Famous Gay Men: List of Gay Men Throughout History

From Alexander the Great to Neil Patrick Harris, this gay celebrities list has all the most famous gay men throughout history, with photos included. Over 1800 gay dudes and counting! These historically famous gay men have either been confirmed as homosexuals or there is strong evidence that they were/are gay. These famous gay people come from countless different times in human history, and this list includes gay actors, famous gay celebrities, and famous gay people in history.

Who are famous gay men? Famous homosexuals in history included in this list are the painter of the Sistine Chapel and the dad from the Brady Bunch – yes, we gays are a diverse bunch! This list of gay celebrities starts with the earliest gay historic figures, but you can sort by any column.


In 1974 at the age of 18 I joined the Navy.  I volunteered for and was assigned to the Submarine Service.  I did not have a clue.  At that time in the back water towns of T-county is where I learned about life, and was taught “we did not have those kinds here.”  And that is what I thought as a good Catholic altar boy.  Fuck.

So, after a lifetime of being in the military, and in the closet, deep deep deep in the closet.  Seeing this group in tumblr is a freedom I am moved to see today in 2020.

We are allowed in the military and we can get married, and we have freedom like we have never had before.  Freedom in 1974 is different than freedom in 2020.  

That is hard to wrap around my mind when I think of it, because I remember 1974,  I remember I am an American, freest country in the world, With Liberty and Justice for All.  That pained me to no end,.  It made no sense.  No sense at all and I wanted to scream.

I had chosen the Navy as a career, what a bad choice for a gay man. At 18 though, I did not know I was gay.  Because we did not have those kind around here.  All the signs were there that I was gay, but no one told me until years later.  

What a battle it was on my third enlistment.  Then I knew, and then in the Oath we all swore to and the Enlistment Contract had on it a certain question you had to answer.  And I lied when I signed it.

That haunts me still today.  I wake up feeling outed.  Back in the day, if you were outed, you did not go back to the boat to get your stuff, it was sent to you.  That quick.  I feel it now as I write this.  I ate from the Forbidden Fruit, and I liked it.  But it was forbidden, and I was in the closet.  Fuck.

But we have so much more freedom now and I am thankful for living to see it, our freedom.



OK everybody I came here today to drop a ‘lil science on you, basically I’m going to break down why you are wasting your life if you aren’t constantly trying to get BGPs in your homie’s photos. Everybody in the world has a gay blog to post photos from their lousy boring parties and even a child knows that the only time it’s cool to look at party photos is if you are actually in the photo getting your drinks on and partying and getting crunk and rocking out, dude.

Otherwise mundane boring photos are made better by your presence. Here’s an example of ryan making this photo something that I actually want to look at;

some people might say that you have a big ego if you actually think that your being in a photo makes it better but whatever fuck those egghead dorks, sooner or later they’ll realize what’s up and they’ll be begging for you to hop in the backround of all their photos because you are the shit

I’d bet you ten bucks right now that all the girls in that picture have seen that shit and were like “damn who’s that slick dude in the back looking all mysterious and shit” and that I could beat it up nine times out of ten AND if sean black had a sister I bet he’d let me beat it up ON PRINCIPLE just for being that real of a dude

une is freaking STUNNED at how ridiculous my kit is.


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