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People who are lesbian, gay or bisexual come in as many different shapes, gay facts, colors and sizes as do people who are heterosexual. Many lesbian, gay facts, gay and bisexual people have early heterosexual experiences, but are still lesbian, gay or bisexual; many avowed heterosexuals have had sexual contact with members of their own sex, but are gay facts heterosexual.

Many lesbian, gay and bisexual people know that they gay facts attracted to members of their own sex at an early age, sometimes as young as 6 gay facts 7 years old.

Factw learn much later in life, their 30's, 40's or 50's.

Some research indicates that sexual orientation is determined between birth and age 3, but no one is sure what causes particular orientations, gay facts. These are activities that heterosexual couples do all the time.

Due to homophobic reactions, some lesbian, gay and bisexual people are actually forced to hide their sexuality in public, not flaunt it. LGB identified people belong to all ethnic and racial groups, are members of all religious communities, exhibit a range of mental and gay facts capabilities, and are of gay facts ages. Fact: Sometimes oppression based on sexual orientation escalates into acts of physical violence. Being lesbian, gay or bisexual is not facgs same as being transgender.

Although homosexuality was once thought to be a mental illness, the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations no fafts consider it to be one. Psychiatric and psychological attempts to "cure" lesbians and gay men have failed to change the sexual orientation of the patient.

These "treatments" may help change sexual behavior temporarily but also can create emotional trauma. Similarly, there is no standard heterosexual lifestyle.

Some people might like to think that a "normal" adult lifestyle is a heterosexual marriage with two children.

The most accurate generalization might be this: lesbian, gay facts, gay and bisexual people are different from one another in the same ways that heterosexual people are different from gay facts another. Go to case. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center.


The Purple s tripe is sometimes replace with a black stripe for masculinity or lea ther pride, gay facts. Originally the flag had an aqua and a pink stripe but has been simplified to the flag commonly used today. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot gay facts password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, November 1, Get help. Home Gay Fun Facts. Gay Fun Facts. Caffe Cino is credited with starting the Gay facts theater movement.

Only one supervisor votes against it and Mayor Moscone signs it into law. Harvey Milk campaigns against the bill and attends every event hosted by Briggs. On November 7, voters reject the proposition by more than a million votes. It was the largest political gathering in support of LGBT rights to date. Illinois became the first state to decriminalize gay facts by repealing sodomy laws in Police raided the Stonewall Inn inprompting a massive series of demonstrations that became gay facts modern gay rights movement.

Wisconsin became the first state to outlaw discrimination based gay facts sexual orientation in Then ingay facts, Clinton triangulates with Republicans to pass the Defense of Marriage, which is subsequently struck down many years later. Ellen DeGeneres came out in Time Magazine and made the article source a little better in The first legal same-sex marriages are carried out in Massachusetts in California voters approve Proposition 8, which provides legality to same-sex marriages.

The Defense of Marriage Act was struck down in by the Supreme Court The Matthew Shepard Act, which outlaws hate crimes based on gender or sexual orientation, was passed in Congress passed the Employment Nondiscrimination Act to prohibit workplace discrimination of sexual orientation, but notably not gender identity. Have a gay fun fact we can put on this page? Send it to tonyray gaytucson.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rainbow Flag Did yo u ever wonder how the rainbow flag came to gay facts the international flag of equality for All LGBT people? Well, I will tell you. Just as Betsy Ross, sewed the first American flag, to represent dating best in germany apps gay from British oppression, Gilbert Baker, yes another Baker first, gay facts.

The design was to represent gay and lesbian diversity around the world. The colors are symbolic as follows: Red Stands for life Orange stands for healing Gay facts Stands for the sun Green Stands for nature Blue stands comfort!

kostenlos gay dating excited harmony Purple stands for the soul The Purple s tripe is sometimes replace with a black stripe for masculinity or lea ther pride. Now you know!

Rumor has it…. Our Blogger in Europe! Boy Have We Gone Global. Subaru is a well known sponsor for the Human Rights Campaign.

Gay People React To Shocking LGBT History
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Fundamentalist preachers asked Fred Rogers to denounce homosexuality. It was used to identify male prisoners who were homosexual. Originally intended as a gay facts of shame, the pink triangle often inverted from its Nazi usage has been reclaimed as an visit web page symbol of the gay rights movement. The Angels would roam the streets of predominately homosexual communities in the middle of the night, reporting any crimes, mainly gay-bashing, to local law enforcement.

Number I was at that club that night in Melbourne. Daily Weekly. Article continued below. Pages: 1. You may like also like. September 9, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply, gay facts.

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