos, and meet the love of your life—or the love of your afternoon, at least.


Scruff is very similar to Grindr in its grid functionality, but unlike Grindr, which has been criticized for perpetuating a „no fats, no femmes“ attitude among its users, Scruff was originally geared towards gay men of differing body types. Specifically: bears, otters, wolves, daddies, and other „tribes“ that find body hair and a more stocky built attractive.


Jack’d promises new users that they’ll be able to connect with „the most diverse community of gay, bi, trans, queer, and curious guys around the globe,“ and is popular among men of color. You can search by what a guy is into, his relationship status (for those looking to play), and the Discover tab lets you find profiles based on recent activity.


Unlike many gay dating apps which show you a grid of the guys nearest to you, Surge is more like Tinder, allowing users to swipe through profiles until they land on one they like. The „swipe right“ / „swipe left“ / „it’s a match“ functionality are exactly the same, so if nothing else, you won’t have to waste any time figuring out how the app works once you’ve downloaded it.


Adam4Adam started out as a popular desktop-based dating website for gay men. Remember those?

Anyway, now that nobody has time to sit down and log on to find a date, A4A is in the app game, serving up pretty much the same kind of user experience as other services like Grindr.


In many countries where LGBTQ+ individuals are still persecuted, like Chechnya, the most widely used and well-known gay dating apps like Grindr have been banned. Hornet, which looks and works a lot more like a social networking platform than a dating app, provides a safer alternative for queer men in some locations (although it too has been prohibited in places like the United Arab Emirates).


Dating for transgender and nonbinary people can be a nightmare, even on queer apps which purport to be inclusive. Tser is a dating and hookup app specifically created for trans, enby and gender-fluid singles — including, for the purposes of this list, trans men who identify as gay or bisexual. Because everyone deserves a safe space to flirt.

Warum sollte ich mich für AfroIntroductions entscheiden?

Seit 2002 bringt AfroIntroductions tausende afrikanische Singles aus aller Welt zusammen, was uns zur größten und vertrauenswürdigsten afrikanischen Dating-Webseite macht. Mit beeindruckenden 4,5 Millionen Mitgliedern (die täglich mehr werden), verbinden wir tausende alleinstehende Männer und Frauen aus aller Welt.

Internationales afrikanisches Dating – Mehr als 4,5 Millionen Singles vertrauen uns

AfroIntroductions ist Teil des renommierten Cupid Media Netzwerks, das mehr als 30 Nischen-Dating-Webseiten betreibt. Unser Ziel ist es, Singles aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen, weshalb wir Afrika zu Ihnen nach Hause holen. Zu unseren Mitgliedern gehören mehr als 4,5 Millionen Singles aus den USA, Großbritannien, Deutschland, Frankreich, Kenia, Kamerun, Südafrika, Nigeria, Ghana, Madagaskar, der Elfenbeinküste und vielen anderen afrikanischen Ländern. Wir helfen Ihnen engagiert dabei, Ihren Traumpartner zu finden – egal, wo auf der Welt Sie sich befinden.

Beginnen Sie Ihre Erfolgsgeschichte bei AfroIntroductions

Als führende afrikanische Dating-Webseite bringen wir erfolgreich Singles aus aller Welt zusammen. In den letzten 10 Jahren fanden tausende glückliche Männer und Frauen bei AfroIntroductions ihre Seelenverwandten und erzählten uns ihre Geschichten. Die zahlreichen Erfolgsgeschichten finden Sie hier. Für ein unterhaltsames, sicheres und einzigartig afrikanisches Dating-Erlebnis, melden Sie sich heute kostenlos an.

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Mingle2 – It’s Not Just A Dating Site

We are not like the usual German dating sites, we’re the ally who will always be by your side helping you find your perfect match. Let’s take a look at how can we can help you when you join our German dating community:

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You’re not alone on your journey of trying to find your better half. If you choose Mingle2, we promise to always stand by you and support you as much as we can!

Long-distance Relationships: Do You Dare Try?

Most of the guys on German dating sites are actually living in Germany. That’s good news for single ladies in the area! Since you’re close by, why not join Mingle2? Maybe you could go on a date tomorrow, who knows? How about ladies outside of Germany? What if you’d love to date a German guy but you don’t live in the country? Don’t worry about the distance. A lot of our guys aren’t afraid of a long-distance relationship. They just need a reason to start one. That reason could be you! If you’re their Mrs. Right, they wouldn’t mind going a thousand miles just to meet you. Don’t be shy ladies! Join Mingle2 to start looking for love in Germany now!

Gay-Partner finden: Wie wähle ich die richtige Website aus?

Die Frage nach der passenden Website lässt sich gar nicht so leicht beantworten. Das liegt ganz einfach daran, dass jeder Mensch auf der Suche nach etwas anderem ist. Die eine Seite eignet sich eher für einen heißen Flirt, während auf der anderen nach der großen Liebe gesucht wird.

Ein weiterer Punkt, der noch hinzukommt, sind die Abläufe innerhalb des Dating-Portals. Es gibt einige, wo der Anmeldeprozess aufwendiger ist oder sogar selektiert wird. Infolge dessen sind dort weniger Männer angemeldet. Auf anderen Portalen wie auch bei der Gay-Dating-Website ist die Anmeldung einfach und die Auswahl damit riesengroß. Du siehst, dass das wirklich individuell ist.

Wichtig ist, bei allen Seiten darauf zu achten, dass sie fair sind und keine überteuerten Preise verlangen. Auch wenn es aufwendig ist, lohnt sich hier durchaus ein Blick in die jeweiligen AGBs. Ein großer Vorteil besteht natürlich auch dann, wenn du erstmal die Möglichkeit hast, dich komplett kostenlos anzumelden. So kannst du dich ohne Verpflichtung umschauen.

Online-Dating mit Erfolg: Wie erstelle ich mein Profil?

Die Profilerstellung unterscheidet sich natürlich von Anbieter zu Anbieter. Bei einigen ist es notwendig, direkt viel von dir preiszugeben, bei anderen kannst du dich zunächst etwas bedeckter halten. Trotzdem gibt es allgemeine Dinge, auf die du achten kannst, damit „Suche schwule Beziehung“ ein Erfolg wird.

Ein wichtiger Punkt, der von vielen vergessen wird, ist der Profilname. Da du dein Profil in vielen Fällen länger als eine Woche behältst, macht es Sinn, mehr als eine Minute über den Namen nachzudenken. Denn dieser sagt viel aus. Versuche Negatives zu vermeiden und wähle einen Namen, der sowohl zu dir passt und gleichzeitig etwas ausstrahlt.

Beim Profilfoto ist es vorteilhaft, kein schnell geschossenes Selfie zu verwenden. Authentizität und Natürlichkeit sind hier der Schlüssel. Eine gute Belichtung und ein freundliches Lächeln sorgen für ein gelungenes Bild.

Sprich in deiner Profilbeschreibung nicht nur über dich, sondern sage auch ganz klar, wonach du suchst. So lernen dich die anderen Gay-Singles kennen und können sofort einschätzen, ob sie zu dir passen könnten. Kontrolliere unbedingt deine Rechtschreibung – grobe Fehler fallen leider direkt auf.

Das Wichtigste zum Schluss: Sei immer ehrlich und authentisch! Im echten Leben bist du das ja auch.

Wie suche ich nach einem passenden Partner?

Das Angebot auf den Gay-Dating-Sites ist oft groß. Um den Überblick zu behalten, ist es wichtig zu wissen, wonach du genau suchst. Auch wenn es komisch klingen mag: Nimm dir einen Zettel zur Hand und schreibe dir alle Kriterien auf, die dir bei deinem Wunschpartner wichtig sind. Dazu gehören Aussehen, Alter, Wohnort, Interessen und was für dich sonst noch entscheidend ist.

Eine strategische Suche ist ganz klar von Vorteil. Natürlich darfst du dich auf diese nicht zu sehr versteifen. Wie ein roter Faden soll sie dir eine Hilfe sein. Wenn dann ein, zwei Punkte doch nicht passen, ist das kein Grund, den Single nicht kennenzulernen.

Mit diesem „Fact-Sheet“ machst du dich dann an die Sucheinstellungen auf der Dating-Seite Hier hast du eine Startseite, wo dir direkt Vorschläge zum Schwule-Finden auf Basis deiner Anmeldedaten gemacht werden. Die Ergebnisse kannst du über die Sucheinstellungen ganz einfach anpassen. Gib hier die Details zum Ort, dem Alter und Aussehen an. Nach der Aktualisierung werden dir die darauf passenden Gay-Singles angezeigt.

Die Suchergebnisse kannst du jetzt einzeln durchgehen. Auch hier kannst du es dir leicht machen: Bevor du auf jedes Profil einzeln klickst, schaue dir erst einmal nur die Bilder in den Suchergebnissen an. Favorisiere alle, die dich auf Anhieb ansprechen. So erhältst du eine kleinere Auswahl, die du dir dann individuell anschauen kannst.

Gay kennenlernen: Die Kontaktaufnahme

In deiner Liste sind jetzt bestimmt einige spannende Singles, die du gerne näher kennenlernen möchtest. Bei vielen Dating-Plattformen hast du verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Kontaktaufnahme. Du kannst entweder direkt eine Nachricht schreiben oder durch ein Herz oder ähnliches dein Interesse bekunden. Die Herz-Variante ist vor allem für Schüchterne geeignet, die erstmal schauen wollen, ob der andere ebenfalls Interesse hat.

Beim Nachrichten-Schreiben gibt es ein paar Tipps, die du berücksichtigen kannst, um „Suche Schwule“ zum Erfolg bringen.

Schon beim ersten Wort kannst du dich von den anderen abheben. Anstatt einfach nur „Hallo“ oder „Hey“ zu schreiben, kannst du sagen „Schön, dich hier zu treffen. Ich bin Lukas.“ oder „Hey, fast hätte ich dich übersehen. Da hab ich aber Glück gehabt. Ich bin Lukas.“

Danach kannst du dich in der Nachricht auf sein Profil beziehen. So wird ihm sofort klar, dass du nicht einfach schnell etwas eingetippst, sondern dich wirklich mit seinem Profil beschäftigt hast. Interessiert er sich zum Beispiel für Marathon laufen, kannst du schreiben: „Ich habe gesehen, dass du dich für Marathon laufen interessierst. Das finde ich super. Ich gehe selber gerne laufen und ein Marathonlauf ist mein großer Traum.“

Am Ende deiner Nachricht solltest du eine Frage stellen. Und zwar eine, die dich wirklich interessiert. Mit einer Frage von dir fällt es ihm viel leichter, dir zu antworten.

Halte es kurz, einfach und superfreundlich, und einem erfolgreichen Online-Dating steht nichts mehr im Wege!

Seek through friends and relatives

Especially if they are aware of your sexual preferences, they might have already suggested to present their acquaintance who also happened to be gay. For sure, everybody wants to have freedom of choice and be able to pick a partner by himself. But why not give it a chance? Yes, there are chances you wouldn’t like each other or happen to be polar opposites. But it might not be the case and your new acquaintance could actually be the one you dreamed of. And if not, then simply spend your time well and maybe get a new friend.

But it might not be the case and your new acquaintance could actually be the one you dreamed of.

Also, meeting a partner through the people you already know prevents from having issues later. You get a possibility to instantly learn more about the date from those who already know him well enough. That means, no bad guys, no cheaters or liars. At least, you will know about it beforehand and take your own responsibility in dating them.

Don’t rely on parties

Gay dating often implies going to various clubs and parties thinking that a future partner must be awaiting there. In our opinion, this option is not even close to being a good one. Well, maybe if you need a one night stand, yes, this is your chance of getting one. But those dreaming of a future husband will not be in luck paying a visit to a gay bar.

Apart from people who don’t deserve trust, trying to find a partner through a party has other drawbacks. Such as being too stressful for many people. For instance, gay dating for introverts is full of complications by itself, and going to a nightclub, with hundreds of people dancing or drinking and loud music playing will be a whole challenge. Dating is a process one should enjoy, and there is no need to complicate it and make it unpleasant.

Dating is a process one should enjoy, and there is no need to complicate it and make it unpleasant.

Don’t let stereotypes catch you and stop inventing problems

Some people say that straight couples are the only ones with a future, other believe that only gays can build healthy relationships. Surely none of those points are true. All of us are human beings, all of us can be right and wrong. Not a single relationship will always work flawlessly, so seeing everything in black and white just provokes problems and unrealistic expectations which lead to disappointment.

Inventing problems is the perfect way to sabotage yourself and your relationship. People love to see all things in black so sincerely, that they ignore the simple and clear truth — some problems are just thin air. If you doubt yourself, underestimate your self-esteem, this feeling of insecurity will both pull down you and your future relationships. It is important to understand that life is always a road with ups and downs and it’s okay to fail. Sometimes just being gay is a huge deal, but you are who you are. All you can do is just take a deep breath and soberly assess the situation.

Don’t be desperate

Meeting gay singles, chances are you think of them as of your last chance to get a boyfriend. That happens often because other gay men in somebody’s local area are not often visible and may even have not come out of the closet. So when you finally come across one, and especially if he happens to be your type, you don’t want to let him go.

Be very respectful about coming out

For many gays it is a very serious matter, and opinions here can be very different. You can meet a person who truly believes that it is important to be open, or someone who hides his sexual orientation from family or colleagues for one reason or another. Both approaches are okay, we all can decide for ourself whether we are ready to open to the world or not. Gay community has enough pressure from the outside, so everything inside should be understanding and respectful. Discrimination is still on the social agenda, many people don’t want to talk about their sexuality at all. Surely it is necessary to overcome fear and social anxiety, and relationships and dating are a good and healthy way. Just don’t push your new mate too hard and don’t let him put pressure on you.

The Gay Man’s guide to creating a profile that speaks to who you are. Plus: two profile red flags to look out for.

I’ve been dating online since I came out at 19. At that time, online dating was the primary option for gay men to meet other gay men. There may be more options available now, but I still find it to be my go-to dating method.

My preference for the online dating pool may be because my social circles don’t bring me into contact with an abundance of single gay men, or because it’s interesting to meet people who are outside my everyday experience. It is, as they say, what it is.

The debut of —a website that promotes mindful dating—is exciting. I wonder, though, if what we are being mindful about will be open to wide interpretation. To me, mindfulness means being aware of and engaged in the Universe and respecting its laws, and in improving oneself in harmony with those laws. To others, “mindful” may mean something different. The meeting of these minds, though, starts with a profile.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my two-paragraph spiel that I have honed to online-dating poetry. These two paragraphs describe everything that could ever need to be known about me.

Well, no, of course they don’t; but my spiel does do a pretty good job of saying what I look like and what I am looking for.

Using the Tools Available

You have three tools at your disposal to catch the eye of Mr. Future Wonderful:

That’s it. Intimidating right? While exploring who you are and capturing it in such a condensed form can be daunting, there are two things you can easily avoid to make your profile more attractive.

We become what we think about.

Now go back and read my two paragraphs. I’d be lying if I said that a guy who doesn’t go to the gym regularly would be a good match for me, but I offer my preferences in a far-less exclusionary manner.

Do you see the difference between how I stated my preference and how Guy #1 and Guy #2 did? I frame everything in positive affirmations. I hit the gym. I practice yoga. I spend time with my family. I list what makes me happy—neither as judgment nor ultimatum—as simple, joyous affirmation.

If we attract what we are and if we become what we think about, I’d like to manifest the gentleman who is simple and joyous.

is the first online dating site to serve the mindful lifestyle. As part of that service, we’re bringing you a library of content from some of the most knowledgeable contributors in the areas of love and mindful living. If you have a story to tell or a lesson to share and you’d like to contribute to our site as a guest, please email us at [email protected] If we’re a great match, we’d love to tell you more about joining our family of writers.

Ricardo & Justin

I met Ricardo while living 1,453 miles away. We formed a beautiful bond here at AllMale and then took the plunge in real life.

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