The Gay Gordons

The dancing gets off to a great start with The Gay Gordons, the well known march from the First World War. Named for The Gordon Highlanders, this dance remains very popular and is danced to any 4/4 march. However, the original tune composed by Pipe Major George S McLennan, entitled The Gordon Highlanders March is played most often. The dance is performed in couples, in what is known as a “round the room” dance.

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Gay Gordons

The Gay Gordons is a simple couple dance, and is often the first to be danced at a ceilidh. Couples are arranged in a circle, facing anti-clockwise round the room. Stand beside your partner, holding both hands at shoulder level, as shown in the video below.

Bars 1-4: Walk forwards for 3 then, keeping hands held, swivel to face the opposite direction. Walk backwards for 5-8: Walk forwards for 3, swivel, walk backwards for 9-12: The lady turns under the man’s right 13-16: Take a ballroom hold with your partner, and step/hop round.

Gay Gordons

Gay GordonsStarsky

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Gay GordonsStarsky

The Gay GordonsPluck & Squeeze Band

Dancing the Gay Gordons at Cardiff Museum for a medical conference dinner. Music by the Pluck & Squeeze Band and Ceri Evans calling the steps.

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The Gay GordonsPluck & Squeeze Band

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First DanceThe Gay Gordons

People have been dancing The Gay Gordons since the late 19th century. Some better than others mind you, but that doesn’t matter. Everyone and anyone can master it in a matter of minutes which is why it’s usually one of the first dances of the night.

Gay Gordons

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Fun facts

The Gay Gordons dance is over 130 years old. Which is ironic, as it will take years off you.

It was named in homage to the famous Gordon Highlanders army regiment. ‘Gay’ means extraordinary.

It is usually danced to a march like ‘Scotland the Brave’ or the tune ‘The Gordon Highlanders’.

The Gay Gordons is also a form of the card game Solitaire. Again, ironic as you’ll never feel alone when you’re dancing it.