Sunee Plaza – the heart of the extreme city

Modern gay Pattaya is ready to offer for an advanced tourist maximum entertainment. Several gay areas with more than 50 gay institutions are located there and able to satisfy even the most capricious queer. Sunee Plaza is one of the gay district of Pattaya (along with Boyz Town and Jomtien Complex). This place successfully fights to become the main area of night blue city life.

The first bar in Sunee Plaza Crazy Pub was opened in 1996. Soon behind it Sunee Plaza Bar opened. Topman Nightclub (later known as Wonderland, and now [2019] the Irish pub and hotel named Jazz is located at that building) was opened immediately after Crazy Pub and became the first gogo bar. All the buildings in the area belong to a Thai woman called Madame Sunee, and she rents it out to open gay establishments. Pattaya is known as “Extreme City” and a slogan was created for Sunee Plaza – “The Heart of the Extreme City”.

A peak of Sunee Plaza heyday fell at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. In 2010, Sunee Plaza could boast the largest collection of gay bars, located in the one city district. These are bars where waiters, usually young Thai boys between the ages of 18 and 30, not only carry drinks, but also entertain customers with conversations. During the heyday there were also about a dozen gogo bars. In addition, there were several budget-friendly gay hotels, inexpensive restaurants offering dishes of local and European cuisines.

To date, the number of gay spots in Sunee Plaza has decreased significantly.   Now there are about a dozen bars and a few gogo clubs and restaurants. Additional service includes small shops, hairdressers, taxi services, travel agency. Gay saunas, massage parlors and gay discos in the area are not observed, but there are those on the neighboring lanes. Among the reasons for the closure of gay venues in Sunee Plaza we list the main ones: 1) tightening the rules for doing business in Thailand in general after a junta came to power in 2014; 2) authorities struggle for a reputation of the city as a place for family rest, in this connection the number of gogo bars in Pattaya is annually reduced; 3) development of online dating applications and web-sites used by escort guys to find clients; 4) rent increase from the owner of buildings Madame Sunee.A trend of gay spots reduction is observed in all Pattaya.

Sunee Plaza is not easy to find in the Pattaya tangled streets. But with us you will find any area and spot. Here is layout of Sunee Plaza:

Over the years, Sunee Plaza has earned a reputation as the place for pedophiles and minors. During regular police raids, law enforcement officers often find underage guys involved as gogo dancers and escort. In 2008, during the raid an unprecedented incident occurred – an 8 year!!! old boy were found out as one of the escort workers.

Also the area has many stories about drugs that are sold and used by employees and visitors of venues. Police raids are regularly conducted at spots. According to the results of some raids illegal drugs were detected in the blood of the bar’s staff by medical testing.

Among the visitors of Sunee Plaza are especially many elderly men who so love to relax in gay Thailand. But other categories of visitors also come to Sunee Plaza.

Boyz Town(Pattaya Gay Areas)

Before visiting Boyz-Town I had thought, for some unknown reason, that it was the premier destination in Pattaya for those tourists who are looking to spend an evening in the company of a ladyboy.

time maintaining long-term relationships with Thai men due to family pressure to start a family. This inevitably leads to a lot of lonely transsexuals, many of whom have profiles on:

There are some ladyboys here and there, and in the general area of Boyz-Town, but that is not what this place is all about. This soi is primarily targeted at gay visitors… male gay visitors to be precise (obvious really given the name of the place!).

You won’t have any problem at all finding it, it is right on the middle of a main thoroughfare and you’ll probably stumble across it by accident at some point even if you have no intention of visiting the place. Boyz-Town is an ‘L’ shaped venue which you can access via Second Road or via Soi 13, 4.

The gay scene is not confined to any one area of Pattaya and you’ll find it interspersed with the ladyboy scene, as well as the straight scene, but I think that (along with Sunee Plaza) this is the place to go if you want to be amongst an almost exclusively gay crowd.

There are lots of gay bars and clubs along Soi 13, 4 and along Soi 13, 3 and these are located nearby meaning that you really do have a lot of options to choose from.

As far as I’m aware, this area of Pattaya is not known for its street entertainment. Most of the entertainment goes on behind closed doors and is of an adult variety! That said, Pattaya is full of surprises and you can always bump into something you’re not expecting. The video above was filmed on location.

If you want to start the night off at a slightly slower pace and build up to something a bit more full-on, I’d advise you to start at Soi 13, 3 and work your way towards Boyz-Town as the night goes on.

There are plenty of quiet bars/restaurants to choose from on Soi 13, 3 where you can gradually pickle your brain with alcohol before raising the tempo later on in the night!

To read about the full array of nightlife options, have a look at my main article:

Boyz Town(Pattaya Gay Areas)

Pattaya Dating

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Pattaya Dating

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Tagged: gay dating

Guide To Dating Pattaya Girls For Single Guys

If you are looking for places where to meet single girls in Pattaya, I’m going to give you all the answers. By the end of this guide, you will have some ideas about the best hook ups to meet Pattaya girls, 24/7.

I’ll start with the nightlife in Pattaya where I cover the best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls in town. Next, we get into day games and finally online dating.

I’ll also give in a few tips to successfully date and get laid with girls in Pattaya.

Guide To Dating Pattaya Girls For Single Guys

Gay Thailand – How to meet Gay guys

If you live in Bangkok you can meet gay Thais anywhere, this post is about everything related to gay Thailand. I live in a quiet area, far from the tourist scene with no gay Thai bars, nightclubs or saunas. Nevertheless, I have been propositioned in a local restaurant, in a local Starbucks in Bangkok, and on several occasions on the street. It depends how good your gaydar is. For the uninformed, gaydar is like radar for gays. My aunt Audrey (a very straight lady) had a great gaydar, she would often point out gays to me on the streets in Western Australia.

Dating Pattaya Girls When You Are Not a Sex Tourist

As you might know, I am in a relationship with an amazing Thai woman and I’m going to move to Thailand next year. I don’t want to brag, but when it comes to dating Thai girls, I consider myself an expert.

And as you might also know, my vision is to help men like you to find love and happiness through global dating. So, now you might ask yourself the following question:

I’ve written about the women in Bangkok and the women in Chiang Mai. Then I received an email from a guy who wanted to meet women in Pattaya. In his email he wrote that he was not a sex tourist.

To be honest, I didn’t believe him. When I told him that there are hundreds of go-go bars and thousands of bar girls in this city, he replied in a way that I didn’t expect.

I didn’t expect that. But that was the moment when I realized that . Heck, I even went there with my girlfriend. We wanted to spend a relaxed day at the beach and it’s the closest beach to Bangkok.

So, in case you are a man who wants to spend your holiday at the beach, move to Pattaya, or enjoy your retirement in one of the condos near the ocean and you are not interested in the bar scene, this article is for you.

This article is NOT for sex tourists who are looking for price comparisons of different go-go bars or soapy massage parlors. I recommend you check out this guide about the bar scene.

This article is for men who want to find a girlfriend or a wife in Pattaya who doesn’t charge for every hour.

Let’s have a look at where to meet and how to date amazing women in a city that is known for blowjob bars and fake girlfriend experiences…

Gay Pattaya | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

After years of overdevelopment, a booming commercial sex trade and a loss of it’s soul – Pattaya has taken great strides to improve it’s image, restoring the beaches, making the city for friendly to bikers and pedestrians and cracking down on the sex industry (though it is still very much alive, just safer).

As a result, numerous luxury hotels have come in, boutique shops and bars have sprung up and a more relaxed gay scene is developing. Pattaya is once again aiming to reclaim its throne as one of the world’s gay tourism hotspots – though it now has some serious competition from MykonosTaipeiMedellin!

Gay nightlife in Pattaya is focussed in two main areas, in central Pattaya with the go-go lounges of BoyzTown and Sunee Plaza gay areas in the south with Jomtien Complex (similar to Phuket’s gay Paradise Complex) and Dongtan gay beach, which are more focused for gay travelers who only want to spend their money on drinks.

Pattaya is one of the few places on earth where the gay nightlife scene is as crazy as wild as the straight – and even if it’s not normally your thing you have to at least try visit one of the countless cabarets, clubs, bars, karaoke or go-go bars if only to see how accepting Thai culture in general is of the LGBT community.  However equally tempting is the plethora of roof-top bars and dining, world-class spas, infinity pools, and affordable luxury hotels – all of which nearby Bangkok also has, just without the beach which is why so many people jet into the capital and head straight here instead.

Love it or hate in Gay Pattaya is here to stay – and based on what we saw, we wouldn’t write it off just yet!

The Venues

You’ll find a complete package of gay scene nightlife venues to keep you happy.

There are hotels, massage parlours, bars, restaurants, gogo bars, and nightclubs all concentrated on and around Boyz-Town.

You could literally spend your entire holiday on the soi if you wanted to. Here’s a list of venues with a little more info:The Ambiance & The Lounge – This place looks like a quality venue all-round. The two are located side by side and you can sit outside either and enjoy a drink whilst looking out over the soi. The Ambiance is a hotel (a good one) and The Lounge is its accompanying bar/restaurant.

Scandic Massage – Not much to say here, it is a gay massage parlour! For info about the sort of massage available, just head off to my ladyboy massage info.

– This one is a nightclub where you’ll be able to show off your dance moves if the mood takes you. There are ladyboys as well as gay guys and there is also a show performed each night. I’ve read that Boyz Boyz Boyz is the oldest gay club in Pattaya, it dates back to 1988.

Panorama & Funny Boys – I think these two bars are owned/managed by the same people. Panorama is named due its position on the soi at the apex of the ‘L’ meaning that you can sit outside and look along both sections of Boyz-Town. Funny Boys is a gogo bar and is located close to Second Road.

– This one describes itself as a ‘host bar’ (which presumably means that it has employees that are available for company). It serves up fresh coffee and tea as well as the usual alcoholic beverages.

On Soi 13, 4 – Penthouse, Obsessions, & Kitten club are quite well known in Pattaya, the Penthouse hotel is very much an adult themed hotel… definitely not suited to family bookings! Obsessions and the Kitten club are two agogo’s that run alongside the hotel. They are all part of the same business. The difference between Obsessions and the Kitten club is that the former is a ladyboy gogo whilst the later has girls inside.

There are two more gay agogo bars at the top of Soi 13, 4 near to Second road; there are Wild West Boys and A-bomb.

Please note that there are always new bars/clubs opening and others closing in Pattaya, so this list will quickly get out of date, but even then it still gives an idea of the sort of venues you will find here.

Sunee Plaza & nearby gay areas

Sunee Plaza is the other big gay area in Pattaya. It is a little harder to find than Boyz-Town but it is not that far away from Walking Street. It is located a short walk down Soi VC off Second Road (which you’ll easily by looking for the VC Hotel).

Compared to Boyz-Town I think Sunee Plaza is a bit more of a cheap option. That’s not to say that the former is expensive, it isn’t, but this place is definitely a bit less modern and it doesn’t occupy any prime real estate near to the beach.

The same logic applies here as with other locations in the city i.e. the closer that they are to the beach, the more valuable the real estate and the higher the rents that will be charged. Step away from the beach and you’ll find that most things are just a bit cheaper.

The Plaza area is not small, there are lots of venues to choose from and it certainly adds an extra dimension to the gay scene. If you want to head off somewhere a bit different and away from the tourists, this place could be a good option for you.

Dating in Pattaya

There is just no way you can talk about Pattaya dating without pausing to talk about the culture. Asian culture is distinct from that of the west. Without prior knowledge of the culture which tells you what to do and what not to do, you risk pissing off your potential date while thinking that you are impressing her. Knowing a bit about her culture is also a silent way of letting her know how serious you are about dating her.

While Pattaya dating may seem tough, you can take the easier online route to find your perfect girl. Due to online exposure, these girls have often learned to excuse a lot of cultural errors that western men make — but you still have to convince them that you are not there simply to play with her heart. One important tip we need to mention here is that you need to play by her rule and move at her pace. If you try to push her to move faster, you risk losing all your previous effort because she will go and never look back.

When you opt for Pattaya dating online, some of your ignorance can be forgiven. ThaiFlirting has made it easier for everyone to find Pattaya girls. Signing up is easy, and you can filter your search according to your preference. While you don’t necessarily need to know all of Thai dating laws when you are online, you need to know all of the online dating etiquettes — and follow them.

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Chat With Single Girls Online

Picking up girls in Pattaya at nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars is fun, but it easier to meet them through online dating.

Why work more when you can get more dates by doing less?

There are a few popular Thai dating sites packed with local girls in Pattaya eager to go out with you. They are on dating sites because they need intimacy.

Just upload a few good pictures of yourself, write what you are looking for and get ready to be contacted by 20-40 girls per week. You are going to be busy to set up dates for your next trip to Pattaya.

That helps you to get the ball rolling once you land, you can even ask the girls to meet you at the airport in Bangkok. Imagine starting making out while traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, isn’t that a fun way to start your trip? 

Enjoy Dating Pattaya Girls

This is your typical tourist beach town so coming up with a game plan isn’t that hard, just talk to the girls and see how it goes.

Pattaya girls are known to be having a certain appeal that makes every foreign man find them so desirable. Probably because they know how to please, a by living with so many foreigners all around, they get accustomed to a different culture.

Recruit a few girls on dating sites weeks before visiting Pattaya to get the ball rolling once you land so you don’t need to run the roads searching for girls.

What else? It is time to put these tips into practice for a great dating experience as a single guy in Pattaya.

Thailand Gay dating sites

The most famous two are Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. They cater for men wanting to find women, guys, and of course ladyboys. Both gay Thai dating sites allow members to search for men and ladyboys which makes it easier. Unlike the girls who are a bit more reserved, as you would expect from a lady, the men and ladyboys are not as coy and getting yourself a hot date, or a meet at your hotel room, is very very easy.

Other popular sites for Asian men is Utopia. Please be careful when using any other Gay Bangkok Dating Sites than Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. Some of these sites disappear quite rapidly. Many fall badly out of date. Do not pay to join these sites, if they ask for fees it is probably a scam.I have joined many in the past which had a paid fee and they were rubbish. The only ones I stick to now are Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly,I have been a paid member on both on and off over the years, and I have never had a problem with either, in fact I have met several hot guys from there :).


These were often the best cruising spots but tighter security is making them less popular. However, gays love shopping and a walk around some of the bigger malls can be very rewarding. In some of the higher class malls you are more likely to meet gay Bangkok money boys but if you have charm, charisma and a sprinkling of good looks you will find your gay Thai for free. (Guess I must have charisma).

Beware of the ‘lookers’ in public toilets, quite clearly they are dick hunting and that may not be what you really want. The eye contact made on escalators or just browsing as you pass shop windows will often reap golden rewards – and these Thai gays are definitely golden: beautiful, smooth skin that is only very slightly browned (mostly because many guys use skin whitening products).


If you are into dancing then you should try DJ Station in Soi 2, Silom Road for a good gay Thailand experience. (Soi just means Street). In the same street you will find other drinking venues, some with live music. The whole Soi is dedicated to the gay Thailand nightlife.

In Silom Soi 4, in the same area, you will find very many bars. All dedicated to drinking, all dedicated to gay Bangkok nightlife, all dedicated to bringing two people (or more – if you like that kind of thing) together.

Everything is available and anything is possible. You can hire a guy for a short time, for a few days or even a couple of weeks. Rates vary from 1500 Baht ($50) for a short time to as little as 2500 Baht ($80) for a day. Weekly rates start as low as 10,000 Baht ($350) but sex might be considered as extras.   Whatever you want you can bargain for and no one is going to be offended if you end up saying No. Do, however, be polite – all Thai people are. Say something like, “Sorry, I do not have that much to spare” rather than “You’re not worth it.” (Yes, I have heard the latter). Believe me, some of these guy Bangkok guys are so damned hot and sexy they could be worth 10,000 Baht for just a weekend – if you have that much to spend.

The idea on Silom Soi 4 is just to sit with a drink outside the bar and wait for that initial eye contact that will lead to conversation, that will lead to – who knows what?  Just be like the Thais – smile. They do not call this the Land of Smiles for nothing. A warm smile will open many doors and many a pair of jeans. Remember, ‘sex’ in Bangkok is not a dirty word. Just one word of caution – do not try to guess the age of a gay Thailand man. Make sure they are of the age of consent, currently 18.


The place to go for these would be Twilight Bar – the street known in Thai as Pratu Chai.

If you just want to peeve on absolutely gorgeous gay Bangkok men, this is the place for you. Drinks will cost you 300 Baht ($10) even if it just coke. You will be able to sit and watch a parade of handsome boys in skimpy underwear and, if you choose, select one to take away with you. You can stay a while and watch the Cabaret. Some good dancing, maybe a great lip=synch performance, certainly a huge cock display and in some places a real sex act. Well, it looks real but is just an act. My favorite would be the two boys in the shower, lots of soap, lots of massaging, both very well-endowed and lots of suggestive movement. Actually leaving the sex act itself to your imagination – a great idea as some of us have more vivid imaginations than others.

Sex in all of these places is definitely pay as you learn plan. What you will learn is that sex needs to be short and sweet so they can move on to another customer, sex is the act (any expressions of love are from a script), when the boy has finished with you he may very well rush off to take his girlfriend to supper, this guy you almost fell in love with will do the same thing tomorrow with a woman (many women go to gay bars to get turned on by these gay guys with huge dicks). Remember, you have paid for the use of his body not control of his life.

Sex is all around you in gay Thailand but it has a sense of decency about it. Which is why some people easily mistake it for love – it is not. But love is also found everywhere in Bangkok = all you have to do is look a little harder. First, take a closer look at yourself.

Why Dating Pattaya Girls is Not Just for Sex Tourists

Pattaya is a big city. It’s the second biggest tourist hotspot in Thailand. The city has more than 100.000 inhabitants. And that’s just the official number of the inhabitants who are registered. The Thai government assumes that Pattaya has between 300.000 and 500.000 inhabitants.

Even though I found different statistics, we can assume that about 5.000-20.000 are bar girls work in this city.

I believe that 10.000 is a far more realistic number than 20.000, but let’s calculate this example with the high estimate. If half of the population is female we would have 150.000 female inhabitants (low estimate) and 20.000 bar girls (high estimate).

According to Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Carl Friedrich Gauss this means that only 13.33% of the female inhabitants are bar girls. This means that:

Saying that all women in Pattaya are prostitutes would be ignorant and statistically false. The vast majority of women in this city have normal jobs. And guess what, they don’t want to date a sex tourist.

If you meet a girl who works in a big hotel, you can bet your ass that she said “Sawadee Krap” to at least five sexpats and their bar girls within the last two hours. She’s and yes, she’s desperate because these guys are the only ones who approach her.

That’s good news for every international dating fan. 

Just imagine how this girl will feel when you, a man who is the complete opposite of the sex tourists she sees every day, approach her with a charming smile and an honest invitation.

How to Enjoy the Nightlife of Pattaya and Meet Your Bride

Yeah, I know. This sounds like a contradiction in terms.

I mean, it’s obviously way easier to find a decent girl when you approach women who work in the hotels or the restaurants near the Walking Street, than when you go to a club on the Walking Street. That’s obvious.

A lot of the girls you find in the clubs, especially the ones with many tattoos, are either bar girls who didn’t get barfined or freelancers who have too many STDs to work in one of the bars (stay away from them). But that doesn’t mean that finding Pattaya girls who are girlfriend material or even marriage material is impossible.

A vast percentage of the women you can meet in one of the belong to one of the following categories:

I don’t say the nightlife of this raunchy city is perfect for finding your Pattaya bride. All I say is that it’s possible and that you might end up dating a beautiful Thai hotel receptionist or a hot Korean tourist when you hit the clubs.

How to Find Your Pattaya Bride on an Online Dating Site

Hitting the clubs is fun, pool parties lead to unforgettable memories and approaching girls who work in the hotel industry can lead to a lot of dates.

You can, however, talk to 6.934 cute girls on Thai Friendly, one of the biggest online dating sites in Thailand. The last time I logged into my Thai Friendly account, 6.934 girls were online, many of them were from Pattaya.

A lot of the over 1.000.000 girls you find on Thai Friendly are college girls who are looking for fun and bar girls, especially when you chat with girls from Pattaya. In my experience, the site is , but not when you dream about dating Pattaya girls who want a serious relationship.

I honestly believe that Thai Cupid, the biggest Thai online dating site on the web, is better for everyone who is looking for a Thai girlfriend or wife, no matter if she’s from Pattaya or any other part of Thailand.

I know what I’m talking about. I found my girlfriend on this site (read the story here). This is the site for guys who are . If you dream about marrying a girl from Pattaya, this Thai dating site is for you.

Should You Marry a Girl from Pattaya?

One of my coaching clients met a stunning Pattaya girl online. She had her own business, a big car and several condos. The guy I met on the bus and his wife seemed happy. He made the right choice by marrying her. She was an ex-bar girl.

You never know if it will be more than one night…

On the other hand, I also know stories from guys who fell in love with bar girls and who eventually got kicked out of the house they paid for.

Dating and especially marrying a bar girl is an unpredictable risk that I wouldn’t take. Not dating an amazing girl who has a normal job in a normal hotel, just because you are paranoid that she is a freelancer or gold-digger, that you will regret.

It’s not easy to answer this question, but here’s what I would do…

Summed Up Wisdom

I never thought that I would write this article, but I’m glad I did. It’s finally time to show you that dating Pattaya girls is not just for sex tourists and sexpats. It’s finally time to show the world that not all women in this city are the same. In fact, the majority of the female population has never worked in a bar.

Yes, some men are happily married to bar girls and I actually met one guy who loves his wife, an ex-bar girl, more than anything. But please don’t ignore all the beautiful foreign women in Pattaya who work in the restaurants, malls and hotels all around the city. They are sick and tired of the sex tourists and lonely because they would rather chop off their finger than date one of these guys.

Once you know how a typical bar girl looks like and how a normal Thai girl dresses, talks and behaves, you can hit the clubs, hit the malls or get to know her in the lobby of the hotel she’s working in. Marrying a girl from Pattaya who doesn’t work in a bar is definitely less risky than marrying one of the half-naked girls you find on the Walking Street. However, that doesn’t mean that marrying a bar girl can’t be the right choice for you.

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Have we got something wrong?

Are we missing a new venue or has a business closed? Or has something changed and we’ve not yet updated our pages? Please use this form to let us know. We really appreciate your feedback.

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Search Hotels by Area

hotels in central Pattaya within easy reach of the BoyzTown gay nightlife

hotels just a short walk from the gay beach and Jomtiem gay nightlife

Pattaya’s infamous gay and straight ‚red light district‘

Soi Night & Day

Soi VC has got lots of bars located on it, and you get more of them as you get nearer to Sunee Plaza. If you keep on walking to the end of Soi VC, turn left and then right at the main road, you’ll come to Soi Night and Day.

This is another gay area and is only a few minutes’ walk away from the Plaza. Soi Night and Day is more of a bars/restaurants sort of place rather than a bars/agogos sort of place, and so it offers yet another dimension.

Taken as a whole, the area is full of new places to see and explore and it really ought to be on your radar if you looking for a gay focused area.

As an afterthought, don’t go thinking that the gay scene is restricted to here or Boyz-Town, it isn’t. Pattaya has a mix of establishments all over the city, but if you are looking for somewhere that’s more or less exclusively gay (along with some ladyboys), Sunee Plaza or Boyz-Town are your two main options.

This lovely petite young lady, 28 years old and only 47kg, is looking for a western man to be her boyfriend. If you would like to meet up with girls just as lovely, you can with

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Why Dating a Pattaya Bar Girl is a Terrible Idea

In case you’ve been to Pattaya, you know how hot some of these girls are. They know exactly what they do when they , their fake contact lenses and their red lipstick. 

Just don’t make the mistake to assume that they play the naughty girl because they have such a good time dancing around in their underwear. I am sick and tired of guys who write “here you see bar girls who are having a great time” under pictures of two young women who are dancing on a pole.

I have been to these places and none of the girls looked happy. They look uncomfortable and ashamed. Okay, some of them look happy. Talk to them and you know why. Let me give you a hint: drugs make it possible.

I don’t tell you this because I judge men who pay for sex. I’m not an angel and if you want to pay for a girlfriend experience, then do it. The girls want to earn money and you want some fun. It’s a simple transaction.

They know exactly how to make you believe that they are in love with you and before you know it, you are a victim of the bar girl trap.

I already wrote about it in this article about Thai women, but I’ll explain it briefly:

Well, it’s the cold hard reality for many guys who date a Pattaya bar girl and fall in love with her.

Before you even think about dating a bar girl, you must understand that these women are raised with the belief that Farangs (you and I) are walking ATM’s. Your love for her won’t change anything about it.

Falling for a bar girl can be extremely dangerous and very expensive.

Find Your Pattaya Girlfriend at a Speed Dating Event

Of course you can walk around all day and approach one girl after another in the streets of Pattaya. Depending on where you go, you might meet a couple of girls who are on holiday or who just take a break from work. But that’s exhausting.

There are several cafes and restaurants that offer speed dating events. A couple of years ago they even tried to set a new speed dating world record. Yes, in Pattaya. Remember, it’s a city with thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands of lonely Thai girls who can’t find a decent man.

Meet Your Pattaya Bride in the Hotel Lobby

Even though I think that speed dating is fun, I believe that it’s not the best way to meet women in Pattaya.

No, I don’t mean the prostitutes who use the hotel lobby as a place to hunt for customers. I’m also not talking about the massage girls who wait until the concierge allows them to go to room 69. I don’t care about these girls and you shouldn’t either.

You should, however, care about the who work in the tourism industry. These educated girls lonely as hell because they work incredibly long hours.

They speak English. Not just “handsome where you go” and “you funny guy”. No, most of the girls who work in hotels speak really good English.

Approach ten Pattaya girls in ten different hotels and I guarantee you that you will go on at least one date.

That’s the power of hotel game (I should trademark this).

Hotel Quick Search

hotels in central Pattaya within easy reach of the BoyzTown gay nightlife

hotels just a short walk from the gay beach and Jomtiem gay nightlife

Pattaya’s infamous gay and straight ‚red light district‘

The very simple and effective way to avoid HIV is to always use a condom.

Most gay saunas in Thailand provide free condoms and lube. Quality can vary, so it is a good idea to bring your own supplies.

Thailand has some of the best gay saunas in Asia, but the HIV infection rate among men who have sex with men is also reported as one of the highest (at about 30% of men tested in Bangkok).

Gay Pattaya Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Pattaya Thailand

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Thai Dating

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At Home Bar

Friendly, new gay bar in the heart of Jomtien Complex.

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More Gay Pattaya

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

This gay-popular sauna (formerly “Themae Sauna”) belongs to Zing Resort & Spa inthe  Jomtien Complex and features an indoor pool, steam room, dry sauna, locker room and massage service.

There is also a small gym with exercise equipment including a treadmill, stationary bicycle and elliptical weight machine. Mixed customers (some are gay).

Gay-friendly Attractions in Pattaya

Pattaya is not your traditional ‘tourist city’ in the way of BarcelonaRome, or New Orleans where you can easily gather together a list of must-do attractions and tick off as many as you can. Most travelers come here for the nightlife and affordable luxury hotels – but rest assured there is plenty to do in Pattaya during the day!

Our favorite memories, however, were relaxing in the sun at the gay beach of Pattaya, exploring the neon light Walking Street entertainment district and eating all the delicious street food we could get our hands on! One of the best tips we can give you for exploring Gay Pattaya is to pre-order a travel SIM card for easy airport pickup and activation the moment you arrive so you will not pay a fortune in international roaming charges. Get restaurants recommendation and reservations on the fly, public transport instructions up to the minute, bar opening hours and if it is your thing – access to gay hook up apps to find out more about the local scene.

Mobile data is fast, cheap and available almost everywhere in Asia so it is no wonder most travelers chose to stay connected and to get off the beaten track (without ever worrying about getting lost). So why wait? Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you in Thailand when you arrive.

In Southeast Asia, there is often a digital gap between local suppliers and world travelers and getting around can seem difficult. Luckily, we found Bookaway which enables travelers to find, compare and book ground transportation tickets online with outstanding user experience and a 24/7 support team that works closely with local suppliers. If you want to simplify the travel planning process and make travel ticket booking easier – check them out before you travel.

Still – it helps to have some kind of idea what is going on, so here are the best things to do in Pattaya according to us!

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Pattaya

As a world leader in gay tourism, there are hotels and hostel in Pattaya catering for every type of traveler – and it would be unheard of for any hotel or guesthouse to have an issue with a gay couple checking it.

Still, everyone likes to be surrounded by like-minded people, and as such a few gay hotels in Pattaya have cropped up as the place for gay travelers to stay! We recommend staying in Jomtiem for the gay beach and gay bars of the Jomtien Complex, Central Pattaya for the go-go bars of BoyzTown and Sunee Plaza and North Pattaya for more upscale elegance.

Of course, there are hundreds of other hotels in Pattaya if you don’t find quite what you are looking for – or if you are considering having guests over you could consider a private apartment in Pattaya (but we like the safety and security of hotels which keep the boys ID at reception to ensure your safety).  Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or a chic luxury option with a pool to spend the day lying by – Gay Pattaya as something for everyone!

Gay Nightlife in Pattaya

For better or worse, Pattaya’s night is infamous and often intertwined with the commercial sex scene. If you’re a first time visitor’s to Pattaya’s gay scene it can be a little overwhelming, so be sure to take care not to get yourself into anything you can’t handle – and always, always ask for photo ID if you are in any doubt as to someone’s age.

We recommend staying at the gay bars in Pattaya – at one of Pattaya’s thousands of beer bars – and striking up a conversation with an expat who is bound to be hanging round to show you the ropes. BoyzTown and Sunee Plaza gay areas are famous for go-go lounges, while the Jomtien Complex and Dongtan gay beach are more focused for gay travelers who only want to spend their money on drinks…

Gay foreigners flock to Pattaya in droves – though you can also find plenty of wealthy locals or gay Thai boys trying to find a meal ticket. Things are crazy, wild and insanely fun here once you let loose and get used to the risqué environment, and while Pattaya’s reputation for commercial sex is deserved, things here have been cleaned up considerably in the past years yet the gay bar-hopping and clubbing is still some of the best in the world.

When the gay bars of Pattaya cool down for the night, that’s when everyone heads to the all-night gay dance clubs and while we can’t possibly list every gay venue in Pattaya we have gathered together the most famous gay bars as well as a few of our personal favorites!

Gay Spa and Male Massage in Pattaya

Sick of the Jomtien Gay Beach? Want to recover after a long night out in the gay bars of Pattaya? Thailand is famous for its spas and massages and Pattaya has plenty places you can try – at varying quality and prices. If all you are concerned about is massages including ‘happy ending service’ in Pattaya then gay men need only to walk into any of the countless boy or male massage shops in Pattaya.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by a ‘madam’, asked to sit and buy a drink while you select from the Thai boys to complete your ‘gay massage’ – and whether you would prefer an oil, cream or Thai massage. You then are shown to a small room, given a clean towel and asked to shower. During your (normally below average) massage the masseur will let you know his services and the cost of a ‘happy ending’ which is usually a tip paid directly to the boy of between 500-1200 Baht. Afterward, you will pay the original agree price for massage and drink downstairs to the madam (usually around 500 – 650 Baht per hour) and head on your merry way.

Please don’t get a male massage with ‘happy ending’ in Pattaya confused for a real massage as there is only one thing they do well there (and even that is not guaranteed). We have included Helios Men Club and COPA Body Club below as they seem to be the most famous male massages in Pattaya, but if you’re looking for a good massage or luxury spa treatment we have also included our favorite options too!

Cruising & Gay Saunas in Pattaya

While not as popular or developed as the extensive gay sauna scene in Bangkok – there is still one gay sauna in Pattaya worth visiting for some fun. If the gay sauna, gay beach or gay clubs of Pattaya don’t give you want you’re looking for then gay hook-up apps are also a popular way of meeting – although as a foreigner you will generally be expected to host so you might want to consider your own private apartment in Pattaya. Another approach we highly recommend it to stay with a gay local in Pattaya who can help you navigate the often confusing gay Pattaya scene and point you in the right direction!

Prostitution is neither legal or strictly illegal in Thailand and is in part tolerated and regulated. Prostitution is common throughout the country and rent boys are found in many saunas in Thailand. Given the police attention prostitution and rent boys frequently draw, better to stay away from this completely and stick with good old fashion ‘free’ sauna fun.

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