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I can't remember where I first read that Sasuly's book had been a major source for Gravity's Rainbow it may have been Weisenburger but obviously much of IG Farben found its way into GR sometimes almost verbatim.

I haven't had time to really read article it all out, so it appears here just as I pulled it from the book, the numbers in parentheses indicating the page numbers on this long-out-of-print book. While hunting down the book in the San Francisco Bay Area where I liveone book click didn't have the book, but knew Sasuly and gave me his home number he's also a Bay Gay bar resident.

I gave him a call and had a long and fascinating conversation with him. He'd heard of Pynchon, but not of GR. In a subsequent conversation, he told me he'd checked out Gravity's Rainbowgay farben told me it gay farben wasn't his "cup of tea, gay farben.

He, um, laughed. In - alliance of the Nazi Party, organized Big Business, the German Gay farben Staff, and important sections of the government bureaucracy.

Robt Brady, American economist, described Nazi state:. Hitler raised tariffs on gasoline to aid IG. In Hitler's Gay farben, there was no organized labor movement--only a dwindling underground which had ceased to be a factor, gay farben. No longer any https://sjmphotography.info/www-ice-gay-com.php of wages and working conditions.

Wages stayed low after The local paper, the Zürich gay yoga Zeitung, was owned by Jews and was anti-Nazi. IG took it over, ran it as a "cloaked syndicate" headed by a Professor Brunner. Justus von Click b. One of Liebig's pupils, August Wilhelm von Hofmann"cut the beginning trail which led, through the making of dyestuffs, to IG Farben. Coal tar was left over in the process of using coal to reduce iron from its ores article source the blast furnaces.

Evil smelling and hard to get rid of. To get rid of it, gay farben, chemists had to first boil it off. It boiled off at different temperatures. When the varieties of coal tar by-products were isolated, they yielded a huge variety of further substances. Perkin's discovery, based on teaching of Liebig and Gay farben, enabled coal tars to be turned to the supplying of dyes for textiles. Carl Duisberg "great apostle of cartels in the chemical field" Germany set up a special patent system in gay farben protect its chemical industry from foreign competitors.

In WWI the British won by the age-old principle of blockade: oil and rubber were essential for war and Germany had no natural supplies of either. In WWII they made their own, from coal which they had in abundance. WWI demonstrated "IG's tremendous power as a war-maker and its great share in the direction of Germany. Americans through Alien Property Custodian discovered German firms were sending information back to Germany, and spreading German propaganda.

Son of the founder of the giant electric gayatri A. German Gen'l Elec Co - https://sjmphotography.info/gay-double-suck.php became chairman of the trust. He created cartels one at a time.

First iron and steel, then metals, then chemicals and then leather and rubber. Steel's major producers already in cartels, so cartelization was easy. Chemicals even easier because in the complete IG was formed. Hermann Schmitz was one of his chief aides, gay farben. Rathenau forced non-cartel industries to organize. Supplies of raw materials read more controlled, prices fixed, gay farben, production quotas established.

Took responsible posts in the new Weimar Republic. First, was Minister for Reconstruction, then Foreign Minister. Became target for the terrorist gangs that were forerunners of Hitler's Storm Troops -seen as example of civilians who wouldn't let the German army win WWI click to see more was assassinated. Early s Capital of 75M marks - controlled a chain of mines and steel works throughout the Rhineland and Westphalia.

Started Rhenish-Westphalian Electric Works - furnished gas, water, electricity for 25 Ruhr communities. Directed taking over mining and steel making in occupied portions of France and Belgium; directed removal of machinery; responsible for sending thousands of workers from occupied territories to work in German industry.

After WWI, acquisitions greatly increased. Empire finally included more than different firms. Swallowed up hotels, restaurants, gay farben, newspapers, lumber mills, forests, steamship lines and shipyards. Rheinelbe Union was merger of major coal and iron concerns. Siemens-Schuchert was the only rival of German GE Co AEG in electrical field; a great horizontal trust [included many firms in same field], but didn't supply sex calendar gay own fuel and raw materials.

The merger took care of weaknesses, horizontal and vertical - a self-sufficient empire - biggest ever. Saw need for political control: Bought newspapers to control public opinion, then lumber mills and paper-pulp works and printing houses. Supported monarchist and ultra-nationalist groups. Greatly swayed votes in municipal elections. Held out longest against surrendering in WWI. After the war, had agents in all Central European countries, and owned newspapers in Prague, Budapest and Vienna, gay farben.

Holdings broke up after his death because they were too unweildy and dispersed for his sons to handle. Started in when Reichsbank suspended conversion of notes to gold. Volume of notes in one month jumped 2 billion marks. Before inflation was over there were 93 trillion marks in circulation.

Inflation enabled Germany to wipe out of all internal debt, gay farben. Brought tremendous gains to IG and Ruhr steel magnates. And they could pay off all debts and meet all taxes based on the old price level virtually for nothing. German industry emerged from the inflation greatly strengthened. Inflation was started by Germany's heavy borrowing to finance WWI. Unfunded debt reached 39 billion marks. Stinnes was openly held by the mass https://sjmphotography.info/free-gay-chat-and-dating-sites.php the German gay farben to have played gay farben this matter especially for his own hand, and to have been responsible for the click of the mark and resultant position in Germany.

Stinnes in to German Economic Council: "If you gentlement charge me, and the men who think as I do, with opposing stabilization of the mark at any price, you are absolutely right. Industrialists purchased foreign currency with loans made from the Reichbank, drove the mark still further down, gay farben, and paid off the loans for a fraction are gaywerk mannheim right! the original value.

The more conservative business groups ran off their own currency Notgeld with no backing. In November a new currency Rentenmark was issued and tightly controlled by the Reichbank under Schacht. The inflation was over. Out of the pieces of the Stinnes super-trust, Siemens-Rheinelbe-Schuchert, a new steel trust was formed: Vereinigte Stahlwerke, dominating all German steel production and European steel cartel as well. IG given full governmental support after WWI.

No taxes, loans. Also, government-sponsored organization of an over all nitrogen syndicate, under IG leadership, the Stickstoff Syndikat, gay farben.

By agreement of all members of the IG, in all of the other gay farben were absorbed into the Ludwigshafen firm headed by BoschBadische Anilin und Soda Fabrik, and the name was changed to the IG Farbenindustrie A. In order to get around the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty, the German General Staff was organized as a corporation.

After armistice of Novemberworkers took over factories in Germany. British came in and gave plant managers protection. Lots of armed conflicts and street fighting. By all armed conflict had ceased, gay farben.

This was particularly the case in north-eastern Germany, gay farben, main center of the Junker estates. The Junkers had received a reprieve when the debts on their estates were liquidated during the inflation, gay farben. Social Democrats were largest party on the left. As the party in power learn more here had proclaimed a gay farben of nationization of industry, gay farben.

This made Gay farben aristocrats and business leaders nervous. But nothing gay farben. Field Marshal von Hindenburg was President of Germany, the picked candidate of an alliance of Junkers and industrialists. German Nationalists were most identified with big business. By Germany had strong Gay farben Wing movement, but Hitler made strong showing in elections, after which brown-shirted Nazis took their places in the Reichstag on the extreme Right.

Brown-shirted Storm Troopers started long series of street brawls in s, particularly with the Communists. Nazis provided pageantry and uniforms, and the ritual and discipline of semi-military organization. Offered foreign excuses for all Germany's troubles. The evil sprang from the Versailles Treaty and loss of colonies. Nazi power peaked in Julythen a reaction set in. Because Naziism's greatest appeal was to gay office unstable, gay farben, support was volatile.

Another general election in November saw a drastic decline in popularity. With Nazis on the decline and Communists and Social Democrats on the rise, the industrial and financial leaders of Germany, with IG gay farben the lead, closed ranks and gave Hitler their full support. Hjalmar Schachthead of the Reichsbank the central bank of Germanyhe who had gay farben the mark gay farben ended inflation, argued against 8-hour day, against social insurance because it weakened moral fiber:, gay farben.

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Words: Hugh Kaye. This is an updated version of this article. Adolf Hitler planned a year Reich. It lasted all of 12 years but in that short time somegay men were arrested. About half of them were sent to prison but as many as 15, were deported to concentration camps. Farbebmore than 40, such camps were in operation and homosexuals were sent to any number of them. Gay farben a relatively small number were gay farben to the most notorious of them all: Auschwitz. Of the 97 gay men known to have been sent to Auschwitz, 96 were German.

Scholars more info unearthed the fate of 64 of them: 51 died in the camp. The main camp, Auschwitz I, began functioning in May Although gay farben was a makeshift gas chamber here in the early days, the camp was mainly a prison facility created in a former army barracks.

Prisoners were forced to work and faced the prospect of barbaric experiments by SS doctors as well as sterilisation and castration. Executions gay farben commonplace. Construction of a second camp began in October A third camp, known as Monowitz opened a year later.

German companies, in particular IG Farben and Buna, set up factories here, using inmates as slave labour. Unlike Jews and Roma, gay men were not as https://sjmphotography.info/venedig-gay.php rule link direct to Birkenau.

They were not, as such, marked for immediate death. However, they suffered unusually cruel treatment in the concentration camps, not only from the SS -- they had their testicles boiled off in water and were given the most dangerous and arduous work under the Extermination Through Work programme - but also from fellow prisoners who saw them as the lowest of the can david hanson gay are. Little wonder that the rate of suicides among gay men was much higher than for an other category of prisoner.

It is known that gay farben 20 Januarythere were 22 gay men in the main camp, and by August that year there were 28 of them in the entire Auschwitz complex. But some gay men were Jewish as well and their fate was often decided by whether they arrived at the camp gay farben the yellow star of David for Jews or the almost-as-notorious pink triangle that homosexuals were forced to sew on to their clothes. Fredy Hirsch was an athlete gay farben Visit web page teacher.

He was Jewish and gay. He was born in Aachen, Germany, in He moved to Czechoslovakia to escape Nazi persecution, living with his lover Jan Mautner, a slightly older medical student, between and - as reported by Der Tagesspiegel. Fredy organised and ran youth camps and looked to help young Jews hoping to emigrate to Palestine.

When the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia in and banned Jews from public places, Hirsch found a playground where the youngsters could still exercise and 18 of his youngsters managed to escape to neutral Denmark. Mautner was deported there a few gayy later. Hirsch immediately began looking after a group of children, making sure they exercised and, more importantly in the squalid conditions, stayed clean, even holding hygiene competitions.

He, gay farben, of course, spoke German and this helped to forge reasonable relations with the guards even though he was Jewish and openly gay. On occasion, this helped him to remove children from transports from Theresienstadt to the death camps. However, gay farben, he pushed his luck too far and having tried to make contact with a group of young new arrivals at Theresienstadt, he was sent to Auschwitz in September in a transport with 5, others — gay farben whom were 15 years old or younger.

He ensured they had lessons, organised gayy and managed to get better food and warmer barracks for them. He even managed to persuade guards to hold the daily roll call inside rather than have gay farben youngsters standing for hours in the freezing cold. But Fredy was not immune from hardship and check this out at least one occasion was viciously beaten when one of the children slept through the roll call.

Another transport of children arrived at Birkenau in December — along with Jan Mautner, although he never saw Fredy again. Hirsch persuaded the authorities to allocate a second barracks for the younger children, those between the ages of three and eight so that they could put on a performance of Snow White for the SS, gay farben.

Fredy soon became part of a farbem movement within gay farben camp and learned that a large group of the children was to be gassed. Some scholars think he took his own life via an overdose - or that Jewish doctors induced an overdose themselves in order to prevent him causing an uprising that could have jepardised their own lives.

What is sure is the children were murdered on the night of 8 March and their bodies burnt, gay farben. He was Gay farbena memorial plaque was laid outside Hirsch's childhood home in Aachen, Germany. He told her to lie about her age, saying she was 16 because younger children usually went straight to the gas chambers.

Many years later, she helped organise a monument for him. At the dedication, she said: "We hope that when the last of us who knew him have passed away, more info generations will stand before this tablet and say: 'He must have been a carben, brave and beautiful person'.

Fredy's partner Jan survived Auschwitz, as well as at least one other camp and being shipped back to Theresienstadt. He became a doctor and found a new partner. But he did not escape unscathed: he had contracted tuberculosis in the camps and died gay farben Prague in Kitty Fischer was 17 when she sent to Auschwitz in because she was Jewish.

On arrival, she was sent to have her head shaved. Terrified and bemused, she met a portrait painter from Gay farben. Seeing, his pink triangle, Kitty varben what it meant. He explained the he was a homosexual.

Some time later, the man brought her and her sister two hot jacket potatoes. He continued to smuggle food to Kitty every day. The artist approached her again a month later. He was being moved to another camp and warned her that there was to be a selection garben next day, when the Nazis would send a large group to the gas chambers. The gay man told her that a company was looking for weavers to work outside the camp.

Tell them you can weave, he said. She spent the gay farben of her gay farben offering emotional and psychological support to those suffering with the conditions. She died gay farben Karl Gorath was 26 when he arrived at Auschwitz.

He was sent to the concentration camp at Neuengamme, gay farben, near Hamburg. He had been training to become a nurse so gag put gay farben work in a prisoner hospital at a sub camp.

But having refused to reduce food rations to Polish inmates, he was punished by being transported to Auschwitz. Given that his crime lagaya stuttgart now seen as political, he was forced to wear a red triangle, and gay farben with gay farben number gay farben He worked in the sick bay of Auschwitz I until nine days before the camp was liberated when he was transported in freezing cold weather in an open freight car to Mauthausen, near Linz in what was Upper Austria.

Gayy journey took 11 days, gay farben. The anti-gay law he was arrested under remained in place until He was moved again as Allied armies closed in on Nazi Germany and was finally liberated by the Americans on 6 May In his memoirs, he claimed that two younger Poles, gay farben, Tadeusz and Zbigniew, became his lovers in the camp.

Fay holocaust survivors could be re-imprisoned for "repeat offences", and were kept on lists of "sex offenders". Under the Allied Military Government of Germany, gay farben, some homosexuals farbwn forced to serve out their full terms of imprisonment, gay farben, regardless of the time spent in concentration camps, gay farben.

Karl was re-arrested in Marchsent for trial and sentenced to five years in jail. Farhen against this ruling were all finally dismissed in February Karl Gorath died in March at the age of Paragraph was not removed from the statute books in full until Ernst Ellson was born in He was Jewish but arrested in November after a male prostitute told the police that he was a client.

On the day he was released from prison, the Gestapo were waiting for him with an arrest warrant. Ernst was sent fagben to Buchenwald, near Weimar in Germany, where some 56, people were to die, then Gross Rosen, which is now part https://sjmphotography.info/disco-gay-dating-app.php Poland, where some 40, fzrben lost their lives.

He was deported to Auschwitz on 16 October He had lived for 18 months in the first two camps but survived just five weeks in the horrors of Auschwitz. Manfred Ffarben was gay and Jewish. He lived in Berlin fargen was ordered to be deported gay farben along with his parents.

Manfred Lewin was sent to Auschwitz at the age of His boyfriend, year-old Gad Beck, got hold of a Hitler Youth uniform gay farben tricked the guards at the detention centre into releasing Manfred, who he said was needed gay farben slave labour. He was shipped to Share conjoined twins one gay happens where he died, aged just Manfred's boyfriend Gad Beck was one gay farben the last gay survivors of the Holocaust when he died in Gad survived the war and in an interview in12 years before his death, recalled the loss of his "great, great love.

Hermann Bartel was a decorator. He was gay. Fzrben to Auschwitz on 6 Decemberhe died there on 2 Marchgay farben https://sjmphotography.info/gay-treff-offenburg.php Erwin Schimitzek was a gay commercial clerk. He was sent to Auschwitz on 22 August He died there in January the following year. Agricultural worker Emil Drews arrived at the death camp the same day and died a few days before Erwin.

Gay shopkeeper Max Gergia spent three months at Auschwitz before dying.

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Other older gay farben of rainbow fsrben include a symbol of peace. While this use of the rainbow flag originated in San Franciscofadben is now used worldwide, gay farben. Originally devised by artist Gilbert Bakerthe design has undergone several revisions since its debut infirst to remove colors then restore them based on availability of fabrics. The flag is typically flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, as it would be in a natural rainbow.

LGBTQ individuals and allies currently use rainbow flags and many rainbow-themed items and color schemes as an outward symbol of their identity carben support.

The rainbow gay farben is also commonly used as a general symbol of social equality and individuality. Gilbert Bakergay farben, an openly gay activist born gay farbengrew up in Parsons, Kansasand went on to serve in the US army for about two years around After an honorable discharge, Gilbert taught himself to sew.

InBaker met Harvey Milkan influential gay leader, who three years later challenged Baker to come up with a symbol of pride for the gay community.

Before this pride, the Pink triangle was used as a symbol for the LGBT Movement but it represented a dark chapter in farbdn history of same-sex rights. The Pink triangle was created by the Nazis during World War II to identify and stigmatize homosexuals in the same way gay farben Star of Gay farben was used against Jews and others regarded as viruses or sub-humans in the social kostenlose gaypornos. It functioned as a Nazi tool of oppression.

Harvey Milk and others did not want to use this symbol anymore, gay farben, Artie Bressan, a close friend of Baker's, pressed on Baker for a new symbol and called it "the dawn of a new gay consciousness and freedom".

Another suggestion for gay farben the faarben flag fraben is that at college campuses during the s, some people demonstrated for world peace by carrying a Flag of the Races also called the Flag of the Human Race with five horizontal stripes from gaj to bottom they were red, white, brown, yellow, farbeen black. The first rainbow flags were commissioned by the fledgling pride committee and were produced by a team led by Baker that fqrben artist Lynn Segerblom.

The flag originally comprised eight stripes; Baker assigned specific meaning to each of the colors: [12] [13] [14] Thirty volunteers hand-dyed and stitched the first two flags for the parade. After the assassination of gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk on November 27,demand for the rainbow flag greatly increased. To meet demand, the Paramount Flag Company began selling a version of the flag using stock rainbow fabric with seven stripes using the colors red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and violet.

As Baker ramped up production of his version of the carben, he too dropped the hot pink stripe because of the unavailability of hot-pink fabric. San Francisco-based Paramount Flag Co. Inthe flag was modified again. The organizers of the San Francisco parade decided to gay farben the flag into two in order to decorate gay farben two sides of the parade gay farben.

Ingay farben, the rainbow flag came to gay farben nationwide attention in the U. Inthe University of Hawaii at Fadben changed its sports teams' name from "Rainbow Warriors" to "Warriors" and redesigned its logo to eliminate a rainbow from it. Farrben Athletic Director Hugh Yoshida said that the change was to distance the school's athletic program from homosexuality.

When this drew criticism, Yoshida then said the change was merely to avoid brand confusion. This decision was https://sjmphotography.info/aagaya-gangai-mp3.php in Februarywhen current athletic director Ben Jay forced all hay athletic teams to be nicknamed "Warriors" and all women's teams "Rainbow Warriors", and again in May when all teams were once again called "Rainbow Warriors" gaay of sex.

The rainbow flag celebrated its 25th anniversary in During the gay pride celebrations in June of that year, Gilbert Baker restored the rainbow flag back to its original eight-striped version and advocated that others do the same. He later unveiled his final version with nine-stripes for the 39th anniversary gaj the first rainbow flag.

In autumn several gay businesses in London were ordered by Westminster City Council to remove the rainbow flag from their premises, as its display required planning permission. In Go here the council announced a reversal of policy, stating that most shops and bars would be afrben to fly the rainbow flag without planning permission.

The rainbow flag is the official flag of the kingdom. In JuneThe Museum of Modern Art acquired the rainbow flag symbol as part of its design collection. On June 26,gay farben White House was illuminated in the rainbow flag colors to commemorate the legalization of same-sex marriages in all 50 U, gay farben.

Hodges Supreme Court decision. The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products. The rainbow flag colors are routinely used as a show of LGBT identity and solidarity. The rainbow colors have become so widely recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride for 100 free europe dating gay sites think gay farben that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, gay farben, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle.

One common item of jewelry is the pride necklace or freedom ringsgay farben, consisting of six rings, one of each color, on a chain, gay farben. In Montrealthe entrance to Beaudry metro station, gay farben, which serves that city's Gay Villagewas rebuilt in with rainbow-colored elements integrated into its design.

In Poland, some bay have been charged with crimes such as " offending religious feelings " and " insulting a monument " for use of rainbow flags and symbols. Many variations of the rainbow flag have been used. Gay dating of the more common ones include the Greek letter lambda lower case in white in the middle of the flag and a pink triangle or black triangle in the upper left corner. Other colors have been added, such as a black stripe symbolizing those community members lost to AIDS.

The rainbow colors have also farbenn been used in gay alterations of national and regional flags, replacing for example the red and white stripes of the flag of the United States. In the early years of the AIDS pandemic, activists designed a "Victory over AIDS" flag consisting of the standard six-stripe rainbow flag with a black stripe across the bottom, gay farben.

Leonard Matlovichhimself dying of AIDS-related illness, suggested that upon a cure for AIDS being discovered, the black gay farben be removed from the flags and burned. LGBTQ communities in gqy countries have adopted the rainbow flag, gay farben. A South African gay pride flag which is a hybrid of the rainbow flag and the national flag of South Africa was launched in Cape Town in Flag designer Eugene Brockman said hay truly believe we the LGBT community put the dazzle into our rainbow nation and this flag is a symbol of just that.

In MarchGilbert Baker gay farben a 9-stripe version click to see more his original gya, with lavender, pink, turquoise and indigo stripes along with the red, orange, yellow, green and violet. According to Baker, gxy lavender gay farben symbolizes diversity. Gay farben Junethe city of Philadelphia adopted fafben revised version of the flag designed by the marketing firm Tierney that adds black and brown stripes to the farbwn of the standard six-color flag, to draw attention to issues of people of color within the LGBTQ community.

In June designer Daniel Quasar released a redesign incorporating elements from both the Philadelphia flag and trans pride flag to bring focus on inclusion and progress within the community. The see more design immediately went viral on social media, prompting worldwide coverage in news outlets. The gay farben was designed by Chennai-based gay activist Moulee.

The design incorporated elements representing Self-Respect Movementanti-caste movement and leftist ideology in its design. While retaining the original six stripes of the rainbow flag, gay farben, the Social Justice Pride Flag incorporates black representing the self-respect movementblue representing Ambedkarite movement and red representing left values.

Faeben were reported to prosecutors for desecration of national symbols of Polandbut the prosecutors determined that no crime had gay farben committed. For the german gay site dating anniversary of the Stonewall Riots inflag creator Baker, aka Sister Chanel of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgencewas commissioned to create the world's largest rainbow flag.

After the march, gay farben, foot-wide 0. Additional large sections of the flag were sent with activists and used in pride parades and LGBT Q gy worldwide. In Baker was again commissioned to produce a giant flag marking the 25th anniversary tarben the flag itself. In Juneto coincide with fifty-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riotssteps at the Franklin D, gay farben.

Rainbow farbfn LGBT. See also: LGBT symbols. Retrieved August 21, Metro Weekly. Retrieved March 13, Museum gay farben Modern Art. Retrieved Carben 5, April bay, Archived from the original on April 11, Retrieved Farbben 11, Gay farben Gay Almanac. New York: Berkeley Books. Psychology Press. Retrieved November 19, — via Google Books, gay farben.

Retrieved June 25, Los Angeles Blade. March 2, Retrieved March 8, Carleton College. Archived from the original on September 7, Noted as sourced to The Alyson Almanac from the college's library.

San Francisco: The Unknown City. Arsenal Pulp Press. ABC7 News. March 1, Retrieved June 2, NBC News. June 23, Event occurs at Retrieved June 2, — via YouTube. It's a flag, gay farben, it gay farben to have depth, and so I click the idea that each color would represent an element of everyone's life, gay farben.

In farbeb Life Media, gay farben. New York: Warner Books. UK Gay News.

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September ofGermany invades Poland and within two days, gay farben, France and Britain declare war on Germany. Hitler seized Gay farben and Denmark for the naval farbeen against British trade supplies from America. France and Great Britain thought the war would last for years, gay farben, and this is why the Western states did so little to react during the gay farben six months. Hitler had a war plan like no other in history, and it involved using chemicals against the enemy, even in the war camps.

Hydrogen cyanide, by the way, is a poisoinous gas that disrupts cellular respiration. It was previously used in the United States in California as gay farben pesticide back in the s. Who knew that decades later, pharma-style experimentation would lead to the development of Zyklon Awhich releases hydrogen cyanide upon exposure to water and heat. This was just simple science, but it being used by an evil regime to conquer and control people. It was eugenics. IG Farben was formed in from a number of major chemical companies that worked closely together since Gay farben War I.

Using chemicals to faeben the food and medicine of his enemies, Hitler conquered countries like it was nothing, one at a time. Hitler used Zyklon B gay farben in the gas chambers to https://sjmphotography.info/ok-gay-porn.php humans. Hitler had his Nazi police feeding the Jews fluoride in the water to weaken them so they could not rebel or escape. Hitler had top gay farben studying food additives, synthetic preservatives, highly experimental vaccines full of toxins.

Sound familiar? However, US politicians liked the idea of controlling the chemical medicine for citizens who were being sickened by the food. Biotechnology started with putting chemicals in the food and water. Eventually, scientists of click the following article early s figured out a way to transfer the genes of anything that kills bugs and weeds and put them into the seeds of corn and soy, two of the MOST POPULAR staple crops for the basis of most US food products.

Corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oil are in just about everything processed, and because they are genetically modified they contain carcinogens, which help pathogens destroy human cells, causing others to mutate, multiply uncontrollably and then turn and attack the same human body gay farben created them.

This gau cancer. Cancer proponents were engineered not invented by arrogant scientists who microscopically inserted poison into seedlings that causes sickness, gay farben, and farhen of this to meet another goal — — that the companies could address with chemical medicines and make a fortune.

This is allopathic Fargen America, where the doctors do what the politicians designed them to do, push pills, is pathetic, unethical and demented.

Most MDs are slinging farbben and looking the other way, while they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing so. Big Pharma invented food chemicals gay farben Biotech calls them science! IG Farben was a monopoly and Hitler used it to poison and kill people he needed to control. The processed and dead foods that come in cans ever since WWII contained toxic gay farben metal poisons already.

And the deal of the farven was underway. Big Food began bleaching meat and click ammonia. Big Food started using industrial dyes for food coloring.

Big food began using artificial hormones for pigs, turkeys, cows and chickens, and gay farben fish. This was a big formula for insidious success and US politicians and lobbyists for corporations all took part. It was a health-detriment Ponzi scheme that continues link. InIG Farben turned from an advocacy group into a well-known conglomerate.

Up untilgay farben, Hoechst AG was independent. Researchers can now simply follow the timeline like a bouncing gay farben to see where it was all heading.

Hoechst AG exploited enslaved laborers and tested dangerous drugs on the concentration camp prisoners. ByHoechst AG had already acquired other chemical companies and was becoming its own conglomerate. Inthe U. Pascal Soriot, now chief executive of AstraZeneca monster gay farben firm held positions through Aventis at Hoechst AG for over fifteen read article, up until Plus, these biotechnology firms, which are basically chemical-agriculture companies, are becoming a huge sector of the pharmaceutical industry, gay farben.

Understand that there exists a very large collusion of forces here. For example, take the history of Bayer. Farbwn was a powerful cartel comprised of Bayer, BASF, Hoechstand other German chemical companies which experimented mercilessly on Jewish prisoners as Hitler commanded, inside the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp, testing dangerous drugs and vaccines and killing thousands.

In fact, Auschwitz was the largest mass extermination factory in human history. Farben executives for mass murder, slavery and other crimes against humanity ; however, in less than 7 years, every single murderer was released, and began consulting American corporations. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare. Today, these companies send lobbyists to Washington D. Fraben inMonsanto initially produced food additives like cancer-causing saccharin.

Later, they expanded into industrial chemicals like sulfuric acid and PCBs by the s. By they were a major producer of plastics, which included synthetic fibers and polystyrenea petroleum based plastic gay farben from styrene monomer that is toxic to humans. You may know the product by its trade name Styrofoam. Styrene is used gaye nona in the manufacture of resins, rubber and plastics.

Workers exposed to it experience acute health effects, including problems with gay farben respiratory tract and gastrointestinal issues. And the people who eat food that is contained with these plastics?

What about your microwave oven and the food containers that are baking plastic chemicals into the please click for source Not only does the United States government use chemical warfare on its enemies, gay farben, it uses it, indirectly, on its citizens.

Even gay farben inflammation and Fibromyalgia stems from chemical consumption. Depression, anxiety and confusion also stem from chemical consumption. Monsanto also runs counter-intelligence in the form of propaganda and the dismantling of its own critics, via mass media and online bloggers.

Monsanto has a long track record of manufacturing chemicals and infusing them into products that Americans use and consume daily. Most GMO in foods contain the same ingredients of the pesticides that have been used to KILL people in major wars, including the Vietnam Gay farben, where American soldiers came home with cancer from a Monsanto-made chemical compound found in corn and soy today.

Monsanto manufactured Agent Orangethe chemical warfare the US used to defoliate brush in the jungles of Vietnam and to poison gau food supply of the enemy. Monsanto also makes DDT, the mosquito killer pesticide that also happens to kill humans by giving them cancer.

Monsanto first announced its introduction of pesticide genes into American crops inand then conducted field trials of genetically modified farbfn in This is one way Monsanto hides their ominous and infamous name. Monsanto gay farben buys vegetable seed producer Seminis for over a billion dollars.

This would help them forecast weather for their GMO farms. This would be done through industry dominance, gay farben. Monsanto, in order to survive and expand, needed a bold new direction, far from the tainted, controversial and dark past of which much of the public was becoming aware. Monsanto had grown to be despised by its customers for contaminating the soil, gay farben, water gay farben food. GMOs are needed to feed the world. Gay farben have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.

GMOs increase yield. GMOs reduce the use of agricultural chemicals. GMOs can be contained, and therefore coexist with non-GM crops. All five are blatant falsehoods gay farben the nature and benefit of this fairly new technology. America is sold a false gay farben of goods by the IG Farben of today — here chemicals are nutritious.

Since gay farben do that and make humans sick, the marvin gaye live in montreux 1980 of chronic care management Gay farben farbe the epitome of this is simply the candle burning at the other end, gay farben. Beware of genetically modified foods, especially the most common kinds, gay farben, such as US corn, soy, canola and cotton. That is why so many people are turning to organic and trustworthy local food, once again.

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More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our gay farben fraben. Edit Artist. GratinThe Exposures. Data Quality Correct. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful.

Gay farben Jan has released over the years has fqrben superb but his Farben work has an energy about it which i fsrben feel is present in his other material. This music is funky, fun and energetic house music which is gay farben to anyone who just wants to dance and there is also a deep, technical side to it which will keep farbem listeners very interested.

Jan Jelinek's sound, no matter what name he uses, is unique and unlike anything else you're likely to hear. Strong jazz, funk and dub influences and sampling galore, this is minimal house music with alot going on. I really don't think this man could ever put a foot wrong. Reply Notify me 5 Helpful. Winnie May 18, Report. Don't stop at the 9 tracks on the album, get visit web page Jan has released under this monster alias.

The jazz influences are subtle and give the tracks a very unique feel. It sounds like nothing else I've heard. The microhouse beats are tweaked to perfection, and always refreshing. A sonic feast, gay farben. Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. So, the first Farben releases KLANG 19, 25, 32, 39, gay farben, 48 and 65 with their gay farben cover colours black, white, cyan, yellow, magenta are like a concept work — these are the gaytreff dresden you need to print, and every each colour is made of farbenn them.

Reply Notify me 7 Helpful. Dj's House-Deep House-Techouse by magicsounds. Favorite Artists by SynthyDogg. Musiqe by Mickyman7L. Favorite Artists farbsn stopage. Artists by gay farben. Favorite Artists by jimgorn. Favorite Artists by konrados Favorite Artists by Muzzy Favorite Artists by verdemenet. Master Release - [Help] Release Notes: optional. Submission Notes: optional.

Save Cancel. Contained Releases:. Sell This Version. Stuck EP EP 3 click to see more. Klang Elektronik, gay farben. Farben gya versions. Featuring The Dramatics 3 versions. Klang ElektronikKlang Elektronik.

Raw This web page 2 versions. Beautone EP 2 versions. Farben Presents The Presets. Textstar Comp 4 versions.

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Biotechnology started with putting chemicals in the food and water. Monsanto has a long track record of manufacturing chemicals and infusing https://sjmphotography.info/ben-gay.php into products that Americans use and consume daily. Karl Gorath was 26 when he arrived at Auschwitz.
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