Gay Short Stories

A collection of mini stories of some of my characters from my books. Read the ORIGINAL stories FIRST or you will be confused, and it’ll give away some endings. So yeah read those first or you’ll be disappointed later on. I’m open to request/ideas…


When I was 16, I was riding horses with my friend in the field beside her house. The horse threw me and I hit my head, HARD. The next thing I know, I’m on my back in incredible pain staring up at my friend, who is frantically screaming at me. Dazed, my gaze shifted and then refocused on her friend behind her, a tall, thin man wearing a black suit and an old-fashioned, wide-brimmed hat. He was staring unblinking into my eyes over my friend’s shoulder. Days later she came to visit me in the hospital, and I asked her about the man I’d seen. I thought it was the new boyfriend she’d recently told me about. She told me there was no one there but me and her.



My then-boyfriend, now-husband and I lived in a row apartment above shops in town. Two story building, we lived on the top floor. I always felt the presence of a child. I’d turn around expecting someone to be standing behind me, but I’d instinctively look downward, as if looking for a small person. One night I even heard footsteps running up and down our hallway. My boyfriend didn’t hear it as he had gaming headphones on at the time.

At this time, we kept our door closed and two cats locked out of the bedroom at night. One night I awoke to the sound of a potted plant I had in the room rustling. I wondered if a cat was locked in the room. I checked, and nope, went back to sleep. Woke up again shortly thereafter to a black figure in front of me. I was laying on my side facing the edge of the bed. It looked like a head and shoulders but with no distinct features, just black. I thought it was maybe a cat sitting on the edge of the bed, reached out, but nothing was there. I didn’t feel afraid and went back to sleep. I continued to feel a presence there but never had a visual experience again.



My first experience with a ouija board was at a friend of a friend’s house. I was there with my best friend and her boyfriend at the time. My best friend (we’ll call her Jessa) had grown up in this house which was notoriously haunted. The women who lived there would wake up with scratches on their backs.. they would routinely see the ghost of a little boy…. CRAZY S**T all the damn time. Anyway, Jessa’s childhood friend moved in there when the family moved out. We were there for her housewarming party.

Jessa’s friend had a board. Jessa and I are both pretty spiritual and neither of us wanted to touch it. Nothing was happening so Chuck convinced us to do it, saying we were “witchy”. As soon as we touched it, the cursor started moving. At first it was saying it was a little boy. Jessa and I looked at each other, like “oh f**k”, both of us knowing about the little boy in the house. Suddenly, Chuck was like “oh, man, did you guys feel that?” We all felt it. The air became THICK like, hard to breathe. He described exactly what I felt. It was almost like the air was thick fog or mist, but it was still dry. The board started spelling things like “SLUT – F**K HER – CHEATER – BITCH – F**K YOU – HE F**KED HER”. The cursor was moving more rapidly with every word. Finally, Jessa was like “OK, STOP!!!” and the pointer stopped, dead in its tracks. It stopped to abruptly that my hands slipped off. When I touched it again, it slowly dragged to the bottom of the board, ending on “Goodbye”..

Months later, I was crashing at a friend’s place, K and J. They had a basement apartment and I was crashing their couch. The guys invited over some girls I didn’t know and they wanted to try using a ouija board.

I didn’t want to touch it but it wasn’t working so I finally gave in and decided to try it. As soon as I touched it, the pointer started to move. I was touching the pointer with my friend K. The cursor was moving really slowly, so as a game I said “move faster” and it started moving quickly. I kept saying “faster” and eventually it was moving so fast, my friend touching the cursor was saying “this isn’t funny”, as if I was moving it. I said I wasn’t moving it and he freaked out, releasing the board and the pointer went shooting across the room. At that point, we were all pretty convinced it was real. One of the girls wanted to see more, so we grabbed the cursor and started again.

So then the board asks to speak to a girl named Hailey. The board says “FAMILY – FATHER” and proceeds to spell her dads name. She starts freaking out. The board says it’s sorry about her dad, that her dad is a drug addict and her mum’s a drunk. It says she has to leave her house because her dad is angry. Hailey starts crying and freaking out. The board says goodbye.

We get back to the apartment and Hailey is crying. She tells us that her dad is a coke dealer and her mom is drunk all the time. Her home life is awful, her dad would frequently get drunk and coked up and hit her. She was only 16 or 17 at the time. K and J say she can stay at their place too. Interestingly, months later, Hailey’s mum dropped her off at the apartment complex and she told Hailey that her great grandfather helped build the place. She said he lived there his whole life and died there.

After that night, I started reading about ouija boards. A couple nights later, I went to visit my best friend and her boyfriend at his place, which was walking distance to my apartment. I told them about the whole thing. He says he wants to try it too. Reluctantly, Jessa and I agree. Keeping in mind, we had all been drinking whiskey (yes, I know, this is altogether an AWFUL idea). The cursor starts spelling out “TREES – BROKEN GLASS”. Suddenly, it starts getting violent, spelling out “RAPE – F**K HER TEETH”. Jessa and I tell it to stop and we say goodbye. The cursor drags to “Goodbye” and we put the board away. Suddenly, Chuck is like “OH S**T. Dude, you’re not walking home.” He then explains his interpretation of what the board was saying. On my walk to my friend’s place, like I said, they lived in a basement apartment, so instead of walking through the halls, we’d just go to the living room window and climb in. To get to the window, I would cut through a back clearing, where there were tall trees all over. He’s convinced that there are bad guys in there on that night and that if I walked home, I would get raped, hence the “f**k her teeth” s**t. Needless to say, after that visual, I stayed over.

The next morning when I walked through the clearing there were broken glass bottles all over the place and my friends said they had heard people drinking out there all night.

Anyway, I moved out and Hailey and I became friends. K brought the board over as a “house warming gift”.

One day, my cousin came over to my apartment with her boyfriend at the time. Her boyfriend notices the board in the corner. He asks me about it and I laugh and tell him the whole story. His eyes get all wide and he asks if we can play with it. Being kind of stoned, I agree and we start asking it questions. The pointer starts spelling Jessa’s name. We all get in the car and head over to her place. She’s not home, but Chuck is. I left the board in the car with my cousin and her boyfriend and go to talk to Chuck. He said Jessa was at work until 9 that night but we could come in and wait for her. After the last incident, he was interested to see what was going to happen. When I got to the car, my cousin and her boyfriend said they heard fingers tapping, as if something we were waiting impatiently for me to get back.

We sat around waiting for awhile and Chuck brings out his own board, from the last time I was over. We use it and it says “JESSA – JESSA” and pointing to the “NO” then to the “sun” in the corner of the board. Over and over “no sun, no sun.” Eventually, I figured that it was saying “no light.” I asked if it wanted me to shut off the light and I said “no, we’re not going to do that.” I had read that bad spirits do not like the light. Finally, when Jessa got home, she said she was too tired and didn’t want to try using it. We agreed to leave it alone and brought the board home.

I didn’t like having it in my house, so the next time I went to visit Hailey at K and J’s place, I brought it back. She said she wanted to try it one more time and then we would get rid of it. I agreed. At this point, I was clearly addicted to it for some reason.

So, Hailey and I are at the basement apartment climbing out the window for cigarettes, near the back clearing, with the trees. We go back in and use the board.

The board starts spelling out Hailey’s name, and this time, the spirit says it’s name is Maria. Hailey immediately starts to cry and says “that’s not funny.” I had no idea why or what was going on but the board keeps things. Its saying “TELL THEM I MISS THEM. TELL THEM I LOVE THEM. IM HERE I LOVE THEM”. As Hailey is crying, she explains that her best friends mom, Maria, had died a year ago. I remember the death, it was big news in our high school.

Suddenly, the cursor moved and spelled my name. I asked who it was and the cursor spelled DEB. I read that bad spirits can not tell their names because they don’t have one. If a spirit can spell a name, that it’s usually a good one. I ask how I know her and she says she’s my spirit guide. Hailey says “How do we know you’re real?” And the cursor spells “CIGARETTE” and I said “what do you mean?” and it says “WINDOW”. We look at each other and our hearts sink. I’m like “She knows we smoke outside…” I said “How will we know?” and she said “TREES”. I am like “f**k that” and Hailey says we have to do it.

So, we’re smoking outside, I’m looking into the forest sweating balls in fear thinking I’m going to see a f**king demon face in the branches or something. Eventually we relax but then Hailey, mid-sentence, her face drops and goes white and shes like “f**k f**k f**k get inside NOW”. I f**king toss my cigarette and jump in the window. We close the blinds and we’re breathing super heavy. I’m like “what the f**k happened??” she says that behind me, in the distance, there was a big ass like 100 ft tall tree. There was NO wind, I remember this because I was watching my cigarette smoke go directly up and I was blowing perfect O’s without them disappearing. She says the tree was still then suddenly the WHOLE tree, including the trunk moved back and forth then went back to perfectly still.

I was like “HELL NO.” and after awhile of freaking out, sat back at the board. When we put our fingers on it, it said “did you see?”

We f**king freaked out. It was spelling “it’s ok, I love you, it’s ok, don’t be scared”. Finally, it asked to speak to only me. And for Hailey to go away. Hailey jokingly said “awe, you don’t like me?” and the board said “don’t be sad.”

This story closes pretty weak because in my mind nothing really came of it. When I tried to use the board on my own, nothing happened. I couldn’t move it without the help of Hailey, and my “spirit guide” couldn’t communicate with me. I like to think it was real and my spirit guide Deb was just trying to get me off the board. As I said, we had talked about it a lot and were using it quite a bit. I sometimes wonder what Deb wanted to tell me.

Anyway, that’s it. I haven’t touched one to this day, but I do have a slight obsession with making ouija boards as art.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sage the fuck out of my apartment to frighten any demon, ghost or vampire away.