Gay Hotels in Amsterdam

While pretty much every hotel in the city is friendly to the LGBT community, there are a number that make a special effort to be part of gay Amsterdam. Some hotels are for gay men only, some are a crucial part of the gay scene and some are just especially welcoming of gay visitors. Any of the gay hotels listed below can be counted on to make your visit memorable.

LGBT-freundliche Hotels Amsterdam suchen

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LGBT-freundliche Hotels Amsterdam suchen

10 cool gay hotels in Amsterdam from budget to luxury

Amsterdam is one very gay friendly city which we love visiting. It has one of the best gay scenes in Europe and we always have an amazing time here.

Booking a hotel to stay in Amsterdam has never been a problem for us. We have always felt welcome at every place we’ve stayed at and sharing a bed has never been an issue. We never feel like we have to hide our sexuality anywhere in Amsterdam or in Holland, which is why we think it is one of the most gay friendly countries in the world.

“In Holland, you can be yourself. We never felt like we had to hide our sexuality anywhere in Amsterdam or in Holland”

These are our 10 favourite unique gay hotels in Amsterdam based on our personal experiences and from recommendations by other LGBTQ travellers. Just remember, Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, so anything around $100 or less is considered budget, between $100-$200 is medium average budget, and over $200, high end luxury.

10 cool gay hotels in Amsterdam from budget to luxury

Top 11 Gay Friendly Hotels In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a long tradition of tolerance for the LGBT community. The city was previously the world’s leading gay destination. Then, The Netherlands was the first country to allow civil marriages between same-sex couples. Consequently, it remains a first-choice destination for the LGBTQ culture. This hot destination is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. As a matter of fact, Amsterdam has a considerably large gay scene which includes cruise bars, gay-themed events, fetish club, and gay sauna. Discover the Top 11 amazing gay hotels in Amsterdam city center.

Top 11 Gay Friendly Hotels In Amsterdam

LGBT-freundliche Hotels Amsterdam West suchen

Bei uns finden Sie über 1.000.000 Unterkünfte und 550 Fluglinien auf der ganzen Welt

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LGBT-freundliche Hotels Amsterdam West suchen

Gay Friendly Hotel Amsterdam Netherlands: Top 5 (2021 Updated)

There are many of gay bars in different parts of Gay pride in Amsterdam is a citywide gay-festival held annually at the center of Amsterdam during the first weekend of August. Better hurry up to book your gay friendly hotel Amsterdam!

have been some of the most progressive in the world.  Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1811 after France invaded the country and installed the Napoleonic Codesodomy laws and no more were enacted after the country received independence.

The Netherlands has become one of the most culturally liberal countries in the world,  with recent polls indicating that more than 90% of Dutch people support same-sex marriageAmsterdam has frequently been named one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, famous for its many accommodations specifically pertaining to the LGBT community, including its many gay bathhouses, hotels, and venues as well as Pink Point, which provides LGBT-friendly information and souvenirs.

Amsterdam has a long history of being a gay friendly city and in downtown we can find a few gay friendly bars as PRIK or Spijker Bar Amsterdam are the most famous gay bars in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

LGBT-freundliche Hotels Amsterdam suchen

Bei uns finden Sie über 1.000.000 Unterkünfte und 550 Fluglinien auf der ganzen Welt

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LGBT-freundliche Hotels Stadtzentrum von Amsterdam suchen

Bei uns finden Sie über 1.000.000 Unterkünfte und 550 Fluglinien auf der ganzen Welt

Mitglieder sparen 10% mehr bei ausgewählten Hotels, Mietwagen und Aktivitäten. Noch heute anmelden!

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Explore Gay Rooms & Rentals in Amsterdam

With misterb&b, experience a more welcoming world. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit. A loft in Soho, a shared room in BarcelonaLe Marais or in Chelsea, experience misterb&b in all gay travel destinations! Activate the connection option on your profile and connect with other misterb&b travelers at your destination city or hotel! Problems with misterb&b? Please refer to our Help Center. misterb&b is not affiliated, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Airbnb.

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Find Gay friendly Hotels in Amsterdam

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W Amsterdam

3-star : Popular choice. Great value Near the gay scene.

3-star : Close to gay nightlife. Value for money Boutique option.

4-star : Central location. Stylish rooms Popular with gay guests.

4-star : Very central. Near the gay scene Amazing views.

4-star : Walk to gay bars. Large rooms Excellent dining.

5-star : Gay-Welcoming! Just off Dam Square in city centre.

Gay Hotel Amsterdam – Where to Find Gay-Friendly Accommodation in Amsterdam?

For every great gay hotel Amsterdam has to offer, there is a cheap seedy hostel to avoid, so knowing where to stay can make or break your trip. Amsterdam has a few exclusively gay hotels and more than a few hotels that are considered gay friendly. Here’s the list.

The Most Fabulous and Almost-Gay Hostels in Amsterdam! ??

For years, the small city of Amsterdam has been the hottest hotspot for travelling gays thanks to its friendly and open mindset to gay people. With several LGBT pride parades per year, as well as other LGBT events, Amsterdam has been at the forefront of LGBT pride since forever. In fact, many even consider it to be the birthplace of modern gay rights movement!

The story began with a legislation in 1811 which effectively decriminalized homosexuality, a move that no country in the world at that time had boldly taken. Since then, gays around the world have found their own gay utopia here in Amsterdam. The first gay bar in Amsterdam opened in 192, marking the first long strides in LGBT rights. In 1946, one of the world’s first LGBT rights organization was opened in Amsterdam.

While the history of gay men and women who served during World War II was largely forgotten by other countries, it is never forgotten here in Amsterdam, as the locals erected the very first Homomonument in 1987 in their memory. Amsterdam has also received the honor of being the first city outside of North America to host Gay Games in 1998. Finally, a decisive victory for LGBT rights was made here in Amsterdam, as the world witnesses the first legalization of homosexual marriage in 2001.

Today, gay rights activism is still a part of the city’s cultural heritage. The annual Amsterdam Gay Pride has become a welcoming sight to local citizens, and a must-see for tourists. As one of the most renowned gay pride parades in the world, it attracts at least 500,000 visitors to the city annually, making it a huge tourist attraction for the city.

Amsterdam has much more than just gay parades. Since the opening of its first gay bar, the city has seen the surging rise of gay establishments. From Vrolijk Gay and Lesbian Bookshop, where one can find the most LGBT-friendly books and guidebooks, to Homodok-lesbisch Archief, a great free archive of free information on homosexuality and LGBT activism, the local bookshops will offer you a great deal of information on gays and their struggles towards tolerance. However, as Amsterdam is renowned for its liberal attitude towards sex and BDSM roleplaying, perhaps you might be interested in something more exotic. In that case, RoB or Mister B might be the place to check out. With years of experience in crafting genuine leather products, these two establishments will offer you the best leather sex toys and fetishwear for gay men which are guaranteed to satisfy all your kinks.

If you are in for the scenery, then Amsterdam has more than just gay attractions. The city canal will allow you to sit back and enjoy the vibe of this ancient city, where the traditional meets the modern. If you are looking for a cruise around the city, then De Oeverlanden Park is your go-to place. In this park, you can freely go about cruising, as it is tolerated by the public. However, do take notice that you have to stay in the designated area, as loitering out of it can get you a nasty fine.

After a long day traveling around the city’s gay areas, a good sleep is definitely what you will need, and since you are in one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, is there a better way to savour your night than resting at a gay hostel? You are in for a shock! There is no gay-exclusive hostel in Amsterdam!

There used to be some gay-only hostels in the city, but nowadays, the line has become so blurred that pretty much every hostel is gay-friendly, and the former gay-only hostels have now accepted heterosexual guests as well. While almost every hostel has become very open to gays, some put in more effort than others, earning themselves a great deal of reputation in gay communities. To save you some time, we have compiled a list of the best gay-friendly hostels in Amsterdam for you to choose. It’s time to dive into your gay adventure!

Gay Amsterdam – the best gay hotels, bars, clubs & more

Topping the list of gay-friendly destinations, Amsterdam is an oasis for travelers who can let loose, showing their true colors in one of the most liberal-minded cities on the map. The Netherlands has a progressive history when it comes to tolerance and rights for minorities. It even set the bar in 2001 as the first country to officially recognize same-sex marriage. The city of canals boasts a compact center that makes almost everything walking distance. If you’re feeling particularly Dutch, venture out on a bicycle to admire farther sights.

After a day of cycling around town and hitting up the city’s LGBT districts, rest up for some energetic nightlife. From going to Church to Taboo, Amsterdam is packed with gay-friendly bars and clubs.

Amsterdam Accommodation Tips

Prices on this page indicate the approx. range throughout the year (per night and room for 1-2 people). During trade fairs or large events rates may be higher.

Hotels in the center of Amsterdam tend to be a bit cheaper on weekdays than on weekends.

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Gay and Gay-friendly hotels in Amsterdam

With misterb&b, experience a more welcoming world. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit. A loft in Soho, a shared room in BarcelonaLe Marais or in Chelsea, experience misterb&b in all gay travel destinations! Activate the connection option on your profile and connect with other misterb&b travelers at your destination city or hotel! Problems with misterb&b? Please refer to our Help Center. misterb&b is not affiliated, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Airbnb.

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Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most attractive destinations for gays and lesbians travelers. Nowhere in the world will you find so many gay attractions per square mile. So it is not surprising that Amsterdam is such a popular destination among gay visitors.

Amsterdam was the first city to establish the granite-made Homomonument in 1987, a gay memorial which commemorates all gay men and lesbians who have been subjected to persecution because of their homosexuality.

In 2001 the Netherlands was the first country in the world to decreed same-sex marriage with equal rights and benefits, serving as a model for the rest of the world to follow. In 2013 Queen Máxima, wife of King Willem-Alexander, attended the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia.

Amsterdam is an incredibly vibrant city offering dozens of fun-filled bars/clubs, restaurants and parties within the five neighborhoods that revolve around the city center: Zeedijk, Kerkstraat, Warmoestraat, Reguliersdwarsstraat and Amstel. All are easily reached by a 15-minute walk, public transport and taxi. Amsterdam’s annual gay events feature the March film festival Roze Filmdagen, the open-air party on King’s Day, the Gay Pride Amsterdam, the canal parade in August, the Leather Pride weekend in late October and New Year’s Eve.

Gay Amsterdam

3-star : Popular choice. Great value Near the gay scene.

3-star : Close to gay nightlife. Value for money Boutique option.

4-star : Central location. Stylish rooms Popular with gay guests.

4-star : Very central. Near the gay scene Amazing views.

4-star : Walk to gay bars. Large rooms Excellent dining.

5-star : Gay-Welcoming! Just off Dam Square in city centre.

Hotels by Area

Historic centre and home to many of Amsterdam’s gay bars and Red Light District

three gay-popular streets, full of gay bars, shops and cafés

For more hotel choices, click here to search all Amsterdam hotels.

Old Centre

The historic “Old Centre” of Amsterdam, with Dam Square at its heart, dates from the 13th century. The area is full of shops, great hotels, canals and ‘coffee shops’, making it the most-visited part of the city.

Amsterdam’s Old Town is also renowned for is gay leather fetish & cruise club scene. 

The historic “Old Centre” of Amsterdam, with Dam Square at its heart, dates from the 13th century. The area is full of shops, great hotels, canals and ‘coffee shops’, making it the most-visited part of the city.

Reguliersdwarsstraat / Amstel / Kerkstraat

These three streets are home to many of Amsterdam’s best gay venues, along with an excellent choice of restaurants and shops.

Hotels in and near this area are well-located for exploring the city centre and major sights.

These three streets are home to many of Amsterdam’s best gay venues, along with an excellent choice of restaurants and shops.

Hotels in and near this area are well-located for exploring the city centre and major sights.

The Hampshire Hotel has an excellent location, close to the historic city centre, the museums and a short walk from the gay bars along Amstel river.

Guest rooms are large and have air conditioning, comfy beds, flat screen TV, free WiFi and a fully equipped bathroom with a shower. Blackout curtains ensure that those who party late get a good night’s sleep.

The onsite FLO restaurant serves authentic French cuisine and excellent wine, and the Sopranos Piano Bar has regular live music. A popular choice on Travel Gay Europe.

The excellent-value Eden Hotel is located close to the famous Rembrandt Square and Central Station, and within walking distance to gay bars and clubs in this area.

The medieval-style building overlooks the Amstel River and features comfortable guest rooms & suites, each with modern facilities including flat screen TV, desk, free WiFi.

The hotel has its own stylish bar & restaurant, or you can check out the restaurants nearby.

Great central location, opposite the famous Kalverstraat shopping street and within walking distance to attractions like the Rembrandt Square and Van Gogh Museum.

The Albus hotel offers stylish guest rooms & suites with facilities such as a Nespresso machine, state-of-the-art entertainment system, flat screen TV, laptop-sized safe, free WiFi.

You can enjoy a drink at the hotels’s trendy bar or a meal in modern, stylish Senses restaurant. The Albus is the official partner of gay dance party RAPIDO.

A top-trending Amsterdam hotel on Travel Gay. Hotel Atlanta has great location – just a few minutes’ walk to Kalverstraat shopping street, 10 minutes to Dam Square and minutes away from the gay bars.

Guest rooms come with either private or shared bathrooms . All non-smoking rooms have free WiFi and feature paintings by famous artist Piet Mondrian who lived and painted in this hotel for a few years.

Quentin Golden Bear is housed in a historic building in Amsterdam, very close to the popular  gay cruise Club Church and within walking distance of attractions, museums and gay nightlife.

The relatively small rooms (private or shared bathroom) include TV, coffee & tea-making facilities, desk,  free WiFi, bottled water. Like many hotels in this area, expect steep steps and no lift.

Banks Mansion, a stylish, slightly art deco boutique hotel. The hotel has a great location close to major sights and just a few minutes walk from many gay bars in the city.

All rooms are air-conditioned and feature a comfortable bed and en suite rain shower. Every room has a free minibar, free Nespresso coffee, snacks, movies, WiFi, free breakfast.

In the afternoon, the hotel’s “living room” lobby serves drinks, nibbles and a cheese board. In essence, you can eat, drink and chill out as much as you want without having to worry about the tab.

Herengracht 519-525, Grachtengordel-Zuid, Amsterdam

Amsterdam · hotels in other areas

These hotels are just outside the Old Centre but still within easy reach of the sights and gay nightlife.

These hotels are just outside the Old Centre but still within easy reach of the sights and gay nightlife.

JL No76 is located in the heart of the Museum district, just a block from the Van Gogh Museum. Great for a night out at Paradiso, close to gay club Church on Kerkstraat. Gay leather & cruise bars around Warmoesstraat & Zeejijk car a short taxi ride away.

Each luxurious room features a signature bed with down comforter, iPod dock, laptop-sized safe, LCD TV with digital channels, minibar, espresso coffee machine. Executive rooms have a jacuzzi bath with a built-in TV!

A varied menu of freshly prepared lunch and dinner is offered from Restaurant JAN, although there are plenty of local restaurants nearby. A snack counter is available 24 hours.

Lovely boutique hotel located in a quieter Keizergracht area (compared with other central hotels) with stylish, almost mystical rooms – many of which have beautiful canal views.

The Sebastian’s has elegant décor, attractive atmosphere and great service. The rooms feature flat screen cable TV, minibar, Nespresso machine, iPod dock, free WiFi. There’s a nice bar on the ground floor.

The lively gay nightlife near Central Station, Dam Square and the popular Anne Frank House are all within walking distance.

Great-value hotel in central Amsterdam, just 5-10 minutes’ walk to gay venues, the famous Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Museum of Modern Art. BackStage is a hotel with a rock & roll theme – very popular.

The boutique hotel has rooms that can accommodate up to 5 persons, each featuring free WiFi, iPod dock, LCD TV. There is a 24-hour front desk and a relaxing bar where you can play pool.

Located close to the gay venues, including Paradiso, Melkweb, The Cave, Sugar Factory, etc.

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Amistad Hotel Amsterdam

The quintessential Amsterdam gay hotel, Amistad is run by a small international group of gay men and is a lynchpin of the city’s gay scene. The hotel offers well-appointed rooms in its main location close to Leidseplein and less than 100 meters from popular cruise club Church. For visitors who want a little more independence, Amistad also has apartments scattered throughout the city. There is also a Bed and Breakfast next to the hotel operated by the same people, for those who want more of a boutique experience. Rooms start at EUR 50 per night and are available from single up to triple rooms, with or without ensuite facilities.Address: Kerkstraat 42

The Golden Bear Hotel

The Golden Bear was once one of the most beloved Amsterdam gay hotels. It has since been taken over by the Quentin hotel group and is now geared more towards backpackers and budget guests. The hotel’s history and location right beside Leidseplein mean that it is still a good choice for anyone looking for a gay friendly hotel on a budget with easy access to Amsterdam’s nightlife. Rooms come in luxury twin or double varieties, though both types are on the small side. Rates start at EUR 64 per night for two people and the hotel offers special package deals.Address: Kerkstraat 37

ANCO Hotel Amsterdam

This formerly men-only gay hotel can be found in a 17th Century canal house in the heart of the Amsterdam Red Light District. Today ANCO welcomes all guests but is particularly welcoming to the gay tourists that gave it life since 1962. Its location makes ANCO perfect for visitors who want easy access to the gay bars on Warmoesstraat and the Zeedijk. Rooms on offer include a studio that comes with a mini-kitchen or more traditional rooms from singles up to four beds. Rooms start from EUR 79 per night.Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 55

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Where to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very walkable city so it’s quite easy to base yourself anywhere near the centre and walk to the most popular attractions. Free ferries leave from Centraal Station to take you across the water to the hip Noord area and you can hop on a tram if you want to venture further out from the centre.

Amsterdam (and the Netherlands as a whole) is an incredibly gay friendly destination, being the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001.

Gay clubs, bars, shops and saunas can be found throughout the city, particularly in the streets of Kerkstraat, Reguliersdwarsstraat, Warmoesstraat and around the red light district. Make sure you stop by the for the city’s official gay and lesbian information kiosk. Visitors coming for the Gay Pride in August will want to be as close to the Amstel or Prinsengracht (gracht means canal) as possible in order to enjoy the world’s only floating pride parade! These are our favourite areas to base ourselves in when enjoying everything gay Amsterdam has to offer.

The main way to reach Amsterdam centre from the airport is via the Airport Express Bus 397 or the regional train to Amsterdam Centraal. We recommend you pre-order your Amsterdam Public Transport card which gives you unlimited travel on all the city’s public transport and transfer from/to the airport. For a more comfortable journey, book your private transfer with an English speaking driver.

Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam

The Sofitel Legend is a 5* luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, technically within the red light district, between two of the most picturesque canals.

The building is extremely grand, which gives it a unique historical ambience. We particularly loved the blend of Dutch history with French contemporary and elegant design.

It has 177 rooms and an additional 52 suites each with butler service. There is an indoor swimming pool, salon and even its own in house Michelin star restaurant, Bridges Dining, which focuses on delicious seafood. There’s also a cocktail bar, library, courtyard and a traditional Dutch brown cafe called The Flying Dutchman.

Everything at the Sofitel Legend is incredible, from the So Spa which combines treatments from around the world as a nod to Dutch exploration; to the private boat for canal cruising. As an IGLTA member you know they are more than happy to welcome LGBTQ travellers as well.

W Amsterdam

The W is a trendy and modern luxury hotel that is generally marketed towards Millennials.

We especially love the W brand because it’s well known for being gay friendly internationally. It’s owned by Marriott who have always strongly supported the gay travel community, most recently with their #lovetravels campaign (see video below).

The W Amsterdam is housed in two old buildings that have been converted into a hotel with some really quirky design features. It has a fitness centre, the AWAY spa and a heated rooftop pool with views of the beautiful Royal Palace. There’s also the rooftop W Lounge bar to relax with a cocktail in the evening.

Rooms and suites at the W include cool design features like huge circular beds in some of them. If you don’t feel like leaving the building to eat there are three different restaurants to choose from; the Michelin-starred The Duchess serving Nouveau-Niçoise cuisine, The Butcher for hamburgers and boozy milkshakes or Mr Porter for everything meat!

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Andaz is a 5* luxury hotel in the business area of Amsterdam, owned by the Hyatt group. It has 122 rooms each individually designed and decorated by Marcel Wanders, a leading Dutch designer.

The rooms are simply stunning, with lots of white and blue with splashes of gold. Many feature impressive views of the Prinsengracht canal, or look out over the hotel’s pretty courtyard.

It’s so gorgeous that it’s also a popular venue for anniversaries, gay weddings and other special gatherings. It has a fitness centre and a spa offering many different treatments, as well as the on-site restaurant Bluespoon. The cocktail bar also looks out over the canals which males it the ideal spot to relax with your loved one.

Andaz is situated in the quieter canal area of the city but is still only a quick walk to the top sights such as the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum and Dam Square, as well as the bars/clubs of the Leidseplein. We love that the Andaz is pet-friendly; if you bring your pooch with you, the hotel provides a designer dog bed, food/water bowls and a jar of treats!

Amistad Hotel

Amistad used to be one of the most famous gay hotels in Amsterdam. It’s recently been taken over by new management but remains incredibly welcoming to all travellers.

The hotel has also been extensively renovated in a Dutch Delft Blauw theme throughout the hotel, complete with actual plates on the walls.

Staying here feels more like you’re with a group of friends rather than in a faceless hotel. An extensive breakfast is served every morning, with Dutch pancakes and eggs cooked how you like them. With the new renovation, you can choose between a hotel room or a spacious deluxe studio in the bed and breakfast section. Breakfast is included in the rate no matter which part you sleep in though!

Amistad is located near Club Church and a short walking distance to the gay scene on Reguliersdwarsstraat. There’s also a tram stop only steps away, so you’ll be able to see the rest of the city easily.

Quentin Golden Bear

The Golden Bear used to be a gay hotel, but a recent change in management has widened the net to target backpackers and travellers on a budget. Despite this, it’s remained a very gay friendly hotel.

It has recently (2019) undergone extensive renovations so while it is a budget option you can rest assured the rooms are fresh and modern in design.

Quentin Golden Bear is in a great location near the Leidseplein, which is walking distance to the city’s gay hangouts, particularly the infamous Club Church. You’ll also be easily able to walk to Museumplein in one direction and the city centre in the other.

While this isn’t a luxury hote,l it is a great choice if you are looking for something clean and comfortable which won’t break the bank. Plus, if you’re going to be partying at all the local gay bars and clubs, then you may only be looking for somewhere to rest your head at night!

ClinkNOORD Hostel

This gay friendly hostel is located in Amsterdam Noord, a hip neighbourhood across the river from Centraal Station by free ferry.

It’s not as gay as some of the other hotels on this list, but it’s the sort of place you can stay at knowing you’ll be welcome as an LGBTQ traveller.

The hostel is located in a 1920s style former laboratory and the space has been converted into a very quirky place to relax. Travellers on a budget can choose from bunks in the dorm rooms or private rooms with ensuite for a bit more privacy.

There are a lot of communal areas to hang out, play pool and make new friends. The kitchen is available for cooking your own meals although there’s also an on-site cafe (Catalyst Cafe) where you can order burgers or snacks. The bar ZincBAR also often has live music and really plays with the ‘science lab‘ theme in a fun way!

ANCO Hotel

ANCO used to be a men-only leather hotel, but has now become “hetero-friendly”, welcoming straight guests.

It’s located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in a historic house dating back to the 1600s, so it’s full of character. It’s also walking distance to the Queen’s Head gay bar, which is famous for its Drag Bingo nights.

While this is a fairly budget choice, with most rooms having shared bathroom facilities, the style and location make it well worth your money. Canal-side rooms look out to the beautiful Oude Kerk (Old Church) and you’re within walking distance to Centraal Station.

The studio room features a private bathroom and mini kitchenette. There’s an on-site bar open late and we particularly love the splashes of red throughout the hotel. If you want to be in the heart of all the craziness that Amsterdam’s Red Light district has to offer, this is the perfect choice for you!

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend is located in the Old Center of Amsterdam and is a member of the Accor group. The hotel was formerly a 16th-century royal guesthouse. It is ideally positioned between two scenic canals and close to the Red Light District where the gay nightlife is particularly rich and interesting. While staying at this luxury hotel, you can walk to bars such as Boysclub 21 and Club NYX. Whether you want to meet cubs or enjoy bear weekends, themed events at Dirty Dicks will blow your mind!

Sofitel Legend’s staff is always pleased to welcome LGBTQ travelers as it is a member of IGLTA. Everything at this iconic hotel will make you feel like a royal. The spa providing private couple treatments, the in-house Michelin star restaurant, the indoor swimming pool and the private boat for canal cruising will amaze you. Bridges Dining serves delicious fish and you can order traditional Dutch brown café at The Flying Dutchman. Sofitel is definitely one of the most visited gay destinations in Amsterdam.Check Rates & Book Now

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam

Inntel Amsterdam is located on a traffic-free square in the Old Town, more precisely between Amsterdam Centraal and Dam Square. While staying at the hotel, you can easily reach the canals, all the city highlights such as gay leather fetish and cruise clubs. Very popular among gay travelers, Inntel hotel offers more than 200 stylish guest rooms. To complement its cozy ambiance, the hotel provides free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee makers, satellite TV, private bathroom, safe and minibar.

The meals served at Humphrey’s Restaurant, next to the hotel, are fantastic. The bill for your meal can be charged to your guest’s account and it is more convenient. Shops such as Gays & Gadgets, romantic restaurants, as well as the popular Nieuwezijds Gay Sauna are less than 5 minutes’ walking distance from the hotel. You will discover The WEB, an exquisite gay cruise & fetish club which is only 1 minute away. Henceforth, this exciting place is also a renowned pickup bar.Check Rates & Book Now

Amistad Hotel Amsterdam

The quintessential Amistad Hotel is in downtown Amsterdam and run by a small international group of gay men. They warmly welcome any type of guests, no matter if they are homosexual, straight or questioning. This affordable gay hotel in Amsterdam offers well-appointed rooms. It is close to Reguliersdwarsstraat and less than 100 meters from Church, the popular cruise club. As there is a convenient tram stop some steps away, you can easily visit the rest of the city.

For guests who wish to have more independence, Amistad proposes apartments scattered all over Amsterdam. If you prefer to have more of a boutique experience, you can take advantage of the B&B next to the hotel which is operated by the same owner. The price for a single room starts at €50 per night and you can even book rooms with en-suite options.Check Rates & Book Now

W Hotel

W Amsterdam is a modern and trendy luxury hotel actively marketed towards Millennials. This gay hotel in Amsterdam city center, managed by the Marriott group strongly supports gay travelers. In fact, most people love this hotel because the brand is well known for being gay-friendly worldwide. Their most recent campaign for the LGBTQ community is the #lovetravels.

Are you looking for the best place to avoid lounge lizards and party until the morning light? Queen’s HeadCheck Rates & Book Now

DoubleTree by Hilton

DoubleTree hotel is a very modern and large hotel extremely well located in Amsterdam city center. This haven is next to Amsterdam Centraal and not far from several gay cruise clubs and bars near Warmoesstraat. Equally important, you can chill at the historic Café ’t Mandje nearby. The rooms offered by the hotel are soundproof and highlight exceptional amenities. When guests are in the SkyLounge Amsterdam, they can appreciate spectacular views of the historic city and IJ river.

When you book a room at this gay hotel in Amsterdam city center, you will take advantage of famous shopping centers and landmarks. This includes the different congress centers and all the city’s cultural heritage such as the Homomonument. Ready to book a stay at one of the 11 Best Hotels in AmsterdamCheck Rates & Book Now

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Andaz, owned by the Hyatt group is located amidst the business area of Amsterdam. This 5-star luxury hotel is considered as a popular venue for gay weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Moreover, the rooms decorated by the famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders are exquisite. Some of them feature the extraordinary panorama of the Prinsengracht canal or give stunning views of the accommodation’s pretty pet-friendly hotel is only a quick walk away from the top sights of Amsterdam such as the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, and Dam Square. Furthermore, it is also convenient to access the 9 streets shopping area and not far from SOHO in Leidseplein. Andaz hotel will undoubtedly turn your trip into a memorable one.Check Rates & Book Now

ClinkNOORD Hostel

ClinkNOORD is only 10 minutes away from the lively streets of downtown Amsterdam. This hostel benefits from all the advantages that this region can offer. At this gay hotel in Amsterdam, you can meet other travelers while drinking coffee or sharing beers at their on-site bar. Sometimes, you will be able to use their kitchen to cook your own meals even if there is an on-site cafe. ZincBAR, the on-site bar proposes live music. You may not find ClinkNOORD as gay-friendly as some other well-known hotels. However, it is the kind of place where you can stay without feeling rejected for being an LGBTQ traveler!Check Rates & Book Now

Hotel` Anco

Anco is strategically located in the heart of the Red Light District and was formerly a men-only gay hotel since 1962. It is nestled on a 17th Century canal. Nowadays, their friendly and good-humored staff welcomes all guests. However, it is still more oriented toward gay tourists. When you stay at this extraordinary hotel, you can entertain yourself at Escape, Paradiso or Club air.

For visitors who want easy access to the gay bars on Warmoesstraat and the Zeedijk, Anco is a fabulous spot. These are just a few blocks away from the hotel. The rooms that are offered in this beautiful hotel are outstanding. You can either choose studios that come with mini kitchens or more traditional rooms ranging from single up to 4 bedrooms.Check Rates & Book Now

The Albus

The Albus is proud to offer a contemporary design to its valuable guests. In addition to this feature, the popular gay landmarks are within walking distance. This relaxed and tolerant 4-star gay hotel in Amsterdam city center is opposite the famous Kalverstraat shopping street. Attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt Square are a few minutes’ walk away. If you like to enjoy drinks at trendy bars or dine in exquisite restaurants, the modern and stylish Senses restaurant will amaze you.Check Rates & Book Now

Park Plaza Victoria

Park Plaza Victoria is a great-value hotel is built in a historical building opposite to Amsterdam Centraal. Trams, shops, canal boats, and restaurants are easily accessible. The hotel’s location will offer you the opportunity of going to incredible gay cruise bars located around Warmoesstraat such as EAGLE Amsterdam and The WEB. Equally close to this charming gay hotel in Amsterdam center is the popular sauna Nieuwezijds. The Urban Wing guests’ rooms of Park Plaza have a nice modern design and superior rooms are more or less classically themed.

Banks Mansion

Banks Mansion is a stylish Art Deco boutique hotel. It is perfectly located between the Central Station and Museumplein, close to major areas and a few minutes’ walk from several gay bars such as Taboo. The rooms are air-conditioned, feature a comfortable bed, an en-suite rain shower, and free breakfast. Additionally, each of them has minibars, Nespresso coffee, snacks, movies, WiFi for free to your visit, you can contact this All-inclusive hotel to book a romantic couple massage. In the afternoon, drinks, cheese boards, and nibbles are served in the hotel’s lobby. For instance, you can eat, drink and chill out as much as you want!Check Rates & Book Now

1. Amistad Hotel Amsterdam – Gay Friendly Hotel Amsterdam

This popular 2* hotel is located only steps away from the flower market and Leidseplein. A typical Dutch breakfast with omelets and pancakes is served until 12:00 in the afternoon.

The renovated rooms of Amistad hotel are accessible by stairs, modern decorated with fresh colours and have free internet access. There are coffee and tea facilities and a flat-screen TV.

A typical Dutch breakfast with omelette or pancakes is served in the kitchen breakfast room. Amistad also offers a fax service, prepaid mobile phones and a laundry service. You can ask for extra pillows and blankets.

The hotel is located in the very touristy city center of Amsterdam, but thankfully in a street part that is away from the noise. Still, you can reach all sights on foot within a few minutes. The double beds are rather narrow, maybe 140 cm. The hotel is labeled gay though the crowd is very mixed.

You can’t beat the location of this small hotel. Situated between the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals on the Kerkstraat (Church St.) Minutes from Leidseplein, Flower Market, Anne Frank Haus, West Church.

Amistad Hotel Amsterdam is very gay friendly with two clubs very close on Kerkstraat. The rooms are no smoking, which is great and if smoking is your thing there is a wonderful coffee shop directly across the street

The rooms are clean and well-appointed. The bed is firm with clean, fresh, crisp sheets. Bath towels are good quality. The hotel itself is very quiet.

Breakfast includes from French toast, pancakes (crepes) eggs, omelets, fruit, meat cheese and is delicious and gezellig! The delicious breakfast is served at a friendly communal dining table – great for meeting fellow travellers.

Delightful accommodation in a very happening area of Amsterdam (close to Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum and many other places of interest, including several great restaurants, and the Gay district as well. The hotel also owns a small additional building a few doors down, designated as a B&B, which is where we stayed. The building only has two rooms which are incredible spacious, including a small kitchen, en suite bathroom — all recently renovated and very attractive.

The owner, Klaas, and manager, Mike, have been incredibly kind and attentive to us. Mike in particular really went above and beyond, and pulled us out of a difficult spot. Enormously helpful.

The hotel is not permanently staffed – so this is not for a traveler who needs lots of services. But for someone who wants freedom of movement in the historic center of Amsterdam, this is a great place. Gay-friendly.

I was basically staying at the hotel because of its proximity to nightclubs, and I’m glad I stayed here because all the main gay clubs are all just a short walk away and it’s easy to stumble back after a big night.

I was happy with the size of the room and the bathroom which included a big bath. My room faced into other buildings which was fine because it meant it was nice and quiet. Me and a few friends drunk in the room every night and sometimes had the music up a bit loud but no one said anything and there were no complaints which is great when your in Amsterdam for a fun weekend.

All the staff I interacted with were all very friendly, even down to the housekeeper who I had a few laughs with.

I am coming back to Amsterdam for pride this year and it would have been great to stay at this hotel but for obvious reasons it was already sold out. It was also sold out the entire time I was staying here and I understand why.

Great homely hotel with friendly staff and cozy rooms. The stairs can be a challenge after having a few drinks

2. Albus Hotel Amsterdam City Centre – Gay Friendly Hotel Amsterdam

Each room in the 4-star Albus Hotel Amsterdam City Centre has a flat-screen TV with a special guest communication portal. The Flower Market and Rembrandt Square are a 3-minute walk away. Valet parking is available for a surcharge.

This hotel offers 75 rooms, all equipped with a Nespresso machine, design furniture and modern wooden floors. The completely renovated bathroom has luxurious soap amenities, a rain shower, a heated and lighted mirror, an automatic lightning system and a bathrobe. The redecorated corridors feature modern art. The hotel makes use of an air conditioning system without CO2 emissions. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Featuring dark wood floors and contemporary design elements, the sleek rooms offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks, and sitting areas with sofas, plus rainfall showers and Nespresso machines. Studio units add kitchens and dining areas, and suites add sofabeds.

Buffet-style breakfast and nearby parking are available for a fee. Other amenities include a glamorous lounge bar, a hip restaurant and 10 imaginatively decorated conference rooms.

The Albus is a recently renovated, trendy four star superior design boutique hotel with 75 rooms that is well located within the famous Canal Belt and a short walk from Dam square, Leidse square, Rembrandt square and many well-known museums. Whether you’re in Amsterdam for business or leisure, this hotel is an excellent choice to explore this lively and vibrant city. Experience a service that’s out of the extraordinary and personalized.

Provided by the professional yet down-to-earth friendly hotel staff. Each room in the Albus Hotel Amsterdam City Centre is fully equipped with the newest energy-saving air conditioner system, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, an in-room Nespresso machine with complimentary cups, a safe with laptop charger, free wi-fi, heavenly beds lined with high quality cotton bed linen, luxurious mattresses filled with a combinations of rubber/foam, super snug big pillows for optimum comfort and designer chairs so you can emerge yourself in one. You will feel a sense of bliss when stepping into the gorgeous bathroom. Equipped with a 30 cm rain shower, luxurious toiletries, fluffy towels and bathrobe.

The sink-module is one of a kind and especially designed for the Albus. This environmentally friendly and Green Key Gold certified hotel provides complimentary, fast and secure wi-fi throughout the hotel to keep your social networks updated or to let you work with no fuss. Start your day with a generous breakfast buffet with a variety of local and organic products. From healthy tidbits like cereals and grains, fresh fruit, soya milk, Dutch treats to homemade pancakes and fried eggs.

The location is great; it’s just a short tram ride (tram 24) from Amsterdam Central Station. The hotel is literally opposite the stop so it’s very handy. The Albus is in a fantastic location and is very well appointed. There are many restaurants nearby and you are just a few minutes away from the Red Light District.

The hotel is a 1 minute walk from the flower market as well and close to Spui and Rembrandt Square.

The hotel is stunning, the minute we walked in we are so impressed with the decor and ambience of the hotel, the candles and calm music are a lovely touch, apparently upon arrival you get offered tea coffee etc.

The hotel is super clean and modern , the rooms airy and bright/fresh, beds super comfortable and clean. It was just a brilliant hotel, right in the heart of the city, but still nice and quiet. Coffee and full bar available in the lobby and a great restaurant onsite.

Room was modern and nicely appointed with a comfy bed, complementary Espresso machine and bottled water, free wifi, tv, and a spacious and clean bathroom.

The breakfast is delicious and reasonably priced. Cooked breakfast, cereal, fresh fruit, rolls, ham, cheese, yoghurt, juice, tea.

I chose the Albus hotel for our week-long stay in Amsterdam for its location and we didn’t regret the pick. It’s right by the flower market, so this is always nice to see, but it’s also very central to so much else too. You can walk it in 10-12 minutes from the train station, or hop on the 24 tram for a quicker trip.

The rooms were clean and spacious, which was a nice treat given the tiny rooms we’ve had in other European hotels. Room size is never my deciding factor, but it is nice when there is plenty of space.

Plenty of restaurants nearby, which made up for the limited hotel restaurant offerings. I would stay there again.

The Albus is centrally located in the historic district of Amsterdam within walking distance of most major attractions, just a 20-minute walk away from Centraal Station–with a tram stop a very short walk down the street. Staff are very friendly and helpful. We arrived around 7:30 AM and our room was made ready for us in five minutes, even though check-in wasn’t until later in the afternoon.

Restaurants, canal rides, museums, old churches, flower market, the Red Light District–everything you could want to see is a 15-20 walk away. The room is clean, comfortable and, even though the bathroom was small, it is efficiently arranged and appointed. Cleaning staff do an excellent job. There is a small bar and restaurant on premises, but we did not get to sample their wares. Room prices are reasonable and there is a bagel place about two blocks away (if you are into that sort of thing!). I wouldn’t hesitate to use this hotel for a return visit

3. Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam – Gay Friendly Hotel Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel offers unique rooms in a transformed historic building, 900 m from Pakhuis de Zwijger. Bimhuis concert hall is a 15-minute walk away. Guests benefit from a terrace, an excellent restaurant and free WiFi.

The 117 hotel rooms are uniquely designed by Dutch artists and range from 1 to 5 stars, primarily based on size. Each of the rooms includes original features and boasts modern Dutch designer furniture and décor.

The hotel itself is very unique and I feel it provides a different experience each visit due to the rooms all being different. It is located in the Eastern Docklands, with a really lovely view and quiet feel. The walk into central Amsterdam was only 20/30mins or a direct tram ride.

The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the Eastern Docklands Area, which is just two short tram stops away from Amsterdam Central Station. To understand the true essence of the Lloyd Hotel however, one must trace its incredible history back to when its doors first opened in 1921.

With many eastern European emigrants heading to South America during the 1920’s the Lloyd Hotel was often the last stop for weary travelers before they boarded a Royal Dutch Lloyd ship for the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel was originally designed to house 900 people at one time and it wasn’t until 1935 that the city of Amsterdam took over ownership of the building. The hotel has since been many things; a refugee camp for Jewish people, a German-occupied detention center during WWII, and a prison for juveniles during the 1960’s and 70’s.

The Lloyd Café & Restaurant is not only architecturally impressive as well, but also another wonderful way to meet and share stories with people that are visiting Amsterdam from all over the world.

The rooms are bright and clean and gorgeously unfussy. Since every room is designed differently you can try 3-4 different rooms until you find the one you are satisfied with. The only big minus in the rooms are that there are no ventilation in the toilets. The water pressure in the shower is good. Given that the bathroom was one complete space with no divider or tub, the bathroom could get very wet.

Breakfast was delicious and fresh. The breakfast has a great selection of fresh breads, crazy croissants covered with thick layer of chocolate, champagne and bloody mary plus everything most people need. There is also a dominos pizza at the bottom end of the street opposite hotel and a burger place if you want to eat outside the hotel.

4. NH Carlton Amsterdam – LGBT Hotel Amsterdam

NH Carlton features a terrace in Amsterdam city centre overlo]oking the flower market, only 100 m from the Kalverstraat shopping area. It features modern soundproofed rooms with free air-conditioned room at NH Carlton Amsterdam features satellite TV, a work desk and tea and coffee making facilities. The bathrooms include a heated towel rail.

In the lobby there is a bar serving fine wines & bites. For the best burger in town guests can visit TerMarsch & Co, directly accessible from the lobby.

This hotel is in a great location to have the real feeling of Amsterdam. The hotel is in a great location , with the flower market right outside the door and Dam Square a 10 minute stroll away. There are shops , restaurants and pubs right at your door. Its 10 minute walk to red light district and 4 minute walk to Supper Club.

Near the Singel canal, this polished hotel in an Amsterdam School–style building is a 4-minute walk from the nearest tram stop, a 9-minute walk from Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam and 2 km from the Anne Frank House.

The airy rooms with elegant furnishings feature sitting areas, free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, as well as bathrooms with double vanities. Most quarters add balconies with city views. Room service is available.

Amenities include a breakfast buffet (fee), as well as a low-key lounge/bar with a terrace.

Since May, 1st 2019 the new premium NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market is delighted to welcome you. The elegant NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market is designed for guests who want to make the most out of their stay. The hotel is located in the historical heart of Amsterdam, just a few steps away from shopping streets, world-renowned museums and other breathtaking sights.

This remarkable location is what inspires the design to evoke the city’s character inside the hotel. All its 233 rooms are a true reflection of the city of Amsterdam; industrial, cosmopolitan and diverse. Refined furniture, a contemporary look and a show stopping wallpaper create an elegant and serene atmosphere, perfect for a comfortable guest room. Whether you are visiting on business or for leisure, these rooms will provide a pleasant space where you can work, relax and get a good night’ sleep.

Our recommendation is to book the deluxe room, clean and cozy. The balcony with stunning view of the channel. Rooms are very spacious with very comfortable big bed, with big tv in the room!

Breakfast is good, stuff are very nice and friendly.

The hotel is beautifully furnished with lovely decor and flowers throughout the hotel! Super location, we walked everywhere. Our room was amazing, clean and modern including USB sockets and electronic doorbell and do not disturb buttons, lovely amenities, coffee machine etc. Breakfast had a lovely variety and I was pleased, the restaurant attached was also brilliant and their staff too were so cheerful! The staff go above and beyond to help their customers. The staff also couldn’t be more welcoming and helpful.

The room was lovely, very clean, with more than enough pillows and towels for us. We were not troubled by any unwanted noise and the beds were unbelievably comfortable!

The location of the hotel is perfect and right in the centre of everything! Within easy walking distance of the red light district, Rembrandt square, Rijksmuseum & Christmas markets, local coffee shops and just a ten minute walk from Amsterdam central and of course not forgetting the famous flower market.

The service at the hotel was amazing with room service and cleaners available at any time!

The hotel is recently refurbished and has a lovely modern design. It is in a good location – only a 10 minute walk to the square and there are lots of shops close by. Very clean rooms and the bed was so comfortable. Staff were friendly and gave us an upgrade to a room with a balcony.

The room was small but that is expected in Amsterdam. Would 100% stay here again if we went back

5. XO Hotels Park West Amsterdam – Gay Friendly Hotel Amsterdam

Only 1 km from Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, and a 20-minute drive from Schiphol Airport, XO Hotels Park West offers elegantly designed rooms with free WiFi. From here, Amsterdam’s city centre can be reached by taking tram 12, which leaves 10 m from the hotel.

The modern, air-conditioned rooms are decorated in earth tones and feature a seating area, flat-screen TV with more than 100 international channels. A Nespresso machine is provided as well. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, toilet and free toiletries.

This modern concrete-and-glass hotel off the A10 motorway lies a 2-minute walk from a tram stop, 900 m from Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station and 3.5 km from the Anne Frank House.

The sophisticated rooms provide free Wi-Fi, Nespresso machines and flat-screen TVs, plus bathrooms with heated floors and rainfall showerheads. Family rooms sleep up to 4 people. Room service is available.

There’s a stylish bar and a casual restaurant; a breakfast buffet is offered for a fee.

The s hotel is just a short walk from Sloterdijk station and is on the right side of Amsterdam

The hotel is a little way from the Dam are but we were well aware of this and happy with being away from the hustle and bustle. Distance from centre or any city attraction is not a problem because of the very efficient tram system.

The rooms are very modern & clean. There is one double with just enough room between each so not to be on top of each other. The beds did seem a little narrow but are very comfortable & have a great night sleep. Rooms have tea and coffee making facilities.

The comfort room is gorgeous. Very spacious, with a king sized bed and heated floors in the bathroom. The hotel itself is stunning, very nicely decorated – modern and stylish. The receptionists were all great and spoke very good English which is very helpful.

Good buffet type breakfast with plenty of choice of hot and cold.

It is located in the middle of nowhere, where there are no restaurants, cafes, or any services within a close walking distance. You just see people jogging and bicycling in the park in front of the best thing is that Molenwerf Tram station is right in front of the hotel towards the city center, and the other bound tram station towards the last stop “Sloterdijk Station” is across the street. Only tram 19 serves those stations, with either direction of Diemen Sniep towards the center, or towards Sloterdjik train Station. To get to Dam, red light, or central station you have to change from tram 19 at Leidseplein station and take either tram 12,2, or 11 towards central station direction. Dam square station will be after 4 stops, and they will all end at central station. You can also take the tram to Sloterdijk Station and take a direct train to central station to get there faster. All the public transports run until midnight, except some buses on 24 hour basis. Just make sure you buy a 2, 3, or more day passes upon arriving that grants you unlimited access on all public transports in Amsterdam. You may buy them from the vending machine in the lobby, or from the airport, or any train station.

The hotel is located in a very quiet area away from the city noises. It takes around 25-30 minutes to reach the center main areas, which is a very nice trip using the tram.

The hotel lobby is very small, and all staff members are very friendly and helpful.I liked the idea of checking myself in using a touch screen pad, paying my balance, and receiving my key without contacting any staff member. It was very easy and fast.

The checkout is also by myself.I booked a double comfort large room, for a price that is much lower than all of the hotels in the center. Prices there are insane, and the rooms are very tiny! I was surprised how spacious my room is compared to what I paid. The room has central AC and cable TV. There is a Nespresso coffee machine in the room, and what a nice lovely bathroom they have!

In the lobby you will find vending machines selling water, soft drinks, candies, munchies, chips, and much more.

I haven’t tried breakfast, or the restaurant, but I have seen many good reviews about it.Bottomline, I highly recommend XO Park West for its price, and quality. Being a few miles away from the center is definitely not a problem when you have an efficient, clean, and of course an enjoyable transport experience

Amsterdam LGBT-Friendly Hotels

You’ve taken PTO and selected Amsterdam as your vacation spot. Next step, is for you to locate the perfect lodging. With so much information to be found, it is tricky to reserve accommodations that meet your needs. You’re in luck, because Expedia has collected many of the top-quality gay-friendly hotels in Amsterdam. Expedia has hotels that have the amenities and location that suit your needs. What’s more, you’ll discover some of these hotels are TAG approved, and others are also members of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association. Keep reading to determine which one is the ideal option for your next trip to Amsterdam.

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Amsterdam

You’ve done it—you’ve finally set aside some time for a vacation! You’ve been waiting for a long time to embark on this adventure, and we’re here to make sure it’s as exciting, memorable, and comfortable as it should be. All of the best gay hotels in Amsterdam are ready to welcome you.

Whether you’re here to dance in the Pride Parade or just want to check out a limited-time art exhibition, your accommodation will ensure you have a warm, welcoming place to rest your head. Do you live to sample the menus at on-site restaurants? We’ve got a hotel for you. Aching to take a dip in the pool after a long day of hiking? Yes, we’ve got that covered as well. From Amsterdam gay-friendly hotels in the heart of the city to quiet lodgings further out in the suburbs, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

Ready to take that next step toward making your dream vacation a reality? Travelocity has got your back—and outstanding deals at the best LGBT-friendly hotels in Amsterdam. Book with us today and put the dollars you save back into your budget. You’ll soon be packing for you next getaway—it’s time to go and smell the roses.

Featured Amsterdam Hotels

8.56 based on 2638 reviews. | Popular with gay guests. Excellent dining Superb location.

8.08 based on 5805 reviews. | Central location. Excellent value Best seller.

9.19 based on 158 reviews. | Near gay scene in Amstel. Spacious room with full kitchen.

9.21 based on 3037 reviews. | Quiet location. Elegant décor Great service.

9.09 based on 3720 reviews. | Walk to gay cruise clubs. Modern design Unique dining.

6.51 based on 1171 reviews. | Near the gay scene. Excellent-value budget option.

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The Golden Bear (Kerkstraat 37)

The first gay hotel Amsterdam ever saw, the Golden Bear was established in the 1940s and has been a feature of the city ever since. Located close to Leidseplein and of course all the gay bars and clubs that call Kerkstraat their home, the Golden Bear is a good place to stay to be close to all the action. The hotel has 11 rooms, some with private facilities, some with shared and all with a safety deposit box, TV and fridge as standard. A complimentary breakfast is served between 08:30 and 12:00 for early risers, while WiFi in the rooms means the rest of us can lie in bed and surf the web.

Amistad (Kerkstraat 42)

Proud to call itself the most popular gay hotel Amsterdam has, Amistad is a friendly and stylish hotel found close to the Golden Bear in the centre of the city’s gay district. Hotel Amistad’s rooms are stylishly designed and come in deluxe, ensuite and standard varieties. All rooms come with the usual TV, safe and minibar as well as an internet ready PC so your Facebook account doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re on holiday. For those staying in the hotel, a breakfast is available until 13:00, while if you choose to stay in one of Amistad’s self catering apartments there are all the facilities to create your own culinary delights.

Hotel Downtown (Kerkstraat 25)

Another hotel on the Kerkstraat, Hotel Downtown is not exclusively gay, but is certainly gay friendly. The hotel has 24 rooms with ensuite facilities and TV as standard, including family rooms for groups that wish to stay together. Room rate include breakfast and change depending on the season, with high season being from April 1st to October 1st.

The Quentin Hotels

A nice alternative to an exclusively gay hotel, Amsterdam’s Quentin and Quentin England are both gay friendly, charming hotels with a lot of character. The Quentin England takes up an English style building on Roemer Visscherstraat, close to the Museumplein and all of its attractions while the Quentin itself can be found on a quiet street just off busy Leidseplein. Both hotels are neat and well run, with a TV and telephone in every room, the Quentin England also boasts private ensuite facilities. Visit the Quentin England close to the museums at Roemer Visscherstraat 30, while the Quentin Hotel can found at Leidsekade 89.

More Gay-Friendly Hotels

Some other gay friendly hotels worth checking out in Amsterdam include the Mövenpick Hotel close to the train station at Piet Heinkade , ITC Hotel at Prinsengracht 1051  and Hotel CC in the heart of the leather district at Warmoesstraat 42.

While You’re Here

Now that you’ve found a nice gay hotel, Amsterdam has many attractions of interest to the gay community that are worth a visit.

Chief among these is the Homomonument, found beside the Westerkerk, near to the Anne Frank House. This monument commemorates all the homosexual victims of oppression and persecution who have suffered because of their sexuality. The canal side steps of the monument are a popular place to lay wreaths and take a moment of quiet reflection before popping across to the Pink Point information stand to get the latest news on parties and gay events.

Of course it hardly needs to be said that the biggest gay event in Amsterdam is the Pride weekend, which occurs the first weekend of August every year since 1996. During this weekend parties spill out onto the streets, the parade takes to the canals and every gay hotel Amsterdam has is booked up well in advance, so plan ahead!

Table of Contents

1. General Tips2. Transportation & Airport Transfer3. Gay Hotels in Amsterdam4. Sightseeing & Activities in Amsterdam5. Amsterdam Gay Tours6. Restaurants and Cafes7. Amsterdam Gay Bars8. Amsterdam Gay Clubs and Parties9. Amsterdam Gay Saunas & Cruising Bars10. Gay Events in Amsterdam11. Day Trips from Amsterdam

General Tips

Amsterdam is probably one of the few cities in the world where the traditional idea of a gay bar is probably no longer necessary. The Netherlands was in fact the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage so it’s no surprise its iconic city of Amsterdam is so progressive. Remember, this is the place where prostitution is legal and you can actually buy and smoke (or eat!) marijuana legally in places called “coffeeshops” all throughout the city including The Otherside Coffeeshop, a gay favorite place in town.

You can download the Gay Amsterdam guide for free. Just provide your email address and we’ll email you a PDF.

Gay Hotels in Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam, it’s best to stay central which makes getting around the city’s attractions easy. There aren’t currently any gay hotels in Amsterdam, but there are many gay-friendly options.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam – perfectly located, this 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Amsterdam offers luxurious rooms in an unique historical ambiance with French elegance. A blend of Dutch history and French luxurious contemporary design. It features a top-level restaurant, various bars and a spa with an indoor pool area.

Lloyd Hotel – offers unique rooms in a transformed historic building. Within 10 minutes you will reach Amsterdam Central Station by tram. The iconic building of the Lloyd Hotel has spacious rooms in all shapes and sizes and every room is unique. Guests who wish to explore Amsterdam in an active way can rent a bicycle at the hotel and request a packed lunch for their trip.

NH Amsterdam – this hotel is located in the museum and fashion district and combines leisure facilities, elegant rooms and a convenient location. Amenities include a fitness center, sauna and steam bath. Guests can also enjoy a drink at the Bar & Kitchen Copper onsite.

Quentin Golden Bear – it’s a mainstream hotel with a gay history. Previously an LGBT-owned property, it’s now simply gay-friendly. Centrally located in Amsterdam in Kerkstraat and walking distance from the well-known Club Church. A Dutch breakfast buffet is available each morning.

There are many sites for apartment rentals in Amsterdam, with AirBnB probably being one of the most popular. Prices are generally comparable to budget hotels, especially if you’re willing to get a room in a shared apartment. Book AirBnB →

There are even a few LGBT-oriented booking sites like misterb&b with listings from gay hosts for gay guests where you can either rent a whole apartment or a private room in a shared apartment. Understanding Amsterdam’s gay scene is much more easily done with the help of a local and apartment sharing is one of the best ways to meet someone living in the city who knows how things work, where and when are the best nights to go out, and what places to eat at and which to avoid.

Amsterdam Gay Tours

LGBT art tour in the Rijksmuseum – The Rijksmuseum and its art collection is one of the most spectacular in the world. Henk enlightens you about the Golden Age when the Dutch ruled the waves but more importantly created a vast collection of paintings that we can still admire today. Henk will point out pieces in Dutch history and the art collection that have a connection with the LGBT community. Book tour →

Discover the best of Amsterdam’s LGBT scene – Join a local host on a personalized experience in which you will explore the significant sites relating to the LGBT movement. Stroll from Amstel, a cornerstone neighborhood in the city’s LGBT history to Reguliersdwarsstraat, the heart and soul of Amsterdam’s LGBT scene. Book tour →

LGBT History Tour Amsterdam – Get an in-depth look at LGBT history in Amsterdam on this walking tour with a guide who lived through the beginnings of the movement. Listen to the history of the 1980s and 1990s, when Amsterdam was the gay capital of the world, and visit landmarks important to LGBT history. With a small group, you’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions and enjoy an intimate group atmosphere. Book tour →

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Restaurants and Cafes

Getto – in business since 1996. The basic concept was to create a place where people could meet, drink, eat and be merry. A place with an attitude free zone for the entire LGBT and allied community. The sort of place you could visit once or three times a week and wear full leathers, dress up, dress down or bring your mom.

Café de Jaren – a bright and spacious café located in the center of Amsterdam. The first-floor balcony and sunny canal-side terrace on the Kloveniersburgwal offer views across the River Amstel. Café de Jaren owes its popularity to the quality of the food and drink it serves, the reading table, the canal-side terrace and balcony, the variety of tucked-away places to sit and the light and spacious atmosphere.

Supperclub – a place where like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night. Supperclub brings you a night full of spectacle, from an exciting 5-course surprise menu, to amazing music, exciting performances and visuals. Everyone plays a role, even you, and fills in the white canvas that is the Supperclub.

Restaurant d‘ Vijff Vlieghen – The restaurant is often referred to as a culinary museum. Walls are decorated with beautiful gold-plated leather from the 17th and 19th century. d’Vijff Vlieghen is situated in the center of Amsterdam and is an ideal location for a romantic dinner.

Amsterdam Gay Bars

While Amsterdam may be totally gay-friendly and full of mixed places, you can still find plenty of gay places like Trut (popular Sundays) or classics such as Café ’t-Mandje (the oldest gay bar in town) where gay locals and tourists alike head out to meet, mingle, flirt and more.

There are a few specific areas of town where you can find gay places together including the popular street named Reguliersdwarsstraat. You’ll find a handful of gay bars on this street including Taboo and Exit (Aprés Chique). The area called Amstel also has a few bars with more traditional Dutch atmosphere and style including favorites like Amstel 54 and De Lellebel, a drag queen café in town renowned for its glittering lip-sync performances.

Amsterdam Gay Clubs and Parties

Amsterdam’s gay glory days are probably in its past, which peaked in the 70’s and 80’s. Due to the open and progressive nature of the city, Amsterdam just doesn’t have the same type of gay clubbing scene that you might expect in other big European cities. NYX is Amsterdam’s main gay dance club and you can find the occasional circuit party hosted on a monthly basis like those put on by Rapido Events.

Amsterdam Gay Saunas & Cruising Bars

The other popular gay area in Amsterdam is around Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat, which is where you’ll find the fetish shops and several gay cruising bars like EagleCuckoo’s NestDirty Dicks – perhaps appropriately located near Amsterdam’s red-light district. The gay saunaNieuwezijds.

Gay Events in Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam – a truly one-of-a-kind experience with the canal parade attracting over 300,000 spectators, street and club parties and a Drag Queen Olympics. The parade actually takes place on the water with spectators watching from the banks of the famous canals. Huge boats full of everything from sexy dancers to leather-bound bears pass down the waterways of the city during late summer as hundreds of thousands celebrate in one of the most open and progressive cities on the planet.

King’s Day – takes place in April in honor of the Dutch King. The main day’s activities are followed by a gay-inspired night with many parties across the city.

Milkshake Festival – a relatively new LGBT-focused, outdoor music and dance festival held in July.

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Amsterdam City Centre

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